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					                                        Table of Contents

Purpose of Handbook

Mission Statement

Equal Opportunity Statement

Intramurals: Administration

Medical Considerations

How to Enter

Representative Responsibilities

Employment Opportunities



Fall Schedule

Spring Schedule

Rules and Regulations
      Eligibility
      Divisions of Participation
      Skills Levels of Participation
      Schedules
      Team Coaches’ Meetings
      Playoffs/Championships
      Sportsmanship
      Forfeits
      Protests
      Entry Fees
      Facility Policies

Undergraduate Intramural Boards
      Board Members
      Team Sport Leagues
      Teams Sport Playoffs
      Point System
                             Office of Campus Recreation
                                      Directory (back to top)
Offices…………………………………………………………..Student Recreation Center

Hours…………………………………………..…Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.


Recreation Hot Line (24 Hours)………………………………………………...322-PLAY
              Pool Information………………………………………………..322-PLAY
              Racquetball Court Information…………………………………...343-8181
              Equipment Usage/Rental Information…………………………....343-8181
              Outdoor Recreation Information…………………………………343-8182
              Wellness Resource Center………………………………………..343-6073

Facility Reservations: Office of Schedules and Reservations……………………322-2448

Wellness Resource Center………………………………………………………..343-6073

Director………………………………………………..Sam Hirt

Associate Director…………………………………...Lynn Smith

Associate Director………………………LaDonna Meuchel

Assistant Director………………………..Linda Rosenkranz

Assistant Director……………………...….Chondra Johnson

Assistant Director………………………………..…..Todd Suttles

Wellness/Fitness Coordinator……………….…Becky Spires

Activity Coordinator…………………………..Jennifer Lynch

Activity Coordinator…………………………………..Greg Tester

Administrative Assistant…………………….Karen Shannon

Office Assistant………………………………….…..Jessica Slay

Turf Care Specialist………………………………………………………...…Bill Randles

Facility Supervisor……………………………………………..………………Nano Oerip

Facility Supervisor………………………………………………………..….Harry Dickey
                       Purpose of Handbook (back to top)
       This handbook is designed to serve as an informative and procedural reference for
persons involved or interested in the organization of intramurals and recreation. The OCR urges
you to become familiar with the information contained in this handbook and to consult it when
the need arises.

                                  Mission Statement (back to top)
         It is the mission of the Office of Campus Recreation to assist in the development and
education of the whole person. The Office achieves this goal by providing comprehensive
fitness, recreation, and wellness programs in a state of the art facility to the diverse population of
students and the Vanderbilt community at large. The wide variety of programs provide
opportunities to develop the individual’s positive self esteem, relationships with others, and
effective communication and leadership skills. The Recreation Center additionally serves as an
avenue for individuals to achieve a stress free, holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

                                Student Recreation Center
       The Student Recreation Center Committee assists in the overall management of the
Student Recreation Center by providing advice on programs and operations. Through its work,
the committee seeks to ensure that the center serves all users – undergraduate, graduate and
professional students as well as faculty and staff.
       Group representatives on the board include Student Government Association, Interhall,
Undergraduate at Large, Men’s and Women’s Intramural Board, Sports Club, Freshman at
Large, Graduate School, Professional Schools (two schools on a rotating basis), staff, and faculty
(two representatives).

                        Equal Opportunity Statement (back to top)

In compliance with federal law, including the provisions of Title IX of the Education
Amendments of 1992, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Vanderbilt University does not discriminate on the
basis of race, sex, religion, color, administration of educational policies, programs, or
activities; its admissions policies; scholarship and loan programs, athletic or other
University-administered programs, or employment. Inquires or complaints should be
directed to the Opportunity Development officer, 108 & 808 Baker Building, Box 1890,
Station B, Nashville, Tennessee 37235. Telephone (615) 322-4705 (V/TDD); fax (615) 421-

                                              (back to top)
         The OCR serves as the administration center for all campus recreation programs,
including intramurals. Several other campus organizations advise and assist the OCR in areas
such as programming, organization, and promotion.
Undergraduate Intramural Boards – The function of these boards (men’s and women’s) is to
assist the OCR in the organization and promotion of intramurals. Member organizations include
fraternities , sororities, campus and independent groups. (See board member listing) Qualified
groups may petition the boards for membership. (See qualifications for membership) Meetings
are called by board officers and are scheduled twice monthly.


