2WD4WD - 24 Wheel Drive by runout

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									2WD/4WD - 2/4 Wheel Drive                                       CAN - Controller Area Network, Canadian
A/D - Analog to Digital                                         CARB - California Air Resources Board
A3, A4, A5 - platform name for certain model years of Beetle,   Cat - Catalytic Converter
Golf, Jetta, Cabrio                                             CAT - CATerpiller
ABS - Antilock Brake System                                     CB - Catalyst Based, Citizens Band, Cetane Boost
ACC - Air Conditioning Compressor                               CC - Cruise Control
ACEA - Association des Constructeurs Européens d'               CCA - Cold Cranking Amperes
Automobiles(Euro Auto Manufacturers Assoc)                      CCM - Central Convenience Module
ADC - Amsoil Diesel fuel additive Concentrate                   CCV - CrankCase Ventilation
ADM - Archer Daniels Midland                                    CDA - Carbon Dynamic Airbox
AF - AirFlow                                                    CDI - Commonrail Direct Injection
AFAIK - As far as I know                                        CDN - CanaDiaN
AFU - All Fouled Up                                             CEL - Check Engine Light (same as MIL)
AG - Attorney General                                           CEN - Comité Européen de Normalisation (Euro Committee for
AGM - Absorbent Glass Mat battery                               Standardization)
AHU,ALH - engine models for 3 and A4 respectively               CF,CG,CH,CI-4 - API oil standards for compression ignition
ALA - Aftermarket Lubricant Additive                            (diesel) engine
AMSOIL - AMatuzio Synthetic OIL                                 CFPP - Cold Flow Plugging Point
ANL - Argonne National Laboratory                               CGI - Compacted Graphite Iron
API - American Petroleum Institute standard                     CGSB - Canadian General Standards Board
APPS - Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor                        CI - Compression Ignition, Cetane Index
ARP - Automotive Racing Products                                CLS - Certified Lubrication Specialist
ASC - Anti-Slip Control                                         CONUS - CONtinental United States
ASR - Anti/Acceleration Slip Regulation                         CPO - Certified Pre-Owned warranty
AST - Assenmacher Specialty Tools                               CR - Consumer Reports
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials               CRD - Common Rail Diesel
ATDC - After Top Dead Center                                    cSt - CentiSTokes (kinematic viscosity)
ATE - Alfred Teves Erzeugnissen (brakes)                        CT - Canadian Tire
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid                              CV - Constant Velocity joint
AVL - Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen • List (Diesel     D/A - Digital to Analog
engineering firm)                                               D/FW - Dallas / Fort Worth
AZ - AutoZone                                                   D1 - Delvac 1
b/c - BeCause                                                   DAFS - Do A Forum Search
B20 - mixture of 20% biodiesel, 80% regular diesel              dB - Decibels
B4, B5 - platform name for certain model years of Passat        DC - Direct Current
BBL - Billion Barrels of oiL                                    DC - Direct Current
BD - BioDiesel                                                  DC - Duty Cycle
BF - Brake Fluid                                                DCISCA - DC Motor Idle Speed Actuator
BHp - Brake HorsePower                                          DCL - Data Communication Link
BMEP - Brake Mean Effective Pressure                            DDD - Dynamic Data Display
BO - Boost Overshoot, Best Offer                                DDL - Diagnostic Data Link
BP - British Petroleum                                          DDL - Diagnostic Information Base
BSFC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption                          DE - Drive End
BTDC - Before Top Dead Center                                   DEC - Digital Electronic Controller
BTU - British Thermal Unit                                      DEER - Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction (DOE conferences)
BTW - By The Way                                                DEFI - Digital Electronic Fuel Injection (Cadillac)
C&D - Car & Driver magazine                             DEPS - Digital Engine Position Sensor
CA - Central America                                            DERM - Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
CAA/AAA - Canadian/American Automobile Association              DFA/DFS - Diesel Fuel Additive/Supplement
CAD - Canadian Dollars                                          DFCO - Decel Fuel Cutoff Mode
CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy                           DFI - Digital Fuel Injection
CAI - Cold Air Intake                                           DFI - Direct Fuel Injection
DFS - Decel Fuel Shutoff                                 DVDV - Distributor Vacuum Delay Valve
DI - Direct Ignition                                     DVOM - Digital Volt-Ohmmeter
DI - Distributor Ignition (System)                       DV-TW - Relay Valve Two Way
DIB - Diagnostic Information Base                        DVVV - Distributor Vacuum Vent Valve
DIC - Driver Information Center                          Dyno - Dynamometer
DICM - Distributor Ignition Control Module               E4OD - Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive
DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung standard            EAC - Electronic Air Control (replaced with AIR)
DIS - Direct Ignition (Waste Spark)                      EACV - Electronic Air Control Valve
DITDES - Desired Dynamic Injection Timing                EAIR - Electronic Secondary Air Injection
DIY - Do It Yourself                                     EBA - Engine Braking Assist
DK - PS DieselKleen                                      EBC - Engine Braking Control
DLC - Data Link Connector (OBD)                          EBCM - Electronic Brake Control Module
DLL - Dynamic Link Library                               EBP - Exhaust Back :Pressure
DM - Drive Motor                                         EBTCM - Electronic Brake T/C Module
DMCM - Drive Motor Control Module                        EC - Engine Control
DMCT - Drive Motor Coolant Temperature                   ECA - Electronic Control Assembly (Ford)
DMF - Dual Mass Flywheel                                 ECC - Electronic Climate Control
DMPI Module - Drive Motor Power Inverter Module          ECCS - Electronic Concentrated Control System
