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                                                         The Interpreter
                                      Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 155                      Remember September 11, 2001                                            January 1, 2011

          Our Mission                   Townsend. His desk and mine          jeep, embraced us and shouted. I       leaving        us      shipwrecked
                                        were at right angles to each other   asked in Chinese what had              castaways to disport ourselves in
  In the Spring of 2000, the            and I faced a blank wall [LDM?       happened and they told me that         the lagoon for several days. A
  Archives continued the origi-         Large Desk, Mahogony]. I was         Japan had surrendered. They also       C47 finally picked us up and we
  nal efforts of Captain Roger          translating an article from a        told me why, but I did not             over-nighted at Espiratu Santo
  Pineau and William Hudson,            magazine and I did not look up       understand them because I did          before finally flying back
  and the Archives first at-            when Stanley began questioning       not then know the Chinese for          Guadalcanal.
  tempts in 1992, to gather the         the young man. I heard his           atomic bomb. (to be cont‟d)                I checked this out with Glen
  papers, letters, photographs,         excellent English and then I                                                Slaughter.
                                                                                                 T. Howell Breece
  and records of graduates of           heard Stanley ask him where he                                  JLS 1944        A sidebar on Funa Futi, this is
  the US Navy Japanese/                 had learned it. He said, “I went                _______________             not pertinent to the LO story but
  Oriental Language School,             to the Peking American School.”                                             I found it interesting. In late
  University of Colorado at             I whirled around, looked at him
                                                                              Conversation                          October 1942 a B-17 bomber
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We                and cried out, “Eddie!” He was       Between Marines                        took off from Hawaii for Port
  assemble these papers in              Edward Fei, a slightly younger                                              Moresby, New Guinea. On board
                                                                             Dear Aubrey [Farb]:
  recognition of the contribu-          schoolmate of mine at PAS. I                                                was Eddie Rickenbacker, who
                                                                             Smitten by a memory lapse, I left
  tions made by JLS/OLS                 had not seen him since I                                                    was to make an inspection tour at
                                                                             out an interesting part of the
  instructors and graduates to          graduated from high school in                                               the invitation of MacArthur. En
                                                                             story. After our TDY at JICPOA,
  the War effort in the Pacific         1934. He got the job!                                                       route they were to stop at Canton
                                                                             we did indeed fly back to the
  and the Cold War, to the                  In    late   1944,     Stanley                                          Island. The navigator apparently
                                                                             Canal but it was not a routine
  creation of East Asian                Townsend went back to the US                                                screwed up and they overshot
                                                                             humdrum flight. Our language
  language programs across              on leave and I became the OIC                                               Canton by 100 miles to the
                                                                             group, officers and enlisted, were
  the country, and to the               of the Translation Center.                                                  southwest. When they ran out of
                                                                             loaded aboard a huge PB2Y4
  development of Japanese-              Washington sent two more                                                    gas they were 500 miles from
                                                                             Coronado flying boat. The only
  American      cultural   rec-         recent graduates of the JLS to                                              Canton. They ditched the plane
                                                                             other passenger was Col. Sydney
  onciliation programs after            join me, Willard J. Wright (see                                             successfully and everyone got
                                                                             Mashbir, an intelligence officer
  World War II.                         Issue #147) and Al Dunton                                                   off in two rafts. After 21 days of
                                                                             on MacArthur's staff.
                                        [Dunton, Allen H. Jr, of Iowa                                               paddling they came ashore at
Steward W. O’Rear                       City, Iowa,. JLS 1944, January                                              Tuvalo in the Ellice Islands.
                                        25, 1916 to January 17, 1999, Lt                                            Natives took them to Funa Futi,
   OLS (Russian) 1945                   US Navy WWII, buried in                                                     the capital. All survived:
(Engr ‟40) of Aiken, S.C., died         Muscatine      Memorial       Park                                          emaciated,       desiccated      and
Dec. 4, 2006. He was a member           Cemetery, Muscatine, Iowa]. I                                               sunburned. I'm surprised that the
of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering         had not requested more officers                                             New Zealanders didn't tell us
honor society. He served in             for I thought that with Eddie as                                            about this.
