Dear Heidi_ by runout


									                            Turning The AbortionTide With
                                   11th Hour Counselling

It‟s an honor to be hear, an honor that you‟ve let me talk once and that you‟ve let me come again
it‟s an even greater honor. I have been so, so impressed with the people I‟ve met here. Do you
know what it is for a speaker who comes around and tries to get people to do something, anything
to put feet to their faith and just get out of the church pew. It is so hard but you know, to come
here and then to see a little lady come up here and she‟s already sought something to do, she‟s
worked it out and she‟s doing it. I was so amazed, I was so honored. Before I even came here to
talk about 11th hour counselling someone called me, e-mailed me, asked me questions about it
and by the time I arrived here, Ronell had already worked out a group of people who wanted to go
out and do it; they‟d even been out before. This is so amazing. This has never happened to me
before. I‟ve asked people to do things and sometimes they do and sometimes they get all exited
happy and they say, “Oh you were a fun speaker”, and then they go home and sit in their pews
again. I am so honored to be here with you people. You are just amazing. I almost, I said to Anna
maybe I‟ll just call home, have them ship the dog and I‟ll move to South Africa, you know who
knows? I just love you guys and I know that God loves you too, I mean He‟s just got to be so
thrilled, just to look and see His people doing what He wants them to do. This is so good.

Well, I‟m going to talk about 11th Hour Couselling. In the United States we call it Sidewalk
Counselling but I‟ve understood that you don‟t call those things that are on the side of the street
sidewalks so that doesn‟t make any sense to you. But I like 11 th Hour because it really describes
it. You see the 11th hour is when this is you last chance. This is when everything else which you
have tried didn‟t work. This is when the education in the schools and everything else that we did:
the standing on the roads and holding those signs and all those things did not change that girls
mind. And she‟s now at the 11th hour going to walk into the abortion clinic and everything about
the 11th hour: the urgency of it, the danger of it, the fact that this is the last chance, that all the
forces that are against you are gathered, all that is true of this kind of counselling. Because this is
when you have just a few minutes to see if you can change a girls mind. It‟s a time when, if you
make the wrong decision, you‟re probably not going to get a second chance to try again and it is
so scary.

There is more than one approach to this. There are two main approaches. Unfortunately I can‟t be
other than who I am. And I am totally espoused to one approach. The one approach is - you‟ve
tried everything else, try Jesus. The other approach is – don‟t get involved in your theology; in
Christianity, speak just to the humanity of the baby. I don‟t know which is the best approach, but I
know that I can only do one approach. I‟m a Christian, I‟m a woman. If I tried to be up here and
tried doing a good job of what Brad just did I do a real bad imitation of Brad Mattis, but I can do a
pretty good imitation of Pat McEwen. I can‟t speak other than as a woman. I also am a Christian.
That‟s how I live and I breathe and I can‟t be other than that. I can‟t be a Christian in the morning
when I get up and say my prayers and do everything else and then go out to the abortion clinic
and not talk about Jesus, any more than I can go to the grocery store and not talk about Jesus. I
harass people in the grocery store line. I say, “Hi how are you doing” and especially if they say
they‟re doing bad then I tell them, “Well, I‟ve got the answer.” You see, this is who I am. So this is
my approach. But I must admit to you, that there is another approach and it does work. But I think
that there is one little missing link in that approach and the Bishop brought it to mind this morning
when she spoke of God‟s forgiveness. Do you remember in that verse after Jesus said, “Neither
do I judge you . . .” He said, “ Go and sin no more”. You see, most abortions are not first time
abortions and the first time abortions usually will be followed by a second and a third and a fourth.
And the only way that you can break this pattern of sinful behaviour that gets her there, is Jesus
Christ. And so we not only have to not judge her, but we also have to help her to go and sin no
more. She can‟t do it in her own strength. Have you ever tried to do something in you own
strength? You can‟t do it. I mean you just decided, “I‟m never going to insult so and so again”
because you‟ve done it 2 or 3 times and just about that time you do it. You can‟t do it in your own
strength. So the only answer is Jesus. And to leave Him home when you go to the abortion clinic
is a mistake. And so, that‟s my opinion on it. So you‟re going to get all sorts of information on one
side of the approach. But don‟t be prejudice, do check the other approach and see if that is OK for