DMS - Distributor Modulator System                       ECI - Extended Compressor at Idle
DOA - Dead On Arrival                                    ECIT - Electronic Control Ignition Timing
DOE - Department Of Energy                               ECK - Engine Cover Kit
DOHC - Dual Overhead Cam                                 ECL - Engine Coolant Level
DOHC - Dual OverHead Cam engine                          ECM - Electronic Control Module (Computer)
DOL - Data Output Line to IPC                            ECM - Engine Control Module
DOT - Department of Transportation                       ECM - Engine/Electronic Control Module
DP - DownPipe, Dead Pedal                                ECO - Electronically Controlled Orifice (power steering)
DPC - Dynamic Pressure Control                           ECS - Emission Control System
DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter                          ECS - Evaporation Control System (Chrysler)
DPFE - Differential Pressure Feedback                    ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature
DPI - Fuel Plug Inhibit                                  ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature
DRB II - Diagnostic Readout Box (Chrysler)               ECU - Electronic Control Unit
DRCV - Distributor Retard Control Valve                  ECU - Electronic Control Unit
DREAMS - Digital Room Enlargement Automotive Sound       EDF - Electro-Drive Fan
DRFS - Demand-Regulated Fuel Supply                      EDIS - Electronic Direct Ignition System (replaced with EI)
DRL - Daytime Running Light                              EDL - Electronic Differential Lock
DRL - Daytime Running Lights                             EDM - Electronic Distributor Modulator (Ford)
DSBP - Driver Seat Belt Pretensioner                     EDR(EDC) - Elektronische Diesel Regelung(Electronic Diesel
DSG - Direct Shift Gearbox                               Control) fuel injection
DSO - Digital Storage Oscilloscope                       EEC - Electronic Engine Control (Ford)
DSP - Dynamic Shift Program, Digital Signal Processing   EEC-I - Control of Ignition Timing
DSR - Ford Diagnostic Subroutine                         EEC-II - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through
DSS - Downshift Solenoid                                 a Feed Carburetor System
DSSA - Dual Signal Spark Advance (Ford)                  EEC-III - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery
DSV - Deceleration Solenoid Valve                        Through a Central Fuel Injection System
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code                            EEC-IV - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code                            an Electronic Fuel Injection System
DTC FRZ - Diagnostic Trouble Code Freeze Frame           EECS - Evaporative Emission Control System
DTM - Diagnostic Test Mode                               EEGR - Electronic EGR (Solenoid)
DTVS - Dual Temperature Vacuum Switch                    EEGR Monitor - Electronic EGR Test
DV - Delay Valve                                         EEPROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only
DVAC - Distributor Vacuum Advance Control Valve          Memory
DVDSV - Differential Vacuum Delay and Separator Valve    EESS - Evaporative Emission Shed System (Ford)
EEVIR - Evaporator Equalized Values in Receiver               EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFC - Electronic Feedback Carburetor (Chrysler)               EPT - EGR Pressure Transducer (replaced with PFE)
EFC - Electronic Fuel Control                                 ESA - Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)
EFCA - Electronic Fuel Control Assembly (Ford)                ESC - Electronic Spark Control System (Ford)
EFE - Early Fuel Evaporation                                  ESD - Electrostatic Discharge
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection                               ESP - Elektronisches StabilitätsProgramm (Electronic
EFT - Engine Fuel Temperature                                 Stabilization)
EFV - Early Fuel Evaporation                                  ESS - Electronic Spark Selection (Cadillac)
EGC - Exhaust Gas Check Valve (Ford)                          ESS - Engine Start-Stop
EGO - Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor (Ford)                        EST - Electronic Spark Timing
EGOR - EGO Signal Return (Ford)                               ET - EinpressTiefe (wheel offset)
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (a valve/system on the car)   ETA/ETD - Estimated Time of Arrival/Departure
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation                               ETC - Electronic Temperature Control
EGR Monitor - OBDII EGR Test                                  ETKA - Elektronischer Teile Katalog (VW's computerized parts
EGR TVV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Thermal Vacuum Valve      catalog)
EGRB - EGR Boost Sensor                                       ETP - EGR Pressure Transducer
EGRC - EGR Control Solenoid (Ford)                            ETR - Electronically Tuned Receiver
EGRC-BPT - EGR Control Back Pressure Transducer               EVAP - Evaporative Emissions System
EGRPS - EGR Valve Position Sensor (Mazda)                     EVAP CP - Evaporative Canister Purge
EGRT - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature                  EVAP CV - Evaporative Emissions System Canister Vent
EGRV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent Solenoid                EVIC - Electronic Vehicle Information Center
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature                                 EVO - Electronic Vehicle Orifice
EGTS - Exhaust Gas Temperature Switch (replaced with EGRT)    EVP - EGR Valve Position Sensor
EH - Electro-Hydraulic                                        EVR - EGR Vacuum Regulator
EHN - EthylHexyl Nitrate                                      EXH - Exhaust
EI - Integrated Electronic Ignition System                    EZEE - Equal to Zero Emissions Engine
EIA - Energy Information Administration                       F4WD - Full Time Four Wheel Drive
EICV - Electronic Idle Control Valve                          FAN - Cooling Fan (Low or High Speed)
ELB - Electronic Lean Burn (Chrysler)                         FAP - Foreign Auto Parts
ELC - Electronic Level Control                                FBC - Feedback Carburetor
ELCD - Evaporative Loss Control Device                        FBCA - Feedback Carburetor Actuator (Ford)
ELSA - Elektronisches Service-Auskunftssystem (Service info   FC - Fan Control
system)                                                       FCA - Fuel Control Assembly (Chrysler)
