Wooden Curtain Tie Back by bigindiastore


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									                           Wooden Curtain Tie Back
Product Description
Hold those curtains back with a difference and clip them up with our natural tie back
holders. Made of wood this curtain tie back holder comes with a ring and a pin. To tie
the curtain, gather it together and keep the ring on the front side. Then using the
stick, clutch the curtain into the holder. It is as easy as using a hair clip to tie your hair
back. Moreover, to add to the beauty of this accessory, it is tugged with hanging
strings holding small colored acrylic beads. At the end of the string colored acrylic
beads in diamond shape are attached, which enable the clip to match your curtain
color scheme readily.

More Details:
The curtain tie back is purely handmade.
It contains a ring and a pin made of wood.
The ring and the pin are decked with colorful acrylic beads.
The beads are unbreakable and add to the beauty of the holder.
It is easy to use and serves as a decorative item.


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