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					                               RECRUITING 101
                              Adapted from Leslie Zay


The following ABC list of potential recruits sums it up:

A Aunts
B Brides-to-be along with their attendants (B also stands for Bootylicious Babes that
   Burn out their Bullets on a regular Basis!)
C Cousins
D Daycare moms & caregivers
E Employees from current or former work (you know how dissatisfied they are!)
F Female teammates (bowling, golf, softball, pool, etc.)
G Girl Scout/Boy Scout moms
H Husband’s secretary or female co-workers
I Independent, budget conscious women
J Joggers & gym members
K Kid’s activities moms (sports/dance/cheerleading, etc.)
L Loving women
M Mothers and Mothers-in-law
N Nieces and Nephew’s wives
O Organization members (Merchants Club, School Board Members, Jaycee’s, etc.)
P Petite size females
Q Queen size females
R Red hot mamas
S Sisters and Sisters-in-law
T Teachers
U Unexceptional women – it is time they Unlocked their full potential!
V Very best friend
W Wives of male friends
X X-tra intelligent women
Y Young women as well as women young at heart
Z Zany, fun loving females!


She’s the lady who showed up early. (She can’t wait to see the products!)

She’s the lady who called home to ask, ―How much is too much to spend?‖

She’s the lady whose husband gave her the checkbook and said, ―Buy whatever you
want, honey, and hurry home tonight!‖ (She will have his support.)

She’s the lady who chimes in with product testimonials. (This EXPRESSIVE woman
will not only enjoy a generous discount on the products she loves, she will also speak
from the heart during her future show presentations.)

She’s the lady who says, ―You must have so much fun at your job!‖ (She envies you.)

She’s the lady taking notes. (Oh yeah, you want her!)

She’s the lady who is very quiet during your whole presentation and pays an
extraordinary amount of attention to everything you say. (She’s ANALYTICAL.)

She’s the lady who says, ―You must hate hauling all that stock around.‖ (A somewhat
pessimistic ANALYTICAL already envisioning herself in the role.)

She’s the lady who wants to know what your husband thinks about you doing PR parties.
(She’s already wondering how she could possibly tell her husband she wants to get

She’s the lady who asks, ―How do you explain your job to your children?‖ (She is
secretly wondering how she could juggle a profession that includes adult toys with her
own kids.)

She’s the lady who is happy to help you in any possible way. She fetches you a drink and
eagerly carries your bins in and out of the car. (She’s an ever lovin’ AIMIABLE.)

She’s the single mom. (She needs the money.)

She’s the ―Desperate Housewife‖—bored and looking for action!

She’s the college student. (What better way to help pay for school and have lots of time
leftover for PR ―homework.‖)

She’s the lady who brings friends with her. (She has an open friendship with them; they
will be her first party.)

She’s the unhappy lady.

She’s the lady who grabs an item out of your hand and demonstrates it for you! (She’s
not the least bit bashful to speak in front of a crowd and equally unafraid to steal the

She’s the lady who asks, ―How many Consultants are in this area?‖ (She’s wondering if
she will have enough customers.)

She’s the lady who asks, ―How many shows do you do a week?‖ (She’s contemplating if
she could squeeze PR into her busy life.)

She’s the lady who stares at you through your whole demo. (This ANALYTICAL is
contemplating, ―Can I possibly do this?‖)

She’s the lady that is out of work and completely open to seeking new employment.

She’s the hostess that has had several shows with you, past and present. (For crying out
loud, she can lip-sync you by now!)

She’s the middle-aged woman. (Financially secure, but looking for something fun and
meaningful in her life.)

She’s the lady who is curious to know all about how you got started in the business.

She’s the lady who shares with you that she has just had the best time ever.

She’s the lady that just won’t leave after the show! (She wants to glue you to her hip!)


There is no one single formula to follow to spark every individual woman’s interest and
make her fervently wish to become a Pure Romance Consultant. Recruiting styles vary
and no two women’s hot buttons are exactly alike. However, there are several proven
successful steps you can take to attract a world of women to join your team.