One of the things that I want to make sure that you understand is that which approach you‟re
going to use at the clinic (we call them killing mills) whatever approach you‟re going to do, don‟t go
if you‟re not read up and read up. Don‟t go. Every morning when you‟re going to go to that clinic
you‟ve got to spend time alone with God. You have to read from the Bible. The reason is,
Ehesians tells us to put on the full armour of God so that you may stand. If you think you can
stand up to Satan at the very gates of hell (that‟s what a killing mill is, the very gates of hell this is
where Satan rules) if you think you can stand there without the Lord, you can‟t. You‟ll be burned
up, eaten up, when they say something to you it will hurt you down to your heart and you just
won‟t be able to go back. It won‟t work. Do you know that this isn‟t a battle against flesh and blood.
The enemy is not the abortionist. The enemy is Satan. He is a formidable foe. Don‟t go there
unless you are prepared, unless you have on the full armour of God. I would go so far as to say
that if you‟re not feeling good that morning and you over slept and something happened and you
just don‟t have time to take a few minutes to sit down and relax and read your Bible and get right
with the Lord, to seek Him, seek Him to help you, then if you can only do one thing: either go or
pray, then stay home and pray. This is one time I‟m going to tell you don‟t put a foot to your faith
because if you don‟t have the faith, your feet are going to run way ahead of God. It‟s a dangerous
dangerous place to be if you haven‟t prayed. Don‟t go there. One of the reasons to not go there is
because Satan hates you. You are made in the image of God. He hates you just as much as he
hates that baby. He‟s going to want to kill you as much as he wants to kill that baby. Every time he
sees you, he sees that he has failed and he hates you more than anyone has ever hated anyone.
And so he‟s packed that area with such sin. The sin of murderers all over there. The sin of pride.
People have said to me, “Pride??” “What‟s pride doing in an abortion clinic?” Why do you think I
sometimes see the cars go in and there‟s a little fish on the back bumper? Or there‟s a rosary
hanging from the wind shield. Why? Because little Suzy, who everyone thinks is so holy has been
up to something, and she‟ pregnant, and she‟s too proud to let anybody know what‟s she‟s been
doing. That sin of pride has taken a hold of her. She‟s thinking that it is the sin of fornication, it‟s
the sin of pride. She might have gotten into that situation because she thought she‟s too holy and
she could just kiss a little bit, the sin of pride. It‟s there. And it‟ll get all over you. And you know,
there is nothing more dangerous than an activist that‟s got the sin of pride. You‟ll begin to think
that you‟re a turbo Christian and you can do anything you want. And you run out ahead of God. So
don‟t do it. It‟s a dangerous place to be.

Next, go two by two. Why would you go two by two? Maybe because the Book of Instructions that
God gave us, He sent His disciples out two by two. Every time you go to an abrtion clinic, every
time and 11th Hour Counsellor starts to talk there has to be another 11 th Hour Counsellor standing
right next to her. As soon as she opens her mouth, the other person starts praying. Why? Well,
you‟ve got (sometime depending on the clinic) one minute, two minutes, one minute five seconds,
twenty three seconds, (it depends how long it takes her to get out of her car and into that clinic)
that‟s how much time you have to change her mind. And what do you say? Of all those things you
could say, what do you say? How do you have just the right thing for every girl? And you know,
there is now one-right-thing that will always work for all girls. I can‟t tell you say this, say this to
her. I‟ll tell you some of the things that I say to girls but you know, it‟s different every time. And do
you know why I have the right thing to say at the right time? Because my partner is praying. And
what comes out of my mouth, is what the Lord wants me to say. Because my partner is praying.
And she or he will never let themselves get distracted by anything. But they‟re praying so that in
that time I say just the right thing. So if you‟re an 11 th Hour Counsellor, you‟ve also got to be a
good prayer partner because you‟re going to go out two by two and when one person is talking the
other person is praying and if you‟re going to be there all day, one person can‟t talk all day. So
you‟ve got to be good at praying and good at talking. Because you‟ve got to change roles. One
person can‟t go in there in the morning (our clinic opens at 8:00am and closes at 4:00) if I talked
from 8:00 – 4:00, there wouldn‟t be much voice left by the time it was 3:30 or 4:00. But you see I
don‟t. I counsel for an hour and then my partner will counsel and I‟ll pray. We switch off. So you‟ve
got to go two by two. (I‟m trying to give you some practical ideas of how to do this.)

