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									Summer 2007

  Inside this issue:                              Dear Parents
 What to Bring . . . . . . . . . .2              Welcome        to     Wolfpack    students. Common sense is the best
                                        Country! Living on campus is the only      strategy, doing the same things that we
 Safety on Campus . . . . . .2          way to have a true college experience.     do everyday at home and in our com-
                                        Campus residences provide living and       munities. Please encourage your stu-
                                        learning environments where students       dents to practice safety while here at
 IRC Welcome letter . . . . .3          are supported in their efforts to          NC STATE and we will do the same.
                                        explore and grow. University Housing                University Housing is a self-
 Lofts, Linens and more! . .3           staff members are here to assist your      supporting operation. Students are
                                        students through their transitions from    not required to live on campus, but
                                        high school through college gradua-        this year more than 8,000 students will
 Campus Resources . . . . .4
                                        tion.                                      choose to live on the NC STATE cam-
                                                 Most students have their own      pus. We know that we must provide
 Tutoring helps GPAs . . . . .4         bedroom at home, but will share a          attractive services and facilities in
                                        room when they go to college.              order to earn your trust. Your students
 Arts Village Established . .5          Whether their roommate is a high           should let us know if there are ever
                                        school friend or a student assigned by     problems that we need to address.
                                        our computer, there will be significant             I wish the best of luck to you
 Model Suite . . . . . . . . . . . .5   adjustments.         Some roommates        and your students as they experience
                                        become best friends. Some peacefully       NC STATE. Please let us know if we
 Important Dates . . . . . . . .6       co-exist. Some find that they are just     can help in any way.
                                        not compatible. University Housing
 ResNet @ State . . . . . . . . .6      staff will be there to help with whatev-   Sincerely,
                                        er happens.
                                                 I know that you are concerned
 Communication Tech . . .7              about your student's safety. No one
                                        can guarantee safety, but I can guaran-
 What is an RA? . . . . . . . . .7      tee that NC STATE takes safety seri-       Timothy R. Luckadoo, Ph.D.
                                        ously. The University has a variety of     Associate Vice Chancellor
                                        initiatives to promote safety across       for Student Affairs
 College Drinking Myths . .8
                                        campus, including safety education for

 Contact Information . . . .8                                                                        The buildings of
                                                                                                     central campus as
                                                                                                     seen from the air.
                                                                                                     They are convenient
                                                                                                     to the bookstore,
                                                                                                     Carmichael Gym
                                                                                                     and Talley Student
                                                                                                     Center. The newly
                                                                                                     opened FYC
                                                                                                     Commons can be
                                                                                                     seen under construc-
                                                                                                     tion at the bottom of
                                                                                                     the photo.
2 Summer 2007 The Wolf’s Den

     What to                           Safety On Campus
    Bring and                                       By Barry Olson                 Student Center, and other gathering

    What NOT
                                                   University Housing              places. Students should be mindful of
                                                 We want your student to be        their belongings at all times and never

