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									Heres a checklist by practice area for your initial office set up . Call 1-800-PSCHEIN
(1-800-772-4346) for a consultation today
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       Waiting Room                  Reception Area           Bathroom                   Business Area
                                                                                      Appointment book
Chairs                              Clipboard         C-fold Towel Dispenser
Clock                               Desk              Baby Changing Table             Calculator
Coat rack with hat shelf            Side chairs                                       Clock
                                                      Feminine Product Dispenser
Display Areas                       Task Chair        Mirror                          Coding books
In office Satellite Entertainment                     Motion Sensor Faucet            system
Magazine rack or table                                                                Computer w/Privacy
                                                      Soap dispenser                  screen
Multiple seating groups                                                               Copy machine
                                                      Trash Can
Occasional tables                                                                     Desk accessories
Plants, pots, stands                                                                  Fax machine

Reading Lamps                                                                         File systems

Tissue box holder/Tissue                                                              Message pads

TV/VCR/DVD                                                                            Office accessories
Wall decorations                                                                      Reception desk
Waste receptacle                                                                      Secretarial/office chair

Water Cooler                                                                          Side chair
                                                                                      Signage (payment,
                                                                                      directional, etc.)
                                                                                      Storage – Racks / Shelving
                                                                                      Telephone system
                                                                                      Waste receptacle

Office Setup                                          1 of7       956a4a51-458d-4ad3-9095-8886ee92b32c.xls
     Dr's Office          Meeting Room                Exam Room                    Aesthetic Room
                                                Adjustable revolving stool(s)
Camera 35mm           AV Equipment Hookup                                       Cabinetry, casewoork sink
Bookshelves           Cabinetry                 Anatomical charts/models        C-fold Towel Dispenser
                                                Bovie Electrocautery Unit
Business Cards        Coffee Pot                                                Cooling Machine
Chairs                Communication Equipment   Cabinetry/Casework sink         Foot Stool
Clock                 Conference Chair          Camera, 35 mm or digital
                                                                                Laser Eye Protection
Computer w/Privacy                              Carts – Emergency, Utility,
screen                Conference Table          Narcotic Safe                   Laser or IPL
Desk lamp(s)
                      Dry erase boards          C-fold Towel Dispenser          Magnifying Light
Desk, accessories     Flat screen Monitor       Digital Imaging System          Mayo Stand
Executive chair                                 Dressing nook or curtain        Microdermabrasion Unit &
                      Microwave Oven
File systems                                                                    Mirrors
                      Refridgerator             EKG Machine w/Cart
                                                Enmotion Towel Dispenser
Flat screen Monitor   Trash Can                                                 Power Table
Hat and coat rack                               Exam lamp                       Rolling Stool
Occasional table                                Exam tables, Box tables         Scale w/body compositon
Sofa                                            Exam tables, Power tables
                                                                                Sharps Container, Wall mnt.
                                                Eye Wash Station                Side Chair
                                                Foot stool
                                                                                Soap dispenser
                                                Instrument/Mayo stand           Sundry Jars
                                                                                Trash Can
                                                Narcotic Lock Box               Utility Cart
                                                Patient/visitor side chair(s)   Wall Mounted Glove Boxes
                                                Red Biohazard Waste Cans
                                                Scales/body composition
                                                Sharps containers
                                                Soap Dispenser
                                                Sundry Jars
                                                Utility cart
                                                Wall chart holder
                                                Wall Mounted Cup Holder
                                                Waste receptacles
                                                Woods Lamp

Office Setup                                       2 of7           956a4a51-458d-4ad3-9095-8886ee92b32c.xls
                         Operating Room                                   Recovery Room

AED/Defibrilator                 Laryngoscopes, Nasopharengeal       AED/Defibrilator
Anesthesia Cart                  Laryngoscopes, Standard             Anti Embolism Pump
                                 Light handles – reusable or
Anesthesia Circuits              disposable                          Blanket warmer
Anethesia Machinew/ventilitor    Liposuction Cannulas                Cabinetry/Casework
Anti Embolism pump
                                 Liposuction Machine                 Central Gas and Suction
                                 Major OR Lights/ Dual Ceiling
Back Instrument Table                                                Crash Cartw/ Oxygen
Bair Hugger,or Gentle Touch
heating device                   Mayo Stand, Foot Operated           Hamper
Blanketrol II Unit               Mayo Stand, Lever Operated          Ice Machine

Electrosurgical Cautery Unit     Needle counters                     IV Pole
                                 Nerve Stimulator                    Large Trash Receptical
                                 Operating Room Table w/arm boards
Ceiling Monitors and Boom        and accessories                     Malignant Hyperthermia cart & supplies
Central Gas and Suction          OR Monitor w/C02 and agents         Mobile Vital Sighns Monitor
Dry erase boards                 Positioning Pillows                 Overbed Table

Electrosurgical Unit             Red Biohazard Waste Cans            Patient warmer
Endoscope, Camera                Ring Stand                          Portable Suction

