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SERIES 4 Episode 1_____________________________________________________________

4011 Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

The Kaurna Cultural Centre teaches the heritage, rights and culture to the Kaurna People and also
educates he wider population. Steve tells of the Tribrucki legend, part of the Dreamtime stories
which relates to the Fleurieu Peninsula which explains the huge significance of the area, its ecology
and the respect which the Kaurna People give it. The centre runs other educational programs like
Bush Tucker, Bush Medicine and Dance, handing down the knowledge that was common to
Aboriginal Australia. The Centre is growing quickly, with native tree planting, bush tucker gardens
and more programs. Steve Goldsmith stresses that the centre is for all the peoples of Australia, not
just the Kaurna.

Comment:        Steve Goldsmith
                Bianca,Dana, Green Corps
Council :       Marion
Air Date:       8/12/07

4012 Shape your World

This piece gives us an insight into the life of Celine, a young Social Worker in Local Government.
Currently she is supervising a program aimed at helping aged people to stay in their homes as long
as possible. They match a volunteer with each client, who then visits them and provides low level
care and companionship. Celine works across many departments and within many programs. She is
developing her leadership skills and is passionate about community services and its positive impact
on the community. She is a positive role model for someone looking to shape their world, in local

Comment:        Celine Luya, Unley council
Council :       Unley
Air Date:       8/12/07
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4013 Finding My place

The ‘Finding my Place Program’ developed for students who are at risk of leaving school early. The
program is aimed at getting students to realise their own potential away from the classroom. It’s
about learning how to get along in the outside world. Among the topics covered are conflict
resolution, how to dress and act in an interview, food and nutrition, interacting socially and team
building skills. The program is having a noticeable effect on the students and positively reinforcing
their world skills to make it in the real world.

Comment:        Vanessa Davidson
                David Harris, Underdale H.S.
Council :       West Torrens
Air Date:       8/12/07

4014 Living Legends
The ‘Living Legends Wall of Honour’ outside of the Salisbury Council celebrates and acknowledges
real legends of our time. This is a profile about some of those wonderful generous people from the
Wall, Ken Potter CFS fire fighter, and world famous soccer player Angelo Costanzo, are real role
models and both feel that they want to give something back to the community do their best to do

Comment:        Ken Potter CFS
                Angelo Costanzo
Presenter:      Kaliopi Elini
Council :       Salisbury
Air Date:       8/12/07

4015 Daniel Clarke Feast Festival

Comment from Daniel Clarke, organiser of Feast Festival. He was looking for something to widen the
artists’ subject choice so decided, on the universal theme of “Love” for South Australia’s Queer Arts
and Cultural Festival. He is passionate about making SA the centre for Queer Art Expression in
Australia and was overjoyed with this year’s exhibitions and attendances.

Comment:        Daniel Clarke
Council:        Adelaide
Air Date:       8/12/07
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4016 PS Marion

This Murray paddle steamer, PS MARION was launched in 1887, initially as a barge then converted to
take some passengers, then finally ending up as a passenger-only boat. Luckily, in 1963 she was
bought by the National Trust and moved to Mannum. There she sat for thirty years at Randal Dock
as a static museum until 1989 when the Community and Council decided restore the old girl to her
original glory. In 1994 she was recommissioned and has become one of the River’s premier tourist
attractions. She keeps going now, thanks to volunteers who come from all over the state to lend a
hand. In fact, last year they recorded an amazing nineteen thousand five hundred hours of labour,
working on the Marion. They were each given an award in 2007 In recognition of their amazing

Comment:        Antje Guenther
                Ailis Cooke Mannum Dock Museum
Council:        Mannum
Air Date:       8/12/07

SERIES 4 Episode 2____________________________________________________________

4021 Richard Marouvic “The Meat Game”

Son of a Croatian family, Richard always wanted to be a cowboy and got his dream job at the Gepps
Cross Saleyards. He suffered spinal injury in an accident and spent a long time convalescing which
was when he first picked up a paintbrush. His favourite subjects the saleyards, paddocks and
livestock. He took many photos and in later years used them as the inspiration to paint various
scenes from that era. After being asked to speak at a meeting on the old days at Gepps Cross, it was
suggested to him that he should write a book. The more Richard researched the subject, the more
passionate he became about the book until he now has a published work called ‘the Meat Game’ all
about the early years at Gepps Cross. His paintings have been recognised world wide and he has just
received the ‘Best Culinary History Book Award’. His has learned to conquer his disability and
remains positive and passionate about his work.

