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We are really glad that you have gotten placed into Howard, and we hope that you are
too! This is a very exciting time for all of you as you graduate high school and move on
to Notre Dame. Whether you have grown up Blue and Gold, or you know nothing about
Notre Dame, we hope that you find this booklet to be helpful in learning more about
Notre Dame and the number one dorm on campus…Howard Hall! Enjoy!

A few suggestions of what to bring with you. Try to get in touch with your
roommate(s) over the summer to avoid bringing duplicates. Also, it may be
easier to buy a lot of things once you get here.

Clothes: We have almost every different kind of weather imaginable here at
Notre Dame, and many students are not used to this when they first arrive. The
best advice is to come prepared for everything. The weather during the first
month or so is quite warm, so it's a good idea to have shorts, T -shirts, and tank
tops. The winter approaches fast, so be sure to bring a warm coat, boots, and
plenty of jeans and sweaters. The temperature in the spring can change
drastically from day to day, but a definite must for this season is an umbrella. Don't
forget to bring a swimsuit for the freshmen swim test in the fall. It's a good idea to have a
few nice dresses for dances, too. We have SYRs (hall dances) each semester-the first
dance is a hoedown, so don’t forget your cowgirl attire! A fleece can be a valuable item
for both the spring and fall. Of course, don't forget to bring plenty of socks and
underwear, because when they run out, doing laundry is inevitable! Limited space makes
it impossible to bring everything you own, and Howard's storage space for suitcases is
very limited as well. Most girls exchange their warm clothes for winter clothes when they
go home for fall break and/or winter break. If you aren’t going to be able to make it home
to swap clothes, we suggest storage that can roll under your bed!

Bedding: Bring a pillow, sheets, and blankets. The beds are made for extra-long
sheets. You might also want to bring a comforter for that "homey" feel. Some girls even
get ―egg crate‖ padding to make their bed even comfier.

Refrigerator: Most girls prefer to have a refrigerator in their room. Make sure that it
meets the size restrictions set by the university. Also, don’t forget to check with your
roommate(s) so you don’t end up with too many! Refrigerators can be purchased or
rented locally. Watch for signs around the hall because refrigerators are available for
rental on campus every year.

Carpet & Couches: Your room will feel much more like home with a throw rug
or carpet and furniture. These can be purchased on campus at Stepan Center, or
in South Bend at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Shower Caddy
Hair Dryer
Curling/flat Iron
Laundry Bag/Basket
General Toiletry items
Shower Sandals
Laundry Supplies
Paper Towels/Cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes = a must)

Room Fixings:

Throw Pillows
Extension Cords!
Power Strip
Desk Lamp (the room lights can get dim)
Plastic Drawers (especially if you have a lot of clothes)
Clip Reading Light
Stuffed Animals
Shelves, Crates, boxes
Chair cushion
Alarm Clock
Fans (can be stored)
Stereo (check w/ your roommate!)
Plates, Bowls, cups
Sports Equipment
Bicycle and lock
Small Sewing Kit
Small Tool Kit
Erasable Memo Board (so friends can leave msg’s if you aren’t in your room)
Tool Box
School Supplies
Cell Phone
University Park Mall:
6501 North Grape Road
Located at the intersection of Grape
Road and State Road 23
(574) 277-2223
J.C. Penny
L.S. Ayers
Marshall Fields
Best Buy
Sam Goody
Bath & Body Works
Banana Republic
Abercrombie & Fitch
American Eagle

Super Target
1112 Scottsdale Mall
(574) 291-7244

3701 Portage Rd
(574) 243-4915

Bed, Bath, and Beyond
4430 Grape Road
(574) 271-0709

Pier 1 Imports
5712 Grape Road
(574) 272-0132

Sam’s Club
120 Indian Ridge Blvd
(574) 271-1761
Hammes ND Bookstore: The best bookstore in the country!! This Barnes &
Noble look alike has ND merchandise, a cafe with plush chairs, a grand piano,
and of course books! It’s located on West Quad. Note: the bookstore sucks you
in. You find yourself spending every penny you own on those ND pajama pants
that you don't really need but thought were kind of cute. It’s a great place to
shop for any Christmas or birthday gifts—plus, you can charge your stuff to your
student account!!

Lafortune Student Center: Located near the Main Building (Golden Dome),
Lafortune is a place to study, watch TV, eat food, meet friends, hold meetings,
buy flowers, get a haircut, or just relax.

Banks: Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (NDFCU) has a branch in the
basement of Lafortune. Cash machines are located in Lafortune, the bookstore,
Reckers, Main Building, North Dining Hall, and a few other places on campus.

Computer Labs: This past year, Notre Dame has installed wireless into all of the dorms
so you can be online all day long. (Warning: Freshman year gets you addicted to
Facebook! If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, you will soon find out!) Wireless
is also located in most buildings (if not all) around campus. Computer clusters are located
in Debartolo, the library, Lafortune, Coleman Morse Center, Bond Hall, and Nieuland.
Each student gets a printing allowance at the computer clusters to print out papers, but
some students decide to bring their printers as well.

Decio Commons: A cute little food vendor on the first floor of Decio. You can pick
up freshly made sandwiches, bagles, muffins, doughnuts, plus tons of juices,
coffee and deserts. Great place to stop while waiting to meet with a professor.

Café Poche: Located in Bond Hall next door. This cafe has the ideal situation for
the arkies and features sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries, coffee, espresso, and
many convenience items. They take Domer Dollars and Flex Points, too!

Café de Grasta: Though located in Grace Hall which is beyond North Quad,
this little place serves a great lunch that includes made-to-order pasta and
sandwiches, daily specials, and a salad bar. Salads are weighed at checkout by
the pound. For breakfast, Café de Grasta has gourmet coffee and fresh-baked

University Hair Stylists: If you are in need of a haircut, this is the place to get a
reasonable priced hair-cut without ever having to leave campus. It’s located in
the basement of LaFortune.

Waddicks: It’s a café located on the first floor of O'Shag. It is convenient to
grab a bite before class, have lunch with a professor, or get a fresh cup of hot

Huddle: This is the best (and only) convenience store on campus. Located on
the main floor of LaFortune, it has a bit of everything including school supplies,
snacks, and toiletries. It also houses the Mexican take-out place, Buen Provecho, and
Edy’s ice cream.

Infirmary: The student health center is currently located behind the Rockne Memorial,
and provides assistance to all students via walk-ins or appointments. The health center
will also arrange for hospital care if necessary.

Post Office: It’s located by the Stepan Center and is great for mailing birthday packages
to friends and family!

Reckers: This 24-hour restaurant specializes in a variety of smoothies, homemade pizza,
ice cream treats, and artisan sandwiches. This is a popular social area, especially after
parietals. It has free video games, and internet connections, comfortable couches, and
excellent food. (Located behind South Dining Hall.)

Athletics play a very important part in many ND students' lives. There are many
different levels of involvement for students, from serious competition to just for

Varsity Sports are omnipresent here at Notre Dame. We all know about ND
football from the gleaming gold helmets to Touchdown Jesus, but it surely
doesn't end there! We have excellent teams right across the board. From tennis
to baseball, track to hockey, fencing to rowing—there is something for everyone.
Also, don't forget about our Lady Irish athletic teams - our women's soccer team
always makes a strong showing as does women's basketball.

Club Sports are a great option for you restless high school jocks. We've got just
about everything - field hockey, crew, gymnastics, sailing, skiing, and the list
goes on.