EM - Electron Microscope, ElectroMagnetic                     FCM - Fan Control Module
EM - Engine Modification                                      FCS - Fuel Control Solenoid (Ford)
EMB - Electromagnetic Brakes                                  FDBK - Feedback
EMF - Electromotive Force (voltage)                           FDC - Fuel Deceleration Valve (Ford)
EMI - Electromagnetic Interference                            FDV - Fuel Decel Valve (Ford)
EMR - Electronic Module Retard                                FEEPROM - Flash Electronically Erasable Programmable Read
EMVT - Electro-Mechanical Valve Train                         Only Memory
EN - Generator (Alternator)                                   FEPROM - Flash Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EOBD - European On Board Diagnostics                          FF - Flexible Fuel
EOP - Engine Oil Pressure                                     FF - Fuel Filter
EOS - Exhaust Oxygen Sensor                                   FFA - Free Fatty Acid
EOT - Engine Oil Temperature                                  FFFP - Fuel-Flexible Fuel Processor
EP - Exhaust Pressure                                         FFT - Fast Fourier Transform
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency                         FHA - Federal Highway Administration
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency                         FI - Forced Induction
EPC - Electronic Pressure Control                             FI - Fuel Injector
EPOS - EGR Valve Position Sensor (Ford)                       FIC - Fast Idle Control
EPR - Exhaust Pressure Regulator Valve                        FICD - Fast Idle Control Device
EPROM - Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory            FIE - Fuel Injection Equipment
FIP - Fuel Injection Pump                                     GP - Glow Plug
FIPL - Fuel Injection Pump Lever                              GPH - Gallons Per Hour
FIS - FahrzeugInformationsSystem                              GPM - Grams Per Mile
FLC - Fluid Lock-up Converter (Ford)                          GPS - Global Positioning System
FLS - Fluid Level Sensor (GM)                                 GPS - Governor Pressure Sensor
FM - Fan Motor Program in PCM                                 GSM - Global System for Mobile communications
FMEM - Failure Mode Effect Management                         GST - Generic Scan Tool
FMEP - Friction Mean Effective Pressure                       GST - Goods and Services Tax
FMIC - Front Mounted InterCooler                              GTA - Greater Toronto Area
FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards                GTG - Get Together
FOM - Fix Operating Mode (Limp Mode)                          GTL - Gas To Liquid diesel fuel
FP - Fuel Pump                                                GVRD - Greater Vancouver Regional District
FPR - Fuel Pump Relay (Ford)                                  GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight
FPM - Fuel Pump Monitor (in PCM)                              GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
FPRC - Fuel Pump Regulator Control                            GWB - George W. Bush, George Washington Bridge
FRC - Forced                                                  GY - GoodYear
FRP - Fuel Rail Pressure                                      H - Hydrogen
FRT - Fuel Rail Temperature                                   H&R - Heine und Remmen springs
FRZ - Freeze Frame                                            H/CMPR - High Compression
FS - For Sale                                                 H2O - Water
FSI - Fuel Stratified petrol direct Injection                 HAC - High Altitude Compensator
FT - Fischer-Tropsch diesel, For Trade                        HAIS - Heated Air Intake System (Chrysler)
FT - Fuel Trim                                                HB - HatchBack
FTC - Federal Trade Commission                                HBV - Heater Blower Voltage
FTL - Fuel Tank Level Sensor                                  HC - HydroCarbon
FTO - Filtered Tachometer Output                              HC - Hydrocarbons
FTP - Fuel Tank Pressure                                      HCDS - High Clutch Drum Speed
FTT - Fuel Tank Temperature                                   HCV - Exhaust Heat Control Valve (Ford)
FU - Foul Up                                                  HCV - Hydrocarbon (Ford)
FWD - Front Wheel Drive                                       HD - Heavy Duty
FWD - Front Wheel Drive                                       HD - Heavy Duty
FWIW - For What It's Worth                                    HDC - Heavy Duty Cooling
FYI - For Your Information                                    HDR-CKP - High Data Rate CKP Sensor
G/J - Golf/Jetta                                              HEGO - Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
g/sec - Grams per Second                                      HEI - High Energy Ignition (GM)
GA - Gage                                                     HF - Harbor Freight
GB - Group Buy, Glove Box                                     HFC - High (speed) Fan Control
GCF - Gulf Coast Filter                                       HFP - High Fuel Pump (Relay) Control
GCM - Governor Control Module                                 Hg - Mercury
GCW - Gross Combination Weight                                HIC - Hot-Idle Compensator (Ford)
GDC - Fuel Data Center                                        HID - High Intensity Discharge bulbs
GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection                               HLOS - Hardware Limited Operation System
GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection                               HO - High Output
GE - General Electric                                         HO2S - Heated Oxygen Sensor
GEM - Generic Electronic Module                               HO2S-1-1 - Bank One Sensor One Signal
GEN - Generator (Alternator)                                  HO2S-1-2 - Bank One Sensor Two Signal
GHG - GreenHouse Gas                                          HO2S-1-3 - Bank One Sensor Three Signal
GL,GLS,GLX - VW trim lines                                    HO2S-2-1 - Bank Two Sensor One Signal
GmbH - Gesellschaft Mit Beschränkter Haftung (Ltd Liability   HO2S-2-2 - Bank Two Sensor Two Signal
Corp)                                                         HOAT - Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolant
GND - Electrical Ground Connection                            HP - HorsePower
GOOSE - Brief Throttle Open/Close                             HP - Horsepower
HPC - High Pressure Cutoff                        IGN GND - Ignition Ground
HPL - High Pressure Liquid                        IIRC - If I remember correctly
