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					                         Leaving Home? Moving House?
                          Student Renting Information

    Free, Multilingual and Confidential Renting Information and Forms
    See and
    Melbourne Suburbs and Streets:

CRICOS provider number 00124k
Written by the Victoria University Housing Service May 2005
Telephone: (03) 9919 4420, Fax 9919 4176, Email
Student Services, Building M, Level 2, Footscray Park Campus
                   Victoria University Student Housing Booklet Index
Getting Started

Areas and Costs

Apartments Furnished

Backpacker (Hostel) Accommodation

Bond (Security Deposit)
       Bond Receipt Example
       Bond Loan Scheme (Government) for Australian Residents: Eligibility and Application Process
       Bond Return

Cleaning Tips

Condition Report
        What Is A Condition Report?
        Do You Need to Complete A Condition Report?
        How Do You Complete A Condition Report?
        Blank Condition Report

Contents Insurance

          What Is It?
          Application
          Buyer Beware
          Complaints

Damages (Property)


Female Only Culturally Appropriate Short and Longer Stay Accommodation

Furnished Bedroom

Freight Services

Gas and Electricity Connection and Bills

       Contents, Car and Medical
       What Do I Need To Insure?

Homestay Accommodation

Hotels and Motels

House-Hunting Friend


          Blank Lease Form To Complete
          Lease Breaking and Ending Your Lease

Legal Advice (Free)

Mobile Phones
Real Estate Agent Information (R/E)


Recycling, Rubbish Removal and Skips

Rent: What Is It?
       Centrelink Rent Assistance for Local Students
       Rent Receipt Example


Rooming Houses ARE NOT Shared Housing


Selling Your Furniture, White-Goods, Books and Clothes

Shared Housing Questions

Smoke Alarms

Storage and Freight

Student Housing Data-Base

Student Village (Victoria University Owned and Managed)

Telephone and Internet
       Connection and Bills
       Pre-Paid and Restrictions

Utility Information
          Connection and Billing
          Local Student Concessions
          Cancellation
                                More Orientation Information
Airport Bus
Australian Life (Travel? Fruit Picking)
Comedy and Theatre
Change Of Address
Credit and Debit Cards
Department Stores
Garage Sales and Fetes
Food Prices and Shopping List
Mail Re-Direction
Public Telephone
Public Toilets
Public Transport ( or 1800 652 313)
Take-Away Food
Working In Australia
                                Getting Started: Income and Costs
        How much is your weekly-fortnightly income? (Centerlink (actual not applied for), work, savings, family
         support, scholarships and gifts)
        What type of accommodation do you want?
        What area(s) do you want to live in?
        How many people do you want to share with?
        Do you want your own or a shared bedroom? (Sharing bedrooms is illegal unless you agree. If 2 people
         sharing a bedroom you will need to pay ½ each. The TOTAL rent for a shared bedroom is the same as a
         single bedroom.)
        Will you need to pay rent during semester and summer breaks?
        What type of housing can you ACTUALLY afford? (
        Will you need to increase your income and/or decrease your expectations?

        Can you afford to have your meals provided or will you need to cook?
        Who will pay for the meat, milk, coffee, butter, bread, cleaning stuff, soap, toilet-paper, razors, aspirin,
         chocolate, softdrink, chips, ice-cream, orange-juice and milo?
        Will your friends, family, guests and partners need to contribute to food bills?

PLEASE DO NOT: Eat other people‟s food or use other people‟s things without their permission.

Bill Paying and Cleaning
        Who is responsible for bill paying, shopping, cooking, washing, dishes, bathroom, kitchen benches /floor,
         vacuuming, dusting, garbage and recycling and gardening?
        How often will the cleaning happen? Will chores rotate weekly? What will the cleaning standard be?
        What happens if the same person(s) is doing all the work?

PLEASE DO NOT: Please clean your own bedroom, do your own dishes and help keep the bathroom, kitchen
and lounge clean.
Friends, Family, Guests and Partners
        How often will your friends, family, guests and/or your partner visit?
        How often will your friends, family, guests and/or your partner stay over?

Special Needs
        Do you need any disability modifications?
        Do you have any specific age, gender, religious or cultural needs?

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
        Are smoking, alcohol and drugs allowed? Inside? Outside?
        What happens if friends smoke, drink or take drugs in your house?

Children and Couples
        Do you want to share with children? Who is responsible for paying-caring-supervising?
        Do you want to share with a couple or family?

        Do you want to share with pets? Who is responsible for feeding and cleaning them?

Car Parking and Garden
        Do you need car parking?
        Do you want a garden? Do you have a lawn mower? Who will mow the grass and weed?

Public Transport
        Will you need to catch public transport?
        How often does this public transport run?
        When is the last train-bus-tram?
        Can someone meet you at the tram, bus-train station?
        Are you entitled to a public transport concession?
        How much will public transport cost per day-week-month?

Security Bond and Rent-In-Advance
        How much security bond will you need to pay? (The legal maximum is 4 weeks rent amount)
        How much Rent-In-Advance will you need to pay? (The legal maximum is 4 weeks rent amount)
        Will your bond money be held with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA) or your landlords-
         housemates pocket?
        Do you have a bond and rent receipt example?

Household Furniture and Goods
        Will you need your own bedroom furniture eg: bed, desk, drawers, PC, lamp?
         Will you need your own fridge, washing machine, microwave, lounge, table/chairs, television, stereo, video,
          DVD, kettle, toaster, rice cooker, pots, cutlery, plates, cups, knives, linen, pillow, sheets, doona, towels and
         What furniture and goods can you borrow or life without?

         How much is your share of gas, electricity and water bills per week?
         Is there any water or heating restrictions?
         Does it cost extra to use a heater-fan in your bedroom?

PLEASE DO NOT: Take long showers or baths as Victoria has water restrictions. Leave heaters on because it is
dangerous and expensive.

Telephone, Internet and Cable
         How much is telephone, Internet and cable connection+ rental + usage?
         What is the best landline-mobile-internet plan for you? Are there any restrictions (eg: number of downloads,
          use times)?

PLEASE DO NOT: Use the Internet for long periods, as people need to use the telephone. Please send letters
and emails as much cheaper than telephoning.

Lease (Rental Contract)
         How long a lease do you need? (You cannot sign a 12-month lease if you will attend University for 9 months
          then return home or overseas)
         How much will it cost to break this lease CONTRACT early?
         Do you need to give written notice?
         How many people are actually signed on the lease versus stay often?

PLEASE DO NOT: Rent a property unless you have PHYSICALLY seen it
Pay any bond or rent money without getting a signed receipt.
Do not sign your name to any document until another person has read it.
Pay extra for a „furnished‟ bedroom or house. You can buy furniture cheaply and then sell it again when you are leaving.

Housemeetings and Group Cleaning
Regular house meetings and group cleaning reduces conflict.
        What day/time will your house meet each week?
        Are visitors invited to these meetings?

Accommodation Types
         Homestay (most expensive)
         Furnished Apartment or Terrace (Rooming Houses)
         Unfurnished Townhouse
         Unfurnished Units
         Unfurnished Flats
         Unfurnished House: Share Housing (least expensive)

Inner city accommodation is often newly built with facilities such as a security access, shared pool, spa, gym, tennis,
BBQ, fax.
This accommodation often calls itself „student accommodation‟ but is often a „Rooming House‟ or „Hostel‟.
Student accommodation is owned and managed by a tertiary institution. In comparison, a „Rooming House‟ or „Hostel‟
is a private business.
Inner CBD rooming house and hostel rents are approximately $180 per person per week and include utility bills (not
telephone) and Internet.

Townhouses are either new or renovated, 2 level buildings, with dishwashers, air conditioning, security access, ensuite
bathrooms and courtyards.
Houses are larger, cheaper and with a garden you have to mow and weed (unless you ask Real Estate or Landlord to
maintain as part of the rent).
Units are like small houses with their own courtyard.
Flats are often high-rise and older style, with no courtyards.

Accommodation Areas and Costs
Accommodation costs are not fixed and vary according to:
      Demand and Supply (eg February and March are the busiest student and visitor months)
      How close the property is to the Central Business District (CBD).
      How old, modern or renovated the property is.
      Whether the property is furnished or unfurnished?
      If rent includes shared pool, spa, gym, tennis or security.
      How many people share the property

PLEASE NOTE: Most people (residents and visitors) cannot afford to live in the CBD.
Most VU students live in „Group 4‟ (see below) in new townhouses or older-renovated houses.
Melbourne Suburbs and Costs (See attachment 1)

Apartments Furnished-Serviced

Backpacker (Daily) Accommodation
Budget dormitory (shared) and single HOTEL rooms for students to stay 1+ nights when they first arrive from overseas,
interstate or country Victoria.
Compare and book a „bed‟ BEFORE ARRIVING (dates can be easily changed) at
      Tell Friendly and Miami staff that you are a VU student when booking so
      1. you can then meet other VU student who are staying and so
      2. the VU Student Housing officer can visit the Miami, Friendly or King St Backpackers to meet you at
           your accommodation)

Bond (Security Deposit)
(Email for a copy of this information in Mandarin)
A Landlord, Real Estate Agent or Co-Tenant can ask for a maximum of one month‟s rent as a security bond.
This bond money is used to pay for any AGREED damage.
It is illegal for Real Estate Agents or landlords to collect a security deposit /bond plus key money
Landlords who do not lodge this bond money with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA) can be fined $1000.
You must complete a Condition Report if you pay bond so that you can „prove‟ what the condition of the property was
when you started renting it.
Even when no bond is paid, a condition report is often completed to avoid any future disagreements over who owes
what at the end of a tenancy.

Bond Receipt

I, (name of person who received money), received $……………. as bond for (your new address) from (your name)

……………………………….. Signatures

Bond Loan Scheme For Australian Residents
Local students may be eligible for an Office of Housing (OoH-DHS) non-interest bond loan. For more information on the
Office of Housing, go to

Eligibility and Application Process
                   You need to be a permanent Australian resident
                   Have a current health care
                   The place you want to rent a place needs to be 55% or less of your total income
                   Do not own your own house or flat already
                   Have repaid any previous OoH loans in full
                   Single people can borrow a max $400 for an OOH bond if their GROSS income is $315 or less
                   Families and shared households can borrow a max $600.

Once you have been accepted for a housing vacancy ask your landlord for a 'proof of tenancy' letter which includes
    (a) Owners name and contact details
    (b) The address of the rental property
    (c) Your share of the rent and bond (d) and date you will start the lease.
    (d) Do not pay ANY of the bond yourself at this stage, as the OoH can't reimburse you.

         Download and complete a Bond Assistance Form at

         Lodge a completed Bond Assistance Application form (orange) INPERSON at your nearest Office of Housing
          with (a) Current Centrelink Statement (b) Current Bank Receipt (c) 2 forms of identification (1 needs to have a
          photo) (eg: drivers licence, health care card, student card, library card, birth certificate, passport) and (d)
          Proof of Tenancy.
         Await approval/rejection. The OoH will approve or reject your application within 24 hours.
         If you are successful, you or your Real Estate Agent will be given a cheque that needs to be lodged with the
          Residential Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA) within 5 working days of the lease being signed. The RTBA
          holds the bond money until the lease ends.
         You will receive a receipt within 7 working days. If you do not receive a receipt, contact the RTBA (9627 6143
          or 1800 137 164).
         You and the 'landlord' need to meet (not more than 7 days before the end of the lease) to decide if any of this
          bond money will be used to pay for mutually agreed property damage.
Bond Return: Vacant Rentals
        All tenants who have paid bond need to sign a „Bond Claim Form‟ for the landlord or R/E to sign at the final
        Complete this bond claim form in PEN only
        Do NOT leave any blanks
        Do NOT sign a bond return that does not state how much bond money EACH person is owed.

