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Issue 11 Oct 09 - Staffordshire Prepared


									Staffordshire Prepared
The Newsletter of the Staffordshire Resilience Forum
Issue 11 - October 2009

 Staffordshire all set for Major Flood Exercise                              New Chair for
      All Systems Go For                                                    Resilience Forum
     Exercise White Water                                                                        The Staffordshire
 Emergency services, the armed forces, councils, Government                                      Resilience Forum
                                                                                                 has a new Chair.
 departments and volunteers are gearing up for one of the
                                                                                                 Assistant Chief
 biggest tests of their ability to cope with a natural disaster ever                             Constable Douglas
 to be held in the Midlands.                                                                     Paxton has taken on
                                                                                                 the role from ACC
 Exercise White Water will test the capabilities of services                                     Marcus Beale.
                                                                           ACC Paxton
 serving the people of Staffordshire to protect communities
 against major flooding.                                                 ACC Paxton said: “I am delighted to be
                                                                         chairing the SRF, and very much looking
 Planning has been underway for several months for the
                                                                         forward to helping the forum build on its
 exercise which follows the publication of the Staffordshire             achievements to date.

 Emergency Flood Plan (SEFP) in summer 2009.
                                                                         “As members, we’re here to do a job for the
 Players include Staffordshire County Council, Stoke-on-Trent            people of Staffordshire: to prepare for and -
                                                                         if ever the time arises - support them
 City Council and Staffordshire’s eight district and borough             through the difficulties of a large-scale civil
 councils, fire, police and ambulance services, the Environment          emergency.

 Agency, Government Office for the West Midlands, the Met                “The continuing challenge for us all is to
 Office, Severn Trent Water, the Health Protection Agency,               pre-empt the unpredictable, and to be as
                                                                         ready as we can be to meet it head on.
 acute and primary care trusts, the Highways Agency, British
 Red Cross and the Ministry of Defence.                                  “Staffordshire enjoys long-standing and
                                                                         very positive working links between its
 Assistant Chief Constable Douglas Paxton, Chair of the                  public services and agencies. I am
                                                                         fortunate enough to have already worked
 Staffordshire Resilience Forum, said: “This live, multi-agency          with several of the organisations and
 exercise will put the new SEFP through its paces and will be            people who contribute to the success of
                                                                         the SRF, and I’m keen to learn and do
 one of the biggest civil contingencies exercises staged in the          whatever I can to help to drive the forum’s
                                                                         work forward.”
 Staffordshire is one of the first areas of the UK to complete a         of the SRF, and I’m keen to learn and do
                                                                       New Risk Register on-line
                                                                        whatever I can to help to drive the
 new plan in response to the major flooding which caused
                                                                         forum’s work forward.”
                                                                       An updated version of the Community Risk
 devastation across large areas of England in summer 2007.             Register for Staffordshire is available on the
                                                                       Staffordshire Prepared website.
 The exercise will take place over three days and nights from 2
                                                                       The Risk Register is used to direct
 November to 4 November 2009.                                          Contingency Planning, Emergency Planning
 Andy Marshall, Director of Civil Contingencies, commented:            and Business Continuity Management
                                                                       workstreams within the county.
 “The SEFP draws on the lessons learned from the floods of
                                                                       The new register can be seen by logging on to
 2007. They will be comprehensively tested at Exercise White
 999 Day – Staffordshire Partners                                             Councillors Go Behind
  Out and About in County Town                                                 the Scenes at CCU
                                                                              Members of Staffordshire County Council’s Corporate
                                                                              Review Committee met staff and viewed equipment
                                                                              during a visit to the Civil Contingencies Unit offices at
                                                                              Beaconside, Stafford.

                                                                              They were given a demonstration of how civil
                                                                              contingencies staff work closely with SRF partners
                                                                              from Staffordshire Police and the Staffordshire Fire
                                                                              and Rescue Service.

                              Similar meetings are held in Stoke-on-
                                                                                                        Andy Marshall, Director of
                              Trent, chaired by the city’s Director of                                  Civil Contingencies, said:
                                                                                                        “We showed scrutiny
                              Public Health. Work has been carried
                                                                                                        committee members how
                              out to identify vulnerable people                                         the services would come
                                                                                                        together in the event of a
                              throughout Staffordshire and to identify                                  major emergency to set up
                                                                                                        a multi agency command
                              essential and non essential services if                                   post.
                              an emergency happened.