Comment:        Richard Marouvic
Council :       Salisbury
Air Date:       15/12/07
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4022 Windsor Street Update
Only 3 kilometres fro the GPO, Winsor Street Unley has been turned into an authentic native plants
reserve with over 22,000 native plants and shrubs in the corridor. Unley remains dedicated to
biodiversity and over the last three years planting has been completed on the reserve. This fine
example shows the benefit of using indigenous plants that self regenerate and require very little

Presenter:      Rob Kelvin
Council:        Unley
Air Date:       15/12/07

4023 Melissa Mehicic -Shape Your World

A profile on Melissa in Customer Service at the West Torrens Council and the work she does. She is
proud to be helping her customers at the Council. She explains her approach to customer service,
her present role and her vast employment options with the Council.

Comment:        Melissa Mehicic
Council :       West Torrens- Shape Your World.
Air Date:       15/12/07

4024 Discovering Campbelltown
Thorndon Park is South Australia’s first, originally supplying water to the new settlement of
Adelaide. It’s now a beautiful public park and picnic spot. At Thorndon Park the ponds are spring fed
and attract much wildlife, tortoises, fish and even koalas. It’s a great park to visit, with free BBQs,
play equipment and even a swing built especially for disabled kids.

Comment:        Rod Harvey, Council
Presenter:      Rob Kelvin
Council :       Campbelltown
Air Date:       15/12/07
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4025 Youth Package

Laura Zimbardi works with Youth Arts in Unley Council, including ‘The young Writers Group’ who
develop plays and participate in creative workshops. Another Program is the ‘Electric Lounge’ where
young artists are encouraged to bring artwork, including mixed media, painting, sculpture or
drawing, to the council and have it digitised and entered into the ‘Electric Lounge’ Exhibition. Glen
Hayden talks about the ‘Urban Myth” youth theatre that he is running. Laura stresses that this youth
initiative is letting them express what they need as a group, to explore and develop their individual
and particular art forms, without any fear of judgement.

Comment:        Laura Zimbardi, Arts & Cultural Development Trainee
                Ellie Martin, The young Writers Group, facilitator
                Glen Hayden, Dir. ‘Urban Myth” theatre
Council :       Unley
Air Date:       15/12/07

4026 Community Transport Scheme

The Community Transport Scheme is the invention of Kevin Muller who saw a need for so many of
his age group who were already ill and needed transport frequently to the city to obtain medical
care. Kevin approached the Berri Barmera Council and won absolute support for his proposal.
Initially the Council supplied one of its own vehicles but then got the modified Toyota fourteen
seater bus. The bus is well supported in the Riverland and the Renmark Paringa and Loxton Waikerie
Councils have also come on board to ensure the longevity of the Riverland to Adelaide service.
Volunteers help to provide this service and all agree on wanting to put back into the community they

Comment:        Kevin Muller, Les, Des, Pat
                Stephen Rufus, Berri Barmera Council
Presenter:      Kaliopi Eleni
Council :       Berri Barmera
Air Date:       15/12/07
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SERIES 4 Episode 3____________________________________________________________

4031 Graffiti Art
Passion, passion, passion! When it comes to aerosol painting that’s all you will hear. The Graffiti
Program ‘Art of Respect’ is a series of six workshops run over three weeks by a professional aerosol
painter. After the workshops an exhibition is staged where the public can buy the canvases, with
proceeds going to the painter. This is a story about what support, recognition and personal
validation can do for confidence and where that confidence can take an artist.