Step l. Believe in yourself and the Pure Romance Opportunity. Our mission is to
promote the enjoyment and education of sensuality, with respect, courtesy and
confidentiality, by providing our customers with safe, effective and high-quality romance
enhancing products that help women and couples lead more fulfilling and romantically
enriched lives. Be proud of what you do. Know that by taking advantage of all the
training PR freely provides along with conducting several shows, you can become a top
recruiter in the field. Successful recruiting involves a transfer of feeling. If you feel
positively great about what you do, you will vibrate with good will and totally attract
women to sign up with you.

Step 2. Be 100% open and honest. Answer every question truthfully. A lie will always
catch up with you. If you do not know the correct response to a question, seek it out.
Instead of making something up or answering incompletely, ask Corporate staff or a
Board Member for assistance. Don’t you dare tell a new recruit that you and the
Corporate office will supply all her party leads.

Step 3. Look your best. Dress appropriately for all occasions. Expect to meet women
everywhere you go. Your appearance is everything. Project success.

Step 4. Show enthusiasm. Share in her excitement to start a new business. Be happy to
hear from her when she calls. Exhibit passion for your work. Enthusiasm is contagious.
It is your greatest recruiting tool. On the flip side, never let a potential recruit hear you
whining about your job. (Complain to your sponsor or a Board Member instead—We
will help you and tell you to quit whining!)

Step 5. Listen. According to experts on the subject of listening, this is one of the most
difficult skills to learn. One of the toughest and most important techniques to effective
listening is: Ask a question and ZIP IT! Listen to the answer so you can ask the next
question. Listen in order to hear what a woman needs so that you can best suggest how
Pure Romance would fit into her life.

Step 6. Refrain from sharing too much information. TMI can kill a candidate’s
interest quicker than ants can ruin a picnic. For example, if she is merely looking for a
night out of the house a few days a week and you thoroughly detail how taxes,
backorders and warranty exchanges are handled, you will undoubtedly scare her off. Be
sure to answer all her questions, but, do not overwhelm her with information that can be
doled out during training segments after her application is signed, sealed and delivered.
Also, be careful not to excessively brag about yourself and your achievements. You will
gain more ground if you make her feel special instead.

Step 7. Be flexible. Celebrate diversity. No two women have the exact same
personality. Be creative and try your best to relate to her. Refer to your Four Basic
Personality Types chart. When you are choosing time and places to meet, accommodate
her location and schedule.

Step 7. Be inclusive. Let your lead know that, although she is in business for herself,
she is never by herself. She is joining a huge, rapidly growing, multi-million dollar
company. She is part of a team; we all help each other! Make yourself available
whenever she contacts you. Promise and follow through with all the necessary
information she will need to get her own PR parties up and running. Whenever possible,
motivate her to attend a Bimonthly Meeting and experience the in-depth training and
camaraderie. Invite her to attend another show with you. If the party wraps up relatively
early, ask her out for coffee, a bite to eat or a Bacardi Silver wine cooler after the gig.
(Flaunt the checks you have just collected!) When the focus of your rendezvous is
business, always try to meet in a well lit, relatively quiet location to avoid mega


Once you’ve spotted a potential recruit which, in truth, could possibly be almost any
woman at the party, casually ask if she would be interested in taking home a packet of
information about becoming a Consultant. A good time inquire is right after she has
directly or indirectly thrown out any kind of question about your job. This interchange is
especially effective when you have her all to yourself or along with her best buddy in the
private ordering room. You may be surprised by what happens next. She may just
eagerly accept the packet. Her pal may pipe up and support her decision to take a closer
look. Her friend may even offer to have her first party or she could turn around and want
a packet for herself! When you give a gal a packet, accompany the envelope with a
sunny, sincere complement regarding why you think she would make a terrific
consultant. If a friend is present, be sure to find something equally nice to say to her.

If a lady refuses to take the information, smile as if you have the sweetest piece of Swiss
chocolate and it is completely okay that she doesn’t care for a bite and happily move on
to business at hand. If she replies in the affirmative, deal her a festive, ready-made
KNOCK HER NAKED RECRUIT PACKET from your briefcase. Do this in a cool,
blasé way—minus jumping up and down, screaming for joy, dribbling on and on about
every aspect of the job and totally without a single speck of pressure or drool. If you run
short of packets, secretly scold yourself and promise to drop it off or mail it out within
the next 24 hours. Then do it faster. Never let a recruit slip through your hands due to
poor customer service.

