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					State                                         CT                                        DE                                                      FL                                                   NJ                                                    RI
                                              Conservation and Development              Delaware Strategies for State Policies and                                                                   New Jersey State Development and                      Land Use 2025: Rhode Island State Land Use
Name of Plan
                                              Policies Plan for Connecticut             Spending                                                State Comprehensive Plan                             Redevelopment Plan                                    Policies and Plan
Date of Adoption of When were statutes
Statutes            codified?                                                   1971                                                     1995                                                1985                                                  1986                                                    1985
                    When was most
Date of Adoption of
                    recent plan
Recent Plan
                    released?                                                   2005                                                     2004                                                1986                                                  2001                                                    2006
                    How long is the
Number of Pages
                    document?                                                     117                                                     114                                                   19                                                   359                                                     156
                                                                                                                                                The plan is intended to provide long-range
                    Is the plan meant to                                                                                                        policy guidance for orderly social, economic,
                    guide state                                                                                                                 and physical growth of the state. The plan is
                    spending, affect                                                                                                            intended to be direction setting, and the policies
                    development                                                                                                                 can be implemented only to extent that the           Plan is used as a policy guide for municipal,
Purpose of the Plan patterns, or guide        The plan provides the policy and          The plan is intended to direct state investments, and   legislature appropriates grants or other funding.    county, and regional planning, state agency           The plan articulates state's overarching goals,
                    local decisions about     planning framework for administrative     is not a land use plan. The plan uses the strategies    The plan does not have regulatory authority or       functional planning and infrastructure investment     objectives and strategies to guide and coordinate the
                    land use? Is it           and programmatic actions of capital       for state policies and spending as guidance for         authorize the adoption of agency rules, criteria     decisions. It is not intended to be used to           land use plans and regulations of municipalities and
                    primarily a policy        and operational investment decisions      appropriate, cost-effective investments by the state    and standards not specifically authorized by the     formulate codes, ordinances, administrative rules     State agencies to direct good, strategic projects at
                    document?                 of state government.                      government.                                             law.                                                 or other regulations.                                 both the state and municipal level.
                     How is plan                                                        Organized by 7 topic areas: Coordinating                                                                                                                           Organized temporally: 1) Where are we and where
                     organized?                                                         Government, Directing Growth, Investing Tax Dollars                                                                                                                are we going? 2) Where do we want to be in twenty
Organization of Plan Temporally?              Organized by 6 growth management          Effectively, Improving Housing Choice, Preserving                                                                                                                  years 3) What issues do we need to be concerned
                     Substantively? By        principles (below) with policies under    Delaware, Involving Citizens, and Promoting         Plan contains 25 goals (below), with policies            Organized by 8 goals (below) and 19 policies,         with about getting there 4) How do we get there? 5)
                     goal or objective?       each principle.                           Sustainable Jobs.                                   under each goal.                                         which guide the State Plan Policy Map.                What must be done to achieve our vision?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1. A sustainable Rhode Island that is beautiful,
                                                                                     1. Direct investment and future development to                                                                                                                      diverse, connected and compact with a distinct
                                                                                     existing communities, urban concentrations, and                                                                                                                     quality of place in our urban and rural centers, and
                                             1. Redevelop and revitalize regional    growth areas                                               1. Children                                          1. Revitalize the state's cities and towns strategy abundance of natural resources, and a vibrant
                     What are primary        centers and areas with existing or      2. Protect important farmland and critical natural         2. Families                                          2. Conserve the state's natural resources and       sustainable economy
Goals, Principles or goals identified in the currently planned physical              resources areas                                            3. The Elderly                                       systems                                             2. A state network of greenspaces and greenways