                                                                              “The CCU, the fire service and the police each have
                              Buildings, Stafford and XX October at           individual command units. Using an inflatable
                              the Civic Centre, Stoke.                        structure we have devised a system to link the
                                                                              command posts together to provide a fully integrated
9 September 2009 (09-09-09) was a red letter day for emergency                centre.”
services in Stafford.
                                                                              Mark Winnington, Staffordshire County Council
Community Safety Partners took advantage of the unusual date                  Cabinet Member said “It’s reassuring to see that this
                                                                              sort of capability is available to support the emergency
to host a 999 day in Stafford Town Centre.
                                                                              services, local authorities and NHS trusts in
                                                                              Staffordshire and it represents fantastic value for
Stafford Borough Council's Community Safety Partnership                       money.
organised the 999 event in Stafford’s Market Square to raise
awareness of the emergency services and partner organisations.                The people of Staffordshire can be reassured that we
                                                                              have robust emergency preparedness arrangements
                                                                              in place in the event of a major incident.”
999 services – the police, fire and ambulance – were joined by
officers from Staffordshire’s Civil Contingencies Unit.
Other services at the event included the South Staffordshire
Primary Care Trust, trading standards, health trainers and                    Agricultural meeting: The annual SRF meeting
volunteers from St John’s Ambulance.                                          with Staffordshire’s agricultural sector will be held
                                                                              on 23 November 2009. Key figures in the farming
Civil Contingencies Officer, Sarah Moore, said: “Local authorities            community join together with staff from Defra, the
have a responsibility to raise awareness of civil protection                  National Farmers’ Union and Staffordshire
arrangements within their local area andCatCCU was delighted
      Jargon buster: What is a the 1 responder?                               County Council’s animal health team to discuss
                                                                              civil contingency planning and consider whether
      able to help responders, commonly referred to day.”
to be Category OneStafford Borough Council on the as Cat 1,
                                                                              farmers can offer help in the event of incidents
       include all Staffordshire unitary and district councils, the police,
                                                                              such as a major flood.
Russ fire and ambulance services, hospitals, health service primary
       Cartlidge, Community Service Manager for Stafford                      Rest centre plan: The CCU is re-writing rest
       care trusts and the “We had a Agency.
Borough Council, said: Environmentfantastic turn out and I was                centre plans for the SRF. Contact Civil
       All may have a vital role to play in an emergency and have a
pleased to see the high number of visitors the event attracted.               Contingencies Officer Mel Page at
       seat at Staffordshire Resilience Forum meetings.
                                                                     for details.
       Cat 2 responders include utility companies, transport providers,
The event as the Highways Agencywe intend to rail and a model                 Refit complete: The refit of the CCU mobile
       such proved so successful, and Network use it as
for future events, bodies, including the Health and Safety Executive          command unit is now complete. The vehicle,
       Government at which we will share information and advice
                                                                              which is available to support all partners, is
       and the Government a Safer Stafford.”
with the public to ensure Office (West Midlands).                             equipped to give access to technology including
                                                                              Wi-Fi, Raynet, the internet, Airwave and satellite
    Resilience Forum Training Package                                                   Training Diary
     Offers Something for All Partners                                                  2-4 November; Exercise
                                                                                        White Water.

                                                                                        9 November; Business
                                                                                        Continuity Exercise,
                                                                                        Staffordshire County
                                                                                        Council Social Care and

                                                                                        18 November; Tactical
                                                                                        Silver (Vector) Exercise.

                                                                                        19 November; Rest Centre

                                                                                        2 December; Strategic
                                                                                        Gold (Vector) Exercise.

                                                                                        20 January; Strategic Gold
                                                                                        (Vector) Exercise.