        Participation in all OCR programs is completely voluntary; therefore, the OCR and its
staff assume no responsibility for injuries received during such participation. It is the
responsibility of each participant to be aware of the demands and inherent dangers of the sports
in which he or she participates. Each participant should evaluate his or her health relative to
these factors. The OCR highly recommends that each participant has a medical examination prior
to participation. Questions on all injury related matters should be directed to the University’s
Office of Risk Management.
Emergencies – When injuries and other emergencies require medical attention, the Office of
Safety and Security, (421-1911), the blue phone on the Intramural Fields, Vanderbilt Hospital
Emergency Room, (322-3391), or other medical agency should be alerted. Safety and Security is
available for transporting injured persons and for securing appropriate medical help. Participants
should be aware of the health service available on campus, including the Student Health Center,
Vanderbilt Hospital Emergency Room, and the Sports Medicine Clinic in the University Medical
Center. The V.U. Hospital Emergency Room is available to handle emergencies involving
students, faculty and staff 24 hours a day. In extreme emergencies, contact the emergency room
immediately in addition to alerting Safety and Security. The Student Health Center offers a
number of health services, including referrals. The Center is open 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday-
Friday and 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays
        The V.U. Sports Medicine Clinic may be contacted regarding the range of services they
        An Electronic Automatic Defibulator (AED) is located at the front desk of the Student
Recreation Center.

HOW TO ENTER (back to top)

Registering for Intramurals is easy. The following steps explain the procedure:
    1) Check for activity entry date and information through any of several OCR publicity
         avenues – Web Page, Activity Flyers, Student Rec. Ctr. Bulletin Boards, Brochures,
         Pocket Calendars, Hustler, Register, etc.
    2) Obtain the appropriate registration card at the OCR.
    3) Fill it out completely, and submit it, along with any fees, to the OCR prior to the entry
    4) At the OCR, check the appropriate activity flyer for pertinent information, including
         dates and times of team coaches’ meetings.
    5) Pick up a copy of the sport’s rules and procedures.
NOTE: For several team sports, practice games are scheduled by the OCR prior to the first
official game of the season. These games serve as a clinic for officials. Teams interested in
participating in the practice games may sign up at the time of registration.
Players Needing Teams/Teams Needing Players – Persons desiring to be placed on teams
should register with the OCR on the earliest possible entry date. Every attempt will be made to
place those persons on teams, or new teams will be formed, numbers permitting.
    Teams in need of additional players should consult the list of registered non-team persons.
Registrants should contact the OCR near the entry deadline if a team has not been found.


        Intramural representatives (Greek, residence, professional school, campus organizations)
serve as a vital link between the OCR and campus through their assistance in organization and
promotion of intramurals. Representatives performing duties responsibly will ensure that
students are well informed of all recreational opportunities and procedures. Representatives
responsibilities are as follows:
        1) Stay informed of all ongoing and upcoming intramural sports, including entry dates
            and deadlines.
        2) Recruit coaches or captains for team sports if not serving as such.
        3) Assist the OCR with distribution of publicity, including the posting of activity flyers.
        4) Recruit participants by promoting intramural sports within your group.
        5) Keep an accurate address and telephone number on file with OCR.
        6) Attend all meetings called by the OCR and all meetings of Undergraduate Intramural
            Boards for its members.
        7) Serve as a source of information for your group regarding OCR programs.
        8) Register entries with the OCR within the appropriate entry dates or send a
            representative to do this.
        9) Submit your ideas and suggestions for program improvement to the OCR.
        10) Be informed of the information contained in the handbook and take appropriate steps
            to ensure that your group is also informed of and adheres to all relevant policies and


