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        Held at The Council Office, St Margaret’s Hall, St Margaret’s Street, Bradford on Avon,
                                    on Tuesday 16 December 2003


       Cllr Michael Bowen
       Cllr Alison Craddock
       Cllr Jocelyn Feilding
       Cllr Minna Gillham
       Cllr M Hewson
       Cllr Vicky Landell Mills (Chairman)
       Cllr F Lewis
       Cllr P O’Callaghan
       Cllr J Repton
       Cllr M Sandford
       Cllr P Sutton

       Mrs D Holmes (Town Clerk)

       Cllr P Leach

179.   Mark Wilkins, The Community Development Officer for Calne Town Council addressed the Town
       Council about the progress of community planning in Calne.

       He reported that the process had started in 1999 with a visioning day when 300 groups attended
       to think about the plans for the next 10 to 20 yrs. Community First administered this. The process
       then slipped and a small group of interested parties including Calne Town Council, the librarian
       and some community groups kept it going. It was kick started with the Market & Coastal Towns
       Initiative and consultation took place through a qualitative and quantative survey.

       The process identified 8 areas for projects, which have just been presented in the form of a
       calendar for distribution throughout the town and surrounding parishes. It has highlighted
       duplication and the lack of communication between groups and has resulted in a leisure directory.
       It has also improved relationships between the local authorities.

       The community partnership consisting of The County, District, Town and Parish councils, the PCT,
       Fire and Police services and community groups will oversee the plan. The main problem identified
       was lack of retail services and a long-term plan was being formed to address this issue.

       Lack of sports and leisure facilities was also high on the list and some land had already been
       purchased for provision of recreation.

       In answer to several members’ questions, Mark advised that:

               the Town Council played an important role in keeping the process alive
               Good partnership working with consultation open to everyone was essential to prevent
                one group from taking over
               Funds were obtained from the Market & Coastal Towns Initiative
               Young people were involved through the schools, Banardos and the local drugs rehab unit

       The chairman thanked Mark for attending the meeting and for his helpful report.

180.   Minutes
       It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 25 November 2003 were accepted as a
       true record.

                  Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 16.12.03
181.   Matters Arising
              i)       Minute 159 ii) Mount Pleasant Centre Trustees
                       No further progress was reported with regard to the Trust taking out indemnity

               ii)         Minute 159.iii) Website
                           The clerk advised that she had attended a meeting with Magnus Huckvale on 3
                           December and the site was almost ready to go live and the minutes could easily
                           be transferred to the site. The clerk stated that she would now like a meeting with
                           Cllr Hewson and Magnus during January before going on line.

                           Cllr Hewson reported that was not yet picked up by the
                           search engines and would address this matter with Magnus Huckvale as it was
                           quite easy to achieve.

               iii)        Minute 159 iii) Aerial and street maps
                           The clerk reported that she had now obtained a colour map and would arrange to
                           have it laminated and mounted. She further reported that an aerial photograph of
                           the same area would now be obtained.

               iv)         Minute 159 iv) Land on Tory
                           The clerk advised that no reply had been received from WW Housing Society
                           despite a letter and phone call and she reported that a letter had been received
                           from Mr P Ladd about the cost of insurance and the fact that WW Housing
                           Society did not seem keen to transfer the land for their use.
                           It was RESOLVED
                           That a further letter be sent to Paul Moore of WW Housing Society.

               v)          Structure Plan Review
                           The clerk advised that a reply had been received from Salisbury District Council
                           who shared the Town Council’s concerns but felt that the situation in Salisbury
                           was different to the smaller towns. A reply had also been received from
                           Trowbridge Town Council who supported the Town Council’s comments in their

               vi)         Joint Council Tax Leaflet
                           The clerk advised that revised costs for supply and delivery of the leaflet was
                           It was RESOLVED
                           to agree the revised cost.

               vii)        Canal side Toilets
                           It was noted that the condition has been reported to British Waterways having
                           been inspected by Cllr O’Callaghan. Cllr Gillham had drafted and circulated a
                           letter to British Waterways about the lack of progress with completing amenities at
                           the Wharf, about maintenance of the area and about removal of the office
                           block/shop from the planning consent.
                           It was RESOLVED
                           that the letter be sent.

182.   Declarations of Interest.
       The Mayor declared an interest as on Non Executive Director of the Avon Gloucestershire and
       Wiltshire Strategic Health Authority

183.   Members of the Public

       John Cottle, the Chairman of the League of Friends addressed the Town Council about the
       proposals to remove out patient facilities from the Bradford on Avon hospital. These proposals
       have now been dropped and Mr Cottle thanked the Town Council for its help in achieving this. Mr

                      Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 16.12.03
       Cottle emphasised the importance of communication and commented that it was vital for the
       alliance between the League of Friends, the GP’s and the Town Council to continue to ensure a
       viable future for the hospital

       The chairman thanked Mr Cottle and as there were other members of the League of Friends
       present, she asked for the item on the agenda regarding the hospital to be brought forward and
       considered next.

