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									                                                                                                                                                        Appendix A

PROPOSAL TITLE                                                    2007/08   Details



Increased income from Licensed Premises & General                       -33 Higher continuous income is anticipated from new Licensing Act
Increased income from higher Bereavement charges                        -55 Cabinet member agreed an increase in charges in December to ensure charges cover the
                                                                            increase in fuel prices. A further price rise is proposed.

Library Service Resources Fund                                          -40 Impact
% of total budget available immediately and for full year –                 Key indicators will decline – issues / visits (latter linked to PLSS and BVPI). Significant
stock plans set accordingly at beginning of year. Projected                 adverse impact with fewer items purchased – and consequent drop in quality of resources
Resources Fund for 2007 / 2008 (after deducting £30K                        available for customers. Failure to meet current Public Library Service Standards – below
already earmarked for Leisure Inclusion Team) is £400k                      them at the moment. Increase in levels of complaint about availability of stock. While short-
Potential cut ranges from eg: 5% - £20k, 10% - £40k etc                     term impact not immediately noticeable, it takes a significant period to return to acceptable
£100K cut would equate to 25% of budget.                                    levels. Reverses improvements made in both quality of stock and basic service indicators
                                                                            over previous years.
                                                                            Note - £29k lost from Resources Fund for 2006 / 2007 as a result of procurement savings -
                                                                            neutralising benefits to be gained from within the library service from improved terms in
                                                                            new stock supply contract.
Community libraries – opening hours                                     -30 Principle of reduction in opening hours at selected community libraries would need to be
A proportion of the above could be achieved, reflecting the                 agreed at this stage. Scale and location of reductions would depend on value of additional
scale of reductions required. Negligible savings from heating /             budget saving required and which libraries were identified - analysis of usage data could
lighting etc. (Maximum half-year impact in 2007 / 2008 –                    inform decisions which would minimise the adverse impact.
based on length of time to plan / vacancies arising and                     Impact - Reduction in access to wider range of Council and learning services, and
potential redundancy formalities).                                          reflection of One Front Line programme through existing service points. Reverse the
Costing shown is option 3 - a 15% reduction in hours taking                 improvements in library opening hours achieved as a result of the Opening Hours Review
out Saturday afternoon and Monday morning across all                        in 2004 and earlier work.
Community Libraries (£60k p.a. full year effect).                           Inconsistent with previous aspiration to open Central Library on a Sunday - in response to
Option 5 also includes a reduction at the Central Library of 10             customer demand and Opening Hours Review.
hours per week resulting in an overall saving of 17% reduction              Failure to meet national Public Library Service Standards – Solihull has moved from 106
in opening hours and a total saving of £94K is then realised in             hours per 1,000 population in 1999 / 2000, to 126 in the current year, with the national
a full year.                                                                target at 128.
                                                                            High level of negative community reaction from locations chosen, or across whole
                                                                            Cabinet Member decision would be required to reduce service availability.

Mobile Library and Housebound Service – service withdrawal,             -62 High level of negative community reaction – from all parts of the Borough given the nature
considered 'all or nothing service'.                                        of the service. Limits access to library services through fixed service points. Withdrawal of
£95k p.a. full year effect                                                  housebound library service and services to old people’s homes.
                                                                            Currently 4 years into an 8 year contract hire for library vehicle. Early termination of lease
                                                                            is estimated would require a one-off payment of £46K.
                                                                            Cabinet Member decision would be required to withdraw services

MABL Trust Grant                                                        -17 Impact.The LA have funded this charitable trust for a number of years with the grant
                                                                            provided by the council now supplemented by a further grant from the CDRP. The funding
                                                                            pays for a full time co-ordinator to develop services which meet the needs of domestic
                                                                            violence victims and their families.Whilst the co-ordinator works independantly of the
                                                                            CDRP funded Domestic Violence Co-ordinator the two posts work very closely together
                                                                            and complement one another in delivery of the multi agency domestic violence strategy
                                                                            The MABL Trust as a charity is able to bid for external funding which would otherwise not
                                                                            be available to the partnership. The Trust is supported by a number of councillors and is
                                                                            chaired by Caroline Spelman MP and given the high profile of this issue any decision by
                                                                            the LA to disinvest would undoubetdly be politically sensisitve

Streetcare Contract - see details below. The savings total                  Need to consider whether these cuts are seen as a year 1 saving, with an expectation that
£232.5K which equates to 4.8% service cut on an overall                     potentially similar savings can be secured as part of the Strategic Environment Contract
budget of £4.8m                                                             (SEC), without service cuts - ie retain as an option the flexibility of having the work within
                                                                            the SEC depending on overall cost.