Strategies in State  plan? What function infrastructure                              3. Improve housing quality, variety, and affordability     4. Housing                                           3. Promote beneficial economic growth,              that protects and preserves the environment, wildlife
Plan                 do these goals          2. Expand housing opportunities and for all income groups                                          5. Health                                            development and renewal for all residents of New habitats, natural resources, scenic landscapes,
                     serve?                  design choices to accommodate a         4. Ensure objective measurement of long-term               6. Public Safety                                     Jersey                                              provide recreation, and shapes urban growth
                                             variety of household types and needs community effects of land use policies, and                   7. Water Resources                                   4. Protect the environment, prevent and clean up 3. Excellence in community design: communities that
                                             3. Concentrate development around       infrastructure investments                                 8. Coastal and Marine Resources                      pollution                                           are high quality, energy efficient, safe and healthful,
                                             transportation nodes and along major 5. Streamline regulatory processes and provide                9. Natural Systems and Recreational Lands            5. Provide adequate public facilities and services distinct, diverse and aesthetically pleasing;
                                             transportation corridors to support the flexible incentives and disincentives to encourage         10. Air Quality                                      at a reasonable cost                                communities that are rich in natural, historical,
                                             viability of transportation options     development in desired areas                               11. Energy                                           6. Provide adequate housing at a reasonable cost cultural, and recreational resources; communities
                                             4. Conserve and restore the natural     6. Encourage redevelopment and improve the                 12. Hazardous and Nonhazardous Materials             7. Preserve and enhance areas with historic,        4. First class supporting infrastructure that protects
                                             environment, cultural and historical    livability of existing communities and urban areas, and    and Waster                                           cultural, scenic, open and recreational value       the public's health, safety and welfare, forest
                                             resources, and traditional rural lands  guide new employment into underutilized commercial         13. Mining                                           8. Ensure sound and integrated planning and         economic well-being, preserve and enhances
                                             5. Protect and ensure the integrity of  and industrial sites                                       14. Property Rights                                  implementation statewide                            environmental quality, and reinforces the distinction
                                             environmental assets critical to public 7. Provide high quality employment opportunities for       15. Land Use                                                                                             between urban and rural areas
                                             health and safety                       citizens with various skills levels to retain attract a    16. Urban and Downtown Revitalization                                                                    5. Implement and maintain the vision. Continue to
                                             6. Promote integrated planning across diverse economic base                                        17. Public Facilities                                                                                    support public stewardship for land use through
                                             all levels of government to address     8. Protect the state's water supplies, open space,         18. Cultural and Historic Resources                                                                      strategic public investments in growth centers, land
                                             issues on a statewide, regional and     farmland, and communities by encouraging                   19. Transportation                                                                                       conservation, development, and enhanced planning
                                             local basis                             revitalization of existing water and wastewater            20. Governmental Efficiency                                                                              capacity at the local and regional levels
                                                                                     systems and the construction of new systems                21. The Economy
                                                                                     9. Promote mobility for people and goods through a         22. Agriculture
                                                                                     balanced system of transportation options                  23. Tourism
                                                                                     10. Improve access to educational opportunities,           24. Employment
                                                                                     health care and human services for all Delawareans         25. Plan Implementation
                                                                                     11. Coordinate public policy planning and decisions
                                                                                     among state, counties and municipalities

                                              State plan is organized by the 6          Goals are the foundation of the overall Livable         The goals constitute the required elements of        Plan in organized by the eight goals, and specific    Goals are identified with objectives and strategies,
                                              growth management principles, which       Delaware agenda and were embraced by Governor           local plans, which are reviewed by the               strategies to achieve goals are identified. Each      and lead agencies for achieving each goal. Goals do
                       Are the goals the      are intended to be prescriptive to        Minner's administration. The strategies guide state     Department of Community Affairs and also             goal also has a Vision of what conditions will be     not play a major role in the organization of the plan,
                       goals of the state     municipalities and RPOs and               divisions and serve as the framework for state          provide guidance to the state agencies in            like in 2020 if the goals are achieved. State and     nor do they affect local planning.
