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									                              SAN RAMON VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                    699 OLD ORCHARD DRIVE, DANVILLE, CALIFORNIA 94526

                                               BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING
                                                    SEPTEMBER 22, 2009

Pledge of                         The Board of Education held their regular meeting at the Education Center. The meeting was
Allegiance/Attendance             called to order by Board President Bill Clarkson at 7:00 PM.

                                  Board members present: Board President Bill Clarkson, Vice-President Rachel Hurd, Clerk
                                  Paul Gardner, and members Greg Marvel and Ken Mintz.

                                  Administrators Present: Superintendent Steven Enoch, Assistant Superintendent Christine
                                  Williams, Assistant Superintendent Roberta Silverstein, Assistant Superintendent Margie
                                  Brown, Assistant Superintendent Gary Black, Director of Technology Bruce Chmieleski,
                                  Community Relations Coordinator Terry Koehne, Facilities Director Rich Lowell, Coyote
                                  Creek Principal Marsha Tokuyoshi and Coyote Creek Assistant Principal Bill Alpert.

                                  Others present: SRVEA Vice-President Ann Katzburg, CSEA Vice-President Nikki Mastro,
                                  Recording Secretary Ginny Haddad, one member of the press and approximately 30 visitors.

Report of Action Taken in         Board President Bill Clarkson reported that there was no closed session.
Closed Session

Acceptance of Minutes             On a motion by Rachel Hurd, seconded by Paul Gardner the minutes of the September 8,
                                  2009 meeting were approved (5-0).

Acceptance of Open Session        On a motion by Paul Gardner, seconded by Greg Marvel the open session agenda was
Agenda                            approved (5-0).

Approval of Consent Agenda        On a motion by Greg Marvel, seconded by Ken Mintz the Consent Agenda was approved

           13.1         Consideration of Certificated Personnel Changes

           13.2         Consideration of Classified Personnel Changes

           13.3         Consideration of Approval of New Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 4112.42, 4212.42,
                        4312.42: Drug and Alcohol Testing for All Persons Subject to Commercial Driver’s License

           13.4         Adoption of Textbook

           13.5         Consideration of Non-Public School/Agency Contracts

           13.6         Acceptance Gifts to the District

           13.7         Ratification of Warrants

           13.8         Consideration of Change Order No. 3 for all Labor, Equipment, Materials, and Supplies for California
                        High School Science and Commons Buildings HVAC Replacement, Allen Simmons, a Measure A

           13.9         Consideration of Consultant Agreements over $50,000
                                                                                                                                   page 2
                                                                                                               Board of Education Minutes
                                                                                                                      September 22, 2009
Association Presidents         SRVEA Vice-President Ann Katzburg commented that the start of the year is a happy time
Comments                       for teachers. The news about the increase in API scores is great. However, there is still
                               concern about the State budget and the impact on teachers. Ann related a story of an
                               excellent teacher who received a layoff notice and subsequently took a job in another
                               district. It is difficult to lose dedicated teachers and she hopes that the Board and district will
                               do all they can to prevent the loss of additional teachers this year.

                               CSEA Vice-President Nikki Mastro read a message from CSEA President Joe Pinon. Jose
                               expressed his gratitude to the Board and staff for working with CSEA during these difficult
                               budget times. CSEA membership is willing to do its part. Jose looks forward to continuing to
                               work with district leadership and knows that all options will be looked at before any
                               decisions are made.

Student Board Representative   Board President Bill Clarkson introduced San Ramon Valley High School Student Board
                               Representative Sammi Haertl. Sammi is a senior at San Ramon. She is the ASB speaker, has
                               been part of the Pom team, is taking Dance 5, and has served on several school-wide
                               committees. Sammi studied in Spain this summer and plans to be fluent in Spanish. She
                               hopes to attend Tufts next year.

                               San Ramon Valley High School is off to a great start with a successful freshman orientation
                               and welcome back rally and dance. Construction on the new gym has been slowed by the
                               discovery of Indian remains. The school just found out that the football stadium lights will
                               need to be replaced after the season. Students had a 9/11 awareness event. Seniors had a
                               great trip to Waterworld. Fall sports are underway. Homecoming plans are in progress with a
                               theme of “The Light Theme”.

