Tuesday 7 July 2009

16.00 –   Conference Registration Open
          F Block Foyer, Level 5

17.00 –   Fritz Duras Memorial Lecture
          Orator: Dr Cherrell Hirst AO
          F Block, Room F509

18.00 –   Conference Welcome Reception and Trade Display – Sponsored by Intersport Global
          F Block Foyer, Level 5

Wednesday 8 July 2009

7.00 –   Conference Registration Open
8.00     F Block Foyer, Level 5
8.00–    Opening Ceremony – 26 ACHPER International Conference
8.45 -   Keynote 1: Sarah Ashworth: PE Teaching Spectrum and National Curriculum Developments
             Room 1 – B222             Room 2 – B202a              Room 3 – B202b           Room 4 – B201a              Room 5 – B201b       Sports Hall   Oval
9.45 -   From surfboard wax to      Integrating the              Understanding and       Expanding the Teaching     Pedagogy for an
10.30    salient health inequity:   curriculum - a lived,       applying alternative     Games for                  individualised PE
         School programs to         learning experience for     teaching approaches      Understanding (TGfU)       program: Utilising
         develop globally aware     pre-service HPE             (Ashworth S,             concept to include Sport   contemporary
         and active citizens        teachers at the             Spectrum Institute for   Education in Physical      information
         (Shannon H                 University of South         Teaching and             Education Program          communication
         Queensland University      Australia (Piltz W &        Learning)                (Webb P University of      technologies and new
         of Technology,             Adams S University of                                Wollongong, Australia)     media (Garrard M
         Australia)                 South Australia)                                                                Australian Children's
                                                                                         Sport Education as a       Television Foundation,
         Physical Activity          Identity, work &                                     curriculum model for       Australia)
         Programs: The              possible selves: stories                             boys‟ personal and
         Brazilian Experience       told in learning to teach                            social development (Pill   Digital assessment in
         (Matsudo V,                health and physical                                  S Flinders University,     high stakes Physical
         CELAFISCS, Brazil)         education (Wrench A                                  Australia and Priest T     Education practical
                                    & Garrett R University                               St. Thomas' School /       examinations (Penney
                                    of South Australia,                                  Flinders University        D University of
                                    Australia)                                           Australia)                 Tasmania & Jones A
                                                                                                                    Edith Cowan
                                                                                                                    University, Australia)

10.30-   Morning Tea

11.00-   Does sport participation   Beyond student-            Foundations              A tactical model for         Back to the future -
12.45    facilitate acculturation   centred and teacher-       underpinning             sport teaching in            actively travelling to
         among adolescents          centred in physical        successful programs in   physical education –         school (like we used to)
         with migration             education (Quay J          schools of sporting      considering „sport           (Soper D & Gamble L
         background? Bridging       University of              excellence: A case       literacy’ (Pill S Flinders   Brisbane City Council,
         the gap between            Melbourne, Australia)      study (Wharton L         University, Australia)       Australia)
         political claims and                                  Queensland University
         lacking empirical          ACHPER SA Early            of Technology,           Playing For Life – The       Harmony physical
         evidence (Gerber M         Career Teacher Project     Australia)               Active After-school          education: Its influence
         University of Basel,       (Priest T, ACHPER                                   Communities (AASC)           on primary school
         Switzerland)               SA, Australia and          Stories from the         program (Jones S &           student‟s emotional
                                    Schmidt M ACHPER           trenches: Setting up a   Hall M Australian            intelligence (E Raffy
         Importance of studying     SA, Australia)             Centre of Excellence     Sports Commission)           Rustiana Semarang
         migrants‟ perspectives                                moving from an                                        State University,
         of wellness (Sharma-       HPE curricula in the       abstract notion of an    Improving the quality of     Indonesia)
         Brymer V, Kushala &        classroom: Beyond the      award scheme to          games teaching to
         Brymer E, Queensland       conflict in obesity        establishing a global    promote physical             Rural Education
         University of              discourses (Thomas T,      identity (Browne T       activity (Pearson P          Matters: Access to
         Technology, Australia)     James Cook                 Nanyang University,      University of                opportunities to learn in
                                    University, Australia)     Singapore)               Wollongong, Australia)       physical education and
         Secondary school                                                                                            school sport in rural
         students‟ participation    Should making a            Effective coaching:      Perception of Children       Solomon Islands
         in sport, recreation and   serious mistake be a       Case studies of          about Physical               (Dorovolomo J
         physical activity:         criminal act? An           professional sport       Education and School         University Of The
         Factors that influence     examination of some        teams in Australia       Sports: A Comparison         South Pacific, Oceania)
         decisions about their      possible legal             (Bennie A Sydney         of Three African
         participation at key       consequences of gross      University, Australia)   Countries (Toriola A &       Holistic Water Safety
         transition points          negligence in outdoor                               Amusa L, Tshwane             Education – Surf
         (Gordon B & Hullena        leadership Issues           Australian School       University of                Awareness Beyond the
         V, Victoria University     (Kellett P University of   Sport - Rich past,       Technology, South            Beach (Whibley B Surf
         Wellington, New            South Australia,           dynamic future           Africa)                      Life Saving
         Zealand)                   Australia)                 (Rogers K School                                      Queensland, Australia)
                                                               Sport Australia,
         Secondary schools‟         Management of              Australia)
         provision of sport,        childhood obesity – A
         recreation and physical    case for objective
         activity opportunities:    measurement of
         Students beliefs and       physical activity (Hills
         understandings             AP Queensland
         (Hullena V & Gordon        University of
         B, Victoria University)    Technology, Australia)

