Beautifully Hand Crafted Camel Bone Vintage Car by bigindiastore


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                        BowlBeautifully Hand Crafted
                          Camel Bone Vintage Car

Product Description
Yet another piece for vintage item lovers is this camel bone car. Entirely handmade,
this camel bone car is truly remarkable. The artistic finesse, with which this product is
hand designed is awe-inspiring. The doors of the car can be opened while the wheels
can be rotated, making it a true vintage model. The two mudguards in the front have
a small headlight each, which add up to its beauty. This bone artifact will definitely
remind you of the bygone era. It is a splendid decorative item, which will enliven any
corner of your house. Skillfully carved, it will make an everlasting impression on
anyone if presented as a gift.

          More Details:
          The car is made of natural camel bone.
          The vintage car is entirely handmade.
          The item is quite brittle and requires careful handling.
          It is carved skillfully, making it a true vintage model.
          It is a collector’s item and serves as an ideal gift.


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