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					                   THE DETROIT SPIN
OCT 2009

The fall season has begun and we would like to welcome back all our skaters. We have skaters in many
different levels and classifications and are busy working out schedules to accommodate everyone.
Single, Dance and Pair skaters, Synchronized skaters, Adult skaters, Learn to Skate program skaters,
High School hockey skaters, Senior League skaters, USA Hockey program skaters, everyone has their
place at DSC. Best of luck to all for a great season!!!

Jerod Swallow,
Skating Director

The General Membership Meeting will be held on Monday, October 26, 2009 at 7:00 pm. The Board of
Directors will be discussing long and short-term goals for DSC. All members are encouraged to attend and
voice their ideas and concerns.

We would like to welcome the following skaters to Detroit Skating Club and hope you enjoy training at
our facility:

          Jordan Ames (Jr Associate)                              Jacob Kramer (Associate)
           Max Archer (Jr Associate)                              Colette Levens (Resident)
            Sofia Capito (Associate)                               Elyse Levens (Resident)
         Kennedy David (Jr Associate)                            Hannah Male (Jr Associate)
           Kaitlin Fett (Jr Associate)                           Esme Mester (Jr Associate)
          Francette Fey (Non-skating)                            Angela Moon (Jr Associate)
             Piper Gilles (Resident)                              Kelly Moon (Jr Associate)
             Todd Gilles (Resident)                            Anna Moshkovych (Jr Associate)
         Catherine Hug (Jr Associate)                           Nicholas Pastori (Jr Associate)
           Emma Hug (Jr Associate)                                  Lilly Reid (Associate)
           Autumn Jacob (Associate)                               Whitney Reid (Associate)
           Merrick Jacob (Associate)                              Jenna Scott (Jr Associate)
            Demerie Kiley (Limited)                               Jane Summersett (Team)
           Catie Kramer (Associate)                                Kaitlin Trimpe (Limited)

                     OCT 16-20, 2009 IN CARMEL, INDIANA


             (Results will be posted for all competitions ASAP after the event)
The Detroit Skating Club is home to one of the biggest ice shows with some of the highest caliber of
skaters performing in the country. Every skater at DSC is invited to participate in the 2010 production of
Grammy’s on Ice. The show will be held June 10-13, 2010. Applications will be available in October.

Save the date & spread the word!!! Saturday, October 3 from 9:30am – 12:30pm
For those who are not familiar with these sales, this is a great way to purchase gently used children’s
clothing, toys, and furniture at a much discounted rate.

Interested in being a seller (you don’t have to be a member to sell):
    • $20 per table / $2 per rack space (24 tables available)
    • Set-up is Friday, October 2 from 10am – 7pm
    • Contact Nicole Schapira for registration forms and more information: 248-855-1130 or

Pursuant to the by-laws of Detroit Skating Club the Nominating Committee of Sue Cassar, Michele
DeLuca and Sandra Jacobowitz have nominated the following members to run for the Board of Directors:
                Jean Koehler                                       Christie White
               Sophia Roslin                                    Yvonne Wiedemann
                Charlie White                                     Michael Young

All Resident and Life members in good standing will be mailed ballots approximately 10 days before the
General Meeting on Monday, October 26, 2009.