World War II. Mr. O‟Rear                my very able assistant I could        Consolidated PB2Y – 4 Coronado            Incidentally, my "kids" have
graduated from the U.S. Navy            handle all the work myself.        become aware that I'm dredging
Russian Language Training               Eddie knew no Japanese, but he                     99.htm                   up all this nostalgia and I'm
School at the University of             really was bilingual in Chinese      We over-nighted at Palmyra and         getting "Why didn't you ever tell
Colorado and served a lieutenant        and English. I am bilingual in       Canton Islands. Seaplane pilots        us about all this?" I'll try to keep
in    Naval     Intelligence   in       spoken Chinese and English, but      obviously have to land in              them from pushing me to
Washington, D.C. He first               I never learned to read Chinese      daylight. Palmyra and Canton           become even more verbose.
worked for DuPont in central            very well and tsao-tze (Chinese      were     developed by     PanAm            I think I'm now ready to go to
research, and later as a chemical       for what Japanese call Sōsho)        before     WW2        for    their     China. If you wish, I'll write
engineer in charge of the               was beyond me. I could talk          transpacific flights. On the third     about it.
technical information service for       easily to our staff members who      afternoon we landed in the                                               Semper Fi
DuPont.                                 knew no English, but I could not     lagoon at Funa Futi in the Ellice                                     Glenn Nelson
                      UVA Magazine,     always read what they wrote.         Islands. As we let down into the                                          JLS 1944
                        Spring 2007     And Eddie could. There was           water the boat hit a log which
[Ed. Note: Mr. O’Rear had been on       really not enough work to keep       punched a gash in the hull.            Norton Ginsburg
                                        all of us busy, but we did what
our mailing list for several years. I
found this obit while scanning the      was there to do until everything
                                                                             Water gushed in. We got to                     1921-2007
                                                                             shore on rubber rafts. On the
web using Google®.]                     came to an abrupt end. One hot       island were two hospitable New         Norton Sydney Ginsburg, JLS
                                        August night, I had driven the       Zealand “leftenants”, who shared       1944, a University of Chicago
                                        jeep to see a movie at the Army                                             professor who was a leading
The JLS Experience                      theater. When I left after the
                                                                             some of their scotch with us. A
                                                                             plane came in to patch up our          authority on urban and political
of T. Howell Breece                     show, I offered a ride to some       boat and flew it away. If the          geography as well as the
                                        other Americans. The streets         puncture had not occurred, the         economic development of East
(Cont‟d) Shortly after I began          were swarming with Chinese           boat would have taken us all the       and Southeast Asia, died
my duties, a young Chinese job          overcome with joy. They              way to the Canal. Another plane        Monday at his home in
applicant came to see Stanley           climbed upon the hood of the         came in and picked up Mashbir,
Chicago‟s        Hyde       Park     1941-42, and in the U.S. Naval           University of Chicago News Office     University, where my father and
neighborhood. He was 85.             Reserve 1942–46. He attended                                   Aug. 1, 2007    great uncle had also gone. When
    Ginsburg, Professor Emeritus     the US Navy Japanese/Oriental                             & David M. Hays      Pearl Harbor was attacked, I was
                                                                                             Editor and Archivist
in Geography, was the leader of      Language       School      at    the               _______________             in my sophomore year. My good
a team that produced the Atlas of    University of Colorado.                                                        friend from China was going to
Economic Development, a 1960             After serving as a Fulbright        An EAA Interview                       Dartmouth. We decided to see if
reference tool on ways to aid        Research      Scholar      at    the          with                             our backgrounds might qualify
developing countries. The atlas,     universities of Hong Kong and                                                  us for some specialized work in
funded by the Ford Foundation,       Malaya from 1950 to 1951, he            Houghton Freeman                       the service. We had an
was reprinted three times.           was named an assistant professor       (Cont‟d) Lynn Parisi: By the            introduction to the Office of
                                     in geography. He was named a           time your family went back in           Naval Intelligence (ONI) in
                                     full professor in 1961.                1938, hadn’t the situation              Washington and told them that
                                         Ginsburg served as Assistant       become very unstable in                 we were born and raised in