        It can take 14 working days for the RTBA to have your bond re-deposited into your (or a friends) Australian
         bank account.
        If you need to „return home‟ you could visit the RTBA at level 2, 452 Flinders St, Melbourne and ask that your
         bond return be deposited into your bank account earlier.

Bond Return: Shared Housing
        If you live in share housing give your „household‟ as much notice as possible that you want to leave so that
         they can help you find a replacement tenant.
        If you live in share housing and your bond lodged with the RTBA then you to complete a „Tenant Transfer‟
         (pink form).
        This new tenant then pays you the bond money you paid.
        You sign a „bond transfer‟ so that this amount can be banked in the RTBA on their behalf.
        This „tenant transfer‟ also removes your name from the lease then making this NEW tenant legally and
         financially responsible for any lease breaking or damage.
        Any Government Bond Assistance is automatically returned to the OoH minus any AGREED deductions.
        You will need to repay any of these deductions (debt) before you can apply for Bond Assistance again

(Email for a copy of this information in Mandarin)
A dirty house, bedroom and garden can make you physically sick
Garbage attracts rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and maggots (germs) and bad smells. A dirty neighbourhood affects

Most students loose their bond money because of
        Mouldy bathrooms/showers
        Oily kitchen floors that then ruins carpet in other rooms
        Oily stoves/oven/sinks and walls
        Dirt toilets
        Not mowed Lawns
        Outside Rubbish (broken electrical goods, bags of rubbish, newspapers)

                  Invite a friend over for lunch, takeaway or a video to motivate you to tidy up.

        Start cleaning by washing your linen (sheets, doona cover, pillow case and towel) and clothes. Open the
         windows and blinds and let in the fresh air and sunlight.
        Open the bathroom window every time you have a shower to stop mould.
        Iron you clothes on an ironing board (KMART) not on the carpet, bench or floor, as it will burn these
        Soak up cooking oil (with paper towel) in the oven, griller, stove and kitchen benches EVERYTIME you cook.
         Clean the oven, griller, stove top, kitchen benches and walls WEEKLY with OVEN CLEANER and SOAKING
         (from the supermarket).
        Wipe the shower screen & tiles, bath, bathroom & laundry sink and toilet with a cloth and domestos EACH
         time you use.
        Wipe all carpet spills with COLD water + dish-washing liquid IMMEDIATELY.
        NEVER butt your cigarettes inside the house or on carpet.
        NEVER iron your clothes on the carpet as it will burn.
        Burn a little eucalyptus oil and water (from supermarket).
        Never leave an oil burner unwatched as it may catch fire if the oil becomes too hot.

Expensive cleaners are often made of strong chemicals that can cause asthma, sinus and headaches. These chemicals
can scratch the surface thus attracting extra dirt and germs. Commercial cleaners are expensive because of their high
advertising costs.
         Soak (detergent + hot water) benches and stovetop. Mix some soap mixture, Cussons washing-up liquid or
          Ajax powder with water.
         Cut old towels into dish clothes for wiping benches and wash as needed.
         Soak (detergent + hot water in the sink) dirty dishes as you use them.
         Make a cheap washing powder and general cleaner by breaking Velvet Soap into pieces and soaking in a
          little hot water overnight to dissolve.
         Put shoes, books, clothes etc in a „community basket‟ in the lounge-room. Your roommates will quickly learn
          to pick up after themselves.
         Wipe the inside of a smelly fridge with vanilla essence and leave some bicarb soda in the fridge to absorb
          future smells.
         Remove carpet smells and stains by sprinkling with bicarb soda or salt and vacuuming.
         Fill old stockings with used dried tea-leaves for smelly shoes-cupboards.
         Soak stained cups in bleach
         Shine silver with toothpaste.
         Sprinkle talcum powder (no-name) or grated soap on the bench to stop any ants and cockroaches.
         Coke cleans most things including stained toilets, driveways and rust marks. Watch carefully as it may
          dissolve some things.

         Cut out magazine pictures or put photos of your family and friends in cheap frames from garage sales and
          secondhand shops.
         Use ‘blue tack’ NOT nails- sticky tape or you will loose your bond.
         Buy second-hand material, tablecloths or blankets etc to use as colourful cushions, curtains or mats or to
          cover ugly furniture.
         Buy some cheap bright flowers and put in a old drink bottle.
         Change the battery in the smoke alarm to stop the buzzing sound.

Curtains and Blinds
         Hang your shower, lounge and bedroom when damp.
         Buy a new shower curtain from the $2 shop.
         Replace „ugly‟ blinds with new or second-hand ones ($2 shop or garage sale).
         Keep your old drapes-blinds so can replace when leaving.
         Do not wash the blinds-drapes as they crease and shrink.
         Dust venetian blinds with a damp cloth carefully as they bend
         Wash the windows by dipping newspaper dipped in a bucket of water with a capful of methylated spirits added
          and dry with clean newspaper.

Carpet, Floors and Walls
         If you are feeling itchy buy a „flea bomb‟ from the supermarket.
         Ask your landlord if you can put newer carpet on top of your old carpet (See
          Carpet needs to be thin enough for the doors to close.
         Sweep the carpet with a straw broom and place a piece of lightly damp newspaper on the dirt to collect dirt.
         Remove cobwebs with a broom before dusting or sweeping. When dusting (including walls) use a damp cloth
          to stop dust moving to another room.
         Clean polished floorboards, tiles or lino just need to be swept with a soft broom. Clean floors with a mop/cloth
          soaked in hot water and a capful of mentholated spirits (metho).
         Wash yellowed cigarette stained walls and skirting boards by spraying with sugar soap, soaking and then
          rinsing with warm water.

Carpet and Cleaning Services
Dave:                                                         9449 7386 0425 822 661
Professional:                                                 9363 5795 0418 310 686
A & H Cleaning Services:                                      0417 566 661

Condition Report: What Is It?
A condition report is a written record (legal evidence) used to proof whether any property damage has occurred and
thus bond money is owed.

Do You Need to Complete a Condition Report?
A Condition Report must be completed by anyone paying a bond or a security deposit. Even when no bond is paid, a
condition report is often completed to avoid any future disagreements over who owes what at the end of a tenancy.

How Do You Complete A Condition Report?
Condition Reports are completed at the same time the lease (agreement) is signed and bond paid. The landlord makes
a Condition Report, which is a list of any „wear and tear‟, and then signs. The tenant can add any extra items and then

PLEASE NOTE: Landlord and new tenant must make a comment in each box.
If shared housing, comment only on own bedroom, not all bedrooms.
List any extra items provided by landlord and state if „given‟ or „on loan‟.
Use extra paper if more space is needed.
Each tenant and landlord (R/E) needs to (1) sign and date each page and (2) have there OWN copy of the Condition

Hallway, Lounge and Dining Room
Carpet/rugs: any marks such as ink, chewing gum, dog footprints, red wine, coffee stains.
Polished floor-boards: gaps, scratches, water stains.
Lino: broken, marked, mouldy.
Walls/ceilings: nail holes, peeling paint, wallpaper or plaster, cracks, rising damp, marks.
Windows/blinds/curtains: won‟t lock, open/close, torn, dirty, no screens.
Power-points/light fittings: none, broken, not working, dangerous.
Doors: won‟t open/close/lock, kick/punch marks, no/loose door handles.

Walls/floors/stove: stained, not working.
Cupboards/benches: broken, won‟t open/close, stained.

Toilet, Bathroom and Laundry
Ceiling/walls/shower-screen/bath/hand basin/sink/mirror: cracked, rusty, mouldy.
Bath/floor/shower tiles: broken, missing.
Toilet: seat missing or broken, floor tiles missing.
Taps/shower head: broken, leaky, can‟t turn on.

Garden: overgrown, dead plants/grass, old car, newspapers, rubbish/food scraps.
Fences/gates/letterbox: broken/missing fence palings, gate won‟t open/close.
Clothesline: won‟t wind up/down, plastic broken/sagging.
Driveway/garage: cracked cement, garage filled with rubbish.

For Example
Security doors: lock, good condition.
Internal doors: lounge and bedroom (1) door scratched.
Lounge, dining room and hallway: lounge and hall carpet stained.
Floorboards: good condition.
Heater, air-conditioner and fans: heater fan broken. No air-conditioner.
Walls, ceilings: marked in lounge and hall. Ceilings okay.
Blinds, curtains: no blinds. Lounge curtains old.
Power-points: okay
Light-fittings: no light fittings in lounge.
Alarm system, smoke detectors: no alarm. Smoke detectors not working in laundry.

Please Note: It IS compulsory to provide a smoke alarm in all rental properties. Report it in writing to the owner
immediately if no smoke alarm is provided or is not working.

It is NOT compulsory to provide an alarm, heater, air-conditioner, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, sprinkler system,
garage, driveway, wardrobes or fan in a rental property, however, record if any of these are (a) provided and (b) if

Condition Report To Complete (see Attachment 2)

Contents Insurance: What Is It?
Contents Insurance is when you pay a premium (each year) to an insurance company (insurer) so that they will replace
your belongings (IPOD, CD‟s, Laptop, Camera etc) if they are stolen from your home. The OWNER of a rental property
is responsible for insuring the structure and fittings.

The price of Insurance (premium) is NOT fixed but set by individual Insurers depending upon you „risk level‟ (eg:
whether high or low burglary area and previous claims)
You will need to have a list of all your contents and their serial numbers.
Name of item                    Brand                           Model                    Photo (yes/no)
                                                                Serial Number
Mobile phone
DVD player
Video player
Power tools
Sporting goods

How To Apply For Contents Insurance?
Most people buy Contents Insurance on-line or by telephone.
Compare Insurance premium costs and exclusions at
                                Telephone 1319 55
                                 Telephone: 13 10 10
        www.cgu.acom                            Telephone 1300 362 893
                                Telephone: 13 22 44
                             Telephone 13 10 00

                   PLEASE NOTE: Before buying any Insurance YOU need to ASK…
         Can you join your co-tenants existing policy?
        What is the INIMUM amount you can insure your goods for?
        How many UNRELATED people can be on the same policy? (NON relatives or defacto)
        Can you pay your Premium direct debit each month from your bank account or credit card?
        What is your EXCESS? (Amount you need to pay EXTRA if you make a claim)
        What happens to your CREDIT RATING if you make a claim? When does this Insurer NOT honour claims?
        (Are you covered if you are robbed while you are away on holidays or when you are robbed because you left
         the window open or alarm off?)
        What belongings are/not covered?
        How are claims paid (eg: Insurer replaces all goods stolen with NEW ones that YOU chose?)?
        Any additional benefits (cheaper rate for car and contents insurance?)
        If accepted you will be posted a COVER NOTE that protects your belongings immediately.
        When your policy (as agreed) arrives you can then (1) pay the premium amount (to continue coverage)
         or (2) ignore this policy to stop coverage.

                     Buyer Beware: PLEASE NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to
        Keep notes (a record) of ALL business telephone conversations with
        Time and Date of Call
        Full Name of the Person you spoke to
        What was said or promised (cover note)? How much were your quoted?
        You need to tell the Insurer (whether on-line or telephone) ALL relevant information so the Insurer can
         decide your premium (amount of risk). For example, tell the Insurer if you have a dog, security doors,
         window locks, bars or shutters or an alarm. If you do not mention, for example, that the back door
         won’t lock etc you may have your policy cancelled or the Insurer won’t pay if you are robbed.
        You also need to tell the Insurer each year when renewing your policy if anything has changed (for
         example, your new bike, updated laptop or new birthday watch)

Insurance Company Legal Responsibilities
        Legally an Insurer must „clearly inform‟ buyers of any policy restrictions PRIOR to you signing (or giving your
         credit details). You need to be sent and/or have online access to a copy of the policy document and this
         wording needs to be simple and not ambiguous. Legally and insurer must also contact you approx a month
         before your policy is to expire to notify you of this.