12.45-   Lunch – Sponsored by Speedminton
         Demonstration and opportunity to play Speedminton for all delegates
14.00-   Symposium:                 Symposium:               Access to Physical        Competitive sport         Teaching PE to the
15.30                                                        Education activities by   culture and curriculum    video generation
         “They can‟t judge us”:     Overview of Finnish      girls with visual         development –             (Murdock, G. Dartfish
         Cultural diversity and     Physical Education       impairment in Pakistan    Teaching Games for        Australia)
         Australian HPE             (Watt A University of    (Bano H University of     Understanding :
         (Macdonald D               Victoria, Australia &    The Punjab, Pakistan &    Awareness, resistance     Wellness, its History
         University of              Jaakkola T University    Hameed A University       and use (Clark D          and Applications for
         Queensland, Australia)     of Jyvaskyla, Finland)   of Management and         University of Western     Schools (Lees R
                                                             Technology, Pakistan)     England, UK)              ACHPER QLD
         The place of physical      Motivation and                                                               Wellness Project &
         activity in the lives of   fundamental              Crossing the cultural     The deconstruction and    Cuddihy T Queensland
         urban Indigenous           movement skill factors   divide: Reflections on    reconstruction of         University of
         young people (Nelson       (Kalaja, S University    using game-centred        undergraduate students'   Technology, Australia)
         A University of            of Jyvaskyla, Finland)   pedagogies with           perceptions of games
         Queensland, Australia)                              Malaysian and             (Jones R University of    Ecological Perspectives
                                    Teaching Styles          Australian generalist     Worcester, UK)            and Wellness (Brymer
         “Others in HPE”: Health    (Jaakkola T University   pre-service teachers                                E & Cuddihy T
         promotion and external     of Jyvaskyla, Finland)   (Peter J & Shuck L        An existential            Queensland University
         evaluation: Ways of                                 Deakin University,        perspective on            of Technology,
         knowing by others          Self estimated and       Australia)                Teaching Games for        Australia)
         (lisahunter University     measured fitness                                   Understanding: Let
         of Queensland,             scores (Saakslahti A     Characteristics of        common sense prevail
         Australia)                 & Huotari P University   Egyptian champion         (Jones R University of
                                    of Jyvaskyla, Finland)   children Monofin          Worcester, UK)
         “Others in HPE”-                                    athletes (Abouzeid M
         Understanding the                                   Alexandria University,    No one said it would be
         “Cultural Wealth” of                                Egypt)                    easy!: Assessing
         Asian youth immigrants                                                        Games for
         in school-based                                     Contribution of school    Understanding (Play
         physical activity ( Pang                            environments to           /Practice) Employing
         B University of                                     physical activity in      Technological Support
         Queensland, Australia)                              children with special     (Browne T Nanyang
                                                             needs (Sit C University   University, Singapore)
                                                             of Hong Kong, China)

