The following are a set of instructions on how to place an order

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The following are a set of instructions on how to place an order Powered By Docstoc
					The following are a set of instructions on how to place an order with!

   1. With a product which you can find ether on the home page or the products
      page you will see a text field with the value 1 and a button next to it saying
      add to cart.

         1     A dd to Cart

   2. Within this text field you can place the number you wish to add to your cart!
      For example 3.

         3     A dd to Cart

   3. Click onto the Add to Cart button to add this number for the desired product
      into your cart. Repeat steps 1-3 for any other products you wish to add!
   4. At the top of the screen you will see a table with your cart and the number of
      items with your cart. When there’s nothing in your cart this will remain un
      linkable were as the more products you add to your cart it will tell you how
      many items are in your cart!

                                  There are 3 Items
   No           in your Cart

   5. If you want to check your cart or are happy with the number of products you
      have added click onto the link and this will take you to the cart screen.
                                                                                                  Price of

                                                                                                  Sub total
                                                                                                  of so far


Postage and
Packing Rate

                     Back to the
                     shopping        Sub Total          Total
 Any Kind of
 offer               index page
                                                                        Check out button

                6. Once you have reviewed your items and are happy with your order click on
                   the Checkout Link or button
                7. You will enter step 1 of the checkout process! This page will prompt you for

                    Forename : First Name
                    Surname : Second Name
                   Address 1 Address 2 and Address 3 : Three lines for your home address
                   Postcode : Your Street Postcode
                   Country : What country you are from
                   Contact Number : Any Contact number incase we need to phone you about
                   your order
                   Contact Email : Your Email address
                   Newsletter : Click this box if you would like a monthly update on what
                   changes we make to our website and what new products we have.

                   Once you have entered all your information in press on the Save Address
                     button or if you make a mistake and wish to retype the whole lot again press
                     on the clear button.
                  8. This will take you to the last step the payment page. You will see a similar
                     table to the one in your cart only you cannot change any order as your order
                     has been put through! To change your order from here you will need to contact
                     us with the stated Order Quotation Number given.

Order Quotation

                   Pay with Pay Pal         Pay with other method drop
                   Button                   down box and button

                  The quickest and the safest way to pay online is through Pay Pal this is why we
                  use this service. To pay by Pay Pal you do not need a Pay Pal Account as Pay Pal
                  allows you to pay also with your card.

                  To Pay by Pay Pal click on the Pay Pal Button the little yellow button and the
                  following screen will appear:
If you get this message click on the yes button to continue.

One line of items bought

                       This area allows you to pay by                                     Log into your Pay
                       card without having an account                                     Pal account here

                    The next way to pay is through a certain type of payment method these can be
                    through Cheque or some other method. This is underneath the payment by Pay Pal
                    and is a drop down box which you can easily press to get the options then click
                    the pay now button next to the box. Once you have clicked the pay now button
                    you will be directed to your Invoice.

                    These are the simplest ways to order from us if you are still having trouble then
                    you can contact us through our contact us page.

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