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Rel CIWG Comparison Matrixxls - Sirf Rt


									     RELIABILITY           Sydney Water                   PWCS                Orica          OneSteel
Reliability/ availability MTBF from filure        Delay recording         Internal       SAP, Ops
measurement systems history (Maximo),             system. Data            availabiity,   delay system,
                          Availability,           validated by ops,       costs, bad     SCADA JK
                          MTTR JK                 reviewed by             actors JK
                                                  Rel/Maint JK
Reliability/ availability   RCM, FMECA,           RCM, Maximo failure     RCM Cost       RCM Cost,
analysis tools              FTA, Courrently       data, RCA Hatch K       JK             Avsim, ARENA
                            reviewing RCM                                                KL
                            Cost tool J

Reliability/ availability   % availability,       %availability,          Uptime JK OEE J
etc measurement             average repair        %utilisation, Op Eff
parameters (eg OEE)         time, frequency       %, Use of Avail, %
                            of failures           Integrity JK

People issues/              We are in the         Reliability teams,      K              Training,
initiatives for Reliability initial stage of      RCA not rolled out,                    Focus groups,
                            promoting             Need more exposure                     Audits, Rel
                            reliability           to improve culture                     Team, Rel
                            initiatires JLL       JK                                     Network J

Organisational              Central group         Reliability teams at    K              Ind. Rel Group
structures to support       called 'Maint         each terminal, good                    (central), Bus
reliability                 Analysis &            support, Use former                    unit Rel Eng,
                            optimisation' to      trades perple etc. J                   Rel Network,
                            support reliability                                          Rel Lead team
                            JJ                                                           J
PM optimisation             Inhouse maint         Evaluating processes RCM Cost          RCM Cost/
processes/ tools            planning team         available, would like JK               Avsim, PMO
                            carries out PM        to commence this                       2000 K
                            reviews and           year K
                            optimisation JJ

Continuous                  WE have a             Driven by incidents &   JK             SAP, OEE,
improvement process         maintenance           performance K                          SCRA
for equipment               improvement                                                  (symptom,
strategies                  program (MIP)                                                connect data,
                            JJJ                                                          root cause,
                                                                                         action), PDCA
What business          Centralised team Process being                     JK             Rel Network,
processes are in place liiks into reliability developed with                             Rel focus
to improve reliability improvement KK coordination between                               Groups, Rel
                                              2 sites JK                                 Team J
  Northparkes               Shell               Bluescope Steel           AstraZeneca
Matrikons's         Availability-         Availability - loss measures, SAP,
process more K,     production losses,    Event system - lost tonnes, availability
MTBF,               MTBF- from            Production/ process           KL
Availability J      CMMS KL               systems J

FMECA, RCM, 5 Bad actors from Excel - Pivot tables and                    Excel Pareto,
Whys J        MTBM, RCM       pareto, FMECA, FTA, ETA                     RCA LL
              started, SAP    K
              implemented JK

MTBF,               MTBM,                 OEE, uptime, critical           OEE JK
availability, Asset Availability, Maint   equipment performance,
ultilisation J      cost (solomon         critical process parameters
                    index) KL             (lead indicators) K

Initial stage,      Reliabilitity engs    Reliability walkes J, have      Data not
Promoting           moving into           reliability roles as position   specific, Not
Reliability J       production, Main      descriptions but often          using
                    separate JK           caught up in day to day         systems
                                          issues. Basic education in      properly KL
                                          concepts is wanting L

2 operating         As above & rel        Operations and asset            Team based
departments, 2      team, Global          managers have a common          maintenance,
people driving      alignment of          manager, SMN leadership         Broken eng
reliability K       reliability tools &   and tool kit K                  functions LL
                    processes JJ

In-house review     Nil - RCM started     In-house focus teams,           No process,
                    LL                    Hatch gateway beginning,        Only at
                                          Trialed SKF & transfield        installation
                                          (RCM), UOW/Bluescope            LL
                                          strategiest training

Hatch FMECA,        Rel teams work on RCA feedback into                   Continuous
Maint               bad actors LL     strategies, Focus on                improvement
improvement                           problem areas, BF                   meetings JK
program J                             shutdown strategy review

Philosophy          Implementing          SAP reliability process flow Org
developed on        RCM & SAP PM          currently being develped     restructure
site based on       KK                                                    KK
             BOC                Rio Tinto Mt Thorley      Snowy Hydro
Cost of Downtime - COD          Minview, MAPS,       LOA database, Defect x JJKKLL
(Excel/ Acess database) K       MTBF, Utilisation    Management System,
                                                     Ellipse J

Learning from Global - PLM      MTW Truck Action          RCM Cost, AVSIM,         x JJKKLL
structure, SIRF Rt RCA, Query   Group. Am reviewing       (RCA is used as a
log K                           RCM & FMECA               process. No specific
                                                          tools) J

Availability - COD, Maint KPI   MTBF, % availability,     FOR(Forced Outage          x JJKKLL
under implementation J          % utilisation.            rate), Plant availability,
                                                          Start Reliability J

Global Maximo implementation,   Truck Action Group.       General support and      x JJKKLL
Implementing Maint KPI's K,     Cross functional team     awareness exist.
Changing culture to focus on    containing both           Regular reiteration is
Planning & Scheduling K,        Maintenance &             needed for sustaining
Essentrial care, condition      Production Personal.      reliability concepts K
Monitoring - ECCM