HPS - High Performance System                     ILC - Idle Load Compensator
HPV - High Pressure Vapor                         ILSAC - International Lubricant Standardization and Approval
HSC - High Swirl Combustion                       Committee
HSDI - High Speed Direct Injection                IM - Intake Manifold
HSV - Hill Start Valve (mechanical clutch)        IMA - Idle Mixture Adjuster
HT - High Tension                                 IMHO - In my honest opinion
HTH - Hope This Helps                             IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
HTHS - High Temperature High Shear                Immo - Immobilizer
HU - Head Unit                                    IMO - In my opinion
HUB - Hub Unit Bearing                            IMRC - Intake Manifold Runner Control
HUD - Heads Up Display                            IMS - Ignition Module Signal
HVAC - Heater Ventilation and Air Conditioning    IMS - Inferred Mileage Sensor (Ford)
HVACM - Heater-Vent-Air Conditioning Module       IMT - Intake Manifold Timing
HVS - High Voltage Switch                         INJ 1 to INJ 10 - Fuel Injectors 1 to 10
Hz - Hertz                                        INT - Integrator (replaced with ST FUEL TRIM)
I/M - Inspection and Maintenance                  IOCTL - Input / Output Control
I/M - Inspection and Maintenance                  IOW - In Other Words
I/O - Input / Output                              IPC - Instrument Panel Cluster
I/P - Instrument Panel                            IPR - Injector Pressure Regulator
IA - Intake Air                                   IQ - Injection Quantity
IAC - Idle Air Control (motor or solenoid)        IQ - Injected Quantity, In stock Quantity
IACV - Idle Air Control Valve                     IRCM - Integrated Relay Control Module
IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer (disclaimer)            ISA - Idle Speed Actuator
IAS - Inlet Air Solenoid (Ford)                   ISC - Idle Speed Control
IASG - International Automotive Sector Group      ISO - International Organization for Standardization
IAT - Intake Air Temperature                      ISO - International Standard of Organization
IAT - Intake Air Temperature                      ISS - Input Shaft Speed
IBP - Integral Back Pressure                      ISS - Instant Start System (diesel engine)
IBS - Intelligent Brake System                    ITA - Ignition Timing Adjustment
IC - InterCooler                                  ITCS - Ignition Timing Control System (Honda)
IC - Ignition Control                             ITS - Idle Tracking Switch
IC - Integrated Circuit                           ITT - Inlet Turbine Temperature
ICC - Interstate Commerce Commission              IVHS - Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
ICM - Ignition Control Module                     IVPWR - EEC-Measured Battery Voltage
ICP - Injection Control Pressure                  IVS - Idle Validation Switch
ICS - Idle Control Solenoid (GM)                  IVSC - Integrated Vehicle Speed Control
ID - Inner Diameter                               IVV - Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)
ID - Inside Diameter                              JAS - Jet Air System (Mitsubishi)
IDI - Indirect Injection                          JIS - Japanese Industrial Standards
IDI - InDirect Injection (gas)                    JSV - Jet Mixture Solenoid Valve
IDI - Integrated Direct Ignition                  JW - Jetta Wagon
IDL - Idle Position Switch                        K&N - Ken and Norm air filters
IDM - Ignition Diagnostic Monitor                 KAM - Keep Alive Memory
IDM - Injector Driver Module                      KAPWR - Direct Battery Power
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission   KBB - Kelly Blue Book
IFI - Indirect Fuel Injection                     KD - Kickdown
IFR - In-Frame Response                           KDLH - Kickdown Low Hold
IFS - Inertia Fuel Switch                         Kg/cm2 - Kilograms/ Cubic Centimeters
IGN - Ignition                                    kHz - Kilohertz
IGN ADV - Ignition Advance                        KK&K - Kühnle, Kopp, und Kausch turbos
Km - Kilometers                                   MB - Mercedes Benz
KMB - Kiss my butt                                MBC - Manual Boost Controller
KOEC - Key On, Engine Cranking                    MC - Mixture Control
KOEO - Key On, Engine Off                         Mcdo - McDonald's
KOER - Key On, Engine Running                     MCS - Mixture Control Solenoid (GM)
KPA - Kilopascal                                  MCT - Manifold Charge Temperature Sensor (Ford)
KS - Knock Sensor                                 MCU - Microprocessor Control Unit (Ford)
KSM - Knock Sensor Module                         MCV - Manifold Control Valve (Ford)
KWP - Keyword Protocol                            MDB - Moving Deformable Barrier (crash testing)
L - Liters                                        MDP - Manifold Differential Pressure
L4 - Four Cylinder Inline Engine                  MECS - Mazda Electronic Control System
LAMBSE - Short Term Fuel Trim                     MEMCAL - Memory Calibration
LATCH - Lower Anchorage and Tether for CHildren   MFA - Multi-Funktions-Anzeige -or- Multi Function Display
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display                      MFD - Multi Function Display
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display                      MFDES - Desired Mass of Fuel as Determined by the EEC
LD - Light Duty                                   Strategy
LDP - Leak Detection Pump                         MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection
LDVSP - Light-Duty Vehicle Surveillance Program   MGP - Manifold Gauge Pressure - MAP - BP
LED - Light Emitting Diode                        MIC - Mechanical Instrument Cluster
LED - Light Emitting Diode                        MICE - Multimedia Information Communications and
LF - Left Front                                   Entertainment
LFC - Low Fan Control                             MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light/Lamp (same as CEL)
LFP - Low Speed Fuel Pump Control                 MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp
LHD - Left Hand Drive                             MISAR - Microprocessed Sensing and Automatic Regulation (GM)
LOAD - Calculated Load Value                      MkIV or Mk4 - Mark IV, usually refers to cars using the A4
LOC - Light Off Catalyst                          platform
LOL - Laugh Out Loud                              MLP - Manual Lever Position
LONGFT - Long Term Fuel Trim                      MLP - Manual Lever Position (sensor)
LOOP - Engine Operating Loop Status               MLS - Multi-Layer Steel