                               The Cal High W.I.N.G. committee had a great freshman orientation. Cal High spirit shoed at
                               their first home football game with a large turnout. Leadership is working on the Club Faire,
                               and the homecoming rally, parade, game and dance. Construction on the Theater and Event
                               Center continues. The school is proud of their jump in API scores. Planning is underway for

                               This is the first year that Dougherty Valley High School has all four grades on campus.
                               Freshman orientation went very well. There are over 500 freshman and new students this
                               year. The football team held its first home game and celebrated a win. Students enjoyed the
                               first dance of the year. Seniors are looking forward to the Senior Picnic.

                               Students at Del Amigo are already half way through their first grading period. Classrooms
                               have been redecorated for the start of the year and new classes have been added including
                               Novels and Expository Writing. Students and staff are enjoying some new technology
                               including document cameras and clickers. In addition, this year Del students are working
                               with students at Montair Elementary. Breakfast Club and Student Advisory Council will
                               continue this year. Random Acts of Kindness awards continue to be very popular.

Coyote Creek Recognition       Coyote Creek Elementary School Principal Marsha Tokuyoshi introduced Kathy Sanders
                               and Karen Young. Kathy is a first grade teacher who introduced the Peacemaker program to
                               the school. This program focuses on conflict resolution. There are 55 trained students and
                               staff who are official Peacemakers. This program has created a more positive climate for the

                               Karen Young is a K-1 teacher who heads the Technology Initiative at the school. She is
                               helping teachers integrate technology in the classroom and assists other teachers in writing

                               Assistant Principal Bill Alpert introduced Joanne O’Neill and Stacy Fitzer. Joanne is a 2 nd
                               grade teacher who is in her 4th year as a TSA. She provides curriculum support to teachers
                               and works with students who need language arts help. She uses the Barton program with at-
                               risk readers and spellers.
                                                                                                                                   page 3
                                                                                                               Board of Education Minutes
                                                                                                                      September 22, 2009
                                  Stacy Fitzer is a parent and Barton paraeducator. She trains other parent volunteers and does
                                  all the scheduling for the Barton tutoring. Last year she worked with 19 students who all
                                  showed measureable improvement.

                                  Coyote Creek is proud to recognize these teachers and the programs that benefit the school
                                  and students.

                                  Board members thanked the teachers for all that they do for students and presented each with
                                  a certificate of appreciation.

Volunteer Training Video          Community Relations Coordinator Terry Koehne reported that last year the district began to
                                  look at ways to provide a uniform training guide to the many volunteers at our schools. It
                                  was also important to identify the adults that are on the school sites whether they are visitors
                                  or volunteers. Working with the office managers, a process was developed where volunteers
                                  receive a video training, provide ID, and are required to have a volunteer form on file at the
                                  schools. Volunteer badges have been made for each school so that parent volunteers can be
                                  easily identified. Terry showed the volunteer training video to the Board. The video
                                  highlights the role of the volunteer in the schools and provides information about
                                  expectations, confidentiality, and training.
                                  Board members thanked Terry and staff for developing an excellent program.

Facilities Summer                 Director of Facilities Rich Lowell presented a PowerPoint presentation of the many
Construction Update               construction projects that staff worked on over the summer including improvements at the
                                  Service Center, the completion of Creekside Elementary, traffic and circulation
                                  improvements at Golden View and Tassajara Hills, the start of the MPR and kitchen building
                                  at Twin Creeks, kitchen expansion at Los Cerros, Teen Center at Diablo Vista, landscaping
                                  at Pine Valley, exterior painting at Cal High as well as continuing work on the theater and
                                  auxiliary gym at Cal High, and seismic gym replacement at San Ramon High. Rich Lowell
                                  thanked Robbie Lyng and Steve Bautista, who will be leaving the district, for the excellent
                                  work they have done over the years for the students and the community.

                                  Board members thanked staff for a great presentation.

Public Comment                    Jill Razzano addressed the Board regarding the Jewish holy days. There is an ongoing issue
                                  of teachers not being sensitive to the needs of the Jewish students during times of religious
                                  observance. Although the teachers have been asked not to provide major assignments or tests
                                  during this time, many teachers do not take this into consideration. Students feel they must
                                  choose between family and school. They are often faced with loss of important instruction
                                  and the need for a lot of makeup work. Teachers need to be given more specific direction
                                  during this time. It would be helpful if the academic calendar could list the Jewish holidays
                                  so that teachers are all aware.

                                  Melissa Blumenfeld addressed the Board regarding the fact that other states have developed
                                  their academic calendars to take into account the Jewish holidays. It is very hard on students
                                  to keep up academically when they miss class. It is not fair to students to miss core
                                  academics. More consideration should be given to students who observe religious holidays.