The two parts of you insurance policy are:
Terms and Conditions: Standard brochure of „general‟ insurance information.
Policy Schedule or Certificate:
Your Name and Address
Maximum Cover amount ($)
Location and a Description of Goods
(Eg the make, model and identifying numbers of your car or electrical goods)
Any Restrictions (eg one primary driver).

Complaints: Insurance
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
(Free Advice for All Insurance Complaints)
Telephone: 1300 300 630 (free call)     Fax: 03 5177 3749
Email:             Web:

General Insurance Enquiries and Complaints Ltd
(Free Advise for Car Insurance Complaints: Theft and Accidents)
12/31 Queen Street Melbourne
Telephone: 9613 6300/1300 780 808      Fax: 03 9621 2060

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman
(Free Advise for Private Medical Insurance Complaints)
Tel: 1800 640 695                       Fax: 02 8235 8778
Email:                 Web:

Damages (Property)
        Damages is NOT „fair wear and tear‟ such as thinning of the carpets, leaking taps, walls cracking due to
         stumping problems, or paint and tiles chipping because of old age.
        Damage refers to things getting broken or ruined because you, visitors or pets were reckless or deliberately
        Damage includes punching walls, hammering, putting iron or cigarette burns on the carpet, staining bench-
         tops, mouldy bathrooms, leaving your rubbish or belongings in the property or on the footpath, un-mowed
         lawns and not professional steam cleaned carpets.

        Discrimination is defined as the “unfavourable treatment of a person based on their gender, race, age, ability
        The Equal Opportunity Act 1995 (VIC) simply stated says that it is illegal for any accommodation (goods and
         services) provider (eg; Real Estate Agent, Private Landlord etc) to act in a way that favours (actual and
         perceived) one individual or group over another.
        Exceptions include accommodation unsuitable for children, educational and welfare facilities and shared
        Discrimination may be illegal.
        Discrimination is also very stressful.
        If you feel that you have been discriminated against write as much detail as you can of what happened (date,
         time, venue name, who said what)

        Contact the Equal Opportunity Commission for legal advice, representation and arbitration at 3rd Floor, 380
         Lonsdale St, Melbourne, telephone 9281 7100, Email

Female Only: Hopkins House Student Accommodation:
        Culturally Sensitive, Safe, Clean, Central and Budget LUXURY.
        Day-Day, Fortnightly or Monthly Lease.

No Application Fees, Refundable 4-Week Security Bond
Single Bedroom are $A100 –$120 (larger)
Shared Bedrooms are $A70 for each female
Rent INCLUDES heating, gas, electricity and water bills.        Telephone: Helen 0400           661 121

Furnished Bedroom
A furnished bedroom includes bed, desk, cupboard, chair, wardrobe and lamp, but not linen or computer.

Gas and Electricity Connection and Billing
        It is free to connect the gas.
        Electricity costs $26.20 to connect (or no cost with a health care card).
        These services will be disconnected if you do not pay your bills.
        Remember to either remove your name from accounts or disconnect utilities at the end of your lease or you
         will be legally liable for the next tenants.

                                                Origin gas 131 260
                                          AGL electricity and gas 131 245
                                          TXU electricity and gas 133 466
                                             City West Water 131 691

        Homestay means living with local residents (often not other students) in their home. Rent includes meals (full-
         board) and bills. Students may help with household duties, only as agreed, in exchange for less rent. No
         bond, rent in advance or lease is needed.
        Homestay hosts are from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. A 'family' could be mum and dad
         with/without children or a single adult with/wihout children. Hosts are any age, any religion and working,
         retired or studying. Some Hosts have pets (cat/dog), smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and eat meat. Hosts are
         any age, any religion and working, retired or studying.
        Homestay providers charge a one-off $A88-$A150 administration fee including placement and free airport
        Full Board includes a self-serve breakfast, lunch, and hot dinner cooked by your host family. In Full board
         your Host may wash your clothes as part of the 'household' to save water. In Fullboard you may be asked to
         help wash the dishes or fold the washing.

        You are not expected to provide childcare or clean the whole house
        Full board costs from $A145 to A$200 per person per week depending on whether your bedroom is single or
        Rent Only includes linen and utility costs (electricity, gas, water) excluding Internet/telephone. Rent Only is
         A$145 per person per week.
        Ring or email any of the providers listed below. You do not need to provide written references, sign a contract
         or pay bond or rent in advance money. Students need to tell their hosts when they want to leave.

Disclaimer: The Homestay, Hotel, Motel and Backpacker providers referred to on this site are not owned or
operated by Victoria University. Victoria University does not endorse any of these contacts. They are provided
for students' convenience only. Any arrangements, financial or otherwise, are strictly between the student and
the Homestay provider.

Familystay Australia                                                     Home Away From Home
Phone: (61 3) 9574 7473                                                  Phone: (61 3) 9574 7473
Email:                                         Email:
Homestay Victoria                                                        Ausstay Homestay Network
Phone: (61 3) 9642 1566 or 0412 036 579                                  Phone: (6 13) 9510 2222
Email:                                   Email:
Australian Students Accommodation Placement
Phone: (6 13) 9531 8476

Hotels and Motels


House-Hunting Friend
          Email to register for a House-Hunting Friend.

Landlord is defined as
          The actual owner of a rental or
          The Real Estate Agent managing or
          The primary tenant whose signature is signed on the lease (sub-letter) or
          The Manager of a Student Accommodation (eg: Student Village).

          A lease is a signed contract between you and the landlord and/or you and co-tenants.
          THIS IS A LEGAL CONTRACT that records the landlord/co-tenant contact details, the rental price, rental
           period and any penalties for rental breaches.

Lease Example (See Attachment 3)

                                  PLEASE NOTE… PLEASE NOTE…PLEASE NOTE
You or „your household‟ will need to give minimum 28 days WRITTEN notice if your „house‟ is vacating.

Tenants living in shared housing will need to tell their „household‟ as early as possible if they are „leaving‟ so that others
can decide to continue or end the lease.

If your lease has NOT expired and you want to break it early, you are legally responsible for the rent and
advertising costs until the property is re-let. Landlords and Real Estate Agents can also apply to the Victorian
Civil Administration Tribunal (VCAT) for ‘compensation’ if you break your lease early. This re-letting provision
DOES NOT apply to hostels (unless signed into contract), rooming houses or share housing

Legally the landlord or Real Estate Agent needs to take all ‘reasonable’ action to re-let a property. The landlord-
R/E does NOT need to try too hard as you are still responsible for the rent until re-let.

Advertise free at or with another institution to see if another student can ‘take over’
your lease. You need to ring the landlord or R/E daily to see if they have re-let the property.

The property, even if shared, needs to be left in the same (or better) condition as when initial leased (agreed).

All damage (eg: ironing marks on carpet) is to be fixed.
See to get at LEAST 2 repair quotes.
Ring utility companies and ask them to send you a ‘final reading bill’ so you can pay your ‘share’ of any money

No rubbish or belongings are to be left in or outside the propert.y. Rent is legally owed until keys are returned.

In shared households, each tenants is responsible for cleaning their own bedroom, and helping to clean shared
kitchen, lounge, bathroom, laundry and garden areas.

Carpet is to be professionally steam cleaned, lawns mowed, benches, floors and oven top dirt and stain free,
oven, griller, bathroom and laundry dirt and stain free. Photograph your cleaning as ‘proof’ .

Plan to stay with friends-backpackers for 1-2 weeks before leaving the country to clean your property, cancel
utilities, claim bond, store-sell-giveaway your belongings, organise a mail re-direction, confirm flight, say
goodbye etc

PLAN to pay your share of the bills, clean your share of the house, disconnect utilities and leave a forwarding
address. Ignoring your responsibilities is bad manners and irresponsible and will cause renting problems for
future students.

                                       NOTICE TO VACATE: END LEASE

To:                            Rental Team:      (name of Real Estate Agency or Landlord)
Subject:             Notice To Vacate: (the address of your house / flat)

I / We (all names on the lease) will NOT be renewing our lease when it expires on (date). We will pay our final ($A
amount) rent owing on (date).

I / We request an inspection on (date).
    On this day:
Utilities will have been disconnected
All belongings, furniture and rubbish will be removed
Carpets will be professionally steam-cleaned
Property, including oven/stove, will be cleaned
Grass area will be mowed

We will give you a completed Bond Claim form on this day for you to sign. We will take this signed form to the RTBA to
have our ($A amount) deposited into our bank accounts.

Thank you for your assistance.

(Everyone Sign)

Legal Advice (Free for Local and International Students): PLEASE NOTE
         Read any policy or contract carefully.
         You can take any UNSIGNED policy or contract home to give you time to „think‟ and „ask for help‟.
         A signed policy or contract IS a legal agreement.
         It will cost you MUCH money to break a policy or contract
         Please keep a photocopy of EVERYTHING
Law Institute of Victoria Telephone: 9607 9550
Western Suburbs Legal Centre (Newport) Telephone: 9391 2244
Footscray Community Legal Service: 20 Nicholson St Footscray Telephone 9689 844
Sunshine Community Legal Service: 1/474 Ballarat Road Sunshine Telephone: 9311 8611
Essendon Community Legal Service: 13a Wingate St Ascot Vale Telephone: 9376 7929
Werribee/Laverton Community Centre Telephone: 9741 0198

Mobile (Cell) Phones
         Mobile phones can be a ‘financial nightmare’.
         Use a sim card and cancel any existing contracts before using a second-hand phone.

• Landline to Landline is 25 cents for WHOLE call (unlimited time). The person who rang is billed NOT both
•Landline to Mobile (60 cents per 30 seconds)
•Mobile to Mobile (buy pre-paid mobile packages)(charged for SMS/retrieval)
•For example, landline (with telephone card) to China (2cents per minute)

Real Estate Agents (R/E) and
DO I need to pay R/E Administration Costs? What Does a R/E Do?
         Owners pay real estate agents 7% to „manage‟ their investment.
         R/E „screen‟ potential tenants and then present „preferred applications‟ for the owner to accept/reject.
         R/E advertise vacant rentals (weekly rental lists, newspaper and internet)
         R/e also check referees, sign leases, lodge bonds with the RTBA, complete condition reports, collect rents,
          report repairs to the owner, attend 6 month inspections
         Lodge and represent VCAT applications.

R/E Visits
         You DO NOT need an appointment to see a R/E.
         R/E are open 7 days from 9-5 pm
         Wear neat and „boring‟ dress with no sunglasses or hats.
         You need a $A50 refundable deposit to view each property.
         IDENTIFICATION: You will need to provide your passport, international drivers license, banking and/or
          medical insurance details to view R/E vacancies and connect utilities. DO NOT provide your parents contacts
          or academic details. Leave a mobile or email contact.
         Ask the receptionist “for a rental list please”
         You can visit (and apply) for as many properties as you want. NO OBLIGATION.
         Compare 2+ rentals during the day and at night.
         Ask the receptionist for the keys to the properties you want to view.
         Ask the receptionist to photocopy relevant Melways pages and provide transport info.
         Ask what time you need to bring the keys back?
         Return the keys and collect your $50 and identification.
         Complete an application form for each property you are interested in and ask when you will know if your
          application has been successful.

