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Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of BCHUA held on 12th by runout


									Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of BCHUA held on 25th April 2006
                                            7.30p.m. Old Sills Hockey CLUB

President and 30 members were present with 9 apologies recorded in the Attendance book.

The President welcomed the membership and opened the meeting.

1) Minutes of the Previous AGM 12th. April 2005 having been approved by the executive committee was
   adopted by unanimous vote as an accurate record of that meeting.

2) Matters arising: None.

3) Officers Reports:
      i)     President’s Report:
             Jon Collis reviewed his Presidents Action plan.
               - Regarding sociability and responsibility of clubs, especially post match. Umpires
                   please let committee know if you experience any problems.
               - Jon requested volunteers to help on sub committees, particularly regional co-
                   ordinators linking with county and clubs.
               - Our biggest target is to improve links with clubs and umpires, and with club umpires.
               - 3 special commendations received over the year – for 1000 L1 umpires qualified so
                   far – for our outstanding contribution to year of the umpire – for the Bugle
                   nominated in county magazine of the year (we didn’t win).
               - All BCHUA umpires should be encouraged to consider going through Level 1 umpire
                   coaching qualification.

       ii)       Secretary’s Report: As tabled. Thanks also to J Pell-Reynolds for jacket source and
                 distribution. Thanks to John Scallan for Bugle – suggest we design a (downloadable) cover.
                 Confirmed question from floor that new briefing has been received regarding facemasks
                 and is passed to Chief Coach for review and comment prior to distribution.
                 Correspondence received notifying MRHA AGM on 17 th May

       iii)      Assistant secretary: As tabled, nothing further to report

       iv)       Treasurer: Report and accounts tabled
                 Match Fees and mileage rates for next season recommended.
                  Membership fee of £0 (zero) recommended
                 Alan White advised that proposal to award £3 bonus on top of mileage should actually be
                 adopted as 32ppm for first 20 miles only , thereafter 17ppm for each match day.
                 Query from floor regarding difficulty of getting receipts when paying cash for public
                 transport fares. It was confirmed by Hon Sec that from executive meeting, it was
                 affirmed that non-mileage expense claims must be accompanied with receipts.

              Clubs Match fees as tabled: £30 per league game; Cup matches £35 per match as per EH
              guide; Friendlies £15; Indoors £36 per night per venue; S&Y £300 per season.

               Proposed: en bloc Colin Jones   Seconded: Raj Khanna carried unanimously
           Mileage rate with amendment from floor, match day rate is 32ppm for first 20 miles and
           17ppm thereafter. All other claims at 17ppm.

           Proposed: Martin Stott            Seconded: Bill Holdforth,   carried unanimously

      v) Appointment secretary: Report tabled

      vi) Indoor secretary: No report received

      vii) Chief Coach: report as tabled.
            Note with congratulations that Iqbal Chana now appointed to Midlands panel.

     viii) Coaching Coordinator: report as tabled
             Report from Peter Bell re Club report cards – Please fill in report cards, and let skippers know
             who you are, so names can be put on their feedback cards.
             Thanks to Peter, and also noted thanks from Midlands to Peter, from Alan Grocock.

ix)       Level One Coordinator: report as tabled.
          Pat stated that clubs should take more interest in ‘club umpiring’ in that once put through L1
          tests, clubs have a responsibility to raise the 42% assessment and qualification rate.

          Note there is a lack of umpire coaches to help L1 coaches – do we encourage non-midlands
          umpires to become umpire coaches.

          Umpire leaders scheme, scrapped by EH, but Pat recommends that they are named and made
          available for contact.

          John Childs queried how many fail theory. PM says that there are a few, and they are
          encouraged to resit.

          PM thanks all who have given support over the year.

          John Childs noted that the Awards for All laptop has been bought and can be used for
          developing/delivering sessions to encourage L1 umpires.

          Raj Khanna queries if courses could be run with fewer umpires to encourage discussion. PM says
          often over subscribed and always local clubs invited

          P Byng notes Mens’ league will award £50 to clubs that run L1 courses.
          Bill Holdforth notes is reviewing possibility for refresher courses for newly qualified umpires,
          and will push HDOs for more support for young umpires.

