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					AbdulAziz S. Almazyad, Mohammad Khubeb Siddiqui, Yasir Ahmad and Zafar qbal Khan. An
Incremental View Maintenance Approach Using Version Store in Warehousing Environment
Ailing Chen. Logistic Distribution Vehicle Scheduling Research in E-commerce Environment
Aimin Hao, Feng Song, Shuai Li and Xuping Xu. Real-time realistic rendering of tissue surface with
mucous layer Kenji Terada. A General Framework for Multi-Object Tracking
Ali Ahmed and
Bai Chunjie and wu xiaoping. An Algorithm for Mining Association Rules Based on Sets Operation
Baojun Zhang, Xiaoping Chen, Lingdi Ping and Zhaohui Wu. Address Filtering Based Wu-Manber
Multiple Patterns Matching Algorithm Recognition Arithmetic
baoming shan. A Novel Weak Target
Baowen Wang, jinli peng and Wenyuan Liu. Business Component Design Method Based on the
Feature Matrix weilong liu and changwu wang. ID-based Proxy Blind Signature Scheme with Proxy
baowen wang,
Revocation Yoshinori Dobashi and Yamamoto Tsuyoshi. Image-based Rendering Using Unstructured
Bato Siren,
Image Set Jinkuan Wang, Xin Song, Yinghua Han and Li Liu. An Novel Algorithm For Waveform
Bin Wang,
Scheduling and Shaosheng Fan. An improved CANNY edge detection algorithm
Bing Wang In Cognitive Radar
Bo Du, Songyan Ju and Dong Wang. Access Control for OSGi-Based Reconfigurable RFID Middleware
Bo ZHANG and Gang ZHANG. Design of Dual-Processor Sharing DRAM Controller
Bo Zhang and Gang Zhang. Research on Dual-Processor Sharing Pair of Symmetric DRAM
Bo ZHANG, Li-nan FAN and Bo-tao SONG. A Watermark Embedding Algorithm Based on Low Bit
Planes Fusion of New Space
cao lai-cheng. A DCT Intrusion Prediction Method Based on Feature Extraction
Changcheng Zhou and Yanhui Cai. Optimum Design of Throttle-Valves Parameters for Shock
Absorber Based on Velocity Characteristic
Changcheng Zhou, Jie Meng and Yanhui Cai. Elasticity Mechanics Computation of Throttle-Slice for
Changfeng Shock Absorber
Twin-TubesWang and Peng Zhang. Optimal Residual Distribution of Cooperative R&D under
Incomplete Information Jie Zhou. Research on the Identification of Opinion Topic Expressed in
Chen Lin, Bi-cheng Li and
Chinese Network Reviews Song Yang, Chen Renyi. A Real-Time Driving Fatigue Monitoring Dsp
Chen Xiang,Zhang Zhifei,
Device Based On Computiong Complexity Of Binarized Image
Chen Yuanyuan. Analysis of Improved Routing Algorithm in wireless Sensor Networks
cheng yang, lihe zhang and yichun zhang. Secure Scheme of Digital Fingerprint based Piracy Tracking
Cheng Zhang, Qing-sheng Zhu and Zi-yu Chen. A Novel Data-Forward Decision Mechanism for
Opportunistic Networks Shen and Yuncai Liu. Deformable surface 3D tracking using Linear
Chenhao Wang, Shuhan
Programming and Yinghe Sun. A New Method of Depth Measurement with Binocular Vision Based
Chuanxu Wang
on SURF wang, Yun Li and wanqing Li. Salient Postures Modelling for Posture Index Based on Spatio-
Temporal Interesting PointsImmune System Model based on Semantics
ChuJiao Wang. An Artificial
Chun ling Fan and Dao he Wang. The Application of Adaptive Canny Algorithm in the Cable
Chunhua Layer Xueqin Zhang.
InsulationGu andMeasurement A Rough Set and SVM Based Intrusion Detection Classifier
Chunling Fan and Mingyong Pang. A method for filtering noise data by blending local least squares
fitting curves and Yan-hai Wang. Research on Phase Information in Measure System to Cable
Chun-ling Fan
Insulation Parameters Wang. Ultra-Wideband positioning technology based on PSM modulation
Chunming Wu and Yan
Chuntang Zhang, Yong Yang, Zhenxi Chen and Kongyang Zhu. Study of the De-noising Method
based on Wavelet and Fractal for Text Information Hiding into a Carrier Image Based on BCH Code
Chun-Xia Li. A Novel Scheme
and HVS Model Xiang Li. An Auto-revocation Supported Delegation Model
Chunxiao Ye and
chuqi Su and Jingjing LI. Computer-based Simulative Study on Ultra-capacitor for Electric Vehicle
chuqi Su and xiang Lin. Just-in-time Learning Theory-based Study on the Dynamic Model of Fuel Cell
chuqi Su and xiang Lin. Study on the Photogrammetric Application to the Fuel Cell Engine Vibration
Testing Cubillos. On the use of GPP and JXTA for Developing a Multiagent System for Robot Control
congfeng jiang. Towards Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling for Power Reduction in Data Centers
cui baoxia, yao yanjun and duan yong. The Application of a Hybrid Strategy Based on Genetic
Algorithm and Tabu Search in Intelligent Scheduling for Public Traffic Vehicles
cui baoxia, zhao shengnan and duan yong. The Research and Application of Procurement Forecasting
Model Based on Gray--Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Dan Komosny. Feedback transmission in IPTV
Daowen Hua, Xuehui Du and Yanbin Qian. A DTN Routing Protocol Based on Hierarchy Forwarding
and Cluster Control
Dayong Wang. A CAVLC Decoding Architecture Based on FSM for Real-time HD Application
Derong Jiang and Jianfeng Hu. Research of Welch Arithmetic and Wavelet Transforms for Person
Identification of Jing-jing Wang. An Approximate Optimal Damping Control Method for Nonlinear
De-xin Gao and EEG
Time-delay Systems with Disturbance
Dian-kui Tang and Jian-yu Zhao. Coordination Traffic Control Under the Framework of Multi-agent
DONG FangWu. Alkali solution concentration monitoring system for cotton goods mercerizing Based
on ZigBee A new service based computing architecture
Dong Hu.