                                         2009 Board Nominees

Jean Koehler - Jean, her husband Bill, and their daughters Maddie & Meghan moved to Michigan from
Cleveland two years ago when Bill’s company relocated him to Ann Arbor. The family settled in
Birmingham so the girls would be closer to DSC: The girls embraced the program with such enthusiasm
that when Bill’s company called him back to Cleveland nine months ago, they wanted to stay in
Michigan. So now Jean and the girls spend the weekdays in Birmingham, and the family travels between
Cleveland and Detroit on weekends. Jean has supported the girls’ passion for skating at DSC by
heading up the information booth at Skate Detroit and pinch hitting in the monitor’s office when needed.
In Cleveland, Jean served as the chairperson for two years of the Cleveland Skating Club Ice Show and
as the chairperson for three years of CSC’s Figure Skating Committee. Jean is excited about the
possibility of adding value to the DSC Board because of her leadership experience at CSC, as well as
her extensive experience working with nonprofits. Jean began her professional career in New Haven,
CT, where she founded and directed a nonprofit organization that used tennis as an instrument to build
self-esteem and healthy life-styles of at-risk youths in Connecticut’s urban areas. After moving to
Cleveland, Jean earned her law degree and worked for a consulting company specializing in nonprofits
and for Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court where she represented youths in abuse, neglect and custody
cases. She also served on a variety of community and educational boards. Since moving to Michigan,
Jean has worked as a consultant for Detroit Executive Service Corps which assists area nonprofit
organizations in business planning, board development and strategic planning. She also coaches the
girls’ high school tennis team at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Sophia Roslin – Sophia is a corporate attorney with over ten years experience specializing in securities,
mergers & acquisitions and healthcare law. Upon completion of her law degree at Northwestern
University in Chicago, Sophia practiced in Los Angeles, California, with two large international law firms,
and most recently served as Vice President and General Counsel of MED3000 Group, Inc., a healthcare
management and technology firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, until moving to Michigan in 2004. Sophia
and her husband, Matt, live in Bloomfield with their 3 children, ages 5, 9 and 12, all of whom skate, and
have been Resident Members since 2007. Two of her children have completed the Basic Skills and
Junior Club programs and have been involved in the synchronized skating program, and her youngest
child is currently enrolled in the Basic Skills program and has also participated in the USA Hockey skills
program at DSC. Sophia figure skated as a child, and took up ice dancing two years ago.

Charlie White, Sr. – Charlie and his wife, Jacqueline are long time members of DSC. They served in
numerous volunteer roles over the years and their son continues to represent DSC in ice dance at both
the National and International level. As a member of the Board of Directors he will draw on his years of
experience with skating and business to support efforts that enhance skater training and DSC’s
skating/training facility status.

Christie White – Christie and her husband, Pat, live in Grand Blanc with their two children, Sean and
Kate. They have been involved in competitive figure skating and ice hockey for 15 years and Resident
Members at DSC since 2000. Christie has been an active volunteer at numerous skating related events
including Skate Detroit competitions, Ice Shows, high school figure skating and hockey teams, and
served as a test chair. She has multiple years experience and education in the areas of marketing,
public relations, and events management. She feels now that her children are older and have had multi-
disciplinary experiences in skating, it is the perfect time for her to give back to the DSC family. She
wants to help shape programs and policies that continue the DSC tradition of providing outstanding life
experiences which contribute to the growth and character development that takes place when children
have skating as an integral part of their lives. She looks forward to experiencing international
competition at the Cup of Berlin this January as Katie is a member of Senior Evolution Synchronized
Skating Team.

Yvonne Wiedemann - Yvonne and her husband Mark live in Clarkston with their two children, both DSC
skaters. Yvonne is currently Business Development Manager for Xpress Solutions that specializes in
Business Process Outsourcing. She has a BA and MBA in Business Communications and Business
Administration. Yvonne’s children have been involved in skating at DSC since Learn to Skate. Her
children have experienced Team Evolution Synchronized Skating at the Novice and Senior levels, Team
Élan at the Juvenile and Novice levels, Competitive Single Skating, High School Figure Skating, Tests
through Senior Moves and Senior Freestyle, Dance, Ice Show, House Hockey, and Travel Hockey all
representing Detroit Skating Club. Yvonne has held a Chairperson Position for the DSC Ice Show for
multiple years, volunteered at Skate Detroit, Fundraising Chair for Team Élan and managed both the
Synchronized Skating team and House Hockey team. In addition to the work she does at DSC she also
holds a Chairperson position at Marist Academy’s Parent Volunteer team, volunteers at Clarkston High
School, and lectors at the family’s church. By experiencing many different aspects of the skating that
DSC has to offer as a spectator, parent, manager, chairperson, and volunteer, Yvonne will bring a well
rounded and balanced viewpoint to DSC’s Board.