         Do Not Sign Anything Without Advice: See
         You need pay 4 weeks bond + 4 weeks rent in advance via EFTPOS NOT CASH.
         You need to complete a Bond Lodgement form so the R/E can lodge with the RTBA.
         You need to get a set of keys and a copy of the signed lease.
         You need to agree or disagree with the R/E comments on the Condition Report and return a copy to the R/E
          office within 2 weeks.

         You need to connect the Gas, Electricity, Water and Phone (Free Inerpreter Service 131 450)

Real Estate Agents Contact Lists (Attachment 4) & Abbreviations (5)
A letter or phone call from an important person (mosque/temple/church leader, employer, bank manager, doctor or
teacher) saying that you will be a good tenant, pay your rent on time, keep your house and garden clean and tidy, pay
your bills and be a good neighbour.

Rent: What Is It?
The money you pay for your bedroom and to share the rest of the property or a vacant property per week or per
calendar month.

Rent Assistance for Local Students
Students receiving Centrelink benefits may be eligable for fortnightly Rent Assistance.
Local students may be eligable for a Housing Emergency Fund (HEF) or One-Off Utility grant. Any student experiencing
rent, utility and/or telephone bill difficulties can contact Student Services.

Rent Receipt Example
I, ………………………………….(name of person getting money) received $………for ….. weeks rent for (address of
rented property).
Rent paid From 1/1/03 To 15/1/03


Recycling, Rubbish Removal and Skips
Put food scraps and bagged grass clippings/weeds in the green bin provided.
Put any glass, cans and plastic bottles in your black recycle bin.

         If you DO NOT have a garbage and recycle bin, email your name, address and phone number to

Put these council bins at the front of your house every week for free collection.
Do not leave any rubbish or belongings in/outside your rental property.
Local council inspectors will speak to your landlord and fine you.
Sell or giveaway your belongings or hire a „skip‟ (approx $A40-60). This skip will be delivered to your property, fill with
everything you don‟t want (except chemicals) and the company will collect in 2 days time. Book a „skip‟ by ringing:

Access Rubbish                                                 0410 645 147
Bickles                                                        9309 8254 0418 998 823
Roger                                                          0413 155 861

         Check your local newspaper for „removalist‟ contacts.
         Compare companies by asking how big the truck is, if insurance is included, if the price is for 1 or 2 persons,
          how long they have been in business and does „payment‟ start from their depot to their depot or your house to
          the storage company.
         Supermarkets and Dimmy‟s have free cardboard boxes.
         VU Student Village residents may have a „ute‟ and may appreciate some removalist money. Email

Rooming Houses ARE NOT Shared Housing
         In shared housing one student, or resident, rents an unfurnished 3 bedroom (B/R) house for $200 (for
          example) per week from a Real Estate Agent.
         This student then rents the extra 2 bedrooms and 1 extra lounge to 3 other students.
         Each student pays $50 rent each week for a single bedroom plus shared use of kitchen, bathroom, lounge,
          laundry and garden.
         All students share the gas, electricity, water and shopping bills and share the cooking and cleaning.

         In a rooming house, a person rents lockable bedrooms (more than 4) to students and/or local residents. The
          rent often includes furnished bedroom, gas, electricity and water bills and shared living areas. The owner (or
          the person who let from the real estate agent) decides who lives in the property and what the house-rules are
          eg: friends visiting and staying over.

PLEASE NOTE. A contract (Lease) is OPTIONAL in a Rooming House. If no WRITTEN lease then the tenant needs to
pay MAXIMUM 2 weeks security bond and 2 weeks rent-in-advance (no furniture hire or key money can be asked if
bond money paid)

To protect your bond money paid ALWAYS ASK your landlord-subletter-other tenants a bond receipt, weekly/monthly
rent receipts and condition reports.

         Turn the ring volume down on your telephone.
         Turn the sound down on your answering machine.
         Tell your neighbours you are going away.
         Ask your neighbour/friend to empty your mailbox and take in your garbage bin.
         Leave your radio on a talk back station.
         Leave curtains closed and windows and doors locked.
         Weed your garden and mow your lawns often.
         Empty your mailbox daily and secure it with a padlock.
         Put your rubbish and recycle bins out for collection each week and bring them back in when they are empty.
         Secure shed/garage with a padlock.
         Don‟t leave clothes on the line for a long time.
         Keep all doors and windows locked even if you are out for only 5 minutes.
         It‟s best to have an alarm, but this is rare in rental properties, so
         Buy a cheap alarm or pretend camera from Dick Smith.
         Lockable security doors are great but not always provided in rental properties, so buy and install a cheap door
          security chain and always use it.
         Replace any inside/outside light globes that aren‟t working.
         Ask your real estate agent or landlord in writing to replace any missing window screens.
         Use window key locks if provided. Do not leave the keys in the locks.
         Buy cheap or second-hand curtains for privacy.
         Keep curtains/blinds closed.
         Place wooden rods in every window and sliding door to stop them being opened. ($2 from hardware store).
         Leave an answering machine message saying „we will return your call soon‟ NOT „we are not home‟.
         Don‟t leave spare keys in obvious places such as under the doormat, give them to your neighbours or friends.
         Don‟t tell people where you live unless you know them very well.
         Don‟t leave notes on your front door.
         Program 000 (emergency numbers: police, fire, ambulance) into your phone.
         Leave the key in deadlocks/security doors if you are at home, in case of fire.
         Throw flour not water on an oil fire.
         Replace the battery in your fire alarm when it starts beeping.
         If you buy a new computer, CD player etc, crush the packaging and put in the garbage bin so people do not
          know what you have bought.
         Keep a list of all your goods and insure them.

Selling Your Car, Furniture, White-goods, Books, Bikes and Clothes
         Local council can fine $A215+ if tenants leave ANY belongings or rubbish in the property or on the footpath
          when vacating.

         Please sell your goods at, or
         Or store cheaply at another students house
         Or post „For Sale‟ or „To Give Away Free‟ signs
         Or ask your neighbours to „hire a skip‟ (approx $60) with you and have a clean-up

Share Housing Questions (See Attachment 6)

Smoke Alarms: PLEASE NOTE
The Real Estate or landlord must provide a smoke alarm in all rental properties. The tenant IS responsible for replacing
the battery.

The Real Estate or landlord does NOT legally need to provide security alarm, heating or cooling, any white goods
except stove/oven or storage or parking.

Storage and Freight
         Ring Public Storage (Ashley St, Footscray West, 9689 8222) for a quote.
         Ask what size you will need, how much is the security deposit, lock and insurance?
         Ask if they have their own removalists or could recommend someone?
         See (share housing vacancies) as some students have spare rooms or garages
          and may appreciate some storage money.

TNT Express Baggage                               9326 8500 or
Jetta Express Baggage                             9335 2588 or
Professional Freight Services            9355 2499 or

Student Housing Database (See
VU (H/E and TAFE) website where students can search for, or list (free) shared housing vacancies with other students.

Student Village: Maribyrnong and Sunbury
Email or Telephone: 9304 6300
Victoria University owns student accommodation „halls of residence‟. One residence is located in Maribyrnong and the
other at Sunbury campus.
A free shuttle bus is provided from Student Village Maribyrnong to Footscray Park (FP) campus.
Students studying at city campuses can catch a MET bus (zone 1) outside Student Village Maribyrnong to Footscray
train station then catch a train to the Flinders St (12 minutes).
Students studying at St Albans or Werribee can catch a train MET bus from outside Student Village Maribyrnong to the
Footscray train station then catch a train to either St Albans or Hoppers Crossing (Zone 2).
Students studying at Sunshine campus can catch MET from outside Student Village to Sunshine (Zone 1) or drive (10
Both residences include a single furnished bedroom, shared cooking and social areas and facilities, academic, peer and
Internet support, security, and rent gas and electricity bills.

Telephone-Internet Connection and Bills
See (Internet Providers) and watch the television for monthly specials
A landline costs approximately $55 to connect (there are no concessions).
Landline handset rental costs around $5 per month.
It costs around $209 for each extra line.
Check for discount local-interstate-international call plans.
Check for discount landline-mobile-internet deals.
Check discount message bank, call waiting, itemized accounts (all calls listed), multi-number/line option deals.
See (Internet Providers eg: DODO)

Restrictions: Incoming Call Only
         The phone company can put a no cost local „bar‟ (pin) so people can ring you but you can‟t ring them.
         You can still ring 000 (police, fire, ambulance).
         You will be charged a monthly rental of around $20.
         The phone company can also put a mobile, interstate and/or international (long distance) „bar‟ on your phone
          so people can ring you but your household can‟t ring them.

Utility Information: Water, Gas, Electricity and Water

  Ring 13 14 50 for a free telephone interpreter to help you to connect your utilities and answer
                                      your billing questions
         If you move into a vacant (no one else is living there) flat or house you need to connect the water, gas,
          electricity, water and phone.
         You do not pay utilities bills if you are living in „body corporate‟.
         If you move into shared housing, these utilities will already be connected, but you need to ring the utilities
          companies to include your name on the accounts for your house.

         There is no cost to connect water and tenants pay for water and sewerage USE only and NOT rental.

Utility Concessions
         If you are an Australian Resident, you can get a 17.5% concession on your winter gas and electricity and
          water bill if you have a low-income Centrelink Card.
         If you are a local student with a current health care card, you can apply for a one-off grant (not a loan) to pay
          an outstanding gas or electricity bill. See

Utility Cancellation (including Internet, Cable and Rental Furniture)
         Only cancel the bills that are in your name only or you will disconnect these services. Ring the company to
          organize a „final reading (bill)‟ time. See the last bill for utility a contact numbers.

         New tenant cannot connect utility accounts until the previous one is disconnected

         If an account is in joint names you and whoever else is listed on the bill needs to ring the company together to
          have your name removed from an account.

         It is important to disconnect accounts, especially if you were living alone, so that the new tenant cannot run up
          bills in your name

         If you, or someone else accumulates bills in your name, then you may get a poor credit listing and find it
          difficult to live or start a business in Australia in the future.

                                         More Orientation Information

Airport Bus
If staying at the Student Village please email for free airport pickup 3 days
BEFORE you travel.

Airport buses (called skybus) run 24/7 and leave every 20 minutes from Spencer St and the Airport (Local and
International). Cost is $13.00 (1 trip), $24 (2 trips) and $26 one way for a family. Ask the Skybus driver to drop you at
either Spencer St or your backpacker hostel. See

Australian Life (travel? fruit picking work?)
      (bicycle tracks information)

         Please carry minimum amounts of cash.
        Take 100 points of identification (passport, license, medical insurance details, student enrolment letter and
         student card) to ANY bank or co-op to open a free keycard account. Ask if students are exempt from banking

Ackland St, St Kilda.                  Brunswick St, Fitzroy.               High St, Westgarth.
Smith St, Collingwood.                 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn.                Chapel St, Prahran.
Gammon St, Seddon.                     Nelson Place, Williamstown. Anderson St, Yarraville.

Cars can be a debt and legal trap. Email for a copy of „Buying A Used car: Avoid Buying A Lemon‟

        International students can drive in Australia if they have a Temporary Visa + Copy of Translation NOT Student
         Visa alone
        Get a RACV Inspection BEFORE paying any deposit money
        Registration approx $A500 annual
        Compulsory 3rd Party Insurance
        Comprehensive Insurance Extra (for your repairs or theft)
        RACV Road Assistance (Basic Cover $A66 per year)
        Petrol: Leaded or Unleaded

Comedy and Theatre
        Comedy Club, 380 Lygon St, Carlton, phone 9348 1622.
        Victorian Arts Centre, St Kilda Road, Melbourne City, phone 9281 8000.
        La Mama, 205 Faraday St, Carlton, phone 9347 6142.
        Playbox, 113 Sturt St, South Melbourne, phone 9685 5111.
        Theatreworks, 14 Ackland St, St Kilda, phone 9534 4879.
        Handspan Theatre (puppetry), phone 9427 8611.