The most important item you can include in your packet is your story. And make it
good. Make it real and make it relatable. The number one thing a potential says to me
when she calls back with more questions about becoming a Consultant is, ―I read your

Everyone has a fun, intriguing story about how they began their life with Pure Romance.
It comes with the territory. Even if you are straight out of the gate, you can describe your
initial fears and how you are overcoming all of them. You can write about friends and
family acceptance for what you do. You can write about the special time you had at a
small show and recount the thrill of your first big party. Relate why you became a
Consultant, how you became a Consultant, what kit you purchased and how you paid for
it. Write down the positive ways in which Pure Romance has changed your life,
including any and all awards and/or promotions you have achieved. Detail a list of prizes
you have ecstatically claimed. Be sure to include how helpful your sponsor is (hopefully,
this is the case!) and that PR completely provides you with all of the necessary tools to
jumpstart your business. Relate how easy it is to secure booking dates, gather women to
attend and how high average party sales can be. Talk about how popular the products are
and the fact that reorders are continual. Write about how you love being your own boss,
large and in charge of your personal performance schedule.

If you don’t feel confident enough to write your story, jot down ideas and have someone
you trust in this capacity help to organize your document. Correct spelling, grammar and

punctuation. Spice it up and lay it down in a captivating manner. Spend a lot of time
perfecting it. Update and add exciting bits each year. Make it personal. Don’t write all
about another gal’s staggering success; your potential is curious about YOU—not some
unknown person on the party plan pyramid.

Keep in mind that a husband, mother, alternate relative or friend could be picking up your
story and judging whether they like you and your company or they don’t. Make your
piece multi-reader friendly. You want your recruit to have extended friend and family


After she has received her packet, follow up is essential. Never appear desperate for
her to read through it. Allow 24-48 hours to go by before you call her. Be totally
considerate. Offer to call back if she is busy. If she is free to chat a bit, off-handedly
inquire if she has had a chance to take a look at the information. Ask her if she has any
questions or if she would be at all interested in knowing more about the great opportunity
you have to offer. Perhaps you could get together…

If she calls you to speak further about becoming a Consultant and any obstacles she may
have, give her your complete attention. Be happy, accommodating and fully answer
questions without crossing the TMI line. Be willing to assist her with any information
she needs to help her decide. You can send her short articles to better answer specific
questions, talk more on the phone and/or schedule an informal, carefree interview time

When you arrange to meet with a gal in person, don’t drag along your kids. This is a
business venture. Don’t wear your Mickey Mouse T-shirt with or without a Kool-Aid
stain and don’t dominate the conversation talking all about you and your fabulous
lifetime achievements. If you happen to have a few, do bring along a couple pictures
from fun-filled PR events and fleetingly flash any impressive item you have received
though your work with the company, from a bling-bling ring to an eye-popping override
statement. Always have on hand additional KNOCK HER NAKED RECRUIT
PACKETS. She may elect to string along another ideal candidate, her sister or a friend.
You can watch the DVD together on TV or laptop. Carry your PR calendar, ever prime
to pick up a show and readily available to skim through contest pages with pending

Settle in and spend a little time with each potential. If you already know her, have fun
catching up. If she is a new acquaintance, find out all about the singular sensation you
are sitting with. Remember not to hog the conversation. Give her the opportunity to tell
you about herself. Ask if she has any previous sales experience. Applaud her if she has
and tell her it is completely unnecessary if she hasn’t. Never show disrespect for another
company. While you may point out the pros of PR versus another well-established, albeit

inferior, party plan corporation or even an unknown fly by night, copycat organization, it
never makes you look good to put someone else down. Be certain you have an extra
signed PRCA. She may just surprise you and be totally ready to go.

Sometimes I elect to go through the back door. (Not like that!) I invite my potential
protégé along to a concert, a movie or a play. I share an activity with her, like belly
dancing or bowling. I get to know her on a fun-filled, friendly basis. Over the course of
time spent together, I arouse her curiosity enough to hand her a packet.

