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                         2005 TO 2008

      Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
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                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Table of Contents                                                                        Page 2
2. Chairman’s letter                                                                        Page 3
3. Background                                                                               Page 4
4. Council Vision, Values & Mission                                                         Page 5
5.Political Structure                                                                       Page 7
6. Organizational Structure                                                                 page 8
7. Section 1: What do we do for the community?
         Principle activities Overview                                                      Page 9
6. Section 2: What changes will happen in the future
         Activity Statements
                  (1) Administration                                                        Page 12
                  (2) Recreation & culture                                                  Page 13
                  (3) Economic Development                                                  Page 15
                  (4) Community Services                                                    Page 15
                  (5) Housing                                                               Page 17
                  (6) Roads                                                                 Page 17

7. How will we achieve our strategic Outcomes?
                  (1) Administration                                                        Page 18
                  (2) Recreation & Culture                                                  Page 19
                  (3) Economic Development                                                  Page 21
                  (4) Community Services                                                    Page 22
                  (5) Housing                                                               Page 25
                  (6) Roads                                                                 Page 26
8. Section 3: What Capital Work Projects is the council planning on doing?                  Page 27
9. Section 4: Asset Replacements & Acquisition program                                      Page 28
10. Section 5: Revenue Policy statement & estimated income 04/05                            Page 29
11. Section 6: Reconciling the Cost of what we plan to do with our estimated income.        Page 31
12. Section 7: Annual budget Estimates for 04-05

                                  Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                     Page 2
                                                         2005 - 2008


The following business plan has been put together with consultation with council members, community members and council staff. The purpose of this
plan is to give the community direction in what it should achieve over the next three years. The plan details a frame work that describes the council’s
vision, mission and key values. These key values underpin the objectives and strategic outcomes and in turn drive the vision.

These outcomes have measures attached to ensure focus of achieving them. It also shows principle functions of council and what council requires
achieving in each area. The outcomes will have financial figures attached and the amounts will depend on the budget. This leads to the next part of the
plan where it will detail financial information about revenue policy, Asset replacement and acquisition, reconciliation of estimated income and
expenditure and capital work projects.

In short the plan will show where we are and where we are going and it will also give us something against which we can see how we are going with the
financial resources we have.

The council will check actual performance against the business plan and report progress on a quarterly basis.

I encourage members of the community to give us, over the next few weeks their comments on our business plan, before the 25th of July 05. We will
carefully consider your feedback before we produce our final plan.

Should you wish to discuss the content of the plan please contact the CEO.


                              Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
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The geographic area of responsibility of the Lajamanu Community Government Council encompasses some 7300 square kilometers. Lajamanu is
approximately 580 kilometers by road south west of Katherine with the last 100 kilometers of access being unsealed.

Lajamanu (Hooker Creek) was proclaimed an Aboriginal Reserve in 1948. The community is predominantly Walpiri although the community is located
in Gurindji country. People were moved to Lajamanu from Yuendumu and from other desert locations during the early 1950’s. Hooker Creek ceased to
be a welfare settlement in the mid 1970’s.

Although the traditional people are the Gurindji from Kalkaringi and Daguragu, the Gurindji people have gifted the Lajamanu area to the Walpiri with
three members of the Lajamanu community being nominated as the “traditional owners” This is an important matter as Lajamanu is a Walpiri
community and decisions on the management and development of the community must be made by Walpiri people.

There are some people in the community of other tribal affiliations such as Gurindji and Aranda who have inter-married with Walpiri. There are eight
skin groups of four male and four female with no communal division.

Lajamanu is situated in semi-arid country with the vegetation surrounding the community consisting of spinifex grasses, acacia, greveilleas, lakeas and
occasional eucalyptus. Rainfall averages from 250 to 300 millimetres and depending on the amount of rainfall, Hooker Creek normally flows annually.
The road to Lajamanu may become impassable at times during the wet season.

                              Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
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Vision for the Lajamanu Community

“To build capacity and create sustainable activity amongst the indigenous people of Lajamanu”……….

Mission for the Lajamanu Community

……..”To create the ultimate living environment for Indigenous people of Lajamanu”………..

The Communities values:

Customer first
Innovation and excellence
Valuing employees and partnerships
Visionary leadership


We encourage people to communicate openly and ensure transparency in all decision making.

                             Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                Page 5

We encourage people to value all customers by providing customers with services that exceed their expectations and ensure those services are of a
quality valued by the customer.


We encourage people to:

Develop Excellence and expertise by being qualified and experienced in what they do.

Council will take the lead in efforts to nurture any form of enterprise that brings prosperity for the greater good. Innovation shall be encouraged and
success and failures celebrated.

Contribute to change so that all systems and procedures can be improved all the time.


We encourage people to develop links with business, government agencies and funding bodies.
We teach that employees and staff are an organizations greatest asset.
We need to support an equitable working environment by treating the staff fairly, consistently and with respect. We demand from staff a commitment to
life long learning principles.

We value and respect diversity in people. We respect individuals and value their contribution to the organization. We recognize and celebrate the
achievement of others.

We encourage people to develop collaborative and principled leadership.
We must be empowered to make sound decisions in a complex environment. Our duty is to provide a safe diverse, strong, supportive, and innovative
environment in which to perform

                               Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                  Page 6
Political Structure: Lajamanu Community Government Council

                                                                W. Johnson

                       DEPUTY CHAIRMAN                   COUNCIL COMMITTEE                       COUNCILLORS
                         Peter Jigili

    Works & Services       Environmental               Recreation &           Health , Welfare              Housing                    General Public      Public Order
    Committee              Services                    Sport                  & Education                   &Community                 Serivces            & Safety
                           Committee                   Committee              Committee                     Amenities
    Chairperson:                                                              Incl. Woman’s                                            Chairperson:        Chairperson:
    W. Johnson             Chairperson:                Chairperson:           Centre                        Chairperson:               Peter Jigili        Peter Jigili
                           Andrew                      Martin                 Chairperson:                  Benny MacDonald            Robert              Lesley
                           Johnson                     Johnson                Willy Johnson                 Victor Simon               George              Robertson
                           Robert George               Victor Simon           Toby & Teddy-

                                                                                                                              Appointed      Appointed        Appointed
                                        Financial                       Culture,                                              Elder
                                        Committee                       Arts&Crafts              Economic                                    Elder            Elder
                                                                        Church and               Affairs                      Robert
                                        Chairperson:                    Men’s Centre                                          George                          Lesley
                                        W. Johnson                      Chairperson:             Chairperson:                                                 Robertson
                                                                        Jerry Patrick            Martin                                      Toby Martin
                                                                        Toby Martin              Johnson
                                                                        Teddy                    Victor Simon