Dongfei Liu and jia liu. PPSpider: Towards an Efficient and Robust Topic-Specific Crawler Based on
Peer-to-Peer Network Design of IIR Digital Filters Based on Chaotic Mutation Particle Swarm
Dongli Jia. Satisfactory
Optimization and Yongli Wang. Optimizing of SVM with Hybrid PSO and GA in Power Load
Dongxiao Niu
Forecasting Model
Dongxiao Niu, Jinpeng Liu and Yunyun Zhang. Multi-Objective Optimization of Cost - Quality - Time
– Security in Construction Project management Based on Particle Swarm Method
dong-xing duan and zheng-wei hu. Short-term Load Prediction based on Ant Colony Clustering-
Elman Neural Network Model Hongwei. Dynamic Time Management Algorithms Research in
Dou Zhiwu, Li Yanfeng and Li
Simulation System HLA-based
Du Hui Lou pei-Huang .An improving method of CBR retrieval based on self-organizing map
Du Jun-gang, Wei Ru-xiang. Allocation of Maintenance Cost of Vessel Based on A Hybrid Search
Algorithm of Tabu Search and Annealing Particle Swarm Optimization
FAN Di, CAO Maoyong, SUN Nongliang. Time Delay Estimation Based on Wiener Filer in Ultrasonic
Detection ofHaifeng Duan. Drilling Hole 3DGIS Geological Database Information System for Baiyunebo
Fang Zhao, Sediments in Web-based
Iron Mine
Fasong Wang. Dependent Source Signal Extraction Method Using Novel NonGaussianity Measure
Fei Xu. System Integration and Application of PDM CAPP and MES based on Multi – views
Management of BOM A Mobile Agent-based Middleware for WebGIS
Fei ZHU. M4WebGIS:
feng rao, weiming wang and zhibin li. Complex dynamics of a harvesting Holling-type II predation-
diffusion model Deng and Kaifan Ji. C-SWF:A Lightweight Scientific Workflow System for
Feng Wang, Hui
Astronomical Data Processing and rencheng sun. Design and Application of Remote Fault
fengjing shao, changheng shao
Maintenance Solution Based on IRL and Checkpointing
Fengying Cui and Baoming Shan. Application of Improved KMP Algorithm in Tire Disfigurement
Fu ling Ma and Man fa Liang. A Plan for the Temporary Mini Supermarket Network of Beijing Olympic
Fu Xiaobing, Ren Fang, Yan Yingjian, Yang Yang. Research on DFA Resistant Targeted at Block
Crypto Chips Ling, Zhaoxia Yang and Yanjun Hao. Research and Implemention of File Protection
Gang Ke, Jie
System Based on Improved Role-Based Access Control
GAO. Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Sensor Based on KPCA
Gu JING, Zhaohui CHEN and Xiaoyang YU. Research and implementation of the hardware /software
co-design based on structure test model of SoC
Guangyuan Liu, Jingjun Zhang, Ruizhen Gao and Yanmin Shang. An Improved Parallel Adaptive
Genetic Algorithm Based on Pareto Front for Multi-Objective Problems
Guifang You and Hong Hou. The research of Metrics repository for Business Process Metrics
guiquan xi and weizhen sun. Mixed Wavelet and Median Filter for Image Denoising
guiquan xi. Mixed Wavelet and Median Filter for Image Denoising
Guiwu Wei. GRA Method For Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making With Preference
Information Method for multiple attribute decision making with intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy
Guiwu Wei. On Alternatives
Guoqiong Liao and Kun Deng. A Hybrid RFID Data Repository Supporting Real-time Applications
Guotao Zhuang, Junwei Du. MDA-based Modeling and Implementation of E-Commerce Web
Applications in WebML
Haijie Ma. Surge Suppression of Protection Equipment in UHV Substation
Haiping Pang and Luping Wang. Global Robust Optimal Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Affine
Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainties Based on SDRE
Haitao YAO and Fuxi ZHU. Multiple features human face tracking based on particle filter
Haiwei Zhou and Xiquan Wang. Study on Strategic Factors of Software Outsourcing in China
haiying xie and wenjing tang. Application Research Of Data Mining In Travel Agency’s Customer
Relationship Management
Haizhou Wang, Xingshu Chen and Wenxian Wang. A Measurement Study of Polluting a Large-Scale
P2P IPTV System
Hao Bing, Shen Tingzhi and Tian Hui. Intelligent Restoration Algorithm to Line Similar Pixels in Noisy
Image and LUO HAIHONG. The Empirical Research on carrying out Financial Transformation of
Telecommunication Companies Remote Wireless Data Acquisition System Based on Ad Hoc Network
Hong Cai and Jingjing Wang. A
and GPRS Suo and Lin Feng. The Research of Multiple Wrappers Information Extraction Method
Hong guang
Hong On Tree model
BasedLiu, Ying Chen and Jian Shu. Energy Prediction and Fusion Coding Algorithm in Wireless Sensor
Networks Ying Chen and Jian Shu. Fusion Coding Algorithm of Node Energy in Wireless Sensor
Hong Liu,
Networks Method of Detecting Program Plagiarism Based on Variable Dependence
hong yang.
