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									ESSENCE & DIVINE MAGIC Review
                                                oct 30, 06

New Transmissions in this Class:

        Divine Magic
        Energetic Intervention—not an upgrade to the LF level one, but a completely
                                 different transmission that works much deeper.
        Information: If you have also taken Body of Merlin’s Jewel, then this transmission will
channel Body of Merlin’s Jewel Information and Essence Information with a single intention: to
run Information.

What is True for Both Essence & Divine Magic
         Essence & Divine Magic work on similar levels and move similar kinds of stuff, with
some important exceptions. But they work from very different angles and with very different
kinds of energy, leaving the receiver in a different state, even when the same stuff is being
         Divine Magic is more active, more energizing, more focused, more creative and
energetic, more exciting, and more like the original magic of creation; it breaks ‘stuff’ down by
the sheer force and power of its focused divinity.
         Essence is broader, fuller, softer, softening, quieting, more oceanic, more spacious, more
serene, and more opening; it softly slips within ‘stuff ‘, merges with its consciousness and
dissolves it.
         So, Divine Magic would be better for someone who is more lethargic; Essence would be
better for someone who was overactive.
         Essence and Divine Magic can be channeled alone or together. They work well with most
other Vortex Transmissions, including Body & Heart of Merlin’s Jewel, but many transmissions,
such as Ice Melting, no longer add enough healing to be significant.
         For working on the Karmic Body, Divine Magic is a little deeper than the Karmic Body
transmission, but the Karmic Body transmission is a little deeper than Essence. But all 3 can be
used together to deepen and speed up the work there.
         Both Essence and Divine Magic work deeper on the other energetic bodies than the
individual Energetic Bodies transmission or the transmission called Bodies, and they also work
on the chakras, which the transmissions for the energetic bodies don’t do directly. The
transmissions for the energetic bodies do not add anything to Essence or Divine Magic, so there
is no reason to add that to your channeling.
         Both can release the ‘6th Dimensional hooks’ and the 5th Dimensional blueprint level.
They cannot work on the 6th Dimensional blueprint level. An ‘average’ issue will require about
8hrs of channeling into the 5th dimensional level to clear out that level of it. (If the 6th
dimensional blueprint level is released, which it can be by a Jewel student, it reduces the 8 hours
to about 4.)
         Both are channeled from the heart.
         Neither one can work on the genetic level.
         Both can release the 7 personal issue veils, if they are ready to go. They can also work on
the left and right veils, to whatever extent those are ready to go.
         Both can be used to do Reality Shifts, which take a little 5th Dimensional stuff with it at
this level.
         MAUMA is upgraded to work deeper in this class.

         Pre-Karmic Level: A release for an issue now takes about 10 minutes using Mauma. But
Essence or Divine, without Mauma, can do this in about 5 minutes; about 3 minutes when used
together. The pre-karmic level needs to be specified; the energies won’t go there just when
specifying an issue in general. More than one issue can be released at a time, which takes a little
longer for each added issue.
         Essence and Divine Magic work well on the emotional interface with the physical
body, even though they are not so powerful for the physical body itself.
         If working with a group, Essence or Divine Magic, or both, can be channeled for about
11 people (depending on your energy system), without losing significant effectiveness.
         Both can work on certain attachment threads (see Notes at the end of this handout), but
not much time is gained by using both together, so it is better to use just one or the other.
Attachment threads for a specific issue need to be specified; you cannot simply intend to release
all available-to-release attachment thread. A typical pattern of attachment threads that was
supporting an ego position will take about 15 minutes to release.
         There is a level of where our identification with our human drama seems to be reinforced
by the curiosity of the soul (not the incarnational personality) to experience that drama. Either
Essence or Divine Magic can release that for an issue, when that issue is specified (and if it is
appropriate to release that.) You cannot simply intend to release this for all issues at once.
         Essence and Divine Magic are among the few energies that do not disturb the working of
Merlin’s Global Healing Grid, so you can deepen your sessions by holding someone in the
Grid while using Essence and Divine Magic (although I still prefer to use the Grid alone).
         Both can work on the LifeField patterning.
         It is useful to add Vortex and/or Divine Lines when channeling Essence or Divine
Magic because these energize, and the extra energy helps things to release, thus facilitating
Essence and/or Divine Magic.
         Either one can be used to quickly clear food, before eating it.
         What is automatic and what needs to be specified: If you intend to work on a
particular issue, such as grief, Essence and Divine Magic will automatically go to where this
issue is held in all the energetic bodies, including the karmic body; it will go to the physical body
(even though it doesn’t do a lot there), and to the 5th dimensional blueprint level (although it
doesn’t hurt to also intend this). It will not automatically go to the pre-karmic level, to the 6th
dimensional hooks, the soul’s curiosity, or to the LifeField; for these areas of the issue, you need
to specify that the energies go there.
         NOTE: BE CAREFUL ABOUT assuming that when Essence or Divine Magic stops
running, that this means that all the pre-karmic stuff, or all the attachment threads, or all of
whatever you were focused on has been released. It may have, or you may have only released
what was in harmony to release at this time. Ask Merlin and check it again at another time to see
if there is more to release there.