Interhall Sports are the perfect place to show your Howard spirit and join our
very own teams. Howard typically has its own flag football, basketball,
volleyball, soccer, and softball teams. If you are interested in participating, the athletic
commissioners will post sign-up sheets in the dorm before each season.

RecSports offers several opportunities to slip a workout into your busy
schedule. You and your roommate can help motivate each other to join that
aerobics class and maybe try your hand at a little karate. You can always work
out on your own at The Rock or Rolfs Sports Recreation Center.
Rolf's RecSports Center: New, state of the art facility for informal recreation,
fitness and instructional programs, It contains a gym (three basketball courts,
five volleyball courts, three badminton courts, area for indoor soccer, and floor
hockey), a suspended three lane track, weights and aerobics rooms, and activity
rooms for instructional classes.

Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center: (JACC) Contains auxiliary gyms, three
badminton courts, three synthetic basketball courts, a boxing room, ice rink (for
hockey and recreation) , eight regulation racquetball courts, Rolf's Aquatic
Center (50 meter pool), four regulation squash courts, and a fencing gym.

Knute Rockne Memorial: (the Rock) Contains two basketball courts, eight
racquetball courts, four squash courts, a climbing gym, exercise rooms, weight
rooms, 25 yard pool. This is the closest facility to Howard—located at the end of
South Quad.

Cartier Field: Located east of the JACC. Practice field used for inter-hall and
club sports, such as soccer, football, and lacrosse.

Notre Dame Golf Course: 9-hold collegiate golf course and putting green, next
to the Rock.

Courtney Tennis Courts: 24 outdoor tennis courts, located east of the JACC.

St. Mary's Lake: Great place to run, 1.2 miles, located right behind Howard Hall.

By now you've probably heard that football is pretty important here. If not,
watch Rudy a few times and you'll understand. So, to help you get ready, here's a
break-down of a home football weekend and some tips we wish we had when
we were freshmen.

Thursday: Alumni begin arriving on campus. The population on campus will
increase by more than 1000% before kick-off on Saturday. One of the most
exciting events of the first home game is the Dillon Pep-Rally, where the boys of
Dillon host a pep-rally outside of their dorm on South Quad. There will be great
speakers, skits, and music. And just a warning: Stay away from the bookstore—
there are always really long lines and tons of people.

Friday: Game preparation begins at the North gate of the stadium, where student
managers wrap, buff, and paint those world-famous helmets. The paint used
actually contains 24K gold flakes. The pep-rally takes place on Friday night with
speakers, the band, cheerleaders, drill team, and Irish guard. Be prepared to
cheer on the team, get wild and crazy, and dress silly along with your fellow
Howard ducks. Each dorm is assigned a pep-rally to host along with a few other

Game Day:
7 a.m: Band marches through the quads, waking you up to the sounds of Notre
Dame football songs.
7 a.m. - kick-off: Alumni tailgate behind the stadium and in the JACC parking
lots. Stroll around to find generous alums with food, drinks, and stories. Dorm
concession stands, bag-pipers, the alumni, band, and thousands of other people
will fill the quads before the game.
90 minutes before kick-off - Band concert and Irish guard inspections on the
steps of Bond Hall (right outside your window, if you're not awake by now, you
will be) The band performs, the guard clogs, every sings the fight song.
12:30 - 1:00 - Procession of band to the stadium.
1:30 - KICK-OFF * The games usually begin at this time, but check your tickets.
At the game:
Wear comfortable shoes, students do not sit down the entire game (excluding
Wear THE SHIRT: Most students wear THE SHIRT to all of the football games.
You can buy one in the bookstore and the proceeds go to charity. This year they are Navy

CHEER: Cheering is essential for every Irish fan. If you don’t already know
most of the cheers, you will learn all of them very quickly! During Frosh-O Howard hall
will have the opportunity to learn all of the football essentials from the cheerleaders. The
Captain of the Cheerleading squad lives in Howard Hall! Also, if you pay attention
to the upperclassman during games, you'll catch on in no time! GO IRISH!
Never leave your seat before the alma-mater. ―Notre Dame Our Mother‖ is
played after every game no matter who wins. Students put their arms around
each other & sway.
Should I bring a computer to Notre Dame? It would be very helpful to you to
bring a computer to Notre Dame, although it is not an admission requirement.
We currently have wireless in the dorm.

What kind of computer should I bring? You may bring any type, Macintosh or
Windows as long as it meets the minimum system requirements. You can find
those requirements and other helpful information online at

Which type of computer is better for me to bring, a laptop or desktop? This is a
matter of preference. However, there are many places on campus which have
network connections (ResNet connections) and many wireless connections are
lighting up frequently. These options may be attractive to someone who prefers
to work away from their room. Of course, there is also limited space in residence
halls for a desktop computer making a laptop more convenient.

What do I need to connect to the network? Your computer should have wireless
capabilities. If needed, the Ethernet cords can still be used to connect to ResNet.

Can I purchase software on campus? Yes! As a matter of fact, you may want to
do this when you arrive. Notre Dame has an agreement with Microsoft where
students can purchase many Microsoft titles at reduced prices. You can find
more information at http://solution.nd.edu/microsoft.html

Can I purchase hardware on campus? Yes! You can purchase Ethernet Cables
(RJ-45), Ethernet Cards, Computers, and many other accessory items from the
Solutions Center, Notre Dame's computer store conveniently located on campus.
You can find more information at http://solution.nd.edu

What do I need to know about connecting to the network at Notre Dame?
Everything you need to know about connecting to the network at Notre Dame
can be found at http://oit.nd.edu/resnet. These pages are updated with new
information as it becomes available.

What is the most important thing I should do with my computer before I come
to campus? For those with windows machines, make sure you have all the latest
critical updates installed. In addition, ensure that you have your Windows XP
firewall turned on and if you have anti-virus software, make sure it is current.

What if I can’t bring a computer? Although you will have to schedule your time better
in order to make time to go to the computer labs, it will be okay! Notre Dame has
multiple computer clusters (labs) on campus open various hours of the day to suit your
computing needs. To review the equipment available in the computer clusters,
visit http://oit.nd.edu/clusters/hardware.html
Do I need a printer? That decision is up to you. You may find the need for a
printer will be determined by how and where you work. If you work mostly in
your room, a printer could be useful. However, there are printers available in
the computing clusters (labs) on campus. To review the hardware available in the
clusters, visit http://oit.nd.edu/clusters/hardware.html. Remember, there is
limited space in the residence hall rooms.
If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Contact Information to answer additional questions not covered here.
OIT Help Desk
IT Center 111
OIT Solutions Center
877/561-7477 (toll free)
IT Center 112
                                    Domer Dictionary
After a few days at Notre Dame, you’ll soon become aware that Notre Dame is quite unique. In
fact, Notre Dame students even have their own vocabulary. Although you may be confused at
first, in no time you’ll know exactly what is meant when a student says that “He’s on his way
from MCOB to LaFun to get some quarter dogs” or that “She’ll meet you at Stonehenge before
the SYR.” Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out soon enough….but just in case you’re curious here’s
a brief compellation of some of the vocabulary used at ND.

Acoustic Café: Event Thursday nights in LaFortune Student Center or Legends of Notre Dame
often frequented by students in need of a study break. The café is a great place for students to
display their musical talents (or lack thereof).

Administration Building: Often called the Golden Dome or simply the Dome, the
administration building is the most recognizable feature of Notre Dame’s campus. Complete with
a statue of Mary, the building is located in the center of campus and can be seen from almost
anywhere on campus.