Hongyan Yun. Research on Building Ocean Domain Ontology
Hou Jie, Liu Yaping and Gong Zhenghu. SILMS: A Scalable and Secure Identifier-to-Locator Mapping
Service System Design for Future Internet
hou rui, weizheng ren and yaodong zhang. A wireless sensor network clustering algorithm based on
energy and distance Processing Method for Reducing Decorrelation Effect in InSARad
Hu Anyong. An Image
Hu Zhihua Hu. Impossible Differential-Algebraic cryptanalysis of Serpent
hua xiang and kang feng-ju. The Visualization Simulation of Chaff based on Aerodynamics and
Statistics Kong Zhao. A Very Fast Converge Method for Geometric Constraint Solving
Hua Yuan,
Hua Yuan, Kong Zhao. A Very Fast Converge Method for Geometric Constraint Solving
Hua Zhao. A Novel Watermarking Technique for 2D Vector Engineering Drawings
huafei zhu. Alternative Formalization and Implementation of Sequential Aggregate Signatures
huafei zhu. Mercurial Commitments from General RSA Moduli and Their Applications to Zero-
knowledge Databases/SetsSystems in the Environment Reference Set Paradigm
huafei zhu. Securing RFID
Hui Xu, Tingting Zhou and Hongzhuan Feng. High-frequency Electromagnetic Field Scattering
Hui Xu, by Calling ANSYS Liang on MATLAB
AnalysisTingting Zhou and Based Peng. Application of Genetic Algorithm on Dielectric Cylinder
Microwave Imaging in Free-space
Hui Yan, Lanping Chen and Baocong Jiao. HS-LS-CD Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for
Unconstrained Optimization
Huichang Wang, Shuhua Ruan and Qijie Tang. The Implementation of a Web Crawler URL Filter
Algorithm Based on Caching Xiao, Yun-xiang Gao and Chao-qin Gao. Recaption Cost Based LFU
Hui-guang Chen, Chuang-bai
Image Cache Algorithm and Application in WAP Browser
huiying Lv. Research on Network Risk Assessment Based on Attack Probability
Ji Bian, Haiyang Wang and Meng Xu. A Video Conferencing System for Collaborative Engineering
Jia Shihui, Wan Zhongping. A new partial cooperation model for bilevel programming problems
Jian Fu, Chunyuan Zhang. The Fault-tolerant Design in Space Information Processing System Based
on COTS Xianzhang Zuo and Liwei Tang. Networked Intelligent Testing and Maintenance System
Jian Kang,
for Complicated Wang. Detecting Community Structure of Complex Networks by Simulated Annealing
Jian Liu and Na Equipment
with Wang, Yanheng Liu, Xiangpeng Jia and Xiaomin Liu. A New Framework for Accessing Trusted
Jian Optimal Prediction
Network Yan. Hybrid Feature Selection in Fault Diagnosis
jianfu yang and ren liu. Exponential Stability of Cellular Neural Networks with Distributed Delays and
Large Impulses ren liu. Globally Exponential Stability of Impulsive Neural Networks with Variable
jianfu yang and
Delaysyang. Globally Exponential Stability of a Class of Impulsive Neural Networks with Distributed
Delaysyang. Globally Exponential Stability of a class of Neural Networks with Impulses and Variable
Jiang and Bao. Computer Simulation And Recognition Of Foundation Loading Based On Differential
Evolution Algorithm And Finite Element Method
jiang huiyan, tao chunyan, fan guangchen, zhao yudong and zhang xiyue. Classification of Liver
Diseases Based Cai Improved SVM Network Constancy Algorithm Based on Neural Network
Jiang Long and on Xun. Background Color
Jianguo Jiang, Kang Shi, Gaili Duan and Lidi Jiang. Pretreatment in Automatic Checking of Schematic
Design Nan, Dengfeng Li, Maojun Zhang. The Linear Programming Approach to Matrix Games with
Payoffs of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
jianhong zhang. An Efficient Certificate-Based Signature Scheme without Pairings
Jianhua Yang and Yongzhong Zhang. A New Model to Detect Stepping-Stone Intrusion
jianli dong and jun shi. The Framework and Realization Mechanism Research of ISEE Based on
Product Line An efficient delegation-based anonymous authentication protocol
Jianqing Fu.
jianwen Tao. A Optimal Heterogeneous Web Data Classfication Algorithm
jianwen Tao. An Effective Method for Mining Changing Data Stream
jianwen Tao. Discrete Time Distribution Queue Model
Jianyou Tang and Zhizeng Luo. Binary Tree and Energy Weighted Application to Three-channel SEMG
Artificial Hand WANG and LEI ZHOU. An Analysis on Chinese Internet Banking Security Strategies
Jin Zhang, Ting Wu and Yuntian Wu. On Optimal τ-adic Representations
Jinbo Zhang, Shushu Liang, Yan Gao and Dan Lv. Research and Realization of Online and Non-
contact Infrared Temperature Measurement of High-voltage Switch Contactors
Jing Zhao and Pengfei Li. Fuzzy Evaluation on Campus Network Security Based on Membership
Degree Transformation New Algorithm—M(1,2,3)
Jing-ying Zhao, Hai Guo and Xing-bin Sun. Chironomid Larvae Recognition Method Based on
Adaptive Discriminant Wavelet Packet Transform in Water Plant
Jinxin Ruan and Junxun Yin. Multi-Pose Face Detection Using Facial Features and AdaBoost Algorithm
Jiuliang Zhao. An effective Filter Algorithm Approach to Steel Strip Surface Image
Jiuliang Zhao. Research on Surface Quality Evaluation System of Steel Strip Based on Computer
Jun Liu, Meng-zhi Huang and Yang Wang. Research on Vector-Control System of PMSM Based on
Internal Model Control of CurrentFuzzy Evaluation in Coal Enterprises Logistic System
Jun Xu and Jun Xu. Research on Loop
JunHua Gu, Fan Yang, QingZeng Song and NaNa Li. Optimization of Town Transport Network Based
on Ant Colony Algorithm
Jun-jun Wu, Ming-wei Fang, Peng-fei Yu and Xin-fang zhang. A Secure Software Download
FrameworkAnalysis of Mobile TrustedSubnet Tearing and Mensurability
Kai Wang. Based on Analog Circuit Computing
IN STOCK MARKET and Yuelong Zhao. Research and Implementation Disk Over Ethernet Protocol