LOS - Limited Operating Strategy                  MLUS - Modulated Lock Up Solenoid or its Control Circuit
LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas                        (Ford)
LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas                        MLVLPS - Manual Valve Lever Position
LSD - Limited Slip Differential                   MO - Money Order, Missouri
LSS - Linear Shift Solenoid                       MODE - Engine Operation Mode, 0 - No Start, 1 - Crank, 2
LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim                        - Run
LTFT - Long-Term Fuel Trim                        MOMO - Moretti-Monza cabin accessories
LTFT - Low Temperature Flow Test                  MPFI - Multi-Port Fuel Injection
LTS - Low Coolant Switch                          MPG - Miles Per Gallon
LUS - Lock-Up Solenoid                            MPG - Miles Per Gallon
LV8 - Load Variable                               MPH - Miles Per Hour
LWB - Long Wheel Base                             MPI - Multi Port Injection
M/C - Mixture Control                             mS or ms - Millisecond
M/M - Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act                  MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
M/T - Manual Transmission                         MSFF - Miles Since First Fail
MAF - Mass Air Flow Sensor                        MSIG - Multiple Spark-Ignition Gasket
MAF- Mass Air Flow Sensor                         MSLF - Miles Since Last Fail
MAF RTN - Mass Airflow Sensor Ground              MSRP - Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
Mag - Magnesium wheels or light                   MST - Manifold Surface Temperature
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure                  MT - Manual Transmission
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor           MTL - Montréal
MAS - Mixture Adjust Screw                        MTV - Manifold Tune Valve
MAT - Manifold Air Temperature                    MUTCD - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
mV or mv - Milivolt                                          OD - Outer Diameter
MVLPS - Manual Valve Lever Position                          OD - Outside Diameter
MVZ - Manifold Vacuum Zone                                   OD - Overdrive
MY - Model Year                                              ODM - Output Device Monitor
N - Nitrogen                                                 Odo - Odometer
N.C. - Normally Closed Position                              ODS - Overdrive Drum Speed
N.O. - Normally Open Position                                OE - Original Equipment
N/MIL - A Code Set Without a MIL Request                     OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
N/V - Input Shaft Speed to Vehicle Speed                     OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
N75 - boost pressure control solenoid valve                  OEM or simply OE - Original Equimpent Manufacturer
NA - Naturally Aspirated -or- North America(n) -or- Not      OHC - Overhead Cam Engine
Applicable                                                   OHV - OverHead Valve
NADA - National Automobile Dealers Association price guide   OL - Open Loop
NAIAS - North American International Auto Show               OLM - Oil Life Monitor
NB - New Beetle                                              OMD - Oldman Modified Dawes boost controller
NBB - National Biodiesel Board                               OMG - Oh My God
NCAPS - Non-Contact Angular Position Sensor                  OP - Original Post/Poster
NCRPS - Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor                   ORC - Oxidation Reduction Converter
NDIR - Non Dispersive Infrared                               ORVR - On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery
NDS - Neutral Drive Switch                                   OS - Oxygen Sensor
NE - New England                                             OSAC - Orifice Spark Advance Control (Chrysler)
NGS - Neutral Gear Switch (Ford)                             OSAT - OutSide Air Temperature
NGV - Natural Gas Vehicles                                   OSC - Output State Check (Ford)
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration       OSI - Open System Interconnect
NIB - Never Installed Before                                 OSM - Output State Monitor
Nm - Newton Meters                                           OSS - Output Speed Shaft
NOT - Normal Operating Temperature                           OTIS - Overhead Travel Information System
NOx - Nitrogen Oxides                                        OTOH - On The Other Hand
NOx - Oxides of Nitrogen                                     OTR - On The Road
NPT - National Pipe Thread                                   OVCV - Outer Vent Control Valve
NS - Neuspeed                                                P/B - Power Brakes
NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient                       P/E - Power Enrichment
NVH - Noise, Vibration, Harshness                            P/N - Part Number
NVRAM - Non Volatile Random Access Memory                    P/N - Part Number
O2 - Oxygen                                                  P/S - Power Steering
O2S-11 - Oxygen Sensor Signal (Bank 1)                       PA - Pressure Air (Honda)
O2S-21 - Oxygen Sensor Signal (Bank 2)                       PAFS - Pulse Air Feeder System (Chrysler)
OAI - Oil Analyzers Incorporated                             PAIR - Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
OASIS - Ford Motor Company Online Automotive Service         PAO - PolyAlphaOlefin oils
Information System                                           PAS - passive Anti-Theft System
OBD - On Board Diagnostic                                    PAS - Power Assisted Steering
OBD I - On Board Diagnostics Version I                       PASE - Passive Start and Entry (security system)
OBD II - On Board Diagnostics Version II                     PASS - Personalized Automotive Security System
OBD STAT - On Board Diagnostic System Status                 PB - Pierburg
OBEM - On-Board Emissions Measurement                        PC - Personal Computer
OBO - Or Best Offer                                          PC - PetroCanada
OC - Oxidation Catalytic Converter                           PC - Pressure Control
OCC - Output Circuit Check (Ford)                            PCB - Printed Circuit Board
OCI - Oil Change Interval                                    PCB - Printed Circuit Board, PolyChlorinated Biphenyl
OCIL - Overdrive Cancel Indicator Lamp                       PCI - Programmable Communications Interface
OCS - Overdrive Cancel Switch                                PCM - Powertrain Control Module
OCT ADJ - Octane Adjust Fuel Switch                          PCO - Pressure Controlled Orifice (power steering)