Comment:        Vick Johnson, Graffiti arts Coordinator
                Morris Green , Nish Cash, Sam Evans, Artists
Council :       Marion
Air Date:       22/12/07

4032 Cherie Olah - Shape Your World.
‘Shape Your World’ shows young career-minded employees in diverse local government service and
a quick look at what they actually do. This segment is on Cherie Olah, a planning officer for
Campbelltown Council. She provides information to the public on residential home planning, natural
resources and the social and environmental impact of building in the community. Her work covers
Council management of residential dwellings, parkland, trees, streetscapes and applications. Cherie
is pleased that within the Council, there is a lot of scope for career advancement and that in a small
way she contributes to shaping the world through her important role at the council.

Comment:        Cherie Olah
Council :       Campbelltown
Air Date:       22/12/07

4033 Buddhist Monks

Cambodian Community SA has the task of providing assistance and social contact to the Cambodian
Community. Every Tuesday and Thursday Sambath picks up people and takes them to the Buddhist
temple in Paralowie to offer food to the monks and join in activities. The importance of the program
to the elderly and disabled is that it helps them get back into the Cambodian Community, keeping
their culture and their faith alive. Sambath is involved in an outreach program which also takes the
Monks to people who cannot get to the Centre.

Comment:        Sambath Yun, Mgr. Cambodian Day Care Program
                Sochenda, Buddhist Monk
Presenter:      Rob Kelvin
Council :       Salisbury
Air Date:       22/12/07
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4034 Go West

The Western Youth Centre started in 1956 by a community group to provide sporting activities to
the young. The centre is a ‘not for profit organisation’ with about 650 members, with tens of
thousands of school children having participated in activities over the years. The range of ages is
impressive with the Kinder Gym pre-schoolers to the table tennis club members some of whom are
over 80. The theme has always been recreational sport and activities with the various clubs within
the organisation, are all run by volunteers. The centre is going strong and adds so much to the
fitness and well being of the West Torrens community.

Comment:        Bob Wohlenberg, Mgr. Western Youth Centre
                Louise Stacey, tennis coach
Presenter:      Kaliopi Rleni
Council :       West Torrens
Air Date:       22/12/07

4035 Campelltown Wall Hanging

The ‘Centenary of Federation Wall Hanging Project’ is a labour of love for these women. The name
says it all, linking the events that took place in history since Federation and applying them to the
canvas of an embroidered quilt. The quilt has been made in parts by all the dedicated women of the
group who meet weekly to show and tell over a cup of tea. The quilt will be finished soon and on
show for all to see.

Comment:        Janet Durden
Council :       Campbelltown
Air Date:       22/12/07

4036 Port Morgan Museum

The history of the river town Port Morgan. John Lindner, local historian discusses the days of busy
river trade there. There is an ‘early settlers’ exhibition of the 1870s in the Morgan Museum with
household items like , gramophone, belt-driven washing machines, radios, old drays, wool baling
equipment, coachwork and boats. The glorious days of river trade with bustling railway (six trains
per day!) and the many paddle steamers, cranes and barges which lined the jetty of course, are gone
but the community is honouring that era through the fascinating museum and bringing their out
valuable old keep-sakes. The museum also hosts travelling displays like the Ned Kelly Exhibit touring
the country.

Presenter:       Antje Guenther
Comment:        John Lindner
                John Seaton
                Sue Perrott
Council:        Mid Murray
Air Date:       22/12/07
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SERIES 4 Episode 4____________________________________________________________

4041 Migrants

A collage of stories from migrants in Campbelltown who have been displaced or left their home
country during times of war or hardship. They reflect on the dreadful conditions that preceded their
immigration to Australia. Campbelltown Council has built a monument which celebrates the diverse
cultures which exist in their City. The Council also holds an annual ‘welcome day’ for new arrivals to
greet and inform them on what’s available in the City of Campbelltown. The segment also traces the
positive evolution of these new arrivals and the relative peace of mind they have gained from
moving to South Australia and Campbelltown.