Kairi Ou, Minna Liu
ke jin, ligang dong and chuanhuang li. LFB Resources Management and Search Model Based On
ForCES Router
Kexin Wei, Zishan Yang and Chao Dong. Research of 3-phase Reversible Rectifier Based on Current
Hysteresis Regulator Hung-Min Sun. Designing an Arithmetic Code for Multimedia Files Compression
King-Hang Wang and
and Encryption Automatic Classification of ECG Based on BP Neural Network
Lanlan Yu. The
LEI Kai, SHEN Jinsheng, JI Shouwen. Research and Application of an Improved Non-linear Grey
Model in the Prediction of Port Container Throughout
Lei Xiang and Xin Meng. A data mining approach to topic-specific web resource discovery
Lei Xiang and Xin Meng. Personalized crawling by using concept lattice and data mining
Lei Xiang and Xin Meng. Study on Military Satellite System Effectiveness Evaluation based on HLA
Li Haibin and Guo Junyan. Error Mensuration of Temperature Coefficient between Formation Flying
Small Satellites LIU Ming-jun. Cross-Hexagon-based Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Motion
LI Hong-ye and TT&C Equipmen
Vector Adaptive Search Technique
li huifang. Improved posterior-error-test in the long-medium power load forecast based on the gray
model and Jue Wang. Energy Demand Forecast in China Based on
Li Jiang
LI li li and CHen chen gang. Study on Fast Fixed-Codebook Search algorithm in G.729 Speech Coding
Li Li, Xiangheng Shen, Dayong Wang and Mingli Yang. An improved intelligent planning algrithom
and theAapplication
li lixin. New Approach to Designing Protocol of MANET
LI Nan, QU Changwen, SU Feng, PING Dianfa. Rough Set-Based Radar Emitter Recognition
Li Shao-bo, Ma Yu-qin and Li Ya-qing. An Integrated Mode Research of QFD and TRIZ and Its
Applications and Yao Wen Yao. A Method for Modeling Multi-task Workflow Base on High-level Petri
Liang Gui Xue
Lian-Wang Lee, Jung-Yi Jiang, ChunDer Wu and Shie-Jue Lee. A Query-Dependent Ranking Approach
for Search EnginesNew Intrusion Detection Technology by Markov Chain
Liao Cheng-Bin. A
Lidong Duan, Dongxiao Niu, haitao Lv and Yunyun Zhang. Risk Assessment of Thermal Power Plant
Project Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process in the Early Operation
lifang peng and lingling lai. A study on service quality assurance in mobile commerce
Lijuan Shi and Xueping Xiong. Probabilistic Neural Network applied to Credit Evaluation
Limin Meng, Xinyu Shen and Yifan Wu. Research on Energy-aware Routing Protocol Based on Min
Cost Max Flow Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Lin Kang, Chen Hui Yang and Yahui Gao. Improved Shape Description Using Radon Transform And
Application In Marine Phytoplanktons Microscopic image Identification
Linan FAN and Botao SONG. Research on Information Hiding Technology Based on Chaotic Map and
Image Fusion
lingling li, yongguang duanmu and minghui wang. The Conceptual Design Method Of Mechanical
Products shuyan Wang and baowei Fu. Relative transformation with CamNN applied to isometric
lintian Ma,
embedding and Shang Yanjun. Unknown Virus Detection Method Fusing Genetic Algorithm into Ant
Liu Guozhu
Colony Algorithm
Liu Haoran and Estel Lionel. ALAGA-RBF for fault diagnosis in a continuous tubular reactor
liu yanbing and liu zhangxiong. Heterogeneous Data Integration Framework Based on Grid Service
Liu Zhen-yu Wu Jun Yan Zhen-ying. Application of Association Rules Mining in Inventory
Lixin Wang and Renxia Wan. Reducing combinatorial test suite based tree-model by using input
parameters relationships Zhibin Liu. An Enhanced Approach for Investment Risk Forecasting of
Liyan Ma, Yanna Su and
Electric Power Projects
Liyan Wang and Xiaodong Zhang. Increasing endowment assurance policy actuarial model under
Random Rates of interest Shouming Chen and Jinyu Xiao. A trust-role based context aware access
Lu Chen, Huanguo Zhang,
controlLi. Traffic Sign Classification Based on Support Vector Machines and Tchebichef Moments
Lunbo model
luo jianbin and chen yu. Numerical Research on Aerodynamic Characteristic Optimization of
Pantograph Fixing Place on High SpeedShao guoliang. A Method of TTCN Test Case Generation
Ma yan, Yan xuexiong, Zhu yuefei and Train
Majid on TP Description
BasedTaghiloo. Efficient Security-Aware Virtual Memory Management
Man Yuan, Xiaoli Guo and Rui He. Digital Oil Field Data Management
Maoxiang Huang, Chenhao Wang and Yuncai Liu. High-speed video transfer and real-time infrared
spots detection based on FPGA
Mengbo Hou and Qiuliang Xu. Cryptanalysis on the Identity-based Authenticated Key Agreement
Mengxiao Liu. Pairings
Protocols fromA Memory Access Scheduling Method for Multi-core Processor
Mengya Lv, Lijun Wang and Yong Tang. Multi-resolution Quad-tree based Algorithm for Real-Time
Visualization Zeb. Enhancement in TLS authentication with RIPEMD-160
Mian Ahmad of Battle Terrain Dataset
Min XU, ZuKuan WEI, ShuGuang TANG and Jae-Hong KIM. Knowledge Reduction Based on Genetic
Algorithm and its Application on GIS of Electrical Power
Mingming Wu, Yongping Zhang and Zhuqing Wan. Application of Component-Based Permission
Control in MIS Tengfei Xu. Performance Analysis of Multi-channel Mobile Communication Systems
Mingxin Liu and
Based on Discrete Time Queue
Mohsen Mohseni and Mohsen Soryani. Pedestrian Detection and Tracking in Infrared Video
Sequences by using SVM and Histogram Classifiers
Moji Wei, Jianliang Xu and Hongyan Yun. Collaborators Searching Algorithm Based on Learner
Muwei Jian. CSCL
Metadata forComparison of Two Methods For Texture Image Classification
naiping hu and lu li. The Research and Design of the Can Bus to Ethernet Gateway Based on SSL