Credit and Debit Cards: PLEASE NOTE
        A credit card is when you „borrow‟ money from a bank or VISA and will need to repay each month plus
         interest and fees.
        A debit card is when you have the money in your bank account to pay and do not want to carry cash.
        Cancel any lost or stolen credit/debit cards immediately by ringing the bank etc. Also visit (you do not need
         an appointment time) your local police station if you your credit/debit card or anything else valuable (eg:
         wallet, passport, laptop, camera) has been lost or stolen.

Change of Address
        Please notify your University, Banks, VICROADS (Motor Registry), Electoral Role (Aust Citizens) if you move
         house or return interstate/overseas

        The cheapest place to buy a PC or parts is in the „Green Guide‟ of The Age newspaper on Thursdays.

Department Stores
        Department stores are open Saturday – Thursday 9 am - 5 pm and Friday 9 am - 9 pm.
        If you are searching for something, telephone the department store first.
        Ask if they have the item and how much it costs.
        Ask if they can deliver the item and if this costs extra.
        Ask the store if they can „hold‟ the item for you.

        Forges, 80 Nicholson St, Footscray, phone 9687 4345.
        KMART, Paisley St Shopping Centre, Footscray, phone 9689 7400.
        Big W/Target/Myers at Highpoint Centre, Maribyrnong.
        $2 Shops at Barkly St, Footscray; Victoria St, Richmond; Smith St, Collingwood and High St, Preston.
        Cheap, trendy clothes can be bought at Bridge Rd, Richmond; Smith St, Collingwood and the Victoria Market.

        Ring 000 (free call public telephone or landline) (ring 112 for free call from mobile) (Ring 106 if hearing or
         speech impaired) for Ambulance, Police and Fire assistance.
        Ambulance and Police Assistance needs to be for a „life threatening‟ situation (see
        Life threatening means that you, a stranger or someone you know has harmed or is currently experiencing
         physical danger.
        You will need to state the address (nearby street), what happened and when this happened.
        Ambulance travel is free for local students with a Centrelink Health Care Card and International students with
         private Medical insurance.
        You can also report crime without giving your name or address at Crime Stoppers 1800 33300

Garage Sales and Fetes
        Read the „For Sale‟ and „Garage Sales‟ listed in your free local newspapers. Fetes and markets have low-cost
         and interesting household goods, clothes, jewellery, plants and gifts.
Food Prices and Shopping List (See Attachment 8)

•If you feel „VERY sick‟, are bleeding or broke your arm go to the nearest Hospital. Ambulance: 000 or 112 (mobile)(free
••If you feel „sick‟ or „have headaches‟ make an appointment with a BULK BILLING GP (doctor)
•Female and Male GP and Nurse at FP campus
•The GP may give you a PRESCRIPTION to buy medicine from the Chemist
($A50: Ask How Much BEFORE having „script‟ filled)
•The GP may give you an EXAMINATION REFERRAL to a SPECIALIST (ear, nose etc) or to have XRAYS. (Ask how
much you will need to pay when booking)
•If you have XRAYS or see a Specialist you will need to go back to see your GP for the RESULTS.

Mail Redirection
The Post Office can organize to have your mail forwarded if you move address or return home interstate/overseas
(approx $8 per week).

Markets (Food, Clothes, Gifts and Household Goods)
        Queen Victoria (corner of Elizabeth and Victoria St, Melbourne): Tues and Thurs 6am-2 pm, Fri 6am-6 pm,
         Sat 6am-3 pm and Sun 6am-4 pm.
        Footscray Market (corner of Hopkins and Leeds St): Wed 7am-2 pm, Thurs 7am-6 pm, Friday 7am-8 pm and
         Sat 7am-5 pm.
        South Melbourne Market (Cecil St): Wed-Sun.
        Prahran Market (Commercial Road): Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat.
        St Kilda Art Market (Upper Esplanade): Sun afternoon.
        Camberwell Rotary Market (Station St): Sun morning (great clothes).
        Victoria Art Centre Market (Southbank): Sun afternoon.
        Prahran „Grunge‟ Market (Greville St): Sun afternoon.
        Laverton Market: all day Sat and Sun.
        Altona Market: Sun morning.

         See „Gig Guide‟ every Friday for „What‟s On‟)
         Blockbuster, 152 Bourke St, Melbourne City (CBD).
         Jam Factory, 500 Chapel St, South Yarra.
         Gaslight, 85 Bourke St, CBD.
         Missing Link, 262 Flinders Lane, CBD.
         Au Go Go 349 Little Bourke St, CBD.
         Greville Records, 152 Greville St, Prahran.
         Polester Records, 387 Brunswick St, Fitzroy and Toorak Road, South Yarra.
         Discuriov, 285 Little Collins St, Melbourne City (Classical, Jazz, Blues & Guitar).
         Readings, Lygon St, Carlton.
         JB Hi-Fi and Sanity Records.

Newspapers (

Public Telephones
         Public telephone boxes are provided on many Australian streets. You can use either coins or a pre-paid
          phone card.
         Local calls (to the same state eg Melbourne) are 40-50 cents unlimited time.
         Other states, overseas and mobile are minimum 40-50cents connection plus actual numbers of minutes.

Public Toilets
         Public toilets (and toilet paper) are provided free in most restaurants, central train stations, airports, shopping
          centres-department stores and entertainment venues.

Public Transport ( (1800 652 313)

Public Transport Concessions for Local Students
Holders of the following Health Care Cards types ARE entitled to concession fares:
         Sickness Allowance (SA)
         Newstart Allowance (NS)
         Widow Allowance (WA)
         Youth Allowance (YA code only)
         Special Benefits (SL)

         Holders of Health Care Cards with payment code LI are NOT entitled to concession

         Full-time students with NO Centrelink Health Care Card can apply for a „Victorian Public Transport
          Concession Card‟ at train stations/bus depots.

Public Transport Costs (as of 1/1/05)
                 Zone              Adult-            Concession-         Adult-            Concession-
                                   2 Hour            2 Hour              Daily             Daily
                 Zone 1            $3.10             $1.80              $5.90             $3.10
                 Zone 2            $2.30             $1.20              $4.10             $2.20
                 Zone 3            $2.30             $1.20              $4.10             $2.20
                 Zone 1/2          $5.10             $2.70              $9.50             $4.90
                 Zone 2/3          $4.10             $2.30              $7.90             $4.00
                 Zone 1/2/3        7.10              $3.50              $12.40            $5.40
                 Sunday            Everyone          For Zone           Train +
                 Special           $2.50             1+2+3              Tram+

If you use public transport often it may be cheaper to buy a weekly (7 days), monthly or yearly ticket.

Shopping: Second-Hand Clothing and Furniture (See Appendix 9)
         www.unitradercom (free for students to post „for sale‟ and „work wanted‟ web adverts

         The cheapest meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese, coffee and flowers are from the Queen Victoria, Footscray,
          South Melbourne or Preston Markets.
         Supermarkets are much more expensive than fresh food markets but can be convenient as open long hours x
          7 days a week.
         Supermarkets include Coles, Safeway, Aldi, Bi-Lo and Tuckerbag.

Take-Away Food
         Chinese/Malay: China Town, Little Bourke St, Melbourne.
         Vietnamese: Victoria St, Richmond; Barkly St, Footscray and High St, Preston.
         Turkish/Lebanese: Sydney Road, Brunswick/Coburg.
         Italian: Lygon St, Carlton.
         Spanish/Greek: Johnson St, Fitzroy.
         Africian: Nicholson St, Footscray.

Arrow Taxi Service:                                                                132 211
Embassy Taxis:                                                                     131 755
Silver Top Taxi Service:                                                           131 008
Yellow Cabs:                                                                       132 227
(You can also pre-book a taxi to the airport at minimal extra cost)

Weather (

Working In Australia: PLEASE NOTE
         All employees (local and international) need to complete an „Application For A Tax File Number‟ before
          starting work (see.
         On starting work, all employees need to complete a „Tax Declaration Form‟ to be eligible for the minimum tax
          rate deduction
         International students need to complete an „Application for A Student Visa with Permission To Work (form
          157P)” before working (see
         All employees need to submit a Tax Return (after June 30th each year).
         Contact Student Support to register for „Tax Help‟ (a VU student who is qualified to complete your Tax Return
          for free).

Attachment 1: Melbourne Suburbs and Costs
Group 1 (Zone 1): Melbourne CBD
A 1 B/R furnished apartment costs $180+ per person per week or $120+ shared.
Group 2 (Zone 1): 1-2 kilometres from the CBD
Carlton                                            1 B/R rooming house $180 per person per week (furn)
Parkville                                          2 B/R apartment $320+ (total rent)
Docklands                                          1 B/R apartment $170+
North Melbourne                                    1 B/R flat $170+
South Melbourne                                    1 B/R apartment $200+
Port Melbourne                                     2 B/R apartment $335+
East Melbourne                                     1 B/R flat $210+
Albert Park                                        1 B/R flat $240+
Southbank                                          1 B/R apartment $230+

Group 3 (Zone 1): 4 kilometres from the CBD
Older flats, furnished apartments and 2/3 B/R terrace houses. Popular student areas.
Toorak                                               1 B/R flat $170+:
South Yarra                                          1 B/R flat $250+
Armadale                                             1 B/R flat $170+
Prahran                                              1 B/R flat $160+ 2 B/R house $270+
East Brunswick                                          1 B/R flat $170+   3 B/R house $260+
West Brunswick                                          1 B/R flat $135+   3B/R house $200+
Richmond                                                1 B/R flat $150+   2 B/R house $240+
Burnley                                                 1 B/R flat $180+   3 B/R house $350+
Collingwood (Abbotsford)                                1 B/R flat $160+   3 B/R house $320+
Clifton Hill                                            1 B/R flat $160+   3 B/R house $360+
Fitzroy                                                 1 B/R flat $170+   2 B/R house $300+
Westgarth                                               1 B/R flat $170+   3 B/R house $280+
* Flemington                                            1 B/R unit $140+   2 B/R house $260+
* Kensington                                            1 B/R unit $170+        2 B/R house $230+
Hawthorn (Glenferrie)                                   1 B/R flat $165+
Camberwell                                              1 B/R flat $180+
Alphington                                              1 B/R flat $180+
Kew                                                     1 B/R unit $170+

Group 4 (Zone 1): 6-8 kilometres from the CBD
1-2 B/R flats and units, townhouses, renovated/unrenovated 2-4 B/R houses
*Popular VU student areas
* Maribyrnong                  3 B/R townhouse         * Altona (Sea brook)            1 B/R flat $110+
                               $230+ per week                                          3 B/R
                               1 B/R flat $130+                                        house $190+