Consideration of the Facilities   Measure A Facilities Oversight and Advisory Committee Chair Chris Kenber presented a
Oversight and Advisory            PowerPoint presentation to the Board on the report the committee is charged to provide to
Committee’s Report                the Board. The district has made remarkable achievements in the modernization and
                                  construction of schools in the district. Almost $1 billion has been spent on school facilities
                                  that have transformed the education environment. The district has opened 11 new schools
                                  and improved the facilities for almost all schools.
                                  Previously there was a concern that Measure A, the $260 million facilities bond, would not
                                  be adequate to complete all the projects it was intended for. Due to efforts by the facilities
                                  staff to obtain additional State funding, the decline in construction costs, and decisions made
                                  by the staff on how to address certain projects, this is no longer a concern. There is still
                                  approximately $15 million in Measure A funds. A plan for the expenditure of these funds
                                  will be presented to the Board by the facilities staff.
                                                                                                                               page 4
                                                                                                           Board of Education Minutes
                                                                                                                  September 22, 2009

                             Mr. Kenber pointed out that there is still much work to be done in the district and it will be
                             necessary to have another bond to cover the cost of this additional work. The size and scope
                             of such a bond has not yet been determined. It would be the recommendation of the
                             committee that the district begin to plan for a 2010 bond election.

                             The committee has some continuing recommendations for the Board that include the
                             development of a detailed deferred maintenance plan to protect its investment in new and
                             modernized schools; development of a communication plan so that the community can be
                             clearly informed regarding the status of facility construction and upgrades; and combining
                             facilities and maintenance under one manager. The committee felt that they did not receive a
                             response from their last report and is hoping to have a response to their recommendations
                             from the Board soon.

                             Board member Greg Marvel suggested that the Board have a discussion at a meeting on
                             developing a response to the committee.

                             Board members thanked Chris and the committee for all of their work. The Board
                             commended Margie Brown and the facilities staff for their many accomplishments. They
                             have provided the community with schools they can be proud of. Board members agreed
                             that it is important to have a discussion on the preferred date for a possible new facilities

                             On a motion by Ken Mintz, seconded by Paul Gardner the Board voted approval of the
                             Facilities Oversight and Advisory Committee’s Report (5-0).

Consideration of Measure A   Assistant Superintendent Margaret Brown reported that the Measure A Priority List was
Priority List                reviewed and approved by the oversight committee at its September 17th meeting. Margie
                             reported that the facilities, maintenance and technology departments collaborated in the
                             development of this list. The list includes 33 projects that could be funded with the
                             remaining Measure A funds as well as other projects that could be funded with a future bond
                             or with other funding sources when possible. The most critical projects would receive
                             priority funding.

                             Frank Miller, San Ramon Valley High School Wolf Foundation president addressed the
                             Board. Mr. Miller pointed out that there are numerous athletic facilities improvements
                             needed at San Ramon High including the replacement of field turf and bleachers. He
                             recommends that Measure A funds be used to address these needs. The parents and
                             community of San Ramon High could use their fundraising efforts to address other needs at
                             the school.

                             Bill Drummond addressed the Board regarding the pool at San Ramon High. He commented
                             that the pool was built in 1953 and in his opinion is inadequate in size and depth for most
                             aquatic sports including water polo and swim team. He pointed out certain repairs to the pool
                             that he feels are needed. Mr. Drummond asks that the Board place the pool in the Measure A
                             priority list.

                             Val Dutto addressed the Board regarding the multi-use sports facilities at San Ramon High
                             including the baseball and softball fields. Ms. Dutto feels that current freshman baseball field
                             is hazardous to players due to mounds of dirt on the field. In addition balls are frequently hit
                             over the fence onto the Iron Horse trail. She feels that netting or fencing is needed to prevent
                             this. She also feels that there is significant inequity between the sports facilities at San
                             Ramon High and the other high schools.

                             Student Board Representative Sammi Haertl commented that she feels that the pool does
                             need to be replaced. She told the Board of once having a rash from the pool water during her
                             freshman year. She feels that the stadium bleachers also need to be replaced because the
                             benches have broken on occasion.
                                                                                                                                 page 5
                                                                                                             Board of Education Minutes
                                                                                                                    September 22, 2009
                                 Board members held discussion on this issue. They agreed that safety issues do need to be
                                 addressed including issues raised by the speakers. Assistant Superintendent Margaret Brown
                                 reported that the master plan for San Ramon High does include a large pool. Margie
                                 reminded the Board that any plan for pool replacement has to go through DSA and would
                                 require 18-24 months of pool closure. The cost would be approximately $4 million.