Other times, a potential recruit may live far, far away. After knocking her nude with a
packet, do your best to stay in touch via phone and/or e-mail. See if you can’t motivate
her to attend a show with a super Consultant or Board member in her area. Always be
willing to return the favor. If a trip to her vicinity is on your agenda, go out of your way
to try to meet her in person.

When two friends are signing up at the same time, point out the possibility that one may
elect to sign up under the other. Assure them that they would both receive the benefit of
your experience and stay nestled in your family tree. While it may be tempting to scoop
up both recruits for yourself, they are bound to entertain further respect for you if you
explain the advantages of this alternate access to entry. In addition, they could gain
momentum from a first hand lesson in how to build a downline. Give the ladies their
options and allow them to decide how they would like to proceed.

Here are a few hook lines you can throw out to reel a woman in. Understanding the
reality of the four basic personality types helps you to understand why we are all wired
differently. The precise elements that inspired you to become a Consultant may not
interest another gal in the least. Therefore, you would never want to regurgitate this
entire list of benefits all at once. You could give a gal the creeps. Simply rattle off a few
here and there within the context of one or more conversations. As you go through the
following list of perks, consider which phrases and bits of information would best appeal
to each individual personality type. Keep in mind that some pleasure points will tickle
nearly everyone’s fancy.

     It is so much fun to be a Pure Romance Consultant. We provide the ultimate girls
      night out!
     You will usually make more money in one night than most people make all week
      long at their forty hour a week job. Many people are paid low wages and work
      their entire lives to make someone else rich. With Pure Romance, the sky is the
      limit. There is no ceiling on the amount of money you can make.
     Your hours are flexible. Schedule shows around your personal agenda. Work need
      never interfere with friend and family activities. You are your own boss. You
      work when you want to work. Enjoy the freedom to do anything you like when
      you want to do it.
     Many of our Consultants have another job and still maintain a thriving PR career.
      You can do shows once in a while for the extra money it provides, or power out and
      make 6 figure incomes like many Pure Romance women.

   Between hostesses, customers, Corporate staff and sister Consultants, you will meet
    an endless parade of kind, beautiful people. You will gain life-long invaluable
   In addition to my support, our customer service staff is available 9 am to 5 pm
    (EST) to help answer your specific questions and service your business needs.
   At our annual Convention, you will experience the world’s most incredible
    shopping spree!
   PR markets us! Patty spends over $3 million annually on national ad campaigns
    and grass roots promotions, such as, women’s expos, bridal shows, job fairs, radio
    advertisements, new market openings, billboards, magazines, newspapers and
   On our Consultant website, you have a daily, 24 hour pathway to communicate
    with many successful women in the business. Indulge in the PR Library, hop on
    the PR Forum, directly e-mail any Consultant or join a PR chat board.
   You will enjoy the satisfaction of educating and helping countless men and women
    share higher levels of intimacy and enjoy happier, healthier lives.
   PR provides free training at Bimonthly Meetings in over 55 cities. Our Annual
    Training event is a life-altering experience featuring product experts, guest
    speakers, top Consultants and Corporate staff. PR gives you nearly one hundred
    cue cards completely describing all top selling products along with a Training
    DVD. We receive helpful weekly newsletters on line and Inspire, our fantastic
    quarterly magazine. Both communications are chock full of ideas and business
   You can develop your own signature show style. Choose to copy proven methods
    or create new ways to present products. You may even want to submit your
    favorite demos for publication in Inspire.
   Many women in this company use PR not only as a way to make money, but a
    means to save for a dream vacation or sock it away for a rainy day.
   PR offers Consultants endless opportunities to stock up on products by offering
    numerous sales, over and above our huge, personal discount, on a daily basis. An
    extra 5% off retail sales is given for birthday and PR anniversary orders.
   The incredible contests the company offers on a monthly and yearly basis is beyond
    belief. Pure Romance continually offers fantasy trips, cash and an infinite
    assortment of prizes.
   The PR website is a huge, phenomenal resource for building our career. It assists
    in our education and allows us to completely track our business activity and keep
    up with exciting company updates.
   If you choose to become a Board Member, you will have further opportunity to
    travel and be pampered. You have a voice in company policy and decision making.
    You even receive a big shipment of ―homework‖ each spring containing new toys
    and lotions. It is your job to get busy with the box and evaluate everything!
   Any first rate accountant will tell you that owning a home business is the way to
    go. You are entitled to all the tax deductions of a large corporation. If you work
    another job, it is a sure bet you will be receiving more tax money back.

