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					                             Salisbury Stingrays Amateur Swimming Club

                      Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 21st October 2008 at
                                      Five Rivers Leisure Centre

          Present:       Eleanor Evans (Chairman)             Carol Vaughan (President)
                         Ted Richards (Secretary)             Sue Pountney (minute taker)

                         Dave Currie (Coach)                  Jenna Ralph (Coach)
                         Emma Davidson (Team Manager)         Liz Baker (poolside helper/parent)
                         Paul Knox (Parent)                   Penny Marshall (waterpolo coach)
                         Thelma Jan                           Lorna Harding (swimmer)
                         Judy Osman (membership Sec)          Phil Muspratt ( swimmer and PR)
                         C Fanner                             L Fanner
                         J Fry                                S Fry
                         Jim Scrivens                         Hayley Ward (Head coach)
                         Hayley Rutter (treasurer)            Sharon Southon (competition Sec)
                         Julia Kemp (Workforce co-ord)

                                                                              Proposed           Seconded
1. Welcome and apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Susan Sutton, Dewi Orritt, Ron Pankhurst,
Nell Walker
Thank you from the Chairman to everyone for attending
2. Minutes of the EGM held on 18 March 2008

The minutes of the EGM were agreed to be a true record                        L Fanner           D Currie
3. Section reports

Section reports were read and are attached
    Thursday Seniors (A)
    Learn to Swim (B)
    Waterpolo (C)
    Squad (D)
    Masters (E)
4. Financial Report, presentation of accounts and appointment of
independent examiner

Hayley read out a short report on the finances for the year. (F)
A copy of the accounts had been circulated (G)

The Chairman thanked Hayley for all her hard work over the past year.
There has been a significant turn around since last year, mainly due to the
considerable effort put in by Hayley.

Checking of accounts. – it has not been possible to get the accounts

                                                                                Typed 26th October 2008
checked before the AGM as all the evidence to support the accounts has
not yet been received. The constitution requires us to have accounts ready
for our AGM in October, but this is difficult to achieve in practise. A change
in our rules will be considered to address this (see item 6).

The club’s financial year at present runs from Aug to Sep but the fees
collection runs from April to March, making the income misaligned with the
financial year. The club would like to change to constitution to take this
into account. (see item 6)

It was proposed that we accept the accounts as they are on the condition
that if material differences or issues are identified during the checking
process, then an EGM will be called.                                             Eleanor Evans      Dave Currie
5. Report from the Chair

The report from the chair was read out (H)

Ted Richards thanked Eleanor for doing a fantastic job in pulling the club
6. Resolutions

1. A resolution has been proposed to alter rule 11.1 as follows:

Original – The secretary shall personally be responsible for the handing out
or sending to each member at his last known address a written agenda
giving notice of the date, time and place of the General Meeting together
with the resolutions to be proposed thereat at least 14 days before the
meeting and in the case of the Annual General Meeting a list of the
nominees for the Committee posts and a copy of the examined accounts.
The secretary may, alternatively, with the agreement of members
concerned distribute these materials by e-mail or similar form of
communication. The Notice of Meeting shall in addition wherever possible
be displayed on the club Notice Board where one exists.

Proposed Amendment – the Secretary shall personally be responsible for
sending to each member via their e-mail address as notified on their
membership form an agenda giving notice of the date, time and place of
the General Meeting together with the resolutions to be proposed thereat
at least 14 days before the meeting and in the case of the Annual General
Meeting a list of the nominees for the Committee posts and a copy of the         Penny
examined accounts. The Notice of Meeting shall in addition be displayed          Marshall           Julia Kemp
on the Club Notice Board and the club website.

2. A resolution has been proposed to alter rule 4.2.1 a follows:

Original – The annual subscription and entrance fee (if any) shall be due
on joining the club and thereafter on the 1st day of May each year.

                                                                                   Typed 26th October 2008
Proposed amendment – The annual subscription and entrance fee (if any)
shall be due on joining the club and thereafter on the 1st day of September    Dave Currie        Judy Osman
each year.

3. The Chair also proposed changing the AGM from October to November           Penny              Jenna Ralph
and prior to the County AGM.                                                   Marshall

All rules changes were accepted by the meeting. Lionel Fanner pointed out
that the County need to be informed of changes

7. Elections

The Chair explained that we will elect club officers, who
will be responsible for defined roles, but will not
automatically be members of the committee.

