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									                              The Pulse
                                                        Student newsletter of Oregon Health & Science University
                                                                                            Winter/Spring 2009
                                                        Meet Your Leaders:
                                                        ♦What medical students asked for in a new Dean of Education:
                                                                  Nicole Gordon discusses the selection process

                                                        ♦ Dr. Tana Grady-Weliky, new Dean of Education at the medical
                                                                  school, introduces herself.

                                                        ♦ Q & A with Dr. Michael Bleich, new Dean of OHSU
                                                                  School of Nursing
                                                                  “I am interested in the idea of co-creation in learning. My
                                                                  job is to help shape the experience, to let the student emerge from the
                                                                  experience knowing that they are also the master and can teach me.”
Student Happenings Around the Hill:
♦Anecdotes from the annual Student Council ski trip
        “Only three lifts were open at Mt. Bachelor on Saturday, but that didn’t
        keep hundreds of medical, nursing, dental, PA, and graduate school
        students from enjoying a perfectly clear day on a much-deserved weekend off.”

♦A Day in the life of a student researcher
♦Student Research Forum
♦PodHEAD: The best albumns of 2008
        “ of the most blissful songs I’ve heard in years - just when you thought
        you couldn’t walk through walls...”

♦Opinion: “A rebuttal - OHSU’s No-Smoking policy”
        “Tobacco cessation is based on an individual’s desire rather than economic standing   Student Services and
        or access to care. Sound policy can have a positive influence on this decision.”
                                                                                              ♦Library Refworks tool
♦Global Health Center wins grant and works with local organizations to
                                                                                              ♦Student Health Center FAQ
        develop three new courses & ongoing opportunities:
        1. Global Health in Changing Environments                                             ♦Hills for Humanity Race
        2. Community Health and Education Exchange
        3. Health and Disease in Context
What does it take to steer the ship?
Nicole Gordon
                                            soon followed by many other medical       as a candidate for Associate Dean of
Medical Student
                                            schools. When Dr. Keenan’s departure      Medical Education. He subsequently
M edical students were recently             was announced, the outpouring of          approved.
informed of the appointment of the new      support and dismay from the student                Dr. Tana Grady-Weliky will
Associate Dean for Medical Education,       body and faculty reflected his many       become OHSU’s first female African-
Dr. Tana Grady-Weliky. Much like our        roles in the community. One of the        American Dean. She comes to OHSU
current national economic and political     reasons why Dr. Keenan was so             during a period of transition, and faces
climate, Dr. Grady-Weliky steps into her    effective in his position was his clear   the challenge of continuing to improve
position during a pivotal period in         and effective advocacy for students.      the medical curriculum with limited
OHSU’s history.                             To address this void, it was essential    resources. During these difficult
         The dean selection process         that the selection committee hear the     financial times, many of OHSU’s
began in late April when Dr. Karen          student voice on what was needed.         medical students will graduate with an
Deveney was appointed by Dean Mark                   Immediately,       the    job    unprecedented level of debt. The
Richardson to be the chair of the           description was reviewed, modified and    institution will continue to try to
selection     task    force.      After     posted. A survey was submitted to         balance issues of state funding with
representatives from the different areas    students revealed two common themes       growing state and nation-wide provider
of medical education (e.g. basic science    in what the student body sought in its    shortages.
curriculum, clinical rotation directors,    new Dean of Education: an individual               Given these challenges, it may
the student body, Office of Diversity       with a passion for curricular             be fitting that an outside candidate was
Affairs, etc.) were chosen, the selection   development and student advocacy          chosen. Dr. Grady-Weliky is relocating
committee convened.                         (summary below). There were many          from Rochester, New York. Outside
         The previous Associate Dean        thoughtful and candid comments that       perspectives not only shed new light
of Medical Education, Dr. Edward            both endorsed and comprehensively         on current issues at OHSU, but are also
Keenan, had done an outstanding job,        challenged the current medical school     symbolic of leadership change.
and was one of the pioneers that            curriculum. After much research and       Although Dr. Keenan and his service
pushed for early clinical exposure in the   analysis was conducted by the             will be missed, a new chapter in OHSU’s
student curriculum, a trend that was        selection committee, Dr. Grady-Weliky     history has begun.
                                            was recommended to Dean Richardson

            “What qualities are to be embodied by the Associate Dean for Medical Education?”