                                     Dean of the University‟s               Shanghai? How were foreigners           China and spoke Chinese, to
                                     Division of Social Sciences from       going about life in Japanese            which they replied that the US
                                     1954 to 1956, Associate Dean of        occupied Shanghai?                      was not fighting the Chinese but
                                     the Division from 1967 to 1969         Houghton Freeman: In 1938               the Japanese. However, our
                                     and Associate Dean of the              and 1939, the Japanese held all         background made us eligible for
                                     undergraduate division of the          the     territory   outside     the     a Japanese language course that
                                     University from 1963 to 1966.          international settlement. Most of       was starting at Berkeley the next
                                     He was Chairman of the                 the Western men in Shanghai             month, January 1942. We
                                     Department of Geography from           joined the Shanghai Volunteer           enrolled there as members of the
                                     1978 to 1985.                          Corps, and staffed the borders of       second class of the US Navy
                                         He also served as Director of      the settlement. But, as a student,      Japanese Language School. We
Norton Ginsburg                      the Association for Asian Studies      I remember that life went on            had such notables there as
   Ginsburg was co-author of         from 1958 to 1961, acting editor       pretty much as usual. My family         Donald Keene, Ted DeBary,
The Pattern of Asia (1958) and       of the Annals of the Association       lived on Hangzhou Road, which           David Osborn, and Marion Levy,
co-editor of seven multi-            of American Geographers from           was outside the International           who was later head of Asian
authored works on the economic       1961 to 1962, Secretary of the         settlement in the Japanese-held         Studies at Princeton – a lot of
development and urbanization of      Joint        Committee            on   area of Shanghai. The railroad to       people who went on to be leaders
East and Southeast Asia from         Contemporary China of the              Hangzhou was the border, and            in Asian Studies in the US. The
1960 to 1992.                        American Council of Learned            the      Japanese    had      their     Navy first looked for people who
   In    1990     the      Chinese   Societies from 1959 to 1963 and        headquarters and a crossing             had been raised in Japan and
University Press of Hong Kong        Chairman of the Committee on           checkpoint there. I had to have a       spoke Japanese. They found
published a series of lectures he    Social Science Personnel of the        pass to attend school in the            several, including Otis Carey,
gave as “The Urban Transition:       Social Science Research Council        International          Settlement.      who was also in my class.
Reflections on the American and      from 1967 to 1970.                     Evening travel required a special       Except for me and a couple of
Asian Experiences.” His interest         Ginsburg was also elected          permit. I needed these special          others,    it    was    quite    a
in editing led to oversight of       President of the Association of        permits several times to go to          distinguished class.
Southeast Asian volumes of the       American Geographers in 1970.          parties on Saturday nights. I               It was a year-long course and
area handbooks published for the     At the invitation of former            traveled at night so often, it          we spent the first six months at
Human Relations Area Files in        University         of      Chicago     seemed, that one night the              Berkeley. When the federal
the 1950s, editorial consulting      Chancellor Robert Maynard              Japanese lieutenant at the              government decided to evacuate
for the Aldine Publishing            Hutchins, Ginsburg took a leave        checkpoint got fed up with me           all Japanese from the West
Company and the Denoyer-             of absence in 1970 from the            and said, “You are just a               Coast, including the Navy‟s
Geppert map company in the           University to join The Center for      pleasure seeking lad! Don‟t             Japanese language instructors,
1970s, and the publication of the    the Study of Democratic                come back so often.”                    we moved to the University of
Ocean Yearbook in the 1980s          Institutions, where he was a               Of course, the Chinese were         Colorado in Boulder and
and 90s.                             Senior Fellow and served as            barred from going back and forth        graduated in January 1943. A
   “Norton Ginsburg developed        Dean of the Academic Program           after hours. One time, our cook         few of our class went to
a nuanced view of the                from 1971 to 1974.                     couldn‟t get back across the            Washington, but most went to
geographical complexity of Asia          He also wrote articles for         border to our home. It so               Honolulu. A small number went
and integrated that into the broad   Encyclopedia Britannica and            happened it was an evening that         to the South Pacific, and I joined
sweep of the region‟s history,”      consulted on the initiative of a       my mother was having a dinner           Admiral Halsey‟s intelligence
noted      Michael        Conzen,    Chinese edition.                       party, so the cook was essential.       team in New Caledonia.