     to Bring
                                       safe on campus, that is a fact. Students    leave things unattended, even if mak-
                                       have the power to reduce behaviors          ing a quick trip to grab a snack, a book,
                                       that will leave them vulnerable. Safety     or to visit the restroom.
      Suggested Items to Bring         is a shared responsibility, and our                  Utilize the Safety Escort pro-
          Towels/Washcloths            Campus Police are fully capable of          gram. Safety Escorts are employed by
  Twin Extra Long Sheets 36” x 80”     assisting your student in being safe at     the Campus Police to provide foot and
 (Bowen, Carroll and Metcalf Halls     NC STATE. Below are some helpful            van escorts to students around campus
 use regular twin sheets 36” x 76”)    tips you can share with your students.      in the evening hours. Access is easy:
                  Pillows                        Keep an inventory list of         students can reach them by dialing 5-
 Bedspread, comforter or blanket       items in the room. This is helpful if       3000, or by simply pressing the button
                Desk lamp              anything turns up missing, or if there is   on any "blue light" box on campus.
               Alarm clock             a natural or structural event that caus-             Report suspicious activity. If
                 Television            es damage to personal items. Lists          your student is aware of unsafe or sus-
      Stereo with headphones           should include a description of the         picious activity, please encourage them
                Computer               product and a serial number. Our            to report it to their RA, University per-
                   Plants              Campus Police offer a free engraving        sonnel, or Campus Police by calling
             Pictures/Posters          program at the beginning of each            911. Safety is everyone's responsibility,
                Telephone              semester in every residential area for      and if all students help Campus Police
        Multi-outlet power strips      any valuables your student owns.            by reporting concerns, we will all be
    Storage boxes or footlocker        Resident Advisors will have more            part of a safer community.
  Toiletries (toilet paper provided)   information about this program. It is
        Laundry basket or bag          also important that each student has         NC State’s belltower is
   HE laundry detergent (for front
    loading washing machines)
                                       individual Renter's Insurance or that
                                                                                    an iconic symbol of the
                                       they verify their belongings will be
           Iron/ironing board          covered by your Homeowner's                  university. The tower is a
                 Umbrella              Insurance in the event of theft or disas-    memorial to World War I
                 Bathrobe              ter.                                         fallen and was built
             Shower thongs                       Invest in a quality bike lock.
        Carpet or scatter rugs         Bikes are a hot commodity because
                                                                                    between 1919-1949.
          Bicycle, U-bolt lock         they are easy to steal and re-sell.
 Small bucket & cleaning supplies      Campus Police recommend using a
       (dust rags, sponge, etc.)       solid core U-shaped lock, and securing
      Sealed plastic containers        or removing any parts that might walk
      Please leave at Home             away, such as seats, tires, and acces-
        Drugs and alcohol              sories. Students can also register and
        Pets other than fish           officially tag their bikes with Campus
       (10 gallon tank limit)          Police, making them easier to recover if
            Dart boards                stolen. An online bike registration
            Waterbeds                  form          is       available       at
          Extension cords                        Always lock room doors. It is
          Air conditioners             tempting to leave room doors propped
        Ceiling Fans/Lights            open or unlocked because it's conven-
       Burners or hot plates           ient, but crimes can happen at any
  Halogen lamps (torchiere style)      time. A quick trip to the bathroom or a
               Heaters                 nap during the day with an unsecured
              Fireworks                room door provides ample time for
  Explosives or unsafe chemicals       theft to occur.
      Candles and incense                        Never leave items unsecured.
 Communicate with your roommate        Many students travel with their lap-
  to avoid duplicating large items.    tops or books to the library, Talley
                                                 The Wolf’s Den Summer 2007 3

                                                                                             Lofts, Linens
                                                                                              and More!
                                                                                            The Inter-Residence Council is proud
                                                                                            to share these offers with you. All of
                                                                                            the proceeds are used to support
                                                                                            programs in the residence halls.

                                                                                            Students living in most residence halls
                                                                                            can rent a loft from our partner
                                                                                            company, Loft Concepts. The lofts
                                                                                            are delivered directly to a student's
                                                                                            room before move-in and assemble
                                                                                            easily in ten minutes. Lofts can be
                                                                                            rented for an enitre academic year
  Bicycles are great to have on campus, but they can also be a                              for $139. (Lofts are not available for
  target of thieves. To ensure that your bike doesn’t get stolen, invest in                 Tucker, Owen, Turlington, Alexander,
  a high-grade U-lock and register your bike with Campus Police. An
  online bicycle registration form is available at                     Becton, Berry, Bagwell, North,

IRC Welcome Letter
                                                                                            Watauga or Wood since beds in
                                                                                            these halls are loftable.) To rent a
                                                                                            loft, go to