Michael Young – Michael and his wife, Lucy reside in Orchard Lake with their six children, all of whom
skate, ranging in age from five to twenty-two. Michael is currently Vice-President & Group Executive for
Behr, a $4 billion automotive supplier of air conditioning and engine cooling systems. He has a BA and
MBA with concentrations in finance and marketing. Over the years his children have been involved in all
aspects of skating; singles, pairs, dance, synchronized, high school, basic skills, ice show and hockey.
They currently represent many levels in skating from tot to international competitor to university hockey
player. He is currently the lighting chair for the DSC Ice Show and has been on the lighting committee
since the show’s inception ten years ago. He is also a master – level 5 USA Hockey rated coach and has
been a coach for over fifteen years leading several youth teams to state championships and national
medals. The Young’s have been skating at DSC since 1991 and became resident members in 2000.
Michael’s background in business, coaching, athletics and managing his six children through the maze of
the figure skating and hockey worlds would bring a balanced and experienced view to the DSC board.
                        Congratulations to our most recent gold medalists:
          Mollie Boswell – Senior MIF                       Ameena Sheikh – Senior Pair
       Alexandra Draybuck – Senior MIF                Aaron VanCleave – Senior MIF and Senior
         Meghan Koehler – Senior MIF                                    Pair
        Kelly Parmerlee – Gold Dances                  Taylor Wiedemann – Senior Free Skate

Test Results from June 28, July 17 & Aug 27, 2009   Daniel Takayama
                                                    Kate White
Pre/Preliminary Moves in the Field
Arleigh Parr                                        Juvenile Moves in the Field
Sofia Spencer (FSC Birmingham)                      Curtis Dicho
Meredith Parr (FSC Birmingham)                      Noah Finkelstein
                                                    Danielle Thomas
Pre/Preliminary Free Skate
Emily Hong                                          Juvenile Free Skate
Alicia McCallum                                     Megan Martzolff (FSC Birmingham)
Courtney Newman                                     Rachel Money
Grace Secontine
Jacob Sedlar                                        Juvenile Pair
Taya Sosa (SMSFSC)                                  Meghan Koehler (Arctic FSC)
                                                    Reagan King (SMSFSC)
Preliminary Moves in the Field
Lauren Messner                                      Pre-Silver Dances
Erin Quigley                                        Jonathan Cassar
                                                    Madison George
Preliminary Free Skate                              Gabrielle Hodges (Farmington Hills FSC)
Annie Chen                                          Natalie Imirzian (SC of Novi)
Emily Hong
Jacob Sedlar                                        Intermediate Moves in the Field
Taya Sosa (SMSFSC)                                  Cassie Lark (FSC Birmingham)
                                                    Megan Martzolff (FSC Birmingham)
Preliminary Dances                                  Rachel Money
Jolie Beasley
Sabrina Brogniart                                   Intermediate Free Skate
Elena Cleghorn (FSC Birmingham)                     Tessa LeWitt (FSC Birmingham)
Danielle Thomas
Melissa Yax                                         Intermediate Pair
                                                    Dylan DeWitt
Pre/Bronze Dances                                   Reagan King
Ashley Lustig (Farmington Hills FSC)                Meghan Koehler
Emma Ramsey
Kate White (Arctic FSC)                             Intermediate Free Dance
                                                    Cassie Lark
Pre/Juvenile Moves in the Field
Elena Cleghorn (FSC Birmingham)                     Silver Dances
Gabrielle Healy (FSC Birmingham)                    Emily Hong
Whitney Reid                                        Brittany Lee (Ice House Skating Academy)
                                                    Madeleine Rutledge (FSC Birmingham)
Pre/Juvenile Free Skate
Hayley Cyrocki                                      Novice Moves in the Field
Jacquelyn Green                                     Sierra Chadwick
Crissie Gulu                                        Erika Ouchi
Emily Hong                                          Rachel Taylor (Coliseum FSC)
Cathlyn Kramer
Madison Scheessele                                  Novice Pair
                                                    Meghan Koehler
Pre/Juvenile Pair
Natalie Imirzian (SC of Novi)                       Junior Moves in the Field
Reagan King (SMSFSC)                                Claire Kilbride
Cathlyn Kramer                                      Muffy Lavens
Meghan Koehler (Arctic FSC)                         Brittany Lee (FSC Birmingham)
                                                    Madeline Weiner (Troy AFS)
Bronze Dances
Noah Finkelstein                                    Pre/Gold Dances
Natalie Imirzian                                    Mara Gueli
Cassie Lark
Erika Ouchi
        Applications are available at the Monitor’s Desk or online at