                                 Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                    Page 7
                                Organisational Structure: Lajamanu Commuity Governement Council

                                                                                                                Lajamanu Community
                                                                                                                 Government Council

                                                                                                                  CEO/Council Clerk
                                                                                                                    Viane Watson

                                CDEP                          Essential Services           Office                             Housing                Indigenous Housing        Community Liaison           Women\s Centre
                          Co-Ordinator                            Supervisor             Manager                             Supervisor                      T Patrick               Officer                Co-Ordinator
                       Alastair McDonald                          Phil Coren            Katrina Basnett                      Ron Peaty                                           Norbert Patrick           Robyn Lawson

Civil Works Supervisor                       CDEP Clerk
          Royce Ewing                        Sandra Liddy                    Power              Office                                Housing                     Housing                 Community                 Aged Care
                                                                                            Administration                             R&M                       Allocation                 Liaison

      Civil Works                          CDEP Supervisors                Airport      Commercial/Enterprise                  Plumbing Services                  Housing            Sports & Recreation        Meals on Wheels
                                                                        Maintenance             Support                        Vacant                              Rents                Liaison officer

          Roads                              Budgets/Work              Environmental       Centrelink/Bank/                    Electrical Services         Community Housing         Night Patrol/Police            Child Care
                                                                            Health          Postal Agency                      Phil Coren                        Liaison               Liaison Officer

                                                                      Period Contract      Accommodation                           Carpentry                                           Health /Hygiene            Women's Safe
  Garbage Collection                             CDEP                 Administration        "Long House"                          Vacant                                               Liaison Officer               House
                                                                                                                            Mechanical Workshop                                              BRACS               Other Women's
                                                                                                                                      Vacant                                            Liaison Officer             Programs
   Tip Maintenance                             Outstation
                                                Support                                                                        Water & Sewage                                        Education/Training
                                                                                                                                                                                       Liaison Officer

   Parks & Gardens                           Commercial

         Fencing                              Enterprise

                                                              Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                                                 Page 8


1. Financial Management                             Continue to develop good relationships with the accountant and ensure that negotiated reports are useful to Lajamanu on a
                                                   monthly basis. Ensure accurate coding and the debtors and creditors systems are functioning well. This is to ensure that the
                                                   financial reports are accurate

                                                   To look at alternatives if existing external accounting organization is not delivering outcomes as expected or ensure tighter
                                                   controls are in place so checking on a monthly basis to ensure accountants are meeting their performance in the contract.

                                                   To maintain budgets and estimates along with systems that will create efficiency and necessary information to make sound
                                                   decisions confidently.
2. Risk management                                 To maintain the training for staff and to assess risk in all strategies that we create. Also meet monthly for established systems such
                                                   as Occupational Safety and Health. This is to ensure safety for all staff in the work place and ensure that these things take place as
                                                   to have a living document at all times.
                                                   To assess risk at all times, especially when new strategies or systems are negotiated.

3. Public and organizational relations             To create a positive perception of council and its staff to the community and outside organizations. The perception is one of
                                                   working together for the benefit of the community and looking at community issues collaboratively to solve them. Another
                                                   perception is to help public believe that the council has superior service and is a council of efficiency.
4. Personnel Management                            To seek for staff that will champion innovative ideas to create change to improve. Ensure communication and information sharing
                                                   that will help the staff create their own ways to improve and meet outcomes, objectives and therefore reach vision and mission. Put
                                                   in place a human resource policy according to the act and complete it
1. Improve the physical health of community        Look at improving the existing infrastructure like the community hall, arts centre, resurface basketball courts and football oval, so
members                                            people will be attracted to the infrastructure thereby look at sporting and recreational programs.
2. Value develop and enhance community             Create more activity and ensure they are well planned and well managed by indigenous movers and shakers.
diversity together with culture to increase the    This would include establishing programs around the hall, functioning gym, arts centre, football fields,after school programs and
opportunities for people to participate fully in   also swimming pool activities when that is established

                                      Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                         Page 9
sport and recreation
3. Establishing a Swimming Pool in the                Prepare for anticipation of a new pool to be built in Lajamanu. Train sport and rec officers and give positive feedback and praise
community                                             where praise is deserved, so they manage programs in a sustainable way. This will help sport & rec officers manage positive
                                                      projects effectively in the future.
4. Sports Carnival                                    Ensure this happens every year, but it requires to be more organized and achieving more value for money. The budget of recurrent
                                                      funding must be separate form the ICC sport & rec funding.

1. Providing a service to the community so vehicles can be inspected and purchased here       Provide a service to the community whereby profits will go back into the community.
in the community                                                                              Swimming pool oncosts are expensive. The community needs to think of ways in how to
                                                                                              meet those costs. Profits from providing this vehicle service can go towards these oncosts.
2. Provide vegetables, trees & shrub seedlings and plants to the community.                   Any profits if any will go back into the scheme to provide more incentives for self
                                                                                              sufficiency and where else it is needed.
3. Provide mud Bricks for landscaping, paths and edging in the community.                     This can be a service to residents and council for beautifying the community. Any profits
                                                                                              gained will go back into the community where it is needed.
4. Look at other viable businesses that can be sustainable, this is all based on having an    This is all about mentoring in business, ensuring a business plan is written to find out
indigenous person that can manage it so it becomes sustainable.                               whether there are any fatal flaws or not, then teach, train and mentor indigenous managers

5. Look at using CDEP activities to create sustainable businesses to generate income.         For some of these activities all we need is council resolutions and for others we need
These business are every day activities such as rubbish collection, lawn mowing,              resource such as trades men as we are in need of two tradesmen to operate a trades
workshop services to the public, trade services to the community.                             service. Our problem is we have no where to put these tradesmen. No staff houses.
1. Public Conveniences                                                                        To provide any new facilities in the right places for the future. Work out a way to prevent
                                                                                              vandalism and to keep the newly existing public conveniences clean.
2. Sanitation and Garbage                                                                     To provide hygienic, effective methods of waste collection and disposal and management.
                                                                                              This includes managing litter problem in the community and educating public about their
                                                                                              own homes.
3. Library services                                                                           To maintain and continue to provide a service to the community where public can use
                                                                                              computer facilities for information, searching for books and internet banking. The next
                                                                                              stage in this initiative is community training in basic computer. This will increase

                                      Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                        Page 10
                                                                  attendance even more if the public new how to use the computer. We are focusing on
                                                                  audio visual resources as well. When we get into bigger premises we will look at the
                                                                  community library as a learning centre.

