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					                                  Midweek Selah
                                 Thursday 21st May 2009

We live in a generation where there is a general perception of ‘mine by right’ – the
right to live my life in the manner I choose, the right to voice my opinions, the right to
material possessions, the right to my morality, etc etc – the notion of ‘my rights’
features large in the thinking of the post modern society, a society which places the
ego very much at centre stage. It is all the more refreshing therefore when we read of
the right to praise God and the right to come to Him in prayer, and in Psalm 9 David
the Psalmist does exactly that. In a Psalm of thanksgiving to God for His justice,
David opens with four ‘rights’ – the right to give thanks to God, the right to speak of
His wonderful interventions in life, the right to personal contentment and great joy in
God, and the right to sing out praise to the most high God. Four rights, four ‘I wills’;
four expressions of praise and adoration, four personal choices; four desires of the
heart, and four proclamations for the presence of a living God.

Note here that there is no introspection, no self-centredness. This is not about ‘me’,
but about God, and David in his thanksgiving of God casts aside all pretence of his
rights to demand, and chooses instead to express his rights to delight in the attributes
of a great and loving and just God. In the ebb and flow of the Psalm David mixes
individual praise and divine justice, divine justice and corporate praise, with
individual prayer and divine justice and divine justice and corporate prayer, in a
seamless dedication to a worthy God who alone stands in judgement of all on Earth.

At the heart of the fallen nature a wilful ego demands attention, and great is the battle
as we go to combat every day against this powerful foe. But, Praise God, we can
choose a better way; Praise God that we can silence those inner demands as we make
the outward expressions of ‘I will’ towards our God. And today is the time for
exercising that choice. Today we can choose to give thanks to God and to those
around us; today we can choose to share the wonders of a great and creative God to
those around us; today we can choose to express joy in our redeemer God, and today
we can choose to sing out our praises to a God who, paradoxically, resides
simultaneously in the highest heavens and in the very centre of our hearts. What a
choice! The question is, what right of ‘I will’ will you express today?!

God bless you. Len

                                    God desires all men to be saved
                           And come to the knowledge of the truth (1 Tim 2:4)

                     Community Church of Polis

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