         The OCR employs many students, faculty and staff as support personnel in various
program areas. Opportunities are open for student staff assistants, intramural supervisors,
officials, tournament coordinators, and lifeguards. All positions are paid with flexible scheduling
available to work around priorities. All OCR employees are expected to be friendly, enthusiastic
and conscientious. The following is a description of the various positions:
Student Staff Assistants – Staff assistants are involved in many facets of OCR programming.
Duties include office help, scheduling/coordinating, recording scores, campus errands, facility
preparation and maintenance.
Supervisors – Supervisors serve as on-site administrators for team sports. Duties include
supervision of officials, coordinating events, facility preparation, and equipment
supply/distribution. Interested persons should be familiar with one or more intramural team
sports with officiating experience required.
Officials – Officials are needed for the team sports of Flag Football, Basketball, Softball, Soccer,
Volleyball, and Innertube Water Polo. Previous officiating experience and knowledge of one of
these sports is preferred, but not necessary. Officials meetings and clinics are scheduled by the
OCR (See I.M. Calendar) to offer beginning and veteran officials the necessary knowledge and
skill required to officiate.
Tournament Coordinators – Coordinators are used to ensure that individual, dual and group
sports tournaments run in an organized fashion. Duties include recording sports, checking-in
participants, updating tournament brackets and monitoring rule compliance. No previous
experience is required.
SRC Workers – Workers are employed to monitor the front desk, equipment room, weight
room, office area.
Lifeguards – Lifeguards are scheduled during “recreational swim” hours throughout the year.
Duties include opening and closing pool, enforcing pool rules and swimmer safety. The
minimum certification required for lifeguards is Lifeguard Training, First Aid and Adult CPR.
Outdoor Recreation Staff – Paid positions include Equipment Rental Specialists, Climbing
Wall Instructors, and Kayaking Instructors. Trip Coordinators serve on a volunteer basis. Written
applications are available for all applications.
Fitness Instructors – Instructors are employed to teach a variety of fitness classes/clinics
including: aerobics, weight training, and fitness assessments. These positions are available to all
     Vanderbilt University is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative

PUBLICITY (back to top)

       The OCR uses a variety of means to publicize its programs throughout the year. Program
information may be gained in the following ways:
    1) Contact the OCR during office hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (343-6627)
    2) Check the OCR bulletin boards in the SRC.
    3) Web Page.
    4) Look for the OCR Activity Flyers announcing upcoming programs. Flyers are posted in
       the SRC, residence halls, University departments and many other campus areas.
    5) Get an OCR Pocket Schedule through the OCR, Sarratt Main Desk, Hill Student Center
       and other campus sites.
    6) Come to the OCR for an Intramural Handbook.
    7) Contact your residence hall’s intramural representative or resident advisor.
    8) Look for OCR notices in the Hustler and Register.
    9) Contact the sport club coach or faculty advisor of the club you are interested in.
       Telephone numbers are available through the OCR and V.U. Directory.

AWARDS (back to top)
    The OCR does not intend for awards to be the primary reason for participation. Awards do,
however, add to the excitement of participation and serve as a token of one’s successes. For these
reasons, the OCR will offer awards to the following:
    1) Division Champions in all team sports.
    2) Division Champions in all individual, dual and group sales.
    3) Point Champions (men’s and women’s) of the Undergraduate Intramural Board.

       It is the responsibility of the teams or individuals qualifying for awards to obtain them
       from the OCR immediately following completion of each intramural sport.

                          2004 Fall Intramural Schedule (back to top)

                               MEN’S AND WOMEN’S PROGRAMS

Home Run Derby                              No Pre-Reg          Sept. 5
Softball                                    Aug. 25 – Sept. 3   Sept. 12
Tennis League                               Sept. 6 – 10        Sept. 21
Volleyball                                  Sept. 6 – 10        Sept. 22
Indoor Soccer                               Sept. 13 – 17       Sept. 29
Tennis Singles                              Sept. 20 – 24       Oct. 2
1-on-1 Basketball                           Sept. 20 – 24       Oct. 3
Flag Football                               Oct. 4 – 8          Oct. 20
Racquetball League                          Oct. 11 – 15        Oct. 21
3-on-3 Basketball                           Oct. 11 – 15        Oct. 21
Golf                                        Oct. 20 – 22        Oct. 30
3-on-3 Volleyball                           Oct. 25 – 29        Nov. 5
Racquetball Singles                         Oct. 27 – 31        Nov. 7
Table Tennis                                Nov. 1 – 5          Nov. 13
Basketball Extravaganza                     Nov. 8 – 12         Dec. 1
Pocket Billiards                            Nov. 29 – Dec. 3    Dec. 7