4. Night Patrol                                                   To Provide and efficient run team of people by providing resource for them to do the job
                                                                  effectively eg, Another vehicle, Office or base
5. Aged Care                                                      To provide more effective care for Single elderly men and woman, starting at the single
6. Dog Control                                                    To control the keeping of animals in the community by developing and enforcing policy.
                                                                  Vet visits and regularly dosing is essential. Ensure the two environmental health workers
                                                                  with funding put in a system to identify and dose dogs regularly ie collars with a
                                                                  numbering system
7. Clean Team                                                     To provide a service in the community from a team that will assist and provide education
                                                                  and cleaning materials for houses. (Home living skills program)
1. Housing maintenance                                            To provide a sound plan that will lift the maintenance of all housing to a level where it
                                                                  can be managed more effectively. Regular inspection and reporting to the trades team.
                                                                  Maintain the new housing policy of user pays and manage the maintenance through
                                                                  identifying defects in plumbing, electrical and minor carpentry.
2. New housing                                                    Provide future planning and building of new houses with Planning department in Darwin
                                                                  and ensure there is a planned strategy to ensure no delays with traditional owners and
                                                                  Central land council.

1. Roads                                                          To maintain and upgrade internal local roads
2. Drains                                                         Put in place a maintenance plan for all existing open drains and guttering in the

                         Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                           Page 11

1. Continue to improve        Nil                                                          Control   1.Having financial reports         1.Correct financial reports accepted
Systems in the Finances                                  Historically Lajamanu has had               delivered accurately and on time   in the minutes of each council
                                                         a problem with overspending                 2.Continue to work in a positive   meeting monthly
                                                         The council knows that it is                working capital by effectively     2. No returns of ledgers and financial
                                                         improving as we move                        managing spending but also         reports from funding bodies.
                                                         forward.                                    manage the tied funds.             3. Maintain a positive working
                                                                                                     3. Having the expenditure and      capital and ensure liquidity.
                                                                                                     income coded correctly
                                                                                                     4. Work out a better way to
                                                                                                     explain to councilors the
                                                                                                     financial position of council
                                                                                                     every month.

2. Improve the safety of      Nil                        Council realizes the need to      Control   1.Staff are more happier           1.Less accidents at work
employees in the work                                    have a system in place to                   2. Staff is more educated and      2. A policy in place
place                                                    manage this risk.                           willing to implement the systems   3. Training of these policies to all
                                                                                                     to prevent harm.                   staff.
                                                                                                     3. A living document in place
                                                                                                     with this sort of risk.
3. To improve perception of   1. When public write to    1. Our capacity to provide the    Control   1. To have people happier about    1. Survey results
what people think of          council they never get a   service over the counter is                 the service council provides
Council                       reply.                     limited, but we can see how it              across the board.
                              2. The service they        can be improved through
                              receive over the counter   analyzing our systems to make
                              could be improved          changes to improve the service.
                                                         2.Improved communication
                                                         with the community
                                                         3. Keep other organizations in

                                    Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                      Page 12
                                               the community informed about
                                               what is happening in council

4. To work with existing   nil                 Council realizes that a human    Control   1.To have a fully running human     1.Less disputes and disagreements
staff to reach outcomes                        resource policy must be set in             resource policy document that all   2. Happier staff
                                               place to properly manage                   parties work from
                                               employees so there are not                 2. To work on council policies
                                               disputes or ill feeling                    that will help run and control
                                                                                          council activities in running the

                               Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                 Page 13

BUSINESS DRIVER           ISSUES RAISED BY             COUNCILS POSTITON                CONTROL                 STRATEGIC                      PERFORMANCE
                          RESIDENTS                                                                             OUTCOMES                       INDICATORS
1. Improve the physical   Nothing going on for         Council has identified the       Control and influence   1.Give people choice and       1. The number of successful
health of community       community people to          lack of sport and recreation                             opportunity to be involved     recreational activities and
members                   participate in through the   activities. They want to                                 with recreational activities   fitness programs developed
                          year.                        look at sustainable                                      and community fitness          and how many people are
                                                       programs and activities that                             programs to develop skills,    involved?
                                                       are managed properly so                                  and fitness
                                                       they last. The types of                                  2. The opportunities are       2. Count how many
                                                       activity will be successful                              there for Junior, youth,       children, youth, adults and
                                                       attached to infrastructure                               adults and elderly.            elderly that are involved in
                                                       and equipment as well as                                 3.Youth and young adults       planned activities.
                                                       sport and rec officers that                              involved in teams              3. The number of teams
                                                       are trained well to make                                 competing regularly in the     organized playing
                                                       these activities sustainable..                           community and with other       regularly? How many teams
                                                                                                                organizations                  competing against other
                                                                                                                                               teams outside of the
                                                                                                                4. That we address these       community
                                                                                                                issues collaboratively with
                                                                                                                the other 5 organizations in   4. How many successful
                                                                                                                the community.                 meetings have we had with
                                                                                                                                               the community committee?

                               Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                 Page 14
2. Value, develop and            No community facilities to     Council is aware of this       Control   1. Recreation, fitness and    1. Availability of money to
enhance community                go to                          situation and is looking at              skills to be obtained         build the pool and the
diversity together with                                         capacity building in                     through swimming and          creation of business
culture to increase the          No ongoing sports activities   infrastructure and education             water activities              ventures to help with pool
opportunities for people to      for youth, adults or elderly   over the next 3 years.                   2. Existing community hall    maintenance
participate fully in sport and                                  We want to establish the                 to be used regularly by the   2. Number of people using
recreation                       No recreational activity in    following:                               community                     the hall regularly
                                 the community                  Swimming Pool                            3. The existing gym room      3. The number of people
                                                                Improve the existing                     to be used regularly by the   attending the gym and using
                                 The existing hall is run       outdoor basket ball courts               community                     the equipment weekly
                                 down and needs renovation      and then see if we can                   4. Increase activity in       4. Establishment of an
                                 and painting                   enclose the courts so we                 indoor basket ball, indoor    indoor gymnasium and then
                                                                have an Indoor gymnasium                 hockey, indoor volleyball     the number of people using
                                 The existing gym               Take full advantage of the               and other indoor activities   the facility in the various
                                 equipment building is also     existing fitness centre and              for fitness and skills.       sports.
                                 run down and not very good     build on helping                         5. The existing outdoor       5. The number of people
                                 to attend. Existing            community members to use                 fields to be used regularly   using the fields for different
                                 equipment and building         the community gym.                       by the community.             activities on a weekly basis
                                 require minor repair and       Improving existing cultural
                                 maintenance                    hall and maintain the
                                                                outdoor stage.
                                                                Improve the two existing
                                                                play fields for Australian
                                                                rules and softball

                                      Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                        Page 15
BUSINESS DRIVER                ISSUES RAISED BY                 COUNCILS POSITION              CONTROL             STRATEGIC                      PEFORMANCE
                               RESIDENTS                                                                           OUTCOMES                       INDICATORS
3. Create Activity that        Improvements in the way          Require more people taking     Control             1. The carnival runs on time   1.Achieving regional
involves other communities     we should run the sports         an active role in the                              and finishes on time           activities
                               carnival activities so it runs   organization and running of                        2.Value for money              Number of times that
                               to a timetable.                  the sports carnival                                3. More people taking          children and youth get
                               Create activities with                                                              responsibility to run the      together with other
                               children and youth with          Improve the way we                                 activities.                    communities
                               other activities especially      organize activities with
                               during school holidays and       Dagaragu’s children and
                               weekends with dances etc         youth.