15.30-   Afternoon Tea

16.00-   Developments in             "Mum didn't put my         Healthy Lifestyle for       Changes in motivation     Developing intelligent
17.30    perceptual skill            togs in my bag".           Good Health, Wellness       and satisfaction with     games performers-
         research: Implications      Teaching personal and      and Fitness (Salvi B        PE as a function of       One school‟s approach
         for skill acquisition and   social responsibility to   Mulund College of           chronic stress            and perspective
         pedagogy (Button C          juniors through            Commerce, Mumbai)           experiences in PE         (Clancy J Brisbane
         University of Otago,        Physical Education                                     classes (Gerber M         Grammar School &
         New Zealand)                (Severinsen G              Selecting and               University of Basel,      Renshaw I
                                     University of Auckland,    preparing parent/           Switzerland)              Queensland University
         Exploring students‟         New Zealand)               volunteer sporting                                    of Technology,
         perceptions of school                                  coaches from a              What do parents know      Australia)
         sport: A survey of          Social and emotional       school's perspective.       about their children‟s
         secondary school            health programs: Do        (Orman T Westminster        physical education        The 'Fours Field'
         students from the           they work? (Swabey K       School, SA)                 (Michaud Tomson L         Project - Developing
         Hunter Region and           University of                                          Griffith University and   student understanding
         Central Coast (Lubans       Tasmania, Australia)       Why volunteers              Brooks C Education        and personal skills
         D University of                                        marketing in sport?         Queensland, Australia)    through games-based
         Newcastle, Australia)       Smart Moves, Smart         (Samadi M Shahid                                      problem-solving (Clark
                                     Ideas, Smart Thinking      Chamran University,         Developing the            D University of
         Policies and practices      (Macdonald D, Abbott       Iran)                       descriptions of           Western England, UK)
         promoting physical          R, Hay P, lisahunter &                                 landmark teaching
         activity in primary         McCuaig L University       Another Glossy              styles: A Spectrum
         schools: A survey of        of Queensland,             Production, but does it     inventory (SueSee B
         principals from the         Australia)                 just sit on the shelf? An   Education Queensland
         Hunter New England                                     examination of              and Queensland
         area, NSW, Australia                                   community youth             University of
         (Wyse R Hunter New                                     physical activity in        Technology, Edwards
         England Population                                     Tasmania.                   K Bond University,
         Health, Australia)                                     (Mainsbridge C              Australia)
                                                                University of Tasmania,
         PE in the Latin                                        Australia)                  I teach games in
         American context                                                                   physical education this
         (D’Amico R &                                                                       way because……..
         Maracay VG                                                                         What learning theories
         Venezuela)                                                                         support the way you
                                                                                            teach? (Moy B
                                                                                            Queensland University
                                                                                            of Technology,