          The Inter-Residence Council is     more like home. At IRC, we can help
eager to help make your student's expe-      with both of those situations. Students                        Linens
rience of living on-campus one of the        can rent lofts to raise their bed above the    Most residence halls on campus
best decisions that your family has          floor and create a sitting or work area.       have XL twin mattresses (36”x 80”).
made! The IRC is a student organization      Students can also purchase area carpets
                                                                                            The exceptions are Metcalf, Bowen
supported by University Housing that         for their room. We will even deliver the
represents the interests of on-campus        lofts and carpets to the rooms before          and Carroll with regular twin matress-
residents. We also work hard to ensure       move-in weekend, so you won't have to          es (36”x 76”). To order bedding that
that the experiences of our residents are    worry about getting them up the stairs!        is guaranteed to fit along with linens
enriched with learning opportunities,        We also offer care-packages that will be
                                                                                            such as bath towels, you can visit
and we strive to help build a sense of       delivered to the halls. This is the perfect
community within the residence halls.        treat for exams and other occasions!           our partner company, Residence
To welcome new and returning stu-            These services are part of our fundrais-       Hall Linens. Linens are delivered to a
dents, the Inter-Residence Council hosts     ing efforts to help the Inter-Residence        student's home before move-in. To
a massive cookout that serves over 3,000     Council plan activities and events for
students and the best part is the food is    your student throughout the year. We           shop online, visit
free to all students! Have your student      appreciate your support! For a complete
reserve August 22, 2007 so they won't        listing of all our fundraisers visit us on                   And More!
miss out on meeting new people, enjoy-       the web at
                                                                                            Through our partners, we offer
ing great food and live performances                   Living at college is a very excit-
from local bands! IRC hosts many             ing experience and a great opportunity         Welcome Care Packages, Valentine
events throughout the school year and        for students to learn more about them-         and Halloween Packages, Final
encourages active participation from our     selves. The Inter-Residence Council            Exam Kits, and Residence Hall
residents.                                   wishes them the best this year and look
                                                                                            Carpets. Visit our website,
          Moving into the residence hall     forward to seeing them in the fall!
is a big project for any student and their                                         for all of our
family! Often times you battle between       Brian Mathis                                   fundraising opportunities.
the space in the room and making it feel     Inter-Residence Council President
4 Summer 2007 The Wolf’s Den

     (919) 515-2434

     (919) 515-3138

     (919) 515-7099

    FINANCIAL AID                  The First Year College Village Commons was opened in May 2007.
     (919) 515-2421                The building will house a 24-hour service desk, computer lab,           administrative offices for University Housing and the FYC program.

                                   Tutoring Helps GPAs
     (919) 515-2563

    ORIENTATION                          By Barbara Windom                     gling academically are strongly
     (919) 515-1234                  Undergraduate Tutorial Center             encouraged to use the UTC's services,               The Undergraduate Tutorial         students who most often use tutorial
                                   Center (UTC) provides thousands of          assistance at NC STATE maintain a
    PARENTS & FAMILY SERVICES      hours of free academic support each         GPA above 3.0. These students wish to
     (919) 515-2441                semester to support NC STATE stu-           enhance their ability to perform suc-      dents as they progress through their        cessfully in highly challenging classes.
                                   chosen curricula. Assistance is avail-               In addition, the UTC hires and
                                                                               trains academically successful stu-
    REGISTRATION AND RECORDS       able for students enrolled for credit in
     (919) 515-2572                many 100- and 200-level (and 300-level      dents as peer tutors. Students are eligi-        Statistics) classes at the University, as   ble for hire if they have an established
                                   well as all writing and speaking needs.     GPA of 3.0 or better and at least a B+ in
                                                                               the course(s) they wish to tutor. All
    RESNET/ NC STATE HELP DESK              Several different types of pro-
                                                                               new tutors are required to take ECI
     (919) 515-4357                grams are offered to best suit individ-           ual needs. Students can choose to           210, Introduction to College Tutoring,             meet weekly or as needed with an            during the first semester of employ-
                                   individual tutor by appointment or          ment. Our tutors receive constant
                                   use available drop-in services.             supervision and training in order to
    TRANSPORTATION                                                             effectively serve their fellow students.
     (919) 515-3424                Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders
                                                                                        Both the training opportuni-   provide a series of weekly help ses-
                                   sions for students in selected large lec-   ties and tutoring experiences offered
                                   ture classes. Writing and Speaking          result in more profound intellectual
    UNIVERSITY CASHIER’S OFFICE    Tutorial Services (WSTS) provides           and personal growth for thousands of
     (919) 515-2988                                                            student tutors and tutees each semes-      assistance to anyone in the University
                                   community who needs help on writing         ter. Assessment results continually
                                   or speaking assignments.                    indicate that regular tutorial usage
    UNIVERSITY DINING                       All programs seek to actively      results in improved grades and higher
     (919) 515-7012                                                            retention rates.
                                   engage undergraduate students by
                                   guiding them to become independent                   For further information please
                                   learners. They provide opportunities        call           515-3163,           email
    UNIVERSITY HOUSING             for students to become responsible for, or visit our
     (919) 515-2440                their own learning in order to enhance      homepage                               at          their academic experiences.       
                                            While students who are strug-
                                             The Wolf’s Den Summer 2007 5