BUSINESS DRIVER                ISSUES RAISED BY                 COUNCILS POSITION              CONTROL             STRATEGIC                      PERFORMANCE
                               RESIDENTS                                                                           OUTCOMES                       INDICATORS
1. To provide sustainable      They like the fact that there    The council are looking at     Control/Influence   1.To provide a service to      1. Actual business set up in
businesses that will provide   will be a service to the         these options to ensure that                       the community                  the community
a service and produce a        community                        there is money to be put                           2.To make a profit to be put   2.Meetings with
profit that will be put back                                    towards on costs for a                             back into the community        organizations that will
into the community                                              swimming pool                                      3. Research to formulate       assist to set up
                                                                                                                   business plan                  3.Business plan completed
                                                                                                                   4. Mentor or train             for at least one idea
                                                                                                                   indigenous business
                                                                                                                   managers to sustain the

                                     Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                       Page 16
BUSINESS DRIVER                ISSUES RAISED BY               COUNCILS POSITION              CONTROL   STRATEGIC                        PERFORMANCE
                               RESIDENTS                                                               OUTCOMES                         INDICATORS
1. Maintaining the existing    1. The existing toilets are    There is a problem of          Control   1.Reduction of Vandalism         1.Night Patrol reporting
public conveniences by         always broken and not          vandalism. The                           2. The toilets to be always      2.Survey
cleaning and security.         clean. There needs to be       conveniences require                     operational, accessible, well
                               toilets next to the airstrip   access, signage and                      signed and policed.
                               area.                          policing.
2. Improve the litter          1.Rubbish not being picked     The council realizes the       Control   1.Cleaner streets means          1.Survey
problem in the streets and     up at times                    need for cleaner streets                 cleaner community
the management of waste        2. Drains required to be       because of what it can bring             2. Improved management           2. Condition of litter in the
collection and disposal        cleaned by council             if nothing is done about it.             of rubbish collection and        community and each house
                                                                                                       disposal                         yard
                                                                                                       3.Education to tenants of
                                                                                                       each house in the
                                                                                                       4. To have a maintenance
                                                                                                       program that looks at
                                                                                                       cleaning drains and
                                                                                                       guttering regularly
3. Provide on going basic      1. There is a need for         The Council will organize      Control   1. To provide training for       1.Out grow the existing
computer training for the      training for people in the     training for the community               all community members on         room because of so many
community members, so          community to feel              members through ITEC                     basic computer.                  people attending.
they attend the Library        confident about attending      focused on CDEP groups                   2. To help members of the        2. Completed training to the
more confidently               the current library            and then extend to other                 community realize the            community.
                                                              groups like, youth, elderly              accessibility of the wealth      3. Awareness of the value
                                                              etc                                      of knowledge that is             of computers by the number
                                                              Library consultants from                 available through IT             of people accessing the
                                                              Darwin can assist in the                 3.To include audio and           computers.
                                                              training.                                visual resources in the          4. A built up library of
                                                                                                       library                          DVDs and other visual
4. Improve the effectiveness   1. Night patrol should be      The night patrol is short      Control   1. That the patrol has all the   1. Less Crime in the
of the service of night        out when people break into     staffed at present.                      resources it requires giving     community
patrol                         the shop.                      The duties of night patrol               an effective service.

                                    Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                      Page 17
                                                       staff can be reviewed to                     2. Provide a base for night
                                                       ensure good coverage at                      patrol.
                                                       night.                                       3.Ensure the night patrol
                                                                                                    has a working plan of
                                                                                                    ensuring security in the
                                                                                                    community to prevent break
                                                                                                    3. Police loud music in the

BUSINESS DRIVER                ISSUES RAISED BY        COUNCILS POSITION              CONTROL       STRATEGIC                       PERFORMANCE
                               RESIDENTS                                                            OUTCOMES                        INDICATORS
5. To provide effective care   Nil                     The council rely on the        Control       1. To provide the resources     1. Happy clients
to the elderly in the                                  woman’s centre to provide                    that the woman’s centre         2. Happy employees.
community                                              this care for the elderly in                 require to do the job
                                                       the community                                effectively
                                                                                                    2. Ensure that the workers
                                                                                                    are well trained and
                                                                                                    effective in what they do
                                                                                                    3.Ensure care plans are
                                                                                                    reviewed regularly and that
                                                                                                    the woman centre is
                                                                                                    delivering the service it has
                                                                                                    committed to in the plan
6. To provide control of       Nil                     The council understand the     control       1. Regular visits by the vet    1. Environmental workers
dogs in the community                                  need of looking after dogs                   after the innoculation          feel supported and ensure
                                                       through the vet, and                         program is in full swing by     they are effective in what
                                                       keeping the control through                  the environmental workers.      they do.
                                                       policy                                       2. The environmental            2. Policy created and
                                                                                                    workers will look after the     enforced.
                                                                                                    system and control of dogs
                                                                                                    3.Councilors to set policy
                                                                                                    for dog control
                                                                                                    4. All dogs to have collars
                                                                                                    so identification is in place
                                                                                                    5. Environmental workers
                                                                                                    to do innoculation through

                                     Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                       Page 18
                                                                                                                    the year

6a. To provide a program        To many pest like rodents,      Council is aware, but                               1.To ensure that when            1.Reduction in pests in the
that will reduce and control    cockroaches in the house.       realize that part of the        Control             spraying for pests and           houses
pests in the house.                                             problem is residents                                rodents that we are only         2. Better health
                                                                themselves.                                         doing it with clean houses.      3. Less complaints
                                                                                                                    2.Working in conjunction
                                                                                                                    with the education trailer. If
                                                                                                                    the house is clean, the
                                                                                                                    council will spray the