184.   Bradford on Avon Hospital
       A report on the meeting with the League of Friends, Dr Heffer and some members of the Town
       Council held on 11 December was considered. The report stated that a meeting with the PCT
       and the key stakeholders was desirable and James Heffer had agreed to research and identify
       information about good practice and innovative ideas in relation to community hospitals.

       The Chairman advised that she had subsequently spoken to Donna Stiles from WW PCT who had
       confirmed that the outpatient clinics would not now be reduced. She had asked for a meeting in
       the week commencing 12 January and was awaiting a response.

       In the mean time Dr Heffer had suggested that a consultant could be employed to carry out some
       research and obtain some strong ideas to put through to the PCT to fit in with the needs of West
       Consideration was given to including the other towns and using the cross scrutiny committees of
       WCC but it was generally felt that this would be too time consuming and that there was some
       urgency. The Chairman advised that some useful research could be carried out for about £3000.

       The Chairman allowed John Cottle to speak from the floor and he advised that he would ask his
       committee if they would contribute half the cost of employing a consultant in the sum of £1500 if
       the Town Council would match it.

       The Chairman thanked Mr Cottle for this and asked the clerk to investigate if funds could be found
       from this year’s budget.

       It was generally agreed and RESOLVED
       A meeting be called as soon as possible with the PCT and that if the clerk could find £1500 from
       this years budget, and this was match funded by the League of Friends, a suitable consultant be
       sought. It was agreed that the clerk and chairman should talk to Dr Heffer in this regard.

185.   Chairman's Announcements

       The Chairman announced that:
       on 28 November she welcomed David Newbigging, the High Sheriff of Wiltshire to visit various
       sites in the Town and to open the Bull Pit.
       on 29 November she attended the official opening of the Bradford on Avon Rugby Club.

       on 2 December she attended the switching on of the Christmas lights and presented some
       prizes to children for an art competition.
       on 3 December she attended a meeting of the Bradford on Avon Community Traffic Group.

186.   Minutes of Committees
       The minutes of decisions taken under delegated powers in respect of the under mentioned
       committees and Working Groups were noted:
                 Planning Committee                               11 November 2003
                 Highways & Transport Committee                   18 November 2003
                 Riverside Enhancement Working Group              24 November 2003
                 Bradford on Avon & District Sports Association   26 November 2003

                    Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 16.12.03

187.   Fairfield Piggeries
       The clerk advised that she had received a letter from Kate Bishop advising that more detailed logs
       of complaints would be required if future action was to be taken. The letter stated that Mrs Bishop
       would be preparing a specific log sheet and would send copied for the Town Council to distribute.

188.   St Margaret’s Hall
       The clerk circulated a report (attached to these minutes) showing the final cost of the total project
       and final confirmed building contract figure of £244,303.03. She reported that the budgeted funds
       covered the total costs but that the dowry from WWDC for last year had been included in general
       reserves at the end of the year. The result would be that the project would call on General
       Reserves in the sum of £12,135.84. The clerk advised that the architects had underestimated the
       extra costs and a summary of actual costs of extras was included in the report.

       It was agreed that the project had been very well received and Cllr Craddock commented that at
       the recent Save the Children Fund Sale, users were very pleased with the new facilities.

       It was RESOLVED
       To accept the report and agree the final contract price of £244,303.03

189.   The Bull Pit
       The clerk advised that Grenson Construction had now over run their contract and our consultants
       had advised that liquidated damages could now be deducted. A small amount of work was still
       outstanding. The clerk further explained that the Swan hotel had provided the space for the site
       compound for additional time and that payment of compensation was in order.

       It was RESOLVED
       To agree payment of £200 per week from week ending 5 December as compensation to the
       Swan Hotel, this to be paid out of liquidated damages withheld from the contractor.

       Standing orders were suspended again to allow Ms Priscilla Roberts to speak from the floor.

       Ms Roberts thanked councillors for all their efforts in helping to make Bradford on Avon a better
       place to live and work. She advised that she had been pleased to chair the Bull Pit Working Group
       and hoped that it would be well used.

       Members applauded Ms Roberts and the Chairman thanked her for seeing the project through
       and for keeping such an eagle eye on the detail.

       Standing Orders were reinstated and the meeting continued.