     If you choose to share the Pure Romance career opportunity, you will enjoy the
      tremendous satisfaction of helping other women achieve. It is a thrill to be a part of
      another woman’s life success. I love making women rich!

Sooner or later, she will ask you about start up cost. I don’t hesitate to tell her, just like
the peak of an orgasm, bigger is better. I point out how the $1,000 store will totally save
her money because she actually receives the collection at nearly 55% discount. I share
the simple fact that, the more products you have to show, the more you will sell. I
explain how she is more likely to gain extra bookings by having a larger store. Also,
more products can be sent home the night of the show, saving her time and money on
mailing out products she doesn’t yet have in stock. I back her down on kit size if
necessary and only use the $99 and $149 kit specials as a last ditch effort. Many times, I
never mention these specials or I explain why these specials will cost her more money in
the long run. I believe in offering her the best opportunity for success with the highest
possible discount along with the most products to show.

Whenever PR puts the three basic kits on sale, be sure to let everyone in your pool of
leads know. This is a great time to reconnect and touch base with every potential. Pick
up the phone or send an e-mail containing a tasteful, funny little joke and include a short,
cheerful personal note along with discount information. Regarding $99 and $149 kits,
you can inform them of the specials, but see if you can’t talk her up to a bigger collection,
pointing out the advantages of a higher discount and more sellable product.

Whatever kit size is the right fit for her budget, I make her feel good about her decision.
I further set her mind at ease by explaining the shipping process. Although she usually
pays a fraction of her order on shipments coming in, she will in fact make the money
back on shipping because each customer is charged a shipping fee on their order form.
Extra shipping monies can also help with postage expenses.

If she’s jumping in with both feet—Congratulate your new daughter! Be warm and
welcoming. Give her a hug! Assure her that you will stand by her side all the way.
Explain that she can pay with money order, credit or debit card. If she pays with a card,
take the initiative to fax the PRCA to Corporate immediately. This not only assists your
new recruit, it locks in her commitment to join and she will be amazed how fast her kit
rolls in. Always call Corporate to confirm receipt of her fax and give her a heads up on
anticipated date of kit arrival.

Once you have her signed PRCA, show her how to dance. Let her know that she can
begin to sell immediately. Motivate her to schedule her first parties ASAP. Make a date
to help go through her kit together as soon as it arrives, separating display items from
sellable items. Never let a new recruit sit on her kit. Never recruit her and dump her.

Unless the subject comes up, I wait until we go through her kit together before
completely explaining the qualification process. At this time, I also walk her through the
simple process of how to place her first order. When she is merely contemplating
becoming a recruit and struggling to pull together all her money to purchase a store, it is a

terrible time to tell her she must order $250 in retail products within 60 days. She may
feel completely overwhelmed by this additional expense. Instead, as soon as you obtain
her signed PRCA, encourage her to promptly book a solid string of shows. Ordering and
qualifying will be a natural process of the parties she holds and the sales she begins to

If your potential is hesitant, find out why. Never drill her. Discover her objections in a
calm, easy going way and respect her right to think things over or speak with someone
else. If she needs to talk to her husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, financial advisor or
parents for approval, offer to be available to answer any questions they may have. Keep
in step with her level of interest. Never pressure her to adhere to a sale deadline or your
personal recruiting agenda. While you may keep her informed of ongoing kit specials,
allow her to set the pace.


The following are a few common fears a potential may have about coming on board and
different examples of what you can say to help bag her butterflies. Again, depending on
what type of woman you are speaking with, you may want to modify your reply.

