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Build An Awesome Ant Farm


									Build An Awesome Ant Farm
So your thinking of building your own ant farm? Maybe for the kids? How about trying that prank off the Mighty Ducks' movie with the ants in the bed?
Ok, Hopefully not that. Anyways, Making an "ant farm" is not as hard as people may think. For children, It is somewhat of an adventure to see how the
ants live in their communities and thrive upon each other to live. The kids absolutely are amazed at this and it can keep their attention held for hours
and hours at a time. Ant farms are inexpensive and can be built using everyday supplies.

Before we can make an ant farm, We need some supplies:

1. The Ants, Of course.

2. Their bedding (Dirt)

3. A tank of some sort, maybe even a fish bowl type thing.

4. A shovel for transporting ants.

(I used one of these when I was a kid)

4. A smaller jar of some sort to gather ants.

Step1: Put the tiny or little jar inside of the fish bowl or big container. When you are using the small jar, It allows the ants to build tunnels on the outside
of the jar which allows you to see them instead of them tunneling in the middle of everything.

Step 2: Alright, We need to go locate an ant hill or mound of some sort. After we find one, We need to use a shovel and dig out enough ants to fill the
smaller jar within a few inches or so from the top.

After you achieve grabbing all of the ants, You need to lay out some bedding. You can get this bedding, Just grab some dirt or gel or whatever you
intend to use with a shovel and gently pour it inside the jar that you have. Make sure that you pack all of the bedding nice and firm. Please note, If your
children are around, It may be wise to keep them away when moving any of the ants to and or from the jar, Specifically if the ants are those biting
types of ants such as "red or fire ants".

Step 3: You need to water your ants by using a gentle sprayer or dropper that will drop the water down in the container. Specifically, You may also use
a little sponge or something as well.

Step 4: Having to feed your ants is easy and can be done by giving them smaller cracker pieces, tiny bits of fruits or vegetables, or even sugar dipped

Helpful Things To Remember:

#1: If you live in an area that might not supply ants, such as a colder environment with snow, Search for a craft or hobby store or even online and try to
find a mail order for ants.

#2: The ants should not be able to climb up the walls, But if for some reason they may have intentions on doing so, You can add a slippery substance
material to the inner depending on the type of container. Example: A Q-Tip with liquid on the insides to help keep the ants down.

#3: In maintaining proper ventilation, We need to punch a few holes in the top so that all of the ants have plenty of air to breathe.

#4:Whilst the ants' start moving into their new home, We need to make a note for anyone that it should be discouraged to shake or move around the
jar. In doing so, It promotes a problem that may end up destroying the ants' tunnels.

#5: If you want to make your experience better, Add in a few hobby-like items such as a miniature palm tree or other toy type figure. You can usually
get these from a hobby store or outside.

Be safe with your ants and take care of them

About the Author
Want to find out more about Ant Farms, then visit Johnny Thompson's site on tips, care, and kits for Ant Farming .


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