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									                              EL DORADO UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT
                              PONDEROSA HIGH SCHOOL
                                          3661 Ponderosa Road
                                       Shingle Springs, CA 95682
                       (Shingle Springs) (530) 677-2281 – (Sacramento) (916) 933-1777
                    FAX – Administration (530) 677-2299 FAX – Counseling (530) 676-1401
                                 Web Address: http://bruin.eduhsd.k12.ca.us

EL DORADO UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT                                       CHRISTOPHER A. MOORE, Principal
SHERRY J. SMITH, Superintendent                                            Mike Bowles, Assistant Principal
(530) 622-5081                                                             Darrin Slojkowski, Assistant Principal
                                                                           Serna Teixeira, Assistant Principal

July 11, 2009

Dear Bruin Students and Parents:

I hope you are all enjoying a productive and relaxing summer. It is hard to believe that a new
school year is right around the corner. I am writing to provide you with an update on Ponderosa
and information regarding the start of school. Ponderosa is an outstanding educational
community filled with talented students, caring staff, and supportive parents. This is evident by
the students’ success in academics, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, athletics, and
service. A few highlights from last year are as follows: The Academic Decathlon Team won its
17th consecutive county championship and finished third in the state of California. The
Ponderosa Music Program was recognized as the sweepstakes winner at the San Francisco
Heritage Music Festival. FFA students took first place in the California Forestry Challenge.
Football, boys soccer, boys water polo, girls water polo, wrestling, boys basketball, boys skiing,
boys tennis, girls soccer, and baseball were All League Champions, and boys water polo and
wrestling were Sac-Joaquin Division II Section Champions. Ponderosa earned its best
Academic Performance Index score in the school’s history from the California Department of
Education. In doing so, the school earned the highest possible statewide school ranking of 10,
with the top similar schools ranking in the El Dorado Union High School District. Ponderosa
truly is a distinguished school.

We are very fortunate to have a local community that cares about students. As a result of the
communities support for Measure Q, our campus is experiencing an extreme makeover. This
summer an all-weather track and field surface has been constructed. The facility will be used
for physical education classes, football, soccer, track and field etc. New HVAC units and roofs
were installed in the F and E wings of the school. Computer server space for students and staff
has been upgraded to allow students and staff to store more digital material. New computers
and network upgrades will allow students to use technology to master course content and
learning objectives. Plans for the gym and theater are being finalized with the goal to start
construction on the gym in 2010 and theater in 2011. Plans for career technical education
classroom renovations, the construction of a new science classroom, additional roof and HVAC
upgrades, a new pool deck, and the modernization of portable classrooms are being developed.

Inside this summer mailing packet, you will find valuable information about Ponderosa High
School. I encourage you to review and discuss the contents together as a family.
The new school year begins on Monday, August 10th with students having a 1st period class
starting at 7:10 a.m. Please see the information regarding class schedule distribution below.
For freshmen students, a special orientation is planned by Ponderosa’s Link Crew. That
orientation is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, August 4th beginning at 1:00 p.m. The
orientation will be followed by a bar-b-que at 4:00 p.m. and dance from 5:00 -7:00 p.m. for all
freshmen students. This half-day orientation presented by the PHS Link Crew makes the
transition to a new school easier by providing freshmen an opportunity to develop relationships
with their peers and with successful upperclassmen. The program and the orientation is built on
the belief that students can help students succeed, so a junior or senior link leader will be
assigned to all ninth grade students and will call them the week before orientation to personally
invite them to attend. We know that leaving your child at high school for the first time may be
difficult for parents, but the day is designed for students. Parents please make note of the start
and end times. We look forward to seeing all parents at Back-to-School Night.

For some students, the transition to high school is difficult. Students have different strengths,
needs, and interests. The staff at Ponderosa High School is committed to assisting every
student reach their academic and personal growth potential. However, to do so, we believe that
students and parents need to be active participants in the growth process. We will be assisting
you in keeping close watch on the academic progress of your student by sending progress
reports/report cards home throughout the 2009-10 school year. The Aeries online teacher
grade books also allow students and parents to track academic progress more frequently.
Information on how to log on to the system will be mailed home in a different letter. Teachers’
email addresses and voicemail numbers are located on the school’s website

Please be sure to look for your student's activity planner. These will be distributed in all classes
during the first two weeks of school. As a family, look into the different clubs, athletic teams,
performing arts groups, student leadership, or other extracurricular activities offered at
Ponderosa High School. Students will learn more about these opportunities from Link Crew and
the registration process. Parents are strongly encouraged to join the athletic boosters, music
boosters, FFA boosters or the Ponderosa High School Foundation. Communication is essential
for any community to thrive. Teachers, counselors, administration, and staff eagerly await your