Another thing, your job when you‟re out there is to talk to this girl. Don‟t let anyone distract you
with the abortion debate. It‟s an argument you can‟t win there. If you have the most wonderful
debating argument for why abortion is wrong all you‟ll do is convince her that you‟re a better
debater than she is and she‟ll still go into that clinic. Even worse, you might be debating someone
who has just walked up to the clinic and wants to start to talk to you and no girls are going in so
you engage in this discussion on whether people should have a choice and then a girl pulls up,she
gets out of the car, starts that forward motion into that clinic and you can‟t break off from this
argument to offer her help. Don‟t ever get distracted. Remember what you are there fore.

If you are an 11th Hour Counsellor, you are not a protestor. Can I say this one more time? You are
not a protestor. And I say this because hey, I‟m a protestor. I love to go to life chains and hold
those signs. I love to go in front of our local schools and hold those signs, I love to do this; I love to
engage in a debate. There is nothing I like better. When they brought me here to Cape Town they
let me speak in a debate in a College, Oh I loved it, you know, just give me a good old verbal
battle. But you know what, I didn‟t save a single life that day. And when I‟m at the clinic, I am not a
debater, I am not a protestor.

So since you know you‟re not a debater and you‟re not a protester, don‟t get distracted by these
other things. Don‟t carry a sign. Don‟t carry a sign on your T-shirt. Go dressed the way you would
always go dressed. This isn‟t a time to have the most classic, wonderful, stylish clothes. Just go
dressed normal. Don‟t shock anyone. Just go dressed. Now, is it OK to have your cross, hey if
somebody is offended by this you‟re just going to have to live with it. Sure that‟s OK, but don‟t
have a giant sign on you that says “Abortion stops a beating heart”, let somebody else carry the
sign. I‟m not say that protesting is wrong. If you‟re an 11 th Hour Counsellor, you‟re not going to do
that. You‟re going to say very nice to them, “Would you just stand there, because I want to stand
here closer to where the ladies are and they can see you sign, but I can talk” and then when you
guys who are protestors and when you are a protestor remember that the Counsellor is probably
not going to want you to stand right in front of her so that she has to talk over your sign to the girl.
You see, there‟s a difference. There‟s many things we do but sometimes there is a difference.

