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					                               Scope Adobe flash
Nature of work that one can do after mastering the method of using adobe flash varies
according to the level of expertise the person has achieved in the particular platform but
one has the opportunity of doing the following tasks:

      One can take up web designing projects for various companies and institutions as
       well as can do the job as a freelancer. This job includes designing entire web
       templates, creating animated banners and making video advertisements in flash.
      Flash animation work includes creating animated text, logos, navigation, creating
       splash and introduction pages. All these tasks are very interesting and are paid
       very high too.
      With the increasing popularity of e- commerce websites the tasks like creating
       product displays and implementing interactive feedback forms and rating systems,
       are also gaining popularity.
      Other interesting and highly creative uses of the software can be made in video
       game work, and stand alone application development. With the help of this
       wonderful and useful software one can develop e- learning software and design,
       virtual tours and demonstrations for various websites.

There are certain points that need to be kept in mind before finally making a decision to
learn the software. Flash is not considered to be search engine friendly. For this reason a
website entirely based on flash may not rank well in search results. A good flash user
must be able to provide more information in least possible time. This can be made
possible using a dynamic web page. And lastly a flash based website needs to be updated
at regular intervals of time as the flash movies become obsolete after a short span of time.

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