Function of the
                       plan alone? Is there   incorporated into state agency            comments on local plans and land use decisions          appropriating funds.                                 regional functional plans must address goals.
                       a relationship with    decisions. Municipalities and RPOs        reviewed through the Preliminary Land Use Service                                                            Goals are meant to provide guidance to county
                       local planning?        are encouraged to address the             (PLUS).                                                                                                      and municipal governments in drafting their plans.
                                              principles in their plans.
State                                       CT                                   DE                                                                     FL                                                 NJ                                                      RI
What are the relevant entities responsibly for construction, adoption, oversight, and implementation of the plan?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The State Planning Council5 adopts the plan and
                    If present, what is the
                                                                                                The Governor's Advisory Council on Planning                                                                                                                        reviews projects and programs for consistency with
Advisory Council or role of advisory
                    council or                                                                  Coordination1, created by statute in 2001, guides the                                                                                                              state plan. The Technical Committee of the State
                                                                                                agenda of the plan, advising through development of                                                        A 17 member State Planning Commission3                  Planning Council6 serves as the advisory council to
                                                 N/A                                            the plan.                                             N/A                                                  prepares and adopts the State Plan.                     agency staff during the preparation of the plan.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Development Opportunities InterAgency Team4
                      If present, what is the                                                   The Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues2                                                            assists local officials and developers in bringing
Cabinet                                                                                         (created by statute) approves the plan and advises                                                         smart growth redevelopment projects to Planning
                      role of cabinet?
                                                                                                the governor on land use planning, growth, and                                                             Areas 1 and 2 and Designated Centers of the
                                                 N/A                                            infrastructure investment policy issues.                N/A                                                State Development and Redevelopment Plan.          N/A
                                              The Office of Policy and Management
                      If present, what is the (OPM) is responsible for creating and
Department or
                      role of state planning implementing the plan. OPM also                    The Office of State Planning Coordination (housed       The Department of Community Affairs                The Office of Smart Growth (within the          The Statewide Planning Program (within the Division
                      department or office? reviews certain project applications for            within the Office of Management and Budget)             implements the plan by evaluating local plans      Department of Community Affairs) implements the of Planning, within the Department of Administration)
                                              consistency with the plan.                        develops and implements the plan.                       along these goals and policies.                    plan.                                           prepares the plan.
                                              The General Assembly is directly
                                              involved in the preparation and
                                              adoption of the plan. The OPM                                                                             The State Comprehensive Plan was passed by
                      If present, what is the reports annually to the Legislative                                                                       the legislature in 1986 as statutes is required by
Legislature           role of the             Continuing Committee on State                                                                             statute to be reviewed biennially by the
                      legislature?            Planning and Development, which                                                                           legislature. By statute, the implementation of its
                                              maintains oversight over the plan. The                                                                    policies require legislative action unless
                                              General Assembly has final approval                                                                       otherwise specifically authorized by the
                                              authority over the plan.                          No direct oversight of the plan.                        constitution or law.                               No direct oversight over the plan.                      No direct oversight over the plan.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           The state uses an iterative public participation
                      What is the
                                                                                                                                                                                                           process called cross acceptance by which plan is
                      relationship of the
                                                 Local agencies can point out                                                                            Local comprehensive plans must be consistent vetted with local governments and revised.                   Municipal plans are required to be reviewed by the
                      state and the state        inconsistencies between state and                                                                       in with the regional plans. Regional policy plans Comprehensive plans must be updated every 6             state for consistency with state goals and policies.