Cental group to support         Same as above             Central group to         x JJKKLL
strategy, regional treams for                             facilitate reliability
maint improvements, Plant-                                processes. Regional
operator technicians (POT's)                              teams to drive J
are responsible for routine
maint K
Global guideline. Improvement   In house                  RCM as a Process.        x JJKKLL
vased on global learning/       Fitter/Planners           Optimisation is based
sharing of failures L           organise PM in            on market and
                                conjuction with           practicalities J
No set process but gets         Review of                 Use RCA, RCM and x JJKKLL
captured through various        maintyenance plan         other CI tools to
meetins and gets implemented    every six months,         review equipment
L                               breakdown analysis        maintenance strategies
                                turned into planned

None L                          Eliminate the line that   MRA Process based        x JJKKLL
                                traditionally seperates   on RCM,
                                Maintenance from
                                Production. Cross
                                functional Team.
     Reliability Overview &          Bluescope Steel
  people Issues in Reliability         Port Kembla         Tomago Aluminium          RTCA - HVO CHPP's
What output measures of            Working ratio, OEE,     OEE, No. of failures,   OEE not currently
reliability are important fro your Delays/Interruptions,   Cost of failures, PM    measured, Operational
business                           Loss of production K    completion rate,        & Maint Delays,
                                                           Schedule                Quantity Measures
                                                           completion rate J       (output) K

What is your businesses          Recognition that          Operations              Corp office has
current focus on improvement     maint. Improvement        responsible for         improvement plan, Site
of reliability                   needs site wide           reliability, Have a     has a road map to
                                 agenda driven by          Reliability Policy,     improve reliability - 1 to
                                 Mgmnt Team.               Continuous              3 year plan K
                                 Otherwise by Silo         improvement
                                 Businesses K              philosophy J
What operational delay           Event man. Systems        Equipment               Delay reporting system.
collection and analysis          have widespread use       downtime,               Daily high level analysis
systems do you use               & are mature. Used        production reports K    of delays, Weekly high
                                 at all levels in org.                             level top 10 analysis of
                                 Regular review of                                 delays, Review of data
                                 data & Meetings J                                 at low level not done
                                                                                   currently K

How is your organisation trying Department driven    Continuous                    Proposed in site road
to get front line involvement & with various degrees improvement teams,            map (AU plan). Aim to
culture change                  of success. No       DFA with trades,              involve more operators
                                systemised           Tech advisors in              & maintainers in RCA's.
                                mechanism yet. New departments. K                  Focus on operator
                                work proposed for                                  training packages K
                                manufacturing teams

Ratio of people in full time     No full time roles        1 leader, 3             Fill time reliability
reliability roles vs total       (PKSW). Maint             practicing & 5          engineer role, reliability
organisation number              Strategist role #100      technical advisors      technicians roles Ratio
                                 off. Some strategists     9:1000 (1:111) J        4:100 (1:25) J
                                 do more reliability
                                 work than others K

What is the structure of your    Each business has a       The reliability         Rel Eng, Rel tech &
reliability organisation         Department Asset          organisation is a       Maint Eng report to
                                 Team (DAT) that           part of Plant           Projects/Rel Supt. Rel
                                 owns reliability(Plant    services which is a     Supt, Process Supt,
                                 Mgr, Alliance Mgr &       part of Continuous      Prod Supt & Maint Supt
                                 Asset Mgr) K              Improvement J           report to Plant Man. J
How does you organisation   Review of          Web page, Toolbox   No illustration of results,
sell/ promote reliability   Performance        Meetings & DFA K    small involvement in
                            Measures @ DAT.                        RCA's L
                            So system across
                            org. L
      Snowy Hydro              OneSteel                  PWCS                      Xstrata
Forced outage rate, Start OEE, Safety               B/Down Freq &        OEE, Tonnes/op hr,
Reliability, Defects      Incidents J               Severity K           Mtis/op hr, PM
Reporting J                                                              Completion, Schedule
                                                                         Completion, Defect
                                                                         Completion Ratio K

Recognised and included Recognised at               No high level        Recognised at corporate
in Policy Documents,    Board Level as              focus, Left to       level of need to
SUPPORT EXISTS J        critical to achieving       maint                establishing Reliability
                        Business Plan -             departments L        Principles at site maint
                        Strong Support                                   teams, Need to
                            JJ                                           establishing maint Stds at
                                                                         all sites K
Defect reporting system     SAP & Assorted          In-house             Defect Reporting system
LOA database K              Databases, COG          production           in place, Delay codes in
                            NOS, SCADA.             database of little   place at all sites. Monthly
                            Limited analysis,       value to             performance Report
                            adhoc and difficult     Reliability          distributed to all sites,
                            K                       Engineering L        Some sites reviewing
                                                                         data better than others
                                                                         and using it to drive
                                                                         improvement J

Reliability Training, CI    Focus Groups/           Trying to engage     Continuous improvement
teams, workshops,           Audit Teams,            trades in            teams working at sites,
Support involvement of      Networks,               improving            employee involvement
shop floor people for       Breakthrough            maintenance          equipment selection,
reliability work J          project teams,          practices K          O/Haul and Modification,
                            training,                                    Some sites involved in
                            secondment of Rel                            Maint Review J
                            Champions J

Ratio 2(full time):500      15 to 20 : 3,500 to     2 : 400 (1:200) K Role now created in
(1:250)                     4000 (1:214) K                            NSW, Qld for Reliability
(All key people have                                                  Eng, Key Responsibility
reliability as a                                                      to establish, foster and
performance measure in                                                promote reliability at site
PD's) K                                                               level K