Softball                                    Aug. 25 – Sept. 3   Sept. 12
Volleyball                                  Sept. 6 – 10        Sept. 22
Innertube Water Polo                        Sept. 20 – 24       Oct. 5
Basketball 4 Person                         Sept. 27 – Oct. 1   Oct. 6
Flag Football                               Oct. 4 – 8          Oct. 20


Golf                                        Sept. 13 – 17       Sept. 27

Softball                                    Sept. 7 & 8         5 p.m.
Volleyball                                  Sept. 14            5 p.m.
Innertube Water Polo                        Sept. 29            5 p.m.
Flag Football                               Oct. 12 & 13        5 p.m.

OFFICIALS MEETINGS AND CLINICS              Meetings            Clinics
Softball                                    Sept. 7 6 p.m.      Sept. 8 & 9 6 p.m.
Volleyball                                  Sept. 14 6 p.m.     Sept. 15 6 p.m.
Flag Football                               Oct. 12 6 p.m.      Oct. 13 & 14 6 p.m.

                          2005 Spring Intramural Schedule (back to top)

                                MEN’S AND WOMEN’S PROGRAMS

MEN’S & WOMEN’S PROGRAM                     ENTRY DATE          STARTING DATES

Basketball                                  Dec. 1 – 9          Jan. 23
Racquetball Doubles                         Jan. 17 – 21        Jan. 29
Weightlifting                               Jan. 24 – 28        Feb. 5
Badminton                                   Jan. 31 – Feb. 4    Feb. 12
Bowling                                     Feb. 7 – 11         Feb. 19
Soccer                                      Feb. 28 – Mar. 4    Mar. 20
Ultimate Frisbee                            Mar. 14 – 18        Mar. 27
March Madness                               Mar. 14 – 18        Mar. 27
Outdoor Volleyball                          Mar. 21 – 25        Apr. 3
Tennis Doubles                              Mar. 28 – Apr. 1    Apr. 9
Softball Extravaganza                       Apr. 4 – 8          Apr. 18

Volleyball                                                  Jan. 17 – 21       Jan. 30
Mixed Doubles Racquetball                                   Jan. 17 – 21       Jan. 29
Soccer                                                      Feb. 28 – Mar. 4   Mar. 20
Ultimate Frisbee                                            Mar. 14 – 18       Mar. 27
Mixed Doubles Tennis                                        Mar. 28 – Apr. 1   Apr. 9
Softball Extravaganza                                       Apr. 4 – 8         Apr. 18


Basketball                                                  Dec. 1 – 9         Jan. 10
Golf                                                        Apr. 18 – 22       May 2
Softball                                                    Apr. 25 – 29       May 10


Volleyball                                                  Jan. 25            5 p.m.
Basketball                                                  Dec. 8 & 9         5 p.m.
Soccer                                                      Mar. 15            5 p.m.
Ultimate Frisbee                                            Mar. 22            5 p.m.
Softball Faculty/Staff                                      May 4              NOON

OFFICIALS MEETINGS AND CLINICS                              Meetings           Clinics

Basketball                                                  Jan. 18 6 p.m.     Jan. 19 & 20 6 p.m.
Soccer                                                      Mar. 15 6 p.m.     Mar. 16 6 p.m.

*All dates and times are tentative and subject to change.


        The OCR reserves the right to make the official ruling on any matter of rules
interpretation and any matter not specifically addressed in this handbook. Additionally, any rule
or regulation the OCR feels compelled to change or modify in any way may be done so
immediately and without notice.