naiping hu and shen lin. Study Chaos Double-Mutations Cooperation Particles Swarm Optimization
and Application in Order-Type Vulcanization Workshop Scheduling
Nan Li and Hongming Cai. Functionality Semantic Indexing and Matching Method for RESTful Web
Services Based on Resource State Descriptions
Nan LIU and Ming-Yong PANG. A Survey of Shadow Rendering Algorithms: Projection Shadows and
Shadow Volumes and Implementation of a Crawling System in Shopping Search Engine
Nan Wang. Design
Niu Gang, Wang Kai, Feng Xizhi. Voice Activity Detection Based on Harmonic Intensity under
Complicated Noise Environment and Alireza Rezvanian. Evaluation of Persian text Based on
Omid Jalilian, Abolfazl Haghighat
HuffmanDuran, Nibaldo Rodriguez and Luis Perez. Optimization of modular structures using Swarm
Orlando Data Compression
Intelligence Huang Kai and Wu Xiaoping. Research on the embedded security architecture based on
Ou Qingyu,
the control flow security and Xue Qiang. An Heuristic Genetic Algorithm Solve Test Point Selecting
Pan Jia-liang, Ye Xiao-hui
With Unreliable Test
Peng Yuqing, Li Tiejun, Wang Xiaoyan and Xie Jing. Dynamic Simulation research and
implementation of the High-rise building construction process system
Peng YuQing, Xie Jing and Wang XiaoYan. Research and Realization on Architectural 3D Model of
Architecturaland yun liu. An Automatic Hand Gesture Recognition System Based on Viola-Jones
peng zhang Process Simulation systerm
Method and SVMs
ping wang and xuemei zhu. Legal Inference and judgment with Reliable D-S Evidence Reasoning
PingPing CHEN, ZuKuan WEI and ShuGuang TANG. Analysis and realization of spatial object
PU Long, Sun Fu-Xiong and Chen Xin. Research of Agent-based Intrusion Detection Model of NDP
Pyung Soo Hwang and Moon-hyun Kim. A statistical approach to robust background subtraction for
urban traffic video luo. A Method of Part Recognition Based on Robot Vision and HSV Space
qi sun and zhizeng
Qiang HU ; Peng WU ; Donghua WANG. Construction of Workflow Management System Modeled By
Roles Huang and Lianzhong Liu. A Logging Scheme for Database Audit
Qiang Peng, Yulian Yu and Wenhong Wei. The Shortest Path Parallel Algorithm on Single Source
Weighted Multi-level Graph Zhang. Research of Clustering Algorithm Based On Data Content for
Qiang Zhang and Huazhong
Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Juan Chen, Yi Hu, Huaiguo Xu, Xiaoli He. Discussion on Definition
Qing Mao, Fangjun Wu, Tong Yi,
and Use of Variables in Z Formal Specifications
Qing Su, Yongfeng Cao and Guoda Liang. The Strategy of Java Class File's Modification
Qing Wu. An Adaptive and Semantic Component Model for ScudWare Middleware in Ubiquitous
Computing A Trust-based Message Encryption Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Qiuna Niu. Environments
Qiuna Niu. Formal Analysis of Secure Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
Qiuwei Yang. Damage detection for truss structures using incomplete modes
Qiwei Jin and Tianjing Xu. Authentication Based on Signaling Token Piggybacking
Qu Yingjie. Design and Analysis of Interconnection Network of Reconfigurable Cryptographic
Processor and he huiling. DSMFI-Miner:An Algorithm for Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets on
ren jiadong
Data Streams lenan wu and zhengyi wu. Volterra Equalizers Based on MBER and Restarted BFGS
renxiang zhu,
Algorithm for Nonlinear Channels
Rongye Liu. An Unsupervised Feature Selection Algorithm: Laplacian Score Combined with Distance-
basedHongyong. Research and Implementation of the Platform for Analyzing Data Quality
Ruan Entropy Measure
ruo hu. Research on Information Security Value Judgment of Sensor and Its Delivery Target Selection
sanyuan shi. Investigation of Massive Multiplayer in Online Role-Playing Games and Smalltalk
sanyuan shi. Investigation on Link-Level Acknowledgements and Producer-Consumer Problems
BasedMohammad Safi, AliAlgorithms and Misagh Mohammadizadeh. A Novel Approach for Avoiding
Seed on Constant-Time Movaghar
Wormhole Attacks in VANETXU. Caristi’s fixed point theorem in quasi-metric spaces
Shaobai CHEN and Xiaowen
Shaobo Li, Weijie Pan, Linna Chen and Guanci Yang. Optimization of 3G Wireless Network Using
Genetic Programming Jiang and Shie-Jue Lee. A Fuzzy Similarity-based Approach for Multi-label
Shian-Chi Tsai, Jung-Yi
Document Classification
Shi-jian Deng, Gang-qiang Yuan and Yu-kang Wu. Real-Time Local Bandwidth Estimation of Gradual
Analog Xu and Huanguo Zhang. An Integrity Protection Model for the Keys of Trusted Platform Module
Shiwei Signal Based On Slop
shuda wang, jiangping liu and riu wang. Research of Information Filtering Base on Vector Space
Shuhang Guo. Research on One Service Quality Model of China Personal E-banking
Shuping Liu and Jinfeng Chen. Grid-connected Photovoltaic Control System of MPPT with Improved
Perturbation and Observation Flow Optimal Scheduling Under Uncertain Weather
siliang Wang. Area Air Traffic Method
Sun lin. Several Problems of Exchange Rate Forecasting Using Neural Network
sun qi, Wang Hongzhi and lu wei. An iterative blind deconvolution image restoration algorithm based
on adaptive selection of regularization paramete
Sun Tao, Zhang Wen-jie. The Emulation Research of Flame Detection on Fuzzy Fusion Method
sun yuanhua. Algorithm of Low Complexity Viterbi Decoder in Convolutional Codes
Tang Nan, Huo Aiqing, Wang Yaolong, Cheng Weibin. Study and Implement of Downward
Communication Function in Rotary Steerable Drilling System
Tao Bao, Xu and Zhang. High-Rate Complex Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes for Multiple
Transmit Antennas