Essence is the ‘essence of Vortex’.

Channeled from the Heart, rooted in navel.

Essence Field is a special type of structure that works in the background (at a level of 1 (on a
scale of 10) on issues or body; same as Rainbow at LF level; 1.2 at Int-D level. Essence Field
plus Rainbow at LF level is about 1.7, which goes up to about 1.9 with Int-D level. Can also use

Essence Information Structures (work at a level of 3 for improving functioning vs. 1 for
regular structure at advanced level)

To make Essence Fields and Essence info structures, simply channel Essence with the
intention to make those structures.

Essence (not Divine Magic) can be asked to go after habits of mind. (only a 3 on a scale of 10,
but better than nothing)

Essence level of information deeper than Omega level and easier for the system to follow and
integrate. Body of Merlin’s Jewel carries deeper body-level info, reaching into genetics.

Essence Truth: This is a powerful aspect of Essence which helps the channeler and the receiver
to be shown the Truth of what is happening. It brings the cause of whatever the issue is to the
surface and into focus.

Beginning & Ending Options: Because Essence is more relaxing and integrating, it is better
than Divine Magic for relaxing and centering in the beginning, and for integrating, grounding
and expanding, etc at the end, as an Ending Option.

Channel Essence (or Essence Information) while you are doing BodyMind Wakeup to deepen

Essence can do a good job of ‘earthing’ the receiver, which is different from grounding them, if
you intend that.


Channeled through the Heart & rooted there.

As Divine Magic is channeled, it bridges the receiver’s consciousness into whatever is being
worked on. This should make the movement in you and in clients much deeper, for it promotes
not just release but a more direct evolution of consciousness. In addition, in the first 3 minutes or
so of channeling, this bridging ‘warms up’ whatever is being worked on and gets it ready for
release. So even if you are intending to use Essence, it is good to use Divine Magic first for a
few minutes, or use it with Essence.

Divine Magic Structures bridge consciousness (not energy) into wherever it is put.

Add a Divine Magic structure to a spell to make it work better.

Divine Magic is a better deep-energizer than Essence.

Divine Magic doesn’t do INFO.

Divine Magic (not Essence) can expand the special opening to the divine in your spine and
spiritual heart created by Int-D. This takes about 10 minutes. Channel Divine Magic with this

When Breaking a TimeLine, put a Divine Magic structure into what you’re working on and then
keep channeling Divine Magic as you’re breaking the TimeLine. Sometimes a structure won’t be
asked for.
   Deeper Yet for Breaking a TimeLine: Create a Divine Magic Compression Structure in
whatever you want to work on, and then fill with divine magic. Then break the TimeLine and
break down the Divine Magic Compression Structure while the TimeLine oscillation is active.