All club officers will be eligible for election to the
committee – we will be looking for 7 committee
members to work alongside the executive committee.

With this in mind the elections took place.
                                                            Nominee            Proposer           Seconder
President                                                   C Vaughan          J Kemp             J Ralph
Vice President                                              R Pankhurst        C Vaughan          J Kemp

Exec - Chair                                                E Evans            S Southon          E Davidson
Exec - Treasurer                                            H Rutter           S Southon          E Davidson
Exec – Membership Secretary                                 No one
Exec – Secretary                                            T Richards         L Fanner           J Osman

Competition Sec                                             S Southon          E Evans            R Wing
Disability Officer                                          Vacant
Fundraising and Sponsorship                                 R Bourne
IT Officer                                                  D Orritt           D Currie           P Marshall
Learn to Swim Admin                                         Hayley Ward
Learn to Swim Section Head – Thursday                       N Walker           E Evans            C Vaughan
Learn to Swim Section Head – Monday                         J Ralph            D Currie           E Davidson
Learn to Swim Section Head – Sunday                         P Carter           J Osman            E Evans
Masters Admin                                               W Collings-Wells   J Ralph            C Vaughan
Masters PR                                                  P Muspratt         J Kemp             C Vaughan
Masters Rep                                                 J Ralph            J Kemp             P Muspratt
Minutes Secretary                                           S Pountney         E Davidson         D Currie
Open Meets                                                  S Sutton           E Davidson         D Currie
Press Officer                                               S Southon          E Evans            H Rutter
Registration Officer                                        Annie Child        P Marshall         J Osman
Safety Officer                                              D Currie           J Ralph            L Baker

                                                                                 Typed 26th October 2008
Social Secretary                                       S Pountney   D Currie           C Vaughan
Squad admin                                            B Davies     E Evans            H Rutter
Squad’s parent’s Rep                                   L Baker      E Evans            E Davidson
Team Manager                                           E Davidson   D Currie           C Vaughan
Training Officer/Workforce Co-ord                      J Kemp       C Vaughan          J Ralph
Trophies Officer                                       Vacant
Water polo Rep                                         P Marshall   J Kemp             J Osman
Welfare Officer                                        D Neale      E Evans            D Currie
Club purchase officer                                  Vacant

8. Any Other Business

There being no other business the meeting was closed
at 8.35 pm

                                                                      Typed 26th October 2008
Appendix A

       Head of Section Report Thursday Seniors
              Salisbury Stingrays ASC.
For those that do not know of this section we are mostly teenagers up to 18 years who
still want to swim but are not or do not want to be squad. We try to give a good mixture
of the different aspects of swimming i.e. Rookies, diving, survival and the odd night of
water polo and synchro. Some swimmers from this section have also moved on to teach
swimming and take their Assistant Teacher qualification.

The Rookie awards have been totally revamped this year which has left us finishing the
old scheme with the older ones and hopefully introducing the new scheme with the
younger ones. These awards give the swimmers a basic grounding ready for lifeguard
training which many move on to do. This includes dry side training including
resuscitation techniques through to towing and water rescues.

In November after an 8 year gap we reintroduced the Clifford Trophy which used to run
for many years judging swimmers on their swimming style and technique rather than
speed so there was no excuse for not having a go. All four strokes were swum by the
swimmers and diving from the blocks was expected. The Master’s coach and Head
coach judged and Ben Taylor and Becky Heil won the shields. Becky subsequently
moved into Flexi squad. We hope to run this again in November as it was so popular.

Lastly a BIG thank you to all the instructors who help and support this section
particularly Dave Bigglestone, Paul O’Hara and Diane Wilcox-Jones who turn up
voluntarily week in, week out and the slightly more part-timers Jacob Anders and Rox
O’Hara. To Penny Marshall for taking the water polo sessions which are always by
popular demand from the swimmers at the end of term and all the helpers who made the
Clifford Trophy happen. Thank you for encouraging and coercing teenagers into doing
some exercise but having a bit of a social at the same time.

Nell Walker

                                                                       Typed 26th October 2008
Appendix B

                                  Report 2008
                             Learn to Swim Sections

Firstly a BIG Thank you to all the teachers/Assistant teachers/helpers who voluntarily
give up their time to teach in the ‘Learn to Swim’ sections. Without you all these
sections would cease to function and many children would be missing out on an
important life saving skill.