                     Curriculum Development                                           Student Advocate
• Knowledge and expertise with past and current                       • Passion for students and their educational
developments in education                                             needs
• Maintain and continue to develop the current curriculum             • Keen awareness for keeping student interests
• Facilitate collaboration of basic scientists and clinicians in      as a primary objective
delivering curriculum                                                 • Champion for students who pursue diverse
• Background in education theory - familiarity with research          aspects of medicine: subspecialties, and joint
methods of instruction and styles of learning                         degree programs (MPH & PhD students)
• Commitment to a broad education that includes public                • Continued recruitment for students with
health and social/political aspects of medicine                       diverse backgrounds and interests
• Commitment to faculty development and accountability                • Cross disciplinary education: include nursing,
• Increase technology utilization                                     dental, public health students
A new leader in the School of Medicine
Nicole Kearney
Medical Student                              professionalism, and Dr. Pat Brunett        and implied in each acceptance letter
                                             mentioned empathy as the attempt to         to incoming students.
In her first public address to the OHSU      see the world through your patient’s
community, Dr. Tana Grady-Weliky             eyes. Others asked for medical expertise    Diversity and cultural competency
engaged a public forum of faculty, staff,    and communication skills to toggle                   Dr. Grady-Weliky hopes to
and students by discussing some of her       between subspecialists and blue-collar      enhance diversity in the School of
priorities as incoming Associate Dean        workers equally.                            Medicine from two angles: recruitment
for Undergraduate Medical Education.                                                     of faculty and medical school
She highlighted the fundamental                                                          admissions. She used the following
importance of teaching, matters of                                                       quote to describe the oft idealized but
professionalism and competency, and                                                      rarely defined term: “Diversity
the role of diversity.                                                                   encompasses such factors as age,
                                                                                         gender, race, ethnicity, ability and
Teaching                                                                                 religion, as well as education,
         The first topic in Dr. Grady-                                                   professional background, and marital
Weliky’s presentation was the                                                            and parental status,” to which she
importance of teaching. In talking with                                                  added sexual and political orientation.
some senior faculty about core values                                                    Noting that the millennial generation of
at OHSU, she found that “teaching”                                                       medical students tends to be
was among the first words spoken.                                                        community and team oriented, Dr.
Reward and recognition though, are                                                       Grady-Weliky stressed the importance
some areas where OHSU must improve.                                                      of continuing to develop a diverse
Studies show that money is not the                                                       environment.
primary driver behind performance.
Rather, recognition by students and the       “Education is not the filling of the       “The obstacle to discovery is the
Deans’ office, and use of teaching             pail, but the lighting of a fire.”        illusion of knowledge”
activities as part of promotion and            Dr. Tana Grady-Weliky cited WB                      Dr. Tana Grady-Weliky has
tenure, are effective ways to recognize       Yeats to illustrate her approach to        said that one of the things which struck
and reward superior teaching.                         medical education.                 her when she came to OHSU was our
         Additionally, Dr. Grady-Weliky                                                  etched courtyard quote and its
has experience implementing a student                  Dr. Grady-Weliky discussed        implications for life-long learning in a
advising program that focused on long-       the importance of using the best and        calling which exercises “your heart
term connections with students, and          most appropriate methods of knowledge       equally with your head.” She joins
has published research on such               assessment for the ultimate benefit of      OHSU with both inquisitive insight and
“mentor-mentee” relationships. Her           the student, mentor, and patient. There     extensive community-based and
future priorities at OHSU include            are five primary methods commonly           national experience. Most recently she
development of “teach the teacher”           used to evaluate medical students:          served as the Senior Associate Dean
programs and promotion of educational        USMLE exams, preceptor or clerkship         for Medical Education at the University
research opportunities.                      assessments, clinical simulations, direct   of Rochester School of Medicine &
                                             observation, and “360 degree”               Dentistry, where community and
Professionalism: responsibilities,           feedback which includes one’s self,         professional mental health research and
competence, and assessment                   patients, peers, other members of the       education programs were some of her
          “What is the most important        healthcare team, and an attending           top priorities. She is also President of
characteristic you look for in a             physician. Curricular development will      the Association of Women
physician?” was the question she             be guided by evaluation of the use and      Psychiatrists, and Vice-Chair on the
posed to the filled auditorium. This self-   effictiveness of these tools at OHSU.       Council of Medical Education of the
evaluating question reflected the one                  Dr. Grady-Weliky also set         American Psychiatric Association. As
posed to students in a survey for the        goals for collaboration with the newly-     she tackles efforts in teaching,
dean-selection process that eventually       formed Student Resource Committee           curricular       development,         and
chose her; it elicited a number of           (SRC), an accessible resource for           professional and cultural competency,
thoughtful responses from faculty and        advising and assisting medical              she plans to maintain her commitments
students in the audience. She called on      students. This student-led group relies     to clinical practice and her family roles,
many people by name: Dr. Donald Girard       on the accountability and integrity         thus demonstrating her dedication to
described different aspects of               described in the Statement of Principles    service and life-long learning.