tao chunhua and feng zhiyong. Optimization of Web Service Composition using Factored Markov
Decision Process
Tao Hu and Zhenyu Cheng. Research on Credit Evaluation System of E-commerce Transactions in
Aautomobile Spare Parts Industry Yingchun Zhou. Indexing Temporal XML Using FIX
Tiankun Zheng, Xinjun Wang and
Tianqi Yang. Method of Structural Damage Test based on PSO Algorithm
Ting Wei, Changjia Chen and Chunxi Li. A Comparison Study of Developed Buffer Mechanism in P2P
living Streaming System
tonghai wu, jinhe zhou and jianjun pan. A Research of DCT Algorithm Based on OMAP3530
Tsung-Yi Chen. A Functional Framework of Online Knowledge Trading System
wang chengjun. Research on the Microkernel Technology
wang chengjun. Resident Set Management and Realize
WANG Feng-xia and ZHOU Wan-cun. Study on Land Use /Cover Change in Sichuan Province during
1980-2005 Based on RS and GIS
Wang Jianjun, Liu Bo. Modified SPIHT Based Image Compression Algorithm for Hardware
WANG Li,LIU Zong-Tian. Event Feature and Personality -Event – Ontology Based for Classifying
Chinese Web Novel Approach Using SVR Ensembles for Minor Prototypes Prediction of Seawater
wang ling. A Pages
Corrosion Rate Guo-hong, Zeng Jia-you,Yu Hong-bo. Study on the Particle Initialization Effect of
Wang Na, Wang
Particle Filter Based Track-before-detect Algorithm
Wang rui, Mao xiao guang and Dai zi ying. Extending UML for Aspect-Oriented Architecture Modeling
WANG Xiao-jing and XIAO You-lin. IP Traceback based probabilistic packet marking and randomized
Wanjun coding
network Yu, Bin Zhang, Bingxu Jin and Yong Wang. Research on Workflow Instance Migration Based
on Automatic Planning Mechanism
Wanjun Yu, Bingxu Jin and Bin Zhang. A Method of Exception Recognition in Workflow Based on OWL
Wanying Xu, Xinsheng Huang and Wei Zhang. Cognitive Vision Inspired Corner and Vertex Detection
WEI ShiChuan, ZHAO Neurons
Based on Endstopped ShaoLei. Behavior Decision-Making Model by Petri Net for Submarine Torpedo
Wei Wang and Fengjing Shao. An Inter-subsystem Data Transfer Mechanism Based on A New
Computer Architecture with Single CPU and Dual Bus
wei wang. Improvements for GMM-based Background Subtraction
Wei Wang. Study on the Logistics System Model Simulation Based on PetriNet
Weiming Yang, Jinhui Xu, Yingjian Yan and Kai Liu. Research on Time Randomization of AES against
Differential Power Analysis
Weiyan Zhang, Hui Lv. Architecting Web Services Using Constant-Time Theory
Wen Jiafu, Wang Jiazhen, Feng Fan, Zhang Bin. A Reversible Authentication Scheme for JPEG2000
wen long. Research on key technologies of MES development based on component and driven by
ontology Feng, Jun Gao and Zhao Xie. A Survey of Flat Graphical Model in Image Understanding
WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK Zhang, Hui Wang and Xiaochao Zhang. Weed Detection in Color
wenhua mao, Bo Zhao, YinQiao
Wen-juan Corn Fields
Images of Lian. An Agent-based Framework for Personalized Web Service Recommendation
wenqi wang and Weiguang liu. The Research on Email Forensic Based Network
Wenwen Li, Hongwei Gao, Ting-ting Lv and Lin Song. The architecture of strict Nash networks of
network formation games with one-way flow inside and two-way flow outside
WU Junfang and NIU Dongxiao. Short-Term Power Load Forecasting Using Least Squares Support
Vector Machines(LS-SVM)
Wu Kehe, Shi Qianhui, Duan Cheng and Yin Haiyan. The Research of Power Grid Data Integration
and Sharing Platform Based onFast Inpainting Algorithm Using Half-Point Gradient
Wu, Wang and xiaofeng Liu. A SOA
Xian_wu Zeng. Research of Game of Supply Chain Coordination in the Condition of the Uncertain
Delivery Gao and Ming Yong Pang. Visualizing Non-linear Ordinary Differential Dynamic System
Xiang Min
Using Simulink
Xiangpeng Yu. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Brake System Control Metrics Design and Application
Xiangxue Li. Necessary Conditions and Generic Construction of Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes with Girth 8
XiaoBo ZENG, ZuKuan WEI, ShuGuang TANG and Jae-Hong KIM. an Effective Algorithm about Matrix
Sparsity for CollaborativeLi. An Information Retrieval Method Based On Sequential Access Patterns
Xiaogang Wang and Yue Filtering
Xiaohong Hu. A Novel Graph-based Image Annotation with Two Level Bag Generators
Xiaolei Chen, Mei Yu, Gangyi Jiang and Chao Huang. New Hardware Architecture Design for Intra
Prediction in H.264/AVC High and Boyang Li. Study on Risk Assessment System of Cargo Leakage
Xiaoling Zhao, Yunqiu Zhang Profile
Accident in LPG Carrier luo, guiqiang yuan, chang li and zhenyan luo. Geology automatic plotting
xiaoming liu, zhouquan
based on secondary development of Surpac
xiaoming liu, zhouquan luo, wenni yuan, guang lu and qingling zhu. CMS Applications in Metal Mines
of China Liu, Yuxuan Liu and Zhiyong Zhao. The Research on Grid Spatial Database Simulation
xiao-song wang, xin-yuan huang and hui fu. The Study of Color Tree Image Segmentation
Xiao-yan YAN, Zheng-he SONG, En-rong MAO and Zhong-xiang Zhu. Expert System for Tractor Cab
Man-Machine Interface Evaluation
Xiaoyong Ma, Dongxiao Niu and Yongli Wang. Evaluation of Technological Innovation with Data
Envelopment Analysis Model in Enterprises
xie gang. Business Rule Extraction from Legacy system
Xin Zhang, Pin Liao and Huiyong Wang. A New Association Rules Mining Algorithm Based on Vector
Xinjian Li and Jingjing Xie. Study on the Diversity of E-Commerce Ecosystem and an Example
Xiong Yumei and Chen Yiming. Parallel Collision Detection Algorithm Based on decomposing a
Polyhedron into Tetrahedrons Comparative Study on Management System of Chinese Software
Xiquan Wang and Zhou haiwei.
