Feasibility Study by runout


									                                                                                 Note: for guidance on completing this template, reference should be made
                                                                                 to the NCA Housing Guide Scope and content of Feasibility Studies. The
                                                                                 relevant section numbers in the guidance are quoted against each heading

                                     Feasibility Study for (Consortium name):

        Section                                 Questions                                                        Answers
Membership and           1 Please list the committed members of the consortium and any known potential members in Appendix 1
commitment (3.1)         2 Please attach a signed commitment from the CEO or other senior responsible officer of each of the committed members in Appendix 1
                         3 Indicate how the senior management of the
                           member organisations was involved in the
                           preparation and approval of the Feasibility Study
                         4 Explain how the balance of funding, not covered by
                           grant, for preparation of the business plan will be
                           provided and accounted for.

Need for Business        5 Please outline the current state of development of
Planning Grant (3.2)       the consortium and what is proposed for its further
                           development and moving into capital works
                           procurement. Explain how undertaking business
                           planning will support this process and why grant is
                           needed for the business plan to be completed
                           within a reasonable timescale.

Accountable body (3.3) 6 Please state clearly who would be the 'Accountable
                         Body' ie Grant Recipient.
                       7 Please state why the Accountable Body is
                         considered suitable for that role. If this body needs
                         to be financially underwritten, please state who by.

                                                                                                                                                    Version 2 April 2007
Accountable body (3.3)

                         8 Please enclose proof that the body named has
                           accepted this role at senior level, similarly that any
                           underwriting body has accepted the commitment.

Stock and works          9 Please complete the stock and works profile in Appendix 2 for each of the committed members in Appendix 1
profile (3.4)

Consortium               10 Please outline the aims and vision of the
arrangements (3.5)          consortium
                         11 What thought has been given to legal structure and
                            management arrangements?
                         12 Please outline current thinking on the consortium's
                            approach to procurement.
                         13 What motivation is there for sharing good practice
                            and efficiency date within the consortium and with
                            NCA Housing?

Use of consortium        14 What proportion of the total expected expenditure
procurement                 on capital and other works potentially within the
arrangements (3.6)          scope of the consortium is planned to be procured
                            through the consortium arangements?
                         15 If not the majority, why not?
                         16 How will any existing frameworks or other
                            procurement arrangements be managed?

Efficiency gains (3.7)   17 Please complete the table in Appendix 3 showing where cashable efficiency gains are expected and their approximate scale. Outline
                            where and how in the supply chain these gains are expected to be made and the degree of confidence that can be attached to them
                         18 Please describe expected non-cashable gains and
                            how they will be realised.

Preparation of           19 Please describe the processes that will be
Business Plan (3.8)         undertaken in order to produce a Business Plan
                            and how they will be resourced.
                         20 Describe how will these processes be managed,
                            including how the senior management of the
                            members listed in appendix 1will be involved.

                                                                                                                                                      Version 2 April 2007
Preparation of
Business Plan (3.8)

                         21 Please provide a programme for the development
                            of the Business Plan.

Risk (3.9)               22 Please describe the principal risks to the success
                            of the consortium, for example, geographical
                            dispersion or diversity of approach, and complete
                            the Risk Register in Appendix 4

Eligible costs, grant    23 Itemise the estimated eligible costs of preparing
application (3.9)           the business plan
                         24 Please state the maximum amount of grant that is
                            being applied for.

Additional notes (3.10) 25 Please include any other salient details in support
                           of this Feasibility Study.

                                               Feasibility Study Completed by:

                                                                                   Version 2 April 2007
Appendix 1: Member details

Committed membership
Name of Social Landlord   Name of main contact,   Address   Telephone number   email Address
                                job title

Possible members
Name of Social Landlord   Degree of interest
Appendix 2: Stock and works profile

Works Name of Social Landlord  Stock  Location(s)   %                           Capital and/or other works              Approx expenditure on capital /
 item           (1)           numbers   of stock Meeting                      programmes planned to be put              other works planned to be put
  (1)                                             Decent                          through consortium (2)                  through consortium, £k (3)
                                                  Homes                                                                 2007/8    2008/9   2009/10    2010/1

      (1) If stock is managed by a member on an area basis, with different needs/priorities/programmes in each, please provide data for each area.
      (2) Indicate the nature of the works currently envisaged, eg: Decent Homes - kitchens, bathrooms, etc; external works; planned maintenance; etc. Enter
      each programme that can be clearly identified onto a separate line.
      (3) Give reasonable estimates where firm figures are not available.
Appendix 3: Cashable efficiency gains

Please outline the cashable efficiency gains expected for each works item identified in Appendix 2

Works       Where and how cashable efficiency gains could be realised (1).           Comment - degree of        Approximate value, % or £ (1)
 item                                                                                  confidence, etc         2007/8   2008/9   2009/10   2010/1

NOTE (1): Identify and value gains in comparison with what might have been achieved in the absence of the consortium.
Appendix 4: Risk register

                           Risk                               Probability   Impact   Countermeasures

Express probability and impact simply in terms of high, medium, low

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