Divine Magic is great for Re-Patterning and it does it quickly. Channel it after the Release
section of a treatment with the intention to Re-Pattern. To do more re-patterning, you can
channel Essence Information with Hebrew Letters, but it will probably take 10 minutes to get as
much movement as you got in 2 minutes with Divine Magic. In many cases, though, that will be
worth it, because of the value of re-patterning.
   If you have a client who has done a lot of inner work, you can channel Divine Magic with the
intention of re-patterning all the release that person has ever done.

Can ask Divine Magic to channel just its heart aspect. Not as powerful as Heart of Merlin’s
Jewel, but still very nice.


   This is a new transmission for this kind of work, not an update of the older one. It uses 1
spiritual being who works at a much deeper level than the group at LF level. It is for physical
body issues only. After using it, you will probably need to wait a couple of days for the ‘next
level’ to come up, to use this work for the same body issue again. Sometimes, it is only called for
once, though. Sometimes, you can ‘bring up its next level’ for energetic intervention, using 20
minutes of Divine Magic with Vortex & Divine Lines, with this intention. When you bring in the
being, give it permission to come into your body and tell it what you want it to focus on.

NOTES: Oneness Frequency & the Bubbles of Human Personality
    -- From the MF Review

     You can think of the human personality (not the ego itself) as a large bubble of consciousness
that contains lots of smaller bubbles of consciousness, which are the individual parts of the
personality. Each part has its own boundary and sense of identity. Each personality part, each
bubble, has its own position, its own history, and its own unique expression. Some of those
personality parts are no longer expressions of active karmic issues; the rest have a core human
ego position at its center. Most of your personality bubbles already existed as bubbles within—as
parts of—your incarnational personality, and some of them you copied from your parents
(always searching for new parts), using those new pieces of personality to express old positions.
Although there are ways to work at breaking down the bubble and its history, these are time
consuming; it is much easier to release the core ego position in its center, and then the bubble
empties out by itself, leaving only an empty shell that is not very significant (but which can be
broken down with Oneness Frequency in about 10 minutes).
     What is more significant is that your ego is attached to and identified with these bubbles of
personality—even when the bubbles are emptied out. This attachment and identification can be
thought of as being expressed from the ego into and through a special kind of thread—we’ll call
it ‘attachment thread’. So, the ego literally weaves itself, through these threads of attachment and
identification, to and through all these bubbles of personality—which represent your various
issues. And even after the bubbles are empty, the consciousness of attachment and identification

that was originally expressed into these threads still holds the memory of the position and
expresses it, keeping the position active. (This is similar to the active power of the karmic
webbing, even after the karma knots that generated it are gone.) And there is more webbing:
before the bubble emptied out, when the ego was identified with the position within it, it
generated attachment threads from its identity within the bubble back to the ego itself. In
addition, it generated attachment threads out to whatever aspects of its outer reality that it was
attached to or identified with. All of this is designed, of course, to strengthen the ego and its
identification with its positions.
     It turns out that Oneness Frequency can break down the outer layer of all those threads,
which is about ¼ of the total mass of it, weakening the identification with those positions and
weakening the force of those positions as they express into the world. (The rest of the threads can
be broken down later with Essence or Divine Magic.) But for this work to be effective, the core
human ego position in the center of the bubble needs to be released first; otherwise, the force of
its ego-consciousness will recreate those threads. (It would be like trying to break down karmic
webbing while the karma knot was still in place.) For the threads going to and expressing from a
single bubble of personality, it takes Oneness Frequency about 10 minutes to release that top
layer. (Assuming that the core ego position is gone, the release is permanent; nothing ‘grows
     In addition to this weaving of the ego to and through its positions, it also weaves itself to
each of the energetic bodies, strengthening its identification with them. But it is hard for Oneness
Frequency to break down the outer layer of these threads until the Core Veil is gone. There is no
problem with breaking down the personality bubbles, because once they are empty, much of the
leftover attachment is simply habit. There’s nothing much there for the ego to grab onto. But the
energetic bodies are not empty, so the ego will keep generating identity there. Even if you could
break down the threads, the ego would re-create them. When the Core Veil is gone, though, the
functioning core of the ego is gone, so the situation is entirely different. Then, Oneness
Frequency can be used on these threads, and the time needed varies, depending upon the body
and the intensity of identity originally created there by the ego. The spiritual and etheric body
may take only 10 minutes, whereas the physical, emotional, and mental may take 30 minutes,
and the karmic body may take 45 minutes or longer.
     The ego also weaves itself directly to what it is attached to in its outer reality. Until the Core
Veil is gone, though, these threads will not release.
     Each of the energetic bodies also has its own kind of individual, energetic body-ego. These,
too, can be broken down with Oneness Frequency once the Core Veil is gone. (If the actual
body-ego, based in the physical body, is lost, these individual ones for each of the energetic
bodies seem to automatically release with it.) But the time needed to break these down using
Oneness Frequency is not short. Even the etheric body would probably take about 2 hours. And
the actual body-ego cannot be broken down in this way, because it is an aspect of the Core Veil.
(This aspect of the Core Veil often doesn’t release when the main aspect of the Core Veil breaks
Typical Essence / Divine Magic Session
  > Homeopathic Wizard Thread to harmonize the system
  > Energizing Crystals & Grid (You can add your own reserve & treatment crystals.)
  > Treatment Crystals & Grid