7. To provide education and     Nil                             This is a new initiative that   Control             1.Cleaner houses means
cleaning materials to                                           will help reach good                                less sickness                    1. The number of times the
residents as a service to the                                   outcomes                                            2. Environmental health          clean team vehicle is used.
community to help                                                                                                   workers to run this program      2. Reduction in sickness
residents have cleaner                                                                                              effectively                      3. Number of houses
houses which in turn means                                                                                                                           cleaned
better health
8. To support artists in        Many people asking when         Council and elders have         Control             1.Have the arts centre run       1. Artists working again
Lajamanu                        the arts building is to be up   given permission for the                            by a designated committee        2. Paintings selling with
                                and running again               arts centre to run activities                       2.Use Mimi to help get the       most of the profits going
                                                                from the building                                   art work on the map with         back to the artists.
                                                                                                                    3. Eventually set up our
                                                                                                                    own markets.
                                                                                                                    4. Get an effective manager.
9. To Provide effective         Nil                             Require 1 or 2 trained in       Control             1.Producing local news and        Regular programs
community radio                                                 this field                                          programs regularly on radio      Using bracs as a vehicle for
programs in the community                                                                                           and TV                           communication
                                                                                                                    2. Get a studio built so the
                                                                                                                    new equipment can be kept
                                                                                                                    free from dust and water.
10. To provide more             The staff are asking for        Council realize a need for      Influence/control   1. To provide training           Committee meets regularly
effective safe house            programs for the                leadership in this area                             courses for staff and            Staff sent on training.
services to the community       community                                                                           therefore community

                                      Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                        Page 19
BUSINESS DRIVER             ISSUES RAISED                    COUNCIL’S POSITION                  OUTCOMES                 PERFORMANCE INDI                SOURCE OF FUNDS
1. To bring the house          Many people are asking for   There is a definite problem    1.Carry on with surveys         1. To provide effective
maintenance to a level so it   renovated or new houses      in our housing area. There     that help us get funding to     management for housing         1. Management &
can be managed more                                         is a shortage of houses and    fix the problems in existing    2. To have superior systems    Maintenance funds IHMMS
effectively in the                                          the exiting houses are in a    houses                          that manage day to day         2.Rents
community                                                   great need of maintenance.                                     activities
                                                                                                                           3. More houses being built
                                                                                                                           4. Securing funding for the

BUSINESS DRIVER               ISSUES RAISED BY              COUNCIL’S POSITION             CONTROL                         STRATEGIC                      PERFORMANCE
                              RESIDENTS                                                                                    OUTCOMES                       INDICATORS
2. To take advantage of       Residents are asking when     The community is growing       Control                         1. To provide new houses       1. Agreeing of where the
regional projects so          renovated houses are going    and there needs to be much                                     align with the NAHS and        future housing should be
Lajamanu can benefit for      to happen. A definite         thought about where these                                      Ihant regional projects.       2. New houses being built.
more renovated houses in      shortage in housing and       houses will go. Also                                           2. Work out land issues        3. Houses being renovated
this financial year.          frequent maintenance due      housing policy needs to be                                     with traditional owners so
                              to overcrowding in some       reviewed.                                                      delays of the past do not
                              areas of housing.             Also the need to lobby for                                     happen again.
                                                            revenue to fix house issues


BUSINESS DRIVER               ISSUES RAISED BY              COUNCIL’S POSITION             CONTROL                         STRATEGIC                      PERFORMANCE
                              RESIDENTS                                                                                    OUTCOMES                       INDICATORS
1. To maintain and improve    More Speed bumps are          Look at internal roads to be   Control                         1.That our existing internal   1. No major holes or
internal roads in the         needed to slow down some      sealed so the whole                                            roads are built up where       exposed underground lines
community                     drivers.                      community will eventually                                      needed due to excessive        are evident in the road
                                                            have all roads in the                                          grading                        2. Number of sealed roads
                                                            community sealed                                               2. All major routes in the     each year.
                                                                                                                           town are sealed.
                                                                                                                           3.More speed humps

                                   Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                     Page 20
2. To seal and maintain the   Community agree about the        Two year time frame is          Influence                1.To have the airstrip           Work is started on the
airport strip.                relocation of airstrip as they   when the air strip will be                               relocated and sealed             airport strip.
                              see the current location of      relocated.
                              the strip being future
                              housing growth for the

3.Comply with the Airport                                      Follow this up and to lobby                              2. Comply with the airport       Airport security is
security act                                                   govt about extra funds to                                security act and regulation      maintained by complying
                                                               administer the airport                                   3. Successfully seek extra       with the act.
                                                               security regulation/act                                  funding for administering
                                                                                                                        the security reg/act
                                                                                                                        4. To have the fencing
                                                                                                                        erected around the airstrip
                                                                                                                        5. Entry into the air side or
                                                                                                                        the the airstrip is only by
                                                                                                                        ASIC cards.


                       PERFORMANCE TARGET                            EXPENDITURE
OBJECTIVES                          MEAUSRES                                                        05/06   06/07   07/08     05/06        06/07        08/09      FUNDING
1.Ensure AP Services are performing as       1.Debtors invoices issued in a timely fashion          100%    100%    100%      40000        42500        45000      NT Govt, and
per their contract                           2.Creidtors paid on time                                                                                              untied income
2.Consider alternatives and plan for a       3.A system internally that checks the service
provider in the future                       provider’s performance
                                             4. All reporting completed by the required time

                                    Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                      Page 21
1. Organize an OSH committee and set          1. Review the accident register                      50%       80%    100%     50000     50000     50000     “ “
down expectations                             2. The number of accidents for the year in
2. Undergo a hazard audit in each             comparison to other years.
department                                    3. Hold regular meetings with osh committee.
3. Provide training in OSH for all staff in
how to identify hazards and put in place
the 6 areas of this risk management.
1..Organise the tasks associated with the     1. Council meetings monthly                          100%      100%   100%     10000     10000     10000
office so replies and service over the        2. Number of times that you meet with elders to
counter can be greatly improved               listen to them
2. Communicate more effectively with          3. Manager’s support to the objectives. Ownership
stake holders                                 of tasks.
3. Meet with elders of the community to
hear issues they may have.
To formulate and complete a human             Indigenous staff on award rates or an agreed rate    50%       100%   %100     25000     0         0
resource policy for the community             written so expectations are met and review the
                                              way we pay our white staff.
BASELINE FUNDING                              TOTALS                                                                         90000     102500    95000

                                                                                                             Performance measure      Expenditure
Objectives                                                 Measure                                           05/06   06/07   07/08   05/06      06/07    07/08   Fund

1. Maintain the existing steering committee that will      No. of meetings held                              100%    100%    100%
look at achieving the outcomes. We will include old        How well are they looking after the assets
and young in the committee. CEO to oversee the
actions of the committee.
2. Maintain the employment of the 4 good sport and         Completed courses by the sport and rec officers   50%     100%    100%    56020      56020    56020   NT grant
Rec officers (2 female & 2 Males) and any volunteers       and any other personnel                                                                               & ICC
and put them through training programs available. Get

                                      Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                        Page 22
them ready for the swimming pool complex (undergo
the bronze medallion and pool maintenance courses)
3. Develop sport & recreational activities for junior,      Establishment of after school activities         70%   100%   100%   46020   46020   46020   “ “
Young adults, adults and elderly to improve skills and      Establishment of Saturday sports teams                                                       ICC
fitness. Start with:                                        Elderly sports activities established                                                        grant
After school training and then move into other activities   Planned activities for the year on a calendar
in the weekend for the community                            Co-operate with Auskick to provide and teach
Saturday activities in team building and competition in     principles througth football
different sports.