* Footscray                     1 B/R flat $130+ p/w        * Moonee Ponds             3 B/R house $230+
                                3 B/R house                                            1 B/R flat $140+
                                $195+ per week
* Footscray West                1 B/R flat $110+            * Essendon                 1 B/R flat $130+
(Tottenham)                     3 B/R house                                            3 B/R house $220+
                                $175+ per week
* Maidstone                     1 B/R flat $160+ p/w        * Nidree/Strathmore        2 B/R flat $220+
                                3 B/R house $180+                                      3 B/R house $240+
* Kingsville                    1 B/R flat $125+ p/w        * Keilor                   Few flats
                                3 B/R house $260+                                      3 B/R house $220+
* Braybrook/Brooklyn            1 B/R flat $105+ p/w        * Seddon                   2 B/R house $200+
                                3 B/R house $155+
* Spotswood                     Few flats for rent          * Newport                  1 B/R flat $135+
                                3 B/R house $200+                                      3 B/R house $210+
* Williamstown                  1 B/R apartments            * Yarraville               1 B/R unit $135+
                                $175+                                                  3 B/R house $180+
                                3 B/R house $270+
Coburg                          1 B/R flat $130+            Elsternwick/St Kilda Beach 1 B/R flat $150+
                                3 B/R house $230+                                      Executive house Rentals
Pascoe Vale                     1 B/R flat $180+            Elwood (Balaclava)         1 B/R flat $155+
                                3 B/R house $210+
Caulfield                       1 B/R flat $130+
                                3 B/R house $270+

Group 5 (Zone 1): 10 kilometres from the CBD
Older houses/units and newly built townhouses/townhouse estates
Sunshine (Albion)           1 B/R flat $120+         Preston-Reservoir                 3 B/R house $200+
                            3 B/R house $165+
Brighton Beach              Executive rentals        West Heidelberg                   3 B/R house $190+
Glenroy                     3 B/R house $180+        Surrey Hill
Fawkner                     3 B/R house $180+        Oakleigh

Group 6 (Zone 1 and 2): 10+ kilometres from the CBD
Rental is less, as newly built owner-occupier housing
Melton                            3 B/R house $175+         Laverton                   3 B/R house $180+
St Albans/Sydenham                1 B/R unit $140+          Broadmeadows
                                  3 B/R house $165+
Hoppers Crossing                  Few flats or units        Box Hill
WERRIBEE                          3B/R house $180+
Sunbury                           Few flats or units        Eltham
                                  3 B/R house $190+
Caroline Springs                  New town houses           Greensborough-
                                  3 B/R house $220+         Hurstsbridge
Deer Park                         3 B/R house               Ringwood
Point Cook                       Few flats or units   Mordialloc –Sandringham
                                 3 B/R house $210+    Beach

Attachment 2: Blank Condition Report To Complete
Name of Real estate agent/landlord/subletter:

Name of new tenant:

Address of rental property:

Front/back security doors/deadlocks

Internal doors

Lounge, dining room, hallway carpet, rugs


Heater, air-conditioner, fans

Ceilings, walls

Windows, screens

Blinds, curtains

Power-points, light fittings


* Smoke Detectors


Walls, floors
Windows, screens
Curtains, blinds

Benches, cupboards

Hot plate, griller, oven

Dishwasher, fridge, microwave

Exhaust fan

Windows, screens

Floor, shower tiles

Shower screen, hand basin



Taps, showerhead

Floors, walls, sinks

Windows, screens


Fences, gates, letterbox, sprinkler system

 Driveway, garage

 Storage areas

 Walls, floor

 Windows, screens


 Any Other Furniture, Linen, Electrical Items:

 (Items for Loan)

 Landlord (subletter) signature:

 Tenant(s) signature:


 Attachment 3: Rental Contract (Lease) Example
 Today‟s Date:
 The rental period is Each Week, Every 2 Week or Each Month
 This lease-contract is from (date) to (date)?

 What will happen if the tenant or landlord breaks this lease early?

 Rental address?
 How much is the rent each week?

 Will the bedroom be shared?
 Does this rent include bedroom furniture?

 Does this rent include gas, electricity & water bills?
 Does this rent include Internet access?
 If YES, how many Internet access hours daily?
 Does this rent include gardening?
 Does this rent include cleaning?
 Does this rent include any meals?

 When is the first rent due? (date)
 How much is Rent-In-Advance?
 How much is the Bond?

 We agree to the above conditions
 Landlord/co-tenant signature:
 Telephone number:

 New Tenant Signature
 Telephone Number

 Attachment 4: Real Estate Agent Contacts

             CROSSING AREA
  Disclaimer: The Real Estate Agents referred to are NOT
     owned or operated by Victoria University. Victoria
University does not endorse any of these contacts. They are
       provided for student’s convenience only. Any
 arrangements, financial or otherwise, are strictly between
             the student and Real Estate Agent.

      Sweeney                          154 Hopkins Street        9689 8388

        Frank Trimboli                 169 Barkly Street         9689 6011

       Di Natale                       225 Barkly Street         9689 1755

       Burnham                         49 Irving Street          9687 1344

       Stockdale & Leggo               38 Irving Street          9689 5555

        Meallin                        93 Paisley Street         9687 3366

       Marc of Melbourne               206 Barkly Street         9687 3244

        Noel Jones                     184 Nicholson Street      9687 4466


       John Kontek & Sons              239-241 Hampshire Road    9312 6666

       Stockdale & Leggo               273 Hampshire Road        9311 7022

       Sweeney                         26 Devonshire Road        9311 8188

        Barlow, McEwan & Tribe         344-346 Melbourne Road    9391 1888


       Marston & Cook                  274-276 Racecourse Road   9376 2211

       Hocking Stuart                  488 Macaulay Road         9376 3322

       Brad Teal                       Shop 6, Newmarket Plaza   9376 6144                     Racecourse Road

       Thomson                         291 Racecourse Road       9372 2277
                ASCOT VALE-ESSENDON
       Geoff Green                      532 Mt Alexander Road             9370 1277

        Wilson Pride                    241 Union Road                    9370 1111
                                         244 Union Road                    9370 3333
        Raine & Horne
                                         902 Mt Alexander Road             9370 9422
        Anderson

        Brad Teal                       1122 Mt. Alexander Road           9374 2199


        Jas H. Stephens                 104 Somerville Road               9316 9000

       Hocking Stuart                   130 Gamon Street                  8387 0555

       Benlor Real Estate               257 Heaths Road                   9748 6300

        Raine & Horne                   Shop 2                            9748 5888                 229 Heaths Road

        John Kontex                     Shop 48, Corner Heaths-Derrimut   8742 9888

        Professionals                   6A Watton Street                  9741 5900

        Barry Plant                     21 Watton Street                  9731 8888

        Stockdale and Leggo             19 Watton Street                  9742 3700

        McNaughton                      38 Synnot Street                  9741 1600

        DiNatale                        44 Watton Street                  9741 3633

                         ST ALBANS
       John Kontek                    308 Main Road                     9366 1144

       Wesstside                        1A Alfrieda Street                9364 1188

       Douglas Kay                      63 Alfrieda Street                9366 1322

        Raine & Horne                   Shop 3, 47 Victoria Crescent      9310 9411
                                         22 Alfrieda Street
       Sweeney                                                            9366 8188
                                         2/340 Main Road
                                                                           9363 6928(f)
        Bells

                     MELBOURNE CITY
        Dingle & Partners                39 Queen St, Melbourne            9614 6688

       Hocking & Stuart                  1/388 Lonsdale St, Melbourne      9670 3550

       Melbourne Inner City Management                              9/365 Queen St, Melbourne         9278 8888

        L.R.Reed                         4/140 Bourke St Melbourne         9639 1122

        Portfolio Property Manager       3/313 Flinders Lane, Melbourne    9614 8211

         L.J Hooker                      414 Flinders Lane, Melbourne      9662 4411

        TT Global                        9/140 Bourke St, Melbourne        9662 1818

        Student Housing Australia                                          96631188 (private owned)

        MIRAVIC                          6/380 St Kilda Road, Melbourne    9695 9695

        Kligerwood                       250 Queen Street, Melbourne       9670 7777

        Christopher Lucas                469 Latrobe Street, Melbourne     9691 8900


        Biggin and Scott                 256 Chapel St, South Yarra        9520 9000

        Williams                         155-161 Toorak Road, S/Yarra      9866 4411

        Rothmans                         662 Chapel St, S/Yarra            9826 6555

        Wilson Pride                     2 Chantham St Prahran             9529 110

               ALBERT PARK

        Barry Plant Doherty              83 Bay Street, Port Melbourne     9681 9000

       Hocking & Stuart                  91 Victoria Ave, Albert Park      9696 4699

       Dixon Kestles                     161 Park St, South Melbourne      9690 3488


        Biggin & Scott                   8 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda        9534 0241

        Whiting & Co                     13-15 Grey Street, St Kilda       9534 8014

        Wilson Pride                     4-7 Shakesphere St, St Kilda      9525 5363

       Thomson                        393 Rathdowne St, Carlton         9347 1755

       Nelson Alexander                  414 Rathdowne St, Carlton North   9347 4322

       Hocking Stuart                    99 Elgin St, Carlton              9347 1300

       Nardella                 498 Victoria St, North Melbourne   9329 8900

       Peter Barnes           345 St Georges Road, Fitzroy       9489 5444

       Chambers                 252 St Georges Road,Fitzroy        9489 9888

       Peter Markovic           109 Smith Street, Fitzroy          9419 5555

                  CLIFTON HILL
        Harrington Earl         133 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill    9488 1888

         Collins Simms          286 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill    9481 2844

       Marshall & Baker         1/24 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill   9481 2099

       Stockdale & Leggo        415 High Street Northcote          9489 2888

       Ray White                460 High Street, Northcote         9481 0633

      Woodards                  273 Camberwell Road Camberwell     9805 1122

         Collins Simms          128 High St Kew                    9853 1522

       Hocking & Stuart         375 Bridge Road                    9428 8544

        Biggin & Scott          28 Bridge Road                     9429 9177

       Hocking & Stuart         489 Sydney Road Brunswick          9381 1288

         L.J. Hooker            6 Sydney Road Coburg               9384 1011

       Brad Teal                432 Sydney Road Coburg             9350 2244

       Stockdale & Leggo        352 Sydney Road Coburg             9384 1244

       Dunlop/Professionals                       54 Evans Street                       9744 2555

       L J Hooker                                 18 Brook Street                       9744 4066

       Ray White                                  5-7 Brook Street                      9744 7744

        Raine & Horne                             20 Brook Street                       9744 6334\sunbury

       First National                             46 Evans Street                       9740 9000

Attachment 5: Real Estate Agent Abbreviations
    AC: Air conditioning  adj: adjacent                           adv: advance
    appt: appointment     apt: apartment                          ava: available
    balc: balcony         b/r: bedroom                            bds: bed sitter
    BIR: built-in-robes   bk: back                                BV: brick veneer
    cl: close             c/port: carport                         cple: couple
    D/F: double fronted   din: dining room                        dist: distance
    dble: double          DTE: down to earth                      d/w: dishwasher
    elec: electricity     ent: entrance                           exc: excellent
    exec: executive       exp: expense                            ext: external
    F/B: full board       facs: facilities                        fam: family
    F/F: fully furnished  ftgs: fittings                          f/l: floor
    furn: furnished       htg: heating                            HWS: hot water system
    incl: includes        insp: inspection                        int: internal
    kms: kilometres       lge: lounge                             lnge: lounge room
    locn: location        LU: lock up                             LUG: lock up garage
    lux: luxury           M/A: mature age                         med: medium
    mins: minutes         mod: modern                             neg: negotiable
    OFP: open fireplace   OSP: off street                         ONO: or nearest offer
    O/S: overseas         OYO: on your own                        Pcm: per calendar month
    pref: prefer          p/w: per week                           R/O: room only
    ref: references       rms: rooms                              ROW: right of way (laneway)
    S/C: self contained   sep: separate                           sec: security
    sgl: single           sm: small                               spac: spacious
    S/s: stainless steel  trans: transport                        UCP: under cover parking
    U/F: unfurnished      W/K: walk                               WB: weatherboard
    WC: toilet            W/I: walk in                            W/R: wardrobe
    F/N: fortnight- every Bungalow: room in
    2 weeks               backyard

Attachment 6: Shared Housing Questions
     How much is the rent?
     Is this rent for a single or shared bedroom?
(Sharing bedrooms is illegal unless the tenant (1) agrees and (2) the rent is cheaper than if rented bedroom as a single.)
     How many people live or will live in the property?
     Is the rent cheaper during holiday periods?