          Arts Village                                                                Model Suite
          Established                                                                  Would you like to
                                                                                        see one of our
          By Kathleen Ruppe
                                                                                        residence hall
                                           ticipate in showcases for student art
           University Housing              work. They will have the opportunity
         Living and learning villages      to reserve practice rooms in Price         rooms before your
                                                                                        student arrives
are partnerships between University        Music Hall, join choreography work-
Housing and academic units. The lat-       shops and receive priority seating in
est collaboration is with ARTS NC          some arts related academic classes.            in August?
                                                                                       We have one set
STATE to establish the Arts Village        Villagers have the unique ability to
community scheduled to open in Fall        create the face of NC State's new Arts
2007. Last year, ARTS NC STATE             Village.                                    up for you during
approached University Housing with
the idea of starting a new living and
                                                    In addition to living together
                                           in Turlington Residence Hall, Arts             orientation.
learning village focused on the arts.      Village participants will be expected to
After initial discussions, a planning      attend four residence hall sponsored
                                           programs per semester. They also
                                                                                      Lee Hall Suite 106
group was formed and students were
surveyed to gauge interest. The results    need to successfully complete Arts         Monday/Thursday
were overwhelmingly positive.
         The Arts Village will start
                                           Forum, MUS 495B-001 which will pro-
                                           vide a fun and unique introduction to
small with one floor of 60 residents,      all of the ARTS NC STATE visual and         Tuesday/Friday
but the program has the potential to       performing arts programs through
grow to three floors of 163 residents.     attendance at arts performances, work-
The village will unite students from       shops and exhibitions.
various personal and academic back-                 The Arts Village is off to a      Get great decorating ideas
grounds who have a passion for the         solid start, but the real excitement is         from local vendors.
arts and expose them to theater, visual    ahead as students join the Arts
arts & crafts, music and dance. The        Village Advisory Council,
villagers will enjoy significant and       adding their ideas and
exciting opportunities to develop their    creativity       and
creativity, and engage with the arts on    shaping the
campus and in the community. They          t r u e
will interact with NC State faculty and    future
staff, and serve as a creative resource
for the campus community as a whole.
         Residents of the Arts
Village will have the opportunity
to develop a close community with
other students who have a passion for
the arts. They will enjoy free tickets
and transportation to ARTS NC STATE
and Raleigh art performances and
events, and be invited to participate in   o f
guest artist interaction through pre-      their
show discussions. They will be intro-      living                                                           This is the
duced to the business aspect of pro-       and learn-                                                    suite layout for
ducing art performances and events         ing communi-                                               the buildings on
through topics such as budgeting,          ty. There is no                                         West Campus; Lee,
planning, marketing, and ticketing.        doubt that the Arts                                  Bragaw and Sullivan
Residents will also have outlets for       Village will be a very                            Halls. Lee has a model
personal creativity such as hands on       special place to call                          suite that is open during
sessions at The Crafts Center, and par-    home!                                          orientation.
6 Summer 2007 The Wolf’s Den

