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									                                                                     Importance of Web Presence                                       About Technology Footprints

                                                          Essentially, a Web site is a way to present you online. Your     Technology Footprints is IT Solution Company focused on
                                                          Web site is a place on the Internet where anyone in the world    web solutions and development. We believe in working
                                                          can visit whenever they want to find out more about you, ask     closely with our clients to produce high quality and cost
                                                          you questions, give you feedback, or even buy your products.     effective results. A blend of creativity, experience and service
                                                          Think of the Internet as the world's biggest trade show and      add value to all the prospects we undertake.
                                                          your Web site is your booth.
                                                                                                                           Why choose Technology Footprints?
                                                          Six years ago having a Web site was a vanity. In the year 2000
                                                          having a Web site was just trendy.                               We bring real world experience and personal attention to our
                                                                                                                           clients. We work with our clients to create and implement
                                                                   Today having a Web site is a necessity.                 innovative multimedia solutions utilizing a range of media to
                                                                                                                           deliver targeted and effective communication
                                                          People use Web because it's quick, it's convenient, and one
      “Simplifying complexity,                            has never need to leave one’s desk. Even people who prefer
                                                          to shop off-line are researching products on the Web.
         maximizing value”                                                                                                                        Our Clients
                                                           When people try to find some one, the first place they
                                                           look is on the Web - and if they don't find you there,
                                                                   they will probably find someone else!
                                                                                                                           In Engineering Industry:
                                                          Web presence not only allows you to promote yourself in                              worldwide internationally, but also reduces your cost of
                                                          Reach an Unlimited Market! The internet presents the
                                                          largest consumer market in the world. There are more then X
                     Contact Us                           million internet user around the globe and you are just one
                                                          click away.
                                                          Stay Close to Your Customers! Be at the forefront of
Pakistan office: Contact: Technology Footprints           communication with your business as close as your
                                                          customers' computer screens, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,      Other Clients:
                Address: 130/2 L, DHA, Lahore Pakistan.   365 days a year, anywhere in the world!
                Telephone: 92-42-5894168                  Inexpensive Advertising! Your web site will serve as an
USA office:     Contact: Technology Footprints            inexpensive advertisement for your business. Most other
                                                          types of advertising give your business only a few days’
                Address: 40 Van WYK Road, Lake            exposure, and can cost hundreds of Rupees for a single day.
                Hiawatha, NJ 07034, USA
                                                          Save Time! Focus more on actual selling and less on
                Telephone: 1-201-207-2867                 answering common questions from your customers as they
                                                          can find information about your products or services at their
                                                          convenience from their home or office.
                                                           If you have an existing website that needs a fresh look
                                                                and updating then we can help you with that!
    Proposed Features for Web Application                                7     Contact Us                                                   12 Search Engine Optimization
                                                                   Your visitors can easily get all the information of the contacts   Our Search Engine optimization system helps your website to
                                                                   of the management and list of contact persons of                   rank among one of the top search engines in the world.
                                                                   organization. This page contains E-mail address, Postal            Search Engine traffic dominates the online world. Increase
      1     Dynamic Home Page                                      address, Telephone numbers and Fax number of Head                  Web site traffic and you will increase qualified visitors to your
A website’s home page is like a magazine cover or a store          offices as well as the sub-offices of organization through out     site.
front. If consumers like what they see, they’ll open the door      the globe.
to see what’s inside. Technology Footprints design attractive                                                                               13 Multilanguage
home page, so your customers can spend more time on your                 8     Customer Login
website. Dynamic Home Page designer allows you to                                                                                     In order to market your products outside the country, you
configure your home page with the content links and                This feature has ability to contain all the pervious history of    can talk to your customers in their language on your website.
information you want consumers to see first.                       the visitors that are using your website. So this feature          Even your customers are in Russia or Germany.
                                                                   ensures you to get all the information about the visitors or
                                                                   customer.                                                                 14 Policies of Your Company
     2     Corporate Profile
You can give convenience to everyone in the world to know                                                                             To share the company policies with your customers you can
                                                                        9     News                                                    put all their policies on the website. So your customers can
more about you and your company. So you can put the
corporate profile of your company on the website.                  You can put all the news of your company on the website. So        easily check the company policies directly on the web before
                                                                   your visitor/customers can get all the news about your             going to come close to you. In case of the change of any
                                                                   company directly on the website.                                   policy, you can easily edit polices.
      3     Interactive Product Catalog
You can give convenience to your customers/visitors to get               10 Press Releases                                                  15 Events and calendar
all the product information directly on the website. So you
can display all the images of your products according to your      You can put all the press releases of your company on the          You can render a list of the upcoming events of your
requirement.                                                       website. So your visitors/customers can easily get all the press   company, including time and location on the website. So your
                                                                   releases directly on the website. On the front side of the         visitors/customers can easily get all the information about the
                                                                   website, visitors can view all the press releases.                 upcoming events of your company.
     4     About Your Technologies