         How much is the bond?
         How will this be held?
         A Condition Report must be completed if any bond is paid.

         How long is the lease?
         How much written notice do I need to give?
         How much will it cost to break my lease early?
Shopping and Cooking
      Do tenants shop as a group?
      Who does the cooking? What type of food is eaten?
      Are any meals shared or provided? Do these cost extra?
      Who pays for the meat?
      Who pays for basic food, cleaning supplies, toiletries and treats?
      Do partners and friends who visit/stay regularly contribute to the bills?

Utility: Gas, Electricity and Water Connection and Bills
      The tenant needs to connect the utilities if moving into a vacant rental.
      Is there any water or heating restrictions?
      How are the utility bills divided?
      Do you have a spare heater/fan? Can I use a heater/fan in my bedroom? Extra cost?

Telephone (landline)
      Do you have a landline? Are landline costs included in my rent?
      What plan is it?
      Any „pin‟ or „time‟ restrictions?
      How is the landline bill divided?

Internet and Cable Television
      Is cable television provided? Is this extra?
      Is Internet access provided? Cost? Restrictions?

Bedroom Furniture
      Is any bedroom furniture (bed, wardrobe, desk, drawers, heater/fan, PC, lamp) supplied?

Shared Use?
    Telephone
    Heater
    Air conditioner/Fan
    Fridge
    Washing Machine
    Dishwasher
    Microwave
    Sofa
    Table/Chairs
    Television
    Stereo
    Video Recorder
    DVD
    PC
    Internet
    Kettle/toaster/rice cooker
    Cutlery/plates/cups
    Linen (pillow, sheets, doona/blankets, towels)
    Any other furniture/appliance
    Car parking, Other

Partners, Friends and Visitors
      How many people are signed on the lease? How many people stay regularly?
      Can my friends and/or family visit (number, gender, times, overnight stays)?

      Each person (including visitors) is responsible for cleaning their own room, doing their own dishes and picking
       up after themselves.
      Who washes, hangs out, brings in and fold the clothes?
      Who does the grocery shopping?
      Who does the bill paying?
      Who washes/dries the dishes?
      Who cleans the bathroom sink, bath, toilet and floor?
      Who sweeps/mops the kitchen floor?
      Who vacuums/dust shared areas?
      Who organises the recycling and rubbish?
      Who does the lawn mowing, watering and weeding?
      How often does cleaning happen? Are chores rotated weekly? What is the standard?
      What happens if the same person(s) is doing all the housework?

Smoking, Alcohol and Other Drugs
      Is smoking allowed? Inside? Outside?
           Alcohol? Illegal Drugs?
  Religious and Cultural Needs
           Does the household have any specific religious or cultural needs?

           Whose responsibility to pay and care for and supervise?

  Disability Modifications
           Does the property have any modifications for disabled tenants?

           Are pets allowed? Inside? Outside? Who feeds and cleans them?

  House Meetings
           What day/time are house meetings held?

  Attachment 7: Food Price and Shopping List
  DISCLAIMER: The products listed are not endorsed by Victoria University and are provided for students’
  convenience only. Prices listed are averages only. Compare prices especially weekly specials. Grocery prices
  are not ‘set’ and depend on where (which store and area) and when you buy them (Christmas and Easter are
  more expensive times). The prices listed are for the Footscray area (April 2005).
     Start to use frozen foods and defrost your fridge (turn off) early if you are moving house
Product                        Convenience store      Major                     Major
                               $                      supermarket               supermarket
                                                      $                         Home Brand
Bread (Mighty Soft)                       3.35 (650g)                 2.28 (650g)             99c (650g)
Rice Cakes (Sun)                                                      1.65                   1.19
Garlic Bread                                                          2.88 (375g)            1.85 (450g)
        For an easy meal, fry meat, vegetables or tofu. Add cooked 2-minute noodles and sauces if needed.
 Rice, pasta, noodles, sauces, herbs, spices and coconut milk are often cheaper from Asian, Indian, and Italian etc

Product                                   Convenience store           Major supermarket      Major supermarket
                                          $                           $                      Home Brand
2 Minute Noodles                          95c                         64c                    25c
Plain Rice (Sun Rice)                     1.50 (500g)                 2.05 (1kg)             1.09
Jasmine Rice (Sun Rice)                   -                           2.30 (750g)            1.49 (1kg)
Basmati rice (1kg) (Riviana)              4.00                        2.86                   2.55
Pasta (500g) (San Remo)                   2.65                        1.79 (spaghetti)        49c (spaghetti)
Long life noodles (250g) (Fantastic)       -                          1.02                   -
Instant Noodles (Trident)                                             1.18 (200g)
Instant Noodles (Fantastic)               4.50 (Wokka) (370g)         2.98
Dried herbs and spices
Product                                   Convenience store           Major supermarket      Major supermarket
                                          $                           $                      Home Brand
Salt (Saxa Table) (750g)                  1.75 (125g)                 2.27                   75c (500g)
Pepper (Ground White) (100g)              1.95 (50g)                  2.30                   1.70 (100g)
Stock (90g) (24)                          -                           2.32                   1.59
Mixed herbs (McCormick)(100g)             -                           2.65                   1.11 (Hoyts) (25g)
Dried garlic (McCormick) (50g)            -                           2.48                   1.04 (Hoyts) (25g)
Curry powder (Keens) 100g                 -                           3.61                   88c (100g)
Coriander (McKenzie) (ground) (100g)      -                           1.96                   -
Cinnamon (Mckenzie)                       -                           1.17 (40g)             -
Chilli (Hoyts)                            -                           1.29 (25g)             -
Coconut Milk (Can) (400mls)               2.10                        1.69                   -
Carnation Evaporative Milk                2.15 (395ml)                -                      -
Condensed Milk (Carnation)(375mls)        2.75                        1.89                   1.15 (325mls)
Sauces and Oils
Product                                   Convenience store           Major supermarket      Major supermarket
                                          $                           $                      Home Brand
Canola Oil (Crisco) (750ml)               -                           2.93                   1.39
Olive oil (1litre)                        6.50 (500ml)                8.99                   6.99
Vegetable Oil (Crisco) (750mls)           3.75 (750ml)                2.77                   1.90

Soy Sauce (Kikkoman)                      2.90 (Fountain) (250ml)     3.03 (250ml)           1.15 (500ml)
Sweet Chilli Sauce (trident) (285ml)      2.95 (fountain- 250ml)      1.94                   1.02 (300ml)
Pasta Sauce (Dolmino)(570g)               2.90                        2.63                   2.39
Tomato Sauce (Rosella) (600ml)            2.85                       1.82                       1.15
Mayonnaise (Kraft) (530g)                 3.65 (375ml)               2.86                       1.69 (770g)
                    It is cheaper to buy tinned fruit, vegetables and fish especially out-of-season.
Product                                   Convenience store          Major supermarket          Major supermarket
                                         $                          $                         Home Brand
Canned tomatoes (415g)                   1.75                       1.07                      65c
Baked beans (Heinz) (420g)                -                         99c                       68c
Spaghetti (Heinz) (420g)                 1.80                       1.00                      68c
4 bean mix (Edgel) (420g)                -                          1.35                      -
Canned mushrooms (Edgel) (420g)          -                          1.38                      -
Canned corn (Edgel) (420g)               1.85 (creamed)             1.33                      -
Canned pineapple (450g)                  2.05                       1.55                      -
Breakfast: When buying breakfast cereal and other breakfast foods check that you are paying for nutrition, not
sugar or packaging.
Product                                  Convenience store          Major supermarket         Major supermarket
                                         $                          $                         Home Brand
Tinned fruit (SPC) (825g)                -                          2.79                      1.89
Dried fruit (1kg – mixed))               -                          5.58                      3.89
Almonds (75g)                            -                          1.86                      -
Chopped nuts (200g)                      -                          -                         89c
Rolled oats (Uncle Toby)(500g)           -                          2.74                      99c (750g)
Weetbix (750g)                           3.25 (375g)                3.61                      1.76
Cornflakes (Kellogs) (430g)              3.50 (310g)                4.62                      2.99
Weeties (500g)                           -                          3.30                      -
Special K (360g)                         5.30                       3.90                      -
Nutrigrain (345g)                        6.25                       4.18                      -
Just Right (560g)                        6.45                       4.97                      -
Coco Pops (450g)                         5.95                       4.18                      -
Rice Bubbles (300g)                      3.80                       3.00                      -
Product                                  Convenience store          Major supermarket         Major supermarket
                                         $                          $                         Home Brand
Peanut Butter (Kraft) (375g)             2.75 (200g)                2.99                      2.59
Vegemite (175g)                          4.90 (235g)                2.97                      -
Honey (Capilino) (500g)                  5.45 (400g)                5.53                      3.69 (750)
Jam (Golden Circle)(500g)                2.30 (250g)                2.69                      1.26 (450g)
Tea, coffee and hot drinks
Product                                  Convenience store          Major supermarket         Major supermarket
                                         $                          $                         Home Brand
Herbal tea (Twinings) (10pk)             -                          1.66                      -
Tea bags (Lipton) (50)                   3.30                       3.20                      1.39 (50)
Coffee (Nescafe) (150g)                  6.85 (100g)                4.99                      2.69 (100g)
Milo (Nestle) (450g)                     4.10 (240g)                4.68                      -
Quick (500g)                             3.55 (250g)                4.69                      -
Ovaltine (350g)                          -                          4.32                      -
Cocoa (Cadbury) (125g)                   2.75                       1.93                      -
Milkshake flavouring (Cottees)           -                          2.55                      1.09
Sugar (CSR) (White) (1kg)                1.90                       1.29                      1.10
Sugar (CSR) (Raw) (1kg)                  1.80                       1.38                      95c
 Frozen Food: It is cheaper to buy Home Brand frozen food from the supermarket and add your own extra toppings
                                                 than buying takeaway.
                           Use crumpets or pitta breads (bread section) as cheap pizza bases.
Product                                  Convenience store          Major supermarket         Major supermarket
                                         $                          $                         Home Brand
Hamburgers (Farmland) (20)               -                          4.79                      -