PCS - Pressure Control Solenoid                             PVA - Ported Vacuum Advance
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation                        PVS - Ported Vacuum Switch
PD - Pump Duese (injection system) (edited)                 PW - Power Windows
PD - Pumpe Deuse                                            PWM - Pulse Width Modulation
PDC - Park Distance Control, Parts Distribution Center      PWR GND - Power Ground for PCM
PDE - Pumpe-Düse Einspritzung                               QDM - Quad Driver Module
PDF - Portable Document Format                              QS - Quaker State
PDX - Portland, Oregon                                      R&D - Research and Development
PECV - Power Enrichment Control Valve                       RABS - Rear Antilock Brake System
PF - Purge Flow Sensor                                      RAM - Random Access Memory
PFE - Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor                          RAP - Retained Access Power
PFI - Port Fuel Injection                                   RBS - Regenerative Braking system
PGM-FI - Programmed Gas Management Fuel Injection (Honda)   RC - Rocket Chip
PID - Parameter Identification Location                     RCA - Radio Corporation of America audio connector
PID SUP - Parameter Identification Supported                RECAL - Calibration Adjustment
PIN - Personal Identification Number                        REDOX - Reduction Oxidation Converter
PIO - Poly Internal Olefin                                  REF - Reference
PIP - Profile Ignition Pickup Signal                        RF - Right Front
PITA - Pain In The Arse                                     RFCSS - Rear-Facing Child Safety Seat
PIV - Peak Inverse Voltage                                  RFI - Radio Frequency Interference
PKE - Passive Keyless Entry                                 RHD - Right Hand Drive
pls - please                                                RKE - Remote Keyless Entry
PM - Particulate Matter, Private Message                    RL - Red Line oil
PMD - Pump Mounted Driver                                   RLR - Remote Lid Release
PNP - Par Neutral Position                                  RM - Relay Module
PNW - Pacific NorthWest                                     RME - Rapeseed oil Methyl Ester (biodiesel base)
POS - Piece Of S***                                         ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
POT - Potentiometer                                         ROFLMAO - Rolling on floor laughing my a++ off
PPM - Parts per million                                     ROM - Read Only Memory
PPM - Parts Per Minute                                      RON - Rated Octane Number
PPP - Paie Pas Pantoute                                     RPC - Remote Parameter Test
PPS - Ported Pressure Switch (Ford)                         RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
PR - Pressure Relief                                        RPM - Rotations Per Minute
PRC - Pressure Regulator Control                            RPT - Reference Performance Test
PRNDL - Switch                                              RRS - Variable Reluctance Sensor
PROM - Programmable Read-Only Memory                        RTD - Real Time Dampening
PS - Power Service                                          RTFM/RTFQ - Read The Freaking Manual/Question
PS - Power Steering                                         RTN - Dedicated Sensor Ground Circuit
PS - Power Steering, Post Script (also PowerService)        RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanizing
PSA - Pressure Switch Assembly                              RVP - Reid Vapor Pressure
PSC - Power Steering Control                                RWAL - Rear Wheel Anti-Lock
PSI - Pounds per Square Inch                                RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch                                RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
PSOM - Programmable Speedometer Odometer Module             S4WD - Selectable Four Wheel Drive
PSOV - Purge Shut Off Valve (Ford)                          SA - Société Anonyme ( - incorporated), South America
PSP - Power Steering Pressure (switch)                      SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers standard (usually
PSPS - Power Steering Pressure Switch                       "English" not metric measures)
PST - Provincial Sales Tax                                  SAE - Viscosity Grade
PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistor             SA-FV - Separator Assembly Fuel/Vacuum
PTO - Power Take Off (4WD Option)                           SAPS - Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus, & Sulfur
PTOX - Periodic Trap Oxidizer                               SAVM - Spark Advance Vacuum Modulator
PTU - Part Throttle Unlock                                  SAW - Spark Angle Work
SB - Smart Box                                                  SPD - Speed
SBDS - Service Bay Diagnostic System                            SPFI - Single Point Fuel Injection (throttle body)
SBEC - Single Board Engine Controller (replaced with PCM0       SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
SBS - Boost Solenoid (Ford)                                     SPL - Smoke Puff Limiter
SBT - Serial Bus Traveler                                       SPL - Sound Pressure Level
SC - Supercharged Engine                                        SPOUT - Spark Output Signal
SCAP - Silicone Capacitance Absolute Pressure Sensor (Ford)     SPS - Service Programming System
SCARES - Selective Car Audio Receptive Evaluation System        SPS - Service Programming System
SCB - Supercharger Bypass                                       SRC - Selective Ride Control
SCC - Spark Control Computer (Chrysler)                         SRDV - Spark Retard Delay Valve
SCCA - Sports Car Club of America                               SRI - Service Reminder Indicator
SCF - Steering Characteristic Function                          SRP - Stealth Race Pipe
SCI - Serial Communications Interface                           SRR - Short-Range Radar
SCP - Standard Corporate Protocol                               SRS - Spark Retard Solenoid
SCP - Standard Corporate Protocol                               SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)
SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction                             SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (airbags)
SDI - Saab Direct Ignition                                      SRT - System Readiness Test
SDI - Suction Direct Injection                                  SS - Speed Sensor (Honda)
SDM - Sensing Diagnostic Module                                 SS1, SS2,etc. - Shift Solenoid 1, 2, etc.