                      plan to local plans?       local plans, but are not required to                                                                    must be consistent with the State                 years and local governments are encouraged              The state plan then serves as a "Resource and
                      Is state review of         reconcile differences. Local plans are                                                                  Comprehensive Plan. Review of local plans is      submit plans for plan endorsement by the Office         Review Mechanism" for: proposals requesting
                      local plans required?      not reviewed by the state either for                                                                    mandatory, and the state provides incentives to of Smart Growth, which carries incentives both            federal funds, applications for U.S. Army Corps of
                      What is considered         specific elements or for consistency                                                                    local governments typically to lower capacity     during the process and after endorsement.               Engineers permits, Environmental Impact
                      in this review? What       with the state plan. The state provides                                                                 rural counties and cities. for innovative local   During the endorsement process, municipalities          Statements, R.I. Economic Development
                      tools of                   grants to local governments to update          Local governments are given financial incentives to      planning efforts, typically in high capacity      receive technical assistance funding. Upon              Corporation projects, projects being reviewed by the
                      implementation does        plans, and the plans are then reviewed         plan, and can have their plans certified by the state.   counties and cities. The state may also impose receiving endorsement, municipalities are eligible         Energy Facility Siting Board, applications for various
                      the state use to           by regional planning organizations.            While plan certification is not required, it is strongly a development moratorium until the local          for further financial incentives. It is through plan    loans, grants, or other federal or State financing,
                      enforce the state          While RPOs review local plans, the             encouraged. Local governments do not receive             government adopts an acceptable plan, or          endorsement that the state hopes to increase the        rules and regulations promulgated by State
                      plan?                      focus is on review rather than                 technical assistance funding and state spending does takeover local planning. The state may withhold degree of consistency among plans and to                      agencies, and property leases and conveyances
                                                 consistency.                                   not occur in areas without certified plans.              CBDG funds if a plan is not certified.            facilitate implementation of these plans.               proposed before the State Properties Committee.
                                                 Agency plans must be submitted to
                                                 OPM for a review of conformity with                                                                                                                    State agency functional plans incorporate
                      What is the                the state plan. Certain types of state                                                                                                                 guidelines and policies of state plan. State               State agency projects and activities are to conform to
                      relationship of the        agency spending must be consistent                                                                                                                     agencies were required to review existing                  local plans that have received State approval. To
                      state plan to state        with the Plan (acquisition and                                                                                                                         programs to identify ways to achieve provisions of         implement the State Guide Plan, the document
Horizontal            agencies? What             development over a certain threshold);                                                                                                                 the state plan and implement programs in a                 recognizes a need for a prioritized investment
Consistency           implementation tools       Office of Policy and Management also           State agencies must prepare Livable Delaware                                                            manner consistent with he plan The planserves              strategy for federal and state funding. (In the plan,
                      does the state use to      advises the State Bond Commission              Implementation Plans to show how their missions are                                                     as a guide to when and where available state               this is identified of a strategy, but the plan does not
                      enforce the state          on the allocation of state bonds in            carried out while fulfilling Livable Delaware strategies, State agency spending must be consistent with funds should be extended to achieve the goals of           explain how the state is doing this.) Implementation
                      plan?                      accordance with the plan. OPM                  in addition to identifying impediments to reaching        the plan to the extent authorized by the      the State Planning Act. The annual capital                 of strategies outlined in the plan are assigned to
                                                 integrates the plan into the office's          goals and showing how budgeting planning will be          legislature. Agency functional plans must be  improvement budget must be consistent with the             "lead agencies" and each strategy is classified as
                                                 planning and coordinating functions.           done in accordance with the strategies.                   consistent with the plan.                     goals and provisions of the plan                           short term, long term or ongoing.
