Femininity, cool fashion touches, a passion for details. These are
the collection’s most obvious messages, but a lot of other
carefully measured, carefully selected ingredients create the
special character of each piece. Materials used with creativity,
elegant colour schemes, brilliant new twists to fashion classics,
glamour-packed “sensible” matches … and the list goes on; all you
have to do is touch and try.

Sexy puritan. The brand’s natural tendency to be cheeky is still
here, but with a new modesty. Black minis, fishnet black, low-cut
black, sheer black, black lace and figure-hugging black, but
matched with ladylike polka dots, puff skirts, V-neck jumpers and a
white blouse, or prim-and-proper charcoal shades teamed with blush
pink or old rose.

City blue. Urban essentials from a zen standpoint. In other words,
mystic purity in the city wardrobe. Jeans, trench coats, trousers,
cocktail dresses, tiny jackets, blouses; everything is bathed in
the light of the land of the rising sun. Porcelain prints, kimono
cross-overs, delicate bonsai touches unusually matched with snowy
lingerie. Shades of white and dark blue.

Ethnic chic. Shades of the savannah, tribal decorations, jungle
prints. The obvious symptoms of mal d’Afrique. Long or short
trousers, long or short skirts, sweaters and jerseys, linen and
wood, cotton and cord, broderie anglaise and rhinestones: matched
in ethnic style for a “hot” summer. Brilliant heat-beating details
including “vanishing” fabrics, necklines, slits and openwork.

French open. Florals from the 60s join the tennis club. References
to past fashions: fine-ribbed cotton piqué, diamond-patterned
pullovers, pale blouses, little muslin-lined nylon jackets, white
trousers and, as a contrast, reversible-print frothy tops, Prince
of Wales trench coats, floral trousers and little jersey dresses
with tiny patterns.


The colours of the sky. Blue, but not just blue. The hands of the
clock sweep twice around the dial and the palette is filled with
unexpected shades and hues. The collection for next spring-summer
draws inspiration from these changing colours. And while colours
look to the sky, style concentrates on the day’s engagements, on
needs deriving from the weather and the passing hours.
Aurora. The start of the day; we may still feel a little crumpled
like a bed sheet, but the dress style is formal. Comfortable grey
suits or white and grey separates in the pale, dawn shades. Shirt
cottons and grey denim are boldly used for trousers, while overwear
features a double-breasted sweatshirt and grandpa’s cardigan is
given a new lease of life.

Zenith. High noon, no shadows, intense light. The look is stronger
in colours and style. The heavily-washed denim of the urban macho,
camo trousers and hoodies. Then there are shiny bomber jackets,
bold greens and blues, two- or three-layer T-shirts, shirts matched
to jerseys. Hem lengths vary from the knee down.

Sunset. It’s that languorous time of day and the man of the moment
is a sentimentalist who’s all linen and muslin in warm colours
faded by the sun. Roomy trousers and close-fitting blazers, check
Bermuda shorts and flowery shirts, life-companion jeans with
roughed-up jackets and fine-ribbed cotton/linen chunky knits in
warm shades. With the appeal of the true charmer.

Midnight. Let’s dance. Midnight blue and spotlight white for disco
devils. Starting with figure-hugging lines and stretch fabrics,
continuing with matt satins and shirts with sparkling plastrons,
sexy sprayed-on sweaters and T-shirts with comet showers. Denim is
as black as the rest. Despite the hour, hems stop at the knee.

Sisley’s accessories’ collections travel in sync with apparel and
tell us of a world of unusual, extravagant pieces full of ideas and
light. Because anything can be stylish, even the tiniest detail.
The passion for little Sisley-branded fabric bags is as hot as
ever. The shapes and details change: boxier and more rigid, with
bamboo handles, leather detailing, made of denim, with decorative
buckles. Straw bucket bags with a holiday air and rhinestone or
lace details. African bags made of coloured wooden beads. Cotton
shoulder bags with Indian decorations. Canvas backpacks and courier
bags feature a studded leather logo. Small bags of flowery light
cotton for the day or coral for the evening.
It’s the clog season and all kinds grace our feet: with rubber,
cork or wooden wedges covered with cord, leather or raffia; with or
without a heel strap; with a leather, ribbon, denim or branded-
fabric upper. An alternative, and just as fashionable, are sneakers
– as long as they’re sparkly, sequinned, two-tone with gold or
silver, or very colourful.

Belts are funky rather than functional. They sit casually on hips,
wind their way through belt hoops, decorate a sweater, give colour,
add a bright touch and define and emphasise a very personal look.
Two trends: one is all plaiting, knots, and interlocking; the other
focuses   on  colour   shading,  abrasions,   embroidery,  collets,
Cloches, flat caps and sun visors for her and, for him, branded or
damask fabric. The other styles play with material mixes: straw and
tape, nylon and suede, crocheted cotton and ribbon.

Scarves – to use as shawls, sashes, sarongs and according to
personal fashion inventiveness – the trend is all about animal-
print, floral or tartan voile; or embroidered, lace-trimmed crêpe.

Costume jewellery is definitely tribal and alternative materials
make the difference. Wood, silk, tulle, glass and resin used with
traditional silvered or coppered metal, beads and rhinestones. The
must of the moment: the Alice band, as worn by Hollywood divas.

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