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									Personal Details

Name: Francesco Politi
Date and Place of Birth: 28/09/1974, Brindisi - Italy
Nationality: Italian
Address: 2 Hill End Road, Harefield, UB9 6LG, UK
Mobile: please email
Full UK Driving License n. POLIT709284F99KM 37
Car owner: Yes


Degree in Philosophy, University of Pisa, June 2002
Results: 110/110 (First class degree)
Thesis in mathematical logic: “The algebraic model of type-free lambda calculus D-

High School: Liceo Classico “B. Marzolla”, Brindisi (Classical studies in literature)
Results: 52/60


Mother Tongue: Italian

Read: excellent
Write: excellent
Speak: fluent

Professional Skills

Excellent skills in web design, from planning/design to advanced standards-compliant
front-end development.

Very good skills in: corporate identity development, DTP, digital image manipulation,
photo editing and photography.

Excellent knowledge of HTML, XHTML and CSS with standards compliant hand-written
Good working knowledge of Javascript, XML.
Basic knowledge of PHP, ActionScript.
Good knowledge of Accessibility and Usability issues and techniques.
Excellent to very good knowledge of the following applications (on both Apple
Macintosh and MS Windows platforms):
Adobe: Acrobat, GoLive, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Freehand
Microsoft: FrontPage, PowerPoint, Word, Excell
Basic knowledge of: Quark Xpress

Personal organization: I am well organised and able to multi task effectively to ensure
deadlines are met.

Teamworking: I work effectively in a team, fullfilling and delivering on time team

Work Experience

Latest projects as freelance:

(image concept, logo design, website design and implementation)

(photography, website design and development)

(website design and development)


June 2006 - May 2008
Qualive Ltd
8 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 1FW

Role: in-house graphic designer for a leader IPTV company involving:
- Interface design & front-end development (both for web and TV);
- Corporate skinning of web and TV based applications and interfaces;
- Intranet, Bugzilla & WikiMedia redesign & skinning.

April 2006 - June 2006
HTML Developer
Premier IT - Reading

Working for UK Media Network - Reading

November 2005 – April 2006
Axos Ltd - Devon House, High Street, Thames Ditton


Clients 2003-5:

CANNED EGO Beauty Salon
The Arena - Stockley Park, Uxbridge,
Referee: Adela Gulotta
Project: web site design & development.

IDS S.p.a. Georadar Division
via Livornese 1019, 56010 Pisa,
Referee: Dr. Paolo Papeschi
Projects: major web site updates; creation of a PHP-Javascript form.

MEGA International - Italian Division
via della Moscova 58, 20121 - Milano,
Referee: Dr. Claudio Pucci
Projects: brochure redesign, Flash-animated logo.

TERTIUM Technology S.r.l
via Borgo Stretto 3, 56127 Pisa,
Referee: Dr. Marco Consani
Projects: corporate identity redesign, products’ visual identity creation, web site design
and development.

Loc. Greti di S. Martino, 19020 Follo (SP), web site under construction
Referee: Andrea Santini, tel: 0039 340 350 7132
Project: web site design

via Don Minzoni 12, 66034 Lanciano (CH),
Referee: Ivonne Garcia
Projects: corporate brochure design, visual branding for company’s services, web site
design and development, web site to pdf conversion, e-brochures design.

YELLE Traduzioni & School
via Coccapani 46, 56127 Pisa,
Referee: Ilaria Lorenzini
Projects: web site design and development, web site to pdf conversion.

WORLDTALK School of Languages S.a.s
via A. della Spina 35, 56125 Pisa,
Referee: Paola Giannetti
Projects: web site design and development, web site to pdf conversion.

Other projects

As free-lance:

Canned Ego – Beauty Salon
Project: corporate website design and development.

As designer & front-end developer for Axos:

IBP - The International Association of Construction, Design and Property Press
Project: website redesign and front-end development.

Danaos Corporation
Corporate website co-design and front-end development;
Photographic tour, QTVR panoramas and complete photographic reportage of a

Walkers & Pepsico UK
Project: Pepsico UK Trade site front-end development.

Carradale Photography
Project: website redesign, front-end and back-end development in php.

Design of six HTML newsletters for various pubs and restaurants;
Design and development of promo-page for “The Big White” movie.

CP Cases UK
Project: satellite website redesign and front-end development.

Additional Information and Interests

Eidos Design was the name of my own agency in Italy for business related visual
Being self-employed, my duties varied from customer management to proper graphic
design and web development, developing in this way both a basic undestanding of the
overall issues related to new media communication and a range of some specialized
skills like corporate image development and web interface design. In particular, I have
matured direct experience in creating and dealing with companies’ visual identity, from
market research to actual logo creation, product branding, photo editing and
manipulation. Also, I have designed, built and kept up-to-date for two years some
companies’ web sites. During these years though, I have been developing far more for
web related projects than press related ones, which have been limited to PDFs
production (particularly web site to pdf conversion), some brochures and flyers. At
present, my web site contains only a partial portfolio.

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