Chairman of the Committee on             Following his retirement from      My family got in touch with me              I was in the South Pacific for
Geographical Studies at the          the University in 1986, he             at school and gave me the charge        about three months, I guess,
University of Chicago. “He won       became       director     of     the   of getting our Chinese cook             when there was a sudden request
the admiration of his students,”     Environment and Policy Institute       through the checkpoint. I was           from the American Embassy in
Conzen continued, “for all the       of the East-West Center in             driving a roadster then and was         Chongqing. They wanted a
support he gave them.”               Honolulu, Hawaii, for five years.      well known to the Japanese              language officer who could
   Ginsburg received a B.A. in       He      held     a     Guggenheim      crossing guards, so we put the          speak     both     Chinese     and
1941 from the University, an         Fellowship in 1983.                    cook in the trunk and went              Japanese, so off I went. It took
M.A. in 1947 and a Ph.D. in              Survivors include his wife,        sailing through Japanese lines.         me about four months to get
1949.                                Diana;     sons      Jeremy     and    Luckily, it was a day when they         there from the South Pacific, but
   He served as a geographer in      Alexander;          daughter-in-law    chose not to check my car.              I was delighted; it was like going
the U.S. Army Map Service            Cheryl; and a brother, Gilbert.            In 1939, I entered Wesleyan         home. I was assigned to the
                                                                                                                    American         Embassy        in
Chongqing as assistant naval            I assume Noreen Watanabe             Seidensticker. Ed Neville and I          Internment, ethnic ghettos and
attaché. (to be cont‟d)                 wrote in Norman‟s article            were in grad school together at          preferential residential, job and
            Education About ASIA        [Norman Meller’s obituary] you       the University of Michigan Field         educational     opportunities.     My
                      Vol. 12, No. 2                                                                                  research on CU civil rights
                                        are going to soon print that he      Station in Okayama, Japan
                          Fall 2007                                                                                   demonstrates that some of the first
                                        spent a year at Waseda               (August 1951-March 1952). And            blows against these attitudes and
   Reprinted with permission of the
                                        University in the International      when in Okinawa I was part of a          practice were made between 1935
  Association for Asian Studies, Inc.
            _______________             Department (I believe 1968-9)        three-man team with Bill Lebra           and 1945, when racial segregation
                                        [Noreen reads the newsletter to      (Army Japanese training) and             began to be successfully challenged
        Reprise on                      Terza each month]. He taught a       Wayne       Suttles,    recently         by liberal whites and minorities. The
       Nancy Pierce                     class. Years later he was            deceased. I had lunch with               WWII generation, who began
                                        lecturing at the University of       Wayne in Seattle in 1997 during          desegregation, was in charge to
        Helmbold                                                                                                      finish desegregation in the 1960s.]
                                        Hiroshima on several occasions.      an AAAS annual meeting.                              _______________
[Professor      Nancy      Pearce       When your students come next            I have met Donald Keene at
Helmbold’s      sister,    Martha       summer [Two of our student           AAS meetings over the years.                  Press Release:
Leipziger-Pearce, sent another          archivists will be performing        Many more mentioned in The                Charles T. Cross Papers
obituary from which I gleaned           archival work at the USS             Interpreter in previous issues I
the following comments to add to                                                                                      The papers of Charles T. Cross,
                                        Arizona Memorial for 10 weeks        have met and conversed with on
her obituary.] She joined the                                                                                         career diplomat and former
                                        in summer 2008], be sure to have     random occasions. A large
WAVES on July 19, 1943 as                                                                                             Ambassador to Singapore, are
                                        them let me know.                    number were Army trainees from
                                                                                                                      now organized, preserved, and
Nancy Pearce, studied Japanese                             Warmest Alohas    Yamagiwa‟s factory in Ann
at the language school in                                     Terza Meller                                            indexed with a complete finding
                                                                             Arbor. From 1947 to 1950 I was
Boulder, served in Naval                                 November 15, 2007                                            guide for the convenience of
                                                                             a student of Yamagiwa, and a
Intelligence in Washington, DC,
                                                   _______________                                                    visitors to the Archives. The
                                                                             colleague of his as it were, and
retiring as Lt. Commander in                  Comments                       my own professors, on an ad hoc
                                                                                                                      processing      of     the    Cross
                                                                                                                      collection was completed in
1946, and worked in the                       From Our                       water polo team called The
                                                                                                                      October, 2007, by Dr. Katherine
Occupation in Tokyo, 1946-50.                Proofreader                     Flounders.