4. Develop partnerships with other organizations in the     Continue to have these service meetings to       50%   75%    100%                           “ “
community to have them participate any way they can.        address issues and talk about a concentrated
Eg The local shop donate drinks or prizes etc.              effort in activities in the community.
5. Capacity building, by purchasing IT and sports           The amount of equipment the organization         50%   75%    100%                           “ “
equipment. Managing assets and keeping equipment            owns such as a computer, video camera, digital
under lock and key with a system in place to secure         camera and sports equipment.
equipment when using them in the community.
                                                            Empowering our sport and rec officers in
                                                            looking after the gear.

6 Seek training programs and support from                   The number and frequency of training programs    50%   75%    100%   10000   10000   10000
organizations that respond to Sport and Rec in remote       we have going in the community for staff,
communities                                                 coaches, referees, and players

                                     Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                       Page 23
Objectives                                                  Measures                                        05/06   06/07   07/08   05/06     06/07    07/08    Fund
7a. Establish the community pool committee to discuss       Meeting as the 6 organizations to discuss the   100%                    900000    128000   128000   PIRA Grant
the plan in executing to establish the pool in the          pool establishment.                                                                                 GMACC
community                                                                                                                                                       Progress

8. Council to look at business ventures that will support   The establishment of ventures with profits      100%    100%    100%    5000      5000     5000     Indig Bus
the pool maintenance.                                       going back into the community.                                                                      Devolopment.
                                                                                                                                                                . NT Govt
9. Improve the way the existing hall looks by repairing     The number of people and activities in the      50%     75%     100%    20000     20000    20000    Fed grant-
and enclosing the hall. Fix air conditioning units and      hall                                                                                                SRA’s, untied
fans and paint inside and out. Establish a small kitchen    Entering into a SRA with the ICC                                                                    funds
for use during activities.
10. Improve the existing gym equipment building and          Then number of people attending the gym                                8000      8000     8000     Community
fix existing equipment. Purchase other pieces of            equipment building and using the equipment.                                                         organisations
equipment needed.                                                                                                                                               NT Grant
11 Improve the existing basketball courts and then          Physical improvement                            50%     70%     100%
enclose both courts so they become indoor courts            Enter into an SRA
12 Grass the two large field areas and landscape. We        Physical improvement                            50%     70%     100%
will have to establish a bore, water tank, and raise the    Enter into an SRA with ICC
fields due to flooding. Shrubs, trees, fencing and
seating would have to be part of this project.
13. Set up planning meetings early for the sports           Production of a written plan approved by the    100%    100%    100%
carnival.                                                   council
                                                            No. of meetings

BASELINE FUNDING                                            TOTALS                                                                  1045040   273040   273040

                                     Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                       Page 24
                                                                                                Performance measure                 Expenditure
OBJECTIVES                                   MEAUSRES                                           05/06    06/07    07/08   05/06    06/07     07/08    FUNDING
-Look at opportunities that will create a    -To ensure that the person that manages it is      75%      100%     100%    96900    96900     96900    Indiginous bus
sustainable viable business                  competent and accountable.                                                                               development
-Invite govt agencies that will help with    - Ensure a business plan is presented to council                                                         Dewer
setting up of such businesses                -Company formulated
-Research the business
-Provide a business plan for approval
-Look at opportunities in CDEP with mud      -Providing services to the people for a cost in
bricking in landscaping and horticulture     landscaping and selling plants.
for selling plants etc
Provide a more efficient service to other    Money flowing through due to our services          75%      100%     100%    60000    60000     60000    NT Ops, Roads
organizations and public through repairs     Employment of a mechanic                                                                                 and FAA
and maintenance of plumbing, carpentry
and electrical work. (Remedial work)
BASELINE FUNDING                             TOTALS                                                                       156900   156900    156900

                                                                                                Performance measure                 Expenditure
OBJECTIVES                                   MEAUSRES                                           05/06    06/07    07/08   05/06    06/07     07/08    FUNDING
PUBLIC CONVENIENCES                          -Less vandalism of toilets                         100%     100%     100%    11600    11600     11600    Dewr
-Create more planned and sustainable         - Signage displayed
activities for the community to help         -Toilets used all the time
prevent vandalism
-Purchase signage and employ regular
cleaners to these conveniences.
-Clean and repair any damage but ensure a
system is in place. Open and closing times
for these toilets.

                                    Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                      Page 25
                                                                                                                       1500     1500     1500
                                                                                                                                                  Dewr -Wages
RUBBISH IN COMMUNITY                           Tidier Community and free from rubbish             50%    100%   100%
-Council to spend a designated time to
clean up streets every month, but to liaise    Individual yards are a lot tidier and free from
with the rest of the community.                rubbish
-Training for workers that collect rubbish
- Create a community cleaning day for          Dump looks organized and tidier
backyards where prizes are involved
- Fence or work to improve the dump area

LIBRARY SERVICES                                                                                  100%   100%   100%   47,000   30,000   30,000   Dewr
-Locate and designate a room for a library                                                                                                        CDEP Oncosts
- Purchase furniture and equipment to get
a functional library going.
-Get support from govt. agencies in
library knowledge and training.
-Appoint and employ a person that has
computer skills to assist and teach
community members
-Maintain the staff which at the moment
there are only two.
NIGHT PATROL                                   Less break in and vandalism to certain buildings   50%    75%    100%   75000    32000    32000    ICC funds
-Purchase another night patrol vehicle                                                                                                            NT capital
-Establish a base for the team                                                                                                                    grant
-Work out a patrol plan for night and
ensure they stick to the routine inspecting.
INDIGENOUS WOMANS PROGRAM                      To improve the skills of our indigenous managers   50%    75%    100%   40,000   40000    40,000   ICC funds
     - To empower woman managers               To raise their profile in the community by
          employed by council or cdep          achieving good work in their fields.
     - To provide a mentor to assist the       Strengthened networks for woman
          female managers                      Womans cultural traditions are respected
     - Bring awareness to woman in the         Indigenous women’s awareness of relevant

                                      Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                        Page 26
        community of programs                policies, programs,and services improved.

