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cobrand_glossaryxls - Test Index Page


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           Acquiring Bank or Merchant bank           The bank that does business with merchants that accept
                                                     credit cards. Merchant deposits the value of his/her credit
                                                     card sales, usually daily.
           Authentication verifying                  Ensuring a person is who she/he claims to be. Verify by
                                                     account password or last 4 of CC, domain name, etc.

           Capture (or Payment Capture)              Converting the authorization amount into a billable
                                                     transaction record. The sequence is: Supply goods/services,
                                                     authorize transaction, capture.
           Cardholder                            ?   The person who opens a credit card account.
           Certificate, SSL                          An electronic affidavit that vouches for the identity of an
                                                     entity to conduct business.
           CGI (Common Gateway Interface)            A way of programming a web server to process requests for
                                                     data. Used to build online forms, etc.
           Chargeback                                Debiting a charge from the merchant bank back to a Credit
                                                     Card account. This is done when the cardholder disputes a
           Client                                    The receiving end of the server/client relationship. An
                                                     example of a client is Firefox, which receives a webpage
                                                     from a server, or Outlook Express whih receives email from
                                                     a mail server.
           Credit card Gateway/Payment gateway       The middleman between the merchant and the Merchant
                                                     Bank. It passes data between the merchant's website and the
                                                     bank's website.
           Database                                  A way to organize information. Allows retrieval and
                                                     updating of data without corruption.
           DNS                                       Domain Name System, the internet's phonebook. Translates
                                                     domain names to IP Addresses. Made up of whois serers and
           Domain Name (Registered Domain            A domain name, or registered domain name, is a unique
           Name)                                     name used to identify a particular 'host' on the Internet.
                                                     Because there can only be one of a particular domain name
                                                     on the Internet, it has to be registered through a registrar.

           Electronic Check                          An electronic version of a traditional paper check using
                                                     digital signatures. Currently not supported.
           Email                                     Electronic mail. Mail is sent through the internet, to be
                                                     retrieved by the recipient at their convenience.
           FTP                                       FTP is how webpages and other files are put up into
                                                     webspace. They can also be down-loaded to your computer
                                                     using FTP. It stands for File Transfer Protocol.

           Gateway                                   A device that allows communication between networks that
                                                     use different protocols.
           Host                                      Often synonomous with a computer running server software,
                                                     it can also be a client computer.
           HTML                                      The coding language used to write web pages. It stands for
                                                     Hyper Text Markup Language.
           HTTP                                      The protocol used to view web pages. It stands for Hyper
                                                     Text Transfer Protocol.
           Hybrid Hosting                            Hosting websites on both Windows and UNIX web servers
IMAP                Email is viewed from your computer and stays on the server.
                    It stands for "Internet Message Access Protocol.

Incentive           A reduction in price given to customers after a purchase has
                    been made. A sales incentive is a bonus paid to sales persons
                    for meeting/exceeding sales quotas.

Internet Merchant   A business selling products or services over the internet.

IP Address          A unique number that identifies a connection to the Internet.
                    It works much the same way a telephone number identifies a
                    unique connection to the telephone network.

Link                An html formatted image or text that sends a website visitor
                    to another webpage or resource when clicked.
Logs                A record of network activity. Also a record of interactions
                    with customers.
Mall                A collection of businesses under one administrator. There
                    are online virtual malls, consisting of groups of ecommerce
                    merchants. AN example is worldmall.com
Merchant            A business that accepts credit card payments in exchange for
                    physical goods, services, or digital content.

Merchant Account    A bank account established to process payments through a
                    payment gateway.
Merchant ID         A code provided by the bank or payment processor that is
                    usually tied to a databse containing all information for a
                    specific merchant.
Nameserver          A nameserver is a computer that contains the zone file for
                    domains on the internet.
Offline capture     A payment capture method used by merchants who ship
                    orders one or more days after the order is placed. The
                    payment is captured when the order is shipped and the post-
                    authorization message is sent to the payment processor.

Online              Connected to the internet.
Online Capture      A payment capture method used by merchants that ship
                    orders on the same day they receive them. The payment is
                    captured when the credit card is authorized.
Online Store        A website that accepts payment in exchange for goods and/or
Payment gateway     A combination of hardware and software that provides an
                    interface to the bank card processing network. Examples are
                    Echo, Paypal, Paymentech, etc.
POP                 Downloads email to computer and deletes it from the server.
                    Stands for "Post Office Protocol".
Port                A port is a number used to identify where data is to go when
                    it reaches a server or computer. Each protocol has a different
                    port number.
Protocol            A protocol describes a way of doing things. The format of an
                    email or a website is set by a protocol. Common ones are
                    POP, IMAP, and SMTP for Email, and HTTP, HTTPS, and
                    FTP for websites.

RBS                 Stands for Recurring Billing System, and is part of
Real-time                     Something that happens "while-you-wait" rather than being
                              requested now and occurring later.
Registrar                     An entity that registers internet domain names. The registrar
                              determines which nameserver is associated with a domain.

Script                        A file that is interpreted by the server (or client) to output a
                              dynamic webpage. They can be either server-side or client-
                              side scripts.
Server                        A computer running software that provides services to clients
                              on a network, such as email, websites, etc.
SKU                           An SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)is a unique numeric code used
                              to identify a product.
SMTP                          The protocol used to send email on the internet. It stands for
                              Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
SSL or Security Certificate   A text file that is used by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
                              protocol to encrypt information sent over a network. It
                              contains information about the certificate holder and his
                              website to verify their identity.
Swiped Card                   Credit card information that is electronically entered into a
                              computerized system by swiping the credit card through a
                              card reader or terminal
Tax Class                     This is the type of taxes being applied; GST, HST, VAT,
                              Federal, State, or County tax.
Tax Jurisdiction              A geographic area that determines which tax(es) should be
Ticket                        Specifically a technical ticket. These are created when more
                              work needs to be done on an issue, such as work to be done
                              on a server by a system administrator.
URL                           Uniform Resource Locator. The address of a webpage or a
                              file. It usually consists of a protocol (typically "http://"),
                              domain name (E.g. "bob.com"), and possibly a path and
                              filename ("/path/file.txt"). For example,
Void                          To cancel an purchase. Typically, a void is handled by
                              issuing a credit to the same card which was charged. For a
                              short period of time after a purchase is made it can be
Webmail                       email can be retrieved on a website. Email stays on the
                              server and can be retrieved from nearly any computer.
Webpage                       A file or group of files stored on a server computer
                              connected to the Internet.
whois                         A server that tells you who registered a domain, the status of
                              the domain, and more. The information in the "whois" server
                              is maintained by the registrar.
Zone File                     A text file contained on a nameserver which contains the IP
                              addresses with which to reach the website and/or email for a
                              domain. The zone file is contained in a nameserver.

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