Thursday 9 July 2009

8.00-   Conference Registration Open
8.30    F Block Foyer, Level 5
8.30-   Keynote 2: Professor Tim Hopper: Game-as-teacher in TGfU and video games: Enabling constraints in learning through game-play
              Room 1 – B222                Room 2 – B202a                 Room 3 – B202b              Room OB426 -               Sports Hall                 Oval           Pool
                                                                                                      Dance Studio
9.30-   Using the Internet and game    South Australian Catholic     SEQUENCING 'Adventure'       9.30 – 11.00 session      Game-as-teacher:          Cross Curricular
11.00   based technologies to          Primary Schools Sport         in a K-12 Curriculum         held in O Block A         Using a constraints-      Football (AFL)
        promote mental health and      Association Fundamental       (Ricketts B Penn State       Wing Room OA 201.         led approach to make      (Milbourne B AFL
        wellbeing in the HPE           Movement Skills Pilot         University, USA)                                       games fair, fun and for   Queensland,
        classroom (Atkin J Inspire     Project (Pill S Flinders                                   Resistance training for   everyone (Hopper T        Australia)
        Foundation, Australia)         University, South Australia   The Training and             children and              University of Victoria,
                                       and Priest T SACPSSA/         Qualification needs of       adolescents (Shield A     Canada)                   The FUNdamental
        Using the Internet to engage   St Thomas, Australia)         teachers leading education   Queensland University                               Skills of Athletics
        adolescent girls in physical                                 outside the classroom        of Technology,            Playing the Game -        (Poulton M, Klar T
        activity: Rationale and        The core business of          activities (Thevenard L      Australia)                What we can learn         & Wilson P)
        intervention description of    motor development             Victoria University of                                 about Game-Play from
        the Girls Recreational         (Saunders J, Williams, M      Wellington College of                                  video games (Sanford
        Activity Support Program       & Wilson, C ACU               Education, New Zealand)                                K & Hopper T
        using Information              National, Australia)                                                                 University Of Victoria,
        Technology (GRASP-IT)                                        The role of extreme sports                             Canada)
        (Kelty T The University of     An 'Indigenous' approach      in lifestyle enhancement
        Newcastle, Australia )         to Health and Physical        and wellness (Brymer E
                                       Education (Heaton S           Queensland University of
        Using the Reach Out            University of Auckland,       Technology, Australia)
        website to promote mental      New Zealand )
        health and wellbeing and
        develop help seeking
        behaviours in the health and
        PE classroom (Atkin J
        Inspire Foundation,

         Using Web 2.0                     100% attendance,
         Technologies in Health &          participation and positive
         Physical Education                outcomes... This is
         (Schembri G Australian            possible! (Norman D EYE
         Sports Commission,                Fitness, Australia)

11.00-   Morning Tea
11.30-   Communities, sporting clubs       National Curriculum            Comparing the effect of two         Primary Dance (Fox        Active Bods in            Indigenous
13.00    and alcohol: A rural              Symposium                      reduced training programs           S)                        Schools (Weston L         Traditional Games
         perspective (Hickey C                                            on volume and frequency of                                    Active Bods, Australia)   (Dreise P
                                           This session will involve      changes to the muscle               Exploring ways to
         Deakin University, Australia)                                                                                                                            Toowoomba Catholic
                                                                          strength and flexibility of elite   acquire physical
                                           members of the ACHPER                                                                        Inclusive Physical        Education Office,
                                                                          volleyball players (Birjandi        artistic skills drawing
          Play AFL, go to school,          National Working Group                                                                       Activity for all-         Australia)
                                                                          KC Islamic Azad university-         on cultural
         stay off drugs and alcohol,       sharing their work to date                                                                   students, teachers,
                                                                          Birjand Branch, Iran)               backgrounds (Legge        parents, coaches,
         no violence and no crime:         specifically with regard to:                                       M and Coe D                                         Practical guide to
                                                                                                                                        government and non
         Enhancing life-skills for         1. The development of a        Effects of basic endurance          University of                                       softball in schools
                                                                                                                                        government agencies       (Vandenhurk J)
         Indigenous youth in a Cape        National Statement on the      training on level of fitness        Auckland, New             (Ebbage A Kids
                                                                          and special endurance               Zealand)
         York community                    curriculum future of HPE                                                                     Sports, Australia)
                                                                          indices: an experimental
         (Thompson M D James               in Australia;                  study in school children in
         Cook University, Australia)       2. Preliminary work            the Republic of Belarus.
                                           towards a Framing Paper        Practical Application of Sport
         The provision of Physical         for HPE in a National          Science Within PE
         Education services for            Curriculum context.            (Naoumov D Swimming SA,
         students with hearing             Conference participants        Australia)
         impairment (Fatima G              are invited to attend the
                                                                          Neuromuscular training
         University of The Punjab,         session to engage in open
                                                                          programs to reduce sports
         Pakistan)                         debate to help inform
                                                                          injuries – an Australian
                                           ACHPER‟s ongoing work
                                                                          approach (Brown M Sports
          The level of access to           to secure HPE as a
                                                                          Medicine Australia)
         quality HPE of children with      curriculum entitlement for
         disabilities in Pakistan (Fazil   all Australian children.
                                                                          Upper and lower extremity
         H Department of Special
                                                                          midline crossing ability in
         Education & Hameed A              Assessment implications
                                                                          children with and without
         University of Management          of a national curriculum in
                                                                          ADHD (Swabey K University
         and Technology, Pakistan)         HPE (Hay P University of
                                                                          of Tasmania, Australia)
                                           Queensland, Australia)