                                                                                                Investment strategy levels area derived from spatial                                                                                                               Rather than relying on a single map, the Rhode
                      If there is a state plan                                                  analysis of data from state, county and local agencies                                                                                                             Island plan offers 4 scenarios based on land
                      map, how was it            Based on state and federal                     reflecting various aspects of land use policies and                                                        Lines are not correlated with or based on property      suitability and availability information (trend, centers
Map Construction      constructed? What          demographic data and also reflects             land use. Specifically, the map was constructed                                                            lines, zoning lines or political boundaries.            and corridors, infill, and composite) in addition to a
and Use               data and criteria          local and regional plans and policies          following analysis of development suitability for grids,                                                   Planning Areas are based on explicit definitional       composite future land use map of municipal land use
                      were used to               that most closely reflect the Map’s            as determined by a number of datasets. Intended to                                                         criteria, but are finalized iteratively in the cross-   plans. ) Of the scenarios, the Composite Scenario
                      delineate areas?           definitional criteria. This criteria (listed   serve as a guide for state actions that might influence                                                    acceptance process. Centers, environs, cores and        was endorsed. The State Planning Council made
                                                 in an appendix) defines the areas on           land use and development patterns. Map is not                                                              nodes are designated during plan endorsement of         refinements to the Composite Scenario, creating the
                                                 the map.                                       parcel based and not a land use plan.                    N/A - no map                                      local plans.                                            Future Land Use Map 2025.
State                                        CT                                            DE                                                     FL                                             NJ
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Seven Planning Areas appear on the map, and            RI
                                                                                                                                                                                                 are defined according to specific definitional
                                             In order of relative priority for                                                                                                                   criteria explicitly outlined in the plan: PA1 -        Future Land Use Map includes: Potential Future
                                             development and conservation,                                                                                                                       Metropolitan Planning Area; PA2-Suburban               Land Uses - Development: Urban Growth Boundary,
                                             respectively, map categories include:                                                                                                               Planning Area; PA3-Fringe Planning Area; PA4-          Urban Development, Sewered Urban, Centers,
Categories on the    What do states put      Development Policies: regional                                                                                                                      Rural Planning Area; PA4B-Rural/Environmentally        Planned and Proposed Future Rail Stations;
Map                  on their maps?          centers, neighborhood conservation                                                                                                                  Sensitive Planning Area; PA5-Environmentally           Conservation: Conservation/Limited. Committed
                                             areas, growth areas, rural community          Four levels of spending (I-IV) which differentiate the                                                Sensitive Planning Area; PA5B-Environmentally          Use: Non-urban developed, Prime Active Farmland,
                                             centers. Conservation Policies:               type of funding priorities in each area. Additionally                                                 Sensitive/Barrier Islands Planning Area. Five          Narragansett Indian Lands; Transportation: Rail
                                             existing preserved open space,                included on the map: Area of Dispute, Area of Study,                                                  Types of Centers: Urban Centers, Regional              Stations, Rail Lines, Interstate Highways, Other
                                             preservation areas, conservation              Environmentally Sensitive Development, Out of Play                                                    Centers, Towns, Villages, Hamlets. Pinelands           Highways, Airports; Conservancy: Major Parks &
                                             areas, rural lands                            (publicly owned/legally restricted)                    N/A                                            Management Areas.                                      Open Space, Water Bodies, Wetlands.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Preliminary plan undergoes unique process of
                                                                                                                                                                                                 "cross-acceptance" which is a collaborative,
                     What kind of public
                                                                                                                                                                                                 participatory process comparison of planning
                     involvement is used?