Other/Worldly Adventures
Students Comment on the Annual Student Council Ski Trip
                                                        According to a PA         keep hundreds of medical, nursing,
                                                        student who lives in      dental, PA, and graduate school
                                                        Bend and frequents        students from enjoying a perfectly
                                                        the         mountain      clear day on a much-deserved
                                                        regularly, Saturday       weekend off. For a group of
                                                        was the best she has      medical school students lunching at
                                                        seen this whole           Pine Marten Lodge, grilled cheese
                                                        season. I met new         sandwiches, burgers, fries and chili
                                                        people from various       were reminiscent of family
                                                        programs and had a        vacations of years ago and welcome
                                                        great time walking        breaks from an exhausting day.
                                                        around Sunriver,                    Some guests chose to stay
                                                        hanging out in the        in the “quiet rooms” at Sunriver
                                                        lodge, ice skating, and   Resort, but for the majority of
                                         dancing. Though no kegs showed up        students, the annual All-Hill ski trip
                                         in the hot tub, according to the DJ      is known for its rowdy, late night fun,
        The 2009 OHSU Student            there were 15 noise complaints.          which any weary skier or
Ski trip (nights of January 16th-17th)   OHSU still knows how to party.           snowboarder will make an effort to
has come to a successful close, with     Mary P. Junkin, PA Student               rally for. (Did anyone stop by the
hundreds of students enjoying the                                                 Dental School’s hot tub? Think
outdoor hot tubs, Mt. Bachelor, the              It was two days before the       MTV meets Cancun Spring Break,
Student Council-hosted party, and        All-Hill ski trip to Sunriver, but the   minus about 60 degrees). A school-
the breathtaking beauty of Central       Clarks already had the car packed        hosted party with a DJ and cash bar
Oregon. The only notable glitch was      up with board games, ski gear, a         are also traditional highlights of the
the $600 charged to the Student          laundry basket of liquor, and snack      trip, though if you head to any of the
Council as a result of someone           food from Costco. Three days of          hot tubs, you’ll realize the partying
breaking a bottle in a hot tub,          parties, skiing, and hot tubbing         is not confined to the dance floor.
prompting Sunriver to drain the          requires some planning, and if you       Whether one chose to drink, party,
entire tub.                              need an expert sherpa on this trek       ski, or lay low, it was guaranteed to
          As for the the ski/            east, the Clarks made sure their         be a good time.
snowboard report, Mt. Bachelor           group of adjoining rooms for 16 had      Stephanie Go (picture below)
was in the shadow of one of the          enough pancake mix, spaghetti,           Medical Student
most significant ice storms in its       dessert, margaritas, and beer to
operating history leaving much of        keep the good
the mountain closed. That said, the      times rolling
storm also provided one of the most      from Friday
extraterrestrial landscapes I’ve         night until long
ever seen with feet (yes, feet) of       after        the
ice transforming trees into time-        group headed
capsuled sculptures. If it wasn’t for    in from the
the 8" of fresh snow received the        mountain
day before, Mt. Bachelor would           Saturday.
have required ice skates instead of         Only three
skis or snowboards.                      lifts     were
Dustin Johnsen,                          open at Mt.