Lasagna (Maggi)(900g)                     6.25 (McCain-400g)     7.88                    7.49 (1kg)
Dinner meals- Lamb, beef, chicken, fish   7.25                   4.99
Sheppards pie, carbonara, tuna            7.25                   4.13                    3.15(375g)
mornay (McCain)(400g)
Sweet & sour (Griffs)(400g)               6.55                   3.96                    -
Macaroni cheese (Maggi) (400g)            -                      3.66                    -
Cheese & spinach pastries (Borgs)(10)     -                      4.49                    -
Lean Cuisine (350g)                       8.20                   5.29                    -
Kanton Chinese meals (340g)               -                      4.87                    -
Chicken nuggets (Ingham)(500g)            -                      6.11                    3.46
4 pizza singles (McCain) (400g)           -                      5.02                    -
Family pizza (McCain)(500g)               6.95                   4.65                    -
Pizza bases (McCain) (3) 700g                                    4.49                    -
Pies (Four n Twenty)                      6.35 (party pies 12)   6.68 (6)    1.69 (1)    3.49 (4)
Fish fingers (Birdseye)                   -                      3.79 (15)               2.29 (15)
Frozen peas (Birdseye)(500g)              2.65                   1.69                    1.29
Frozen corn (Birdseye) (500g)             -                      1.98                    1.49
Frozen beans (Birdseye) (500g)            -                      1.94                    1.39
Frozen Spinach (Logan) (250g)             -                      1.42                    1.09
Packet soup (90g) (Heinz)                     -                           1.65                       79c
Corned beef (Hamper) (340g)                   -                           3.76                       -
Frozen chips (Birdseye) (1kg)                 -                           2.87                       1.79
  Sweets and Treats: Everyone needs comfort food. It is cheaper and easier to buy cake-mix, jelly, custard, chips,
                            biscuits, nuts, cooking chocolate or biscuits from the supermarket
Product                                       Convenience store           Major supermarket          Major supermarket
                                              $                           $                          Home Brand
Chewing gum (Extra)(3pk)                      1.00 (1pk)                  1.96                       -
Cadburys fruit & nut bar (55g)                1.95                        1.54                       -
Kit Kat (4 Finger)                            1.95                        1.36                       -
Cherry Ripe                                   1.95                        1.83                       -
Mars Bar                                      1.95                        1.34                       -
Mars Bars Fun size (12)                       -                           3.80                       -
Dairy Milk (Cadburys) (250g)                  5.80                        4.07                       -
Cooking chocolate (Nestle)(250g)              -                           3.76                       1.58
Arnotts/Smiths chips (12)                     3.95 (200g) 2.35 (100g)     4.98                       2.43 (15)
Biscuits (Arnotts) (200g)                     3.50                        2.67                       1.69 (250g)
Doritos (230g) corn chips                     2.55 (100g)                 2.46                       1.48
Apple pie (Sara Lee) frozen                   -                           5.41                       2.29
Cheese cake (Sara Lee)(450g) frozen           -                           4.20                       2.99
Cake mix (470g)(white Wings)                  2.65                        1.94                       88c (340g)
Muffin mix (White Wings) (515g)               -                           3.79                       2.99
Flour (White Wings)(1K) plain                 3.00                        2.25                       79
Jelly crystals (Aeroplane) (85g)              -                           90c                        35c
Custard powder (Fosters)(350g)                -                           1.65                       88c
                                     Australian tap water is safe to drink, and tastes good.
                               ‘Fruit’ cordial is a cheaper alternative to juice and soft drink.
Product                                       Convenience store           Major supermarket          Major supermarket
                                              $                           $                          Home Brand
Coke (24 Cans) (375ml)                        -                           16.83                      8.59 (cola)
Coke (1 Can)                                  2.10                        0.98                       -
Coke (2L)                                     4.40                        2.55                       -
Red Bull (1 Can)                              2.95                        2.58                       -
Juice (Fresh) (2L) (Daily Juice)              4.20                        4.89                       2.89
Juice (Tetra paks) (Original) (1ltr)                                      1.69                       1.29
Cordial (Cottees)(2L) concentrated            2.75 (750ml)                3.55                       1.89
Bottle Water (MT Franklin)                    3.25 (1.5 litre)            1.52 (1 litre)             69c (1.5 litre)
UHT milk is cheaper and last longer than fresh milk.
Product                                       Convenience store           Major supermarket          Major supermarket
                                              $                           $                          Home Brand
Big M (600mls)                                2.60                        2.57                       -
UHT Milk (Pura) (1L) (full cream)             1.70                        1.65                       1.05
Milk (fresh cows‟) (full cream)               1.70 (1 litre)              1.69 (1 litre) 3.08 (2     1.84 (1 litre) 2.09 (2
                                              Skinny/Rev/Light Start      litres)                    litres)
                                              1.95 (1 litre)              Light Start 1.99 (1 litre)
                                                                          Rev/ Skinny 1.85 (1
Soy milk fresh (1L) (So Good)                 2.80                        2.13                       -
UHT soy (So Good) (1L)                        -                           2.15                       1.49
flavoured (1 litre)                           -                           2.75
Parmesan cheese (Fresh)(1K)                   -                           16.28                      -
Cheddar cheese (Coon)(500g block)             4.20 (250g)                 4.87                       2.99
Cheese slices (Kraft) (24))                   3.15 (12)                   4.65                       2.29
Grated cheese (Coon) (500g)                   3.15 (250g)                 4.99                       3.69
Yoghurt (Plain) (1K)                          -                           4.19                       -
Yoghurt (Flavoured) (1K)                      -                           4.35                       3.45
Butter (Western Star) (500g)                  3.50 (375g)Devondale        2.72                       1.58
Margarine (500g)                              3.65 (Flora)                2.70                       Don‟t buy
Ice-cream (Blue Ribbon)(2L)                   4.95 (1.25 litres)          5.24                       2.69
Magnum Classic                                2.40 (1)                    6.19 (4)                   -
Eggs (600g) (12)                              4.35                        3.42                       3.39
Dips (Kraft) (250g)                           -                           2.44                       1.99
Chris‟s Dips (250g)                           -                           2.77                       -
Cleaning agents, toiletries and cosmetics are expensive. Buy (1) Cussons Dishwashing Liquid, (2) Coles Domestos
         (3) Oven Cleaner to clean everything. See VU Housing Service ‘Cleaning’ paper for more information.
Product                                       Convenience store           Major supermarket          Major supermarket
                                              $                           $                          Home Brand
Foil (Multix) (10 metres)                     3.30                        1.99                       1.09
Cling wrap (Glad) (30 m)                      3.35                        2.68                       1.02
Garbage bag roll (Hurcules)Kitch Lge          3.10 (6) outdoor bags       2.75 (25)                  1.25 (25)
Light bulb (Phillips)(60 watt)                1.25                        94c                        48c
Dishwashing liquid (Palmolive) (500ml)        4.20                        2.88                       78c
Washing powder (Cold Power conc.)             4.95 (Surf)                 4.73                       2.22 (1kg)
Toilet cleaner (Harpic)                  3.40 (flushmatic)          2.95                   -
Air freshener (Glade) (125g)             3.60                       2.18                   1.29
Ajax cleaner (375 ml) creme              3.10 powder (500g)         2.45                   1.00
Batteries (Every ready long life) (4)    4.75 (2)                   6.15                   2.00
                                                                                           From $2 shop
Cleaning sponges (scotch brite)         2.40 (2)                    2.85 (4)               1.31 (3)
Toilet paper (Sorbent) (4x)             5.35                        3.22                   1.98
Tissues (Kleenex- 220)                  3.00 (aloe vera 100s)       2.45 (220)             1.06 (200)
Soap (Imperial Leather)                 3.35 (2)                    2.99 (4)               1.79 (5)
Toothpaste (Colgate)                    3.50 (110g)                 2.98 (120g)            -
Toothbrush                              4.95 (Colgate)              2.98                   -
Shampoo Pears                           5.95 (sunsilk) (375ml)      3.69 (400ml)           1.70 (500ml)
Panadol/Disprin (12)                    4.40 (Panadol- 12)          2.78 (Panadol –24)     79 (24)
                                        3.75 (disprin – 24)
Rennie Antacid (24)                     2.90                        2.43                   -
Quick Eaze (12) (25g)                   1.70                        1.21
50 Band Aids                            3.85 (25)                   4.02                   -
Condoms (Durex) (12)                    5.10 (6)                    5.99                   -
Deodorant roll (Rexona)                 5.20                        3.49                   -
Antiseptic cream Savlon                 7.50 (75g)                  2.97 (30g)             -
Soothers (Lozengers)                    1.70                        1.40                   -
Tampons (16)                            7.00 Libra                  4.60 Libra             4.23 Stayfree (personal
                                        6.80 Carefree               4.80 Carefree (20)     pads)
Razors (Gillette) (5)                   5.45                        4.09                   -
Fruit and vegetables are much cheaper and better quality at fresh food markets. The markets do not have the same
  ‘overhead’ costs as supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops. You will usually find the markets are cheaper
                                            than the prices listed below.
Product                                 **Fresh food market**       Major supermarket      Convenience store
                                        $                           $                      $
Potatoes (1Kilo)                        1.99                        2.68                   -
Carrots                                 1.49                        1.98                   -
Broccoli                                2.99                        4.98                   -
Leafy greens (Bunch)                    1.50                        2.98                   -
Onions                                  2.00 (2kg)                  2.78 (1kg)             -
Pumpkin                                 99c /kg                     1.28 /kg               -
Spring onions (Bunch)                   49c                         1.48                   -
Green beans                             1.99                        2.98                   -
Tomatoes                                2.00                        4.48                   -
Cucumber (1Kilo)                        1.99                        1.25 (Each)            -
Red capsicum                            3.99 /kg                    2.78 /kg               -
Green capsicum                          2.99 /kg                    3.48 /kg               -
Parsley (Bunch)                         1.00                        1.48                   -
Garlic                                  99c (6)                     2.98 (Kilo)            -
Ginger (1 Kilo)                         9.99                        14.98                  -
Coriander (living Herbs)                50c (bunch)                 2.98 (in a pot)        -
Chives (Bunch)                          1.00                        2.98 (20gr)            -
Coconut                                 2.00 each                   1.68 each              -
Apples (1 kg)                           1.99                        2.98                   -
Bananas (1 kg)                          1.99                        2.98                   -
Pineapple (Each)                        1.99                        3.9 8                  -
Oranges (1 kg)                          1.30                        2.98                   -
                         Meat and fish are often cheaper and fresher at fresh food markets
Product                                 **Fresh food market**       Major supermarket      Convenience store
                                        $                           $                      $
Bacon (Don) (middle)                    -                           10.89 /kg              -
Whole chicken                           8.00 (fresh)                8.98 (small -cooked)   -
Chicken pieces per kilo                 3.99 (Maryland)             4.49 (drumsticks)      -
Chicken breast per kilo                 8.99                        11.99                  -

  Appendix 8: Second-Hand Clothes and Furniture
           Second-Hand Chance, 523 High St, Northcote. 0403 239 435

           Savers: 33 Albert Street, Footscray, phone 9689 6811.
           330 Sydney Road, Brunswick, phone 9381 2800.

           Salvation Army: 81 Victoria Crescent, Collingwood, phone 9419 7833.
           740 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, phone 9386 4080.

           Brotherhood of St Lawrence: Geelong Road (near cash converters), Tottenham.
           132 Barkly Street, East Brunswick, phone 9489 6183.
           109 Brunswick St, Brunswick, phone 9388 1093.
           358 High Street, Northcote, phone 9489 6183.
           302 Keilor Road, Niddrie/Essendon, phone 9374 2655.
   Basement/ground floor, Royal Arcade, City, phone 9650 3011.

   St Vincent De Paul (SVDP): 121 Johnson, Collingwood, phone 9417 4559.
   19-23 Paramount Road, Footscray West, phone 9689 1093.
   71MainRoad West, St Albans, phone 9366 2590.
   Lot2 Westwood Drive, Deer Park, phone 9360 5266.
   296 Ballarat Road, Braybrook, phone 9311 0124.
   10 Costa Drive, Hoppers Crossing, phone 9748 5433.
   80 Watton Street, Werribee.
   3 Mason Street, Newport, phone 9391 7090.
   156 Oshanassy St, Sunbury, phone 9744 1447.

   Good Shepherd: 74 Johnston St, Collingwood, phone 9417 4666.

   Smith Family: 268 Keilor Road, Niddrie/Essendon, phone 9379 8364.
   248 Hampshire St, Sunshine, phone 9311 0568.
   7/70 Watton Street, Werribee, phone 9731 1923.

   Wayside Op-Shop: 26 Devonshire, St, Sunshine, phone 9311 5450.

   My Mo-Jo: 246 Hampshire Road, Sunshine, phone 9311 5450.

                                    YOUR RENTAL NOTES