Endoscope, Flat Screen Monitor   Rolling Anesthesia Stool            Recliner
Endoscope, Light Source          Rolling Operating Stool             Recovery Room Monitor

Exchange cart                    Smoke Evacuator                     Sharps Container, Wall mnt.
Fire extinguishers               Sponge counter units/ bags          Step Stool
Hamper                           Step Stools                         Stretcher(hydrolic)
Hand table                       Stirrups                            Utility Cart
                                 Stools-                             Ventilator/Resuscitator

IV Infusor                       Surgical Loupes                     Wheel Chair
IV Pole                          Utility Cart
IV Pump                          Vital Signs Monitor
Kick Buckets                     Wall Mounted Glove Boxes
Large Trash receptical
Laryngeal Mask Airways

Office Setup                                            3 of7        956a4a51-458d-4ad3-9095-8886ee92b32c.xls
    Dirty Utility Area         Clean Utility Area                Scrub Area             Miscellaneous

Biological Monitoring        Air Removal(Bowie Dick) testsAutoslace w/printer         Janitorial Supplies
Cabinetry/Casework           Casework/Cabinetry           Floor mats                  Safety Signs

Cleaning Sink, Stainless     Exchange Cart                Paper Towel Dispenser       Security System
Drying Lamp                  Linen Cart                   Scrub Brush Dispenser       Tool Kit

Gas Sterilizer               Organization Bins            Scrub sink

Hamper                       Storage Shelving             Shelving

Hopper                                                    Small Trash receptical
Instrument washer                                         Soap dispenser

Large Trash Receptical                                    Wall Mounted Glove Boxes

Laryngoscopes, Fiber Optic                                Foot Pedal

Paper Towel Dispenser                                     Hands free Soap Dispenser
Soaking Trays
Soap dispenser

Sterilizer Forceps
System (Attest)

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Office Setup                                            4 of7          956a4a51-458d-4ad3-9095-8886ee92b32c.xls
Heres a shopping list of the med/surg supplies by major category that you need to stock
your practice. Call 1-800-PSCHEIN (1-800-772-4346) to order or set up an account online
www.henryschein.com/asps to create shopping lists.
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Skincare for Patient Resale                                       Compression Garments                Catalog
                                                                                               Infection Control
       Sundry Items                    Dressings                        Disposables                Products
Alcohol                       ABD Pad- sterile & nonsterile      Cups (Drinking, medical)   Air deodorizers
Alcohol Dispenser             Adhesive closures                  Drapes, disposable paper   Alcohol preps
Alcohol Prep Pads             Adhesive pads, sterile             Equipment Covers           Autoclave
Bags                          Adhesive strips/patches/ spots                                Autoclave test record
                                                                 Exam Capes
Batteries                     Bandages, Elastic                  Exam Gowns                 Benzoin spray
Cold Packs-various sizes      Butterfly Skin Closures            Exam Shorts                Biohazard Spill Kit
Cotton-tipped applicators     Calcium Alginate Dressing          Face masks                 CSR Wrap
Emesis Basins                 Combine dressings                  Facial tissues             Detergent
Hand lotion                   Compression Bandages               Headrest Covers            Dialdehyde solution
Head and Neck Wrap            Conforming bandages                Isolation Gowns            Disinfectant/deodorant spray
Hydrogen peroxide                                                                           Disinfecting Trays
                              Cotton or rayon balls              Lab coat, disposable
Irrigation trays/syringes                                                                   Enzymatic cleaner
                              Eye pads                           Labels, medical
                                                                                             Foam surface cleaners
Liquid Adhesive               Gauze bandages                       Multiphasic Gowns-nonwoven
Liquid Adhesive Remover       Gauze dressings-sterile & nonsterile Patient bib               Germicidal Cleaner
Lubricating jelly             Gauze packing strips                 Sheets, disposable exam   Glutaraldehyde Solution
                                                                                             Instant Hand Sanitizers
Organizers and bins           Gauze sponges, sterile & nonsterile Table paper and holder
                                                                                             Instrument cleaning brushes
Sanitary napkins/tampons      Hemostats,(Gelfoam)                  Toilet seat covers
Sundry Jars                   Island Dressing                      Toilet tissue             Instrument lubricant
                                                                                             Instrument sterilization
Swab Sticks                   Lap Sponges- sterile & nonsterile Towels, C-Fold               containers/trays
Thermometer holder/sheaths    Nonwoven Sponges                     Underpads/chux            Iodine
Thermometer probe covers      Ointment dressings                   Wastecan liners           Povidone iodine Solutions

                            Petrolatum gauze
Tongue depressors/Wooden Applicators                                                        Rust/stain remover
                            Scar Management                                                 Soap
                            Silver Dressing                                                 Sterilization monitors
                            Surgical Tape                                                   Sterilization pouches, tubes, wraps
                              Topical anesthetic spray                                      Sterilization sealers, solutions

                              Transparent dressing                                          Sterilizer forceps
                              Tubular gauze                                                 Sterilizer x-ray pouches
                              Wound Closure Strips                                          Sterilizing record system
                                                                                            Ultrasonic cleaners