Central group supporting REMS Reliability           Specialist           Site maint teams/ No
and facilitating Reliability Engs & Business        Engineer             dedicated Rel employees
issues of 4 regions K        Reliability            supports             at site level, Eng at group
                             Managers report to     Maintenance          level L
                             the Reliability Lead   Supt K
                             Team J
Web Pages, Team      Website, Rel       Poorly L   Review performance,
briefing reports K   alerts, Rel info ,            Produce monthly reports,
                     Network meetings,             Hold group engs meeting
                     training, Hands on            K
                     assistance K





  Reliability Tools        Orica               Snowy Hydro                BOC              Newcrest - CVO             PWCS             RTCA HVO (CPP's)                  Shell                    OneSteel                  Delta
What are your        Vib mon J SAP         Ellipse, LOA            Maximo K Excel        Pronto- currently     Mech ops personnel     Delay prod. Reporting SAP: (Rotating Equip           SAP, SCADA, CM             Ellipse, Process
typical sources of   K Thermal             database, Defect mgt    J ProcessnetJ         implementing          & operational alarm    system, CMMS, Daily    Database & Pacer will be      History, Delay Logs/       Net J
data for reliability Imaging J             system K                                      PITRAM, Modular       data. Equipment        operations review      obsolete), CM Survey K        Database, Operator/
                                                                   KPI database J
analysis & RCA?                                                                          plus CM & PM's K      performance data,      meeting, Weekly                                      Fitter memory,
                                                                   Wonderware J                                CM data, operational   operations review (Top                               Workshop Records J
                                                                                                               delay data, w/O's J    10 Delays) K

What are your         L                    RCM Cost, AVSIM,                              Graphing data from    Sum of delays &        Manual, CM Reporting     CM Reports, Manuals/        Apollo/ SIRF/ TAP Root Excel, Past
normal tools/                              Spreadsheets K                                above, On-line data   Count of delays        KL                       Records, Process            RCA Tools. Min CAM J Records L
methods for                                                                              trends for plant      using Excel pivot                               Information (Info Plus) L
analysis of data?                                                                                              tables & Excel
                                                                                                               autofilter. Calculated
                                                                                                               Parameters, Pareto,
                                                                                                               Charting J

What do you use as Plant outages and       Risk analysis done      PM's K Logsheet       Downtime, Cost,       Operational delays K Equivalent plant           Plant Outage, Safety/       Phone Call (Ad Hoc),       Efficiency Drop,
a trigger to start a upsets K              using defect mgt        review J Trips J      Reliability K                              downtime (income           envir incident, No. of      Production Loss (in        Forced Outage
more detailed                              system, individual                                                                       loss), Safety/Enviro.      failure per year for        some locations), Major     L
analysis of a                              judgement J                                                                              Incidents - based on       equipment (Bad Actors       incident, Mgt decision
reliability problem?                                                                                                                Risk, Cost of repair       List) J                     based or reporting K
                                                                                                                                    (lesser extent) K
What is your          Meetings with ops,   Maintenance review      Weekly OPS          Process Plant Wkly      Weekly meetings/     Weekly meeting with        Reliability Focused         Reliability Lead Team      Weekly Meeting
structure for         maint &              meetings (recently      meeting NSWR J meetings, Weekly             feedback to          mgr, prod, process,        Teams (for bad actors),     (RLT), Reliability         with Asset Plant
reliability review?   Management J         introduced). Plant      WOP SPR J Loss mods meetings K              maintenance &        Maint. & reliab. Input.,   Production Review           Services group,            Owner, Plant
(Meetings? who                             Engineer team           prevention/ Toolbox                         operations K         more analysis of data      Meetings (Daily), Maint     Improvement Teams          Performance K
involved?)                                 leaders, Maint mgt L                                                                     required prior to          Review Meetings             (feedback to), Business
                                                                    meeting J
                                                                                                                                    meeting. K                 (Weekly), Representation    Units (supply problems)
                                                                                                                                                               from Ops & Maint J          J

What equipment       L                     AVSIM based             Critical machine      Spares - SCAS K       Operational delay   Done as an overview - Risk Analysis, J.Factor           Risk Ranking,              Known Risk
criticality review                         modelling. Also         trending K Critical                         count per machine K based on plant        Calculations (for Priority        Operational Security       (Risk Analysis),
process do you                             addressed through       machine spares K                                                downtime consequence Setting) J                         Audits K                   Critical Spares K
use?                                       RCM process K                                                                              K
What coding          SAP L                 Started using similar   Maximo J              Pronto - Currently    PM - Preventive        Nothing Formal, Too    SAP (Recently         SAP LK                            L
systems do you                             codes in RCM and                              Implementing ?O       Maint                  many to choose from in implemented SAP PM) J
use to help classify                       CMMS system. Still in                                               CM - Condition         MMS - needs to be
data?                                      early stage L                                                       Monitoring             streamlined &
                                                                                                               BM - Breakdown         communicated. L
                                                                                                               CAP - Capital &
                                                                                                               Mods K
What plant         Paper going to          Paper/ Computer K       Paper/ Computer.      Paper, Change mgt     Change                 Paper based change       Paper & Computer            Paper (Capacity in         Paper Work K
modification       Computer K                                      IMS 4-17 J            Mods - Project        management Form/       management, Check        (SpreadSheet),              SAP) K
control system is                                                                        Register K            Process (Structured    list Y based on risk     Management of Change)
use? (paper/                                                                                                   Process) K             level for approval K     J
What action        L                       Defect mgt system.      Excel spreadsheet Mods - Project            Work list of progress Have written action       Excel spreadsheet, MS       SAP + RLT (Rel Lead        KPI's J
tracking system do                         Manual K                K KPI database J Register in Excel L        & completed jobs.     sheets, updated at        Project K                   Team) Review K
you use for                                                                                                    (CMMS Workorders meetings J
reliability?                                                                                                   with Project Code) K

