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									                        Clothes Hook in Wood

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Considering the space crunch in the existing world,
it is best to make optimum utilization of resources.
This is exactly what is achieved by our clothes hook,
which is not only a utility item but a decorative piece
as well. This single clothes hook is entirely made of
wood and is hand painted thereafter. The bar
contains the hook or peg over which clothes can be
hung. At the back, a notch is provided to hang it on
the wall. Hence, it is a dual purpose entity, which is
a must buy item whether or not you have an arty

More Details:

The wooden hook is entirely handmade.
It is hand painted with bright eco-friendly colors.
It has four hooks, which are to be used for hanging clothes.
A notch is provided at the back for hanging it on the wall.
It is a utility cum decorative item for your house.


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