Graduate Student                         Bachelor on
(picture above and front page)           Saturday, but
                                         that didn’t
From Jazz to the iPod Touch
How the new Dean is shaking things up at the School of Nursing
  “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated
                simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
                                   - Charles Mingus, American jazz musician
Nina Katovic
Nursing Student
                                                   “We do not yet offer graduate
In this interview, Dr. Michael Bleich,       degrees in the area of health systems
the new Dean of the OHSU School of            and leadership, and I think there is
Nursing, shares his perspectives on          almost a social imperative to do this.
nursing, technology, and the music that      Nursing must play a stronger role in
inspires him.                                     the area of health systems and
                                               leadership. This would strengthen          There are layers, titles, and complexities
Q: What attracted you to OHSU and              our clinicians, because ultimately         that are not necessarily helpful to us.
the School of Nursing?                          they are the people who have to           At a time when health care reform is
          The people, plain and simple.          practice in systems designed by          almost inevitable, nursing is going to
Bright, focused, unpretentious, and          someone else. If they can learn how          be politically in the middle, one way or
passionate about their work.                  to influence those systems changes,         another. To be effective, you must have
          Secondly, there was a               they can be responsible for shaping         a broad perspective and be nimble
programmatic attraction; this is a               this often overlooked aspect of          enough to maneuver through change.
university that has a clinical enterprise              clinical outcomes.”                           There are programmatic areas
still associated with it, and I believe we                                                at the School of Nursing that are very
are a service discipline. One should                                                      nicely developed. I am very proud, for
not get so far removed from the realities    ways - is one that surrenders their          example, of our Hartford Geriatric
of service that we are forgetful of what     expertise to simplicity, who goes back       Program. We have a core group who
our real commitment is. I saw faculty        and enjoys the opportunity to meet the       are ready to surpass what they’ve done
here, in particular, that seemed to          world at the place where the students        up to this point, which is already
understand deeper reasons for                are and then take them someplace that’s      recognized as excellent. Furthermore, I
generating knowledge as researchers          complex. It is a shared journey and          think it’s imperative that we develop our
and caring about the quality of              experience.                                  DNP and PhD programs to train for
teaching.                                              I am interested in the idea of     better understanding of health systems.
                                             co-creation in learning. My job is to                    Cancer work is exciting here.
Q: You’ve been described as a                help shape the experience, to let the        Nursing has done much of the
“nouveau academic.” What does that           student emerge from the experience           symptoms management and research,
mean, and how does it dictate how you        knowing that they are also the master        and we bring a unique aspect to this
do your job?                                 and can teach me.                            science portfolio. I see us developing
          I think that we have                         I like the use of technology in    this role further through the Knight
approached education in the past from        academia. I got an iPod Touch and was        Cancer Center.
a very traditional mindset – that the        awed by this powerful, incredibly                       As we look to the future, I
teacher has knowledge, the student           complex device with such intuitive ease.     really see us doing strategic planning
needs knowledge, and the job of the          What could the application be for my         from the bottom up, employing the
teacher is to verbalize that knowledge       aging parents, and those less                vision of faculty and staff. Vision 2020
for the benefit of the student. You take     technology-savy?          How can any        gives us a top-down direction: we are
a complex subject and keep it complex.       technology help us where we are today,       committed to the workforce, and to
But people learn through their               and how can it take us to different levels   certain kinds of care experiences and
experiences, and they learn through          in our thought processes? These are          innovation. I am hoping in the next six
their own lens.                              the connections I enjoy.                     to nine months that there will be a
          I think a true “nouveau                                                         coming together of these perspectives.
academic” is one who can take the            Q: So as far as the School of Nursing        If you want a four-part harmony, you
incredibly complex and make it simple.       goes – where do you see the program          involve some of those stakeholders; I’m
I know we have some faculty here who         going 5 years down the road?                 not sure we don’t have 8-part harmony.
are quite able to do that. The nouveau                We need a structure that is far     My job is to facilitate a harmonious
academic - the master teacher, in some       simpler than the existing structure.         direction. (continued following page)
Library offers treatment for those reference headaches
                                             Setting Up an Account                       I Have An Account...Now What?
Todd Hannon                                                                                        With an established RefWorks
                                                      Unlike       some      other
OHSU Reference Librarian                                                                 account, you can easily import citations
                                             bibliographic management tools that                             require software to be installed to an      from searches in Pubmed, Ovid
                                             individual computer, RefWorks is web-       Medline, PsycINFO, etc. You can use
When writing research papers, we’ve          based and can be used on any computer       RefWorks in tandem with a word
all struggled with the challenge of          with internet access, Macs and PCs          processor to build your research paper
keeping track of potentially valuable        alike. Off-campus access to RefWorks        in preformatted output styles such as
references that we might want to cite        requires an OHSU Library barcode. To        AMA, APA, and JAMA.
in our paper. Formatting can be              obtain a barcode, visit the OHSU            How to Learn More
exceptionally tedious, time consuming        Library circulation desk. To set up a                 There is an excellent tutorial
and ultimately very frustrating. The         Refworks account, go to http://             available via the help menu of every
Library offers free access to a tool Click on              account. The library also provides
called RefWorks that can help save time      Refworks under the “R” Databases, and       group or one-on-one instruction. Please
and minimize frustrations.                   “Sign Up for an Individual Account.”        contact the author for more information.