I don’t have the money.
    I never had any extra money until I started rolling with this business. I was terrified
to spend money I didn’t have on a kit! But I saw how much women loved our products. I
watched groups spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I decided that if my sponsor
could do it, I could too. So I put my kit on a credit card and immediately booked four
shows and I paid off my initial investment in two. I just kept booking shows and the
money kept coming in. I love this job! I’ll take you to a few more parties with me and
show you all about how it works. The money is great! (L. Zay)


    Do you realize that with just saving as little as $8.50 a day for one month you could
get started in your own business? Just think…by packing a lunch and not stopping at the
store for that pop or coffee on your way to work for 30 days, you could be your own boss!
You could cook dinner on Fridays for the next four weeks instead of eating out. Give her
more suggestions on how to save or borrow the money to get started.
(T. Tassie)

I could never be as good as you. I’m not a salesperson.
    Trust me. I couldn’t sell a car, a bowl or a house—I’m not comfortable selling
anything I have to talk someone into buying. Pure Romance is different. It is so easy to
sell because women love our products! I simply create a little fun explaining what
different items do and the girls just line up and buy! When you join Pure Romance, you
are locked into a sisterhood that shares ideas regarding how to present the products and
what to say. We all copy each other and use the method of demonstrating that works for
us. After I take you to a few shows, you’ll see that I pretty much say the same old thing

time after time. You could also tag along to a show with any number of sweet, successful
Consultants in your area and copy ideas from everyone. Put your own spin on everything
and you have a show presentation that works for you. Everyone has an off night here and
there. I usually make $200 to $500 per night even when I feel I haven’t done my best.
(L. Zay)


   Did you walk into your last job knowing everything? Obviously, not. That is why
Pure Romance is for you—we will train you completely! We are highly trained and
motivated professional women that wish to educate other women on how to enhance their
romantic relationship. Once the customer has tried a few of our products, she often
chooses to invest in maintaining that feeling. You are educating her as well as providing
her with a service that is not only meets her needs, but, gives her the chance to ask all the
questions she wants to ask. (T. Tassie)

I don’t have enough friends to have parties.

   Let me share with you that most everyone I do a show for is someone I never knew
previously. I continually meet future hostesses at my parties or through referrals from
my shows. In truth, if you have a couple friends or family members that would host a
show for you—you have a business. You could also have your own party to kick off your
career. Invite every woman you know. Ask your guests to bring friends. Before you
know it, you have bookings springing from almost every show you do—from women you
never knew before! You become locked into a wild web of women who are anxious to
rebook with you, too. You also learn to promote yourself wherever you go. I just picked
up a party at Arby’s drive through last night…
(L. Zay)

What will my friends and family say?

    Hold your head high and tell them you are a Romance Specialist. You have joined a
team of nearly 9,000 consultants throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally. Pure
Romance offers hundreds of premium quality, exclusive products including sensual
lotions, massage and bath aids, educational books and relationship enhancing bedroom
accessories. Pure Romance has been featured in national publications such as Forbes,
Redbook, More, New York Post, LA Times, Charlotte Observer and the Cincinnati
Enquirer. Pure Romance has been mingling with the stars by conducting parties for
Jessica Simpson, Fran Drescher and Kim Cattrall. We have a partnership with the
American Cancer Society developing products to help women with Sensuality, Sexuality
and Survival. We are an active fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research. Pure Romance
has formed another unique relationship with researchers at the Kinsey Institute at
Indiana University. One goal of this partnership is to collaborate on high quality
research that enhances the development of new educational strategies for our company.
The company owner, Patty Brisben, has been conducting seminars throughout the year at

select colleges throughout the nation. We are a tremendous resource for women to learn
about sexuality and how it relates to their health and well being.

   After you share this information with friends and family, your biggest dilemma should
be who would like to book their show first! (L. Zay)


   First of all, be honest. Sometimes what your friends and families are afraid of is the
unknown. So take the time to fully explain what it is that we do at Pure Romance. We
educate women. Our company is only for women. Conduct a show for them so they can
see that it is done very tastefully and professionally. If you take the time to answer all
their questions before they have to ask them, then it will eliminate a lot of confusion later.
(T. Tassie)

What will I tell my husband?

   In regard to my own dear husband, nothing tops the truth. I find most women’s
husbands are totally excited about their wife’s interest in becoming a Consultant. Most
men are willing to buy their wife the biggest kit they can possibly afford and the only real
problem a new Consultant has is keeping her man out of it! Not my Johnny. He begged
me not to do it. Now he fondly refers to me as “the financial genius.” (L. Zay)

What will I tell my children I do?