Outsourcing: Based On Engineering Perspective
Xiufang liuxiu. Strong Convergence Theorems of the CQ Method for Asymptotically Non-expansive
Xiu-hong Yang and Bao-long Guo. A Novel Non-local Image Inpainting Algorithm: Fractal-based
image inpainting Service Discovery for Online Data Mining Trails
Xiujun Gong. On
xiuying wang and jigang sun. Research on the Optimization of Steelmaking and Continuous Casting
Scheduling Plan
Xiuying Wang. Two-stage Optimized Scheduling Method and Application for Steelmaking and
Continuous Casting Zhang. The Robust Unbiased Filtering for Uncertainty Systems
Xu Cao and Huaxun
Xu E. A Decision Making Method Based on Rough Set
Xu Guan, Su Jian, Pan Hongda, Zhang Zhiguo and Gong Haibin. A Feature Points Matching Method
for Jian-zhen, Liang Ke-hui and Zhang Wen-wen. The Security Improvement of MSR Protocol over
Xu Calibration Target Images
Xubo Zhang and Chengbo Zhang. Private equity investment game base on fuzzy optimization
Xubo Zhang and Chengbo Zhang. Private Equity Syndicator Choice Base on Grey Assessment
Xuejun Wu. The Scheduling model for disabilities transfer in airports
Xueli Sheng, Fangfang Luo and Xizhong Bao. Research on vector sensor direction finding technology
in intensive coherent interference Zhao. Organ Texture synthesis for Virtual Reality-Based Surgical
Xuemei Liu, Aimin Hao and Qinping
Simulators Jinshan Sun, Dapeng Li, Yingyou Wen and Hong Zhao. An ALG-based NAT Traversal
Xuena Peng,
SolutionLin, SIP-based Jia Liang,Dong Wang. An RFID reader coordination model for data process
Xueyan for Jusu Pan, VoIP
Xuhuai HU and Jing-Cheng Ouyang. An Agent-based Data Access Mechanism of Mobile Device
Xuxiu Zhang and Tianshuang Qiu. Random Variable Analogy Measurement based ICA
Yalda Mohsenzadeh, Javad Mohajeri and Shahrokh Ghaemmaghami. Histogram Shift Steganography:
A Technique to Thwart Histogram based Steganalysis
yanfeng liang. MSMOTE: Improving Classification Performance when Training Data is imbalanced
Yanguang Shen and Jie Liu. Research on Positive and Negative Association Rules Based on Interest-
Support-Confidence Liu and Fangping Li. Application Research on Positive and Negative Association
Yanguang Shen, Jie Framework
Yanguang Shen, Jie Liu Defects
Rules Oriented Softwareand Hongli Li. Positive and Negative Association Rules Applied in Coal
Accident Liu,Cheng Zhang,Jian Wang,Minhui Xia. Modeling Router-level Internet Topology
Yanhua Ma and Chuanjun Liu. A Recognition Algorithm for Chinese Chararcter Based on minimum
Distance Classifier
Yanjun Liu. A Cost-effective Model of Strictly Nonblocking Multicast WDM Optical Switching Network
Yanli Cui and Xing Zhang. The design of information flow control in the trust domain based on the
trusted terminal
Yanmei Lv, Jiangsheng Sun and GeFang Wang. Design of the classified file management and control
systemSu, Liyan Ma and Zhibin Liu. An Improved DEA Approach and Its Application on Fresh Farm
Produce Logistics Performance Measurement
yaodong tao, Hu Lin and Chenggang Qin. Design and Implementation a SOPC for FSB Controller
Yaoxiang Li, Zhiping Wang. A VB-Based Forest Field Data Collection System
ye youshi. Research on Image Fusion Method Based on Wavelet Transform and NMF
Yi Liu, Huixian Huang and Man Sha. Research on Prediction of Traffic Flow at Non-detector
Intersections Based on Ridge Trace and Fuzzy Linear Regression Analysis
Yichun Zhang, A Research on the Model of E-Teaching Ability
yihe guo and zhiyuan xie. Analysis and Modeling of Distribution Line Communication Channel
yin limin, Zhangyu and Tang Wenqing. Ultraviolet Image Processing Method in Corona Detection
Yin Li-min, Zhangyu. Ultraviolet Image Processing Method in Corona Detection
Yin Xu, Jianqi Zhang, Xinhuai Wang and Weike Dong. A Novel Method for Detecting Small Target in
Infrared Clutter
Ying Chen, Qingsheng Lin and Wenjin Dai. New Research on Harmonic Detection Based on Neural
Network and Xinglin Fang. A stereo matching method based on chain code vector
Ying Lin
ying zhao and guanjun wang. Research on low power behavioral synthesis
Yingbin Zhang, Minna Liu and Qi Zhang. The design of embedded Web server with water
environment online monitoring Home Networking and Control based on UPnP: An Implementation
Yiqin Lu, Fang Fang and Wei Liu.
Yizhen Yue,Caiming Zhang.Image Reconstruction by Combination of Fitting Surface Patches based
on Point Sampling Zhang. Feature-Distance-Based Region Matching Interpolation of Multidimensional
Yong Su, Caiming
Grey-Level Images
Yongcheng Luo, Jiajin Le and Huilan Chen. A Privacy-Preserving Book Recommendation Model Based
on Multi-Agent Zhuqing Wan and Mingming Wu. An Active DDoS Defense Model Based on Packet
Yongping Zhang,
Yongqiang Zhang and Shuyang Bu. Association Rules Mining Based on the Improved Immune
Algorithm Xia, Weili Li and Shaohui Ning. Moving Object Detection Algorithm Based on Variance
Analysis Dai and Youhui Xie. Fuzzy Control of Intelligent Vehicle based on Visual Navigation System
Youhui Xie. A PLL Control with RBF Network
Youwei Ding, Kongfa Hu and Ling Chen. Multi-level Frequent Location Sequences Mining in RFID
Database Hai-jun. Prediction of Transmembrane Helical Segments in Membrane Proteins Using
Back Propagation Neural Network with Wavelet Analysis
Yu Chunyu, Zhang Yongming. Texture analysis of smoke for real-time fire detection
Yu feng, zhao jichun and Zhang junfeng. The Research and Implementation of Distance learning
based on 3G Network
Yu tao Fan and Gui ping Su. Design of Two-Way One-Time-Password Authentication Scheme Based
On Zeng Random Numbers Voltage High Efficiency and High Adjustable DC/DC Converter
Yu True and Biao Yang. Low
Yuan Chen and Feifei Wang. A Dynamic Pricing Model for E-Commerce Based on Data Mining
yude wang. Impact of Efficient Methodologies on Programming Languages Based on Compact
Algorithms and Fangping Li. Fuzzy Evaluation on the Operational Performance of E-commerce
Yuexiao Han
Websites Based on Membership Degree Transformation New Algorithm—M(1,2,3)
Yufa Xu, Ziyang Zuo and Guochu Chen. An Improved Evidence Theory Based on Random Set
Yufang Qiu and Farong Zhong. Research and Application on Web Services Transaction Model
Yuhua Qin. the Realization of Information Hiding in BMP Images
yuhua zhu. Grain Quality Evaluation Method Based on Combination of FNN Neural Networks with D-
S Evidence Theory
yuhua zhu. The Research on The Build of Grain Circulation Modernization Based on E-business
yujian chang and shuohe wang. Research of short-term load forecasting algorithm Based on Wavelet
Analysis and Radial Basis Function Neural Network
yunchuan chen. A Novel Management Strategy for Project Item in an International Environment
Yunchun Li, Chengjun Zhao and Yin Yin. A Method of Building the Fault Propogation Model of
Distributed Application Systems based on Bayesian Network
Yunchun XIA. Simulation Soft System on the Fatigue Life Loss of Startup and Shutdown for a 600MW
Steam Turbo UnitAutomatic Clustering Based on GA-FCM for Pattern Recognition
Yun-guang GAO.
