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					Ashley C. Paul
NIC Advanced
251 Knox St. N Apt. 106  Monmouth, OR 97361
(425) 314-5217  Email: ashleyp013@gmail.com

OBJECTIVE            ASL/English Interpreter position; goal to provide a specialized service.

EDUCATION            B.A., ASL/English Interpreting,  June 13, 2009
                     Western Oregon University (WOU), Monmouth, OR
                     GPA: In-major: 3.74/4.0


  ASL Proficiency
                        1 year at Lake Stevens High School, Lake Stevens, WA
                        2 years at Everett Community College (EvCC), Everett, WA
                        2 years at WOU, including Deaf history, culture, and literature

                        Organized and coordinated the 2009 (Class of 2010) Junior Orientation
                        Provided a workshop for the Class of 2009 ASL/English Interpreting Seniors
                         on the NIC Knowledge, Interview, and Performance tests
                        Organized the 2009 Pinning Ceremony, including Senior Slideshow and gifts
                        Provided a workshop for the 2010 ASL/English Interpreting Juniors on how to
                         use Dreamweaver, Flash Video 8, and Remote Desktop Connection software
                         to get their professional websites up and running
  Language              Studied 2 terms of French at Western Oregon University
  Proficiency           1 month stay with a host family in France in July 2009
                        Planning to continue, and possibly study abroad in France after graduation
                         from WOU

  Project Creator
                        Created numerous Moodle.com web sites for the Rehab Counseling with Deaf
                         and Hard of Hearing Adults (RCDHHA) 4-week intensive summer program
                        Created multimedia presentations using PowerPoint for the RCDHHA

RELATED              Student Assistant                                 June 2008 – March 2009
EXPERIENCE           Special Education/Regional Resource Center on Deafness (RRCD) Office
                     Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

                     Interpreting Internship                                     April – June 2009
                     Worked in a middle school setting for three months studying under two mentors.

ACTIVITIES           WOU ASL Club – Publicity/Outreach for 1 year
                     WOU Water Polo – Team member for two years
                     London/Dublin Winter 2008-2009 (2 weeks) – Photography Class
                     2008 ASL Talent Show – worked with the Salem/Portland Deaf Community,
                     WOU’s ASL Club, and Scheler’s List to organize the 2008 ASL Club Talent Show
                     at WOU
                     Traveled in France for one month in July 2009, staying with a host family

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