Time & resources      LL                   Addressed by            L                     L                     Low resources.         Large task - needs to    Set deadline from mgt.      Aprox 300 manhours         L
required to                                introducing some                                                    Manly focussed on      continually review -     Target is 1 year to do      for typical Process Line
implement FMECA/                           sensible short cuts                                                 problem definition,    Requires an owner K      RCM Study & Implement       K
RCM                                        LK                                                                 then partially                                  for all plants. K
                                                                                                               involved in solution
                                                                                                               implementation K
                          RCM Software Comparison Chart
                                      RCM Cost (ARMS)                    RCM Turbo (Strategic)
Overview General          Can use real WO data                    A methodology that provides all the
Functions & Structure     Good graphical display of costs &       elements required to take an
of the Software           criticality                             organisation from where it is today
                          Good comparison of alternative          through to a new, optimised RCM
                          strategies                              based maintenance regime
                          Can be part of full suite of Rel
                          improvement tools
                          Mature stable product
                          Proprietary Database structure
Training /support                                                 The software itself is user friendly.
required to users up to                                           The process of introducing a
speed with the software                                           reliability based approach however is
                                                                  not one of filling in software fields.
                                                                  That said, users should be proficient
                                                                  in the base functions within a five
                                                                  day period. Additional functions such
                                                                  as workflow grouping, scheduling etc
                                                                  may require some further training.

Strengths of the          See below five items
Support standard RCM      Supports Functions/ Functional          For an independent analysis of RCM
process. Support for      failure /failure mode structure         Turbo compliance to the JA1011
Structured strategy       Complies to JA1011 RCM Standard         Standard (which defines the
decision making &         Can sort modes on criticality (RCM      elements of an RCM process) see
criticality analysis      Cost)                                   the attached. RCM Turbo is a
                          AVSIM handles equip criticality based   decision support methodology from
                          on system configuration                 beginning to end. An expert criticality
                                                                  assessment is provided to prioritise
                                                                  assets. 'What if ?' exploration
                                                                  capability is provided throughout.

Support for               Optimisation curves available           Optimisation of maintenance actions
optimisation of           Compares OTF, INSP, PREV, Alarm         means performing the right task at
maintenance actions       (Via cost & risk)                       the right interval. The most effective
                                                                  maintenance will be performed at
                                                                  intervals that represent the optimal
                                                                  balance between reliability and
                                                                  annualised total cost. RCM Turbo's
                                                                  primary task frequency optimisation
                                                                  module facilitates decisions to be
                                                                  made about frequencies in a very
                                                                  structured way.
Support for importing   Drag and drop library facility      RCM Turbo is provided with a
generic machine type                                        separate but integrated module
strategies                                                  called Failure Mode Library
                                                            Administration. Libraries provided by
                                                            Strategic are generic for various
                                                            industries, while the primary function
                                                            of the Library is to store and make
                                                            available failure mode and task
                                                            information that is specific to an
                                                            organisation. Access to Library data
                                                            is via an 'equipment type' so thought
                                                            needs to be applied to naming

Support for             Task grouping feature - Can optimise In RCM Turbo, users can apply an
maintenance action      task group interval - can report on  'auto-grouping' function, where job
groupings               task groups                          groups and task lists are generated
                                                             according to user entered criteria
                                                             such as 'all tasks to be performed
                                                             between 30 and 40 days while
                                                             equipment is running'
Support for             Data can be reported /Exported as    Standard outputs from RCM Turbo
implementing outputs    required                             include 'Primary Tasks by access by
in the CMMS             Enterprise level solution available  frequency' and ' Primary Tasks by
                        (ERM)                                workgroup'. Alternative formats can
                        Auto download & upload to CMMS       be generated to satisfy the
                        Tracks improvements                  requirements of the existing CMMS
                                                             whatever that may be. Strategic has
                                                             access to several techniques and
                                                             output methodologies that have been
                                                             generated by users (particularly in
                                                             the SAP environment).

Cost                                                        RCM Turbo is provided on the basis
                                                            of a site or corporate licence for
                                                            unlimited users. Licence fees are
                                                            normally negotiated as part of an
                                                            overall plan for the implementation of
                                                            a reliability based approach.

Interaction/interface                                       RCM Turbo has a sister
with other software                                         methodology 'Spares Optimisation
tools                                                       System' or SOS. The SOS program
                                                            will open RCM Turbo files such that
                                                            the equipment hierarchy, along with
                                                            any materials included in the RCM
                                                            analysis are ready to be optimised
                                                            for max/min levels and for cost/risk
Methods of Reporting                       RCM Turbo is provided with a wide
                                           range of pre-set reports (using
                                           Crystal Reporting). Reports are
                                           available for Productive Units,
                                           Maintainable Items, Failure Modes,
                                           Management and Workflow
                                           headings. Additional ad-hoc reports
                                           can be created using Microsoft
                                           Access reporting methods. Note that
                                           RCM Turbo is NOT an Access
                                           application.. it uses Access format
                                           for storage of data only.