SDP - Steyr-Daimler-Puch engines                                SSI - Solid State Ignition (Ford)
SDV - Spark Deceleration Valve                                  ST - Scan Tool
SDV - Spark Delay Valve                                         STAR - Self-Test Automatic Readout
SEFI - Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection                     STFT - Short-Term Fuel Trim
SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope                              STI - Self-Test Input
SEO - Special Equipment Option                                  STI - Self-Test Input (Ford)
SES - Service Engine Soon (replaced with MIL)                   STLE - Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
SFBA - San Francisco Bay Area                                   STO - Self-Test Output
SFI - Sequential Fuel Injection                                 STO - Self-Test Output (Ford)
SG - Specific Gravity                                           STP - Scientifically Treated Petroleum
SHED - Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination System          STS - Service Throttle System (lamp)
SHO - Super High Output Engine                                  SULEV - Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
SHRT FT - Short Term Fuel Trim                                  SUSP - Suspension System Module
SHRTFT1 - Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1                           SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle
SIG RTN - Signal Return (sensor ground)                         SVO - Straight Vegetable Oil
SIL - Shift Indicator Lamp                                      SVV - Solenoid Vent Valve (Ford)
SIPS - Side Impact Protections System                           SW,s/w - ShortWave, SoftWare
SIR - Supplemental Inflatable Restraint                         SWB - Short Wheel Base
SIS - Solenoid Idle Stop                                        T90 - Temperature at which 90% of fuel evaporates
SJ,SK,SL - API oil standards for spark ignition engines (non-   TA - Temperature Air (Honda)
diesel)                                                         TA - Travelcenters of America
SKC - Secret Key Code                                           TAB - Thermactor Air Bypass
SMD - Surface Mount Device, Specific Material Designation       TAC - Thermostatic Air Cleaner (GM)
SMEC - Single Module Engine Controller (replaced with PCM)      TAC - Throttle Actuator Control
SMF - Single Mass Flywheel                                      TACH - Tachometer
SMIC - Side Mount InterCooler                                   TAD - Thermactor Air Diverter
SMPI - Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (Chrysler)           TAP - Transmission Adaptive Pressure
SO - Significant Other                                          TAV - Temperature Actuated Vacuum
SO2 - Sulfur Dioxide                                            TB - Timing Belt -or- Tuning Box
SOHC - Single Overhead Cam                                      TB - Timing Belt, Tuning Box, Throttle Body
SOHC - Single OverHead Cam engine                               TBA - To Be Announced
SOI/COI - Start/Commencment of Injection                        TBD - To be determined
SOL - So Out of Luck                                            TBI - Throttle Body Injection
TBN - Total Base Number                                  TRLHP - Thermal Vacuum Valve
TC - Torque Converter, Touring Class, Transport Canada   TRS, TRS+1 - Transmission Regulated Spark Control System
TC - Turbocharger                                        TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
TCA - Thermostat Controlled Air Cleaner                  TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
TCC - Torque Converter Clutch                            TSP - Throttle Solenoid Positioner (Ford)
TCCP - Torque Converter Clutch Pressure                  TSS - Transmission Shaft Speed Sensor
TCCS - Toyota Computer Controlled System                 TSS - Turbine Speed Shaft Sensor
TCF - Trillion Cubic Feet                                TT - an Audi model
TCI - Turbocharger and Intercooler                       TTT - To the top
TCIL - Transmission Control Indicator Lamp               TTY - Torque To Yield (stretch) bolts
TCM - Transmission Control Module                        TU - Tits up
TCM - Transmission Control Module                        TÜV - Technischer ÜberwachungsVerein standards lab
TCP - Temperature Compensated Accelerator Pump (Ford)    TV - Throttle Valve
TCP - Torque Charger                                     TVS - Temperature Vacuum Switch
TCS - Traction Control Switch                            TVV - Thermal Vent Valve (Ford)
TCS - Transmission Control Switch                        TWC - Three Way Catalyst
TCS - Transmission Controlled Spark (GM)                 TWC + OC - Three Way Catalyst
TD - Turbo Diesel                                        UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
TDC - Top Dead Center                                    UCBO - UnConventional Base Oil
TDC - Top Dead Center                                    UD - Underdrive
TDI - Turbocharged Direct Injection                      UFB - UnFreaking Believable
TDI - Turbo Direct Injection                             UHEGO - Universal Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen-Sensor