  Only needs to be put in Once (taking 3-4 min):
   BodyMind Wakeup Treatment Structure,
      Structures for all the Body Pathways.
      Alignment Structures for Skeletal, Fascial, Organ & Chakra systems.
   Regular wizard thread Structures for all the Body Pathways (20-30 sec)
   Regular wizard thread Alignment Structures: Skeletal, Fascial, Organ (10-15 sec)
   Chakra Alignment Structures from LF class (10-15 sec)
   Vortex Light Structures (Channeled from Vortex everywhere in your body. Can’t channel these at a
       distance. 1- 1¼ min.)
      Receiving-Vortex Structures (5-10 sec)
      Energetic substances (Channeled with a navel hookup. Can’t channel these at a distance. 25-35 sec)
      (optional) Mandala structures for the eyes
      (Special MF Structure for Receiving LifeForm, if LF or All Energetics is used) (5-10 sec)

   Note: Essence information Structures as well as Essence Fields and Divine Magic structures are
   channeled automatically for whatever you are focused on (but not for things you aren’t focused on.)

  Can be put in More than once (for the session and long-term):

      Mixed Structures: this will create regular MF Structures (attach long-term MF structures to the
       receiver's energizing grid, if you’ve created it), Mantra structures, Merlin's Jewel structures, Oneness
       Frequency structures, a general LifeForm structure and most of the needed local ones. (To put LF
       structures into all organs & systems you need to intend that.)
      Omega Crystals, with added frequencies, mantras and/or Omega Essences
      Gaia LifeForm structures (which act like emotional spells).
      Electric Bio-Field structures
      Essence Information Structures, Essence Fields and Divine Magic Structures—put
       these in all organs, glands & systems to maximize health, long term & for session


   Note: at any point in the session, you can channel the Merlin mantra (“Merlin” or “One”), by itself
          or simultaneously while running energy. (But if you lost your Core Veil
         and your mantra was upgraded to emptiness, channel it from the Mantra Transmission.)
   Note: at any point in the session, channeling Essence Truth with the intention for you, the
         channeler, to sense better what is going on, will facilitate that sensing.

     Use Essence , with or without Vortex (adds a little) with the intention to Relax & Center.

 B. ENERGIZE: Use Vortex and divine lines with the intention to energize. Can also add
    Divine Magic to start things warming up on a deeper level.

     In general, for RELEASE, we simply use Essence or Divine Magic, supported with Vortex or
     Merlin’s Global Healing Grid (but not both together),. Note: if channeling Essence for Release, it
     can still be valuable, for bridging, to channel Divine Magic by itself or with Essence for a few

     *** > To focus on an emotional issue (or any particular need that has an emotional root):
            (‘Warm-up’ Options: use Merlin’s Global Healing Grid by itself, or channel Intimate
            Heart Vortex first, to help bridge the receiver’s consciousness into the issue.)