We have introduced the new ASA Learn to Swim programme which works on Stages
rather than levels with a greater emphasis on expected standards and skills. Swimmers
are now required to pass all the stage criteria before progressing so reaching goals set
within the ‘Long Term Athlete’ development plan. Working alongside this are the
distance awards and challenge badges.

The Lionel Fanner Trophy was awarded for the first time to Oliver Barry from the
Learner section for achievement with his swimming. A swimmer from each LTS section
is nominated for this prestigious award in recognition of their hard work/improvement.
The other nominations were Matthew Crowley, ??????????

The learner section has reduced in size due to Level 2 teacher availability and currently
runs on Sundays 6-7 pm. This introduces non-swimmers to the water and learning to
swim using mostly games, toys and swimming equipment to achieve their Stage 1 and 2
badges. The learner instructors are: Roxanna O’Hara, Katie Neale, Nell Walker with Ben
Carter, Gemma Currie and Rosie Marshall assisting.

Pippa’s bit and Monday night!

The Thursday LTS section at Godolphin pool is working hard to develop our potential
squad swimmers. Stages 7 and 8 are undertaken in this section with the Prelimary Dive
Award, Silver Challenge, Gold Challenge and distance badges fitting alongside the ASA
LTS programme. Faye Vining and Nell Walker oversee this section with Trevor Clarke,
Lorna Clarke, Amy Vining and Hannah Gwyther assisting.

                                                                        Typed 26th October 2008
Appendix C

               WATERPOLO REPORT OCTOBER 2008

It has been quite a busy year for the Water Polo section in both the Junior and
Senior sections. We swim on Tuesday at Godolphin for the Junior section and
Sunday at 5Rivers for the senior section. We have about 30 players at present
playing regularly for Salisbury Stingrays.

The seniors joined the Dorset League last year and played a number of matches
both home and away. We are mostly out played quite drastically by the other
teams in this league but we did show improvement during the course of the
season and by the end could win the odd quarter although ultimately conceding
the match.
We have some very promising young adults who have been playing with
Salisbury for a number of years now and I feel we can only go from strength to

We have joined the Dorset league again this year with 3 teams; senior, 16 and
under, and ladies. We have joined forces with Christchurch and New Milton
Seagulls to make up the ladies team, as we only have 5 ladies at the moment. We
have yet to play any fixtures this season, but we are all in an optimistic mood.

The Juniors are a little depleted at the moment with only 16 registered on
Tuesday evening, and we will be undertaking a recruitment drive this autumn
especially in the youngest age group. We have played in 2 tournaments this
summer both at Basingstoke. The under 15 team did very well winning 3 of the 5
matches and playing off for 3rd place overall.
On the 11th October we were back at Basingstoke for the under 14 tournament
and despite having only 7 players (all of whom had to swim all 4 matches!) we
came 2nd overall and put in a fantastic effort. I feel sure if we had been up to full
strength we would have given the winning team a run for their money.

During September 3 of our members who already teach the LTS section
completed their L1 water polo teacher’s course. These people are Pippa Carter,
Hannah Carter and Lorna Clark. Well done for taking the time to complete the
training and enhance the coaching team for this section. We are hoping to get
more people trained in the coming year and also to get a number of people to
complete a referee’s course (myself included!!)

                                                                   Typed 26th October 2008
Earlier in the summer a number of our players helped to raise money at the Co-
Op bag packing event at the Co-Op in Amesbury. We will be using part of the
money raised to get new nets for our goals at 5Rivers. Thank you to all those
people who took part in that event.

Penny Marshall
L2 Water Polo Teacher/Head of Section.
16th October 2008

                                                               Typed 26th October 2008
Appendix D
                         Squad Report 2008

2008 has been an unsettled year but our young Stingrays have remained as
keen as ever in training & competition. Personal best times have continued
to fall and success has been achieved by many. We would like to thank all
those people who give up their time on poolside & beyond.


We again qualified for the top final & went one place better than last year by
finishing 5th in the county. This result shows we have strength & depth in
our squad over sprint distances.


We had high hopes this year of promotion to Division One. Unfortunately
we couldn’t quite manage it but finished as runners up of Division Two.