Methods of importing &                     Strategic provides clients with
exporting of data                          intelligent Excel spreadsheets for the
                                           import of data. An additional sheet is
                                           provided for the external
                                           development of failure mode and
                                           task data.
Web site/s                               and
What range of                              RCM Turbo has been implemented
industries is this                         in almost every industry ranging from
software most suited                       the most complex to the most simple.
to?                                        Our web site lists users by name and
                                           industry. The industries most
                                           represented in our user base are
                                           Power Generation, Mining, Brewing
                                           and Aluminium related.

Current Version                            Current version is 9.6. Average new
number, New Version                        release rate about every 18 months.
releases (how often)?                      Software is fully owned by Strategic
Who owns/writes the                        and is Australian designed and
software?                                  supported

RCM Implementation and Philosophy Comparison Chart
                         RCM Cost (ARMS)         REM Cost Snowy Hydro
Suggested analysis &        1- Identify area of most pain
implementation              (Production reports, experience etc)
approach for a              & set performance targets ($, Q, Rel)
reliability critical        2- Identify the different ways to thing
processes (project          can fail & what effect they have on
timeline, resource          the business (FMEA)
requirement in-house        3- Select the ones that will give you
& resource                  the biggest wins and optimise
requirement facilitation    4- Stop when you meet your
assistance)                 business driver targets
                            ($,Q,R,Safety, Env)
                            5- Load maintenance plans into
                            6- Load performance expectations
                            into the production system
                            7- Continuously improve (any
                            maintenance plan can be improved)

Suggested analysis &        Always attack the stuff that is
implementation              causing you’re the most pain. If this
approach for a more         is not the case don't use full RCM on
implementation cost         the problem.
critical project (project
timeline, resource
requirement in-house
& resource
requirement facilitation

Training /support           You need a champion to drive the
required to users           process. It is nice if he knows how to
initially up to speed       use the software, but you can get
with the RCM                consultants for that. It takes 3 days
philosophy &                to get your head around RCM Cost.
implementation              Also three days to get your head
approach used               around AVSIM.
                            Nothing beats experience!!
Ongoing support
required for a typical
maintenance planner to
make use of the
support arrangements:   This is very business specific
See 5 items below

Supplier supported      The software comes with a 10% per
                        year technical support arrangement.
                        ARMS are generally very good with
                        free phone support. Training courses
                        are really good & practical.
                        Help is OK in the software. Tutorials
                        are good that comes with the tools.
                        They are a little simplistic in some
                        cases. You can download free demo
                        and play around with it!! This is how I
                        figured out how the tools worked
                        (Peter Horsburgh).

Company in-house        Snowy uses an internal guy to
support resources       support RCM. Snowy is experience
                        with RCM and has a need for the
3rd party assistance

Email, Internet, user   Snowy attends user conferences

Australian network of   Snowy talks to other users

Additional resources
(texts, Tech Papers
etc) to support
Examples of 'good'
implementations (what
is a successful

Typical implementation
problems and errors
    RCM Turbo PWCS
Easy to use and logical
Provides library feature for
use on like machines
means roll-out time
Mature stable product
Proprierty database
Training is required for the
software but more
importantly for the RCM
philosophy. This includes
the level of machine to
direct the analysis to, how
the software deals with the
various methods of RCM,
what parameters need to
be considered when
establishing a PM
schedule etc.
My advice is to use a
facilitator from the vendor
so that you can learn as
you go

Supports Functions/
Functional failure /failure
mode structure
Complies to JA1011 RCM
Can sort on criticality

RCM process is all about
optimising maintenance
actions - facilitator can
help here untill confidence
is gained in the process.
Library facility is available

Task grouping feature -
Can optimise task group
interval - can report on
task groups

Data can be reported
/Exported as required
Auto download & upload to
Tracks improvements
Full suite of reports
availble within the software

Any industry that considers
their Preventive
Maintenance program can
be improved by using a
structured systematic
method of review

    RCM Turbo PWCS             RCM Turbo (Strategic)
PWCS is a materials           It is common for RCM Turbo to be introduced to an
handling facility with heavy  organisation through an on site 'pilot' normally of 5 days
exposure to conveyors.        duration. The acceptance of such a pilot normally leads to a
We used one conveyor as       licence acquisition and full implementation. This is quite often
a base and rolled the         an extension of the pilot. In the course of these activities, time
results out across all        is devoted to instruction in the principles of RCM (taking into
conveyors after               account any residual knowledge). RCM Turbo has always been
considering the failure       an 'end-user' methodology. Strategic direct involvement takes
effect the loss of each       the form of assistance in setting up the assessment time line,
conveyor would have on        training a local 'owner', providing facilitation assistance and
the business.                 audit/review visits. The optimal combination of these services
                              provides the best client outcomes.Depending on the 'cultural'
                              status of a client organisation, decisions are made about
                              implementing results in the CMMS as soon as possible, so that
                              benefits can be derived in the shortest possible time
                              frame.Nothing can enhance the spread of a successful
                              maintenance strategy development more than good results
                              from implementing in a high profile area. It is not good advice
                              to attempt the complete review of a site. This prolongs the
Always attack the stuff that As above. While it is true that RCM Turbo is an end-user
is causing you’re the most methodology, it is also true that the longer Strategic personnel
pain. If this is not the case are involved in the process, the quicker (and higher quality)
don't use full RCM on the outcomes can be expected. Our experience is that budgetary
problem.                      issues can often prevent the optimal approach (a false
                              economy but difficult to overcome in the short term). The
                              internal resources required for any implementation will be at a
                              minimum, someone who 'owns' the software and presides over
                              the order of assessments. This person would also be the
                              primary contact for Strategic support. The owner would
                              organise internal meetings to assemble those other people who
                              can lend the most experience and knowledge to the
                              assessment of chosen equipment. He would also preside over
                              "challenge" sessions during which any new strategies are
                              agreed to and signed off on by all those who may be affected
                              by the new regime.

