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                 The HUG Audio Team
The Hug Audio Gift Card Story
Hello, my name is Jennifer Yessler, the creator HUG Audio Gift Cards. I created our
unique products out of the need to offer encouragement and practical solutions to the
important people in my life. I had many friends and loved ones who were tackling
difficult situations, who were trying to change their lives, and I wanted to help. I knew I
could buy a greeting card of encouragement, but I wanted to offer something more.

I began to ask around and was surprised to find out that most of my friends were in a
similar situation — they were watching their loved ones struggle and had no solutions,
time, or resources to help. In response to such a great need, I wanted to create an
affordable product of support and practical solutions, so people like me would no longer
feel helpless when faced with friends who are suffering.

So I pooled my resources and put together a superb team of professionals to make my
vision a reality. We have worked long and hard to develop HUG Audio’s signature
product, HUG Audio Gift Cards. They combine an art-quality greeting card with a
powerful CD to create a unique gift of support and encouragement. Due to an
overwhelming response to our audio gift cards, we have since expanded our product line
to include CDs as well. Each of our cards and CDs include a free online companion
workbook, to offer added value to each of our products.

In our society, we are trained from a young age to mark happy occasions with a gift, but
we have no idea what to give to our friends when they are struggling.

Now, when a woman’s heart goes out to a friend in a time of struggle, we can offer the
most meaningful gift — an effective strategy for life change.

          Who do you know that needs a HUG?
HUG Audio’s Mission
Our mission is to offer encouragement and practical solutions to women seeking a more
fulfilling future. Every product we create is enriched with care, a mentoring spirit, and an
unending belief in the potential of every woman.

Research and Development
We have invested years in researching the best methods used by the biggest names in
success, self-esteem, and relaxation literature. We have studied industry greats such as
Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Nathanial Branden,
author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, Martha Davis, author of The Relaxation and
Stress Workbook, and many more of the top authorities in the field of personal
development. We also have utilized practical solutions suggested by the Mayo Clinic, the
APA, and other top associations, hypnotherapists and psychologists. By using the most
reputable sources, we can guarantee we offer the best methods for relaxation and personal
development in every HUG Audio product.

Meet the Rest of Our Team

                               Kristen Dewulf took a vision and turned it into a poetic
                               and practical piece that will comfort, encourage, and offer
                               meaningful solutions to our listeners. Our listeners will
                               enjoy the original content and appreciate the relaxation,
                               clarity, and guidance offered by HUG Audio CDs and Gift

                               Your company will enjoy increased foot traffic when
                               your customers send their friends and family back in to
                               buy the Newest Trend in Gift Giving!

More about Kristen

Kristen DeWulf is a playwright whose works have received stagings at Georgia State
College and University, the Pittsburgh New Works Festival, Woolly Mammoth Theatre,
and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts. DeWulf runs a professional writers group in
Washington D.C.
Kristen received a BA in Theatre from Northern Illinois University in 1993 and an MFA
from Humboldt State University in 1996. She teaches Theatre and English at Lord
Fairfax Community College and the University of Mary Washington.


                                                Valerie Cox Walker’s writing and
                                                editing skills and experience ensure
                                                high-quality content in each of our CD
                                                scripts and workbooks.

                                                Valerie’s award winning style is
                                                evident in our products. Our products
                                                have a flair, which is sure to make
                                                them one of your best sellers!

More about Valerie

Valerie Cox Walker, president of Kiss Creative, LLC, is a writer and editor living and
working in Warrenton, Virginia. Valerie earned her bachelor's degree in foreign affairs
from the University of Virginia and a master's degree in professional writing and editing
from George Mason University. She has received two Virginia Press Association awards.

Valerie has served as a staff writer at two trade associations and at a Fortune 500
company. Since founding Kiss Creative in 2007, she has written and edited materials for
a diverse range of clients across the U.S., including Computer Sciences Corp., the
American Red Cross, the Electric Power Research Institute, and Watt Publishing.

She is a member of the Society for Technical Communication, American Mensa, and the
Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce, where she is the secretary of the Chamber
Young Professionals. Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, and she is
currently a frequent contributing writer to The Fauquier Times-Democrat and The
Gainesville Times. Valerie is also an adjunct professor of English at Lord Fairfax
Community College in Virginia.