You can give a chance to your customers/visitors to                      11 E-commerce                                                      16 Online Career Opportunities
download all the information about your technologies that
your company is offering. So your customers can get all the        E-commerce is the ability to conduct real-time, online secure      This feature ensures the visitors of the website about the
information about your technologies.                               transaction. It means using a website not just as a                career opportunities in your company. So you will be able to
                                                                   promotional tool, but also to generate income by selling your      manage all the job requirements and job’s description directly
                                                                   products and services online.                                      on the web.
       5     Online Inquiry Management System
This feature will facilitate your customers/visitors to make an    Just a few of the many benefits of an E-commerce:
                                                                                                                                            17 Frequently Asked Questions
inquiry about your products. So the organization will be able
                                                                             Very cost effective method of adding an                 This feature will surely save your time and facilitate your
to manage all the inquiries from the customers as well as the
                                                                              additional retail location without the high             website visitors. Because it can help you to put the answer of
visitors of the organization Web site. And you can easily or
                                                                              expenditures associated with a physical store.          the question that are mostly asked by the visitors. So, the
directly answer the questions of your customers/visitors.
                                                                                                                                      visitor can see FAQ’s before going to ask any question to
                                                                             Makes your merchandise available to the global          you.
      6     About Us                                                          marketplace.
This feature ensures your visitors to get all the information
                                                                             Can be self managed via web based admin panel.                18 Feedback
about your business. So you can put information, what
organization in actual, what are their responsibilities and what                                                                      To get a real conversation going with web site visitors
                                                                             The store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
are their objectives.                                                                                                                 providing a simple way for them to give you feedback is
                                                                              and 365 days a year.
                                                                                                                                      highly advisable. Whether this is a simple contact method to
                                                                                                                                      gain more information about the organization or a specific
request for more information about a service or product,                25 Links                                                                       Packages offered
giving users a way to get in touch with the people on "the       This feature helps your website visitors to visit the other
other side" of the web site is very important.                   relative websites of your company. This feature will ensure
                                                                 you to sort your relative links by customized categories and       These packages offered by Technology Footprints based on
       19 Site Map                                               display it on the website.                                         the proposed features for web application.
A site map is a visual or textually organized model of a Web
site's content that allows the visitor to navigate through the        26 PDF Creation                                               Silver Package
site to find the information they are looking for, just as a     PDF creation helps your website visitors to generate dynamic
traditional geographical map helps people find places they are   PDF files of all the content on the website. Generate real-
looking for in the real world.                                                                                                            1   Dynamic Home Page
                                                                 time reports based on dynamic parameters, attach files, and
                                                                 render CHARTS, Data Grids, Images, HTML and much
                                                                                                                                          2   Corporate Profile
      20 Flash Contacts                                          more.
Flash Contacts is the fastest and easiest way you can help the                                                                            3   Interactive Product Catalog
website visitors to connect with your key personnel. The               27 Site Log
Flash Contacts feature allows you to setup detailed contact      Site Log is an easy-to-use and affordable Web traffic analysis           4   About Your Technologies
information that is then dynamically displayed as a flash        service that allows you to monitor your Web site traffic. The
object to the user.                                              purpose of site log is to record all the activities on your site         5   Online Inquiry Management System
       21 Help Desk Management                                                                                                            6   About Us
                                                                            Number of visitors that can visit the site.
Give your users and customers an easy way to get support,                                                                                 7   Contact Us
help, and answers. Plus enable one (or more) support staff to               Measure the ROI of your advertising campaigns.
track and manage requests. Provides an easy to use and                                                                                    8   News
intuitive help desk ticket management system for your                       See which keyword phrases are being used in
customers and support team. It provides multiple levels of                   search engines to find your site.                            9   Press Releases
administration, automatic email notifications, time tracking,
and powerful search capabilities.                                     28 Quotes                                                          10   Policies of Your Company
                                                                 This feature can generate custom quotes for your products               11   Frequently Asked Questions
      22 Gallery–Images                                          and services. The website visitors can easily get the quotes
You can display all the photos of your company in the gallery.   about your products and services.                                       12   Feed Back
This is a highly customizable feature that not only allows
pictures to be displayed; it allows them to be displayed in            29 Search                                                         13   Site Map
your way.
                                                                 This feature helps the website user to find any thing on the            14   Gallery –Images
                                                                 website. Only he/she can do is just to enter a word on a text
      23 Forum                                                   box and press a search button. It can save time of the user to          15   Links
It is necessary to get the opinion from the website visitors     find/search anything on the website.
about anything of your company. This feature easily displays                                                                             16   Site Log
the latest discussions on any topic e.g. about the product or          30 Advertisement system
concept etc from your visitors.                                                                                                          17   Search
                                                                 Advertisement system helps you to display any Ads on your
                                                                 website. It’s a complete system where you can display
     24 Shipment Status                                          different Ads on different pages at the same place. So you can
This feature helps your customers to get up to date              make money too for displaying other companies Ads on your
information about their order shipment status directly on        website.
your website.
Gold Package                                Platinum Package
                                                                                              24    Shipment Status