    MedSurg Supplies                                           5 of 7       956a4a51-458d-4ad3-9095-8886ee92b32c.xls
   Esthetic Supplies                               Surgical Supplies                            Miscellaneous
31 Gauge needles               Arm slings                     Prep applicators                Cloth Patient Gowns
Bikini, Exam                   Bouffant Caps                  Prep pads                       Lab Coats
Botox                          Cautery Pencils                Procedure Kits & Trays          Linens
Bouffant Caps                  Compression Garments
                                                              Razors, disposable          Pharmaceuticals
Breathing Extenders            Crash Cart                     Scalpels, disposable        Scrubs
Chemical Peel Trays            Crutches                       Scrub and prep solutions
Chemical Peels                 Cryosurgical products          Scrub brush
Cotton Tipped Applicators      DVT Products                   Scrub soap/dispenser
Disposable Bra                 EKG electrodes                 Secondary Compression Garments
Disposable Eye Sheilds         Fingernail cleaners            Sharps containers
                               Foley caths-straight and
Disposable Photo Panty         indwelling                     Sharps, disposable
Disposable Sarong              Gloves, Exam(latex and
                               nonlatex)                      Shave prep tray
Disposable Shavers             Gloves, surgical(latex and
                               nonlatex)                      Shoe Covers
Disposable Washcloths          Head covers                    Skin Staplers
Esthetic Wipes                 Hypodermic needles             Soft Tissue Fillers
                               Implants (i.e. breast; chin)
Facial Wipes                                                  Stainless Steel Pans

Headband                       IV administration sets         Sterile Towel
Injectable fillers             IV catheters/tubing            Stockinette

Laser Eye Protection           IV Solutions                   Suction Tubing
Massage Oils, Cream            Jackson Pratt Drain            Surgical Drapes and packs
Parafin Treatment              Lubricating Jelly              Surgical Gowns
Post Surgical Wound Care Kit
                               Magnetic drapes                Surgical Marking Pens
Retinol Cream                  NasoGastric tubes              Surgical Masks
Skincare For Patient Resale    Needle extender                Surgical Milk
Spa Body Wrap                  Needle resheathers             Sutures
Sun Screen                     Needle sets                    Sutures removal trays
Topical Scar Management
Products                       Pain Pumps                 Syringe/needle combinations
Ultrasound Transmission Gel    Patient Identity Products  Syringes
Wooden Facial Applicators      PCMX Scrub & Prep solutionsTrays, special procedures
                               Penrose Drain Tubing

    MedSurg Supplies                                           6 of 7           956a4a51-458d-4ad3-9095-8886ee92b32c.xls
Heres a shopping list by major product grouping of equipment, devices, instruments
and assorted laboratory supplies that you need to stock for your practice. Call 1-800-
PSCHEIN (1-800-772-4346) to order or set up an account online
www.henryschein.com/asps to create shopping lists.
                                 Check pages 20-21 of the
                               ASPS purchasing program for       Click here for a PDF of the
Click here for our Online       an instrument list by the top    Padgett instrument catalog
Medical Supply Catalog            five plastic procedures                from Miltex
     Instruments &                                                  Lab Equipment &
       Equipment                 Surgical Instruments                   Supplies                     Miscellaneous
   Cuffs, multiple sizes                                        Acetone
                               Bandage scissors
Aneroid BP Manometers                                           Automatic pipettes
                               Biopsy forceps
Automatic Blood Pressure                                        Biohazard bags
                               Biopsy Punches
Headlight                                                       Blood collection
                               Bone Curette
Nebulizer                      Calipers                         Blood glucose monitoring
                               Clamp                            Coagulation cups/tips
                                                                Coagulation system
Otoscope                       Comedone Extractors
Pocket light, professional                                      Containers, specimen
                               Dermal Curette
Pulse oximeters
                               Disposable biopsy punch          Cover glass, slips
                                                                Culture tubes
Replacement Bulbs              Ear Curettes
Scales                                                          Diabetic meters
                               Ear forceps, Micro alligator
Stethoscopes                                                    Diagnostic screening tests
                               Ear Syringe
                                                                Drug Test
Surgical Clippers              Elevators
Surgical Loupes                                                 Influenza Tests/kits
Thermometers, digital oral/rectal emostats                      Labels, precut
                                                                Lancets & lancet device
Thermometry system             Hooks, Skin
                                                                Lab Markers
Vital signs monitor            Nail Splitter, English Anvil
                                                                Microscope, Operating
                              Needle Holders
X-ray equipment and accessories
                                                                Pregnancy tests
                                                                Prep applications/pads
                                                                Ring stands
                               Suturing kit
                                                                Specimen Collection
                                                                Stool, lab
                                                                Strep Tests/kits

                                                                Tubes-blood collection,
                                                                centrifuge, urine
                                                                Urinalysis reagent strips/ tablets
                                                                Urine Chemistry

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