13.00-   Lunch
14.00-   Keynote 3: Associate Professor Duarte Araujo: Promoting ecologies where performers exhibit expert decisions

15.00-   School Site Wellness             Using Mind-Body activities in   Innovative ideas and     The improvement of        Kids to Kangaroos –    Introducing Water
16.30    Centres: High tech fitness       Health & Physical Education     incidental exercise      decision making in        ARL Development        Polo (Marriott P)
         issues (Greenberg J Miami-       (Brown L RMIT University,       (Thevenard L Victoria    sport (Araujo D           (Hodges S, Howard
         Dade County Public               Australia)                      University, Wellington   Technical University of   K & Christ G)
         Schools, USA)                                                    College of Education,    Lisbon, Portugal)
                                                                          New Zealand)                                       Integrating physical
                                                                                                                             activity into the
                                                                                                                             curriculum: Active
                                                                                                                             Maths (Moy R
                                                                                                                             Primary School
                                                                                                                             Teacher, Education

                                                                                                                             Principles of Futsal
                                                                                                                             (Bentnall I)

                                                                                                                             Principles of Futsal
                                                                                                                             will take place on
                                                                                                                             the tennis courts
                                                                                                                             adjacent to the

19.00    Conference Dinner @ Mt Coo-tha

Friday 10 July 2009

8.30-   Conference Registration Open
9.00    F Block Foyer, Level 5
            Room 1 – B222              Room 2 – B202a              Room 3 – B202b            Room OB426 –               Room 5 – B201b                 Sports Hall                 Oval
                                                                                              Dance Studio
9.00-   An analysis of Health &     Post Modernism:             Understanding conflict    Enhancing student          CASE STUDY - A               A*B*B*A - Active         Play with Purpose -
10.45   Physical Education          Strengths and               through the teaching of   learning through           Successful Aquatic           Bodies are Better        teaching games and
        curriculum in Australia –   weaknesses as applied       games (A Curriculum       collaborative inquiry in   Sports Delivery              Able - a different way   sport for
                                                                                                                                                  of looking at
        What are the                to education (Cheffers      Instruction Model)        the teaching of Dance      Partnership between a                                 understanding (Pill S
                                                                                                                                                  Disability. Games.
        implications for a          J Boston University,        (Dudley D Faculty Of      (Brown R Flinders          State College (Aquatics      Motor Activity & Same    Flinders University,
        national curriculum?        USA)                        Education, Charles        University, Australia)     Program) and a Sports        but Different or         Australia)
        (Matthews N Victorian                                   Sturt University,                                    Complex – Sunshine           Different but Same? -
        Curriculum and              Philosophical-              Australia )               Teaching artistic          Coast. Desailly R APM        Games and Physical               AND
        Assessment Authority,       anthropological                                       elements of physical       College of Business and      Activity for All
        Australia)                  justification for school    Using a self managed      activity (Legge M &        Communication,               Students (Lanini D        Play with Purpose -
                                                                                          Coe D University of                                     Education                'game centred' PE
                                    Physical Education          team model and play                                  Australia
                                                                                                                                                  Queensland,              teaching for primary
        What influence has the      (Haag H University of       practice principles to    Auckland, New                                           Australia)               school PE (Priest T St
        Federal Government          Kiel, Germany)              develop skilful,          Zealand)                   Preventing physical
                                                                                                                                                                           Thomas School,
        had with the current                                    responsible, team                                    activity induced heat
        area of Physical            Parent and caregivers       oriented players (Piltz                              illness in school settings
                                    perceptions and                                                                  (Shannon H
        Education and Health                                    W University of South
                                                                                                                     Queensland University
        Education in schools        attitudes towards           Australia, Australia)                                of Technology,
        over the last 50 years,     children's physical                                                              Australia)
        or is it just a myth and    activity and Physical       Developing a new
        splashes of money?          Education - Results of a    national physical                                    The inclusion of first aid
        (Colvin A University of     NZ Primary Schools          education curriculum in                              in an injury prevention
        Western Sydney,             Physical Activity Project   Qatar (Baldock R                                     curriculum program
                                                                                                                     (Buckley L Centre For
        Australia)                  (Cowley V University of     ACHPER SA & Emmel
                                                                                                                     Accident Research &
                                    Canterbury, New             J ACHPER National,                                   Road Safety QUT
                                    Zealand )                   Australia)                                           Australia)

