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                               General Information
(Please note that your child has to have started kindergarten to start Level 1 at CIS.
The role of a Weekend Islamic school in Australia is (InshaAllah) to provide:
- a social setting to meet other Muslim children of their age group
- understanding that humanity is One, Allah is One and the same Allah for all mankind –
    Muslim and non-Muslim
- a means to learn a little about Islam and develop the urge to learn more (independently)
- a means to practice and understand Quranic Arabic and Quran and help develop love and
    need for the Quran
- with all of the above to foster love of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad (s), Islam and Muslims
- the basic, initial tools to live as an Australian Muslim.
The curriculum covers two major subjects:
 Arabic leading to the reading of Quran with emphasis on recitation, meaning and
    memorization of short Surahs
 Islamic studies: Basics of Faith, Arkaan-i-Islam, Basic ethics & Shariah, Islamic history,
    current affairs from Islamic perspective
 Parents are expected to bring their children to school on time (no earlier than 9:50am) and
    pick them up promptly after Zuhr prayer (no later than 1:20pm). Child supervision is not
    available after or before school hours and not the responsibility of staff.
 For the safety of the children, parents have to sign-in their child/ren in the morning and
    sign-out in the afternoon.
 It is the responsibility of the parents to make the proper transportation arrangements to
    transport their children to and from school.
 In case of any absence, the student is expected to approach the teacher to find out all of
    the missed assignments and to arrange possible make ups.
 In case of emergencies, parents can find out about school cancellation through any one of
    the teacher contacts.
These children are indeed loved by Allah to be guided towards knowledge and to have parents
like you to guide them.
The only regular homework is to practice the Quran/Arabic learnt in class (10 minutes each
day) and establishing the five-time salat.
The CIS runs for three hours a week during school term, and in this time children normally
have three lessons where they study Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies. This time is barely
enough to introduce the students to the topic being taught. We will Inshallah do our best, but
we will not be able to do this without your help. We sincerely hope that you will not only match
but exceed our efforts to educate our young Muslims. Ways in which you could do this are by:
    1. setting a daily schedule including play, study, homework, prayers, etc
    2. praying together (Jamaat) at home
    3. setting aside at least 10 minutes every day to practice the Quran (recitation and/or
    4. being aware of what is taught at CIS and helping with occasional homework or project.
All aspects of the student’s work and behaviour are considered for assessment. Students will
be rewarded for trying their best during morning assemblies throughout the term.
Written reports are given at the end of terms 2 and 4 at the prize-giving events. Parents are
asked to attend these along with the family to encourage their child/ren and to appreciate the
work put in by the teachers and staff. Please watch out for notices brought home by your

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 No children are allowed to be outside of the school premises (within masjid walls) without
    the supervision of their parents or teachers.
 Students are expected to be courteous to teachers and friends at all times.
 Shouting, fighting, unruly behaviour is not allowed in the school premises.
 Each student is expected to come to school prepared with paper, pencils, and completed
 Students are not allowed to leave their classroom without permission from their teacher.
 Students are expected to treat others and the property of others with respect.
 The playground should be used with care and consideration, giving others a go on the
 Nothing is to be borrowed without permission from the owner.
 No food or drink should be consumed in the classrooms or masjid.
 Open food packs and drinks are not allowed into the classrooms or masjid.
 All students, boys and girls are expected to dress to Islamic standards – please see Dress
    Code below.
Every student, new and returning needs to enrol at the beginning of the year or when they first
join in the year.
Fees payable by a family are as follows:
1st child        $60/year
2nd child        $50/year
3rd child        $40/year
Any subsequent children are free
Books that are to be used during the year need to be bought for each student. We will
endeavour to keep prices as low as possible, just enough to recoup some of the money spent
in procuring the books, InshaAllah.
Students are expected to dress modestly and Islamically:
     All clothes should be comfortable and loose (not figure-hugging) and not see-through;
         and have no offensive logo or writing on them.
     Boys: shorts should cover the knees, t-shirt or shirt should be sleeved (sleeveless or
         ripped t-shirts are not to be worn)
     Girls: scarf or hijab to cover the hair, modest full or three-quarter-sleeved top, full-length
         skirt or pants (up to ankles), the top should be long enough so that midriff or back does
         not show when lifting arms or bending over.
We have taken the suggestions of many parents on-board and decided to have a healthy
canteen. With the help of Allah and our caring parent body, we will endeavour to serve no
chips and fizzy or sweetened drinks at the school canteen.
Sandwich:        50c each
Juice box:       $1.00 each
Fruit:           50c each
We will endeavour to keep prices low.
Parents are invited to volunteer some time towards the canteen, playground supervision,
classroom assistance at rehearsals, special events, etc. Please see the volunteer sheet in the
office or in the courtyard and speak to the volunteer in-charge.
If students, parents or guardians have any concerns, please contact the appropriate class
teacher or Principal.

We pray that Allah helps and guides us all in our mission and forgives us for any
mistakes that we may make. Ameen.
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