TE - Thermal Expansion                                   UIDI - Up-Integrated Direct Ignition
TFL - TagFahrLicht (DRL), Torch FlashLight               ULEV - Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
TFP - Throttle Fluid Pressure                            ULSD - Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
TFP - Transmission Fluid Pressure                        UOA - Used Oil Analysis
TFT - Transmission Fluid Temperature                     Up - Upsolute chip
THM - Turbo Hydra-Matic                                  USB - Universal Serial Bus
TI - Transistorized Ignition System                      USD - United States Dollars
TIA - Thanks In Advance                                  V - Volts
TIC - Thermal Ignition Control (Chrysler)                VAC - Vacuum
TIP - Turbo Inlet Pipe                                   VAF - Vane Airflow Meter
TIR - Total Internal Reflector (headlights)              VAF - Volume Air Flow
TIS - Toyota Information System                          VAG - Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (Volkswagen Corporation)
TIT - Turbine Inlet Temperature                          VAG-COM - Software and cable combo to read and adjust the
TIV - Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)                cars computer
TK - Throttle Kicker Actuator (Ford)                     VASB - Van Aaken Smart Box
TKS - Throttle Kicker Solenoid                           VAT - Vane Air Temperature Sensor
TLA - Three-Layer Acronym                                VATS - Vehicle AntiTheft System
TMC - Traffic Message Channel                            VBAT - Vehicle (system) Battery Voltage
TOT - Transmission Oil Temperature                       VCC - Vacuum Cut Control Solenoid
TP - Throttle Position                                   VCI - Vehicle Calibration Identification
TP Mode - Throttle Position Mode                         VCM - Vehicle Control Module
TPCV - Tank Pressure Control Valve                       VCRM - Variable Control Relay Module
TPI - Tuned Port Injection                               VCTS - Vacuum Control Temperature Sensing Valve (Ford)
TPM - Tire Pressure Monitor                              VCV - Vacuum Control Valve (Ford)
TPP - Throttle Position Potentiometer                    VDOT - Variable Displacement Orifice Tube
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor                           VDS - Vehicle Description Section
TPS - Taxe sur les Produits et Services                  VDV - Vacuum Delay Valve
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor                           VDV - Vacuum Differential Valve (Ford)
TPT - Throttle Position Transducer (Chrysler)            VE - VertEiler (distributor) pump
TR - Transmission Range Sensor                           VECI - Vehicle Emission Control Information Decal
VF - Vacuum Fluorescent                                   WP - Water Pump
VFDES - Desired Volume of Fuel as Determined by the EEC   WRD - Watercooled Racing Development
Strategy                                                  WSS - Wheel Speed Sensor
VG - Variable Geometry                                    WTB - Want To Buy
VHVI - Very High Viscosity Index                          WTF - What The F***
VIM - Vehicle Interface Module                            WTG - Way To Go
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number                       WU OC - Warm Up Oxidation Catalytic Converter
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number                       WU TWC - Warm Up Three Way Catalytic Converter
VIPER - Vehicle Initial Performance Evaluation Register   WVO - Waste Vegetable Oil
VIS - Variable Induction System                           WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get
VLCM - Variable Load Control Module                       XHVI - eXtra High Viscosity Index
VMV - Vacuum Modulator Valve                              YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
VMV - Vapor Management Valve (EVAP)
VNT - Variable Nozzle Turbine
VNT - Variable Nozzle Turbocharger
VOA - Virgin Oil Analysis
VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds
VOTM - Vacuum Operated Throttle Modulator (Ford)
VPW - Variable Pulse Width
VPWM - Variable Pulse Width Modulated
VPWR - Ignition Switched Power
VR - Voltage Regulator
VR/S - Vacuum Regulator/Solenoid (Ford)
VRDV - Vacuum Retard Delay Valve (Ford)
VREF - Reference Voltage (from PCM)
VRESER - Vacuum Reservoir (Ford)
VREST - Vacuum Restrictor (Ford)
VRIS - Variable Resonance Induction System
VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery
VRS - Variable Reluctance Sensor
VRV - Vacuum Regulator Valve (Ford)
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
VTG - Variable Turbine Geometry
VVA - Venturi Vacuum Amplifier (Ford)
VVC - Variable Voltage Choke (Ford)
VVTS - Variable Valve Timing Sensor
VVV - Vacuum Vent Valve (Ford)
VWC - Volkswagen Canada
VWoA - Volkswagen of America
VWV - VolksWagen Vortex board
W/B - Wheelbase
WAC - WOT A/C Cutout Relay
WACA - A/C WOT Cutout Relay Monitor
Wett - Wetterauer chip
WFC - Warp Field Collapse
WFO - Wide Freaking Open
WHp - Hydraulic HorsePower
WMI - World Manufacturers Identification
WOT - Wide Open Throttle
WOT - Wide Open Throttle
WOTV - Wide-Open Throttle Valve (Ford)

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