AFS ID: This is now known as your NETID.

Alum: An ND grad.

An Tostal: Yearly tradition celebrating the final full week of classes. Plenty of free t-shirts,
games and events for all to enjoy.

Bengal Bouts: Student boxing tournament held every year as a fundraiser for Holy Cross
Missions in Bangladesh. Not only do you get to help out a good cause, but you also get to see
your roommate take a few swings at the kid who knows all the answers from your calculus class.

Bookstore Basketball: Largest 5 on 5 basketball tournament in the world. With over 500 teams
competing every year, this tournament is truly a sight to see.

BP: Breen-Phillips Hall, a female dorm located on North Quad.

Broadwing: ND’s long distance phone service available on campus.

CCE: The Center for Continuing Education, located behind the old Post Office and DeBartolo
Hall, in McKenna Hall.

COBA: former name for Mendoza College of Business, located next to DeBartolo Hall.

COMO: The Coleman-Morse Center. The building on South Quad that houses First Year of
Studies, Campus Ministry, a computer cluster, and 24-hour space that offers free popcorn and
soda (or pop for you mid-western people).

CSC: The Center for Social Concerns. The CSC is the place to go if interested in service
projects and volunteer opportunities.

C.S.C.: Initials to designate members of the Holy Cross Religious Order. Don’t get the two
―CSC’s‖ confused.
D6: Student parking lot located behind the Rock.

D2000: Student name for parking lot across from the Riehle Playing Fields (formerly Stepan
Fields). As the name indicates, it’s quite a hike from most dorms.

D.A.R.T.: Direct Access Registration by Terminal: It allowed students to register for their next
semester’s courses. Registration is now done on-line using insideND

DeBartolo Hall: Classroom building where most freshman classes will be held.

Detex: Card that you swipe to get into your dorm, instead of a key. Though not all dorms have
this yet, most will in the near future.

DPAC: Short for DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. May also be called the PAC.

Dog Book: The freshman register with the names and photos of the entire freshman class. Often
used to find last minute date for SYR or …well really that’s all it’s used for.

Domer: Any ND student, past or present.

du Lac: Student handbook outlining all the rules of regulations at Notre Dame.

Fall Break: While most schools only get a few days off, the administration rewards us for our
hard work with a whole week off during October. This is usually the first time you have the
opportunity to return home since August, although some students choose to stay on campus or
participate in service projects.

Fieldhouse Mall: Open area between Cavanaugh Hall and Stonehenge fountain. Warm weather
brings campus bands, barbecues, and other fun things to do instead of studying.

Flex Points: The dollars that accompany the Flex 14 meal plan that can be used to buy some
tasty snacks and beverages at the Huddle, Burger King, Reckers, and other campus food
locations. All you do is swipe your ID and it comes out of your account.

FYO: First year orientation.

God Quad: Home to the Dome, the Basilica, Sorin College, Walsh hall and the statues of Jesus
and Father Sorin.

Grab ’N Go: Convenient brown-bag breakfast, lunch, or dinner available from 7am to 7pm
when classes are in session.

The Grotto: Replica of the Grotto of Lourdes, France where students can come to light a candle
and spend some quiet time in reflection and prayer.

Hammes Bookstore at the Eck Center: The Bookstore and Bookstore Café.

Hammes-Mowbray Hall: New building on campus by Stepan Center. Houses the Notre Dame
Post Office and ND Security/Police.
Hesburgh: 13 story Library with the mosaic of Touchdown Jesus on its façade. Also home to
former University President Fr. Theodore Hesburgh (also the reason why you can’t go all the way
up to the 13th floor…he lives there).

Huddle Mart: Small Convenient store in LaFortune where students can purchase food, drinks,
toiletries, notebooks, and other base essentials such as the infamous Quarter Dogs.

insideND: Campus Portal which allows you access to Class Registration, Irish Link, etc. This
site provides convenient access to Notre Dame Web services for students, faculty, and staff. With
more than 100 content channels, the information you need is at your fingertips.

Joyce Center: This venue houses numerous campus events such as basketball, volleyball, ice
hockey games, pep rallies, concerts, and lectures. Don’t be caught calling it the JACC (the Joyce
Athletic & Convention Center).

JPW: Junior Parents Weekend.

LaFun: LaFortune Student Center.

Legends: The restaurant, pub and programming venue. Brings in live entertainment and has a
nightclub open late nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights.

Library Circle: Pick up/drop off spot at the east end of the Hesburgh Library.

Main Circle: Pick up/drop off spot near the old post office at the main campus entrance on
Notre Dame Avenue.

MCOB: Mendoza College of Business.

Michiana: The name of the region along the border of Michigan and Indiana, including South

Mod Quad: Home to Knott Hall, Siegfried Hall, Pasquerilla East, and Pasquerilla West.

Monk: Affectionate nickname of the former University President Father Edward A. Malloy.

NDTV: The new cable cast student run TV station.

NET ID: A computer ID name that, along with your password, gives you access to the Notre
Dame network from almost any computer on campus.

North Quad: Home to BP, Cavanaugh, Farley, Lewis, St. Ed’s, Stanford, Keenan, and Zahm.

Observer: Campus newspaper you’ll grow to love.

O’Shag: O’Shaughnessy Hall, location of many Arts and Letters classes, departmental offices,
and Waddick’s Café. O’Shag is also recognizable by the perpetually slow clock on its façade.
This clock was also the center of some controversy when the University decided to remove the
hands completely, some say to symbolize the timeless nature of the University; others say they
did it just to confuse the students.
Parietals: du Lac regulation that outlines visitation hours in dorms of the opposite sex. From
12am to 9am on Monday through Thursday, from 2am to 9am on Friday and Saturday, and from
12:30 to 9am on Sundays, members of the opposite sex are only allowed in the 24-hour space in
the dorms.

PE: Pasquerilla East, woman’s dorm located on Mod Quad.

PW: Pasquerilla West, women’s dorm located on Mod Quad as well.

The Pit: Social area in the basement of the library, complete with snacks, change machines, and
pay phones.

Pop: Midwestern term for Soda.

Quarter Dogs: Infamous hot dogs available in LaFortune for a quarter after 12am on
weeknights. Although they may only be a quarter, you don’t want to eat too many of them.

RA: Resident Assistant, a senior in each section of the dorm who guides the dorm life of the

RecSports: Intramural sports program at Notre Dame.

Rector: Basically the person in charge of each dorm, i.e., the responsible adult.

The Rock: The Rockne Memorial Gymnasium located at the foot of the South Quad.

Rolfs: Athletic facility which is open to all students.

Soda: What normal people say when they are referring to soft drinks.

The Shirt: Football shirt that students wear to all the football games.

SMC: St. Mary’s College; an all women’s school located adjacent to Notre Dame.

South Quad: Home to O’Shag and the Rock and everything in between.

Stepan Center: The round, geodesic dome at East Gate. Don’t mix this up with Stepan
Chemistry Hall.

Stonehenge: War Memorial Fountain located at the foot of North Quad.

SUB: Student Union Board that organizes activities for students.

SYR: Formerly known as ―screw your roommate‖, now changed to mean ―set-up your
roommate‖, the SYR is a semi-formal dance.

TA: Teaching assistant; most large classes have TAs to assist the professor.