(continued previous page) My hope
for the next six months is for the
                                             Hills for Humanity                          race participants. All students, faculty,
                                                                                         staff, and greater Portland community
faculty to present their Vision 2020                                                     are welcome, as are families, hikers, and
contribution to President Robertson                                                      pets. This will be a hilly, narrow course
and Provost Hallick.                                                                     winding through the forest, so please
                                                                                         be cautious and courteous to other
Q: From what you’ve shared, one might                                                    runners as you join us to support your
see your role as a conductor; do you                                                     local community!
see it that way?
          Am I conducting a symphony
or am I conducting jazz? If we use Jazz               Saturday, April 11th
as a metaphor, one doesn’t truly
“conduct” jazz. You let people                     7:30 am Late Registration
improvise, but that doesn’t mean                         8:15 Line-Up
there’s no plan.          Jazz is not                      9am Start
unstructured, there are definite
patterns in jazz, there are various                    Nominate Someone You Know
harmonic convergences. In most jazz                                                         for Student of the Month
idioms, everyone gets their day in the                     Pre-register!
sun and everyone is given the freedom           For best race line-up and course
to improvise because every player has          safety, include estimated mile time.               Each month OHSU Student
a gift that deserves attention.                                                          Council would like to recognize an
          Rather than conducting a                                                       exceptional student for their hard work.
symphony where I bring the horns                                                         Award winners will receive a $50 gift
here, the violins to a pianissimo, and
                                                      Hills for Humanity is a 4-mile     certificate to Powell’s Books and be
then the brass up to a forte, I see myself   fun run and hike from OHSU, through         featured in a Student of the Month
bringing a lot of talented players           the Marquam Hill trails to Council Crest,   column in The Pulse. Please consider
together to create some very elegant         and back down via the roads (see high-      acknowledging a fellow student and
sounds. Jazz always sounds simple,           lighted route below). This 5th annual       sharing with others what makes them
but it’s very complex. I see myself as       race will raise money for Garlington        exceptional. Nomination forms can be
improvising at multiple levels and           Mental Health Clinic in Northeast Port-     found at the kiosk at the Student Center
letting talent unfold, trusting. A wise      land, which offers free addiction and be-   or online at the Student Council
mentor told me that when you work            havioral services to over 500 patients.     website (
with smart people, trust the process;        A requested donation of $15 gets you a      acad/ahc/)       and      emailed      to
when you work with people who have           race number, t-shirt, and a place in the Students will be
compassion and commitment to caring          staggered start time line up. Prizes do-    invited to receive their award at student
for others, you can’t be too far off         nated by local companies are available      council meetings, on the second Friday
mark.                                        to winners and in a raffle to registered    of each month.
A Day in the Life: Student Researcher
Carole Kuehl                            developments in the fields we’re                    Rounding out the day, I’ve
Graduate Student                               studying. I’m looking at the got a meeting with my PI, Dr. Jorge
                                               genetics of iron–uptake in Crosa, where he and I discuss the
                                               Gram-negative bacteria. I’m data I presented at last Friday’s lab
                                               also interested in studies that meeting and prioritize experiments
                                               use a genetics-based approach for the coming week. I wear the
                                               to      studying       bacterial “meeting jacket” in his office
                                               pathogenesis. Instead of the because it’s always a brisk 58°F.