                                                                                                                      Harris with funding from a
    During the War she was on
                                        Now to talk about names                         Forrest R. “Woody” Pitts      Freeman Foundation grant.
the     team    that    translated                                                                     OLS 3/45
intercepted messages from the           mentioned in this set of                                                         Ambassador Cross was a
Japanese Armed Forces, since            newsletters [Issues #139-#149,       [Ed. Note: I have always found it        graduate of the World War II era
                                        recently (12/11/07) received         fascinating that so many JLS/OLSers      US Navy Japanese/Oriental
the US had fortunately broken
                                        back from him with corrections].     knew each other without realizing        Language       School      at    the
their code.                                                                  their connections. Quite often, I will
    In the Occupation, she              I think I studied under Grace [not                                            University of Colorado in
                                                                             receive word from someone that they
translated a wide variety of            then Grayce] Nakasone. John                                                   Boulder. During the war he
                                                                             saw an obit or article on someone
documents such as Japanese              Thompson is [was] a fellow           they knew quite well and had             served as an interpreter and
Army       documents      (orders),     Geographer. I knew Allen Smith       absolutely no idea of their JLS/OLS      intelligence officer in the Marine
medical records of British POWs         in connection with my Pacific        connection. Gene Sosin knew many         Corps and participated in Marine
and the history of the War in the       Science Board studies on             WAVES in DC without knowing they         Corps invasions in the Pacific,
                                        Okinawa (1953-1954). It was          were Boulderites, so closed mouthed      including Saipan, where he
                                        Norman Meller whom I knew for        were those women about their             received the Bronze Star for
   During their four years in the                                            language and Boulder training. It
Occupation, several [former]            24 years, and never tumbled to                                                bravery. After the war, Cross
                                                                             goes to show that JLS/OLSers kept
WAVES taught a group of                 his having Japanese and Boulder                                               completed his formal education
                                                                             their secrets quite well.]
young men English informally,           experience. I knew he was a                       _______________             and entered the Foreign Service.
                                        strong Pacific scholar at Manoa,                                              His career led him to many
welcomed them into their homes,
                                        and he gave me invaluable              Reprise on Bill Himel                  important postings, including
and seven of the students kept in
touch afterwards. They named            advice on handling State             The obituary of Mr. Himel,               Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
the group the “Lambs Club”. I           bureaucrats when I was about to      which I read today reminded me           and Vietnam.         In retirement
think it was because the students       retire. A gentle, wonderful man      of a Boulderite in my class              Cross began a second career as a
thought the nursery rhyme was           indeed! Martin Bronfenbrenner I      (March 15, 1944) of one David            Distinguished       Lecturer      in
“Mary had a little „lion‟.”             knew in my one year at the           M. Earle, who was “invited to            diplomacy at the University of
Several of the men went on to           University of Pittsburgh, where I    leave” (and sent more or less as         Washington and also taught at
distinguished careers in Japan.         had meant to stay until paradise     “punishment” to the Naval                other institutions.
                                        and heaven itself were offered to    Station at Farragut, Idaho). All            In addition to his diplomatic
           Martha Leipziger-Pearce
            _______________             me at Hawai‟i. I remember one        of this was because his wife was         papers      and      lectures     on
                                        long lunch I had with                a black lady (unacceptable at that       diplomacy,       the      collection
       Reprise on                       Seidensticker and Judge Samuel       time in the Navy). By the way,           contains Cross‟s private letters
      Norman Meller                     King, Jr. at the King Street         she was reported to be an                written home during World War
                                        Bakery in Honolulu.                  excellent pianist. How times             II and his letters from Vietnam.
I personally wanted to thank you            Bob Scalapino I see almost       have changed.                            The collection also holds the
for everything you have done for        every time I attend an East Asian                           William Hudson    journals,        letters,       and
me. Legally blind, I am not able        function in Berkeley. A few                                       JLS 1944    reminiscences of Cross‟s parents,
to dot my I‟s or cross my T‟s and       years ago someone there said                                                  who both served as missionaries
                                                                             [Ed. Note: Unfortunately, as most of
cannot see what I am writing, so        that his expertise was worth at      you know, until 1948 and Truman’s        to China.       Cross‟s published
I hope this letter is legible for       least two divisions to the           Executive Order 9981, the Nation’s       autobiography,          Born       a
you to read [I responded that her       Pentagon. Of course, you already     military closely reflected the           Foreigner, is included in the
writing was more legible than           know that I had frequent lunches     American society’s racial and ethic      collection.