Tailgate: Pre-game festivities, usually occurring in the parking lot by the stadium, before all
football games.
Touchdown Jesus: Nickname of the mosaic on the side of the library facing the stadium. You’ll
see why it was so named when you arrive.

Tutorial: Discussion session, usually on Fridays, for large classes to discuss.

West Quad: Home to the newest dorms on campus, McGlinn, Welsh Family, Keough, and
O’Neill. These halls were opened up in 1997 and 1998; however, are still considered new.

WSND: Student-run fine arts radio.

WVFI: Student-run progressive station on the second floor of LaFortune.

Lyrics – Notre Dame Victory March
        Rally sons of Notre Dame
        Sing her glory and sound her fame,
        Raise her Gold and Blue
        And cheer with voices true:
        Rah, rah, for Notre Dame
        We will fight in every game,
        Strong of heart and true to her name
        We will ne’er forget her
        And will cheer her ever
        Loyal to Notre Dame

        Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame,
        Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
        Send a volley cheer on high,
        Shake down the thunder from the sky.
        What though the odds be great or small
        Old Notre Dame will win over all,
        While her loyal sons are marching
        Onward to victory.

Lyrics – Notre Dame, Our Mother (Alma Mater)
As one final unifying act before leaving the stadium after a football game, students both past and
present join arms and sway to the Alma Mater. Like the Fight Song, the Alma Mater will serve
as an eternal reminder of your time spent at the University of Notre Dame.

        Notre Dame, our Mother
        Tender, strong, and true
        Proudly in thy heavens,
        Gleams thy gold and blue.
        Glory’s mantle cloaks thee
        Golden is they fame,
        And our hearts forever,
        Praise thee Notre Dame,
        And our hearts forever,
        Love thee Notre Dame.

              The Domer Dictionary was originally written by Student Government in May, 2002.
                                   It has been revised in 2003 and 2005.
Food: There's always South Dining Hall (newly renovated just for you) or lots of
options in LaFortune. There are two different kinds of meal plans. First, there is
the traditional 21 meals a week. Second is the Flex 14 plan where you have 14
meals a week plus $280 that can be used to purchase food at various restaurants
on campus. The week begins on Saturday morning—so you will have a full set of
meals when you wake up on Saturday. The Huddle houses all our fast food
options (Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, and Sbarro's). Don't forget about the
Huddle Mart though. It's our own little grocery store on campus. You can buy
snacks, school supplies, toiletries, and they even have the wall of candy if your
searching for the perfect place to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Money: ND Credit Union is the convenient option, and there are plenty of cash
machines on campus. ND Federal Credit Union has an office in the basement of
LaFortune. You can set up an account when you register. Several ATM
machines around campus don’t have service charges if you are an NDFCU
member. They are located in LaFun, Reckers, Main Building, North Dining Hall,
and other places on campus.

One Stop Shopping: LaFortune Student Center has lots to offer. There is ND
Video, Gorch Game Room, Irish Gardens Florist Shop, Anthony Travel, and if
you just can't wait until break to get your hair cut, there's always University

Computer Labs: Macs and IBMs are accessible in numerous places, but some
Howard favorites are the Architecture Building (Bond Hall) right next door, the
Library, Coleman Morse Center, and DeBartolo's 24-hour labs.

Need a Little Extra Help: The Freshman Learning Resource Center, located in
Colman-Morse Center is right next door, and provides copies of old exams,
videos, and free tutoring, and a writing center. Take full advantage of these
resources—they can be a big help! Don’t be afraid to ask for help…it can go a long way!

Sickness: For health care, you can visit the Student Health Center behind the
Main Building. The Counseling Center, located on the 3rd floor of the same
building, provides personal counseling, help with eating disorders, literature on
alcohol and drug-related problems, and a telephone hotline.

Clubs: So many clubs at ND…the list is endless and there's definitely something
for everyone! Within your first few weeks on campus, one thing you can't afford
to miss is the Activities Night. Representatives from all campus organizations
will be there to recruit you and answer any questions. A quick word of advice,
don't get too overly enthusiastic when you start signing up for clubs or your email box
will be full!
Your hall staff is there for you and to provide a safe and pleasant home for you to live in
during your four years at Howard Hall. They will be on hand to greet you when you
arrive and help make the move-in process as painless and stress-free as possible. The
hall staff consists of a Rector, an Assistant Rector, and four Resident Assistants (RAs).

                                            Jenni Oliva

Welcome to Howard Hall! I am your Rector, Jenni Oliva. As Rector I am responsible for the spiritual,
physical and emotional well being of all the residents, supervising the hall staff and overseeing hall upkeep
and maintenance.

I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lived there all my life until I moved to South Bend to become a
Rector. Apparently I pronounce words funny like milk, bag and if I ask you for a bubbler – I am looking
for a drinking fountain.

I love shopping, watching movies, and playing Ultimate Frisbee and Kickball {even though I am not very
good and don’t get to play often}. Stop by anytime to talk, hang out, and have some candy. I can't wait to
meet all of you and help you as you begin your time at Notre Dame.

                              ASSISTANT RECTORS
                                  Meghan Brown

Hi and welcome to Howard!! My name is Meghan Brown, and I am the
returning Assistant Rector this year. I am starting my third (and
final) year in law school, and my second year in the absolute best
girls' dorm on campus. I absolutely love living in Howard, and can't
wait to get to know you all. In the meantime, though, here are some
things you should know about me. I grew up in Montreal, and did all of
my schooling until college in French, so if you're looking for someone
to practice your French with, I'm your girl. I went to college on the
East Coast, and then taught middle school for two years in the South
Bronx of New York City with a program called Teach for America. And I
came to Notre Dame for law school because it was where I was "supposed"
to go to college (at least according to my second-generation domer
dad). Around the dorm, I am known for knitting almost constantly (one
of the girls in the hall taught me how last winter), being up for any
sporting event on short notice (particularly if it happens to be rock
climbing at the gym) and being generally loud in the stairwells late at
night (quiet hours are not my forte). As an assistant rector, I take
part in overseeing the RAs, hall council and the hall improvement
committee, and am generally available to all the girls in the hall for
advice, venting, random field trips off-campus (I love to drive...) or
just generally hanging out. Feel free to stop by room 320 and say hi!

Hi! My name is Marie-Thérèse Mansfield and I am so excited to be one of your AR’s in
Howard Hall! I am going to be starting my second year of law school here at Notre Dame
and I am loving the time I get to spend on this gorgeous campus. I went to undergrad here
too, receiving my degree in Psychology in 2002. After college, I went back home to New
Orleans where I received a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at
Tulane University in 2005. I have truly enjoyed (and am still enjoying) my time here
under the Golden Dome, and I know that your time here will be just as special. I look
forward to meeting each of you!
                       RESIDENT ASSISTANTS
The Resident Assistants are seniors who were selected to complete the staff team. These
women are your first source of answers, help with "technical issues ", maintenance
problems, or just someone to talk to. They hold regular section meetings to provide you
with any information you need to know. One of them is on duty every night of the week
(8:00 PM - 7:00 AM) to assist hall residents in any way.

