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                          Title                              Summary                              4th
A Is for the Americas                       In this book, Americas refers to North,              1,2,3,4
Cynthia Chin-Lee and                        Central, and South America. It uses the
Terri de la Peña, 1999.                     concept of alphabet letters to introduce
                                            history, customs, food, geography, animals,
                                            homes, and other cultural elements—for
                                            example, “E is for empanada,” “K is for
                                            kayak,” and “Y is for Yucatan.” Extra Spanish-
                                            language alphabet letters are included at the
Carnaval                                    Come and join the Carnaval celebration in            1,2,3,4
George Ancona, 1999                         Olinde, Brazil! The highlights of this book are
                                            the bold photographs, which put the reader
                                            right in the middle of this holiday. Beginning
                                            with an explanation of the reasons for
                                            Carnaval and continuing through preparation
                                            to the actual celebration days, the story is told
                                            primarily through pictures with
                                            complementary text.

Machu Picchu                                Author Elizabeth Mann depicts the rise and           1,2,3,4
Elizabeth Mann, 2000.                       fall of Machu Picchu and possible reasons
                                            why it was spared from destruction by the
                                            Spaniards. She also gives readers a general
                                            sense of what Inca life was like, from
                                            agriculture and religion to work and warfare.

Aletin and The Falling Sky: A Mocovi Myth   When the falling Sky causes the Sun to crash          1,2,4
Retold by Melinda Lilly, 1999.              to the Earth, Aletin saves the situation and
                                            finds that his people and their world have
                                            been changed forever.

At Home in The Rain Forest                  An examination of the plants and animals of           1,4
Diane Willow, 1991.                         the Amazoian rainforest.
Brazil: The People                                    Explores how the history, climate, geography,       1,2,4
Malika Hollander, 2003                                and religion of Brazil have shaped the
                                                      customs and practices of modern daily life for
                                                      some of the poorest and some of the
                                                      wealthiest people in South America.

Buenos Aires                                          Describes the history, culture, daily life, food,    1,2
Deborah Kent, 1998                                    sports, and points of interest of the capital
                                                      and largest city of Argentina, South America

Cabeza de Vaca:                                       A biography of the Spanish conquistador who
Conquistador Who Cared                                survived a failed mission to Florida to spend
Mary Dodson Wade                                      seven years among Indians in the American
                                                      Southwest and then tried to secure humane
                                                      treatment of the Indians in the lower half of
                                                      the South American continent.

Encantado: Pink Dolphin of the Amazon                 Introduces the world of the freshwater              1,2,3,4
Sy Montgomery, 2002.                                  dolphins called Encantados, or Enchanted, by
                                                      the people who live near them in the region of
                                                      the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South

Hands-on Latin America: Art Activities for All Ages   Contains instructions for thirty-five art           1,2,4
Yvonne Y. Merrill                                     activities developed to replicate museum
                                                      artifacts from ancient cultures of Central and
                                                      South America, including jewelry, Inca
                                                      panpipes, jaguar masks, and other items.

Huatya Curi and The Five Condors: A Huarochiri Myth   Huatya Curi, also known as Potato Eater, son        1,2,3,4
Retold by Melinda Lilly                               of the mountain spirit Paria Caca, challenges
Illustrated by Charles Reasoner, 1999.                a greedy king and wins a worthy bride,
                                                      releasing his father from his icy mountain
Jabuti, The Tortoise: A Trickster Tale from The Amazon   All the birds enjoy the song-like flute music of   1,2,3,4
Told and illustrated by Gerald McDermott, 2001           Jabuti, the tortoise, except Vulture, who,
                                                         jealous because he cannot sing, tricks Jabuti
                                                         into riding his back toward a festival planned
                                                         by the King of Heaven.

Magellan: Ferdinand Magellan and                         Text and illustrations survey Ferdinand            1,3,4,
The First Trip Around The World                          Magellan's circumnavigation of the world in
Michael Burgan, 2002                                     the sixteenth century, describing Magellan's
                                                         life before the voyage, his ships and crew,
                                                         mutiny early in the trip, explorations in South
                                                         America, and Magellan's death, providing a
                                                         glossary, lists of important dates and people,
                                                         and selected further resources.

Poison Dart Frogs                                        A variety of colorful and tiny poison dart frogs   1,2,3
Jennifer Owings Dewey, 2001                              living in the rain forests of Central and South
                                                         America are pictured in their natural habitat.
                                                         Topics covered include: mating habits,
                                                         natural predators, methods to extract the
                                                         frog's poison, and its unique nurturing habits.

Tales of The Amazon: How The Munduruku Indians Live      Tells the story of a child who is raised to be     1,2,3,4
Daniel Munduruku, 2000                                   the religious leader of his Munduruku group in
                                                         the Brazilian state of Para; describes how the
                                                         Munduruku and other Indian peoples of the
                                                         Amazon region live; and provides
                                                         autobiographical information about the
                                                         author, a member of the Munduruku ethnic
                                                         group, and his experiences living in Sao

Yanomamis                                                Examines the history, life, traditions, and        1,2,3,4
Elizabeth Sirimarco, 2000                                culture of the Yanomami, aborigines of South
                                                         America whose territory stretches across
                                                         30,000 square miles of tropical rain forest in
                                                         southern Venezuela and northern Brazil.














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