        1. Use Essence or Divine Magic to release the pre-karmic level, if allowed. (5 min). Or
           add Mauma (3 min).

        2. Use Essence or Divine Magic to release 6th dimensional hooks, if allowed.

        3. Release the Curiosity of the Soul for this issue, if allowed.

        4. Use Essence or Divine Magic to release on the 5th dimensional information level, if

        5. Release an issue veil, if allowed.

        6. Do a Reality Shift, if that would be helpful, if allowed.

        7. Use Divine Magic to work on the karmic body for this issue

        8. Use Essence or Divine Magic to release the related ego positions and karmic
           webbing, if allowed.

        9. Use Essence or Divine Magic to release the attachment threads to released ego
           positions, if allowed.
        10. Use Essence or Divine Magic (optionally, supported by Vortexor Merlin’s Global
            Healing Grid) to focus on any particular organ or chakra or system.

        11. For survival issues, it can be very valuable to use Essence or Divine Magic (with
            Int-D if you’ve taken it) to release that issue in the amygdala. Can add Vortex.

        12. Use Essence or Divine Magic (with Int-D if you’ve taken it) to release the
            neurological aspect of this issue, at the brain level. Can add Vortex.

        13. For relationships, with permission from both, clear the history build-up in their field.

     > Use Divine Magic or Essence, supported with Vortex for specific physical needs (Divine
           Magic is better for the physical).

     > Release a gremmie (as taught in Advanced).

     > Use Energetic Intervention for a physical condition, or for toxic metals or chemicals.

     > Release entity-like thought-forms & the emotional layers they sit in, using
           Essence or Divine Magic (about 2 minutes).

   > WHOLE SYSTEM. Use Essence or Divine Magic supported with Vortex or Merlin’s
        Global Healing Grid for the whole system.

 D. RE-PATTERN: Use Divine Magic with the intention to re-pattern (1 min). Hebrew Letters
    can deepen the re-patterning, but needs at least another 10 minutes.

ENDING OPTIONS: (For some options you can also run divine lines for more power, or not for more
                       grounding. But usually at the end divine lines are not needed.)

       > Use Essence or Divine Magic supported with Vortex or Merlin’s Global Healing Grid
   to catch up the system as a whole.

   > Catch Up the Physical Body with:
      Body-Mind Wakeup: Use Essence Info and Vortex in the treatment structures
         for this. Catches up the physical level, through the biochemistry. (Channel 2-10 minutes.)
      Body Pathways: Channel Divine Magic and Vortex into all the Body Pathways.
         Grounds, clears and balances the physical system. (Channel 2-15 minutes.)
      Body Reset: Channel Divine Magic with the intention to channel the energies &
         frequencies that will RESET and STIMULATE the communication and control
         systems of the physical body. (Channel 5 minutes.)

   > Use Essence, or Essence and Vortex and ask Merlin to use it to nurture the person, or to
       ground and center them, or to relax and expand them, or simply to integrate them, or do more
       than one of these consecutively.

   > Use Merlin’s Global Healing Grid for integration.

   > Use Heart aspect of Divine Magic to open the receiver’s heart.

   > Use Essence Truth to bring more awakening into the receiver’s consciousness.

   > Integrating MF Structures or Spells to help the receiver integrate & work with their issues.

   > Channel the Merlin Mantra in general or just into karmic body.

   > Omega Crystal Gem Treatment. Channel Omega Crystals with Omega Essence & mantras.

   > Constitutional Homeopathic Crystals (can be repeated in 2 weeks)

   > Revitalize the system if the session has fatigued it, by channeling Vortex with Divine Lines.

   > Do a Dosha balancing. Channel Divine Magic with this intention

   > Use Essence or Divine Magic to catch up the LifeField (about 15 seconds).

   > Use Essence or Divine Magic to catch up the Gestalt of the Personality (15 sec)


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