An amazing set of results this year. We brought home 78 medals, 37 Junior
& Senior Champ awards. Five of our age group swimmers won BAGCAT
awards for coming in the top six in their age group overall.


Six of our swimmers competed at District level this year: Samuel Pountney,
Katy Neale, Hannah Drewett,Adam Davidson, Gabriella Pountney &
Gemma Currie. Gabby won a bronze medal in the 100m Breaststroke.


We are very proud of our nine swimmers who have been selected to swim
for Wiltshire this year. Katy Neale, Samuel Pountney, Adam Davidson,
Callum Bailey, Gabriella Pountney, Gemma Currie, Jordan Neale, Sam
Greenslade & Ben Bourne.

                                                              Typed 26th October 2008

                         MASTERS SECTION REPORT 2008

Overall it has been a very good year for Salisbury Masters. We have three big
competitions each year with a very high standard being set by other teams. The
exciting bit came going into the final gala. We were 33 points behind the leaders
Swindon Dolphins (who have Andi Manley as their coach). We fought very hard; the
men won us 62 points and the ladies 90 to finish the gala just 2 points behind Swindon!
This is a great achievement as we thought it was all sown up.

Over the course of these galas 22 county records were broken! Special mention goes
out to Julia Kemp (who has gone up an age category this year) of the 13 races that she
competed in, 10 records were broken. Also Carol Vaughn (our president) broke the 25m
fly record by 0.02 seconds. Well done Carol!

Eight of our swimmers have been chosen to represent the county at the upcoming meet
in November.

Phil Muspratt has done a lot of competing this year in various Masters events round the
country consistently performing better and better as the year has gone on. He is very
proud of his achievements, as are we.

Thank you to Ron Pankhurst, our coach, who has done another outstanding job of
whipping us into shape. I can’t wait to do the training for the upcoming 100m fly race
in February.

Salisbury Masters is always looking for new swimmers to join so please tell people that
we are here so we can kick some Swindon butt next year!

Jenna Ralph
Masters rep

                                                                       Typed 26th October 2008

                                  FINANCIAL REPORT

I have prepared the accounts for the year ending August 08. The accounts have been
circulated by email and I am very happy to answer questions or add further clarification
should anyone wish.

As yet the accounts still require independent examination – it is a fairly small window of
time between the end of the financial year and this AGM, and it is this shortage of time
that has prevented the review being completed.

At the beginning of the year, gaining control of the club’s finances was seen as a key
priority (in support of delivering swimming) following two years of expenditure
exceeding income (0607 - £10,700, 0708 - £7,600 plus the expenditure on timing
equipment). This year the club has generated a surplus of £3,700, with the intention of
rebuilding reserves by £5,000 each year for the future.

Problems in recent years appear to have arisen from lack of control over income rather
then expenditure, with a failure to ensure that all fees are collected from members. The
priority now is to ensure that the club keeps as close as possible to full capacity and that
all fees are collected.

To do this, we have introduced a rebooking system for learn to swim, at the end of each
term. As well as ensuring that all swimmers pay, this ensures that, as children move on,
their places can quickly be offered to children on the waiting list.

For squad and masters swimmers, we are still dependent on swimmers taking
responsibility for paying fees on time and without being chased. The situation has
definitely improved but we would appreciate all swimmers paying either by standing
order on a monthly basis or at the beginning of each term.

Other sources of revenue over the past year included the successful Spring Open Meet,
and the bag packing effort at the beginning of the summer which raised funds for

Regarding control of costs, admin costs have been reduced over the last year enabling
funding to be made available directly in support of the swimmers through coaching and
the funding of training.

Cash flow has also proved a problem over the previous two years and we have worked
at improving the situation, for example, we now pay for pool hire in arrears rather then
being invoiced for the term in advance, before fees have even been collected.