Diane Burket is the voice artist heard on all of the HUG Audio CDs. Her voice is one of
wisdom and comfort, which offers the listener gentle guidance to gain insight and clarity
to meet their goals.
Diane’s years of experience guides the listener though a relaxing approach to
relaxation and goal planning. A voice and wisdom that is sure to bring your clients
back for more!

More about Diane
Diane Burket is an award winning voice talent. In addition to being the
voice of HUG Audio, she can be heard on best-selling author Deepak
Chopra's "Quantum Healing." Her voice is heard across America in
films, CDs, commercials and specialized training programs. A few of
her numerous clients are Sprint PCS, Safeway, Hewlett-Packard,
Southwest Airlines, VISA, Costco, Sam's Club, Kaiser, Apple
Computer, Union Bank, the California Department Of Education,
Gateway Computers, San Francisco Library for the Blind, IBM,
Science 2000, Paramount's Star Trek, PDR Film & Video, eHarmony,
the City Of Sunnyvale, ThinkMedia and many more.


Dave Bolick’s experience and expertise in writing, editing, voice-over and advertising
guarantee HUG Audio’s scripts are put through a rigorous quality control process to
ensure the best products with broad appeal.

Your company will benefit from increased revenue generated by the sales of a
totally, unique product with widespread appeal.

More about Dave
Dave Bolick has been honored with CLIO and Addy Awards as well as a Silver
Microphone for his award-winning voice talent.

The Clio Awards ( are the world’s most recognized international
advertising awards competition. Founded in 1959 to celebrate creative excellence and
innovation in advertising, the Clios inspire and pay tribute to one of the most interesting
and influential art forms in modern culture. The Clios are known for its world-class juries
made up of 113 experts from 62 countries.
The World's Largest Advertising Competition. The ADDY® Awards represent the
true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising from media of all
types, creative by all sizes and entrants of all levels from anywhere in the world.

Silver Microphone Award. This competition is designed to select the best local and
regional radio commercials, audio programs, and web sites created by advertising
agencies, production companies and radio stations in the United States.

The artwork on all of HUG Audio’s products is high-resolution reproduction of the
contemporary collection of paintings by award winning Singapore artist, Jimmy Quek
                         Artwork by Jimmy Quek Probhakare

J.Q. Probhakare’s eye-catching artwork will make your customers want to pick up
HUG Audio’s products, and the soothing spa-like cover will make them a must-have
at the register.

More about Jimmy
Jimmy's works are in the permanent collection at the Singapore Art Museum, Ministries
and Institutions. Jimmy has held 11 one-man exhibitions and has participated in more
Than 80 group art exhibitions in Yokohama, Kobe, Sapporo, Rotterdam, New York,
Washington DC, Indianapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Taiwan,
Bangladesh, Beijing, Quanzhou, Shanghai, Korea, Fukuoka, Osaka, Thailand, Vietnam,
Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Recently his works were exhibited at The Olympic Arts Festival 2004 - Olympic Truce:
Pieces of Peace at the Delegation of the European Commission in Washington DC and
the Singapore Art Show 2005 - A Different Light. He is the first-prize winner of the IBM
Art Award Singapore. He has served as External Assessor for LaSalle-SIA College of the
Arts. He signs his painting "Prabhakara," which in Sanskrit means source of light.
Each HUG Audio CD is a high-quality recording. Our CDs are recorded, edited and
mastered by award winning Omega Recording Studios.

Your customers will enjoy listening to a high quality recording, and remember that
you sell only the best!

More about Omega Studios
Omega is one of the most recognized recording studios on the east coast. Their clients
include: WETA/PBS, BBC, The National Geographic Society, FOX Television Network,
NBC Television Network and Warner Brothers Records along with many successful
recording artists such as Elton John, Sarah McLachlan and Prince, just to name a few.
Omega Studio has received the coveted Dove Award for Grammy their winning artists.
                                   HUG Audio’s high quality products are designed by the
                                   talented professionals at the award winning Oasis CD
                                   Manufacturing. Their team of graphic artists,
                                   technicians and packaging professionals guarantee
                                   HUG Audio’s quality is second-to-none.

                                 Our high quality products will increase your bottom

                                 More about Oasis Disc Manufacturing
                                 Micah Solomon, founder and president of Oasis, won
                                 the executive of the year award at the 2008 (WAMA)
                                 Washington Area Music Association. This award is a
                                 reflection of the high quality graphics, manufacturing
and mastering done by Oasis CD Manufacturing and this same high quality work is
evident in all of HUG Audio’s products.

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