   Depending on the age and maturity level of a child, you could tell them in any number
of ways that you conduct parties for adult women. Show them a few PG items, such as,
Body Dew, Kiss, Shimmertime, a Pulsa Bath Ball or even a Vibrating Hairbrush.
Demonstrate the Super Deluxe Massage Mitten when your child feels tired, sore, or you
are desperate to get the crazy kid to settle down! Introduce a child of any age to the
wonderful world of massage! Several Consultants with small children elect to keep
phallic items in a locked tote. If any of these products are discovered, calmly put them
away, briefly explain that they are massage appliances for grown ups and give them a
mild catalog to take over to Susie’s mom. (L. Zay)


   Don’t be so secretive. Tell your children and let them see everything you sell, except
the bedroom accessories. This will eliminate the wonder of what is in all those boxes. If
they see Body Dew, Pulsa Bath Ball and Coochy in your shower and your daughter uses
your Shimmertime, Dazzle Dust and Glow, then that is what they think is in all your totes.
Remember, it is only the unknown that is so intriguing. (T. Tassie)

I don’t have the time.

    The busier you are, the more people you see and the more sales you can make on the
fly! Many women are attracted to PR because they can work it as much or as little as
they like. The only thing you are required to do to stay active and locked into a fabulous
40% discount is put in a teeny tiny order every two months. Many women place PR on
the back burner when life gets hectic and then fire up their shows when they need to make
some real money. (L. Zay)


   Do you find time to work overtime, often without pay at your present job? Can you
find 8-10 hours a week to earn $50-$150 an hour? Our average Consultant makes
$50,000 a year and roughly 15% of our Consultants make over $100,000! That is pretty
impressive numbers for only working part time. That is what is so great about Pure
Romance—you can work as little or as much as your schedule allows. (T. Tassie)

I could never stand up in front of a bunch of strangers and talk about sex.

    My next door neighbor, a grandmother, said the same thing. Then I shared with her
my annual income. She replied, “Oooooo! I can say sex!” It is completely natural to be
terrified to do your first show—I certainly was! The amazing thing is, once you do a
demonstration, you see what a good time the girls are having. They chat and giggle as
you say a little something about each product. Many times, guests will add to what I
have to say and it totally boosts my sales! We carry over 200 exclusive, people
pampering products on our line. Each and every one is related to overall health and
well-being—if only by the simple fact that it makes you laugh out loud! Several have
little or nothing to do with sex. Each time you do a show, your demonstration becomes
easier and easier until it becomes incredibly routine. Due to the intimate nature of many
products we sell, by the time you are done with the show, you are not a stranger to the
group of women any more! Don’t be surprised if some want to become your best friend!
(L. Zay)


   Do you think it was easy for many of us at Pure Romance to do our first party? Of
course not. It is always scary to stand up in front of a group of people and talk about
anything, much less romance items. Just be confident, know your product and believe in
yourself. Remember, you have to sell yourself and get them to believe and trust you and
the rest will follow. After you do a few parties, it is just like talking about anything else.
And let’s face it, women love to talk. (T. Tassie)

Keep in mind, when countering women’s objections to becoming a Consultant, it is not a
debate. Never argue, act pushy or superior to her. Merely toss back a suggestion or two
to arrest her fears and then, if she needs time, leave her alone to think it over.
Sometimes, ―No‖ means ―Not right now.‖ A life situation, such as, total lack of funds, a

pending surgery, a new baby, etc., can prevent her from signing up immediately. Let it
be her choice to tell you she’s coming on board. Never chase, stalk or hound her. Never
be impatient. Anytime she decides to begin is the right time. Respect her decision not to
come on board at all. Never act desperate or peeved. Your soft sell may pay off. Often,
months or even years later, a gal calls or e-mails me right out of the blue stating, ―I’m

If at all possible, get your red hot ticket to attend a few more shows with you for a more
in-depth look at how much fun your job is. The enjoyment you create even if three
women show up will help to further her interest. Don’t assume she will be turned off if
sales are low. Many times a small show will give you more opportunity to speak one on
one with your prospect as well as other attendees. A close knit group can be the best
place to chat about the career opportunity. It will also give any potential a sense of
reality about the job. We conduct big shows, small shows and everything in between.