          Jon Collis to Peter Byng – What do league think about umpires? League secretaries considered
          too overloaded to cope with umpires as well!
          A suggestion has been considered that (L1) umpires should hold id photo cards.

x)         Development Officer Post was not filled last year, however Alick Taylor drove the Awards for
           All sub committee – 50% of the award has been spent to provide presentation material and

x)        League report as tabled
xi)   Adoption of all Officers reports en bloc. Proposed: N Berry. Seconded: J Booth
      Accepted by unanimous vote.


      The following positions were resolved:

      President   J.Collis    stands

      Alan Grocock proposed as VP
      Vice Presidents elected on Bloc
      Proposed: J Collis           Seconded: S Shohet

      Secretary                    G. Gowers     Proposed:   J   Childs Seconded: M Hives
      Ass. Sec                     J. Childs     Proposed:   J   Collis Seconded: M Hives
      Treasurer                    S. Shohet     Proposed:   J   Childs Seconded: M Hives
      Appointment secretary         P.Byng       Proposed:   J   Childs Seconded: M Hives
      Coaching Coordinator          R.Pearce     Proposed:   J   Childs Seconded: M Hives
      Level one coordinator        P.Merry       Proposed:   J   Childs Seconded: M Hives
      Chief Coach                  W Holdforth   Proposed:   A   Grocock Seconded: A Fothergill
      Indoor secretary             T Taylor      Proposed:   J   Collis Seconded: M Stott
      Development Officer           J Collis     Proposed:   G   Gowers Seconded: R Khanna

       Committee members representing the membership:
                                J.Pell-Reynolds Proposed: J Childs Seconded: M Hives
                                J.Bassan        Proposed: J Childs Seconded: M Hives
                                A.Taylor        Proposed: J Childs Seconded: M Hives

      Officers standing for re-election and nominated by the committee, en bloc acceptance
      proposed by J Childs, seconded by M Hives, carried by unanimous vote.
      Chief Coach, Indoor Sec, Devt. Officer, all accepted by individual unanimous votes.

      None committee appointments
      Scrutineer                    R.Stait
      Rep to league committee      P.Byng
      Rep to MRHUA council
      Following a discussion from the floor, it was proposed that representatives to the council be
      the President and the Chief Coach. Proposed: J Booth, Seconded: P Luft. This was carried by
      a majority vote, with no votes against.
      Therefore Jon Collis and Bill Holdforth be our elected representatives.

      Ass. appointment Sec.        J.Childs      Proposed: R Khanna Seconded: M Hives
      Editor of Bugle              J.Scallan     Proposed: A Grocock Seconded: J Booth

      The above two posts both accepted by unanimous votes

      The posts of Assistant Appointments Sec (Summer) and Assistant Editor (The Bugle) were not
      required, and therefore no one nominated or elected to the post.
      Awards presented by Roly Jenkins
      10 Year Badge M.Hives, N Berry (from 2005)

         10 year badges also due to I Griffiths and J Bassan
                                               (apologies as names not available at AGM. Gg)

         Roly Award for Services to BCHUA - awarded to Colin Jones
         Whistle Award - awarded to Alick Taylor
         30 year service award - awarded to Roger Flood

4) Honoraria:
         Appointment Secretary            £235
         Secretary                        £200
         Coaching Coordinator             £140
         Treasurer                         £140
         Proposed: J Collis Seconded: P   Merry, accepted by unanimous vote

6) Name Change
Following EH recommendation and discussion within the committee, it was proposed that the name be
changed from Birmingham Counties Hockey Umpires Association to Birmingham Counties Hockey Umpiring
 Proposed: J Collis Seconded: A White - The proposal was accepted with a majority vote with 2 against.

7) Annual Fee - The membership voted not to have a subscription fee.
   Proposed: J Collis Seconded: M Stott -The proposal was accepted with a majority vote with 1 against

8) AOB
               i. Colin Jones noted opportunity to go to a county tournament/ coaching weekend, 6/7 th
                  May at Oswestry.
              ii. Colin Jones noted that following name change the BCHUA constitution requires change.
                  Committee will follow up for proposal at next AGM
             iii. Alan Grocock noted that a regional young umpires action group has been formed
             iv. Bill Holdforth noted that in order to nurture and support young umpires, we will need
                  more L1 umpire coaches.
              v. Steve Tabb welcomed to the floor and to the association. Steve reminds us that the
                  Old Sills tournament will be over the August Bank Holiday weekend 25/27 th August, and
                  is good opportunity for young and novice umpires to gain skills in a friendly
             vi. Neil Berry not on BCHUA list as appears in Bugle. GG to review handbook entry.

           Meeting closed at   20.50.

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