Comment:        John Jame, Thomas Liapis, John DiFede
                Helen Nichols, Council
Council:        Campbelltown
Air Date:       22/12/07

4043 Aaron Treloar - ‘Shape Your World’

Aaron works at the Australian Arid Lands Botanical Garden and maintains gardens, organises work
crews and trainees. As an ME IV Horticulturalist in Port Augusta Council, he was given the
opportunity to broaden his knowledge by working out in the field. The work he is doing provides
stable habitats for indigenous, birds, lizards and animals. Aaron tracks his career rise in Local
Government, starting out a labourer on a tree lopping crew and now to his present position. His aim
is to become a Ranger and feels that there is a strong possibility in working through the Council
organisation. He just loves the freedom of the great outdoors.

Comment:        Aaron Treloar, Council
                Michael Anlezark, Curator Australian Arid Lands Botanical Garden

Council:        Port Augusta
Air Date:       12/1/08
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4042 Off the Sheep’s Back

Just twenty-five kilometres outside of Morgan is the Wonga Homestead, a sheep farm which has
been in the family for four generations. John Lindner reminisces about the stations history, his wife
and family and the philosophy of being a farmer and taking every day as it comes. The property runs
about 15,000 sheep and his grown boys share the work load.

Presenter:      Antje Guenther
Comment:        Rhonda & John Lindner
Council:        Mid Murray
Air Date:       12/1/08

4044 Rajah Reserve

A General Maintenance and Residents Advisory Group has formed to act as advisors to the Marion
Council on environmental issues in the area and Rajah Park in 2007. The group has been responsible
for a couple of community events in the park which were very well attended and supported by Parks
Alive (a greening program) which invited people to come and plant trees. The Group has leased a
neighbourhood house in which to hold meetings and are planning a community garden. Enid and Fay
also part of the Environmental Group formed a walking club which exercises every morning and
collects comment and observation from the district. Regular meetings are held with the group and
the Council.

Presenter:      Rob Kelvin, Enid, Fay
Council:        Marion
Air Date:       12/1/08

4045 Sister Elda – Living Legends

Italian born sister Elda has made serving the people her life’s work among the Italian Community.
She and her work has been celebrated and recognised by the Council’s ‘Wall of Living Legends’.
Sister Elda coordinates and runs many social events to bring her community together, as well as
providing home visits to elderly and ill. Her sense of Community and God is profound and she does
an important job in the strengthening of that community and their religious faith.

Comment:        Sister Elda
Council:        Salisbury

Air Date:       12/1/08
Out of the Ordinary Story Synopses                   page 10

4046 Machines of the Past

In 1992 some retired engine mechanics got together to restore old engines and form the Restored
Engines Museum in Streaky Bay. They are still running strong and so is their oldest engine which
dates back to 1904. With more than 400 restored small engines sitting in the Museum, it’s possibly
the largest singly owned collection in Australia. Norm Jenkinson, retired engineer, says it’s good for
tourism and good for the retirees to have a challenge and shed to come to.

Comment:        Dan Kenny,
                Norm Jenkinson
                Noel Gosling

Presenter:      Rob Kelvin
Council:        Streaky bay

Air Date:       12/1/08

SERIES 4 Episode 5____________________________________________________________

4051 Community Arts

‘Port Augusta Re-Imagines’ is a year of Community Arts activities, workshops and education held in
2008. There were various artists honing their skills and working up artworks for the exhibitions.
Among these were, the ‘Our House Theatre Group’ , Isabel Dingaman-Taylor, an Aboriginal artist
who specialises in intricate dot paintings and sharing her culture with the wider community, a
Capella group ‘Desert Voices’ . Andy Killcross, a local musician has proposed that he score a piece for
the ASO which they can perform together when the do they ‘Under the Stars’ annual performance.
Sam Yates is passionate about establishing a local arts hub and the community is right behind her.

