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                                             COMPETITION VENUES; The new               ENTRY PROCEDURE AND FEES;
AGE DETERMINING DATE; The                    built indoor Borås Swimming Arena ,       To be eligible for the competition each
actual age of the competitor as of 31        length 50 meter, width 25 meter,          water polo player must complete an
December 2010.                               depth 1,8-2,0 meter, with two (2)         individual registration and pay the
                                             courses (23,5m x 20m) and the             individual registration fee of SEK
TEAM EVENTS; Men club teams and              outdoor swimming pool, length 50          375:- and the team must pay the
Women club teams. Women may be               meter, width 20 meter, depth 1,2 -2,5     registration fee of SEK 2440:-. A
members of men’s teams.                      meter will be used. The outdoor pool      nominated coach, Manager/team
                                             will have a bulkhead at 25 meter          representative must submit the fully
TEAM AGE GROUP; The age of the               given one (1) course 23,5 m x 20m         completed Team Sheet for entry into
youngest member of the team                  and depth 1,8-2,5m. The rest of the       the competition, before the latest day
determines the age group of the team.        outdoor pool will be used for warm up.    stated for entries. Changes on the
There are no restrictions on the ages        The indoor pool is where the finals       Team Sheet are not allowed after the
of players older than the youngest           are going to be held. The indoor and      nominated coach, manager/team
player on the team. Age groups for           outdoor pools are in the same area,       leader has reconfirmed the entries
teams, both men and women, are at            adjacent to each other. All pools and     prior to the technical meeting on
five-year intervals beginning with 30.       competition courses used will conform     Tuesday, 27 July, 2010 at 15.00 pm.
i.e. 30+, 35+, 40+ 45+, and five year        to FINA rule MWP 5 {see latest FINA       Note that accreditation can be made
increments as high as necessary.             rules}. Electronic timing will be used    for all attending the Water Polo
Women players may be members of              during competition.                       competition at Borås Swimming
men’s teams. If there are fewer than                                                   Arena.
three teams entered in an age group,         EQUIPMENT; Teams will be                  Information of submitting Referee
they will be offered the opportunity to      responsible for providing their own       from the teams will be addressed
compete in the next youngest age             practice and warm up water polo           later.
group.                                       balls. The Organising Committee will
                                             provide the competition match balls,      RECONFIRMATION; Prior to the
TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES;                      which will be the official FINA water     technical meeting on Tuesday, 27
Training opportunities will be available     polo ball. Game caps will be              July, 2010 at 15.00 pm all teams shall
at the championships pools on the            available, but teams may use their        reconfirm all changes to their Team
three days preceding the first day of        own caps, provided the numbers on         Sheet. This could be done over the
competition (Sunday, 25 July to              the caps conform to FINA rule WP 4        internet or at the designated point in
Tuesday, 27 July, 2010). Requests for        and are 0.10 meter in height. Note        Borås Swimming Arena.
training may be made by written              MWP 5 provides for a list of up to 15
request prior to arrival, or on arrival at   players in masters water polo, all        REPORTING; It is the responsibility
the competitor registration desk for         players listed on the final roster are    of each team to be ready to play at
water polo. During competition warm          eligible to play in the competition.      least 15 minutes prior to the
up will be available at the outdoor                                                    designated starting time for their
pool. Further training opportunities         RULES AND COMPOSITION OF                  match. Teams arriving later than 5
may be available during competition,         TEAM; FINA Masters Water Polo             minutes after the designated start
depending on the number of entries           latest rules apply to this competition.   time for their match will forfeit the
received. These additional                   Please ensure that the composition of     match, with the match awarded to the
opportunities will be announced at the       a team complies with MWP 4 and the        opponent with a goal score of 5–0. In
technical meeting.                           numbers of players complies with          the event that a forfeit may benefit the
                                             MWP 5.                                    team forfeiting in terms of
TECHNICAL MEETING; There will be                                                       advancement, the Management
a technical meeting for coaches and          For example a team may list up to 15      Committee of the competition
managers/team representatives on             players on their team entry form to       reserves the to make any adjustment
Tuesday, 27 July, 2010 at 15.00 pm,          participate in any game of this           in the reported score to correct this
in the Borås Swimming Arena, Borås.          tournament. i.e. seven players and up     possibility.
All teams should have completed the          to 8 reserves. Women players may be
reconfirmation of their team entries         members of a men’s team. A player         MEDALS; Medals will be awarded1st
prior to the time of the meeting.            may only represent one club in the        to 3rd place in each age group (each
                                             competition and all players must be       player on the team and a coach will
COMPETITION DATES; Wednesday,                registered with the same club.            receive a medal)
28 July to Friday, 6 August, 2010            However a player may represent that
                                             club on two teams but in this case        OTHER; No one may smoke in the
COMPETITION SCHEDULE; The                    each of the teams must have nine          water polo venues, includes
schedule for the competition will be         players that are only on the roster for   surrounding areas.
provided on the internet as soon as          that team.
possible following the close of entries
22 May, 2010. This will also be
provided at the information centre in
the Borås Swimming Arena.

competition format will depend on the
number of teams entered in each age
group. If there are fewer than three
teams entered in an age group, the
teams will be contacted to determine if
they are willing to play in the next
youngest age group. If the teams are
not willing to play in that age group a
refund will be issued.
The competition schedules will be
confirmed after the close of entries.