                                   Dear Kevin - How we
                                   have dropped the ball
                                   (Daly C Queensland
                                   University of
                                   Technology, Australia)

10.45-   Morning Tea
11.15-   The natural               The impact of             POSTER SESSION    Using visual feedback    Teachers‟ Toolbox –        Movement
12.30    environment and           personality type on                        in Physical Education     The template and           Improvement (Briggs
         wellness (Townsend M      physical activity and                      (Brown L RMIT             tools for training youth   S Acceleration,
         Deakin University,        healthy eating: Using                      University, Australia)    activity (Lecture &        Australia)
         Melbourne Australia)      the Ennagram                                                         Practical) (Baldwin K
                                   (Langford H Oliver &                       Beginning health and      QPEC Fitness               Learning to Perform at
         Wellness as higher        Langford Organizational                    physical education        Solutions)                 the Australian Institute
         education curriculum: a   Consultants, Australia)                    teachers‟ expectations                               of Sport
         comprehensive                                                        and initial experiences   The Core Connection        (Shuttleworth R &
         framework for health                                                 of the staffroom: A       – basic core               Farrow D Australian
         education and                                                        micro-political           progression from floor     Institute of Sport)
         promotion (Cuddihy T                                                 perspective (Flanagan     to standing
         & Goss H Queensland                                                  E University of           stabilization and
         University of                                                        Queensland, Australia)    rotary power
         Technology, Australia)                                                                         (Practical) (Baldwin
                                                                                                        K & Chadwick A
         Health advocacy or                                                                             QPEC Fitness
         covert policing: The                                                                           Solutions, Australia)
         case of Eat Well Be
         Active (Leow A
         University of
         Queensland, Australia)

12.30-   Lunch

14.00-   ICSSPE Recommendations
         ACHPER National Curriculum Issues
         Panel Forum & Close of Conference

Posters (to be presented in poster session, 11.15 – 12.30 Friday)

A study on the understanding of bicycle environment factors influencing bicycle leisure activities (Yong Jin Kim).

Effects of acute and chronic pyramid and reverse pyramid resistance training on serum cell injury indices (AST, ALD,CK) in non-athlete girls (S Razmjou)

Leadership behaviours of coaches in Saudi Arabia and athletes' achievement motivation (H. A. H. Rabaan)

Relation between energy expenditure and time spent in physical activity and BMI, body fat proportion and distribution in middle age adults. (M Durakovic)

The Effect of Unified vs. Segregated Sport on the Self- Concept of Individuals with Mental Retardation (A Almatar)

The Effect of chest wall movement restricting during aerobic training on ventilatory efficiency and pulmonary functions of untrained student (K Salamat)

The Influence Anaerobic Test on Pulmonary Function Criteria in the Elite Basketball Players (M Ghanbarzadeh)

The Study and influence Exercise Program on the Respiratory Function of Adolescents with kyphosis in personal N.I.O.C (M Ghanbarzadeh)


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