190.   Five Towns Initiative
       The clerk reported that at a meeting of the Five Towns Initiative, the other towns had already
       allocated their grant to projects and as the year-end was imminent, it was important for the
       remainder of the allowance for Bradford on Avon to be allocated. After some discussion
       It was RESOLVED
       That a bid be made for the remainder of the Five Towns Grant to be made towards the
       Community hall aspects of the St Margaret’s Hall project such as the kitchen and projection room

191.   Community Planning
       As a result of the presentation by Mark Wilkins it was clear that Calne Town Council had taken a
       lead role in Community Planning in their town. It was generally felt that this was both required and
       desirable in Bradford on Avon and

                  Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 16.12.03
         it was RESOLVED
        that the council should continue with its plans to ask the groups to make a presentation of their
        achievements to date in St Margaret’s Hall on Monday 23 February 2004 with the possible result
        of suggesting a visioning day in June and at that stage decide how best to progress it.

192.    The Budget and Precept 2004/05
        The budget had been circulated with the agenda showing changes since the last meeting

        The budget showed a precept required of £233,328 with a band D figure of 3850.94 resulting in an
        annual precept per band D equivalent of £60.59 per property.

        It was RESOLVED that this budget should be accepted and the precept be set at £233,328.

193.    Visit by High Sheriff of Wiltshire Friday 28 November 2003
        It was noted that the visit was enjoyable and successful and that the High Sheriff, David
        Newbigging had sent a letter of thanks.

194. Correspondence for Consideration
1)          Wiltshire Association of Local Councils               County Circular
            Circular for December                                 Noted

2)          Cllr Rosemary Brown                                   Notice Board, Bradford on Avon Station
            Copy of letter to WCC about repairs required to       RESOLVED to note and continue observation
            the notice board                                      to ensure that it is repaired

3)          Marian Nuttall,The Bradfordians                       Use of Tithe Barn
            Conditional permission obtained from English          RESOLVED to consider any further action
            Heritage                                              required at the next Town Council meeting

4)          Ian Jamieson, WWDC                                    Council Tax Levy
            Precept request required by 16 January and            RESOLVED to note
            the estimated equivalent no of band D properties
            is 3,850.94

5)          Corby & Son                                           The Kings Arms
            Application for license for Michael Dougan and        RESOLVED no objections
            John Cattermole

6)          BOA Chamber of Commerce                               Recycling Facilities for Businesses in West
            Copy of letter to Cliff Carter at WWDC about          RESOLVED to write to Cliff Carter asking why
            lack of recycling facilities for businesses.          businesses could not use domestic recycling

195.    Correspondence to Note

        The correspondence as listed with the agenda was noted.

196.    Reports
       a)     Cllr Repton reported that SW Trains were hoping to extend their service to Bristol but this
              was to be confirmed.

       b)         Cllr Lewis reported that the only ‘well woman clinic’ in Wiltshire based in Salisbury was
                  closing due to lack of funding.

       c)         Cllr Sandford reported that Bradford on Avon Sports Association thanked the Town Council
                  for the additional grant of £250.

                       Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 16.12.03
       d)     Cllr Sandford further reported that he had attended a meeting regarding the St Margaret’s
              Street area and that community consultation was to be carried out in conjunction with the
              Traffic Forum. Another meeting was to take place in February.

       e)     Cllr Sandford reported that no further progress had been made in regard to the play areas
              as Jacky Nicholas was currently absent fro work on medical grounds having suffered an

       f)     Cllr Sutton reported that he had attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting and it was
              noted that at the switch on of the Christmas lights, due to the number attending the event,
              it was difficult to hear the proceedings. The Chamber was therefore considering the
              purchase of a PA system for outside events. They were also seeking storage for the
              Christmas lights.

       g)     Cllr Sutton reported that he had attended the Mount Pleasant Centre AGM and that the
              accounts had been approved.

       h)     Cllr Feilding reported that he had attended a community planning social housing meeting
              but attendance was disappointing.

       i)     Cllr Feilding reported that it was likely that an important commercial site on Frome Road
              could be redeveloped and as it was such an important site close to the railway station
              carpark, rather than develop it piecemeal, it would be desirable for a development brief to
              be drawn up. He had drafted a letter to WWDC and it was agreed that the letter be sent
              with the exception of a paragraph offering a contribution as this would need to be
              considered at a future meeting. It was agreed that the clerk should send the letter to John

       j)     Cllr Bowen reported that he had attended meetings with:

              The Tourist Information Centre
              The Affordable Housing Group in Bradford on Avon
              Wiltshire Association of Local Councils in Devizes
              The Five Towns Initiative in Trowbridge
              The West Wilts Show steering group

              Cllr Bowen further reported that had visited Well Path to inspect the problems of the
              retaining wall and collapsing archway with other councillors, members of the Preservation
              Trust and David Weston from WCC.

197.    Accounts for Payment
        It was RESOLVED
        that the Town Council accounts having been checked by Cllr O’Callaghan with invoices and direct
        payments amounting to £41,215.59+ VAT be approved (attached to these minutes).

        The meeting closed at 09.05 pm.

                  Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 16.12.03

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