ELIGIBILITY (back to top)

Responsibility For Eligibility – The OCR and its staff does not actively screen entries and team
rosters for ineligible participants. Infractions brought to the attention of the OCR will be dealt
with in accordance with the procedures indicated below. Eligibility will function on an honor
code system in which it is the responsibility of each intramural representative, team coach and
participant to be aware of and abide by the rules of eligibility listed below.
Ineligible Player Penalty – A person participating in an intramural sport, who s found to be
ineligible for such participation, may be suspended by the OCR from further participation for
any length of time up to one year.
Team Using Ineligible Player – A team using an ineligible player will forfeit the game in which
the ineligible player participated.
Student Status – All students currently enrolled in the University are eligible for participation in
Faculty/Staff Status – All full-time faculty and staff members issued a V.U. identification are
eligible for participation in intramurals.
Team Rosters – Participants are required to be listed on a team’s official roster on file in the
OCR prior to participating in an intramural sport. Roster additions may be made during OCR
hours by phone or in person.
Two Team Participants – Participation on more than one team in a single sport is not permitted.
    1) Participation on two teams in a sport is permitted if one team is a co-recreational division
    2) Participants listed on a roster of a team that does not actually play two of its scheduled
        games may transfer to another team with prior permission from the OCR.
*Individuals playing on two teams will jeopardize the teams they are playing on and will be
suspended from further play.
Undergraduate Intramural Board (UIB) Representation
    1) A student may represent only one UIB organization during an academic year. Changes in
        representation must be approved by the respective board and notice must be sent to the
    2) Freshmen may not represent a UIB organization. Any individual with freshmen status at
        the beginning of fall semester will be considered freshman for the remainder of the
        academic year (July 1 – June 30). And, any individuals who are, or would be, assigned to
        freshman housing.
    3) To represent a UIB organization, a person must be a current member of that organization.
        A student must be a non-freshman and be participating in or have completed pledge
        training to represent a Greek organization.
Freshmen – All freshmen must participate in the freshman division. Those team sports having
such a division are Flag Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, and Soccer. Exception:
Freshmen may also participate in the co-recreational division.
Athletic Team Members – Athletic team members who participate (in games or practice) with
that team during or after the first scheduled game of the athletic season are ineligible for
participation in that intramural or related sport the same academic year.
Athletic Scholarship Recipients – A student on an athletic scholarship is ineligible to
participate in that intramural or related sport.
Professional Athletes – A student who is or has been a professional athlete is ineligible for
participation in that intramural or related sport.
Sport Club Members – All Sport Club members are eligible for participation in all non-related
intramural sports and in related sports under the following guidelines:
    1) Volleyball Club
            A. Volleyball – Maximum of (2) club members per team.
            B. 3 Person Volleyball – Maximum of (1) club member per team.
Related Sports –
    1) Baseball – Softball, Co-Rec Softball, Home Run Derby
    2) Basketball – Basketball, Co-Rec Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball, 1-on-1 Basketball
    3) Football – Flag Football
    4) Golf – Golf
    5) Soccer – Soccer
    6) Swimming – Swimming
    7) Tennis – Singles Tennis, Doubles Tennis, Mixed Doubles Tennis
Divisions of Participation – (back to top)
    1) Freshman Division – In the team sports of Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Ultimate
        Frisbee, Softball, and Soccer, freshmen (men and women) are eligible to participate in the
        freshman division only. (Exception: Freshmen may also participate in the co-recreational