Yunqi Zhang and Qifa Xu. Common persistence in international oil prices
Yunqi Zhang, Jun Li and Deqiang Xin. The Identification of Bank Customer Credit Risk
Yuntian Wu, Ting Wu and Jin Zhang. Multi-PKG ID-Based Signcryption with Anonymity and
Traceability for Ad Hoc NetworksLI. An Image Matching Algorithm Based on Sub-block Coding
Yuping FENG, Ming DAI and Shi
Yuting Su, Junyu Xu and bo Dong. A source video identification algorithm based on motion vectors
Yuting Su, Rongrong Qian and Zhong Ji. Surveillance Video Sequence Segmentation Based on
Moving Object Detection
Yuxia Sun, Ning Yang, Xiangqian Ding and Lintao Ma. A Neural Network Ensemble Algorithm Based
Zeng Zhaohui and and Relief
on Cross-validationLiu Yajun. Construction of Optimal Multiwavelet And Its Application in Image
Denoising Wu and Min Yao. A New GEP Algorithm Based on Multi-phenotype Chromosomes
zhang chun-tang, zhao chong and ma wei. Application of the Wavelet Transform in Ultrasonic Echo
Signal Processing
Zhang Hengfei, Zeng Zhiyuan, Zhang Sizhe and Tan Xiaojun. DSB-tree: an improved spatial data
index structure based on SS-tree tingzhi. Low complexity transcoder for MPEG2 to H.264
zhang jian, deng zhiyong and shen
Zhang Jing, Zhu Shijian and Zeng Bin. Optimized NURBS Curve and Surface Fitting using Simulated
Annealing and Bian Fu Ling. Optimal Spatial Searching Based on Advanced Genetic Algorithm and GIS
Zhang Ke
Zhang Qian, Yang Xiao-yuan and Wei Li-xian. A Robust Entity Authentication in Wireless Sensor
Zhang Xinyuan, Tong Baochen, Zheng Lianqing. Delude Remote Operating System (OS) Scan by
Zhang Yan and Qiu Hongze. A Symbiotic Evolutionary Algorithm for Flexible Job Scheduling Problem
ZHAO huacheng. Formal Description and Optimization Based High –Performance Computing on CUDA
ZHAO Yue, FAN Di, CAO Maoyong, WANG Likui. Correction Methods Of Near-Zero Step Error in Phase
Laserzhang and ning ye. Semi-Supervised Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction with Pairwise
zhao Ranging
Constraints Distance Metric Learning for Ameliorated Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
zhao zhang.
Zhaohui Luo and Xuequan Yang. Implementation Strategy and Process of E-Business
Zhaoyang Qu and Ming Zhang. The evaluation model of power equipment maintenance Based on
virtual reality technology
Zhaoyang Qu and Yanguang Wang. The Design of the Substation Simulation Model of Distributed
Virtual Environment
Zhaoyang Qu, Yu Gao. Chinese Text Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on the Edges Number of
Zhe Chen the Chinese Characters
junction inand Jiaheng Lu. Efficient Relaxed XML Path Query Matching based on Extended Dewey
Labeling Scheme
Zhe Han and Leichun Wang. Efficient construction of Control Flow Graph
Zhen Zhang, Wenjun Xiao and Xiaoming Wang. General Method to Build Deterministic Small-world
zhenfeng Based on Cayley Peer-to-Peer Streaming System’s Neighbor Number
Networks ren. A Survey on Graph
Zheng-Jiming, Yang-Huiyun. Audio multi-label classification based on HMM
Zhengyu Xie and Baotian Dong. Research of Service Granularity Base on SOA in Railway Information
Sharing Platform Ma and Shaomei Yang. Probing the LDR Optimization Design Based on a Novel
Zhibin Liu, Liyan
Hybrid Stochastic Searching Algorithm under B2C Electronic Commerce Environment
Zhigang Ji. The Research Frame for Estimate of Corporation Information Systems
Zhigang Li, Haizhen Hou and Yan Gu. The comprehensive evaluation model of the algorithm for the
association rules based on AHP Subnet Abstract and Transition Refinement in Petri Nets Model
Zhijian Wang and Dingguo Wei.
zhijin guan, zhihua Bao and weiping jing. The Cascade of the Reversible Gate Network-based the
Dynamic Binary Spanning Tree
zhilin feng. Phase Field Based Texture Image Segmentation Using Shape Prior Technology
zhitong su, wei song and jinhong li. Research on a new development framework for mobile games
Zhongmin Cai, Qian Feng and Xunchao Hu. A Performance Comparison of the Ad Hoc Network
Zhou Hui-lin, Wang Wei-ping, Zhang Qiang. Highway Pavement Subsurface Layer Detection Using
Zhou Keping GPR
Air-launched and Li Shuna. RSNN-based Instability Disaster Prediction of Tailings Dam
zhou shoujun. Research of GPC Implicit Adaptive Algorithm-Based Direct Identification
Zhou Yanzhou, Li Chaoling, Li Lixin and Li Wenjun. Improving the Scalability of PrivacyCAs
zhou yilin and guo huanran. Heat Conduction Research on High-solidifying Oil in Uunderwater Oil
Storage Tank Basedxie yanxia. E-commence Security Risk Analysis Research
zhu mingqiang and on ANSYS
Zhuxi Chen and Kongfa Hu. UMFP: Update Mining Frequency Paths in RFID System
Zuhua Shao. Security analysis of two RSA-based fair document exchange protocols
张 承伟, 张 文波 and 杨 子国. Electronic Stamp Model Research
郑 晓东, 胡 汉辉 and 谷 泓睿. Research on Core Business Process-based Knowledge Process Model