Antique Look Wood Bracket With Wrought Iron Design by bigindiastore


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									                      Antique Look Wood Bracket
                       With Wrought Iron Design
Product Description
Wood brackets are perfect to stylize your interiors as they put
your corners to a more adorned use. They help to utilize space
in a modish way. The bracket here has a top made of wood,
which is in the form of a semi-circle. Attached to this is a
wrought iron frame underneath. The designed frame is
extremely attractive and gives it an antique look. The frame is
provided with two holes using which it can be screwed into a
wall. Once fixed it can be used to keep small objects like flower
pot, vase, bottle, candle stand, decorative item, etc.

        More Details:
        The vase is made of Brass.
        It has Mughal designs in black and golden.
        It is an elegant decorative item for your
        It can be gifted as well.


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