Hayley Rutter

                                                                         Typed 26th October 2008
Appendix G

                                                 2006-             2007-
Salisbury Stingrays ASC            2005-2006     2007              2008                Target

                                       £Act          £Act           £Bud                £Bud

Fees                               46,025      57,832          68,181                 74,538

Shop sales                                     403

Competition Income                             3,125           3,125                  4,000

Total Income                       46,025      61,360          71,306                 78,538


Five Rivers Pool Hire              15,597      20,316          25,192                 25,192

Godolphin Pool Hire                9,999       10,640          11,322                 11,322

Open meet / Galas                              1,003           1,003                  1,003

Pool Hire                          25,596      31,959          37,517                 37,517

ASA Registration                   3,918       3,982           5,282                  5,000

Fees - Mentor                                  2,465

Fees - Head Teacher                            1,215

CPD / Level 1 / Level 2 training   1,399       1,173           2,600                  3,600

                                                            Typed 26th October 2008
Training                               1,399    4,853       2,600                  3,600

County / District Squad Entries        665      1,284       660                    660

Masters Entries                        882      979         500                    500

Coach Hire                             2,750    2,350       3,050                  4,000

Competition                            4,297    4,613       4,210                  5,160

Kit (hats / polo shirts etc)           1,470    1,028       550                    800

ASA Awards / Handbooks/ NPTS           1,338    1,392       750                    1,000

Electronic Timing / Camera Equipment   200      21,227                             1,000

Shop stock                             75       470

Medals and Trophies                             1,066       1,070                           700

Purchase of Goods                      3,083    25,183      2,370                  3,500

Salaries                               14,307   15,063      15,750                 16,000

Meeting Room Hire                      437      743         600                    600

Insurance                              281      767         800                    800

General Expenses                       3,399    2,998       1,200                  1,200

Other Operating Costs                  4,117    4,507       2,600                  2,600

Total Expenditure                      56,717   90,161      70,329                 73,377

                                       -        -
Income less Expenditure                10,692   28,801      977                    5,161

                                                         Typed 26th October 2008
Salisbury Stingrays ASC                    2005-2006     2006-2007            2007-2008
                                             £Act            £Act               £Bud
Alliance & Leicester Current Account

Opening Balance                        9,271           3,351              2,617

                                       -               -
Income less Expenditure                10,692          28,801             977

Income / Expenditure Brought Forward   323             5,096              3,162

Income / Expenditure Carried Forward   5,096           3,162              -

Transfers in from Reserve Account      -               30,000             -

Closing Balance                        3,351           2,617              431

Salisbury Stingrays ASC                    2005-2006     2006-2007            2007-2008
                                             £Act          £Act                 £Bud
Lloyds TSB Reserve Account

Opening Balance                        36,183          36,980             7,270

Interest less Fees                     797             290                216

Transfers to Current Account           -               30,000             -

Closing Balance                        36,980          7,270              7,486

                                                                Typed 26th October 2008
Appendix H

Chairman’s Report
AGM 2008 – Tuesday 21st October
Its been a very busy year, which has probably been harder work than most of us anticipated. We
have focussed on a number of different areas over the year. This report outlines the key areas,
and suggests where we need to focus in the coming year.

Learn to Swim
Resolving some serious problems within our Learn to Swim programme was one of our early
priorities. In January, we changed the structure of the programme to allow a clearer progression
through the club, as well as making some changes to the timetable which improved the position in
terms of building a teaching team. At the same time, we introduced the new National Plan for
Teaching Swimming – the spring term was a transition period, and from the summer term, it was
fully implemented. We also introduced the Lionel Fanner trophy for most improved learner
swimmer and ran the Clifford Trophy for Thursday night swimmers. All this change has been
hard work for those leading the sections in particular – thanks to Pippa, Nell and Jenna, and all
those working on poolside. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Monday learner sessions due to
lack of teachers, but in general, the LTS section is now in a much healthier position and continues
to be very popular. We are particularly pleased to see so many young people helping on

Next priorities for LTS will be about continuing to develop the skills of teachers and potential
teachers and have more control over teaching cover during sessions.

The Masters section have continued to see many successes in the pool. Their numbers up and
down with several leavers and new recruits. There has also been some improvement in linking
the older squad swimmers to the Masters set up. Next priorities will be to continue recruitment.

The section is very popular, and has a great buzz about it. Many thanks to Penny and her team
for keeping this going – again, we have a number of young people helping here. Next priority is
to establish better feeds from other parts of the club to the junior section & buy some new

                                              th                    th
Another good year in league competitions: 5 in Winter League, 6 in Summer League,
promotion in Speedo League. We had a large haul of medals and trophies at the Wiltshire
competitions and several district qualifiers. We had a large number of county selections. The
disruption on the coaching front has clearly been difficult for swimmers, coaches and parents
alike, so these results are a credit to all.

