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           The papers listed here have been obtained by search SPE and IPTC papers post 2005 on the SPE's OnePetro
           The papers relating to reservoir engineering have been catergorised for inclusion on the   reservoirengineering.org.uk website
           The affiiations searched were;

                                                                    Total No Papers     Reservoir Engineering Related
                      BP                                                   551                      175
                      Shell                                                575                      279
                      Chevron                                              482                      238
                      ConocoPhillips                                       191                       68
                      Marathon                                             55                        37
                      Total                                                255                      129
                      Schlumberger                                        1130                      563
                      Imperial College, London                             95                        53
                      Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh                    235                      175
                      (Anywhere in Article)
                                                      Total               3569                          1717

                      Total number of papers published post 2005 =             10,000

                                                                   35% of papers published categorised
Organisation   Source No.         Chapter               Section
SCHLUMBERGER     SPE   101129   Minor Reservoirs   Development Strategy
BP               SPE   110756   Minor Reservoirs   Reservoir Development
SHELL            SPE   119722   Minor Reservoirs   Reservoir Development
SCHLUMBERGER    IPTC    11537   Minor Reservoirs        Stimulation
     Niger Delta
   Mini Fracturing
Stepping on Development of Small and Medium Size Oilfields through Horizontal Wells—The Way Ahead
The PUT River: Appraisal and Development of a Minor Reservoir Within the Prudhoe Bay Field, North Slope, Alaska
Developing Marginal Fields In The Niger Delta: Recovery & Economics Can Be Better Than Currently Estimated
Mini Fracturing: A New Horizon of Breakthrough Integrated Technology for Small Fields
                               Author                                   Abstract
                                                                       Abstract Maximization of recovery from anisotropi
R.D. Tewari, SPE, and M. Malik, SPE, GNPOC, and S. Naganathan, SPE, Schlumberger
                                                                       Abstract PUT River formation is an early Cretaceo
Manmath Panda, Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska, James Dean, Jeff Pietras, Tammy Wheeler, and Roger Sels, BP
                                                                       Abstract The main objective of the Marginal Fields
Anthony O. Uwaga, SPE, Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited
                                                                       Abstract This paper presents a case history of
C.H. Sia, SPE, Azhar M. Ali, SPE, and N. Ezalina Hamzah, SPE, PETRONAS Carigali; and S. Jumaat, SPE, Schlumbergera sl
 n of recovery from anisotropic small and medium size oil fields is a daunting task for operators. Development strategies and concepts implem
ormation is an early Cretaceous reservoir in the North Slope Alaska. Stratigraphically it lies above the Lower Cretaceous Unconformity (LCU
bjective of the Marginal Fields Programme (MFP) initiated by the Federal Government is to enhance indigenous participation in the exploratio
 resents a case history of a slickline propellant stimulation treatment performed in a well at the Penara and North Lukut field which is a small
pment strategies and concepts implemented in large fields generally are not appropriate for small and medium size fields. Inappropriate strat
ower Cretaceous Unconformity (LCU) and below the Highly Radioactive Zone (HRZ). The reservoir sands are near shore face to shallow ma
                                                                                    Delta. Under the MFP
 genous participation in the exploration and production of hydrocarbon in the Niger OnePetro OnePetro initiative backed by the Petroleum
 nd North Lukut field which is a small oil field operated by PETRONAS Carigali offshore Peninsular Malaysia. The stimulation was performed
edium size fields. Inappropriate strategies and methodologies of exploitation affect the overall recoveries and economics of the project. This
ds are near shore face to shallow marine deposits with heavy bio-turbation. In the Prudhoe Bay Field the PUT River reservoir overlays the Sa
s and economics of the project. This is further complicated in tight viscous and sand incursion prone formations. This paper discusses abou
e PUT River reservoir overlays the Sadlerochit interval the main producing horizon. A number of the Prudhoe Bay development wells penetra
mations. This paper discusses about number of small fields located in Muglad basin wherein oil accumulation is found in multiple layers of la
dhoe Bay development wells penetrate the PUT River reservoir and provide well control for defining the areal extent and thickness of the res
ulation is found in multiple layers of late cretaceous deposits. The formations are heterogeneous unconsolidated with higher viscosity and str
 areal extent and thickness of the reservoir. Four lobes of the PUT River were appraised by recompleting existing Sadlerochit wells that pen
solidated with higher viscosity and strong aquifer support. Some formations are tighter too. Field performance is marred by exponential rise o
ng existing Sadlerochit wells that penetrated PUT River. The oil filled south-east lobe is the target of the current development plan. A key unc
mance is marred by exponential rise of water cut due to adverse mobility and lifting through ESP. Production is affected due to poor influx in ti
 current development plan. A key uncertainty of the development plan was the transmissibility across the faults. Three dimensional (3D) stoc
tion is affected due to poor influx in tighter formations through conventional wells. This behavior is limiting the producing life of existing wells
 faults. Three dimensional (3D) stochastic reservoir models were constructed and matched with the appraisal production data to determine t
 g the producing life of existing wells resulting into declin
praisal production data to determine the OOIP. VIP simulation models were

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