        division). Teams are arranged on a residence hall or a hall floor basis. Freshmen not
        living on campus are eligible to participate on any of the teams or form a new team. In
        sports without a separate freshman division, freshmen may participate in any open
    2) Undergraduate Intramural Board (UIB) Division – Only member organizations of the
        UIB may participate in the UIB Division, unless conditions determined by the OCR
        warrant otherwise.
    3) Open Division – Persons eligible for Open Division participation are:
             A. Freshmen in those sports that do not have a separate freshman division.
             B. All other undergraduate and graduate students.
             C. Faculty and Staff members.
    4) Co-Recreational Division – All students, faculty and staff are eligible for participation in
        the co-recreational division, unless specified otherwise in the Intramural Calendar.
    5) Medical Division – In the team sport of basketball, the Medical School will have a
        separate division.
    6) Faculty and Staff Division – Only full-time faculty and staff who are issued a V.U.
        identification card and are eligible for benefits may participate in the faculty/staff
Skill Level of Participation – (back to top)
    Skill level selections are available in most sports to accommodate participants of different
    skills and interests. Accurate selections will promote greater enjoyment through participation
    against opponents of similar skill. The OCR reserves the right to reclassify a participant at
    any time. Skill levels of participation are:
    1) A – Highly skilled or experienced
    2) B – Average skill or experience
    3) C – Novice, little or no experience
        In some sports, there is a further division in level of participation which may also
        incorporate rule modifications. In these sports, there will be competitive and recreational
Schedules (back to top)
        Participants and team coaches, not the OCR, are both responsible for obtaining schedules
and for all information contained on them. No schedule information will be given over the
phone. Schedules for most sports will be available for pick-up at the OCR, and posted on OCR
bulletin boards in the Student Recreation Center and/or posted on the Intramural Field bulletin
boards. Schedules for individual, dual and group sports will be available the afternoon of the
third work day following the entry deadline.
Team Coaches’ Meetings (back to top)
        Each sport will have a mandatory coaches meeting (see I.M. Calendar) which must be
attended by the team coach or other team representative. Any team not properly represented at a
coaches meeting will have a loss added to their record. The agenda for meetings will include,
discussing rules, procedures and any other pertinent information. Team coaches meetings are
essential in helping teams to be well informed, in turn, will promote a smoothly run season and
participation enjoyment.
Playoffs/Championships (back to top)
        The playoff schedule for each team sport will be determined by the OCR at the time of
scheduling. (Exception: UIB Division, see UIB playoffs). At that time, teams will be separated
by divisions, and available facility times and dates will be considered in formulating the playoff
format. In the case of ties for playoff spots, the won-lost records of the tied teams against each
other will be used to determine place finishes. If this procedure does not produce a winner, teams
with forfeits will be eliminated. Then the point differential will be the determinate, first against
the tied teams and then if necessary against all teams in the league. Ties in regular season games
will be counted as a 1/2 loss and 1/2 win.
The system of determining champions in all sports will be as follows:
   1) Division Champion – participants or teams will vie for their respective division
      championship. The division champions indicated below will then qualify for the All
      Campus Championship playoffs.
   2) All Campus Champions – Champions in the UIB, Open A, Faculty/Staff (when scheduled
      the same time of year) and Medical School (basketball only) Divisions will qualify for
      interdivisional play leading to an All Campus Champion in each sport.

