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            Agency Name: (028) Small Business Administration

         Submission Date: 06/26/2009

         Submitter Name: Karen Mills

   Submitter Contact Info: 202-205-6919

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504 Press Release press release              Press Release announcing   Changes to SBA 504 Loan Program Will Allow Businesses to      6/24/2009 0:00
                           blic/documents/sba_homepage/ne                              permanent changes to the   Refinance Existing Debt, Expand, Create New Jobs
504 Fact Sheet (Lenders) Fact Sheet                 Fact sheet on changes to   Enhancements Benefit Lenders In SBA Fixed Asset Loan          6/24/2009 0:00
504 Fact Sheet    Fact Sheet                 Fact sheet on changes to   Changes Boost SBA’s Long-Term, Fixed-Asset Loans              6/24/2009 0:00
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