                             1st Floor- Colleen Mahoney

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Colleen Mahoney

10. She will be the first floor RA next year. This makes her cool.
9. She thinks that the weather in South Bend is great. If anything, it doesn’t snow here
8. Colleen thinks Dairy Queen should be its own food group.
7. She is an American Studies major with a Gender Studies minor. Somehow, she never
realized that these programs would actually involve studying.
6. Colleen’s uncle lived in Howard Hall from 1972 to 1976.
5. She has two sisters with unfortunate taste in college (BC? Who goes there?), two cats
(Gus and Rudy), a goldfish (Mr. Glub), and an imaginary puppy that she has been asking
Santa for every year.
4. By the way, Colleen still believes in Santa Claus. Ask her to explain her complicated
Santa theory to you sometime.
3. Colleen is also the Howard Hall secretary. This means she writes the weekly
newsletter that’s supposed to entertain you. Unfortunately, her best joke is not very
funny, and it all goes downhill from there.
2. Being from a small town in eastern Connecticut (East Hampton), Colleen is an avid
Patriots and Red Sox fan. Because of this, she started calling for Notre Dame to hire
Charlie Weis her freshman year. She loves being right almost as much as she loves
1. She can’t wait to get back to Howard Hall in August!
                               2nd Floor- Allison Smith

Hi! My name is Allison Smith and I am very excited to be your 2nd floor RA this
year. I can’t wait to meet all of you in August – but until then, I will tell
you a little bit about myself:

I live in Rye, New York (a suburb of New York City) with my parents and three
other siblings. I am an American Studies major and an Irish Studies minor, and
I spent last semester studying abroad in Dublin. After graduation, I hope to go
into teaching.

Two of the things I love most in life are music and sports. I play the piccolo
in the Notre Dame marching band and also volunteer in South Bend teaching
elementary school children how to play the flute. I love major league
baseball, and despite being from New York, I am a diehard Boston Red Sox fan.
I am looking forward to meeting you all – please stop by and say hello!

                                  3rd Floor-Liz Hjort

My name is Liz Hjort and I’ll be the 3 rd Floor RA. I’m a Biology major and Irish Studies
  minor and I plan on going to graduate school to eventually have career in research. I
   went to an all-girls Catholic high school in my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. I love
chocolate, Cleveland Indians baseball, and spending time with friends and family. I can’t
            wait to meet all of you. I think we’re going to have a great year!
                                     4th Floor- Kat Z

Welcome to Howard Hall! My name is Kat Zavertnik and I am SO excited to be the
4th floor Resident Assistant for 2006-2007! I’m a senior psychology and
sociology double major and aspire to become a social worker after graduation.
Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I love the beach and stubbornly sport my
flip-flops around campus as far into winter as is physically possible. I’m
goofy and random. I love to do cartwheels in the oddest places and enjoy a good
laugh. Gold and blue through and through, I have wanted to go to Notre Dame
since I was ten. I still marvel at the sight of the Golden Dome outside my dorm
window and cannot believe my time here is almost up. I am so jealous that you
have four ND years ahead of you! I look forward to meeting all of you and
cannot wait for you to begin this wonderful experience!

Howard Hall houses only 164 residents and is made up a variety of living arrangements.
One-room doubles, one-room triples, three-room quads, and two-room quints are the
different types of rooms reserved for first year students. There are many singles in the
hall, but due to the valuable experience of having at least one roommate during your first
year, all singles are reserved for upper-class students. Every room comes with a bed,
desk& chair, dresser, and wardrobe with space for hanging and folded clothes for every
person. The rooms also contain wastebaskets, window shades, a sink, a mirrored
medicine cabinet, plugs, Ethernet hook-ups, and a telephone.

QUINT: The quint houses 5 girls in two rooms. Quints are a lot of fun! Both of the
quints in Howard have one large room that is accessible from the hallway and
one smaller room (about half the size of the first) accessible only through the first
room. Usually all the beds and dressers go in the back room, and the desks,
wardrobes, a futon and T.V. go in the large common room. This set-up works
well so people can go in the back room to sleep or have some quiet time. There
are 2 sinks and 2 phone lines.
Rooms: 235,335

QUAD: The quads have three rooms for 4 girls. They are located directly above
the arches, which is great for people watching. The door used to enter the room
opens into the common room, and the bedrooms are on each side. The sinks are
in the middle room and in the bedroom on the right, making the room on the left
a little bigger. Because the right side bedroom is smaller it is harder to fit 2 desks
in there, but it can be done if you want the common room free of study-material.
On the left side, you can loft the beds, separate them, or leave them bunked, but
the beds have to stay bunked on the right side. The furniture on the second and
third floors are built-in wardrobes, a bureau with 4 drawers for each bedroom,
and a desk for each girl. The fourth floor has modular furniture. There are 2
phone lines.
Rooms: 221/223, 321/323, 421/423

DOUBLE: A double has one room, and houses two girls. For the rooms with
modular furniture, it works best to loft the beds and put the desks underneath,
leaving more room for a fridge and maybe even a futon. The great thing about
the doubles, is that it is easy to get to know your roommate really well. There
are less distractions in this room; don't expect many visitors as the bigger rooms,
since there is not much room to hang-out, but if you make friends with girls with
a common room you can use their room to hang out, and keep your room quiet
for studying and sleeping.
Rooms: 141, 240, 301, 305, 400, 403, 433, 436

TWO-R OOM DOUBLE: A two-room double consists of two rooms of about equal
size with a door between them. There are two doors to the hallway, though only
one door is really used as an entrance/exit. Space is not an issue. Usually the
girls will make the second room into a bedroom/study room and make the first
room a social room. You are sure to have tons of visitors!
Room: 125

TWO-R OOM TRIPLE: A two room triple has two rooms for three girls. Most put
the beds in one room and use the other as a social space. This room has 5
windows and it gets nice sunlight and a decent cross breeze. This room has high
ceilings that make it very easy to stack things!
Room: 145

One-Room Triple: This room has one room for three girls. There is no
―common room‖ but if you live in 239 or 339, a quint is right next door and you
can mooch off theirs. The one room triples have modular furniture so your bed
is lofted and your desk and wardrobe are underneath. Room 239 and 339 both
have "built-ins" which are really spacious permanent wardrobes on the walls.
The other triples have plenty of space for clothes as well. The only downside to
having built-ins is that you cannot move them, so your options for arranging the
room are very restricted. There is limited space to work with, but it is possible to
fit in a futon and a fridge in a one-room triple. There is one phone line.
Rooms: 239, 339, 440
WEATHER (average temps)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
20 30   40 50 65 75 90        90 80 60 45 35

This past year, South Bend changed from a very confusing time system to only Eastern
Time…we are always the same as New York and Florida, but an hour ahead of our
neighboring Chicago.

Arrival by Plane or South Shore Train Station:
To get to Notre Dame from the Michiana Airport, take Lincoln Way west, and
head east for about one mile. Turn left on Bendix, and head north for about one
and a half miles. Turn right on Cleveland and head east for about three miles.
Turn right on Juniper and the campus will be visible on your right. Approximate
time by car will be 15 minutes.

Entrance to Campus:
Once you arrive at ND, you will notice that you can enter the campus from one
of two security gates. The main entrance which Howard and all of South Quad
use, is on Notre Dame Avenue. Entering this gate, you will proceed on the road
Holy Cross Drive. As the road takes a right turn, beyond the new residence
halls, pass the basketball courts. Continue forward past the security building on
your left. Veer right once you reach the lake. We will have signs to lead you the
rest of the way.
The east gate entrance is your other option. After you pass through the gate,
continue driving pass the fire station on the left. You will see the lake on your
right and the Dome on your left. Continue along the road and pass the Grotto on
your left. Signs will lead you up to Howard. The first-year orientation staff will
have put up signs around campus to lead you to Howard. Because there will be
so many students moving in, you will be asked to unpack and then move your
car back out to one of the parking lots near-by. We do not have a parking lot
behind the dorm; please do not park in the reserved parking area.