DOG HEALTH &CONTROL                          -Healthier dogs                                     50%      70%      100%    37600   37600     37600
-Employ 2 environmental workers              -More control of dogs                                                                                   Housing rents
-Set up a plan for the vet visits and                                                                                                                Ihant
identify dogs in the community and start                                                                                                             Dewr – CDEP
treatment records                                                                                                                                    wages
-Council to put together dog policy and
implement and enforce.

                                                                                                 Performance measure                Expenditure
OBJECTIVES                                   MEAUSRES                                            05/06    06/07    07/08   05/06   06/07     07/08   FUNDING
CLEAN TEAM                                                                                       75%      100%     100%    37600   37600     37600   Dewr – CDEP
-Establish a team made up of the             The development of a shared responsibility                                                              wages
environmental workers with the assistance    agreement in the housing application form
of housing officers to provide a cleaning    Especially when moving into new and renovated
service where the team will provide the      houses
education and the tools for tennants to      Frequent inspections
clean houses                                 Pest control and reqular cleaning responsibilites
-Purchase cleaning chemicals and
equipment for the project
ARTS CENTRE                                  -Number of meetings                                 50%      75%      100%    28000                     Untied Funds
-To set up a committee made up of artists    - Mimi’s involvement                                                                                    CDEP
-Employ a supervisor                         -Employment of a supervisor                                                                             Funding from
- Sell all paintings in the building in                                                                                                              selling of
conjunction with the artists, charging a %                                                                                                           paintings
so we can purchase more paints and
-Start activities in the arts building.

                                    Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                      Page 27
BRACS                                         On going programs scheduled daily                50%      75%      100%    6000        6000      6000     ICC
-To train and involve 2 people that can
deliver local programs on radio and
-Purchase equipment needed to set up
-Use the bracs program to communicate
with community as a whole
-Work with Walpria media to come up
with programs
SAFEHOUSE                                     -Programs starting and involving the community   50%      75%      100%    15000       15000     15000    ICC Funding
-Provide training for the safe house ladies   - Office Equipment purchased and used
-Formulate programs by networking.
-Work in with police and night patrol
-Set up safe house with office and
BASE FUNDING                                  TOTALS                                                                     261700      173700    173700

                                                                                               Performance measure               Expenditure
OBJECTIVES                                    MEAUSRES                                         05/06    06/07    07/08   05/06       06/07     07/08    FUNDING
NAHS                                          Project to be completed in Sept 05               100%                                                     FACS - ARUP
- Complete Construction of 9 new 4
bedroom houses                                Second project to start Aug 05
-Provide trees, grass and hoses for the
backyards of the new 8 houses
-New NAHS project of constructing 6
three bedroom houses
IHANT PROGRAM                                 To complete project in 05/06 year                100%                      900000                         Ihant
- Complete 15 – 20 existing house

                                     Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                       Page 28
HOUSING MAINTENANCE                            -Infrastructure in place
-Maintain and repair existing housing,         -Council supporting the user pay policy in housing    75%      100%     100%        176323     201823      201823     IHMSS
new housing and renovations in the             - The production of a good system for efficiency
community.                                     and service to the community residents.
-Maintain and follow the new housing
policy ensuring that people report and pay
for damage
-Work on a system that will share
responsibility in looking after the house.
Tenant agreements, regular inspection and
the use of the clean team being the
environmental health workers for pest and
dog control

BASELINE FUNDING                               TOTALS                                                                              1076323    378146      378146

                                                                                                     Performance measure              Expenditure
OBJECTIVES                                   MEAUSRES                                        05/06      06/07    07/08     05/06       06/07      07/08    FUNDING SOURCE
COMMUNITY ROADS                              -Construction of speed barriers                 70%        100%               44353       24353      24353    Roads and
-Construct more speed barriers to            -Plan to build up roads that require it.                                                                      Roads to Recovery
prevent speeding                             -Improved maintenance and drainage flow of                                                                    grants
-Improve the drainage in the                 open drains.
To relocate the air strip, seal and move     Lajamanu is on the works list for 06/07                   100%                                                NT Govt
or construct infrastructure and
maintain the airport area

BASELINE FUNDING                             TOTALS                                                                        44353      24353      24353

                                     Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                       Page 29

                                                                                                              Estimated Cost
PRINCIPLE ACTIVITIES                                                    START               FINISH              05/06      06/07   07/08
 Improve drainage in the community, surface grade outstation roads and   Sept 05            April 06            58052      38052   38052
construct speed humps
Building 9 new houses – includes project management and services -NAHS    Feb05             Sept 05
Building of 6 new houses – includes project management and services-NAHS Aug 05             Dec 05
Relocating and seal of Air Strip                                         On Works project
                                                                         list for 06/07

                           Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                             Page 30
Prices do not include gst

Activity        Asset                 Reason to sell/   Value of   Type            Expected Selling price         Estimated Purchase Price
                                       Buy              Asset      Purchase
                                                                                   05/06 06/07        07/08   05/06     06/07    07/08

Night Patrol                            Additional                 Toyota                                     27350              25000

Woman’s        Toyota Hiace Van         Replacement     5000       Toyota Hiace    5000                       25000
Centre         96                                                  Van

Landrover      CEO older Vehicle        Asset not       15000                      12000
Discovery                               operating
Workshop       Caterpillar 428          Old machine     25000      Backhoe                                              110000
Rubbish        Toyota Dyne 400          Replacement     10000      Newer Rubbish   10000                      20000
               compactor 99                                        truck                                      80k
                                                                                                              paid in
Essential      Hilux 4X4                Upgrade         15000                               15000                       34000
Plumber’s      Hilux 4X4                Upgrade         10000                               10000                       34000
CDEP           Twin Cab 4x4 light       Additional      45000      Iszuzi or                                  45000
Outstation     truck                                               Mitsubishi
CDEP works     Front deck Mower         Additional      25000                                                 25000
CDEP outstat   Toyota troop carrier     Old             9000       Toyota          9000

                            Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                              Page 31
Income from Govt Groups
Wages CDEP                                                             DEWR                          1369420          Gst exclusive
Operational CDEP                                                       DEWR                          357408           Gst exclusive
Capital CDEP                                                           DEWR                          70000            Gst exclusive
Annual Sports Carnival                                                 Federal                       25000
BRACS                                                                  ICC                           6000             Gst exclusive
Woman’s Safe house                                                     ICC                           10000            Gst exclusive
Sport & Recreation                                                     ICC                           23412            Gst exclusive
Woman’s Profile                                                        ICC                           40000            Gst esclusive
Night Patrol                                                           ICC                           32000            Gst exclusive
Maintenance for existing houses                                        IHMSS Maintenance             136,323          Gst inclusive