You need a champion to          A minimum of 10 days direct on-site involvement would be
drive the process. It is nice   required. The level of high level training in the principles of
if he knows how to use the      reliability will be influenced by the level of existing knowledge.
software, but you can get       The software itself is easy to operate given a good level of
consultants for that.           exposure during any pilot implementation.

The best people to get          This is normally minimal but may include assistance in aspects
involved are the                of the software use that do not relate to reliability assistance
tradesmen for pratical          but more to workflow, grouping and scheduling. This happens
advice on what fails and        because these aspects of the software use by definition are
why. They need some             delayed until the completion of a technical assessment. Thus,
mentoring from someone          any instruction provided at the beginning may well have been
well versed in RCM. Save        forgotten. In any case, support relating to this (and all other
time and use an expert          issues that are 'software' related) are covered under our annual
facilitator. May cost more      software support and update agreement (see below) at no
up front but a cheaper          additional charge.
overall outcome.
Good vendor support         Yes, under the terms of an annual Software Support and
available                   Update agreement which provides for unlimited remote support
                            and access to new versions as they become available.

Depends on how skinny       Only the 'super' user described above, although no limitations
the in house resource       are put on who may obtain support from Strategic.
base is.

                          Over time, Strategic has developed relationships with third
                          party organisations who are able to assist users of RCM Turbo.
                          These include ABB, Fluor, LMA Partnership in Australia and a
                          large number of international organisations in other parts of the
PWCS attends user         We have provided a user interactive area on our web site (see
conferences               above). Strategic's User Group meets annually in Sydney for
                          our Reliability Conference (to which we have invited SIRF
                          members during our presentation last week)
PWCS talks to other users The annual conference is predominantly Australian users but
                          each year, we bring along key note speakers and major users
                          from overseas.
                          RCM Turbo is provided with a range of manuals including an
                          RCM Overview training manual (which supports a three day
                          course), a full User Guide, a Quick Reference Guide and a
                          tailorable 'Desktop Guide' which records local issues such as
                          cost of lost production calculations and risk acceptance
                          matrices. Extensive, context sensitive on-line help is also
                          provided within the software.
One that gives you an          A 'good' implementation is one where outcomes are
improved reliability bottom    implemented in the CMMS and results carefully measured. A
line. The difficulty is that   'good' implementation will reflect the expectations at the
systems such as RCM are        beginning, whatever they may have been. Expectations will
rarely done in isolation so    include measurably increased equipment reliability,
many other factors are at      minimisation of breakdown maintenance and consequence,
work that all combine to       reversal of the ratio of planned to unplanned maintenence,
give the improvement           increased production arising from less downtime and a range
                               of other possibilities. Recent 'good' results would include those
                               achieved at BHP's Phosphate Hill operation, Holcim Cement's
                               Vietnam facility, Coors Brewing Shenandoa packaging plant
                               and major brewery at Golden Colorado, Inco Goro Nickel
                               (Brisbane). Longer term 'good' outcomes can be referenced at
                               Western Power (WA), Meridian Energy (NZ), Comalco
                               Aluminium Bell Bay, Cadia Gold, Newcrest Telfer, Iluka
                               Resources and many others. SIRF members looking for a full
                               reference list need only ask.

Aiming the process too low     The following issues are worth thinking about (in no particular
(at the gearbox instead of     order): Regarding the maintenance strategy review as a
the conveyor) and ending       'project' something that has a beginning and an end.
up with an unmanagable         Introducing a reliability approach to maintenance is a
list of PMs to do.             permanent cultural change issue. Not providing at least one
                               dedicated local resource (a maintenance strategy development
                               and the continuous improvement issues that go along with that
                               are not activities that can be properly carried out during 'spare
                               time' (nobody has any spare time). Not implementing results in
                               the CMMS as soon as they are available (this can only lead to
                               loss of faith in the process and continuation of the view that
                               RCM = Resource Consuming Monster). Until new strategies
                               are reflected in Job Cards issued through the CMMS, the
                               maintenance strategy development or review process can be
                               regarded as entirely academic. Not advertising 'good' results to
                               colleagues and management. Not having management support
                               in the first place (a formula for disaster). Not detailing before
                               and after scenarios such that improvement can be measured.
                        RCM Software Comparison Chart
                                 PMO 2000 (OMCS)                                      PMO 2000 PWCS
Support for         Libraries and cloning is substantial element      Yes. Can then be stored in various libraries as
importing generic   of the program. This software is designed         required.
machine type        to be used by large sites and corporations
strategies          operating large numbers of essentialy
                    similar equipment operating in varying
                    operating context.
Support for         Grouping tasks to match CMMS ie nested            Allow easy and logical selection of tasks for
maintenance action or grouped is supported. The complexity            groupings - assisted by various filters for the initial
groupings           and diversity of required applications            selection.
                    means that an "off the shelf" application
                    has limited value. In most applications,
                    grouping and review is done by an iterative
                    process using standard microsoft tools and
Support for         Custom reports and exports allow users to         Tasks are selectively grouped and then printed in a
implementing        export data into template formats for auto        template format ready to be attached to PM tasks in
outputs in the CMMS upload or linking to MMC.                         CMMS (Maximo). Tasks reflect the job to be done,
                     Customised PDF templates are utilised            the acceptable limits required and the action to take
                    and maintained as standard. Many users            if limits not met. Tasks can be ordered to match the
                    use PMO2000™ as the primary and                   logical path a tradesperson would take around a
                    principle source of maintennace stragety          machine.
                    design and change control.
Cost                Software tool is provided under a license of
                    Corperate, Single site concurrent user for
                    both SQL Server and MS Access backend