     1   Dynamic Home Page                       1   Dynamic Home Page                        25    Links

     2   Corporate Profile                       2   Corporate Profile                        26    PDF Creation

     3   Interactive Product Catalog             3   Interactive Product Catalog              27    Site Log

     4   About Your Technologies                 4   About Your Technologies                  28    Quotes

     5   Online Inquiry Management System        5   Online Inquiry Management System         29    Search

     6   About Us                                6   About Us                                 30    Advertisement system

     7   Contact Us                              7   Contact Us
                                                                                        Customize Package
     8   Customer Login                          8   Customer Login
                                                                                        In this package you can put yourself the features we offered,
     9   News                                    9   News                               according to your requirements.
    10   Press Releases                         10   Press Releases
    11   Multilanguage                          11   E-commerce
    12   Policies of Your Company               12   Search Engine Optimization
    13   Events and calendar                    13   Multilanguage
    14   Online Career Opportunities            14   Policies of Your Company
    15   Frequently Asked Questions             15   Events and calendar
    16   Feed Back                              16   Online Career Opportunities
    17   Site Map                               17   Frequently Asked Questions
    18   Gallery –Images                        18   Feed Back
    19   Shipment Status                        19   Site Map
    20   Links                                  20   Flash Contacts
    21   PDF Creation                           21   Help Desk Management
    22   Site Log                               22   Gallery –Images
    23   Search                                 23   Forum
                                              Other Services                                       Our Methodology

  15                                 Multimedia                                 Our continuing success is based on our ability to be quick to
                                                                                 identify, and meet the needs of our customers. We believe in
  16                                 Consulting                                 a process that involves the customer in an iterative
                                                                                 environment and provides continuous feedback between the
  17                                 Enterprise Application Development         team and the customer. Through continual communication,
                                                                                 our professionals seamlessly integrate and become an
  18                                                                             extension of your senior technology staff. But we don't end
                                                                                 there. Each relationship begins with a unique customer focus
  19                                                                             and continues to evolve as more and more successful
                                                                                 ventures are executed.

  21                                           Product List                                    Our Guiding Principles

  22                                 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)         While working for Fortune 100 companies, the founders felt
                                                                                 that there is a growing gap between what technology offers
  23                                 HRIS (Human Resource Information System)   and how it is applied to solve real business problems. It has
                                                                                 not been easy for a business to sift through the technology
  24                                 CMS (Content Management System)            stack to find the right solution within reasonable cost. At
                                                                                 times companies find themselves in a quandary -- whether to
  25                                 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)     hire their own technologists to build in-house solutions from
                                                                                 the ground up or to outsource their IT to some company that
  26                                 DMS (Document Management System)           would just give them a product that might not solve their
                                                                                 overall business problems.
  27                                 LAB Software
                                                                                 Right from the get goes, Tech Foot has focused on being
  28                                                                             your technology partner rather than an IT shop. We focus on
                                                                                 building a strong relationship with you than just sell a
  29                                                                             solution. We understand that in order to run a successful
                                                                                 business, you need to focus on the business strategy and
  30                                                                             strategic direction and not get entangled with finding
                                                 Solutions                       technical solutions. As your business partner, we have an
                                                                                 active stake in your success.
                                     Virtual Office                             We take holistic approach to help you address your needs.
         We Succeed,                 Solutions for Small business
                                                                                 We provide enabling solutions for businesses to leverage
                                                                                 technology as part of their everyday business processes. To
       When You Succeed!                                                         ensure business success, we help you get the best return on
                                     For Non Profit organizations               your technology investment by focusing on improving
                                                                                 business efficiency, accumulating cost savings and more
                                     For municipalities                         importantly, increasing profit margins. We strongly believe
   Please contact us for more                                                    that complexities can be overcome with solutions designed to
  information on how we can                                                      be simple.

partner with your organization.                                                   “The foundation of our success is satisfied customer”

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