This was another high priority areas for us this year. Many thanks to Hayley for all the effort she
has put into this. Initially, she focussed on understanding our current income and expenditure;
soon uncovering that lack of income was the key problem. We then had to get the accounts for
the previous 2 years signed-off old, which was achieved at our EGM in February. We have
made a number of changes to improve the cash flow through the club. This has included
changing the way we book places on our Learn to Swim programme, and how we are billed by
the centre. We have also established a budget forecast, which will help us maintain control in
the future. We need to continue to improve our club processes in ways which make life for our
treasurer a little easier!

                                                                                 Typed 26th October 2008
Keeping control of membership is always a vital function. This has been made harder this year
by the introduction of a new teaching plan, and by the absence of a Head Coach. We continue
to have a good stream of membership enquiries and numbers are good – only spaces are in
junior water polo and Masters. We introduced an annual membership subscription and want to
work harder and developing more of a sense of club in the next year.

We held and extremely successful Spring Open meet in April which was enjoyed by all attendees
and raised a healthy sum. Thanks to Southons for their sponsorship. It was disappointing to
cancel our Autumn meet again – plans are already underway to run a licensed meet next year
instead. The Schools Gala was also a big success, as was last years Club Championships.
Sharon Southon took on the Competition Secretary role during the year, and is now starting to
establish a team of people to work together in this area. Priorities for next year will be
purchasing new Meet Manager software, running a licensed meet, and work with the Head Coach
to create a more structured fixture list. We are also hoping to introduce a new competition format
in the summer, to appeal to all sections of the club.

The ASA have introduced a new training structure. This had had the impact of reducing the
number of courses available in the short term and increasing the costs. There are now separate
options for coaching and teaching at all levels. We’ve agreed a club subsidy structure and have
encourage all those on poolside to attend training courses. Many have either attended level 1 or
2 courses or CPD courses. We need to continue to encourage the leisure centre to run relevant
courses, and encourage more people to attend them!

We have made some improvements in this area, with access to meets of minutes and more
regular newsletters. We’ve had mixed success with press coverage during the year, but have
had some good stories published. We’ve broken the PR role into Squad and Masters, to spread
the load. Next year, it would be good to get more consistent coverage in the press and use the
website more website. We also need to improve processes for leaving messages and payments
in the club room.

Club officers
An early priority was to fill some key vacancies – specifically membership secretary and
competition secretary. We were grateful to Judy Osman and Sharon Southon who filled these
roles. We have also had more people involved with competitions, fund-raising, IT and
registrations. This meant that we gradually released Penny from the Club Admin role earlier in
the year. Many thanks to both Penny and Judy for their contributions over several years. This
year, we are creating a split between the role of Club Officer and Committee member. We need
to continue to encourage as many as possible to contribute to the running of the club and share
the load.

Swim 21
We built on the assessment work done last year, created an action plan, did some of the actions
and achieved the status of actively working towards Swim 21, which gives us access to some
funding. We will need to review our plans with the new committee. Thanks mainly to Ted for
keeping us going on this one.

Head Coach
Problems with Head Coach have run all year. Jo’s resignation in December started the period of
uncertainty and strain on the club. Since April, we have relied heavily on volunteers to put in
extra effort – many thanks to Jo Bailey, Pippa Carter, Chris Collins, Jenna Ralph, Emma
Davidson and Dave Currie. We are also grateful for the support provided by Laurie Dormer, and

                                                                              Typed 26th October 2008
more recently, Phil Millard. For the swimmers, the impact has been a slowing down of progress
between lanes and a delay in changes to our structure and generally less continuity on poolside.
Planning for competitions has also suffered and land training was a mixed success. The process
of recruitment, and organising temporary coaching cover has also placed considerable additional
strain on the executive committee – particular thanks to Ted Richards for all his work in the
recruitment process.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have now appointed our new Head Coach –
Hayley Ward. She will be starting with us on Monday 27 October. We hope to have a very
successful working relationship with Hayley over the next few years. In the next few days and
weeks, we will be agreeing immediate priorities with Hayley. She will be working primarily with
the squads, but will have responsibilities for the quality of teaching and coaching throughout the
club, as well as some administrative duties –it will be a full time job.

Eleanor Evans
21 October 2008

                                                                                Typed 26th October 2008

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