                                           Regional public hearings prior to               For the 2001 plan, the state held 7 public meetings -                                                 policies among governmental levels with the           Telephone survey, televised town meeting, five
Public Involvement   How is this
                                           submission to legislature. The plan is          two each in each of the 3 counties and one in the city                                                purpose of attaining compatibility between local,     Regional Planner workshops, interviews with
                     incorporated into the
                                           also circled within state agencies and          of Wilmington to accept the public's comments.                                                        county and state plans. Changes are negotiated        planning leaders, Land Use 2025 Brainstorming
                                           regional planning organizations prior           Comments also accepted in writing, through email       N/A - public involvement occurs in local       among the State Planning Commission, counties,        Session assembling 60 planners for a brainstorming
                                           to submission to the legislative.               and via a specially created form.                      planning, but not the State Comprehensive Plan and municipalities.                                   session
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Four scenarios are constructed from a map based
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       on Land Suitability Analysis, Land Availability
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Certain required assessments accompany the        Analysis, identification of land qualities and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     plan: analysis of alternative growth patterns,    development constraints under then existing State
                                                                                                                                                                                                     impact assessment, and infrastructure needs       Guide Plan policies, Land Intensity Potential
                     Is there anything                                                     Delaware also has a review process for                                                                    assessment. The plan includes indicators and      Classification. . Rather than relying on a single map,
                     interesting or unique                                                 developments of regional impact (Preliminary Land                                                         targets to monitor progress in meeting State Plan the Rhode Island plan offers 4 scenarios (trend,
Special Notes        to the state plan        If the criteria defining a particular site   Use Service) which reviews developments with                                                              Goals. There are 6 key indicators and targets and centers and corridors, infill, and composite) in
                     process in this         changes subsequent to the Plan’s              impact beyond local boundaries. Development                                                               27 additional indicators. Explicates that the     addition to a composite future land use map of
                     particular state?       adoption, a proposed project should           proposals are considered for consistency with the                                                         benefits and burdens of implementing the plan     municipal land use plans. ) Of the scenarios, the
                                             be judged for consistency based on            state and local plan. In preparing the map, Delaware   Explains that the plan should be applied when      should be equitably distributed among citizens of Composite Scenario was endorsed. The State
                                             the most current data sources                 preformed Absorption Analysis to ensure the plan       economically and environmentally feasible, not     the state and when property owners or citizens    Planning Council made refinements to the
                                             available at the time of evaluation.          allows enough room to accommodate expected             contrary to public interest, and consistent with   are disadvantaged, the government should          Composite Scenario, creating Future Land Use Map
                                             (Map is a living document)                    growth through 2030.                                   the protection of private property rights.         mitigate via compensation to ensure equity.       2025.
1- Delaware Advisory Council composition: A Chair appointed by the Governor (Lt. Governor John Carney), Chair of Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues, County Administrator or County Executive for each county, President or designee of Delaware League of Local Governments,
cochairs of Joint Bond Bill Committee, eight members appointed by the Governor representing: agriculture, homebuilders, business, real estate and development, environmental interests, community development, historic preservation, and civic associations, Secretaries of Transportation, Natural
Resources and Environmental Control, Agriculture and the Director of Economic Development

2- Delaware Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues is composed of the Secretary of the Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office and others the Governor may

3- New Jersey State Planning Commission is composed of: the State Treasurer and four other cabinet members to be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor; two other members of the executive branch of State government to be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the
Governor; six public members, not more than three of whom shall be of the same political party, and of whom at least one shall be a professional planner. Local government and public members are appointed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature for three year terms.

4 - Development Opportunities InterAgency Team is comprised of eight state agencies including transportation, Board of Public Utilities, Economic Development Authority, Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, Commerce, Environmental Protection, New Jersey Tranist, New Jersey
Redevelopment Authority, Office of Economic Growth and Community Affaris.

5 - Rhode Island State Planning Council includes: The director of the Department of Administration as chairperson; the director of the Policy Office in the office of the Governor, as vice-chairperson; the governor, or his or her designee; the budget officer; the chairperson of the Housing Resources
Commission; the Chief of Statewide Planning, as secretary; the president of the League of Cities and Towns or his or her designee and one official of local government, who shall be appointed by the governor from a list of not less than three (3) submitted by the Rhode Island League Cities and
Towns; and the executive director of the League of Cities and Towns; one representative of a nonprofit community development or housing organization; four (4) public members, appointed by the governor; two (2) representatives of a private, nonprofit environmental advocacy organization, both

6 - Rhode Island State Planning Council Technical Committee parallels that of the State Planning Council, with representatives of state agencies, local governments, citizens from different areas of the state, and federal advisory members. The Chief of Statewide Planning serves as Secretary. The
committee is intended to insure representation of diverse interests and views in the Statewide Planning Program's activities.

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