     Fall 2007                          ResNet @ STATE
     Check-in                        By Carrie Levow-Guerra                 Corporate Edition and Spybot Search

                                 Information Technology Division            & Destroy.
                                                                                     If your student's computer
                                         ResNet stands for residential
                                                                            does become infected with a virus or

                                network and is the high-speed data
                                                                            spyware, ResNet staff will be happy to
                                network offered to all students living
                                                                            help him or her clean it up and help
                                on campus. Students can plug a com-
                                                                            prevent further problems. ResNet staff
                                puter into their own ResNet data jack,
                                                                            is also available to assist students in
  For more information go to:   and connect to the vast Internet
                                                                            getting their computers connected to
                                resources on and off campus without                                                  the residential network.
                                leaving the comfort of their residence
      or call 919-515-2440      hall rooms.        Please note that
                                                                                     The high-speed connection
                                                                            that ResNet offers makes it very tempt-

                                University Towers and College Inn
                                                                            ing for students to use peer-to-peer
                                are not part of the University and
                                                                            applications such as LimeWire and
                                therefore not a part of the Residential
      Dates                     Network.
                                         Like many things, the con-
                                                                            BitTorrent to download and share
                                                                            copyrighted music, movies and soft-
                                                                            ware. Downloading or distributing
      Saturday, August 18       stant, high-speed connection the resi-
                                                                            copyrighted material without the con-
                                dential network provides also has its
    (9am-5pm) Check-in at       downside: viruses, trojans, and spy-
                                                                            sent of the copyright holder is illegal.
         assigned Hall          ware. These are malicious programs
                                                                            Students who participate in illegal file
                                                                            sharing are taking a substantial risk.
                                that make their way on to computers
      Sunday, August 19         through email, downloaded files, and
                                                                            They may be suspended or expelled
    (1pm-4pm) Check-in at       insecurities in a computer's operating
                                                                            from school. Furthermore, students
                                                                            who violate copyright may be prose-
        assigned Hall           system and programs. Fortunately,
                                                                            cuted and subject to civil litigation.
                                most of these maladies are preventable
          August 20-21          by using common sense and a couple
                                                                                     Please review the copyright
    (8am-5pm) Check-in at       of software packages provided on the
                                                                            information in the Computing@NC
                                                                            State newspaper received at New
      24-hour service desk      free Help! CD that will be provided
                                                                            Student Orientation and disccuss with
                                to every student at New Student
           August 22            Orientation by the Information
                                                                            your student the potential conse-
                                                                            quences for using peer-to-peer pro-
    First Day of Fall Classes   Technology Division.
                                                                            grams to infringe copyright.
                                         Please take the time to read the
         September 3            information on the Help! CD and
                                                                                     For more information, please
    Labor Day • No Classes      encourage your student to install the
                                                                  ;          and
      Halls remain open         recommended software packages,
                                including      Symantec       AntiVirus
   October 11-12 Fall Break
     Halls remain open                                                                         Wireless
                                                                                               hotspots are
       November 21-24
                                                                                               available in
      Thanksgiving Break
                                                                                               and around
     Residence Halls close
                                                                                               most residence
         December 7                                                                            halls, as well as
    Last day of Fall classes                                                                   in the student
       December 10-18                                                                          center and
         Final Exams                                                                           many other
        December 19                                                                            locations.
    (noon) Halls close for                                                                     Research and
   non-graduating students                                                                     studying can
        December 19                                                                            take place
     (5pm) Halls close for                                                                     almost any-
     graduating students                                                                       where on
                                              The Wolf’s Den Summer 2007 7

