Hyaku (h’ya koo)
gojyuu (go joo)
ichi (eechee).
It’s Japanese for “151” which is obviously a reference to the 151 proof rum the singer
seems to be operating on. Either that, or it’s the amount of different Pokemon species
there was when the song was made. I believe it was played as the end theme of the first
season in Japan.

                             Characters, Images, and Stuff:

Colin Mochrie as the sun
I'm not sure what posessed me to put Colin Mochrie's face on the sun. Perhaps I
invisioned him as a freakish parody of the Teletubbies sun baby.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane
More creepy PBS paraphernalia. Jay Jay, an cruel hearted little anthropomorphic jet
plane, strikes a twisted chord in my funny bone. The image was from jayjay.com, Jay
Jay’s website.

Harry Potter
Since Colin Mochrie is already playing the sun, the little children are represented by
Harry Potter as illustrated on the cover of Goblet of Fire. The bright, carefree look on his
face work nicely, although not quite as well as that of Colin.

Pee Wee Herman (with tin can)
A little animation made of some screencaps from a Pee Wee fan site.

I forget where I got this or why I put it in. I am a Monkey Island fan, and I guess I wanted
to show my love for it (I originally posted the animation in a MI fan board.)

The Pacemaker
There’s an uninteresting story behind this. When I was first introduced to the song by my
friend Jules, we used to play it and try to figure out what the hell was going on in the
song. We decided that the funny little electronic noises were the singer’s pacemaker
going berserk.

Fat guy with cigar
Mr. Toukas, a character created by my younger sister Emmy for her infamous Heather
Comics. Heather is a interviewer/reporter/something or other, and Mr. Toukas is her gruff
but sensitive boss. See also “Rabid guy chained to pole”
Middle fingers
Snatched from http://www.ooze.com/finger/html/toc.html which was suggested to me by
AskJeeves.com after I politely told Jeeves to hug himself.

Mr. Bean and Mr. Bean
The two gigantic Mr. Beans, in all their turning and mouth-gaping glory, are perhaps the
single most definitive image of the 21 st century.

Subliminal advertising
Budweiser. I don’t drink, but beer being advertised in a children’s song funny to no end.
Goes nicely with the middle fingers.
PikaMax. A hybrid of Pikachu and Max the Bunny, of the Sam & Max comics, games,
TV show, and (SOMEDAY, PLEASE) movie. BulbaSam doesn’t appear, unfortunately.
Red thing. It’s a distorted version of Alfred E. Newman in Darth Maul makeup. What?

Machine gunner
I’ve gotten literally thousands of emails asking who this guy is and why he wants to kill
Jay Jay. Well, he’s clipart from the Klik & Play graphics libraries, and he wants to kill
Jay Jay because Jay Jay looked at him funny.

Rabid guy chained to pole
It’s Frumbum, the weatherman from Heather Comics (see “Fat guy with cigar”). He was
raised by wolves or goblins or something.

Right before the pacemake appears again, there’s a quick flash of the text “Only a being
of supernatural abilites (or a pause button) could read this!”. If you didn’t know about
this already then get the hell away from me.

Mrs. Bean
More Mr. Bean, but this time with a female body. This image was floating around
through email and various websites. I don’t know who made it.

Mrs. Chris Benoit
Wrestler Chris Benoit’s head superimposed on a wedding dress. By my associate, Alora

A screwed up picture of my sister’s ex-friend Molly.

Barry is the drummer for a local band called The Unabombers. Alora is their guitarist’s
sister, so she knows them all (these days she’s basically their manager.) Pictures of the
band members are common fodder for her MS Paint alterations, and I’ve seen this
stretched-neck picture of Barry so much I can’t remember what the original picture looks
The Infamous Translation Sequence
My lyrics:
    TV says donuts are high in fat, kazoo
    Found a hobo in my room
    It’s Princess Leia, the yodel of life
    Give me my sweater back or I’ll play the guitar!
The real lyrics:
    Kimi-tachi to no deai wa zenbu
    Chanto oboete 'ru
    Kizutsukeatta koto mo atta kedo
    Sore wa (e~to) wasureta.
They’re not really that dead on if you listen closely, but some people have been fooled
into thinking those were the actual lyrics. Here’s the translation of the actual lyrics, by
the way:
    I remember all of them well
    My first encounters with you guys
    There were also painful moments but
    Speaking of which (uhhh) I forgot
The bouncing ball is NOT Elton John, it’s a mutated picture of Daniel Radcliffe, the kid
who plays Harry Potter. The microphone guy is Matty Evans, the same tall haired guy
from the blue-background driver’s license pic in later Animutations.

Funny fat kid sprite
Just a little character drawn by my sister Emmy.

Evil Colin
Eeeeek! I guess being sun wasn’t enough for Colin.

Pixel face
Drawn by Alora. I don’t know what she was going for.

Ricky Martin
Yeah, that’s Ricky. He was on some Animutation T-Shirts. And he’s lucky enough to
scare the viewer one last time at the end of the animation.

More Max.

Spiked hair kid
Someone named Chris, I believe he was the singer for the Unabombers or something.
Another one of Alora’s creations.

A screwed up alteration of an already screwed up picture Ruben, Weird Al Yankovic’s
keyboardist. We’re bordering on the insanely obscure here.
Napster Logo
Remember Napster? It’s back... in pog form.

President Bush
If you can’t tell, Alora was in the high point of her picture ruining career when I made
this animation. This is her first attempt at “improving” Dubya’s appearance, but not her

Scruff McGruff and Hello Kitty
Here’s some more uber-obscurity: Daniel Radcliffe spews an image of Scruff McGruff
standing next to Hello Kitty. It's a reference to the Sam & Max comic “Fair Wind to
    BARTENDER: It's for you, McGruff!
    SAM: Did you hear what he called me? I HATE that! Let's sneak up to his room later and drain all the
    liquid out of his body.
    MAX: If he calls me "Hello Kitty" I'll plug him.

Emergency Medic Pee Wees
Here they come in their badly drawn ambulance to rescue Jay Jay, who has been shot.
During their trip they run over Guybrush and Mr. Toukas.

“Got Miak?”
A sly reference to Ernest Scared Stupid.

“All Your Base”
Please forgive me, All Your Base Are Belong To Us references were popular when I
made this.

Creepy Guybrush
An image of Guybrush from MI1 saying “go: see peros sceen shotzzz!!”, an image taken
from one of my all time favorite websites: http://pdro.tripod.com/apedro/index.html

Mario jumping on a camel
I don’t know. It’s an animated gif by an old internet acquaintance, Darnn. Daniel
Radcliffe seems to derive some sick pleasure out of watching it, as do you, I’m sure.

“Wakeman is biased!”
Inside joke, and a rather old one. Refers to someone from the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 online
community. No really.

And that’s it. This isn’t really a very complex Animutation. It’s fun, but not my best,
contrary to the popular opinion. It’s repetitive, that’s the major flaw. But hey, it’s my
claim to fame. I love it.

                                                                           By Neil Cicierega, 2002

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