                                 Board members thanked staff for their collaboration in developing a comprehensive list for
                                 the expenditure of Measure A funds.

                                 Rachel Hurd commented that the priority list is a master list of needs and that the San Ramon
                                 High pool could be added to the list of additional (below the line) items.

                                 On a motion by Greg Marvel, seconded by Paul Gardner the Board voted Approval of the
                                 Measure A Priority List (5-0).

Consideration of Resolution      On a motion by Rachel Hurd, seconded by Ken Mintz the Board voted approval of
No. 25/09-10, Requesting the     Resolution No. 25/09-10, Requesting the Board of Supervisors of Contra Costa County to
Board of Supervisors of          Issue Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes in the Name of the San Ramon Valley Unified
Contra Costa County to Issue     School District for Fiscal Year 2009-2010 in the Principal Amount of Not to Exceed
Tax and Revenue
                                 $30,000,000 and Authorizing the Sale thereof and Authorizing Preparation of an Official
Anticipation Notes in the
Name of the San Ramon            Statement in Connection Therewith (5-0).
Valley Unified School District
for Fiscal Year 2009-2010 in
the Principal Amount of Not
to Exceed $30,000,000 and
Authorizing the Sale thereof
and Authorizing Preparation
of an Official Statement in
Connection Therewith

Consideration of Resolution      Assistant Superintendent Roberta Silverstein presented a revision of this item to the Board.
No. 24/09-10, Reduction in       This action is a result of reduction in services.
Hours of Classified              On a motion by Paul Gardner, seconded by Ken Mintz the Board voted approval of
Employees and/or Elimination     Reduction in Hours of Classified Employees and/or Elimination of Classified Positions
of Classified Positions

Consideration of Declaration     Assistant Superintendent Roberta Silverstein reported that the district has listed a higher
of Need for Fully Qualified      number of emergency permits and limited assignment permits the district might possibly
Educators - Revision             need for the year than will actually be used.
                                 On a motion by Greg Marvel, seconded by Paul Gardner the Board voted approval of the
                                 Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators – Revision (5-0).

Parcel Tax Oversight             Superintendent Steve Enoch reported that the district continues to receive applications for
Committee                        membership on the committee. The deadline to submit an application is September 30, 2009.
                                 After this date Bill Clarkson and Rachel Hurd will paper screen the applications in an open
                                 meeting and bring a recommendation to the full board for further consideration.

Superintendent Report            Superintendent Steve Enoch reported that at the next meeting the Board will hold discussion
                                 on options for the use of the Qualified School Construction Bonds that the district has
                                 qualified for.

                                 Steve also let the Board know that this week staff had a productive meeting with union
                                 leadership to look at the current financial picture and the impact that growth and CSR of
                                 22:1 has had on the district budget.

                                 Steve commented that the district continues to be the envy of many with regard to its
                                 continued student performance improvements as reflected in the API scores.
                                                                                                                       page 6
                                                                                                   Board of Education Minutes
                                                                                                          September 22, 2009
                       Steve reminded the Board that the Primo’s Run is scheduled for October 11,2009.

                       Steve commented that one year ago a parent raised a concern about volunteers on school
                       campuses. The district did take note of this concern and addressed the issue of who is
                       volunteering at our schools. The video training and badge identification process is part of the
                       improvement in this area. Steve thanked Terry Koehne for taking the lead on this project.
                       The video training has been well received.

Board Member Reports   Greg Marvel had the opportunity to manipulate the data provided by the State with regard to
                       API scores. The district has improved in many areas. It is important to note the significant
                       improvements in our subgroups. We are highly ranked statewide for our English learners,
                       Asian students, African American students and Special Education students. It is important to
                       recognize that the district is doing a phenomenal job in closing the achievement gap.

                       Paul Gardner commented that it is a tribute to the great work of the facilities department that
                       the conversation has turned to improving athletic facilities rather than classrooms. The
                       facilities department has done an amazing job in improving our schools.

                       Bill Clarkson reminded everyone that the Carboload Party will be held the night before the
                       Primo’s Run. Tickets are still available.

Adjournment            The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM.

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