many of the university students I       in Berkeley with Charles             attitudes      of:       separation,        The Cross Collection was
graded back in graduate school].                                             compartmentalization,           and
                                        Hamilton, often with a visiting                                               acquired and organized as part of
                                                                             discrimination, or Jim Crow,
the US Navy Japanese/Oriental           Ridge, Lawrence, Los Alamos,              secret, it was the kind of secret that        enough trouble with Nihongo to go
Language     School  Archival           or Chicago"--- perhaps making             could be publicized in the Phi Beta           into astrophysics. Bob was, at that
Project   at    the Archives,           Brown's decision seem not so              Kappa Key, Life, and Colliers, as             time, one of the youngest and
                                                                                  well as in the Silver and Gold, Knots         most junior officers in the School, I
University of Colorado at               peculiar.
                                                                                  & Fathoms, and local newspapers               was the senior student officer and
Boulder Libraries,                          When I was an undergraduate           throughout Colorado.]                         both Elmer and I had more combat
                                        at the U. of Chicago in 1942, my                                                        experience and direct contact with
<                                                Dear Dave:
                                        best friend had a part-time job in                                                      "the enemy" than any in the
archives/collections/jlsp/                                                Thank you for your response.
                                        the "Metallurgy Project" under                                                          school. This fascinated "Brown
m>.                                                                               The episode that it recalled for
                                        the West Stands, piling up                                                              Dog".
Contact:                                graphite bricks. I had no idea            me was pivotal in my life,                      I hope that you are able to give us a
David M. Hays                           why (nor did he), even though I           leading to a lifelong interest in             hand on our search, and we can
Archives                                                                          Japan, especially in its art. And I           catch up with Bob in 2008. Again,
                                        was already focused on physics.,                                                                 do not mind if you send my letter             thanks for all your hard work on our
                                        But I had also enrolled in two or                                                       behalf and BEST WISHES FOR
(303) 492-7242                                                                    and your response to Robert R.
            _______________             three Chinese courses, when a                                                           THE COMING YEAR!
                                        fellow student told me about JLS.         Brown.                                                                    Semper Fi
    Article in                          Despairing of doing anything                  Incidentally, your speculation                                      Harry Pratt
  DACOR Bulletin                        useful in physics during wartime,         in your letter about the relation                                          OLS 1945
                                        as a mere youth of 20, I traveled         between math and language                                  _______________

Katherine Harris finished the
Cross Collection in the fall of
                                        to Ann Arbor for a ten-minute             elicits another memory for me.                     Stories About
                                        interview with Cmdr. Hindmarsh.           After the war when I was a
2007. We put together the above
                                        I evidently knew enough hanzi             graduate student in physics at the                 Ira A. Watson
press release to publicize the
                                        (kanji) to pass the test. The first       U. of Chicago, I audited all of                      JLS 1944?
collection. One place we sent the                                                 Rudolph Carnap's courses on the
                                        time I was aware of an "atomic                                                          My father, Ira A. Watson,
release to was the DACOR                                                          philosophy of science. These
                                        bomb" was in August 1945 when                                                           attended the Japanese Language
Bulletin      (Diplomatic      and                                                involved the basic role of
                                        the language officers at Pearl                                                          School at Boulder before he was
Consular Officers, Retired).                                                      language in logic, mathematics,
                                        Harbor were awakened at 3 AM                                                            sent to New York for advanced
Richard McKee, the editor, was                                                    physics, and science in general.
                                        and told to be ready to leave at 8                                                      training. He was stationed at
happy to receive the release, as                                                  They had a profound effect on
                                        AM.                                                                                     JICPOA. I believe he was at
Chuck Cross is on their Board of                                                  my philosophy, though not on
                                            After three weeks at sea (my                                                        Okinawa also. He did not talk
Governors. I had an interesting                                                   my study of Japanese---not just
                                        only shipboard experiences), I                                                          much about his experiences, but
exchange of emails with him,                                                      because they came after Boulder.
                                        landed at Yokosuka August 29.                                                           I'm interested in learning more
bringing to his attention the                                                     But I think your suspicion may
                                        My next nine months assigned to                                                         about the School and the people
diplomatic      contribution     of                                               be right.
