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1325 Nord Ave


									                                            1325 Nord Ave (530) 898-2653
                                            Chico, Ca 94926 (510) 734-6737

                          Jennifer Porter
Objective:        I would like a job that helps me succeed in my field of study.

Experience:       2000-2001                            Target   Pinole, CA
                  Sales Representative
                 I picked up clothes and articles off the ground.
                 Target was the cleanest store in the neighborhood.

                  Summer 2000 and 2001       CCC Pool           Richmond, CA
                  Life Guard and Swim instructor
                 I taught people of all ages (from two to fifty) how to swim.
                 I watched over the lives of the swimmers at recreational swim.

                  Winter 2001                CCC Pool           Richmond, CA
                  Water Polo Coach
                 I taught kids from age 7 to age 14 how to play water polo.

Education:        Fall 1997-Spring 2001
                  De Anza High School                  Richmond, CA
                 I graduated in the spring of 2001 with a GPA of 3.8
                  Fall 2001
                  Chico State University                        Chico, CA
                 Majoring in Computer Science

Interests:        I am Interested in Water polo and swimming. I like to go on hikes and talk with
                  my friends. I also like to Play with children.

Tips:             I am a great role model. I know how to speak with people. I love to being with
                  children so if this computer science thing doesn’t work out then I would like to
                  become a 3rd grade teacher.

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