Another thing, remember your job and your only job is to stop her forward motion. Now think about
that, you don‟t have to win the debate. You don‟t have to tell her everything there is to know about
abortion and about her baby. All you‟ve got to do is stop her walking, because, you know, she‟s
gotten out of that car and no woman, no woman really wants to lose a child to abortion. They
don‟t. But something has happened. Somehow or other their consciences have gotten seared,
gotten hard, they‟ve pulled into this shell; but if you go there you‟ll notice that they hurry. They‟re
usually very angry, they‟re up tight. There shoulders are high. They‟re tight. And they‟re going to
get into there and they‟re not going to look at you and they‟re not going to talk to you and they‟re
just going to go into there and they‟re walking usually faster than they‟ve ever walked in their life.
And sometimes they‟ll angry at you. But what they want to do is get away from you because you
are reminding them of who they really are. And they know that if they stop, they may stop and turn
from it. So all you‟ve got to do is to stop her from that forward motion. So, how are you going to do
that? She‟s in a hurry, she‟s going in and all you have to do is get her to look around and say,
“What??” And so say something absolutely outrageous. One of the things that I say (now, please
don‟t try to be a Pat McEwen and say exactly the things I say, but I know there is something
outrageous way down in you) something like “Hey good looking, you‟re too quite to go in there”
“What??” “What‟re you talking about, you didn‟t say abortion...” Or something like, “You‟re about to
have elective surgery and you can‟t sue them if they botch it up. . . “ “What?” you know, something
absolutely outrageous, you know it‟s OK to be a fool for the Lord, say something outrageous.
There‟s all sorts of things you can say to them. You can tell them, very quickly, that when they call
911 they won‟t pick is up because they ask them to come without seringe; you can ask them
whether they know that this clinic doesn‟t have any medical insurance, or that you can‟t sue them,
they are suet proof, or “Do you know that that baby looks just like you, he‟s got your eyes”, or “Do
you know that that baby looks just like hiim . . .” You know, something outrageous, referring
usually to her not to the baby. This isn‟t the time to tell her that the baby‟s heart is beating, the
baby can feel pain, there‟s a time for that, this isn‟t it, because all you need to do is stop her
forward motion.

And you know what, when she stops, you‟ve got her, because you know what, sin can‟t live in the
light and when she turns away from the darkness of that clinic and listens to you, you‟ve got her.
There was one time when a girl was walking and I kept teasing her about how good looking she
was, and I said, “Girl, you know you‟re just too good looking, you‟re too smart, they‟re telling you
that you can‟t handle this and I know that you can.” And she looked at me and she says, “You shut
up or I‟m going to throw my coffee at you” and she did and I was like way across and it dropped
about three feet from her, and then she started to turn back in and I had to stop her walking and I
said, “Hey! That was a great shot but I can show you to do a better one because you only got
three foot, you don‟t have any coffee and you didn‟t even get me wet! Come on over here and I‟ll
show you how to really throw coffee.” She was so mad, turned around and she walked over and
she talked to me. Once you get them, that‟s all you‟ve got to do is to stop their forward motion.
Any way you can, any kind of idiocy. If you can make them laugh it will break it. I mean it‟s OK to
be a fool if you can make them laugh. Sometimes they say, “Come on over and talk to me, I don‟t
have a gun and I don‟t bite!” And they go, “What??” You know just something crazy, silly, get them

