Cotton Quilted Potholder in Oval Shape by bigindiastore


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									                    Cotton Quilted Potholder in Oval
      Product Description
If you are one of those, who likes to serve food hot and steaming, then our pot holder
is the perfect entity for your kitchen. This pot holder is extremely light weight and
attractive in appearance. Made of cotton cloth, it is quilted with cotton batting to
provide protection from heat. It is oval in shape and long enough to hold a utensil. On
its either end, two large pockets are provided, which are lined with packaging foam.
These pockets enable the pot holder to be worn into both hands. Moreover, to
provide a dash of style, the holder comes in a vibrant green color with a dragon fly
design on each pocket.

More Details:
The pot holder is made of cotton cloth.
It is quilted with cotton batting.
It has two pockets on each end to wear it in both hands.
It can be easily washed at home and requires ironing.
It protects hands from heat related injuries.


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