Comment:        Sam Yates, Northern Arts Officer
                Steve Mayhew, Creative Dir. Local Stages
                Isabel Dingaman-Taylor, Aboriginal artist

Presenter:      Rob Kelvin
Council:        Port Augusta

Air Date:       12/1/08
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4052 Campbelltown Natural Parks

Kaarina is passionate about creating a environmental vision for Community and Council in Linear
Park and the other reserves in the area. They have a well developed biodiversity reserve
demonstrating the functionality of growing and maintaining indigenous plants in Wadmore Park.
This work was done by volunteers over the last ten years and sponsored by the Rotary Club. Kaarina
says that it makes so much sense to have a foreword thinking plan where indigenous plants can be
grown throughout homes and parks, which will bring back the habitat that is genuinely functional
and Australian.

Comment:        Kaarina Sarac, Environment Policy Officer
Council :       Campbelltown
Air Date:

4053 Hiroe Terao -Shape Your World

Hiroe’s job is to research and guide the Policy directions of the City in various projects. Presently she
is working on the sustainable aspects of urban growth, and the economic, social and environmental
factors involved. The Council recognised Hiroe’s management potential and is being supported to
develop her personal and professional skills. Being a recent migrant from Japan she is very pleased
to play such an important role in fulfilling the needs of the Community and the Council.

Comment:        Hiroe Terao -Shape Your World
Council :       Salisbury
Air Date:

4055 Race Round the Council

The concept is to make Youth aware of the unique ‘Places and Spaces’ in the local area which
involves physical, mental, team work and group activities. The YAC (Youth Advisory Committee)
meets monthly and discusses issues that they feel the Council should be aware of, which involves a
number of representative twelve to twenty year olds. The activities involve lots of fun, creativity and
are a challenge. Dan Popping says that the most rewarding part of his job is to see young timid kids
join the group and then develop into confident young adults who are able to converse, be confident
and learn new skills.

Comment:        Dan Popping, Youth Development Officer
                Amy, Jana, Jess, YAK Members
Council :       Campbelltown
Air Date:
Out of the Ordinary Story Synopses                     page 12

4054 Raw Pearls

Diane Smith knows about pearls and the Tour Down Under holds a special place in her heart. Diane’s
connection to cycling goes back to her childhood when he father represented Australia in Helsinki in
1952. Her young years were spent at University, studying and then teaching mathematics, running a
successful large family in a happy marriage. After looking for a gift of pearls for her ill mother’s
seventieth birthday, Diane realised that there was no pearl wholesaler in Adelaide. She was
encouraged to study the subject and subsequently started a very successful business in Unley called
‘Raw Pearls’

Comment: Diane Smith
Presenter: Rob Kelvin
Council :
Air Date:

4056 Free in Adelaide

This story reveals the diverse range of beautiful parks and activities right here in Adelaide which now
have been listed in a new publication called ‘Free in Adelaide & South Australia.’ The magazine looks
at the information from twelve different points of view; for example from the walkers’ or cyclists’ or
parents’ point of view and answering the questions that each unique group would have. Greg
Denton says that it was imperative to consider disabled people as he himself suffered brain injury
from an accident. This project has helped him focus and rehabilitate. The amount of support he has
gained from business and the Rotary has also been substantial ensuring the success of his magazine.

Comment: Greg Denton CEO Free in Adelaide
Presenter: Kaliop Elini
Council :
Air Date:

4057 Masters Games Port Pirie

Competitors right up to the age of one hundred have taken part in Masters Games in Port Pirie. It’s
not about elite athletes, is about sports, challenge, participation and a community, gathering
together with a single goal. A massive 641 volunteers, 10,00 hours of work , 400 schoolchildren plus
business and community groups get behind the Games to make them a huge success.