       Communication                                                                       What is
        Technologies                                                                       an RA?
                                                                                                 By Tresa Barlage
       By BJ Attarian                      changing the service after that date.                University Housing
  Communication Technologies               ComTech        has    partnered      with
                                           Mobilesphere to offer UTalk, a highly                Resident Advisors or RAs are
         Communication Technologies
                                           competitive long distance plan. More        upper class students who live in
(ComTech) provides cable television,
                                           information is available on our Web
local phone and long distance service                                                  campus housing and serve as a role
for all students living on campus.
                                                     We offer several ways for stu-    model, mentor, friend, counselor,
ComTech offers a comprehensive cable                                                   educator, and mediator. They are
                                           dents to get involved with our depart-
television package that includes 100
channels of news and entertainment.
                                           ment. WOLF TV is our new student-           available to members of the com-
                                           produced channel where students cre-        munity, and provide assistance in
Our lineup includes multiple HBO and
                                           ate the material that goes on the air! We
Showtime channels as well as WOLF
                                           are looking for students interested in      helping students get acclimated to
TV, the student-produced channel, and                                                  NC State.
                                           creating content and putting it on cable
WolfBytes Radio and Television. We
                                           TV. More information is available on                 They also provide a dynamic
are also working to add more channels
                                           our web site. We also have a Student        and wonderful complement to the
to our lineup this fall! Cable costs
                                           Advisory Committee that meets to dis-
$192.50 per room per semester and is                                                   on-campus experience by planning
                                           cuss telecommunications issues that
an optional service everywhere except
                                           pertain to NC State students.               and facilitating events and activi-
Wolf Village. Cable is a per-room, per-                                                ties. These activities can take almost
                                                     Students will receive much
semester optional charge, however, it
only takes one student to apply for the
                                           more information from ComTech this          any form, ranging from community
                                           fall. All of our information is contained   service projects, to social events to
service. If both students do not each
                                           in the popular ComTech calendar that
apply for the service, the charge is the                                               educational exercises or one where
                                           is placed in each student's room before
responsibility of the one who does                                                     a skill is explored. Programs allow
                                           they arrive on campus. If you have any
apply. ComTech recommends that
                                           questions please visit our website or       students to debate current issues,
roommates wait until they arrive on
campus in the fall to discuss if they
                                           contact us at 515-7099, option 1. We are    travel to historic sites, and even pro-
                                           located in the West Dunn Building and       vide a means for helping others.
want cable service. If roommates agree
                                           our normal office hours are 8a.m.-
that they want the service, we suggest
                                           5p.m. Monday - Friday. We will also be      With student input, RAs plan a myri-
that they apply together so that they                                                  ad of programs, but the success of
                                           at each New Student Orientation Fair
know that the other roommate has
                                           and Parent's Orientation. Students can      those activities ultimately depends
signed up and that the charge is split.
                                           apply for cable service, local phone        on participation from the students
Cable is a prorated charge and a cutoff
                                           service or get more information on any
date of 30 days from the beginning of                                                  living in the community.
                                           of our offerings on our Web site:
the semester is in place that prohibits
                                                            In addition to building a
changing the service after that date.                                                  community environment on the floor
         Beginning in the fall, local
phone service is an optional service        The Wolf’s Den Newsletter                  based on respect, which allows all
that students apply for. The local          is published every semes-                  residents to feel safe, comfortable
phone package includes a dial tone,
                                            ter by University Housing                  and included, RAs are expected to
expanded Triangle-Wide Calling                                                         be positive role models through
(which includes Durham, Cary, Chapel        as a way to inform the
                                                                                       academic excellence, apprecia-
Hill and surrounding areas), voice          parents of our residents                   tion for diversity, and personal
mail, call waiting, call return, three-
way calling and caller ID. The charge is    what is happening on-                      example. RAs also uphold, abide
$117 per-semester per-line and is not       campus. It is mailed twice                 and       enforce      University   and
split between roommates. Multiple
                                            a year to the home                         University Housing policies, rules, and
unique phone lines can be ordered per
room. This is a significant change from     addresses of each                          regulations.
local phone service policy and billing      resident. You may request                           RAs are students themselves
offered in years past. Phone service is                                                and can assist in the transition to col-
a prorated charge and a cutoff date of      an email version of this
                                                                                       lege life. Encourage your student to
30 days from the beginning of the           newsletter on our website                  contact their RA if they have a ques-
semester is in place that prohibits         at                   tion or concern.
8 Summer 2007 The Wolf’s Den