Streetcare Contract - Reduction in Half Mooning                         -47 Total budget in the region of £141,000 for edge treatment against hard surfaces ie cutting
                                                                            back over growing grass. Alternative would be to 'chemical spray' which would cost
                                                                            between £35K - £40K and leave a yellow strip alongside all grassed areas. The proposal is
                                                                            to therefore reduce programme by third and prioritise treatment to negate chemical
PROPOSAL TITLE                                                  2007/08     Details


StreetCare Contract - Maintain Natural Hedges                         -37 Ad-hoc maintenance of overhanging hedgerow for areas not forming part of the general
                                                                          hedge programme - minimal impact in year 1, impact will increase as vegetation starts to
                                                                          become overgrown.

StreetCare Contract - Remove Cut and Collect Service                 -119 This provides for the removal of grass cuttings following mowing. Depending on grass
                                                                          growth rates (performance lead regime) likely to be highly visible impact in year 1 as
                                                                          people experience cut grass left on green space. At the time of contract Members voted
                                                                          on the option to put this activity in or to leave it out and the Decision was taken to include
                                                                          in the service.

Stop removal of Chewing Gum                                           -30 Chewing gum removal from town centres, may impact on BVPI for highway cleanliness

Bereavement services reserve                                         -100 Reduce contribution to reserve

Contracts                                                            -100 Reduce contractual inflation requirement through negotiation

Staff savings target                                                 -422 Savings required to fund incremental progression and salary realignment costs - efficiency
Additional staff savings                                             -280 Further staff savings identified above target

Total Savings                                                      -1,372

Staff                                                                422 Funding of Safer and Stronger Communities approved establishment

Utilities                                                            190 Base funding required to meet contractual commitments

Contracts                                                            556 Base funding required to meet contractual commitments
Waste disposal                                                       275 Estimated increase in service costs - currently being verified to determine need in 2007/08

Voluntary sector pump prime support                                  139 Annual additional cost of supporting the voluntary sector limited to three years
ICT – upgrade and renewal of Talis servers – due April 2007              30 Failure of library management system – suppliers no longer providing support for old
(£22.5k for servers at current estimate, plus peripherals and               equipment from October 2007
installation costs) One-Off costs

To keep Mell Square and Chelmsley Wood toilets open to               400 Depends on whether decision taken to deliver outcome of the review which proposed re-
deliver outcome of toilet review.                                        opening on permanent basis Mell Square and Chelmsley Wood toilets. Includes £250k one-
                                                                         off refurbishment costs to meet DDA requirements.

ASB Team                                                             100 ASB consistently identified as an issue of high concern by majority of our residents and
                                                                         there is an increasing emphasis both by central government and enshrined within the
                                                                         recently published white paper on the role of local government and councillors in
                                                                         addressing this issue within their communities. In respect of council owned properties and
                                                                         acting on behalf of the council SCH have created a dedicated team to address ASB but no
                                                                         such provision currently exists in respect of other residents who therefore feel
                                                                         disadvantaged and let down.

                                                                            We do have a full time ASB Co-coordinator funded by external grant who is able to offer
                                                                            advice and very limited support to residents suffering from ASB who do not live in council
                                                                            owned properties but his is largely an administrative and training role. He does not have
                                                                            the capacity to deal with individual cases or, in the case of areas suffering from more
                                                                            complex issues involving more than one perpetrator, undertake any form of community
                                                                            based work. In order to address this gap in service delivery it is suggested that within the
                                                                            Crime Reduction Division we establish a small team of three full time officers supported by
                                                                            an administrative assistant whose role it would be to deal directly with individuals and
                                                                            groups suffering from ASB and, working closely with the Police, to progress enforcement
                                                                            action in respect of perpetrators.

Total Pressures                                                     2,112

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