Directions to University Park Mall from the Notre Dame Circle
Take Notre Dame Avenue.
At the first light, take a left onto Angela
Stay straight on Angela. (it changes to Edison Road)
At the second light (Speedway Gas Station on left), take a left onto South Bend
Avenue/State Road 23
Continue straight on State Road 23, you will go through 2 lights, it is about 2
miles on this road, you will pass under a bridge.
At the first light past the bridge, turn right. (Mall is here)
Directions to Grape Road from Notre Dame Circle
Take Notre Dame Avenue.
At the first light, take a left onto Angela.
Angela changes to Edison Road.
Continue straight on Edison Road for 6 lights.
Grape Road should be at the 6 th light.
Take a left for many restaurants and stores.
EconoLodge 1-800-553-2666
Hampton Inn (574) 277-9373
Holiday Inn (Dowtown Area) (574) 232-3941
Holiday Inn (University Area) (574) 272-6600
Howard Johnson (574) 272-7900
Inn at St. Mary's (574) 232-4000
Jamison Inn (574) 277-9682
Marriott Hotel (574) 234-2000
Morris Inn (574) 631-2000
Ramada Inn (574) 272-5220

Concerts: A wide variety of bands play at the JACC and Stepan Center. Past
shows have included Everclear, Better than Ezra, the Green Room, Ani DiFranco,
and U2. There are also many performances by student bands on campus---you
can hear them at Stonehenge or at our weekly Acoustic Café in Lafortune. The
first week of school we have ―The Show-‖ a really fun concert and a great way to
kick off the year. You can buy tickets at school in La Fortune.

Dances: Each hall has two dances a semester—a formal and an inter-hall dance.
It’s a great excuse to ask out that cute boy you've been eyeing in your chemistry
class, or you could always go the traditional route and trust that your roommate
will find you a good match. Every Fall, Howard host the annual HoeDown
Dance, so be sure to pack some cute western wear. The formals are another great
excuse to get one more night's wear out of that old prom dress. Dances are held
on campus in the LaFortune ballroom or Legends, or off campus at the College
Football Hall of Fame, local hotels, or bowling alleys. Also, many people do refer
to the ―dog-book‖ (or facebook) for dates to their SYRs, so….be sure to send in your

Movies: SUB sponsors movies Thursday through Saturday nights. They cost
$2-$3, and they are shown right on campus. So from now on, when you see a
great preview, just remember…only a couple months until it's right here at ND.
Some of the features last semester were: Rent, 40 Year Old Virgin, Red Eye, and
Wedding Crashers. There are also many great foreign film festivals. Almost every
Thursday night, you can catch a great movie in the library—for free.

Lectures: There are always great opportunities to hear speakers on campus.
Recent visitors to ND include Janet Reno, Senator John McCain, Ralph Nader,
Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, Sister Helen Prejean, James Mawdsley, Elizabeth
Dole, and Ted Koppel.

Museums: For the more cultured among us, the Snite Museum houses one of
the finest art collections of any major university. The Snite Museum is located
right next to O’Shag and across from DeBartalo. The Moreau Galleries at St.
Mary's and the Riley Hall of Art Design at ND both offer exhibits as well. Be
sure to check it out!

Theater: Notre Dame and St. Mary's produce a variety of theatrical productions
eachyear; and for all you aspiring thespians, first year students can participate in
these, as well as the Freshmen Four mini plays. Some past plays include: Much
Ado About Nothing, The Mandrake, How I Learned to Drive, The Tempest, and Twelfth
Night. During the summer, you will probably receive info about a Film,
Television, and Theater Subscription Card. It guarantees you a seat on opening
nights and allows you to get cheaper play tickets because you pre-pay! If you are
interested in theater, you may want to consider getting one!

Bengal Bouts: No time or money to catch a championship fight? ND can solve
your problem, with a boxing tournament for charity held each year for the
Bangladesh community in India.

Keenan Revue: First performed in 1976, the Revue is the most popular dorm
event of the spring semester. It is a comedy-variety show—similar to Saturday
Night Live—produced, directed, and performed by the residents of Keenan Hall.
It makes just about any notorious person, place, or event on campus a target for
their parodies. Tickets are free, but expect to camp-out in line or make friends with a
Keenan boy.

Student Film Festival: The Film, Television, and Theater (FTT) Department
showcases the work of the students in the department in films ranging from 3
minutes to 15 minutes. It is a great way to see the brilliant work of the FTT

Notre Dame Literary Festival: If you like poetry and prose, then you'll love this
annual event that brings together some of the finest poets and authors in the
world to share their work with the ND community.

Collegiate Jazz Festival: Bands from colleges and universities nation-wide bring
their sound to Notre Dame. The judges of the competition are some of the most
recognized names in jazz today.

Fisher Regatta: Fisher Hall hosts this annual event on beautiful St. Mary's Lake.
Each dorm may enter a boat under one restriction—it must be built entirely by
dorm members. Competition thrives as rival dorms compete for glory in the
categories of speed and creativity.

Keough Chariot Races: Keough Hall sponsors this all day event featuring mud
wrestling, jousting, and the famous chariot races. Each dorm builds a chariot to
compete with a team of four on a designed course on the McGlinn Fields. It is a
great way to see guys in togas running around, celebrating the ways of the
Romans, and to build Howard Hall spirit. Howard Hall is the three time defending
champ, and we expect to continue the tradition.

Bookstore Basketball: ND is home to the world's largest five on five outdoor
basketball tournament. Held annually, the tournament has become as much a
part of ND life as football and ND basketball. The skill levels of teams vary
greatly, and it is a great way to raise money for charity. The final four is held in
the spring during the last days of An Tostal.

An Tostal: The spring festival to end all spring festivals. Brace yourself for a
week filled with games, food, and mud.

Laundry Room: Howard has a laundry room located on the first floor. Each
wash load costs $1.25 and each dryer load costs $0.75. There is a change machine
on the first floor that can change $1, $5 and $10 dollar bills. Ironing boards and
irons are also available in the laundry room. There is also a laundry service
provided by St. Michael's which you should receive information about during
the summer.

Lounge/Study Areas: Howard has two lounges on the first floor - the pink
lounge, more of a study room, and the green lounge, more of a social room. The
green lounge is equipped with couches, coffee tables, and a big screen TV, DVD,
and VCR. It is also one of the 24-hour lounges, so you can socialize or study
with male friends past parietals. The pink lounge has study tables and chairs, as
well as couches and is also 24-hour space. There is a study room in the basement
which is equipped with desks and chairs. The other side of the basement has
couches, a table, TV, VCR, and DVD.

Kitchen: Off of the green lounge is a small kitchen with a stove, oven,
refrigerator, microwave, and basic cooking utensils. It's very convenient
whenever you get the urge to whip up some brownies, pasta, or reheat some left
over pizza.

Vending Machines: On the first floor are several vending machines, which are
stocked with candy, chips, soda, and fruit juice. They are located across from the
laundry room.

Chapel: The Howard Hall chapel is located on the first floor. We have great
Sunday Masses at 10:00 PM and Monday nights as well. Every first Sunday of the
month, mass is at 5:00 pm followed by a dorm dinner with a different theme each month
and a cake to celebrate that month's birthdays. A group of students plays instruments and
helps lead the singing during our liturgies. It is a great way to meet people and
get involved with the dorm. There are also daily masses at the Basilica as well as
in other dorms. In addition, there are weekend masses held in various locations
throughout campus.

