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        M I N UTES OF      COMB I NED     R AC LO    &   O SLO    M E E T I N G

           Ross Hohnen Room, Chancelry Building on 21 November 2005
Ann McDevitt, OHSIM                        Robin Austin, HRBS
Pamela Roberts, OHSIM                      Sarah O’Callaghan, Faculty of Science
Michelle Clarke, OHSIM                     Rob Tidy, Faculty of Arts
Maribelle Young, F&S                       Suzanne Groves, CCCR
Alison Scott, DOI                          Colleen Donaldson, F&S
Patrick Bellchambers, Faculty of Law       Jan Grubb, F&S
Marie Knight, Menzies Library              Eric Ward, RSES
Michelle Moravec, RSISE                    Robyn Petch, RSES
Zdena Jezek, F&BS                          Brad Ferguson, RSES
Lorraine Scarr, RSC                        Shane Paxton, RSES
Lorna Monaghan, RSC                        Ewan Evans, Faculty of Economics
Bronwyn Stuart, RSSS

Sharon Sutton, OHSIM                       Donna Webster, Uni Executive
Colette Puniard, OHSIM                     Greg Bowen, Graduate School
Catherine Fay, Faculty of Economics        Dianne Bailey, RSPAS
Amanda Silk, HRD                           Linda Gosnell, RSSS
Vanessa Lauf, RSPhysSE                     Jayne Hardy, Faculty of Law
Sue Kelo, CRES                             Margo Davies, CRES

Meeting opened at 9.35 am.

   1. Apologies

   2. Previous Minutes

       Claiming the Medicare Rebate
       Pamela Roberts is still waiting on written advice from the Legal Office on this
       issue which will be distributed to RACLOs when it is received. In the meantime
       RACLOs should ensure that the Medicare rebate is not claimed when
       reimbursing staff under the minor injury guidelines.

   3. Gary Frontin’s Report

       Gary was not available to attend the meeting. Pamela Roberts provided a report
       on Gary’s behalf on the following issues:

       Update on computer voice activated programs:
       The new version 8 voice activated program is now available. It is said to be a
       very good program. If anyone is interested in a demonstration please email Gary
       Frontin to organise.

       Work pacing trials:
       There is new software available for work pacing. The program starts when you
       start keying and stops when you stop keying. The system adds up the time to 30
       mins, rather than it stopping once 30 consecutive minutes are used. For further
       information, please contact Gary Frontin.

   Workstation assessments – advice to Business Managers:
   The normal process involved in a workstation assessment is that an email goes
   to the OSLO and the affected person letting them know that a workstation is to
   be done. Now the process has added the Business Managers into the loop, so
   they are aware that a workstation assessment is to be carried out and purchases
   may need to be made.

   Office chairs:
   Sometime ago there was a system whereby trial chairs were available to loan to
   areas for short periods of time. This arrangement is running again through the
   company Sturdy. If areas are interested in this arrangement, they should contact
   Gary Frontin, who can organise this through Sturdy.

4. RACLO/OSLO Meeting and Training Dates for 2006

   The combined RACLO/OSLO meetings are as follows:
       Tuesday 14 March, 9.30 – 11.00, H Block Training Room
       Tuesday 18 July, 9.30 – 11.00, H Block Training Room
       Tuesday 14 November, 9.30 – 11.00, H Block Training Room

   The RACLO training dates for 2006 are as follows:
       Monday 27 March, 9.00 – 1.00, H Block Training Room
       Monday 25 September, 9.00 – 1.00, H Block Training Room

   The OSLO training dates for 2006 are as follows:
       Thursdays 23 & 30 March, 9.30 – 12.30, H Block Training Room
       Thursdays 22 & 29 June, 9.30 – 12.30, H Block Training Room
       Thursdays 21 & 28 September, 9.30 – 12.30, H Block Training Room

   The Manual Handling training dates for 2006 are as follows:
       Thursday 9 March, 9.30 – 12.30, H Block Training Room
       Thursday 8 June, 9.30 – 12.30, H Block Training Room
       Thursday 7 September, 9.30 – 12.30, H Block Training Room

5. Processing of Leave Forms for Employees on GRTW

   Pamela Roberts reported that leave forms still need to be done manually. Areas
   are not to let people on a GRTW put their leave through HORUS. This also
   includes their personal leave. All leave should be put through OHSIM for
   anyone on a GRTW.

6. Guest Speaker – Karen Bail –Staff Recruitment, Employment Branch

   Karen Bail from Staff Recruitment reported on recent changes made within her
   section in terms of recruitment and re-deployments.

   The process now is for all positions to be advertised centrally throughout the
   ANU, before being externally advertised. The idea is that if the ANU has
   people who are actively seeking employment within the ANU, then we match

   them to jobs before bringing in people external to the ANU. Positions are
   advertised through the Case Managers Network in both OHSIM and the
   Employment Strategies Branch. This process has a 24-hour turnover time.
   If a Case Manager thinks that they have someone who is suitable then the
   process begins for interviewing for suitability.

   A full report is available on request through OHSIM. Please contact Michelle
   Clarke 53657, for a copy of this report.

7. Year in Review – Statistical Analysis Incidents/Workers Compensation

   Ann McDevitt reported that from January – October this year 555 incident
   notifications had been lodged with OHSIM. On average 2 – 3 incident
   notifications are received each day. About half of these resulted in Case
   Management activity.

   It was also reported that 140 workstation assessments were carried out from
   January – October.

   Ms McDevitt gave a breakdown of the incidents in relation to the mechanism of
   injury reported by each. A copy of this report is available from Ann McDevitt,
   OHSIM by request.

8. General Business

   Comcare Customer Circular
   Ms McDevitt reported on a recent Comcare Customer Circular that was
   received. The circular was in relation to agencies tightening up their
   rehabilitation processes. In terms of redeployees, we now need to provide a
   detailed report to Comcare if there are no suitable areas within the ANU for
   people to be placed into.

   Health and Safety Representatives Network
   The question was asked as to whether the ANU has a network of people who are
   trained as Health and Safety Representatives under the Act. Although all Health
   and Safety Reps are documented on the ANU web pages, there currently is not
   an official network set up. This feedback will be provided to those who are
   responsible for taking relevant action.

   Thanks to RACLOs and OSLOs
   Pamela Roberts thanked all RACLOs and OSLOs for their hard and dedicated
   work through out the year.