                                                                                        27 January; Foot and
                                                                                        Mouth Outbreak Exercise.
                                                                                        For further information
                                                                                        contact Training and
                                                                                        Exercise Coordinator,
                                                                                        Steve Hill on 01785
Staffordshire Resilience Forum
members are benefiting from a
comprehensive training package.                                                         Loggists Wanted
A range of courses, often tailored to                                                   The Staffordshire
meet individual partners’ requirements                                                  Resilience Forum is
are available.                                                                          appealing for more staff to
                                                                                        come forward to train as
Delegates are pictured enjoying a lively                                                Loggists.
discussion during a Vector command                                                      The recording role gives
exercise at Leicestershire Police’s                                                     crucial support to decision
Ashby Training Centre.                                                                  makers on site and is vital
                                                                                        when carrying out a review
                                                                                        of how an incident was
Strategic Gold and Tactical Silver           council staff in Tamworth, Newcastle and   handled.
Vector command                               Stafford.                                  Andy Marshall, Director of
exercises have been attended by                                                         Civil Contingencies, said:
delegates from Category One and Two          Other recent sessions included Exercise    “It is very important that all
responders and the Voluntary Sector.         Moustache. Civil Contingencies Officer     partners have trained
                                             Marie Dale wrote and ran an exercise for   loggists available and I
Other training on offer includes Director    the North Staffordshire Combined Health    would urge all
on Call training. The CCU has rolled out     Care Trust based around a pandemic flu     organisations to nominate
Exercise Ivor which gives important          scenario.                                  staff for training.”
guidance for senior council officers in                                                 A new forum was recently
the hot seat for the vital first hour of a   Steve Hill, training and exercise co-      set up by the Staffordshire
major emergency.                             ordinator, said: “We now have a wide       Resilience Forum to allow
                                             ranging programme on offer to suit all     loggists to share
Civil Contingencies Officer Steve Berry      resilience forum member organisations      information about how
said: “The one to one sessions last for      and their staff.”                          they work.
around 90 minutes and we have                                                           For further information
developed a series of scenarios which        The full training programme is published   contact Megan Harris on
directors can be tested with.”               on the Staffordshire Prepared website to
                                             allow organisations to plan ahead.
Rest centre training has been held with
Council Staff Put Through Their Paces                                        Second Wave of Swine Flu
                   Staff at Newcastle Borough Council were put                   Hits Staffordshire
                   through their paces with a no-notice exercise.
                   The council’s incident management team                                       Forward planning is helping
                   managers were told that the Civic Offices were                               Staffordshire cope with a
                   on fire in an exercise devised by CCU officers.                              new wave of Swine Flu
                   Team members had to use their contingency                                    cases.
                   plans to cope with the immediate incident and the                            Cases began to rise
                   aftermath which saw the offices out of action for                            following the return of
.                  weeks.
Mark Barrow                                                                                     children to school in
Chief Executive Mark Barrow was one of only three officers who                                  September.
had prior notice of the exercise.
                                                                            And health professionals say the upward trend
He said: "Evidence shows that if the worst happens and an                   will continue as winter bites.
incident happens within a community, the public don't just look to
the emergency services, they look to their local council.                   NHS Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson
                                                                            said: “Everything suggests that we’re starting to
"Our residents will expect us to be in a position where we not only         see a second wave to follow on from the July
deal with the crisis facing them - and us - but also help to deliver        peak. We don’t know how big that wave is going
services to them that we would normally deliver.                            to be, but we’re reaching the starting line.”

"We are working hard to ensure the borough council is in a good             SRF partners are at the forefront of operations to
position to do this. Exercises such as Gold Phoenix are meant to            monitor the spread of swine flu in Staffordshire.
test the robustness of our emergency planning procedures so that if
an occasion arises when they are needed, we know we will not let            A Strategic Coordinating Group, chaired by
the public down."                                                           Stuart Poynor, Chief Executive of South
                                                                            Staffordshire PCT, meets fortnightly, while a
                                                                            weekly Tactical Coordinating Group is held to
A debrief meeting has since been held and a post exercise report
                                                                            coordinate the work of the Staffordshire partners.
produced. It was considered that the exercise contributed much to
the effort that council officers are putting in to improving their
                                                                            Information on Swine Flu is available on line
response capabilities in the event of being involved in an internal
                                                                            from NHS Direct at
management and capability crisis. This was illustrated by the 2008
Melton Mowbray District Council offices fire.

    SRF Represented at The Emergency                                          Joe is new CCU recruit
          Services Show 2009                                                Joe Woodman has joined the CCU on a 12
    Staffordshire will be well represented at the 2009 Emergency Services   month student placement.
    The Civil Contingencies Unit will showcase its work at the November                     Joe, 21, from Chester, is
    event.                                                                                  studying Disaster Management
    Bruce Mann, Head of the national Civil Contingencies Secretariat,                       and Emergency Planning at
    said: “The show is an excellent opportunity to bring people together                    Coventry University.
    from across the civil protection community. And that matters because
    effective multi agency cooperation - people knowing and
    understanding what partners can contribute in preparedness planning     He replaces Alex Evans who has returned to
    and response - is essential in preparing for and managing complex       Coventry to complete the final year of his degree
    emergencies.”                                                           course.

                                                                            Guidance available
                                                                            Log on to the secure zone of the Staffordshire
                                                                            Prepared website to read new national
                                                                            Emergency Response and Recovery Guidance
                                                                            designed to accompany the Civil Contingency Act

Staffordshire Prepared is produced and published by the Staffordshire CCU on behalf of the Staffordshire Resilience
Forum. Telephone 01785 898618 or e-mail

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