SPORTSMANSHIP (back to top)

        The OCR believes good sportsmanship to be an extremely important quality and seeks to
encourage its development. Therefore, the OCR will neither condone, nor allow,
unsportsmanlike conduct in its programs.
    1) Ejection Penalties – An individual’s first ejection during an academic year will result in
        an automatic suspension of one game with further disciplinary action dependent on the
        severity of the infraction. All further ejections by an individual and all team ejections will
        be dealt with on a case-to-case basis by the OCR. Possible penalties include game
        suspension, semester suspension, year suspension and complete intramural suspension.
    2) Sportsmanship Rating System – A sportsmanship rating system will be in effect for team
        sports. Teams will be rated in each of four areas by the head official after each game.
        Those areas are:
            A. Playing within the spirit of the rules.
            B. Behavior toward opponents and fans.
            C. Behavior toward officials.
            D. Behavior of team’s spectators.
        Teams will receive a 1 – Unacceptable, 2 – Acceptable, or 3 – Excellent rating in each of
these areas. The scores will then be averaged. Teams with a rating of less than two in
consecutive games will be suspended for the following game. Teams not averaging a 2 or above
over the regular season will not be eligible for post-season tournament play.
Postponement (back to top)
        All official decisions regarding postponements and rescheduling will be made by the
OCR and its representatives. All other decisions are invalid and may subject participants or
teams to forfeit. Participants are responsible for any additional postponement and rescheduling
information contained in the rules and procedures for each sport.
    1) Inclement Weather
            A. On weekdays, the official decision concerning postponement will be made by the
                OCR after 3:00 p.m. Participants or team coaches may contact the OCR after 3:00
                p.m. for game status information.
            B. After 5:00 p.m. weekdays and at all times on weekends, postponement decisions
                will be made by the intramural supervisor on duty. Information will be available
                at the OCR.
    2) Rescheduling – The OCR discourages any rescheduling of games, but realizes that on
        occasion circumstances warrant such action. The participants or teams desiring to
        reschedule will bear the majority of responsibility in the rescheduling process. The steps
        to follow in rescheduling are:
            A. Present your case for approval to the OCR.
            B. Obtain a Mutual Postponement Agreement form and available dates, times and
                facility information from the OCR.
            C. Contact the opponents to request agreement to reschedule.
            D. Provide the requested information on the form, including the securing of
                signatures of all participants/teams involved.
           E. Return the completed form to the OCR a minimum of 24 hours prior to the
              originally scheduled game time.
           F. Obtain officials for the game.
           G. Notify the OCR of the results of the game by 12:00 noon the first workday
              following the contest, or at the time stipulated by the OCR. Each team/participant
              may reschedule a game a maximum of one time during a season or tournament.
              Participants/teams not following the prescribed procedures listed above will be
              subject to forfeit.
Forfeits (back to top)
        Participants/teams not present at the scheduled place and time within 5 minutes of
scheduled game time will forfeit that event. Participants/team coaches are responsible for any
additional forfeit rules stipulated in the rules and procedures for each sport. General forfeit rules
     1) Group and Team Sports – One less participant than the required number of players for a
        sport constitutes a team. A team forfeiting two games will be dropped from further play,
        (unless approved by OCR).
     2) Individual-Dual Sports – An individual/dual sport entry will be eliminated from further
        play on its first forfeit (Exception: Double elimination tournaments).
Protests (back to top)
     Protests will be restricted to matters of rule interpretation and player eligibility only.
Judgment calls may not be protested. The procedures for filing official protests are as follows:
     1) Rule Interpretation Protests
             A. Notify the officials of the protest prior to the next live ball.
             B. The two captains and the officials will meet and discuss the situation. The
                 officials will make a ruling.
             C. If both teams are not satisfied with the official’s ruling, the supervisor will be
             D. If the dispute is not settled, then, the protesting team should notify the supervisor
                 of plans to file a protest with the OCR.
             E. The game will be completed.
             F. A written protest must be submitted by the protesting team to the OCR by noon
                 the following weekday.
             G. The OCR will make the official and final ruling on the protest.
     2) Player Eligibility Protests
             A. Notify the official of the protest prior to the end of the game.
             B. The game will be completed.
             C. The official will notify the supervisor of the protest.
             D. A written protest must be submitted by the protesting team to the OCR. The
                 protest must be received by noon of the weekday immediately following the
             E. The OCR will make the official and final ruling on the protest.
Entry Fees (back to top)
        Several sports require the payment of a non-refundable entry fee at the time of
registration. Fees are used to help cover the costs of support personnel (supervisors, officials,
workers). The amount of fees will be listed on each sport’s activity flyer. Note: Interhall Council
will pay one-half of the entry fee for independent groups registering for team sports. Eligible
groups include those not connected with professional schools or campus organizations.
Residence hall teams, whether composed of participants from one or several halls, are eligible.
Groups seeking help in funding are required to pay the total entry fee at the time of registration
and then may approach either the Interhall Council President or their resident advisor concerning
Forfeit Fee: Several team sports require the payment of a refundable cash entry fee at the time
of registration. Teams that do not forfeit two or more games during the season are refunded their
Facility Policies (back to top)
     1) Reservation – Groups interested in reserving recreational facilities for special events
        should direct all requests to the Office of Schedules and Reservations, located in 208
        Sarratt Student Center, 322-2448.
             A. Reservations for Practices – Fields may be reserved through the OCR. Facilities
                 not reserved will operate on a first come first serve basis. Intramural fields will
                 not be reserved/used for team practice.
     2) Identification Cards – All participants and spectators are required to present a valid V.U.
        identification card for admittance to all indoor recreational facilities.
     3) Alcohol/Containers – No alcohol or glass containers of any type are allowed on
        recreational facilities. Individuals or groups violating this University policy will be
        subject to disciplinary action by the OCR and the University.
     4) 24 Hour Blue Light Phones – Located at the north side of Capers Field, south west corner
        and north side of the Intramural fields.