Then when they come over, then you do the couselling. At that point you‟re going to tell them
about their baby, how their baby will love them more than anybody else could ever love them.
You‟re going to tell them that inside that clinic is sin and blood and death and pain and don‟t go in
there, it‟s awful, and you can‟t run away. Another thing to tell them when you‟re talking to them
about their baby is that, if they‟ll just think about it, if they‟ll just wait another day (because most of
the clinics are open for another day) and you can argue with her and say, “You know, if you just
consider what I‟m saying, you can come back tomorrow, but you know what? If you go in there
now, there‟s no more tomorrow. There isn‟t a tomorrow.” And I try to make it personal and if I‟m
there on a Wednesday then I tell her, “You could come back Thursday, but if you go in there, there
is no Thursday, there is no Thursday for you as a mother, no Thursday for your baby. You‟ll never
hold that baby, you‟ll never buy her her first dress. You‟ll never see him play in the softball team
the first time. You‟ll never go to school and find out how good he‟s done and he‟ll never run home
from school and hug you and kiss you and say, “I missed you, Mommy.”” Then is when you get to
the girl about who the baby is and you make the baby real. You see everything that you see in this
girl and if you‟re prayed up and if you‟re read up you‟re going to see this girl as God sees her.
You‟re going to see that her eyes are beautiful, that she has a kind heart, that maybe she‟s scared
and you‟ll know how to respond to her and she‟ll listen to you because you‟re real and you‟re
really seeing her as God sees her, and you really love her and you really know that clinic is sin
and death and pain and you don‟t want her to go in there. You just want her to give herself a
chance. Build her up, tell her, “You can do it”, you know we‟ve lied to our women and told them
that they can‟t be mothers. We‟ve lied to them. And us stupid women, we‟ve believed it. We
believe that we could be president, we could be a rocket scientist, but we can‟t figure out how to
dipper a baby. One of the thing that I do sometimes to stop a girl if she looks like a college
student, is I say, “You know what, you‟re going to get your degree but you‟re not smart enough to
baby sit your own baby.” Woe, will that make her mad. And you know what if she‟s mad at me,
wonderful because she‟s going to stop that forward motion and she‟s going to turn around and
then I can talk to her. That‟s what you have to do. Don‟t get distracted. Don‟t let anybody distract
you. It is so important because God loves that baby and he loves that girl and He does not want
her to walk over that cliff into that clinic. And you‟re the only one there that can talk to her,
because she didn‟t listen to the ads and she didn‟t listen to anything. And you have the last
chance, the very last chance. So your target is always the girl. Don‟t get distracted by who brought
her, don‟t get distracted by her boyfriend or her friend. Your target is that girl. O.K. She‟s gone in.
Now who‟s you‟re target? Whoever brought her. If it‟s a man and there is a man 11 th Hour
Counsellor let him take over. Because if he knows and he‟s trained and he knows what Brad
Mattis says he knows how to talk to a man. If not then go ahead and you talk to him and try to get
him to talk to you and appeal to that provision and procreation and say, “Are you man enough to
protect your woman?” Get his attention. Once again, you‟re going to say whatever it is and say,
“What a wimp, won‟t you even come over and talk to me? I can‟t hurt you, are you afraid of me?”
Get him to come over and talk to you. Once he‟s there talk to him. Talk to him about protecting
him woman. One of the things that I‟ve found is that once the girl‟s gone in, if I couldn‟t change her
mind, sometimes I can change his mind.
One time (I‟m going to tell you a funny story) a man stopped and after we went through a number
of things and he said, “You‟re waisting your time on me, I don‟t this abortion but she does.” And I
said, “Well, are you sure she does? Have you told her that you‟ d stay with her?” And he said, Oh I
stand by her, I told her, I‟ll always there, I‟ll stand by her.” And I said, “Um, now I‟m a mother and a
grandmother so I pretty much know about women, I raised some daughters and I can tell you what
a woman wants. And she doesn‟t want a guy who says he‟s going to stand by her. She wants him
to stand by her in front of a church getting married and she doesn‟t want a rock to stand on, she
wants a rock on her finger. Are you man enough to ask her to marry you? Are you man enough to
go in there and ask her to marry you?” And he looked and he said, “Do you think it‟ll work?” And I
said, “Try it. Go in there and tell: „Marry me‟ and see what she does.” He said, “Well, I‟m man
enough to do that.” And he walked in and you know he had this attitude, like, “this isn‟t going to
work”. Well, it was maybe ten minutes later and out they came and he said, “Thanks, that‟s all she
wanted!” And I thought, I know it‟s hard for men to understand women, you know, but that wasn‟t a
major big theorem that I told him, you know, that she want‟s more than a date Friday night if she‟s
going to have your baby.

Allot of times you times you can talk to a man and he can go in and change her mind. You can talk
to another person who comes with her. But remember the hierarchy; first the girl. If she goes in
and you have no one else to talk to, then talk to the man who brought her or the friend who
brought her. And your emphasis with the friend is you know how they say, “friends don‟t let friends
drive drunk”, well friends don‟t let friends go into such a situation and you can talk to them friend
about all the medical problems and the emotional problems of an abortion and if you were a good
friend you would tell them that because they‟re not going to tell them that in the clinic and you can
say, “Just go in and tell your friend what I told you about the connection to breast cancer, tell them
about the incidences of suicide; Tell them about the research that says that that this relationship
that she has will fail because of this abortion. Go tell her that and then if she doesn‟t want to come
out then that‟s O.K. but you at least tried. And you know, sometimes you can get a friend to go
into that clinic where you can‟t go and talk to the girl. Just remember first the girl. Don‟t ever turn
and start to talk to the man who is going in until she has totally gone out of your sight and out of
your hearing and she‟s inside and you can‟t stop her.