Comment:        Jean Smith , Event Coodinator
                Val Rafanelli, Pat Norton, Volunteer
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SERIES 4 Episode 6_____________________________________________________________

4061 Welcome to Kingston

Kingston, three hours from Adelaide on the Limestone Coast, celebrated it’s 150th year in 2008. A
wonderful exhibition of historic photos from the colonial days was shown in the Museum. They were
donated by the National Trust and the Community. The town has had it characters like John Jarman,
who originally was contracted to build the timber railway platform in Kingston, the major rail and
shipping hub in the South East. He quickly realised that the town needed all sorts of supplies, so built
the first mega-store adding lots of departments; from a top-hats to dynamite. The Community has
been extremely proactive in beautifying their town and projects to their credit are: Relocating the
Cape Jaffa Lighthouse, winning Tidy Towns Award for their public gardens and the Mariah Creek
Development. The Kingston Community School also has been involved in a number of
environmentally-sound projects and was major contributor to the beautification plan.

Comment:        Malcolm Vaughn, Chairman Jubilee Committee
                Kathleen White, Historian
                Deane Smith, Nat. Trust Kingston
                June Stompe, Kingston Tree Planters.
                Kristen Masters, School Pricipal

                Mike & Gayle Quarmby, Reedy Creek Nursery
Presenter:      Rob Kelvin
Council :       Kingston
Air Date:       9/2/08

4063 Norm Scott Shape Your World

Civil Designer Norm designs and project manages Capital Works programs in Salisbury Council. Civil
Works covers any major build or construction involving earthworks, new road design, intersections,
sports facilities, play areas, parks, waterways, walking tracks etc. His experience with Council has
been very positive so far, having been put through various courses. His work is constantly
challenging and interesting and he feels that his work enhances the community.

Comment:        Norman Scott
Presenter:      Rob Kelvin
Council :       Salisbury
Air Date:       9/2/08
Out of the Ordinary Story Synopses                    page 14

4065 21st Century Whyalla

For the past 20 years Eddy Hughes has been working on making Whyalla a solar city with sustainable
ways to power the Nation. Whyalla Council have introduced solar water/energy rebates, minimum
energy usage standards for new houses and have funded research with the Australian National
University into desalination. So the ‘Solar Oasis’ initiative was created to tackle these two big issues,
energy and water. Wizard Power is committed to a plan to build a pilot base-load solar plant in
Whyalla making it the first of its kind in Australia. It is to be a demonstration of sustainability and
Eddy is passionate that in thirty years time that his children will know that this generation played a
big role in turning the unsustainable into very sustainable.

Comment:        Eddy Hughes, Dep. Mayor Whyalla Council
                Artur Zawadski, Wizard Power
                Monica Oliphant
Presenter:      Kaliopi Elene
Council :       Whyalla
Air Date:       9/2/08

4066 Western Region Home Garden Maintenance Project

The project was a tri-Council initiative with Port Adelaide/Enfield, Charles Sturt and West Torrens
joining together to provide garden maintenance for the elderly and frail residents. Annette is the
project manager who assesses the project, comes up with a design and handles the procurement
and site management of the rebuild. The garden designs are landscaped, very drought tolerant, use
shrubs, maintenance free, use little water and provide flower beds in trays for the resident. The
workers are provided through Uniting Care Wesley and they also benefit, as their gardening hours
are being logged in their Tafe Certificate Course. They all just love what they do.

Comment:        Annette Baillie, project Cood.

Presenter:      Rob KelvinCouncil :       Whyalla
Air Date:       9/2/08
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4067 Ahmadiyya Muslim Men & Women

This is a cultural support group for Muslim women who are new arrivals, where they can share their
feelings, fears and joys. The group is also a source of local information and services, where the
women are welcomed into the Community, and can receive help in forming a strategy on how to
proceed with their family in this new life. The Muslim women’s group embraces cultural diversity
and contains members from a variety of countries. We hear comment from some of the women
regarding what this group means to them. And we hear from a young vibrant African girl Khadija,
who was Awarded the Young Citizen Award in 2008.

Comment:       Romana Butt, Khadija Gbla
Presenter:     Rob Kelvin
Council :
Air Date:

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