Bathrooms: Each section has about 25 girls and one bathroom, equipped with 3
stalls and 2 showers. Shower lines are not bad, although they sometimes occur
during the morning rush and on Friday and Saturday nights.

Mail Delivery: Mail is delivered daily to the hall. You will receive a mail key to
open the mailbox which corresponds to your room number. There are two girls
in the dorm that are in charge of distributing packages; when you receive a
package, the mail person will post your name on a ―package list, ― and then you
can pick up your package in the Howard mail room during ―package hours.‖
Also, Notre Dame has its own post office on campus and several mailboxes for
outgoing mail.
           Freshman Orientation Commissioners

                                      Liz Pike

Heyo! Have no fear, Liz Pike is here! Yes, that’s right…I’m one of your frosh-O
commissioners—here to make your first weekend at ND one of the most memorable
times of your LIFE! So…if you are reading this, that means you got placed on the special
list of Howard Hall. You lucky duck you! So, a little about me…I come from the Chicago
suburbs, so I’m not that far away from home, but I rarely leave ND cause I love it so
much here! I’m currently a Business major with a minor in Education, Schooling, and
Societies (ESS- most people at ND don’t even know this exists!) I am a member of
PILLARS, Circle K (service club), the Howard football team, and was the Howard Hall
Historian this past year. Oh, and I can’t forget the wonderful times I’ve had working at
Reckers. This upcoming fall, I will be a co-commissioner for both Howard Halliday (our
signature event!) and Hall Spirit! GO DUCKS! I definitely recommend getting involved
in Hall Council (they even give you free food at meetings). I love the color blue (esp. hot
blue), double fudge brownie ice cream, having DANCE parties, singing in the car,
snowboarding, and chilling with my friends. I have an obsession with Target, the Notre
Dame Bookstore, Facebook, and being a cross-country groupie. This past year I lived in
the 4th floor quad, and I loved walking up all the stairs so much everyday that I am back
for some more 4th floor (aka the Penthouse) lovin’! If you are lucky enough to be in the
Penthouse, you better come visit me! If you aren’t and want some exercise, feel free to
visit me as well! Now for some freshman tips: Don’t be afraid to smile, say hello, or start
up a conversation with the girls in your dorm, people in your classes, or random people
on campus. You never know who will turn out to be one of your closest friends!! My next
piece of advice is to get involved. College is the time to try new things that you didn’t
have the opportunity to do in high school! If you have any questions, concerns, or just
want to help me procrastinate, feel free to email, IM, or call me! Don’t be afraid to
introduce yourself--I would love to hear from you and get the chance to talk before
IM: Pikee87 Email: epike1@nd.edu Phone: 630.980.0030
                               Mary Kaminski

Hello to all of you lucky ducks! My name is Mary Kaminski and I am one of your two
Frosh-O Commissioners. My hometown, Canton, Ohio is about five hours east of Notre
Dame. I went to public school my entire life, so Notre Dame was my first experience at a
Catholic school. I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Fighting Irish, and becoming a part of this
amazing place in the past year has been an incredible experience. Whether you have been
cheering for the blue and gold since birth or just became interested in the University in
the past year, you will surely find a way to call Notre Dame ―home.‖ I am currently
enrolled in the College of Arts and Letters, majoring in American Studies and pursuing a
minor in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy. During my freshman year, I learned the
joys of InterHall Flag Football, hanging out in LaFortune with friends, and of course
spending my FlexPoints on pizza, ice cream, and Starbucks. I love everything the beauty
of this campus has to offer, such as going for a run around the one of the lakes or tossing
a Frisbee on the quad. Even in the cold South Bend winters, there is nothing like an all-
out snow fight on South Quad with friends! Even just hanging around Howard Hall is a
good time…I’m always willing to procrastinate if you ever want to watch a movie or
have a dance party! Well, enough talk about MY favorite things- I can’t wait for you all
to get here and start creating your own memories. My best advice to you is NOT to
worry- it won’t be long until you will feel absolutely at home under the dome! Enjoy
your summer and I can’t wait to meet each of you!
                    Freshman Orientation Staff

                                   Tara Brito

Hello new friends!! My name is Tara Brito. I am from Bellevue, WA, about 20 minutes
east of Seattle. (You can bet that I love Notre Dame a lot to make the trek all the way out
here!) Freshman year has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life so far:
you have a lot to look forward to! Between football games, hanging out with friends,
keeping up with academics and all of the activities that you will undoubtedly be involved
in, there is never a shortage of things to keep you occupied. I am currently a Science Pre-
Professional major, which is basically pre-med, and I plan on attending medical school
after ND. I do not currently play any intramural sports, since it seems that I have all the
heart but not as much the hand-eye coordination, but I do spend a lot of my time being a
Young Life leader at Adam’s High School in South Bend. I will be co-service
commissioner of Howard next year and plan on finding a lot of different ways for
Howard ducks to get involved in the community! I am also a member of PILLARS, a
group on campus that educates peers about safe drinking in college. Because I love Notre
Dame so much, I also love being able to show it off, which I get to do by showing
visitors around campus as a tour guide and volunteering at the Admissions Office calling
prospective students. Besides the structured activities, I am always game for crazy dance
parties with my favorite girls, jogs around the lakes on warm days and long afternoon
naps. Anyway- enough about me! I am so thrilled to be a part of your first experiences
here at Notre Dame, and I hope that your orientation weekend is something you will
always remember! If you have any questions over the summer, I would love to hear
from you! My email is tbrito1@nd.edu and my cell number is (425) 233-2244.
                                Kat Cummins

Hey you lucky ducks! My name is Kat Cummins, and I hail from the frozen tundra
of Wayzata, Minnesota, where we have ten thousand lakes and our state bird is
(unofficially) the mosquito. I am the oldest of nine kids (6 girls and 3 boys)
and my favorite color is celery green (with magenta being a close second). I am
convinced that applesauce donuts count as a fruit, and puddle jumping with my
yellow rain slicker is one of my favorite past times. I’m a first generation
Domer, and ending up here at Notre Dame couldn’t have been more Providential
(especially considering I wasn’t even going to apply!) But I absolutely love
it here, and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I am so excited to meet you
all and show you what Notre Dame is all about! Welcome home!