Interaction/interface   PMO is desinged to link with Reliability
with other software     incident management system (RIMSys)
tools                   and a new downtime data collection and
                        reporting software designed for corporate
                        applicatoin. Software also has interfaces
                        with SAP. Interfaces with other modern
                        CMMS's can be created. Software also
                        links with crystal reports and MS Office
                        programs for reporting.
Methods of              MS Excel, MS word, Crystal reports, PDF,      Reports are available and also data is easily
Reporting               Custom built Report Builder                   exported to MS Excel for ad hoc reports and graphs.

Methods of              Preformatted MS Excel templates are
importing &             ustilised to import data.
exporting of data
Web site/s            
What range of           Any industry that contains fixed, mobile or   PMO is used extensively in the mining sector but
industries is this      field plant.                                  there is no reason why it could not be used equally
software most suited                                                  well in other industry types.
Current Version         Current version is V3.5. New versions are     V3.4.2.6009.
number, New             made available approx every 18-24
Version releases        months. Customised updates are leased
(how often)? Who        approx 2wks. Software is Australian
owns/writes the         designed and owned by a progressive
software?               company that is in tune with practical and
                        simple solutions for industry.
RCM Implementation and Philosophy Comparison Chart (Continued)
                                      PMO 2000 (OMCS)                                       PMO 2000 PWCS
Suggested analysis      Identify problem equipments and hot spots.      1- Identify area with biggest potential gain
& implementation        Group equipment into logical program            2- Systematically review all the current PMs for that
approach for a          packages.                                       machine or area, breaking them up into sub-tasks
reliability critical    First time analysis (often a pilot) choose an   where needed. Including operator tasks.
processes (project      important but not critical equipment group.     3- Identify failure mode being addressed – or
timeline, resource      Often not the big winners. (Not more than 1     supposedly being addressed.
requirement in-         week analysis, 1 week Review and                4- Cleanse duplication of effort or where task does
house & resource        grouping)                                       not achieve its desired purpose.
requirement             Utilise Operator & Trades personnel,            5- Review frequencies and labour requirements
facilitation            (Quality if applicable) in workshop.            given there is now PM history to review.
assistance)             Analyse equipment types and clone where         6- Examine history of failures to identify additional
                        applicable.                                     failure modes not covered. Determine if additional
                        Analyse and implement strategy before           tasks are required.
                        starting next group.                            7- Resulting tasks are grouped by labour type,
                        Develop/identify Site specific needs and        frequency and whether offline or online. This
                        standards related to implemenatation.           enables task grouping into suitable packages of
                        Communicate, educate site personnel on          work.
                        PMO program. (10-20 mins at shift change)       8- Tasks are reviewed by a wider group of trades
                                                                        and supervisors before being approved.
                        Optional, Utilise a skilled facillitator for    9- The packages are scheduled and the workload
                        coaching and training in house team.            balanced across the year.
                        The site must have a central Owner/Driver       10- The task lists are generated in the selected
                        who is willing to support the program.          template format resulting in a PDF or MS Word
                                                                        document ready to attach to the PM in the CMMS.
                                                                        11- Go Live with new tasks and monitor for
                                                                        improvement based on new failures and feedback
                                                                        from the trades force, contractors or operators.
Suggested analysis      Once you understand the processes
& implementation        required to analyse and implement an
approach for a more     program, choose the most critical
implementation cost     equipments and follow through analysis.
critical project        Set acheivable targets. Implement before
(project timeline,      continuing.
requirement in-         In the case where there is high comercial
house & resource        cost or, high environmental or Safety
requirement             impacts a detailed analysis may be
facilitation            required. Call in specialised resources to
assistance)             support analysis where required.