Management for housing program                                         IHMSS Management              40,000           Gst inclusive
Ihant housing program                                                  Ihant                         900,000          Gst exclusive
FAA                                                                    Federal Assistance            118665           No gst
Roads grant                                                            Roads                         84379            No gst
Roads to Recovery                                                      Roads to Recovery             38052
NT Sport & Rec grant                                                   State Govt Sport & Rec        29,000           Gst exclusive
Swimming pool grant                                                    State Gov (Swimming Pool)     600,000
 Operational                                                           NT Gov grants commission      362108
Dump grant                                                             NT Govt grants commission     10000
Library Grant                                                          NT Govt grant                 30000
Aged Care                                                              CACP                          85000
Aged Care                                                              HACC                          22781            Gst exclusive
Aged Care                                                              HACC capital & Improvements   18000
Disability care for Maria Jigili                                       HACC (Disabilities Maria      7200             Gst exclusive

                                   Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                     Page 32
TOTAL                                                                                            $4,414,748

User Fees & Charges
SERVICE FEES -RUBBISH                                                                            ESTIMATED
Community housing                                                                                45000
Other organizations                                                                              9880
Community houses                                                                                 135000
Other – longhouse, demountable, contractors                                                      30000
house, staff houses
TOTAL                                                                                            $219880

GENERAL & SAFETY                                                       Power & Water
Compound Maintenance                                                                             $17490
Daily power supply duties (365 days)                                                             $20707.50
Weekly power supply duties (52)                                                                  $11440
Monthly Power Supply duties (12)                                                                 $660
Engine Servicing & crankcase Oil analysis (30)                                                   $4950
Fuel Management during deliverie                                                                 $1650
Water supply daily duties                                                                        $13805
Water supply weekly duties                                                                       $2860
Water supply monthly duties                                                                      $1320
Water sampling                                                                                   $660
Sewerage daily duties                                                                            $6902.50
Sewerage weekly duties                                                                           $2860
Sewerage monthly duties                                                                          $1320

                                   Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                     Page 33
TOTAL                                                                                                      $86625

ADDITIONAL CHARGES                                      RATE                       REQUIRED
Hourly rate for trades person ESO                       $62.50                     When required
Hourly rate for non qualified ESO                       $45                        When required
Hourly rate for labourer/TA                             $35                        When required
Call out fee for ESO to attend emergencies outside      $40                        When required
normal business day working hours a minimum of 2
hours charge out rate shall be claimed or the actual
time worked if greater
Hourly rate for providing assistance to power & water   $52                        When required
staff whilst on the community (includes vehicle)
Vehicle rate per km for travel beyond a 30km radius     $.88/km                    When required
from the council office

Estimated Cost of Maintaining Essential service         Cost for one off service   Annual Cost
Asset Compounds
Power station                                           $165                       $1980
Fuel storage                                            165                        1980
Bore field                                              412.50                     4950
Transfer pumps                                          110                        1320
Water storage                                           220                        2640
Sewerage pump station                                   110                        1320
Effluent Dispersal area                                 110                        1320
Sewerage Ponds                                          165                        1980
TOTAL                                                                              $17490

METER READING                                           FREQUENCY                  RATES PER SERVICE GST
 Total meters 136 Total amount services 81              Quarterly                  $100
Special or check reads for water and electricity        When required              $10
Connection reads for reconnection and disconnection     When required              $10
of service per customer requests
Hand delivery of Power & Water                          Per item                   $5

                                    Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                      Page 34
forms/correspondence to customer
Replacement of damaged or defective water meters    When required                 $62.50
Disconnection reconnection of power supply as per   When required per service     $125
customer request during normal working hrs
Acceptance and checking of customer application     Per application               $5

PRINCIPLE ACTIVITY AND SERVICE                      DESCRIPTION OF                Estimated Income          Requirements
Australian Post Agency Fees                         Australian Post               5500
Subsidy Centre link                                 Centrelink                    45363                     Gst exclusive
Airport landing fees                                Avdata                        1500
Telephone services contract                         Telstra                       2300                      Percentage of takings

COMMUNITY CHARGES                                   Amount                        ANNUAL ESTIMATE
Organisations that provide service for profit. Eg   $50 per day                   700
Carnivals,tax man etc
Key cutting in the community                        $5 per key                                              Interest from Ihant
                                                                                                            grant, and other
                                                                                                            interests from term
                                                                                                            deposits of other
Dog registration                                    $5 per dog (first year,
                                                    looking at audit for no. of
                                                    dogs and dog owners
GRAND TOTAL OF USER CHARGES                                                       $379358

OTHER INCOME                                                                      Annual Estimated Amount
Interest recieved                                                                 $22000
Progress Association – Pool funding contibution                                   $300000

TOTAL OF OTHER INCOME                                                             $322000

                                     Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                       Page 35
Grader Cat 12G                              $105
Side Tipper Semi 20m                        $105
Loader Hitachi LX150                        $105
Traxcavator John Deere 655                  $100
Backhoe Cat 428                             $65
International 1930 bogie tipper 8m          $65
Forklift 2T                                 $55
Tractor (Kubota)/ Slasher                   $50
Tipper Canter 4T                            $50
Posthole Auger                              $50
Small Kubota Tractor                        $40
Water Tanker on Trailer                     $45
Ready mix concrete truck without operator   $100 m3
Ready mix concrete truck without operator   $4150 m3
Bobcat 753 with Bucket                      $55
Bobcat 753 with Backhoe/Auger/Trencher      $65
                                            TRADESMEN’S RATES
Qualified tradesman                         $50
Assistant tradesman                         $33
Plant operator                              $30

                            Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                              Page 36
The table below show the receipts and payments by principle activity that the council estimates will occur in 2005/2006

                                                     Sport &
                            Administration           Recreation               Economic                                    Community
                            GPS                      (culture)                Development                                 Services            Housing   Roads     Total
Operating Income

Recurrent Grants                       319108                    77412                       247294                                753909     1950793   191577
Other                                 315021                    347108                                                                         219880
Capital Grant                         43000                     600000                                                                51000
Holding funds
Asset Sales
TOTAL INCOME                            677129                 1024520                        247294                               804909     2170673    191577   5116102

Operating Expenses

Operation                            90000                      145040                        156900                               210700      176323   44353
Asset Purchase
Capital                                                         900000                          25000                                 51000
Loan repayments                       17352.28
TOTAL EXPENSES                        107352.3                 1045040                        181900                               261700      176323     44353   1816668

Operating Surplus/          569776.7                  -20520                    65394                                     543209              1994350   147224    3299434
Internal transfer
Carried Forward

                                    Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                                                      Page 37
Lajamanu Community Government Council Business Plan prepared by CEO Viane Watson
                                  Page 38

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