                                               rather reliable, repeatable, and That’s another fun thing about being
                                               organized information you get a student researcher: we all have our
                                               in a science text, I tend to read quirks, and in an environment where
                                               the results of an experiment flexibility and creativity with
                                               and then read through their experiments is key, the things that
Monday Morning:                         methods. Some are more valid than make us different are the things that
          First things first, nothing   others, and part of our job is to keep make us stronger.
occurs without proper intake of         questioning.
caffeine. You’ll likely find me—and                I try to balance
other like-minded student and           ongoing experiments with
faculty researchers—in the              constructing             new
Synapse, on the 5th floor of the        bacterial strains for
Vollum. A lot of informal information   upcoming experiments.
exchanging can take place over a        This rotation gets rid of the
hot cup of joe, and bouncing ideas      lag-time           between
off each other is a big part of the     experiments, but it also
research process. Enjoying a cup of     requires multi-tasking and
coffee also gives me time to catch      good record keeping, skills
up on emails that piled up over the     that, after four years, I am
weekend. Notes from the Graduate        still trying to perfect.         Carole shows plates of Vibrio anguillarum and a
Student Office, a handful from my                                               fascinating lab environment.
Principle Investigator (PI), and one         26th Annual Student Research Forum!
from our department administrator
                                                                      May 14-15, 2009.
occupy the time it takes to drink my
coffee.                                                               Keynote speaker:
          When you work with                          Dr. Joseph DiFranza, University of Massachusetts
bacterial cultures, Monday morning                                             • Participation in the SRF more than
actually starts on Sunday evening.      • Showcases the spectrum of research doubled in 2008, when over 70
There would be no cells to work         conducted by OHSU students in the students gave oral presentations and
with if I didn’t start growing them     Schools of Medicine, Nursing, more than 50 posters were presented.
the night before. Today I’m             Dentistry and Pharmacy.
checking results from experiments                                              • Generous support from 14 different
I did Saturday afternoon and            • A unique opportunity for students OHSU research centers, a motivated
preparing my cultures for another       and faculty to interact with fellow student body, and a dedicated
assay tomorrow.                         researchers from diverse yet planning committee have made this
          Snacktime! Wait - didn’t      complementary fields and to promote possible.
                                        future collaborations.
we leave snack time behind in
                                                                                    SRF Co-Chairs: Annie Powell
preschool? Technically yes, but now
                                        • An opportunity for undergraduates             (
it’s called “browse journal articles                                                    and Jean Summerton
                                        and high school students to learn
and snack time.” Yum. We are all                                                       (
                                        about careers in health and science.
expected to keep current with                                                     SRF website:
PodHEAD: Best of 2008
Dustin Johnsen
Graduate Student
“Greetings, fellow podHEADS. I’m going to depart briefly from the podHEAD maxim of reviewing accomplished,
lesser-known musical delights to do an incredibly original “Best of 2008” list, something that has somehow been
completely ignored by every other media outlet over the past months...”
                            The Sound, Mackintosh Braun
                            Not only is this voltage-gated duo a genuine P-Town creation, it’s also one of the most
                            refreshing electro-pop ‘screensavers’ since The Postal Service’s 2003 Give Up (minus the ‘I
                            miss high school, like, SOOOO much” lyrics). The mood here is great: simple pop music
                            smothered with a refulgent gloss of digital blips and bleeps. Further, the vocals received
                            similar treatment, as though whispers were reinterpreted by an OK Computer. This stellar
                            (local!) work of music deserves accolades as one of 2008’s best.

                              Only By The Nighty, The Kings of Leon
                              I’ve tried. And tried. ...And...tried. And The Kings of Leon just never completely grabbed a
                              hold of my ear. But then came Only By The Night. This musical work, while receiving mixed
                              reviews nationally, grabbed a tight hold of my ear. Part of what makes this album work so well
                              for me is the production: a guileful mix of grit, reverb, and minimalism that compliments The
                              Kings’ effortless garage rock. The result is a very natural, unfeigned sound that can fill the
                              room better than a side-staged smoke machine.

                              A State of Trance 2008, Armin Van Buuren
                              If ecstasy is legally packaged and sold, it is through Armin Van Buuren’s latest reminder that
                              trance music is still alive. I’ve pulsed enough trance music through my auditory cortex over
                              the past decade to render a global serotonergic crisis. And as a result, I’ve largely moved
                              onto newer, “sexier” genres of progressive house, tech-house, and minimalism. But then
                              Armin releases A State of Trance 2008 to remind me just how good trance music can sound -
                              and feel. This mix is absolutely superb with an elegant balance of vocals, instrumentals,
                              builds, idles, and obligatory climaxes. Save for “Time To Rest” on disc one, a noticeable,
                              albeit appreciated omission from A State of Trance 2008 is the indigestible cheesy tracks that
                              often plague trance music. Here, there is little superfluity, a great deal of subtly, and just the
                              right amount of ecstasy. And speaking of, “Lost (Club Mix)” by Sunlounger is one of the
                              most blissful songs I’ve heard in years - just when you thought you couldn’t walk through

                                    Student Health Service: FAQ
Did You Know?