One more thing, for all you people who are 11 th hour counsellors and who are going to go out.
Remember whoever is the 11th hour counsellor who is on the schedule for that day is the one who
will have God‟s word in her heart, and she‟s the one who‟ll have the right thing to say, even
though you in your head might think, “I can think of a clever way to say this”, but you know what,
he is the man or she is the woman of the hour. Don‟t interrupt them. I‟ve studied communication. It
is very hard to hear tow voices at one time. The worst thing that you can do is to try to help out a
sidewalk counsellor by talking to the girl while she is trying to talk to her. She won‟t hear two
voices; she just won‟t. She‟ll just hear a jumble and you know what, God will give the 11 th hour
counsellor who is on at that time and who has her prayer partner behind her the words to say, and
those will be the perfect words. They might not seem right in you understanding but they will be
perfect for that girl at time. So let her be. Don‟t ever interrupt a sidewalk counsellor. Don‟t bring
your signs near a sidewalk counsellor. If she walking next to a girl she doesn‟t want to have to
walk out and around you where your sign is. There are places for signs; it just isn‟t in the path of
an 11th hour counsellor who needs to walk along as the girl is walking in. Sometimes you can walk
right next to the girl, sometimes there‟s a parking lot but you‟re walking at the edge of the parking
lot and she parallels and you need to walk and you need free space and you know what, when I‟m
concentrating on a girl I will walk up and over anyone that‟s in my way. So Don‟t stand so that you
get in their way.

Another little thing, 11th hour counsellors, if you‟re in a situation like we are sometimes in the
States where you can‟t get close to the girl and she‟s about 5meters away from you, my tendency
since, since I can‟t stand right next to her is to raise my voice. Don‟t do that. You can work on
diction so that you speak clearly and try to project your voice but don‟t ever raise your voice so
that you sound like you are yelling. As soon as you do that you increase her speed; you close of
her ears and she‟s going to run from you into that clinic. You cannot yell at her. You‟ve just got to
say it in the loudest clearest speaking voice you can; very clear like you‟ re speaking to your
Sunday school class, you know, you want them to hear but you‟re not yelling; as soon as you yell,
it‟ll break the whole thing. And if you think she can‟t hear you, say it as clear as you can as loud as
you can without yelling and let God get the words to her; don‟t ever, ever yell. You may call out
raise your voice but there is a difference between a raising of your voice and like, “Hey girl, how
are ya!” and in actual yelling. And I think you know the difference. Don‟t let it get there: you‟re
going to be nervous, you‟re going to be scared, you‟re going to try to do it – don‟t do it. You hold
this child‟s and this girl‟s life in your hands. It‟s a horrible thing in there. And you‟re the only thing
between her at this 11th hour and going in and making the worst mistake of her life. Do it as
prayerfully as you can, as lovingly as you can and remember, that God will give you the words;
He‟ll show you the one to talk to, and you might even be there just to save that girl‟ soul. Perhaps
she‟ll go in and have the abortion; perhaps you‟ll get to talk to her on the way out; perhaps she‟ll
save the next baby. And you know, you can‟t second guess God, you‟ve just got to be obedient to
God and if she walks in just know that God is in control, you know, He‟ s God; He knows
everything; He permits things sometimes. What is it going to take for this girl to come to Him? It
might be that he baby dies and that‟s a horrible thing for you to face, but just you just have to trust
God that He is in command and he knows what‟s happening and He has told you to be there and
do this so go, do it in obedience. But know that everything that you do in obedience is going to
work for good. You just might not see it.