                                           NEXT TEST DATES

                                         October 28 (MIF & F/S)
                                           October 29 (Dance)
                           The listed dates are tentative and subject to change

Test chairs are Dawn Anderson and Andy Glassberg. Due to the large number of skaters testing each
month, all test applications must be in 14 DAYS before the test date. Late applications will not be
accepted. REMINDER: Please make sure your test application is filled out completely, written clearly
and have your coach double check it before you turn it in to make sure it is correct. DO NOT use your
nickname. Put your proper name that is registered with US Figure Skating.

If skating elsewhere or testing out of club, you must have test permission. This is available by calling the
main office. If you are a DSC 2 club member, you need to request permission from your Home Club
Test Chair. Test Credit: Only in the event of serious injury or illness that keeps you from skating for a
period of time, will a credit be given with doctor documentation or the death of an immediate family

    •    To Regan Alsup and Cyara Hotopp who competed at the U. S. Collegiate Championships, in
         Ardmore, PA, July 30-Aug 1, 2009.

    •    To Grant Hochstein who earned the silver medal the JGP Hungary, Budapest, Hungary, Aug 26-
         30, 2009.

    •    To Eric Land and his wife on the birth of their son, Brycin, on July 31. Happy grandpa is Al Land.
         Both Al and Eric are zamboni drivers at DSC.

    •    To Brittney Thomas on the birth of her daughter, Sept 16. Brittney is one of our ice monitors at

    •    To Evolution Senior on their international assignment. They will be competing in Berlin,
         Germany, January 2010.

Oct 02-03 – Mom 2 Mom Sale
Oct 05 – Metro Council Meeting
Oct 16-20 – EGLR Championships
Oct 26 – Annual Membership Meeting
Oct 28 – Testing (MIF & F/S)
Oct 29 – Testing (Dance)

If at any time throughout the year your email address changes, please make sure you give the new
information to the main office so you can continue to receive the newsletter and other club mailings
without interruption. If you are not registered you will not receive this information. Please give your
current email address to the main office.

To Sabrina Brogniart and her family on the passing of her grandfather. The Brogniart’s are Associate
members at DSC.
To Trish Johnson and her family on the passing of her mother. Trish is an adult skater at DSC.

To Cindy Roth and her family on the passing of her sister, Sandy Murphy. Cindy has volunteered many
years as a board member, club officer and co-chairperson for Skate Detroit and is currently a Resident-
Inactive member.

To Laura Lepzinski and her family on the passing of her grandfather. Laura currently trains as a pair
skater at DSC.

To JoAnne Berry and her family on the passing of her mother, Ann Syrek. JoAnne is a past board
member, past co-chairperson of Skate Detroit and is currently a Resident-Inactive member.

To Gloria Kinne and her family on the passing of her mother. Gloria is an adult skater at DSC.

To Kurt Anselmi and his family on the passing of his father, Albert Anselmi. Kurt was a past board
member at DSC.

To Don and Patty Brundirks on the passing of her mother, Vi Green. Don is a past president of DSC and
currently serves on the Finance Committee.

To Terry Fiscus and his family on the passing of his father. The Fiscus’ are Limited members at DSC.

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