                                        the Navy Liaison Office there                                                           who attended during the time he
JLS/OLSers in the Foreign                                                                               Robert W. Christy
                                        afforded an experience of Japan                                                         was there. [I sent her a big
Service. I told him to feel free to                                                                             JLS 1944
                                        that remained alive, though                                                             packet of newsletters, entrance
mine our newsletters on the web                                                   [Ed. Note: I wrote Professor Christy
                                        dormant, until I was able to                                                            list and mailing list, along with
for material for his bulletin. I                                                  that while I suspect that math,
                                        travel to Japan again after my                                                          articles. I also emailed her the
also offered to write an article                                                  especially calculus, qualifies as
                                        retirement.                                                                             JLS history by Professor
for his publication (tough to keep                           Sincerely yours,     language (a particularly foreign
it under 600 words). I pulled it                            Robert W. Christy     language for the likes of me), and            Slesnick.]
together from obits and stories in                                  JLS 1944      that physicists probably make great                                  Alexa Watson
the newsletter, which all of you                                                  linguists, I still find it interesting that                         2880 Isabell St
                                        [Ed. Note: After I wrote that note on     career physicists served as language                            Golden, CO 80401
have already read, and sent it off      the Brown article in #119, I had a        officers. But I was an art major-                               (H) 303-279-2182
to him.                                 sneaking suspicion that I would hear      turned-history major, with poetic and             
    I hope all who were                 about it. Periodically, I lapse into an   literary leanings and I became a field                     _______________

mentioned, as well as others            idealistic expectation that all with      artillery officer, and I cannot figure
whose names I was unable to             certain qualifications will be used       that out either.]                                $Donations Accepted
come up with in short order,            according to        their academic                      _______________

                                        specialty. Then I remember, even if                                                     If you wish to support the
enjoyed reading the reference to
the USN JLS/OLSers in the               the Pentagon knew everyone’s skill,
                                        they’d still use linguists as mess
                                                                                           Brown Dog                            JLS/OLS Archival Project in
                                                                                                                                ways other than giving papers
Foreign Service in their “other”        officers,    and     assign      Polish   Next, I was amazed to read the long           you may contribute donations to
newsletter.                             Americans who knew Russian to             letter from Robert R. Brown [#119,
                                                                                  January 1, 2008]. Both Elmer Stone
                                                                                                                                our US Navy JLS/OLS Fund.
                      David M. Hays     Chinese courses, or send fluent
                                                                                  and I have been trying for years to           We hire work-study students on
                   Archivist & Editor   Japanese speakers to German
            _______________             language training schools. We have        get in touch with Bob, known to us            this fund, tripling its value. To
                                        heard so many of those stories. Of        as "Brown Dog". I had heard that he           donate, make your check out to
   Why a Linguist                       course, how could undergraduates in       was back at Berkeley, but was unable          the University of Colorado,
 and not a Physicist?                   physics know about the super-secret       to get any firm information from the
                                                                                  University. Do you have any info on
                                                                                                                                writing US Navy JLS Fund on
                                        Manhattan Project? Even with all of                                                     the memo line to the bottom left
I was interested in your editorial      those atomic labs, they could not         an address, phone or e-mail that you          of your check, and mail it to our
comment on the letter from              have used every math and physics          are allowed to release? We would
                                                                                                                                contact address. It will go
                                        major in the country, I suppose. Still,   much appreciate any information you
Robert R. Brown in The                                                                                                          straight to our project.
                                        I wonder if there were recruiters for     could provide [I sent them his
Interpreter Issue # 119. I didn't                                                 contact information from our address
know Robert Brown at Boulder
                                        the nuclear projects touring the                                                        David Hays
                                        country as Hindmarsh and Shaw             list.]                                        Archives
(I graduated about when he              were recruiting for the USN                   He was very committed to his              University of Colorado at Boulder
entered), nor as a physicist later      JLS/OLS. I guess such recruiting          study of physics, and would give us
                                                                                                                                184 UCB
(I retired as Professor of Physics      could not have been nearly as public      long dissertations on his work with a
                                                                                  "cloud chamber" (well beyond our              Boulder, Colorado 80309-0184
at Dartmouth in '87). But I can         as the JLS process. Although the                                                                     _______________
tell you how I "avoided Oak             USN JLS/OLS was supposed to be            understanding)! We were having