   The function of the Men’s and Women’s Undergraduate Intramural Boards is to assist the
OCR in the organization and promotion of intramurals for board members.
Current board members are:

   Men’s Board (back to top)                              Women’s Board

   Alpha Epsilon Pi                                       Alpha Chi Omega
   Alpha Phi Alpha                                        Alpha Delta Pi
   Alpha Tau Omega                                        Alpha Kappa Alpha
   Beta Theta Pi                                          Alpha Omicron Pi
   Delta Kappa Epsilon                                    Chi Omega
   Kappa Alpha                                            Delta Delta Delta
   Kappa Sigma                                            Delta Gamma
   Lambda Chi Alpha                                       Delta Sigma Theta
   Lambda Theta Phi                                       Kappa Alpha Theta
   Omega Psi Phi                                          Kappa Delta
   Phi Beta Sigma                                         Kappa Kappa Gamma
   Phi Kappa Psi                                          Lambda Theta Alpha
   Phi Kappa Sigma                                        Pi Beta Phi
   Pi Kappa Alpha                                         Zeta Phi Beta
   Sigma Alpha Epsilon
   Sigma Chi
   Zeta Beta Tau

Greek Division
There will be a Greek A and Greek B men’s division and Greek A and Greek B women’s
division. Each fraternity and sorority is allowed to have one team in the Greek A division and
one team in the Greek B division, unless specified otherwise by the Office of Campus
Recreation. Should there not be more than at least four teams in a division, those teams will
participate in the Open League.

All-Sports Championship
At the annual Greek Awards Ceremony in April, an All-Sports Champion will be crowned for
Greek A and Greek B men’s division and Greek A and Greek B women’s division. Sports that
will be played for points are listed below.
Team Sport Leagues (back to top)
         UIB Divisions will be set on the basis of the previous year’s Black Division sport point
results. Beginning with the points champion and continuing in descending rank order, teams will
be placed in alternate divisions.

Team Sport Playoffs (See Playoffs/Championships) (back to top)
        The top four teams in each league will qualify for the playoffs in those Black Division
sports having two leagues. In Black Division sports with three leagues, the top three teams in
each league will qualify.

                                           UIB POINT SYSTEM (back to top)
Black Sports

Regular Season
Sport          Participation    1     2          3       4       5          6    7    8
Flag Football  100              100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Softball       100              100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Basketball     100              100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Soccer         100              100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Volleyball     100              100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5

Flag Football                   100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Softball                        100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Basketball                      100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Soccer                          100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5
Volleyball                      100   85         70      55      40         25   15   5

Gold Sports

Sport           Participation   1     2          3       4       5
Tennis          50              50    40         30      20      10
Racquetball     50              50    40         30      20      10
Golf            50              50    40         30      20      10
Ultimate        50              50    40         30      20      10
Table Tennis    50              50    40         30      20      10
Bowling         50              50    40         30      20      10
Outdoor         50              50    40         30      20      10
Indoor Soccer   50              50    40         30      20      10
Special Requirements for Gold Sports (men and women):
Tennis       Two singles, one doubles team for Greek A. Two singles, one doubles team for
             Greek B.
Racquetball Two singles, one doubles team for Greek A. Two singles, one doubles team for
              Greek B.
Golf          One four-person scramble team for Greek A. One four-person scramble team for
              Greek B
Ultimate      One team for Greek A. One team for Greek B.
Table         Two singles for Greek A. Two singles for Greek B.
Bowling       One four-person bowling team for Greek A. One four-person bowling team for
              Greek B.
Outdoor       One team for Greek A. One team for Greek B.
Indoor        One team for Greek A. One team for Greek B.

  1. A team’s first forfeit in a team sport will result in a loss of one-half of the participation
  2. All points are lost on the second forfeit.
  3. Teams tied for place finishes will split the points awarded for those places. The
     procedure for determining place finishes for major/minor sports will be explained in the
     rules for each sport.