                       Jeannine DiCarlantonio

Hey ducks! My name is Jeannine DiCarlantonio and I’m from Wheat Ridge, Colorado (a
suburb of Denver). Let’s see…I went to a public high school (Go Farmers!) and always
planned on going to college in-state. Then, when I was accepted to ND, I visited, loved it,
and before I knew it, it was August and I realized that I seriously made the decision to
move to INDIANA. Little did I know that I would love it here more than I could ever
imagine. I am (for now) a Romance Languages major (Spanish and Italian) and am
considering becoming a teacher. I love camping, board games, rainy days, and Notre
Dame football!! I firmly believe that flip-flops can be worn with everything, dryer sheets
are the only way to make a dorm room smell like a ―clean breeze,‖ and Colin Firth is and
always will be Darcy. I am ridiculously excited for Frosh-O (good times are ahead!) and,
of course, for the 2006 football season!!!! Go Irish!
                                 Nancy Jia

Hey! My name is Nancy Jia. I’m from Plymouth, MN which is about thirty minutes
outside of the Twin Cities. I grew up in China and lived there for eight
years. I’ve attended public schools ever since, so I have had to make some big
adjustments during my first year at Notre Dame. But I can’t seem to get away
from the snow! My freshman year has definitely been challenging, but it has
also been an amazing one with great classes and spent with awesome
friends. I am a marketing and political science double major. I have been
involved in the Student International Business Council and I am the SIBC
representative for Howard. The Notre Dame community, especially Campus
Ministry’s RCIA program, has helped me strengthen my faith and I was recently
baptized into the Catholic Church. I have also always had a passion for
helping others in my community and I tutored students at the South Bend
Juvenile Correction Center. Traveling to West Virginia during spring break was
an amazing trip during which I helped the people in Appalachia with home repair
and chatted with the generous locals. I love laughing with friends, having a
good time, and playing sports- tennis is definitely my favorite! And I’m a big
fan of making midnight snack trips to LaFortune! Plus I will be spending extra
time in the LaFortune Building next year working as an Event Assistant. I
can’t wait to meet the new ducks! The Frosh-O weekend will be one of the most
memorable ones of your experience at Notre Dame, and I am so excited to be a
part of it with you guys!
                               Sarah Layne

Hey all, welcome to Howard Hall! My name is Sarah Layne, and I’m a sophomore from
Mesa, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix). Needless to say, the difference in the weather has
definitely been an adjustment for me, so to any of you girls coming from places where
there is warmth and sun, I empathize with you! Aside from the cold weather, however, I
absolutely, positively LOVE everything about Notre Dame, and I cannot imagine going
to school anywhere else. When I first came to school here, I didn’t even know who
Knute Rockne was, but by the time the USC football game rolled around, I was decked
out in body paint and could swap football trivia with the best of them. Aside from my
new-found obsession with Irish football, I love English horseback riding, going four-
wheeling, action movies, videogames and playing Texas hold-em. I also love to shop and
am a bit of a clothes-horse, so if you’re ever looking for a cute top to wear to a party or
some funky jewelry, please feel free to come by my room and grab something.
        As for the school part of my life at Notre Dame (no, I didn’t forget!), I’m
currently enrolled in the College of Arts and Letters and plan on double majoring in
Political Science and Art History. I also intend to sign up for Mock Trial in the fall and
perhaps join the school’s club lacrosse team. Well that’s enough about me, because after
all, what I’m really interested in is getting to know YOU! I am so excited to be a part of
your new family here at Notre Dame, and can’t wait to meet all of you. Cheers!

                               Morgan Schulz

Yo, I'm Morgan. I'm loud, and I love people. I’m on the Notre Dame cross country and
track teams (yea distance runners!), and I really like Coldstone ice cream. I am originally
from Aurora, Colorado. It seems like I’m always either running (which I love) or doing
schoolwork (I’m a Business major). But, somehow I still find lots of time to hang out
with the great people here at Notre Dame. I have a Vera Bradley fetish. I love watching
movies and dancing with Liz Pike…Howard girls definitely love dance parties! I wasn’t
one of those people that knew I was coming to ND as a toddler, but now that I’m here, I
can’t see myself anywhere else! I hope that you are just as excited as I am about your
freshman orientation and the upcoming year! Thanks and enjoy your summer. I can’t wait
to see you in August! Love, Morgan
P.S. Feel free to email me sweet nothings…OR any questions you might have!
                                   Kate Sylvia

Hello to all you eager freshman. My name is Katharine Ellise Sylvia, but unless you
know that I am in some kind of trouble, which never happens, or you are my father then I
see know reason that you would call me that. Everyone here in the best dorm on campus,
Howard, calls me Kate. I am from Tiburon, CA a town about 10 minutes outside of San
Francisco. I did however attend high school in the city at Convent of the Sacred Heart
High School, a small, all girls, private Catholic High School. Even though I loved it, it
was time for a change, and change is what I got my freshman year. Not only did I start
going to school with guys for the first time but I experienced my first real winter. I can
still remember wearing a vest, a sweatshirt, a north face, and my winter coat and it hadn’t
even started snowing yet. My roommates who were from Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri
couldn’t help but laugh at me. But alas I soon adjusted and cut down to about two layers.
My current academic endeavors are that of Science Pre-Professional a program very
similar to Pre-Medicine. Even though it requires a lot of time and effort I love it. I am
also a member of the Women’s Varsity Rowing team. We traveled all over the country
and brought home the Big East Title. ROW IRISH!! This past year I was also a member
of the College Republicans as the Freshman Representative along with being a dorm
Eucharistic Minister. I may be slightly addicted to Rockstar energy drink and you may
see me randomly walking up and down the hallways brushing my teeth. It usually takes
me about 20 minutes to make it down to the showers because I will stop and say hello to
everyone, and stop to pick up the candy that sits outside the AR and RA’s doors.
Anyway I am so excited that you are going to be a part of the Howard family.

                              Ashley Vaughan
Hey guys! My name is Ashley Vaughan. I’m from Jefferson City, Missouri- only a
quick eight hours from Notre Dame. I went to Helias High School (a fairly stereotypical
Catholic high school minus the strict uniforms). Currently I am an Architecture major, so
my second home is my studio at Bond Hall (which is conveniently located right next
door). Architecture is a lot of long, sleepless nights, but who doesn’t love to watercolor
and draw for homework? I am a member of AIAS (the American Institute of
Architecture Students), sang in the Women’s Liturgical Choir, and played Interhall Flag
Football and Interhall Soccer. Finally, a few random things about me. I have a weakness
for anything chocolate; I keep two cans of Playdoh in my desk at all times (it’s a great
stress reliever); I love to sing and have been known to burst into song at odd moments;
and I am a total nerd about anything Architecture-related. Ok, time for me to stop... I’m
sure you all are pretty excited to arrive at Notre Dame and even more excited about living
in Howard Hall because I sure was (ok...I was a bit nervous too...). I can’t wait to meet
you and I hope that I can give some good advice or at least some entertaining anecdotes
about life here on campus.

Meet the people in your section by keeping your door open when you're home.
The only way to become friends with your roommate is to talk to her.
Smile as you pass people on the paths.
Buy used books.
Serious studying does not occur on the 2nd floor of the library, 1st floor of Lafortune, or
in your room
Get to know your profs.
Be open to change.
Go easy on the Fro-yo and the Moose-tracks (our ice-cream treats at the dining hall)
Find that special study place prior to finals week.
Get to know someone who has a car.
Get involved early.
Lead by action.
Be proud of who you are and where you came from.
Don't confuse your self worth with your GPA.
Find a quiet place to study, pray, and think.
Don't be afraid to eat alone.
Learn everyone's name and let them all know yours.
Choose friends carefully, and remember not to judge too quickly.
Have fun and be yourself.
Don't be afraid to cry, or lean on your friends.
Don't be afraid to walk around with your map your first week.
Ask questions
Study, worship, socialize, exercise, and serve.
“Notre Dame is full of ordinary people who do extraordinary things.”- Lou Holtz-

Be prepared for the greatest four years of your life. Take advantage of all of the
opportunities that Notre Dame will give you. Be excited to make life-long
friends. Enjoy your summer, and let this book give you a sneak preview into the
wonderful experience you are about to begin. The fun will really begin when
you get here, and make Notre Dame your own. We want to help you as you take
your first steps,; know that you can ask us anything… we’ve been in your shoes.
Know that the Frosh-O staff and Notre Dame Community is looking forward to
meeting all of you. See you in August!

                                GO IRISH!

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