• Even if you opt out of the student health insurance you can still get all your primary and mental health care at the Student
          Health Service at no additional costs.
• All Students now have year-round insurance coverage.
• The Student Health Service has a higher level of security for patient records than any other department at OHSU.
• The Student Health insurance offered through OHSU is one of the most comprehensive medical, dental, vision and
          pharmacy plans ODS Companies offer.
• You can turn in a waiver to opt out of the Student Health insurance any time throughout the year.
• The student health service has two MD’s, a Nurse practitioner, a Mental health nurse practitioner, two PhD. clinical
          psychologists and two full-time RN’s.
• Spouses, Dependants and Domestic partners regardless of sex can be added to your insurance policy.
• You have 24/7 care: call 503-494-8311 after-hours for the on-call physician.
• Email the Student Health Service with concerns:

             “Keep a looking glass in your own heart, and the more carefully you scan your own frailties,
                     the more tender you are for those of your fellow creatures.” – William Osler
Opinion: A rebuttal - OHSU’s No-Smoking policy
Shawn Monahan                              (Moskowitz et al, 2000). A 2002 study     commitment to provide leading-edge
Dental Student                             in the United Kingdom concluded:          health care, OHSU is obligated to
                                           “totally smoke-free workplaces are        promote both patient and staff’s health
I appreciated the article “No Smoking:     associated with reductions in             and safety.
a cleaner healthier campus?” that          prevalence of smoking of 3.8% and 3.1              A good point was made about
appeared in the Fall 2008 edition of the   fewer cigarettes smoked per day per       other substances, such as alcohol,
PULSE newsletter. In that article, an      continuing smoker.” (Fichtenberg). A      which cause just as much, if not more,
OHSU student thoughtfully expressed        prospective cohort study found            ‘secondhand’ health problems. “So
his concerns with OHSU’s recent            “employees in workplaces with smoking     where is the campus-wide ban on
conversion to a smoke-free campus.         bans have higher rates of smoking         alcohol,” the previous author asked.
          The opinion article stated                                                                          The limited
that the No-Smoking policy has                                                                                campus ban
increased debris and concentrated it                                                                          can be found
in islands of public land among OHSU                                                                          on the web
property. It was felt that the hospital                                                                       per the Drug
should assume the responsibility for                                                                          Free Schools
cleaning up cigarette butts and other                                                                         a     n        d
garbage in these areas. Such litter                                                                           Campuses
certainly becomes an eye sore, but                                                                            Act,       the
OHSU has neither jurisdiction nor                                                                             Drug-Free
responsibility to clean public land                                                                           Wo r k p l a c e
outside of campus; we may all assume                                                                          Act of 1988,
responsibility and demonstrate our                                                                            and OAR
OHSU pride by caring for surrounding                                                                          580-19-001.
areas.                                                                                                        OHSU’s drug
          Another concern was that                                                                            policy states,
OHSU policy has “forced employees                                                                             “Possession
and patients to behave as criminals.”                                                                         or use of
Does a law extinguish an individual’s
                                           Above, a newly planted garden and row of signs attempt to clean a littered area.
right to choose whether to abide by it
or not? Can we extend this logic to
other laws by saying, for example, we       “Disease from secondhand smoke in the workplace is otherwise
ought to eliminate speed limits because    completely preventable. In order to fulfill its commitment to provide
it makes criminals of those who wish to      leading-edge health care, OHSU is obligated to promote both
drive at excessive speeds? We cannot                     patient and staff ’s health and safety.”
reasonably say that OHSU’s policy
forces anyone to behave as a criminal.     cessation than employees where            alcohol in the institution is prohibited,
          In the previous writer ’s        smoking is permitted” (Longo 2000).       except for its use at university-
opinion, the ‘No-Smoking’ rules have       Yet another study: “in communities        sanctioned events where [it] has been
the greatest impact on - and punish -      with strong ordinances, an estimated      approved. Impairment in the institution
the “poor and uneducated.” Yet “the        26.4% of smokers quit smoking within      due to the use of alcohol is prohibited.”