Please make note of the following opening of school activities that will help welcome students
and parents to Ponderosa High School:

   1    Freshmen Orientation: As mentioned above, Tuesday, August 4th, beginning at 1:00
       p.m. in the large gym will be our freshmen and new student orientation provided by the
       Link Crew. In addition to the interactive activities, the bar-b-que, and the dance, ninth
       grade students will receive their locker assignment and their schedule of classes.
       Associated Student Body (ASB) cards will be available for sale during freshmen/new
       student orientation for $20. A check payable to Ponderosa High School will be required
       to purchase.
   2   Bus Information: Bus routes are posted on the EDUHSD Transportation website
       Bus Passes can be purchased online at the District website or at the District Office. We
       strongly encourage you to order your pass online before the start of school. Passes will
       not be on sale at PHS prior to the start of school.
3   Schedule Distribution: Class schedules will be distributed for 10th – 12th graders on
    Friday, August 7th between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. in front of the cafeteria. You must
    bring your completed emergency card in order to receive your class schedule.
    Ninth graders who were unable to attend the August 4th orientation may also pick up
    their schedules at this time.
4   “Back-to-School Night”: Wednesday, September 2nd at 6:30 p.m. will be Ponderosa
    High School’s “Back-to-School Night”. During Ponderosa’s “Back-to-School” night,
    parents will have the opportunity to follow their student’s daily schedule and meet each
    of their student’s teachers. Information about academic expectations and the curriculum
    of each class will be shared in a short class period. Parents of 9th grade students are
    invited to a special presentation that will focus on information about high school
    graduation requirements in the El Dorado Union High School District and on college
    entrance requirements at 6:00 p.m. in the Main Gym.
5   Collaboration Days: During the 2009-10 school year Ponderosa High School will have
    eight scheduled collaboration days. On the dates listed below, students will be
    dismissed at 12:35 p.m. Collaboration days are set aside for departments to work
    together on curricular issues. The scheduled dates of the Collaboration Days for 2009-
    10 are as follows:

                   Monday,   August 31
                   Monday,   September 28
                   Monday,   October 26
                   Monday,   November 16
                   Monday,   January 25
                   Monday,   February 22
                   Monday,   March 22
                   Monday,   April 19

6   Principal’s Parent Forum Meetings: The Principal’s Parent Forum is an opportunity
    for parents to meet with Principal Christopher Moore, to discuss curricular issues, school
    wide issues or issues of general educational interest. The first meeting will be held on
    Wednesday, August 26th at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.
7   Internet Usage Contract: All students and parents must submit a signed Internet
    Usage Agreement prior to a student’s first usage of the Internet at all district high
    schools. Since the Internet is used as a research and information access tool at district
    high schools, certain guidelines must be adhered to regarding its usage. Please read
    the copy of the enclosed agreement and return it with your emergency card when
    picking up your class schedule. This agreement must be on file for a student before use
    of the Internet at Ponderosa High School will be permitted.
8   Donations: Many corporations offer matching contributions to those of their employees.
    Employees from Intel have been very generous in past years. If you or your business is
    interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Ponderosa High School, please make
    all checks payable to Ponderosa High School at 3661 Ponderosa Road, Shingle
    Springs, CA 95682. Donations may be made for specific causes, clubs, performing arts
    groups, sports, etc. Please attach a letter with the check specifying the purpose of your
    donation. You may also choose to donate money to be allocated by the site
   9   Personal Item Drop-Off Policy: In the past, gym bags, instruments, clothes, lunches,
       class assignments, etc. have been left in the office for student pick up and there have
       been circumstances where items have come up missing. We feel that having students
       immediately take possession of their personal items will prevent losses. We will ask the
       parent or guardian to wait while the student is called up to the front office to pick up the
       dropped off item. This will disrupt instruction, so we request that you refrain from
       dropping off personal belongings unless it is an emergency. We appreciate your
       understanding and cooperation and are willing to work with families regarding special

I am looking forward to August 10th. I have no doubt that this year will prove be a rewarding
experience for our students. My goal is to assist students to maximize their educational and
extra-curricular opportunities at Ponderosa High School so that every student has numerous
educational and career pathways available to them upon graduation. On behalf of the entire
Ponderosa faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the start of another great year. Go


Christopher A. Moore

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