One last little thing. Remember who your enemy is it‟s Satan. It‟s not the girl. It‟s not the guy with
purple hair who drives her in. It‟s not the homosexual that stands out there with a sign that says,
“This clinic is open”, that‟s not your enemy. It‟s not the policeman who harasses you and says,
You can‟t stand here, you‟ve got to stand one foot over here.” It‟ s not the abortionist, it‟s not the
clinic workers. It‟s Satan. Remember who your enemy is and if you‟ve talked to the girl and then
you‟ve talked to the man and the people who are going in there and one of the clinic workers
comes out and starts screaming at you, guess what, that‟s your target. And do you try to win the
abortion debate with them? No, just tell them about Jesus. You tell them that God has a plan for
their life and it‟s not to be working here. That He‟s got a better job for them and you just keep
telling them and they‟ll scream and yell and go back in but you know what, they‟re not your
enemy. Remember they‟re not your enemy. One of the funniest things that ever happened to me
was when, as I was standing in Florida, and it was a hot day and we did the usual Florida summer
thing, it got hot about 9 O‟clock and then about 3 O‟clock we had a rain storm and it was about
4O‟clock, about time for the clinic to close, (I had passed out all my pamphlets to the girls coming
out and by the way you must stay there and be there when the girls come out so that you can offer
them some help too; and you know – little rabbit trail here – don‟t try to do it all yourself, when you
get these girls to talk to you and they‟re willing, then you‟ve got to have on your literature the
phone number of the closest crisis pregnancy centre because you can‟t do it all with these girls
because there is going to be another girl coming in and you‟re going to have a little time talking to
her and there is going to be another girl coming in and she‟s got to have a phone number. The
best thing is if you can have somebody with you with a car and they can just drive her over there,
but if not don‟t let her get away without her getting the phone number of the Crisis Pregnancy
Cente. You can‟t do it all. And allot of time, by the way, when they come out they‟re more likely to
take the number of a local Crisis Pregnancy Cente, because then you‟re no longer a threat to
them; you‟re offering compassion. And I‟d done all that and I looked like someone my age would
look when it‟s been hot and it‟s rained and my hair was like all down and it was straight and the T -
shirt that I had had stretched out and it looked funny and I just didn‟t look real classic. One of the
men that used to perform abortions in our area, abortionist, Dr Whitney, had sometimes made
some comments about the read head who just keeps witnessing there because her book tells her
that she has to, she doesn‟t really like me, she just does it because her book tells her that I have
to, he drove out and he stopped the car and wound down the window. And I thought, Mmm, this is
interesting, you know, he wants to talk to me; because, I‟ve talked to him allot (this was about tow
years ago) and he said, “You know what, I know that you think that Jesus is the only way, but He
isn‟t. There are many different ways; God would not let all the Buddhists and all the Hindus and all
the everybody else go to Hell.” And I said, “Well He is the only way.” And he said to me, “You
know what, I just stopped to tell you because I‟m not going to have a chance to see you anymore
because I just quit. I‟m sick of this whole thing. I‟m sick of this business, but I just wanted to tell
you that, you know what, you‟re going to feel like such a fool when I get to Heaven and I‟m already
there.” And I looked at him and I said, “You know what Dr Whitney, I don‟t care if I‟m the fool” I
said, “You know I‟m a fat old lady; I‟m having a bad hair day, it‟s hot, I‟m wet, I couldn‟t be any
more foolish than I am right now, so, you know what, foolish does not bother me at all. I‟m
inoculated against it. But you know what, if I get to Heaven and you‟re not there then I‟m going to
be real unhappy. So if you‟re right then I‟m a fool; but if I‟m right then you‟re going to burn in Hell,
and so I‟ll stand here and be a fool because I care enough about that, you that this would happen.
You know what, I didn‟t get a chance to lead Dr Whitney to the Lord. But a Baptist Pastor in the
town that he lived, did, within two weeks of my telling him that. Don‟t think that the abortionist is
your enemy. He isn‟t. Satan hates him too. That‟s why he has him in that business. The only
enemy you have is sin and Satan.


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