scientific misconduct in trails by ramchandavolu


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or Conduct of a trial in such a way that it compromises the
reliability/validity of the data and/or violates the rights of
subjects. The noncompliance may be intentional with the
purpose of deceiving others, OR it may be inadvertent and
found to occur more than once. In either case it has the
same detrimental effects. If the trial is being conducted          [00:03:32] Module 6: Learning Objectives
under a US IND, 21 CFR 312.70 describes the possible
                                                                   [00:04:11] Non-Compliance, Scientific Misconduct and Fraud
disqualification of an
                                                                   [00:04:33] Site Non-Compliance
                                                                   [00:05:51] Scientific Misconduct in Clinical Trials
                                                                   [00:06:41] FDA: What is Misconduct?
                                                                   [00:07:14] Types of Falsification

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