majority of smokers [he sees] are          6 months of the survey, compared with               In conclusion, I do not believe
garbed in gowns, scrubs, or OHSU           an estimated 19.1% in communities with    that our smoking policy is a cure-all that
uniforms.” Thus, we see that even by       no ordinance.”                            will turn OHSU into a Garden of Eden.
these arguments, tobacco cessation is               There are numerous health        But I think this new policy is one that is
based on an individual’s desire rather     risks associated with second hand         based on sound evidence and practical
than economic standing or access to        smoke: cancers, asthma and other lower    experience. This policy is a
care. Sound policy can also have a         respiratory problems, chest infection,    demonstration of OHSU’s commitment
positive influence on this decision.       an array of cardiovascular problems       to provide excellent patient care and
          For example, such policies       such as myocardial infarction, ischemic   promote an environment of health and
reduce tobacco use. Workplace              heart disease, and stroke, plus otitis    healing. As patients, students, and staff
smoking ordinances increased               media and meningococcal disease.          respectfully promote awareness and
smoking cessation among employees,         Disease from secondhand smoke in the      work together to implement this policy,
indicating that these laws may benefit     workplace is otherwise completely         we may yet experience a cleaner,
smokers as well as nonsmokers              preventable.In order to fulfill its       healthier campus.
Global Health Center wins grant, develops curriculum
Cate Bishop, GHC Coordinator
Matt Illes-Sheh, Medical student
Peter Spencer, Ph.D                                            Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET), is
                                                               serving as interim director of the Global Health Center. Dr.
         Medical professionals are among many realizing        Spencer, who has long studied the causes and solutions to
that globalization—the controversial process in which policy   neglected human diseases in developing countries, hopes
and technological developments of recent decades have          to spawn a new generation of clinical and research
spurred explosions in trade, investment and migration—has      professionals certified in global health.
produced a complex set of health challenges and                          “The Global Health Center defines global health as
opportunities for the world’s populations.                     optimal wellness that transcends national boundaries and
         Since forming in August 2007, OHSU’s Global           is best addressed by cooperative solutions. This includes
Health Center has been awarded a Fogarty Framework for         domestic as well as international health and is focused on
Global Health research education grant. This grant has two     health in resource-poor communities,” says Spencer.
goals: 1) “To create an administrative framework to bring                Two complementary research education curricula
multiple schools (engineering, business, chemistry, biology,   are under development: (a) a cross-school, interdisciplinary
communications, public health, medicine, dental,               Global Health Baseline Curriculum for all first-year students
environmental studies, and others) together on the topic of    and (b) an elective Global Health Certification program
global health,” and 2) “To develop interdisciplinary global    designed for medical students and accessible to other
health curricula for undergraduates, graduates, and            professional students, residents and faculty. Distinction will
professional school students.”                                 be earned through the development, implementation, and
         Peter Spencer, Ph.D., F.C.R.Path., professor of       publication of a mentored international health research
neurology, and director of the OHSU Center for Research on     project in a developing country.
    “For example, we in Oregon are welcoming a growing number of immigrants and refugee groups. In the process,
our local health care professionals are being presented with new health conditions and socio-cultural dynamics. The
 Global Health Center will equip our students with the knowledge they need to practice their art both at home and
  abroad, and it will build exchanges across cultures that promote understanding of human health and longevity.”

         The GHC is collaborating with local community         (3) Health and Disease in Context has been developed and
organizations to offer new electives to OHSU students:         run in collaboration with Central City Concern. It seeks to
 (1) Global Health in Changing Environments uses a case-       provide students with (i) unique experiences at local social
based approach to provide students with a focused              service and health care organizations and (ii) discussions
introduction to the diverse knowledge and skill-sets that      with clients and staff to investigate some of the root causes
they will need as future leaders in global health.             and consequences of social inequalities. In doing so,
                                                               students will be challenged to further develop and apply an
(2) Community Health and Education Exchange brings             ethic of social responsibility and civic engagement.
students of dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy
together with faculty-mentors and members of local refugee     Learn more:
communities. The course facilitates bi-directional cultural    Or email:
exchange about communication issues surrounding health,
hygiene and nutrition. It is led by CROET’s Valerie Palmer,
who serves on the Board of Directors of Portland’s Immigrant
Refugee and Community Organization and as President of
Africa House.                                                      Got something to say?
                                                                   Say it here.
                                                                   This is your paper.

                                                                      We’re interested in your opinions, experiences,
                                                                                 questions and feedback.

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