Training /support       All site personnel - Awareness of program       Consider RCM philosophy a part of the training
required to users       (approx 15 mis per shift + question time)       process with a training day for workshop participants
initially up to speed   All Program Participants -                      prior to the start of the workshop proper. Tailored to
with the RCM            Philosophy/Process training (1 day)             experience of the attendees in regard to RCM.
philosophy &            Stakeholders and decision makers (1 hrs)
implementation          OMCS offers a 5 day Facilitator Training
approach used           course. After the course users often utilise
                        coaching to cement the process training. (1-
                        2 weeks)
Ongoing support          Depends on the state of the Reliability
required for a typical   program, quality of analysis and
maintenance planner      implementation. Long term is minimal.
to make use of the       Planner required to upate strategy and
software.                compile schedules (est. 5mins per task) as
                         equipment or operation process changes
                         take place
Recommended              This is dependant on the client resourcing
implementation           and required systems. The first program is
support                  often the most labour intensive to
arrangements: See 5      implement, the remaining projects become
items below              easier as processes and systems become
Supplier supported       Under the maintenance agreement users
                         receive free upgrades and phone/email
Company in-house         Recommend utilising centralised internal
support resources        resource to support and drive the program,
                         often refered to as a 'Super' user. When
                         this person is not able to answer queries
                         OMCS is available.
3rd party assistance     An expanding group of Licencees and Joint
                         Ventures around the world. Currently have
                         in the vicinity of 50 accredited
                         implementation specialists mostly in
                         Australia and NZ.
Email, Internet, user    OMCS encourages user to speak with              PWCS have not yet attended any user meetings.
groups                   other users to share opportunities. OMCS
                         is willing to put people in touch.
Australian network       OMCS encourages user to speak with              PWCS have been in touch with other local PMO
of users                 other users to share opportunities. OMCS        users to gain lessons learned from their
                         is willing to put people in touch.              implementation experiences.
Additional resources     During our Facilitator trianing and after a
(texts, Tech Papers      pilot workshop implementation notes and
etc) to support          papers are provided. These are
implementation           customised to match site workflows where
                         applicable. The PMO2000 philosophy is
                         detailed in a 150 page reference book
                         complete with examples and questions.
                         Facilitator and implementation guides are
                         also available. There are a number of
                         papers that relate to specific topics
                         available through the website and by
Examples of 'good'       A 'good' implementation is one that             Long term benefits should flow to relaibility
implementations           - is implenented in MMS and related            improvement if tasks are completed to schedule.
(what is a successful    systems                                         There should be no unexpected failures. If you get
implementation?)          - is adopted and owned by trades and           unexpected failures then need to review
                         operations                                      appropriateness on task/s. A short term measure of
                          - shows a noticable cultural shift towards     success is identfying duplicated or ineffective tasks
                         Reliability                                     and removing them, which demonstrates a labour
                          - is flexible to change with a changing work   saving.
                          - increases your equipment availability
                          - is considered easy.
Typical             The key benefit of PMO over RCM                 PWCS picked a machine which was a little too
implementation      approaches is speed in analysis. PMO is         complicated for the pilot. The outcome was still
problems and errors six times faster than classical RCM and         achieved but the workshopping needed to be
                    many times faster than "cut down"               extended by 4 days to complete. The side benefit of
                    versions. This means that PMO is                that was a better learning experience by those
                    implementation intensive rather than            involved.
                    analysis intensive. To much time rich           PMO or any RCM process is not a task given to your
                    analysis and time poor implementation           poor performers to get them out of the way. The
                    leads to reduced quality of outcome.            good-performing leaders of the trades and operators
                    Strategy changes are not communicated to        should be involved so that you get quality output
                    all parties.                                    from quality input and people who can then take the
                    No dedicated centralised coordinator or         results back to the broader trades group and
                    responsible owner.                              generate some interest and positive outlooks from
                    Site specific implemenatation process and       those not directly involved.
                    workflows are not recorded/shared
                    Involvement of operators and trades are
                    left too late.
                    For each PM: Available time - Tools and
                    Materials - Skills and training is determined
                    by the coordinator or Engineer not the
                    personnel allocated to perform the PM's.
RCM Implementation and Philosophy Comparison Chart (Continued)
                 Hatch Gateway (Hatch)                                          Hatch Gateway BSL HSM
Starts by mapping the process flow, the identifying the        Full FMEA with the right people. This can mean that the
boundriy of the exercise (scope).                            analysis is not exhaustive, but because the right people are
Then identify the functions of the systems and sub-        there, it a a starting point that will be 90% thorough. Allocate a
systems conduct FMEA and RCA on the production                set time period fro the analysis to avoid analysis paralysis.
process with the right people involved.
Assess risks of root causes and delivers a strong
focus on defect elimination in preference to developing
unnecessary inspection.
Builds quality into maintenance repair interventions.
Provides an integrated asset management strategy
(failure avoidance) rather than an "inspection strategy"
to find what has already started to fail.

Facilitated workshop to develop asset management           Believe that failure modes should be known for all equipment,
strategy followed by detailed strategy implementation      the maintenance action varies. Low criticality, less resources
by nominated specialists.                                  allocated to failure avoidance (ie more possibility of OTF)
Lower criticality facilities and equipment analysed
through small group discussion or desk-top review by
strategists using e_Gateway software.

Initial philosophy is explained by the facilitator, who    For initial philosophy have facilitator explain the methodologies.
covers the methodologies.                                  The process is very teachable and does not require a lot of
The process is very teachable and does not require a       training (4 hrs)
lot of training (4 hrs). Most participants are competant
after attending one workshop.
Limited support is required as the workshop process        Limited if you achieve good buy in . Put emphsis on engaging
achieves good buy in by participants who take the          the workforce.
process back to the workplsce.
Put emphsis on engaging the workforce.

Hatch - They will focus on learning & enabling you how
to do it.
Generally, there are 2 facilitators for the workshop and Hatch - They will focus on learing & enabling you how to do it.
1 relaibility suport engineer for implementation
assistance the first time around.

The process is enabled within the workplace, usually a
site/area champion is nominated to continue work on-
site with shift/area teams.

There is no requirement for third party assistance.
Hatch faciltitators are located on all major continents.

Hatch openly encourages cross-fertilisation of
experiences between gateway users.

See above.

Supporting documentation is provided as a means of
conductiong Gateway workshops. Site champions are
formally accredited by Hatch after participating in
workshops and successful implementation of resulting
asset strategies.

A 'good' implementation is one that
* is implemented in the minds and behaviours of the
 * is implenented onto the site's Maitenance
Management systems
* shows a noticable cultural shift towards defect
 * has a demonstarted effect on the performance of
plant and equipment.
 * is considered by all as the normal way of doing
The main problems with implementation tend to come
from a lack of resources to implement actions once the
initial workshop has been completed. This is usually
overcome by Hatch facilitators performing follow-up
meetings with site champions and teams to provide
follow-up assistance and coaching as necessary to
ensure implementation actions are completed.

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