If she is already on your calendar, ask her if she would like to get started by ordering her
kit right away so that she can make money at her own show and kick off her business
with the bookings she will receive. Offer to get her completely ready to rock and good to
go by the date of her show. Whenever I suggest this alternative plan live and in person at
a party, I like to employ the Leslie Zay shrug.


Roll one shoulder casually back like you just don’t care. At the same time, twirl the
corresponding hand towards your product display and nonchalantly say, “Just by
doing what I’m doing here tonight, you could make money at your very own show!”

If she doesn’t bite right away, it doesn’t matter in the least. You have successfully
planted the possibility that she could choose to do her own party. Who knows? She may
gain more confidence by the night of her show, when everyone has so much fun that her
friends are interested in booking parties or becoming Consultants, too.

While wrapping up her future show, you could smile and privately say to her as you
rearrange a wad of bills in your pocket, ―Sarah, somehow I don’t feel guilty taking all this
money but I do feel bad about stealing your bookings—YOU generated the entire party
and all the sales! Are you certain you don’t want to get started making some real

In order to achieve your goals for recruiting, adhere to another list of ABC’s!

A   Avoid negative people, places and things.
B   Believe in yourself and the Pure Romance opportunity.
C   Consider situations from every angle, don’t be afraid to swallow your pride.
D   Don’t stop asking.
E   Envision your daughters and granddaughters becoming real.
F   Family and friends are hidden sources for leads. Seek them out!

G   Give every potential a KNOCK HER NAKED RECRUIT PACKET.
H   Hang on to your dreams.
I    Ignore anyone who tries to discourage you.
J    Just do it.
K   Keep asking. No matter how strange or discouraging it feels, this good habit will
    become second nature and, every so often, women do say YES!
L   Love yourself.
M    Make your goals achievable.
N   Never lie, cheat or steal. Always strike a fair deal.
O   Open your eyes and see what more you could do to further your success.
P   Post your recruiting goals where you will see them every day.
Q   Quit procrastinating! Make up several KNOCK HER NAKED RECRUIT
R   Read, study and learn about every aspect of your business.
S   Share your recruiting goals with others.
T   Take control of your own destiny. Attend every PR Training event.
U   Understand and embrace yourself in order to better understand and give to others.
V   Vibrate with happiness.
W    Write down your recruiting goals and send them to Patty.
X   X-cellerate your efforts.
Y   You have a lot to offer other women.
Z   Zero in on your next target and show her how PR can enhance her life!

E details a vital step in achieving your goals—―Envision your daughters and
granddaughters becoming real.‖ See them cultivating their own dynamic downlines,
joining you on a PR trip or walking across a stage to accept an award. This may involve
actually cutting out pictures of all types of women you imagine on your team and pasting
them to a poster board along with other things you wish to achieve, such as, a new car, a
dream house or a family vacation.

The mind works through pictures. Pictures effect your self image and, in turn, your self
image sways the way you feel, act and all you achieve. When you run inspiring pictures
through the magic of your mind, wonderful things start to happen. Spend some time
every day practicing creative envisioning. Picture all that you want to be. Your mind has
magnetic power to attract all that you want into your life.

Be sure to write down your recruiting goals and share them with significant others,
especially, Patty Brisben. Post them where you will daily encounter and see your written
ambitions. Encourage all potential recruits to visualize as well. Ask her to picture a
happier lifestyle. You could say to her, ―Can you imagine making $160-$500 profit per
party? Or making $50-$150 per hour?‖ (Numbers based on 40-50% on the average party
of $400-$1100.) Invite her to clearly see her earning potential. Allow her to paint the
picture she wants to see.

Another magical factor in the scientific world that you may want to call upon is the
phenomena of repeated similar events. It’s often said that if something happens twice it

will happen again. According to universal theory, when the same thing repeats itself, a
morphic field is formed and resonance (or vibrations!) within the morphic field increases
the likelihood that the event will happen again. Therefore, focus not only on securing
one solitary recruit, but another as well. Double your efforts and watch what happens.
The powers that be will assist you.

Recruiting is the best way to increase your business. Do not doubt your abilities. You
hold the charismatic power to encourage others to join your team—and you have the
wonderful world of Pure Romance to lift you up all the way!

                                      --Leslie Zay