                   Drinking Myths
            By Chris Austin
        Student Health Services               student's orientation package. Please       you cannot handle.
                                              encourage your son or daughter to                     Letting your daughter or son
           Many young people are              complete the program and discuss his        go to college is a big step! But with a
  exposed to alcohol through the media        or her program experience with you.         little savvy on your part, odds are your
  and some will choose to experiment                    Share your values and expec-      family will make it through this expe-
  with it. Students, particularly those       tations. Share your viewpoint about         rience with flying colors. For more
  under the age of 21, can face conse-        alcohol. Honestly share your own            information about alcohol you may
  quences simply for possessing alcohol       experiences, both positive and nega-        contact Chris Austin, assistant director
  on campus. One result could be an           tive, and why you have come to your         of Health Promotion, substance abuse
  alcohol education class. A second           position. Let your son or daughter          prevention,                919-513-3295,
  offense results in stiffer penalties, but   know your expectations of him or her as well as visit:
  there are other detrimental conse-          and what will happen if these expecta-
  quences that they should consider.          tions are broken.                 
           Students who drink too much                  Foster and maintain open
  face other consequences, such as inter-
  fering with the brain's ability to learn.
                                              communication. Allow your daughter
                                              or son the same opportunity to share            Contact
  Drinking too much impairs memory            her or his viewpoint. The quickest
  function. Some students will spend all      way to shut down communication is to
  day studying, then go out, drink too        not listen. Listening doesn't mean you
  much, come home and then go to
  sleep. Excessive consumption inter-
  rupts REM sleep, which interferes with
                                              agree with or tolerate their negative
                                                        Learn about alcohol use and
  the brain's ability to integrate the new    its effects. Many myths surround alco-
  learning that occurred earlier in the       hol. One myth is: "All college students
  day.                                        drink and drink heavily." Research
                                              indicates that students grossly overes-
           Other consequences from
  drinking too much may include get-          timate the alcohol and other drug use
  ting sick, damaging property, getting       of their peers. This misperception
  hurt, participating in unplanned and        actually increases the drinking activity
  unprotected sex, etc. Some may drink        of some students as they try to reach
  so much that they pass out, which is a      this perceived norm. (See the follow-                Email
  near-death experience.         Annually
  approximately 50 college students
                                              ing link for more information on this
                                              social       norming       phenomenon:
  nationwide die from drinking too  
  much at one time - a NC State student       AlcoholDrugs/socialNorms.htm)
  was one casualty this past spring.          Another myth is that drinking too    
           What can you do to aid the         much is harmless fun. Far from it,
  university in regard to the topic of        many students experience alcohol poi-
  alcohol and other drugs?                    soning each year. When someone
           Make sure your daughter or         drinks so much that they throw up,
  son completes AlcoholEdu for College.       that person basically needs medical
  This required two-part, online, sci-        help. You can aid your son or daugh-
  ence-based course provides detailed         ter by providing accurate information.
  information about alcohol and its                     Let your son or daughter
  effects on the body/mind. Its goal is to    know that you want them to come to
  help students make well-informed            you if they find themselves having any
  decisions about alcohol and to help         trouble with alcohol. This takes good
  them cope with their peers' drinking        listening skills! Also, please be willing
  behavior. Information on how to take        to let a health care professional help
  AlcoholEdu will be included in each         you if you think this is a problem that

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